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HOUSE OF CARDS: Former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka Trashes Sheriff Lee Baca

May 1st, 2013 by Celeste Fremon


NOTE: FOR WED. PM UPDATE scroll to bottom of post.

Former LASD Undersheriff Paul Tanaka has given an interview with the LA Times’ Robert Faturechi
in which the powerful—and recently ousted—Tanaka accuses his former boss, Sheriff Lee Baca, of an amazing and disquieting list of faults and misdeeds:

Here are some of the highlights, in no particular order:

1. Tanaka describes the sheriff’s administrative style as disturbingly erratic and impulse driven—by turns, disengaged and focused only on his pet projects, then aggressively micro-managing, demanding that the department hire his friends, family, supporters and new acquaintances, still other times issuing whimsical and problematic orders, then forgetting days later that he’d issued them at all:

Tanaka said Baca frequently gave subordinates contradictory or foolish orders that they had to ignore because they violated department policy or common sense. A few months ago, for example, he said Baca was in a meeting with command staff, talking about the department’s budget shortfall, when he asked a subordinate to study the cost savings that would come from eliminating the agency’s community policing unit.

A week later, at another meeting, that captain began discussing his findings about cutting the unit, when Tanaka says Baca interrupted.

“He stops and he says ‘What did you say? What are you talking about?…I would never do anything like that,’ ” Tanaka recounted Baca as saying.

Tanaka said he had to call the sheriff later and remind him that the captain was “following your orders and you… embarrassed him.”

Tanaka said the sheriff was silent on the other end of the phone, before meekly saying “Oh.”

2. Near the end of the interview, Tanaka said that the sheriff ordered him to hide FBI informant Anthony Brown from the Feds until Brown could be debriefed by the LASD. In other words, Baca deliberately obstructed justice. In making this accusation, Tanaka tried to walk a tightrope by saying that, despite the sheriff’s orders, everybody only kinda, sorta broke the law, but not really, to avoid implicating himself. To wit:

A federal criminal grand jury has been investigating whether sheriff’s officials were hiding the inmate and the phone from the FBI, or whether they were protecting the inmate from retaliation by jail deputies he was “snitching” on, as a sheriff’s spokesman has said.

Tanaka said Baca ordered subordinates to keep the inmate from the FBI until the department finished with him. He said the sheriff explicitly denied a request from a federal official to return the phone.

“I want the inmate interviewed. I don’t want him leaving our custody. I want the phone, all of the information removed from it and I don’t want the phone to go anywhere,” Baca said, according to Tanaka.

Asked if the sheriff was obstructing the FBI investigation, Tanaka said that he and other subordinates “had to really weigh” Baca’s orders to avoid “cross[ing] the line of doing anything wrong.”

In this same vein, Tanaka said that Baca was in such a fit of pique over the FBI’s investigation of the county’s jails that he pulled the department’s participation in any joint crime-fighting task forces with the feds. “…an order Tanaka said he refused to carry out.”

3. Tanaka confirmed that he’s “considering a run” for sheriff against Baca in 2014.

In this context, “considering” means, one presumes, that he is planning to run, barring any force majeure, like, say, a federal indictment. (It has long been rumored that Tanaka has quietly put the pieces in place to, when the time comes, string together a patchwork coalition of voting blocks that he believes could allow him to win, even though he is not a well-known name.)

Otherwise, why so publicly and irrevocably blow-up his relationship with his former boss by inflicting the kind of switchblade swipes to Lee Baca’s person that the former undersheriff has just delivered via the Times? (Sorry for the mixed metaphor, but this interview is driving me to it.)

On the other hand, he may be cutting the sheriff in the hope that the sharks—read: feds—will circle around the bleeding guy and indict him, not the man holding the knife.

Or both of the above.

4. Asked about his reason for speaking out, Tanaka told Faturechi that he felt like he was unjustly scapegoated by the sheriff and by Baca supporters, in particular he mentioned the withering criticism he received by those department members who gave testimony before the Citizens Commission on Jail Violence. When the commission issued its report, it reserved its harshest assessments for the undersheriff.

Tanaka said his reputation was unfairly tarnished by sheriff’s officials who were upset that he was holding lazy supervisors accountable.

“They’re not used to that,” said Tanaka, who will remain on the county payroll as undersheriff until August. “In this organization, they’re used to the higher you go, the less responsibility.”

Miriam Krinsky, the executive director for the CCJV had this to say in response to Tanaka’s characterization of the commission’s findings:

The Commission conducted a comprehensive and thorough investigation. Our report reflects conclusions that stemmed from consistent and credible information. Our findings were not based on any single source or witness, but rather were the result of numerous reports, documents, memoranda and witnesses. It was based on the totality of that evidence that the Commission found that the Undersheriff had engaged in conduct — including troubling statements — that was inconsistent with the department’s Core Values and that undermined the ability of supervisors and others to address and remediate deputy misconduct and aggressive behavior that continued unabated for far too many years. And it was based on the totality of that evidence that the Commission recommended that the Undersheriff have no further responsibility for Custody operations or the disciplinary system.

POST SCRIPT: We were unable to reach Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore last night, although he’s usually very responsive. In the spokesman’s comments to the Times, however, he said, “the sheriff finds it very sad that his former undersheriff has raised these false charges motivated apparently by his personal disappointment and ambition. None of these allegations were made while he served as undersheriff. He raises them only now as he contemplates a run for sheriff.”

UPDATE – WEDNESDAY PM: Steve Whitmore did call back early this morning and we connected in the afternoon. He reiterated that the sheriff is “saddened” by former undersheriff Paul Tanaka’s actions. “But apparently Mr. Tanaka’s memory is clouded by his ambition. He’s welcome to his selective memory,” Whitmore added, “but it’s being driven by ambition.”

As to whether Sheriff Baca had any response to the fact that Paul Tanaka had pretty clearly accused him of obstruction of justice in his depiction of Baca’s having ordered the hiding and the debriefing of FBI informant Anthony Brown, Whitmore dismissed the notion altogether. “Sheriff Lee Baca has cooperated fully with this investigation from the beginning,” he said. “And he will continue to do so. The department’s doors are fully open to the FBI and the US Attorney’s office.”

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84 Responses

  1. Chicken wing Says:

    Well, all I can hope for at this point is that Baca and Tanaka will be cell mates in some federal prison somewhere and a true leader will emerge from this mess who has the ability to make the right dig us all out of this mess. WTF

  2. Tanaka for Sheriff Says:

    In before the lazy cry babies! Tanaka for Sheriff 2014.

  3. Stuff Says:

    This folks, is called, “Saving Your Own Ass”. Every CRIMINAL known to man does this to his co-defendant(s) when they are caught and facing consequences of their crimes! This is true to Tanakas entire person. This is what Tanaka has done through the history of his career. Tanaka had a hand in EVERYTHING that he is accusing Baca of and then some. I wish the Times would have asked his involvement on the Rathbun, Cigar Club, and Promotions for Donations capers. Tanaka is a pathetic example of a Los Angeles County Sheriff and has shamed every man and woman that has worn the uniform.

  4. J.London Says:

    We have a choice between frick or frack, Mutt or Jeff, dumb or dumber. I told everyone that Tanaka would not go away and whala! Here he is like Freddy Kruger! However, what Tanaka said about Baca is true! And what everyone says about Tanaka is also true! What a mess! Prediction: Tanaka will never be sheriff!

  5. Dr. Laura Says:

    They both need therapy, and L.A. County needs a real sheriff. Meanwhile, which one is going to get to the Feds first? I’m betting on Leroy, but both need to go.

  6. Reflection Says:

    How could any present or past member of LASD not be nauseated by the activities outlined by and of Tanaka & Baca. This is no different than the situation in Orange County that was allowed to fester for years and lead to Mike Corona being in Federal prison. I’m told that the bar to even begin a federal investigation of a major law enforcement leader is enormously onerous, requiring the approval of the Director of the FBI and U.S. Attorney General. Figuratively you must give the Feds a smoking, blister rendering gun for them to proceed. Baca is cloaked in his progressive views, not all bad, but burdened with clear managerial and ethical failings. Witness LA is providing a window into a very bad situation and should be applauded. This is important stuff folks.

    I would like to see the press query and compare LASD to local major law enforcement agencies. If you were to look at Orange County Sheriff’s Department, you would see an amazing & wonderful transformation of an organization that was in similar crisis a few short years ago. The difference is clear; a new, highly competent, ethical and mature leader that has provided insightful leadership to staff who inherently wants to do the right thing. The same would be true of the LASD staff with that kind of leader. Also don’t expect the other law enforcement executives to comment directly about LASD or Baca, that isn’t done, do your own investigation, the evidence is there by the boat loads.

    To the Feds, Get a Pair! The public deserves your support.

    To members of LASD, stand up and deliver a message that says, we demand new leadership at the very top. If you sit by, you’ll be looking at another term at least.

    My thought is like the God Father, make him a deal he can’t refuse!

  7. Rik Says:

    ^^ What he said ^^

    The stink of Baca and Tanaka affects all of us. We deserve better.

  8. J.London Says:

    And to think that Baca was voted as “Sheriff of the Year!”

  9. Wild Turkey Says:

    This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Paul Tanaka has always been a survivor. This is how he’s going to try and survive the federal onslaught. Hopefully he’ll fail. He is what everyone says he is, I’ve seen it first hand. Paul Tanaka has all the identifying characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder.

    Then you have guys like # 2 Tanaka For Sheriff whose entire comment is essentially rooted in his role as the sycophant, a clinging remora on the shark that is Tanaka. The suckerfish who hopes to eat the leftover scraps of whatever his boss eats.

    Anyone who criticizes Paul Tanaka must be a lazy cry baby? Didn’t you get enough hugs from Dad as a child, or do you need validation by hanging on to someone like Paul Tanaka (who I bet you don’t even know personally)?

    I know a hundred deputies like that. “Well…I support Tanaka, because he looks out for region II, and region II is badass, so Tanaka must be badass.” Very well put. Very intellectual. God save this department, because it doesn’t look like anyone else will.

  10. Bandwagon Says:

    The Department is imploding and the rats are scurring for cover. I wonder how many will retire before the indictments, so at least they will have money on the books.

  11. Mr. HAND Says:

    What a shame! you will be seeing more jumpers from the 8h floor sooner than never! Oh I need to retire my legs hurt my back hurts! ALL OF A SUDDEN!!!!

  12. OldJetDriver Says:

    Why don’t we dig up Peter Pitchess and see if he can be revived?

  13. ExLASD Says:

    Were it not for Baca being tight with Obama and Holder there is no question that enough serious allegations about Baca and Tanaka have surfaced that a Federal Grand Jury investigation (and most likely indictments) would be warranted. I worked with Baca many years ago when he was a “community relations” Lieutenant. He was a self-centered, all about him and screw the troops guy then. Doesn’t seem like much has changed.

    The once sterling LASD reputation for professionalism and ethical behavior has been badly tarnished by these two piss poor excuses for police “leaders” and it will take a long time for the department to recover once competent and ethical leadership replaces what exists now. It most likely won’t happen in my lifetime but I do have memories of how good the department used to be.

  14. interested party Says:

    To bad lasd owns the la times or we might actually get some real reporting from them not just 1 sided softball questions.

  15. Disappointed Says:

    #12: What have you been smoking, Pitchess was an ass, as well as arrong, unethical and a sexual harasser of women.

  16. paladin Says:

    PJP may have been as Disappointed describes but he was hands down when running LASD. As a long retired member, I remember when Leroy was a Dep. He wasn’t worth his salt then so why would he be any differant now? The watchword at that time was maybe someone could take a leak on him and at least he’d smell like a real Deputy. I’m so ashamed of what I’ve read about the bunch in power now, I refuse to reveal my LE carrer.
    Damn same too, cause I always was proud of the badge I carried.

  17. Mountain Man Says:

    Paul: reeealllly? Leroy created you. You went from lieutenant to Undersheriff without leaving our headquarters building. You never sat in the chairs of command that all captains, commanders and chiefs had to.

    Leroy has some serious shortcomings in the way the Department was (mis)run; but you are the last person to point them out. When you run for Sheriff in 2014, will you use that photo of you and Cecil throwing the Carson gang sign on your campaign poster? Just what the citizens of L.A. Co need, a guy that is inspired by gang members and copies them, by flashing a gang sign.

    To bash Leroy now, is pretty much a deja vu of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. “Luke, I am your father.”

    It is time for some new blood. Long Beach Police Department Chief James McDonnell, this election is yours to lose. All you have to do is sit back and wait for Leroy and Paul to cancel each other out.

  18. I have faith again Says:

    Tanaka is a mastermanipulator with a criminal mind, he’s not a victim, witness or informant, simply a player trying to survive,and deserves to be treated as such. The feds are closing in on you Tall Paul, hold your breath. Tanaka for Sheriff in 2014, please try Tanaka Inmate #2 federal prison. I’m so happy justice is coming. Every supporter on this blog that says even one kind word about the man, owes a promotion or assignment to him, period. Call me a liar.

    Paul would never have thrown Baca under every bus Metro Bus out there,if he wasn’t trying to shed some of the dirt off his sleeves. Too late Paul, your so dirty, Borax couldn’t help. Nice try though. Mountain Man nailed it. Wild Turkey you nailed it too. He’s trying to shift blame, that’s all. Won’t work Paul. Too many people want the truth out, you can’t silence everyone. Just the guys who owe you their promotion or special assignment.

  19. It's time Says:

    We need a campaign slogan: ABBET! (Anyone But Baca, Except Tanaka!)

    T-shirts and bumper stickers anyone?

    Bob Lindsey, Code 1.

  20. Gutter Sluts Says:

    I heard lasd got eliminated from the memorial torch relay for cheating on their entry form. A commander thought his team would get a mug. Lol

  21. Time to Clean House Says:

     I hope Paul keeps talking. That interview along with his jail commission testimony is  a great help for anyone who runs against him or Baca.They both are too arrogant to realize they made this mess. The only place they should be is with Mike Carona.

  22. 10-33_Go Says:


  23. Mountain Man Says:

    After sleeping on my reference to Leroy and Paul as Darth and Luke Skywalker, I have rethought it. That is not the best analogy.

    See what Wikipedia has to say about Geppetto and Pinocchio:

    Pinocchio is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the 1883 children’s novel The Adventures of Pinocchio (aka Paul), by Carlo Collodi, an Italian writer, and has since appeared in many adaptations of that story and others. Carved by a woodcarver named Geppetto (aka Leroy) in a small Italian village (called Monterey Park, CA), he was created as a wooden puppet but dreamed of becoming a real boy (deputy sheriff). He has also been used as a character who is prone to telling lies and fabricating stories for various reasons.

  24. Scruffy Says:

    “Interested Party” is right on. The LA Times is soft on Tanaka. Tanaka’s jacket not only includes his hand in jail violence, which the Times describes as “aggressive” tactics, but also his membership in the deputy gang, the Vikings, which the Times calls a “clique”, but Federal Judge Terry Hatter describes as a “neo-Nazi, white supremacist gang” and his shooting an unarmed teenager in the back resulting in a nearly $1 million settlement.

    This is Tanaka’s real legacy. Report it LA Times!

  25. J.London Says:

    Mountain Man: I do believe that’s the best analogy I have read! LOL May I add, in the story of Pinocchio, his nose got bigger each time he lied. In Paul’s case he got shorter in character! As I recall didn’t Pinocchio start hanging around a group of thugs (aka early Italian Vikings?) LOL What is happening to our LASD is not funny but, at times, I need some comedic relief just to keep me going! tnx

  26. Don't Finesse me, Bro!! Says:

    I find all of this extremely amusing. Baca and Tanaka both showed up to a Cannibal Buffet, except they are the only two in the room, and they are starved, LOL. This is so predictable on so many levels. For Tanaka to call LASD a House of Cards, is an understatement, yet he is the card dealer. Tanaka did all of us a wonderful service by exposing the public to what we have known and experienced regarding Baca for years, he’s a wing nut. Who cares what Tanaka’s motives are, it all makes for great kabuki theater. We have the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.

    Tanaka has more skeletons than what’s behind Gate 1 at Rose Hills. He thinks he can run for Sheriff and win? Knock yourself out Paul, for you will have to answer for all you have done to our beloved LASD, in public and boy and girls, that will be one BBQ I don’t want to miss. As far as the Times being soft on Tanaka, come on folks, lets take a deep breath. Read the Fetteruchi article again, it is brilliant. Tanaka was brilliant, Fetteruchi was brilliant and I hope this is just the first in a series of such articles. Fetteruchi’s tactic was not to grill Tanaka about his misconduct, that will come later. He wanted Tanaka to give the public the inside baseball about Baca and his gross mismanagement of LASD. Tanaka spoke the truth, I applaud his honesty, this is great, keep in coming. Open the flood gates of information, Paul, tell the world about Baca as only you can.

    All LASD needs is an honest and viable candidate to emerge and present his credentials while Baca and Tanaka are going at each other with chainsaws. I pray that is about to happen for the sake of LASD. A new Sheriff needs to clean house and rebuild LASD, with our help, to be an organization we all an be proud of, again. Sandy did it, despite all of the self-serving fear that employees had within OCSD. And, she has done a wonderful job, OCSD is a much better organization than ever before. Why? Simple, she is honest, she brought in outsiders while she cleaned house, and she established ethical standards. Now it works. Tanaka Cigar Club members, cling to your ashtrays and pray for Paul to run. But there is this pesky pending issue about Federal indictments (it doesn’t matter if his name is on one or not, he is going to be drug into the center of it all by a meat hook). Relax folks, it is going to get better. We owe the positive change on the horizon to Commander Olmsted, Witness LA and the LA Times.

  27. Tanaka for Sheriff Says:

    #9- Perhaps the people who support Tanaka do so because he helped them along the way. I’m not in a position to have that knowledge. However, I can see from prior posts that most people who are anti-Tanaka probably had a negative run in as a result of being lame and lazy.

    For too long public workers have taken advantage of being nearly invulnerable to being fired or called out for poor performance. Time to be held accountable and that has to start with internal managers. Sorry you had a bad experience, but straighten up, toughen up, start acting like a public servant and not a spoiled sponge, and you just might earn yourself a happy face on your eval.

  28. Wait for Ax Says:

    What about this scenario. Wendy Gruel gets elected mayor. She hates Charlie Beck and wants McDonnell for police chief, taking him out of the running for Sheriff, allowing Baca to get re-elected. Sounds bizarre, but that’s the new “rumor” around police circles. It’s not to far fetched. I hope McDonnell see’s he’s being played and doesn’t fall for the bait.

  29. Bandwagon Says:

    Tanaka for Sheriff:

    Or maybe they got on his bad side by showing some integrity and saying
    no to some of his unethical whims. His retaliation against those who don’t
    go along with the program is legendary.

  30. Don't Finesse me, Bro!! Says:

    @Tanaka for Sheriff. You have just insulted the integrity, dedication and honor of every single hard working, ethical and honest employee of LASD. Your post speaks volumes for who you are and more importantly, what you are. A Tanaka boot licker and ash tray cleaner. What number is your Cigar Club coin and how much did you donate for your position? You are the epitome of what Tanaka has done to LASD with Baca’s knowledge. You have no shame, not even when you look in the mirror.

  31. J.London Says:

    AX: Gruel is way behind in the pols. I’m not voting for her but, it would be interesting to see what happens.

  32. Investigative Mind Says:

    #29, I couldn’t agree with you more than what you posted. Maybe some of us refused to do illegal activities: stealing off search warrants, writing dirty warrants, planting evidence, falsifying police reports (later deps caught on video lieing about recovering evidence), etc. Maybe 1/2 the deps have gripes re: promotions, evals, etc. But there are those who prefer to stay out of prison

  33. Tanaka for Sheriff Says:

    #30- Sad LASD employees make me sad : (

    I know a few LASD employees who are lazy and lame and if they are insulted too bad. Private sector employees either go with the program or they get fired. They would probably enjoy being insulted as long as a paycheck and a pension were guaranteed. We can’t all be so lucky.

  34. Bandwagon Says:

    Tanaka for Sheriff:

    Turn in your coin brother. It’s over!

  35. Stuff Says:

    Tanaka For Sheriff:

    I think people are insulted by your post because you assume that if they have a negative opinion of Tanaka that they are, “Lame, Lazy, Not Tough and are a Spoiled Sponge”. Those are your words not mine, but I am greatly entertained when the tough talk starts when defending Tanaka, so I thank you for that. I also read that you said, “I am not in a position to have that knowledge” Thats good, because you’re not in that position.

    Tanaka is not tough.
    Tanaka has always been considered lame.
    Tanaka is a Spoiled Sponge.
    Tanaka never EARNED a great evaluation or promotion.

    I am in a position to have that knowledge. I have worked around Tanaka, I have worked for Tanaka, I have socialized with Tanaka and I have a LAME Viking tattoo just like your friend Tanaka. So I say applaud these fine folks that desire change in the LASD, not ridicule them, for they too have knowledge.

  36. Wild Turkey Says:

    Tanaka For Sheriff:

    Here’s the thing, and I love it when you try and paint the picture that the anti-Tanaka crowd is under performing and bitter, and that’s why they hate him. Here’s the hard part for you:

    I work in a Tanaka favored special unit, never had a bad eval, and actually helped the little man hide a few of his skeletons. I saw what he did to other hard working, well respected, high quality LASD personnel when they expressed discomfort with illegal activity. He lashed out at them, gave them freeway therapy, denied them promotions and movements into coveted units, and punished them for having moral boundaries.

    I got more and more fed up with the fact that by doing his dirty work, he was wasting the time and resources of specialized units, taking valuable time away from hooking and booking and building cases by burning out valuable department resources with his grey area missions.

    So what do you have to say to those of us who call Paul Tanaka what he really is, without fitting your lazy and spoiled label? How do you reconcile that with your myopic vision of the department? That must really confuse you, since it doesn’t fit the model you envisioned after slurping down the kool-aid.

    If you were a true independent thinker, you would look objectively at the mountains of evidence piling up against this man and realize you’ve been duped. It’s okay to admit that. A lot of high quality people in this department spent years having misplaced faith in Paul Tanaka before they finally realized they couldn’t lie to themselves any more.

  37. Wild Turkey Says:

    # 26 Don’t Finesse Me Bro!!:

    I’d like to give Robert Faturechi the benefit of the doubt for now, but I am concerned that his article didn’t answer the following necessary and hard hitting questions:

    -Did Paul Tanaka promote personnel based on campaign contributions for his mayoral runs?

    -Did the “cigar club” members have undue and inappropriate influence over department affairs?

    -Did Paul Tanaka assist in the hiding of Anthony Brown or not?

    -Did Paul Tanaka interfere with ICIB investigations into Greg Thompson’s illegal activity, most notably his outing of OSJ Deputies Rathbun and Sexton as whistleblowers?

    -Did Paul Tanaka arrange for the Thompson’s soft landing at Narco after the scandal broke?

    -Why didn’t any Sheriff’s executives step forward and protect Rathbun and Sexton from the ongoing retaliation they suffered at the hands of Thompson and his proxies?

    Until Faturechi openly asks these questions and more, and either publishes Tanaka’s responses or refusal to respond, I’m not going to applaud the reporter for being a hard hitting journalist. Right now, he isn’t showing he has those chops.

  38. I have faith again Says:

    Let me give some props to the bloggers. Good spirited debate on this newest chapter. It is after all like watching a soap opera, every week we get new details, plots and outcomes.

    Truth be said, really solid street deputies, sergeants and lieutenants who really do fine work, but refused to pay to play, campaign for the little man, lie about things,[EDIT]. Accepting endless invitations to go out drinking with the shot callers, so you get your face out there (who’s never heard an executive use this term-”You need to get known, hang out with me let me show your face around”), really that’s all you need to do to get a great job or promotion from our department executives, no thanks I’d rather hang with my family and friends. Whatever happened to putting in a long hard day of taking crooks to jail and going home to our families, where’s the support for that. I was approached several times by Tanaka loyalist over the years asking for me to support Tall Paul. They’d say he wants you to walk the streets of Gardena knocking on doors for his campaign, but when I refused because it was my day off, and my kids had soccer games that day, I was told “That’s a huge mistake bro, please re-think that”. Really. How many people had that happen to them. [EDIT]

  39. Chargin'Charlie Says:

    The very existence of any thought of Tanaka being a viable candidate for the office of Los Angeles County Sheriff shows how little credit Tanaka gives to the electorate and their ability to see through the BS. Tanaka was the execution arm of Lee Baca’s policies, which have been more bad than good. Both of them should take their retirements and clear some room for better people to take the helm of the country’s largest sheriff’s department.

  40. The Truth Says:

    I think Waldie and Stonich should be proud of their partners that are turning on each other and very nervous about the Federal Grand Jury. Don’t forget these two [edit] as the cream always rises to the top.

  41. What Electorate Says:

    CharginCharlie- you my friend give too much credit to the Electorate. Remember Obama the event oraganizer was elected twice …lol. It actually scares me to death the Tyrant could possibly get elected. I’m really scared cause just when I think our department couldn’t possibly sink any lower, it does!!! I mean you can’t make this shit up!! I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone. I have family calling me flabbergasted at how this deplorable regime (our entire command staff) still has our futures in their narcissistic little hands. I mean there is not one leader at the level of Commander on up. ZERO!!!! Where are they, on vacation? Not one of them has the itestinal fortitude and at least provide the slightest bit of leadership!! This is sickening and every single one if them should leave!!! Pathetic!!! Core Values…. What a frickin joke!!!

  42. Time to Clean House Says:

    I think most people can read between the lines of the Faturechi article. He calls out  Baca for  hiring his nephew  and son’s  friend. Tanaka probably had a hand in bringing Sue’s son Daniel Bissman on board. Of course he has his campaign donors.  What about his cigar club with numbered coins and special patio?  Would you consider that a clique? Baca  had lost control and taking numerous out of town trips. True, but as the second in command while Leroy  was out of town numerous times,  he had ample opportunity to assert responsible authority over problems. I could go on and on with how ridiculous Paul looks in this article. I look foward to working on the campaign of whoever runs against these two, because they have given an opponent so much material to impeach  their  fantasies   of being great  and respected leaders in the department. I think the  drawing attached to this article sums it all up for Leroy and Paul. Dumb and dumber.

  43. Huh! Says:

    Wow! “Wild Turkey” and “I Have Faith Again” I hope you guys have just been lying low for career survival and not laying PT out just because the ship is sinking. I can totally respect career survival, but not back stabbers. I’ll give you both the benefit of the doubt….well said! I truly hope those of us with morals are able to meet and reveal ourselves some day without fear of retaliation.

  44. Fed Up Says:

    What happened to the Forensic Audit the Board of Supervisors said was going to happen to LASD? Please bring it on, there is so much waste! After 3 years Deputies are tired of CARPing to make LASD more money to be hidden away for other things. Tanaka is a accountant so he knows how to hide money from the state and feds (court services and tsb/metro). Nobody at SHQ cares about Deps morale, we are tired of neglecting our normal work load so you can drive your 2013 Dodge Chargers, Expeditions, Explorers, Taurus’ and yes Leroy the blk Suburban too, all with tinted windows and C3 equipped and taxpayer money fuel too! Some employees know where the “Dead Bodies Are Buried” Maybe Gloria M would like to know, she already doesn’t like us!

  45. Celeste Fremon Says:


    Everyone, please avoid personal attacks against anyone—especially anything that mentions spouses or family. Criticize people’s work, et al, but leave personal issues out of it.

    Also, try to avoid straight up vulgarity in relationship to those whom you’re criticizing.

    I edited a few things, but I hope not to have to continue to do that.

    Thanks in advance.


  46. Jennifer Perez Says:

    Soon to be….INMATE OF THE YEAR.

  47. Lesser evil Says:

    Wow! I can’t believe Too Tall Paul actually went to the Times. The flood gates are now open and the time for true change is on the horizon. I am not a fan of PT and I HATE what I’m about to suggest, but here it is:

    Celeste, can you reach out to Tanaka and ask him all the questions Wild Turkey came up with and make him accountable. Then, (here is the strange part) ask him if he would TRULY change LASD if elected? and somehow HOLD him to his word. The reason I bring this up is because I’ve heard he has a very good shot at unseating the Sheriff. His political experience and connections to funding is a force to be reckoned with. If we don”t brace him now, then forever hold our peace. We need to credit Olmstead for being the first retired guy to speak out. It obviously made this retired guy do the same.

    Celeste, RETALIATION is alive and well in the LASD and everyone is scared. Please help!

  48. PARNELL (lasd rretired) Says:

    I have proudly worn/carried an LASD star since 1950 when EW Biscailuz pinned it on my chest. Baca has tarnished it. I look forwaard to the time when a real man and a real law enforcement professional is back in charge. Dock Parnell

  49. CSN83 Says:

    Agreed, PARNELL, however, Sheriff Sandi Hutchens has done a great job in the OC, so it MAY NOT be a “real man” that needs to step in! Let’s keep the gender option open for anyone who cares about our beloved LASD as much as we do!

  50. John O'Brien Says:

    I am not writing just to see my own print, All I can say is, REELECTION , you nailed it.

  51. Don't Finesse me, Bro!! Says:

    @Lesser of 2 Evils with all due respect, what you are asking us is “Do you want to be hung with a new rope or old rope.” To remotely suggest Tanaka or Baca can or should become the next Sheriff is ludicrous. Both of these guys have shown us ugly and uglier, there are no two way about it.

    What needs to happen is 1. The Feds needs to do what they are going to do. IF Baca is NOT indicted, he will finish out his term and the reelection process on his side of the coin will start (he’s already started by Finessing Tanaka). 3. A QUALIFIED AND VIABLE candidate from the outside will need to throw their hat in the ring. This person must be rock solid, well funded, credentials that are pure and experience. 4. Once that person steps up to the plate, the campaign against Baca will be ALL about Baca’s incompetence, mismanagement, incompetence, mismanagement and thennnnnnnn incompetence and mismanagement. Those are the campaign issues, nothing more, nothing less, of course the challenger has to throw on the table his/her vision of the job, internal restructure, dealing with the internal corruption, bla bla bla. 5. The media has to play a HUGE roll by reporting and exposing Baca and for that matter, Tanaka’s proven track record, no loss of information to include Federal indictments of those who are going to get an invitation. The media has to either support Baca or the challenger. Hopefully the challenger(s) will be rock solid and is able to win public support in the event the media is in the bag for Baca. The public MUST be informed what has been going on behind the doors of 4700 Ramona for the last 14 years and hope they do the right thing with their vote.

    Looking optimistically, a new Sheriff needs to come in, clean house and I mean an old fashion G.I. Scrubbing Party at all levels and then, rebuild LASD to what it should be, not what it is. So Sir/Mam, to suggest the lesser of two evils is not an option, not at all. We are better than that, we have suffered way too long. We are the laughing stock of our profession. LASD deserves better and so does the County of Los Angeles. To even consider one of those two guys should get a (another) chance is off the charts and it is to throw in the towel and roll over, which I will never do. Come on, Man, do what is right.

  52. Roybean34 Says:

    You are all a bunch of clowns! Baca needs to go, definitely. But Tanaka is an outstanding leader who holds employees accountable. Shame on all of you for being backstabbers and airing your dirty laundry on this site, which I am sure is somehow affiliated with the ACLU. Shame, absolute shame!

  53. Laughing Out Loud Says:

    ^So what you’re saying is it’s shameful that LASD employees participate in a blog that is a supporter of the ACLU, right? Well let me ask you something Roy. If that’s the case, where was your man Tanaka when Baca was copying up to the ACLU? Where were his protests that it was going to cause the chaos it has? Did that great leader Tanaka speak up to the big boss and tell him he was making a huge mistake? Or did he keep his mouth shut and go along to get along in order to maintain his position? Tanaka’s a very intelligent man, right? He couldn’t see this trouble from the ACLU coming? He didn’t know that deputies asses would be on the line looking at prison time because Baca was cozying up to the ACLU and letting them run around MCJ shopping for beefs?
    No Roy. The man you claim is a great leader went along, telling the sheriff what he wanted to hear. We all know the results. Get off your high horse pal. Your man Tanaka went right along with the boss copying up to the ACLU. Now you’re bagging on deputies for participating in a blog where the administrator is an ACLU supporter?
    That’s some shameful crap on your part. From a hypocritical standpoint.

  54. Laughing Out Loud Says:

    Wherever it says “copying” should be cozying. Damn auto-correct lol.

  55. Eileen Ann-Timmons McCrevis Says:

    I will always believe that this is the best Dept in the world, regardless of what all of you think!!!

  56. Lesser evil Says:

    Don’t Finesse me Bro:

    I understand what you’re saying and I agree. However, I am also being realistic. There is a true possibility that Tanaka could be elected Sheriff. If that occurs, I want to make sure we at least leverage him into making true change and giving everyone a voice. We truly need new leadership and Tanaka may be our only hope.,0,535398.story

  57. Bandwagon Says:


    If Tanaka is such an outstanding leader, then why does he retaliate against employees who differ with his opinion. Sounds like a tyrant with an inferiority complex. A real leader can accept different opinions and even accept criticism. Is it Roybean or Moonbeam?

  58. Laughing Out Loud Says:

    Lesser Evil,
    I agree with you. My whole point to RoyBean is that Tanaka’s supporters who have told us ad nauseum that ALL Tanaka cares about is promoting cops who are hard workers seem to conveniently forget when he places politics over all else. He is a politician first. Nobody should ever forget that. Hey, at least he’s not delusional like Baca. At least he’s not all over the map with crazy policies that every cop from the academy recruit to the station Captain realize are a disaster. At least his second priority, right behind his political career, is running the LASD. Since the day Baca became Sheriff, that’s been several rungs down the ladder of his priorities. That’s why he’s been out of the office, out of the county, out of the country and out of touch with the everyday workings of the LASD. He’s been so busy being the Sheriff to the world, he’s neglected being Sheriff of the LASD.

  59. CSN83 Says:

    What part of going against Baca don’t you get? You go against his grain and you are gone. All who have said to man up etc and confront him when he is wrong or misinformed are unrealistic. Maybe some of us remember the old Baca that you could have a conversation with him and debate issues but that person is gone.

    We have all and I mean all have been put into positions that true leaders would not have put us in. Most pray just to get away before the —- hits the fan. It seems the higher the rank the worse it has gotten. Not all of the upper leaders and followers are bad and we all can figure out by their actions these days who the bad leaders and followers are. The folks below them are expendable and are easily used as sacrificial lambs and some how disposed of.

    I am not saying that I am a Tanaka fan, but….

  60. CSN83 Says:

    BTW Roybean34, when people aren’t given the opportunity to voice their opinions & feel they wont be heard, they move to the next viable option. This blog has allowed a lot of healthy debate & most has been done respectfully. What is wrong with that?

  61. This Just In....... Says:

    Wonder how today’s secret meeting is going with Paul and his pledged loyalists?

  62. Train Has Derailed Says:

    Wow, I haven’t posted in a while, but can’t help with all of this Great news. Tanaka talking to the Times… not that is funny. He is doing what he has always despised, “Snitches”. Tanaka is so right about Leroy handing jobs out to 10-30 applicants, however Too Tall Paul, you gave your Secretary’s son a job who would never qualify as a Mall Cop. Tanaka will run for Sheriff. This is his first of many future wrong doings of moon beam that too tall will expose. It is funny how PT now has ethics and a conscious after he was finessed out of the organization. I also predict that in July he will announce he has pulled his retirement and force Leroy into a what in the hell do I do now situation. Tanaka will try to win Sheriff, but he can’t. But he will be slightly satisfied that he screwed Baca out of it as McDonnell walks in as last man standing after PT and LDB smear each other out.

    Leroy is so discombobulated right now there is a chance he will have a nervous breakdown. I passed him getting off the elevator the other day and he looked at me and had know idea who I was. He finally managed a hello,,,, it would have been a nice gesture had he called me the right name…. his driver then led him off like Ray Charles.

    Great job by the way Leroy of hiring your new Chief from Alabama. He got here just in time to guide his son on how to sue LASD and you and make some great money. Your boy Fennell is being sued and some heavy allegations in the suit on how your Drivers are your bag men. Your former driver,, Captain Maxwell,, is suing you and Tanaka and I can only wait to hear what he has to say in court. I know through a source that he told the Grand Jury some incredible escapades of the top boys when he was driving the car.

    Yes there are a lot of secret and not so secret meetings going on. The Captain of OSS has been rounding up support for Too Tall while “off duty.” Pretty soon leroy will be having all of the executives signing pledge cards to support him as Sherman Block did.

    Leroy has been lobbying the Board hard for a good raise for the deputies. Not that he cares about them but wants to try to win over support within the Department. It will be interesting to see who POPA and Alads support. It cant be Baca as he is firing people for anything and everything. Baca is ruining families by termination when he knows they will get their job back, but Baca has stated many times that this is “THE YEAR OF THE MANAGER” Nice slogan, but what happened to the first 14 years???

    Great article this weekend about us releasing a 187 suspect by mistake and not telling the public for over a month. Bagdad Bob Whitmore just continues to lie. We had an obligation to tell the public immediately. How about protecting the victim’s family or witnesses or possibly other enemies that he had. Leroy I am sure ordered that to be kept on the QT. Now the only reason it was released is that it was leaked to the times. Good job on whoever did that. We must all be vigilant and feed Wit LA and the LAT any info we have of mis-conduct. It is our Department and we must take it back. We can not be satisfied until there is “Justice for All”

  63. Bandwagon Says:

    Been retired. Is Bob “I have a shorts man’s complex” still the Captain of OSS.

  64. CSN83 Says:

    Very interesting comments Derailed.
    The only difference between OCSD and LASD is that OCSD had 3 idiots try and take then over (Carona/Jaramillo era). They had no idea about their new jobs, were too proud to ask, and didn’t care who they hurt, and we all know the rest.

    With LASD you have the Sheriff hand pick Chief Sexton who is from the other side of the United States to come here. He is being forced to “learn as he goes” and has limited knowledge how the department is run. He must have received most of his training by Baca himself since he was living with him while looking for a home (it is true, Sexton stayed with Baca until he recently purchased a home here in Cali).

    Still out on how he will do, meaning will he be his own man and do his own follow-up on investigations when he feels it is warranted? Or perhaps he will show himself to be a turncoat and listen to those who are up close and personal with Baca? Better yet what will happen if he does not agree with decisions made by Baca?

    Seems sad to me that Baca had no one on the entire LASD he could trust to do the job and was “forced” to go outside for a new Chief. We ought to know by now he has no allegiance to his battle tested LASD troops.

  65. OnceProudToo Says:

    Re: #63 derailed

    I must say my experience was different with Sheriff Block. I was a Capt&Cmdr during his last 8 years in office and never heard anything about something called a “pledge card” (does that mean a financial pledge or just that you support his candidacy?). In fact, I was told that Block did NOT want LASD personnel contributing $$ to his coffers because of fear of the there being the appearance of play-for-pay.

    I don’t say Sheriff Block did not have some ethical shortcomings – but they they fall far short of Leroy who’s regime had Chiefs brow-beating subordinates for reelection campaign contributions of $500 (I would imagine the Chiefs had to pay through the nose themselves!) I never experienced that because I had departed prior to his first reelection campaign but I DO remember him shaking down the execs for donations for his glorious Rose Parade Float.

    Those of us who had worked around Lee for years prior to his election are not at all surprised as to what has happened to the Department. The only real surprise is that it took 14 years to derail. Thanks Paul Tanaka for finishing off the job started by those ethical giants Myron, Stonich, Waldie et al. It was only a matter of time.

  66. Wild Turkey Says:

    # 63, Train Has Derailed:

    The reason I so whole heartedly believe what you say about Leroy’s condition is because I’ve witnessed it myself.

    About 8 months ago, I was in earshot when someone brought up the issue of violent retaliation against department members who came forward and testified in front of the grand jury.

    I was blown out of my Danners when he said “there isn’t any violence by deputies against other deputies on this department.”

    This was, of course, well after the publicized incidents in which MCJ Deputies waged the “Thrillo in Montebello” pummeling each other because of God knows why, and after Norwalk deputies snapped off rounds at each other during an argument over God knows what in La Mirada regional park.

    For Baca to actually assert that deputies don’t become violent with each other smacks of a complete and total disconnect from reality. When I first heard Baca make that statement, it was the moment I started to wonder if he lived in his own world for real, not in the ha-ha funny Sheriff Moonbeam way people joked about.

  67. Fed Up With Baca Says:

    One of the La Miranda deputies  attempted to kick a fellow deputy in the groin while being booked for another incident a few months later. Hey what about the fifty thousand  the county gave to  Mee to settle his retaliation suit over the Gibson arrest. Better yet, the million dollar judgement for retaliation Patrick Gomez got after running  against moonbeam. Leroy, you should have never been passed thru your probation period as a  young deputy. Now we have carbon copies of you.

  68. Don't finesse me, Bro !!! Says:

    I want to know why Rhambo hasn’t been finessed yet? He is as scandalous as they come and is nothing more than a Mini-me Tanaka. And for Pete’s sake, don’t ever hire him as a videographer, he blows.

  69. Justice 4 All Says:

    Paul Tanaka my little friend you are out of order. You do not need to tell us Sheriff Baca has been out of touch with the department as he was travelling the world. This has been evident for years. The problem is YOU were the person in charge while the boss was away. You were the big cheese. The big kahuna and everyone knew it. You pulled the strings on every aspect of the department (the budget, promotions, transfers, discipline etc). You even boasted you were placing your pawns throughout the department for the day you became sheriff. I believe true leaders take responsibility for his/her shortcomings while cowards shift the blame.

    You claim you refused to follow orders when the sheriff supposedly ordered we pull back the investigators from the FBI tasl force. Everyone at Major Crimes Bureau say the order came from you. I guess you would like for us to believe they are all being untruthful. We will never know because if you were asked you would recite the infamous words from your testimony at the jail commission hearing,”I don’t recall.” Speaking of your testimony your minions said you knocked it out of the park.

    You claim the sheriff used his power to hire those with questionable backgrounds. Wasn’t it you who hand selected the sergeants and lieutenants overseeing the background unit? Let me refresh your memory. One of them is now a commander. I know I know, “I dont recall.” do we dare speak about your secretary’s son who was hired with a questionable background?

    You claim the sheriff embarrassed a captain. Are you kidding me? I believe you have embarrassed many captains, commanders chief (et. all) as you were running the department. You have intimidated and screamed at many on the 4th floor. The LATIMES and WITNESSLA should contact those who have retired and get their opinions. Paul, it is finally coming around and will eventually come back to haunt you. you were not going to be able to treat people as you did and not expect it to eventually hurt you. What is evenmore troubling is that you knew the sheriff (as well as you) were being unethical and yet you did nothing! You went along with it as long as he continued to promote you. You know nothing about ethics. Geez did Jesus jump in your back seat while you were driving home to Diamond Bar on a nightly basis? I believe Richard Alarcon ws indicted for doing the same thing.

    I am curious what all of you loyalists think about you speaking to Mr. Faturechi? You made it very clear you were not fond of him. You have done exactly what you preached and taught your minions not to do. You became an informant. A whistleblower. You should be proud. What must they think of you now.

    Paul my little friend, I’m curious. Are you still not a member of the department even though you were finessed out by the sheriff? If that be the case are you not still obligated to abide by the same department policies as the rest of us? I guess what I am asking quite simply aren’t you in violation of a department policy or some sort of county code by speaking negatively about the sheriff? If you are what discipline can be imposed? Does it rise to the level of termination or demotion?

  70. interested party Says:

    #67 Wild Turkey Says

    I got a problem with this statement of yours….

    This was, of course, well after the publicized incidents in which MCJ Deputies waged the “Thrillo in Montebello” pummeling each other because of God knows why………………

    From the civilian unbiased witnesses 8-12 deputies assaulted 2 deputies and finished it off with punching a female deputy in the face….

    6 of the assaulting deputies where fired………

  71. Disappointed Says:

    One summer I asked a captain what he was doing that weekend, and he told me that he was going to Sheriff Baca’s barbacue at his house. I was somewhat surprised because this captain seemed unhappy with the administration. He said all managers were expected to attend, and of course bring their checks for $1,200.00. I was surprised and he said that Waldie made sure that everyone understood the reason for the barbacue. He told me he detested going and wished that he could just mail the check. I left shocked, I had heard rumors, but you know we nothing civilians of the department always get the news last, ha, ha.

  72. CPT28Walker Says:

    Rhambo, as the Captain of Compton Station, bought a trailer in Compton, so he can run for the city election. He is wrong as his leaders. Anyhow, he los the election to Eric Perriod.

  73. Wild Turkey Says:

    # 71 Interested Party:

    I am confused to where your problem with the statement is. The statement lends legitimacy to the incredulous feelings I experienced when Sheriff Baca stated in my presence that there should be no concern of violent retaliation against deputies who testified in front of the grand jury.

    I feel it’s quite clear that I provided two examples of deputies becoming violent with their coworkers over much, much more frivolous provocation than testimony in front of a federal grand jury.

    Therefore, violent retaliation against deputies who testified is a legitimate concern that bears vigilance on the part of department executives, not a fairy-tale denial of the existence of deputy-on-deputy violence by our Department’s Chief Executive.

    The thrust of my earlier post is clear. If deputies are beating other deputies at Christmas parties over issues of disrespect, and shooting at each other over an argument over romantic conflicts (if the rumors are to be believed) then God only knows what deputies might do, violently, to other deputies that testify.

    So what exactly is your problem with my statement?

  74. Investigative Mind Says:

    #74, BRAVO!!!

  75. interested party Says:

    They weren’t pummeling each other. 2 guys got stomped on. I agree with what you are saying just not that part.

  76. Wild Turkey Says:

    When a group of deputies pummel other deputies, that is deputies pummeling each other, because since they’re all on the same team (or one would hope) that means it’s violence against each..other…

    Also, see satire defined: Humorous reference to sin, vice, or folly in order to subject it to exposure, ridicule and scorn.

  77. Curious George Says:

    Mr. Tanaka for Sheriff, would you be brave enough to please identify yourself ….thanks

  78. CSN83 Says:

    This is a safe place to place our thoughts and feelings. Why don’t you give your name up 1st to show good faith, not that I will but it is your idea………

  79. J.O Says:

    Michael Foster for Sheriff

  80. O.J Says:

    Jeff Houle for Sheriff

  81. R. Miller Says:

    Rocks and Bottles

  82. nick Says:

    Wow! Paul has come a long way since the old days in El Segundo. More than once he pulled stuff that I was sure was going to get all of us thrown in federal prison. Then when he got fired from the Sheriff’ department I thought his b.s. caught up with him. But like a man wearing a teflon suit he got his job back and has been dodging and weaving ever since.. The idea he could wind up sheriff makes me glad I don’t live in L.A. County anymore.

  83. SoGlad2bRetired Says:

    Bob Lindsey has left the building.

  84. LASD Member Says:

    It is too bad.. the majority of us are hard working people and try to portray a positive imagine of the Sheriff’s Dept… and Tanaka and Baca have put the Dept. back into the 12 th Century.. There are many good people in the Dept.. but the sad thing is that if you have ambition it is all politics and have to go along with the boss to get promoted… if you don’t you end up guarding sagebrush in the desert…

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