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PAUL TANAKA OUT! LASD Announces Resignation/Retirement of Department’s Controversial Undersheriff

March 6th, 2013 by Celeste Fremon

Undersheriff Paul Tanaka is leaving.

Here’s how the Official announcement that went out Wednesday afternoon began:

Undersheriff Paul Tanaka today announced his retirement to the Sheriff and the Department’s executive staff. His retirement will be effective August 1, 2013

. The undersheriff has been with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for 33 years.

Sources say that the August date was likely picked because it is shortly after the undersheriff’s 55th birthday, which is the magic age for sheriff’s department employees who wish to get their full retirement.

However, word is that this has been in the works in one form or another for a while, at least as far back as December, and likely earlier.

Until recently, Mr. Tanaka has been viewed as a sort-of shadow sheriff, the person behind Sheriff Lee Baca who, many in the force felt, held the real power in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department.

WitnessLA’s Matt Fleischer first broke the news that the largely unknown Mr. Tanaka wielded a startling amount of control in the LASD, which—with 18,000 employees—is the largest sheriff’s department in the world, and runs the nation’s largest jail system.

While the announcement suggests that Tanaka’s retirement was his own idea, sources inside and close to the department tell us otherwise. They portray “an uneasy rift” between Mr. Tanaka and the sheriff in the last few months, which became “very noticeable” before Christmas 2012.

While the sheriff forced into retirement, many of those who who had some responsibility for the deputy-abuse-of-jail-inmates scandal, he seemed stubbornly disinclined to hold his second-in-command accountable, telling the Citizen’s Commission on Jail Violence during his testimony last year, that he had no intention of getting rid of his undersheriff, that he was too crucial, particularly when it comes to balancing the department budget.

Then as the year came to a close, reportedly Baca’s attitude changed.

“I think that all the things began to add up for the sheriff,” said one source. “The talk of pay-to-play, the cigar club, the whole thing of working the grey, the way the federal investigations were handled, the problems in the jails, and all the rest.”

For much of the back story on these issues, see the following WitnessLA reports:

The Prince, about Tanaka as the power behind the throne, so to speak. Internal Affairs about the undersheriff’s habit of urging deputies and supervisors to “work the grey.” Pay to Play, reports of an alleged quid pro quo system of promotions inside the department, in which loyalty was rewarded over competence


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  1. Mountain Man Says:

    This has been a very long time coming. Witness L.A. you deserve major kudos and props for lighting the fuse that finally made this happen. I doubt this would have occurred if Witness L.A. (Celeste) had not broke all the “secret” stuff many months ago. (cigar club, pay to play, campaign contributions, etc., etc.)

    Two cliche/quotes definitely apply here:
    1) The pen is way mightier than the sword!
    2) Will Rogers NEVER met Paul Tanaka!!!!

  2. Jake Says:

    There is a God

  3. jenngonzo Says:


  4. It's all a ploy and strategy Says:

    Seriously people. This is all a strategy. This is not by coincidence. BTW, I heard Cecil and Fennel are possibly mulling an exit as well. Just an opinion, with no validation, yet :)

  5. Geo Says:

    Thank you WitnessLA………for everything!!!!

  6. J. London Says:

    I haven´t got so many calls of joy since Waldie left!!Of course we all know that Baca is doing this ONLY because he (Baca) got caught! Had not all this corruption not been brought to light Baca would still have Tanaka doing his dirty work! All this loss of LASD integrity still lies at the feet of Baca!! Let´s not forget that!!

  7. The Truth Says:

    This man was the most arrogant and corrupt law enforcement executive i’ve ever seen in more than 42 years of service. His damage will be felt for many years because of all the pay to play promotions he made and the elitism he fostered. I pray the FBI will hold him and many of his cronies accountable for their conspiracy to violate the Civil Rights of citizens, inmates and employees..

  8. I have faith again Says:

    Thank you Witness L.A. for staying on top of this. It’s a great day to say goodbye to Mr. Tanaka. He was a cancer on the Sheriff’s Dept. Many very good people were passed over for promotion because they refused to play his game. Maybe now with some honest leadership the department can begin to heal. There are so many good people on the department who could change the image and direction the department has beeen going, if Baca would only recognize their talents and not their popularity. The testing process has been slanted for years, only helping those that supported the little man.

  9. Things are going to be interesting Says:

    I wonder how many quick exits there will be because many of Tanaka’s hand picked promotees will feel that they will no longer be protected from above. I’ll bet some of them heard this news and said to themselves Oh shit. Time to pull the plug.
    It’s definitely going to get interesting. The telling thing will be whether or not Leroy appoints a Tanaka devotee to Undersheriff.
    The other interesting thing will be if now, some of those Tanaka devotees will try to distance themselves from him in order to keep climbing lol because they think Leroy won’t give the bump to a Tanaka devotee.
    Let the chips begin falling.

  10. Dulce Says:

    Witness LA did nothing except repost articles written by other journalists and entertain cry babies with no police skills.

  11. 10-29Henry Says:

    I’m enjoying the silence from Tanaka supporters so far, who up until now have wasted space on this message board insisting he was going to be around for a while, since he’s done nothing wrong.

    Hopefully one of them will pop up here and say something trite and useless, so I can continue the case of the giggles I’ve had since I heard the great news.

    Who’s nexxxt?

  12. Aero retiree Says:

    I’ve seen captains at aero come and I’ve seen them go. But Duran is every bit the lieing/ cheating/ bum Tanaka ever was. After all Duran made it plain he is 100 percent a Tanaka product. I hope he goes too.

  13. jenngonzo Says:

    I bet it was a “sleepless night in Seattle” (L.A. COUNTY) for all “The Kings horses and all The Kings Men” ….. (the ones that were “In the Car”)
    @Celeste we will be dancing with the devil in no time…. Tanaka, will be in this forum once things blow over. Keep your eyes open people!!!

  14. Investigative Mind Says:

    There are many honest employees who have purposely had their civil rights violated because of refusal to do 1030 incidents. The truth in the end will be revealed for many on the department.

  15. Scatha Says:

    It will be interesting to see who gets the tap on the shoulder for Undersheriff….. Hey Celeste how about looking onto the amount of
    money the Department has lost in law suits because of their bad management over the past couple of years. Look at the County Counsel annual report it says it all. Know wonder they are always complaining about they have no funding its all coming out of their budgets for settling law suits against the Department.

  16. Chicago Says:

    He decides to leave after all the good ones got fed up with his a$% and retired!

  17. InterestedParty Says:

    Tanaka’s exit is a good start. However, Leroy is still the Sheriff and Tanaka’s boys and girls who have been infused throughout the Department during his reign as an executive will continue to linger and behave as T-Man trained them. Baca, and the Tanaka boot-lickers, must be eradicated from LASD before any meaningful change can occur to the vile organizational culture these two dorks created.

  18. I have faith again Says:

    Dulce #10, you were a good street deputy with skill. But you must admit the assignments you’ve worked were all lined up with the relationship with Tanaka, without him your silver lining would have had holes in it like the rest of ours. I witnessed you pushing a car in patrol, working side by side, but you received favor from the little man, that I never did(because I refused to pay to play or walk the streets during his campaign elections in Gardena or just donate money to his campaigns, hope your plan to make captain works out for you now). Not all people that dislike the little man failed to meet the bar when it came to patrol street skills.

  19. jenngonzo Says:

    @ I have faith again… “keep the faith!” There is still hope!

  20. jenngonzo Says:

    @Celeste. … I Can’t wait for the day Steve Whitmore retires! I hope he writes a book titled (WHAT I WAS TOLD TO SAY BUT WHAT I REALLY WANTED TO SAY!)

  21. 10-33_Go Says:

    #10: You’re wrong. Witness LA did most of the news breaking and, unlike other media outlets, has been diligent about giving credit to other news outlets where credit is due. But by far the most detailed reporting has been from WLA AND has been a huge asset in aggregating other reporting people wouldn’t otherwise see/might otherwise miss. It’s absurd to suggest otherwise.

  22. ReednMalloy Says:

    Tanaka will not run for Sheriff in 2014, he has already stated that. But, there will be a grass roots campaign initiated by the Concerned Citizens of Los Angeles County, Citizens Against Crime (CCLACCAC) that will insist Tanaka run for Sheriff of Los Angeles County in 2014…”We need you Paul”…
    No one else will put their name on the ballot since Baca is a shoe in to be re-elected. Baca will drop out of the race at the midnight hour, he will have bigger and better things to do.
    Drum roll please…With a wave of the magic wand over the magic hat…An utterance of the magic words, Abracadabra, Alakazam, Bippity, Boppity, Boo, Presto Chango! And there you go! Sheriff Tanaka.
    Hey you dummies, go get those coins out of the trash before the trashman hauls them away. Oh, and most importantly, don’t forget who you work for.

  23. Had nothing coming Says:

    I refused to knock on doors for the little man’s first run in Gardena. Got lucky and got good assignments on merit. Was told by tall Paul that I had nothing coming. Well Paul, I hope you get what you have coming.

  24. Disappointed Says:

    Whats with the sudden and quiet transfer of executives and managers on the department, no JDIC, no explanations?

  25. J. London Says:

    Reed: do you any evidence to support your view of Tanaka in 2014? Just asking.

  26. Train like your life depends on it. Says:

    I heard retirement arrangements are in order. It appears the luncheon will be in the ODR at Men’s Central jail.

    Hopefully, he will come back as a Reserve. He can run Baca’s groups, attend dinners, travel, negotiate a take home car.

    I think he is deserving of it, given his exemplary career. He will be sorely missed.

  27. Celeste Fremon Says:


    Dear “Train” #26. I don’t mind that people use multiple screen names but when someone pretends to be a totally different person than than they are, with a different POV, I simply trash the comments. This comment is reasonably amusing, rather than deliberately and falsely provocative, so I let it through.

    In the future I won’t.

    We’ve twirled ’round this dance floor before. Last warning.


  28. Dear Editor Says:

    I fully understand your POV, however, in your own words you also say you will not tolerate character assasination, but allow post 12 to hammer away.

    As long as I amuse and don’t get dirty in someone’s face, why would you or anyone else care?

    The postings lately are at best “lackluster”. I totally gery your hatred for tanaka, hence the retaliation to me.

    I can save you a “last warning”, you’re not my mother guardian or power of attorney. If you think you, in all fairness can justify cutting me, I’ll save you further headaches. Just let me know, but you really need to step back, look at the inconsistencies that are allowed to prevail here. You’re busy just like the rest of us. If you want a hall monitor to keep is straight 24/7 I suggest you hire a journalist student worker. One last thing. people who have multiple personalities are considered Bi-Polar. I don’t remember you examining me lately, so we might want to not go down the ADA road with me.

  29. Dear editor Says:

    Appreciate the timeliness in your reading of my post. So am I in or out? That wasn’t addressed.

  30. Be Gone Says:

    Any one notice that Whitmore is no longer the spokesperson for the Department, but more of a PR guy? All he does is twist things around so that the Department and the powers that be look good and can do no wrong. You might say its a fine line, but I think its been crossed long ago.

  31. 10-33_Go Says:

    Be Gone: HUGE point. Whitmore’s basically become the PR guy for one embattled executive after another. I guess it’s understandable because until they leave the building, they’re still being dinged for stuff they did supposedly in the course of their job, and he’s the department’s and therefore their spokesman. But when most quotes you see from him now are just totally non-credible (Tanaka’s leaving to spend more time with his family; the Sheriff is absolutely the best sheriff in America, etc–and that’s just in a single work week!), it just seems like Mike Parker and his Facebook page/Nixel accounts are the real spokesmen now. Whitmore basically seems to be consumed by Baca/Tanaka defense. I’d hope he was getting paid by their legal teams…but, then, their legal team is our legal team. :-/

  32. Happy Camper Says:

    Maybe Captain Linda Becker from College Bureau will be retiring soon too! What a mess, she was one of Tanaka’s people. She has caused nothing but confusion during her short tenure at the unit. Several of the tenured sergeants have transferred or retired. It was really hard having a Unit Commander who is barley qualified to be a deputy sheriff!


    You may want to verify this

    TUSCALOOSA, Alabama — Tuscaloosa County Sheriff Ted Sexton announced today that he has accepted the appointment as Division Chief for Homeland Security with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in California, his department announced today.

    He has notified Governor Robert Bentley of his intention to become a Supernumerary Sheriff effective as of 11:50 p.m. on March 17.

    Sexton, 56, has served in various law enforcement capacities for some 35 years, including six terms as Tuscaloosa County Sheriff.

    Sexton, who announced his decision to his staff earlier this afternoon, said that he has mixed emotions about his new role.

    “For the past 22 years it has been the high honor of my life to be elected, and re-elected, as Sheriff of Tuscaloosa County. During my six terms in office, the Sheriff’s Office has grown to a staff of over 200 public servants with an annual budget of some $20 million,” Sexton said in a statement. “We have been blessed with outstanding personnel and the vision, planning and process which has been the hallmark of our Agency. The success of the Sheriff’s Office is, in my judgment, a tribute to the commitment that these individuals have brought to their work.”

    Sexton says that that out of 3,000 jails in the U.S., the Tuscaloosa County facility is one of only 150 which meets national accreditation standards.

    ““It was the first jail in Alabama to do so. I am proud to say that our Sheriff’s Office is known throughout the state and nation for its professionalism and proven capabilities,” Sexton said in the statement. “I thank all of the people who have worked tirelessly with me, over the past two decades, in providing exceptional service to the people of Tuscaloosa County. They are my friends, and the citizens are my friends, and I will miss all of them greatly.”

    Sexton’s decision comes following the Jan. 29 submission of his name to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors by L.A. County Sheriff Leroy D. Baca, according to the TCSO. As Division Chief, Sexton will be responsible for evaluating the needs, trends, problems and resources associated with the Homeland Security Division and its personnel. He will be tasked with providing appropriate leadership to accomplish goals complementing the mission of a Sheriff’s Department which serves a population of more than 10 million people.

    The Homeland Security Division is comprised of over 1,100 sworn and civilian personnel who are assigned to individual bureaus including Special Enforcement; Aviation; Emergency Operations; Transit Safety and Reserve Forces. These resources are designed to prevent, mitigate or provide specialized response capabilities in connection with homeland security threats, acts of terrorism and natural disasters that occur within the 4,057 square miles that comprise Los Angeles County.

    “People are asking me how I feel about leaving,” Sexton said in the statement. “My decision has been based on the fact that I truly believe we have made a difference here and, in the same way, I believe that positive contributions can be made in Los Angeles.

    “In the Eleventh Chapter of Hebrews, the writer says that faith is ‘the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ I realize that this opportunity has not come to me by chance, and I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds in store. But I have faith that this call has come at the right time and for the right reasons. I will miss this work and all of our friends, but I will never forget where I have come from. Tuscaloosa will always be home to me.”

  34. 10-29Henry Says:

    FTF, do you have any further comments, insight or predictions regarding Sexton?

  35. 10-29Henry Says:

    And Golly! If I were Greg Thompson, I’d be pretty uptight about who was going to help me keep my job now that my Sugar Daddy is gone.

  36. Celeste Fremon Says:


    FTW, Yes, indeed Sexton has been hired. Glad you flagged it.

    (Geeze, I guess that’s never been made public in LA. My bad, on that one. )

    There’s some interesting backstory to Sexton, which you can probably find with a little Googling.

  37. Left at the Ball Says:

    Interesting that the Sheriff is placing civilian people in high level positions within the Department.
    Is that a signal to his executive staff? Certainly would cause me some concern if I were a Chief, or even a Commander. When you are a Deputy looking at this you tend to wonder, who is in charge? More importantly you ask How did they get there?
    Without being profane you may even go WTF?
    People are changing chairs, ranks and office faster than a hooker changes partners in Vegas. (No reference intended.)


    Just so you know, reaching out to Tuscaloosa has far more reasons than you can imagine or ever hear.

    I agree though, the promotional ladder has just lost a rung for any commander who thinks they have an upward career. This is just the beginning.


    One last thing, Ted will do an outstanding job and he will be fair, but spare no unit or commander to complete the mission.

    He will look at problems within Aero Bureau, SEB, EOB, all the way down to the Reserve Program. He won’t accept the status quo, and these units won’t be able to call up a friend at the top anymore.

    Ted is coming for good reasons. For the units under his umbrella, I would only recommend to all of you to start getting your house in order. Circling the wagons and resisting will only get you rolled up ir forced to retire early. The unit audits are going to be a breath of fresh air.

    And also keep in mind, Ted comes from a straight up agency and he has impeccible leadership. That’s why he is here. He also will disect every peice of his command and will know ahead of time each unit commander from top to bottom, so don’t try to smoke and mirror this guy. He’s seen it all.

  40. Dulce Says:

    Investigative Mind #14.
    I have a strong suspicion that your statement of “10-30 incidents” is synonymous with taking bad guys to jail. Something you consider 10-30 is actually good police work and well within the law. It just too bad that you and all of your cry baby peers are too ignorant to know it. Maybe that’s why you are in the position you are. Stop blaming others for your failures.

  41. J. London Says:

    Sexton would never pass a background check if we had a competent sheriff in charge!!!

  42. Pan Says:

    I find it funny to read these comments on here and can’t help but wonder what truly causes disgruntled employees! It seems that is all this has come to, the airing of disgruntleness and blaming others for not getting jobs that are wanted. Speak out if you truly believe in something and want change! Go do police work humbly, and with the same passion you show in here! It would help if you read up on case law and statutory law to understand the true art of solid police work that you think is scandalous! Ignorance is no excuse for sloppy police work!

    BTW…..why are we violating Dulce’s 1st amendment right to free speech by blocking his comments..??? Viva la revolucion….!!!!

  43. Getting close Says:

    A little change is headed our way. I wonder if the Department will soon require many of our, lets say out of shape people, to get back in shape and look professional.

  44. Celeste Fremon Says:


    #42, In answer to your question, see WitnessLA’s 10 Rules for Commenting, in particular Rule 4 and Rule 7. And if those fail to make the point adequately, read Rule 10.

  45. Pan Says:

    Oh yeah, rules. I guess I was wondering in the gray area!

  46. J. London Says:

    FTF: Normally I agree with opinions you post but here is something to consider: What people don’t know or forgot about Baca’s relationship with Sheriff Sexton from Alabama. Before I begin please note it was Sheriff Sexton who spear-headed the nomination for Baca to become Sheriff of the Year. Many years ago Captain Jeff Donahue was invited to give classes on leadership similar to those taught at the Supervisory Leadership Institute(SLI.)Captain Donahue returned and told Baca about his experience and Captain Donahue arranged for Baca to speak in Alabama and meet with Sheriff Sexton. Please note on how much Baca got from speaking fees from Sheriff Sexton’s county or the sponsoring entity. I recall that Baca reported some 50K in additional income much of that was FEES. I could be wrong and I admit that I’m doing all this from my memory and discussion with Baca. Hope I’m wrong! If not; it’s the same old S!!


    J, you might be right on some of those points. There are other far reaching issues going on. I suspect, in time, you will see the under performer units in Homeland security getting a much needed trimming. You can’t continue to justify Captains, lieutenants, and civilian management all in the same bathtub working on the same things. He already has his marching orders so stand by

    There is going to be a trimming that is tighter than a body waxing.

  48. Just Thinking Says:

    Let’s see — Rhambo is tainted from his affiliation with Tanaka; Helmold is still a little too green to be the U/Sheriff; and Sexton is brought in to be the new Chief of Homeland Security. I guess when the music stops that means Bill McSweeney (current chief of Homeland Security) gets the promotion to U/Sheriff.

  49. J. London Says:

    Thinking: I’m sure you have heard the term re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Who knows what or how Baca makes decisions that require logic? McSweeney can’t be trusted to do the right thing in any situation and not to mention McSweeney played right along with the ruining of many careers at the bequest of Waldie and Stonich. McSweeney complains a lot when he doesn’t get what he wants! And what does he want? McSweeney wants to be sheriff and Leroy’s ego won’t allow that! Baca wants somebody that will lay down for him and I pick Hemmold. Why? Because Hemmold has no qualifications to have the position and that has been Baca’s pattern!

  50. Star-chamber Says:

    The least of Tanaka’s problem is retirement. He is looking right down the barrel of a Federal indictment(s) and Leroy told him he had to go. Tanaka has been a train wreck from jump street, he has not the emotional stability, emotional security nor judgement to have been promoted beyond the rank of sergeant. Tanaka started his swirl into the toilet bowl the moment he “inked up” with his Viking tattoo at which time he was compromised. Tanaka so much wanted to be “liked” that everything he did was to simply curry favor with the deputies.

    His legacy will be one of eternal shame, incompetence, anger, corruption and ego stroking. Paul, here is a news flash for you; very few people ever respected you for anything. A majority of your closest “friends” simply took advantage of their relationship with you for their own personal gain. All the back slapping, cigar smoking and ass kissing was for their benefit, not yours. And you will see the day after you retire, if not already, your “friends” were just self-serving jerks who would kiss your ass in hopes of a job or promotion and never because they respected you. And you were blinded by all of this because of your insecurities. Wait until you find yourself standing before a Federal judge, you will really find out what loneliness feels like. Between now and then, you will have lots of time to reflect upon the careers of honorable people you destroyed, the corruption you allowed and fostered and the shame you brought upon yourself, your family and LASD. Above all, think about the wonderful opportunities provided to you that you squandered. It’s all gone, Paul. Up in smoke and nothing is left but the crying, and that you will be doing soon enough.

  51. Investigative Mind Says:

    #40, I am not referring to criminals………Stop assuming things………I was referring to Bonnie. So do ur homework before u comment on this blog. Unless you have stolen off search warrants urself.

  52. Investigative Mind Says:

    Another thing Dulce…..u don’t know anything about me and I am not referring to civilians. If u don’t know who Bonnie is… him.

  53. Don't smoke cigars... Says:


  54. Dulce Says:

    Investigative mind, I can only “assume” if you speak in code. Man up and SAY what you mean. It certainly seems as though I struck a nerve…..hmmm

  55. Dulce Says:

    Another thing investigative mind…… I looked up Bonnie and discovered she was an Olympic Bronze medalist in 84. Thanks for the tip.

  56. Jack Dawson Says:

    Mr. London,

    Obviously, you did not heed Celeste’s advice regarding a google search of Sheriff Sexton (retains the title since he served over five terms as an elected SHERIFF plus his retirement is not effective at the time of this post). He is an elected Sheriff and therefore garnered both supporters and critics as all public officials do while serving their respective communities. He rallied the support of a body that encompasses elected Sheriffs who are tasked with the duty to review a nominee’s work based on the perspective of the people who are currently holding the Office of Sheriff. The National Sheriff’s Association reviewed Sheriff Baca’s body of work in comparison to other Sheriffs across the country to include major metropolitan regions. Sheriff Baca’s was selected by a committee of his equals in title and rank to be recognized as Sheriff of the Year. Unless you are or were a Sheriff, your view and perspective are a moot point.

    Sheriff Sexton is not a demagogue, but a humble civil servant. Criticizing Sheriff Baca, Sheriff Sexton, or any elected official is your Constitutional Right as well as a democratic principle. Sign up for the ballot and take a shot at the title if you think your closet is so clean my friend.

    As for Sheriff Sexton, he is the soon to be LASD Chief of Homeland Security Division. He fills the position with active credentials assigned to him by Federal organizations which grant him access to resources and other high priority executive officials (refer to the pictures with Sexton beside the most recent Presidents and Department of Homeland Security Secretaries). If you have lost complete faith in those organizations investigative abilities in combination with the LASD background process (joke it maybe at times…), please go make sure the batteries and canned good items in your “bug out” shelter are in proper working order. Hopefully, your internet connection does not work from there.

    Furthermore, you can contact Sexton’s background investigator directly or contact Sheriff Sexton directly and address your concerns with them personally. You represent yourself as someone with direct access and knowledge of the department so it should not be hard for you to obtain that information. It is probably already updated in his Outlook. Ted will gladly grant you an audience and provide the information you need. I think he could pass the background regardless of your approval or opinion.

    Maybe we can reorient this discussion to our recently retired Undersheriff who still is going to hold an elected office in Southern California.

  57. Huh! Says:

    @”PAN re: comment #42. Seriously? I could name several people who have done nothing but work hard and done great police work based on their experience and knowledge only to get passed over time and time again because they refuse to play the game and bow down to guys like Paul T. They are well respected by their peers, but their peers don’t get to vote on them getting promoted. That is what causes “disgruntled employees.” The good thing is there is life after LASD and companies willing to pay them for what LASD took for granted or ignored. People complain for the love we once had for the LASD. And, by the way, trying to change it just gets you in a deeper hole! You must be one of the “sheep” or you would have known the answer.

    @#50 “Star Chamber,” well said. It’s going to be a lonely retirement for Paul T.

  58. Snarky 27 Says:


    Thank you for staying on course, and following-through after you first uncovered the scope of the problem. Many would have given-up, considering the excruciating wait to see any hint of corrective action.

    Anyway… many of the retired managers of the Sheriff’s Department are finally able to realistically hope that things improve enough that we can once more acknowledge having worked for the Department.

    You are now one of my heroes!


    #53. good link re the audit. Sexton will fit right in. Perhaps he should hook up with Duran at Aero to get flight lessons on county time, then he can borrow a helicopter instead of paying for commercial flights.

    Seems reasonable to me. Louie did

  60. jenngonzo Says:

    Oh, I’m so lost and confused…. I was busy for just a few hours and I come back to catch up and I’m lost. I think some comments were deleted… who is Bonnie Blair and what does she have to do with all of this?

  61. 10-29Henry Says:

    While I think being interested in any incoming executive is important, it seems that Sexton should probably be allowed a few months in his position before the judgments start to roll.

    Any review of my posts on this board will prove that I am inherently distrustful of anyone that comes through the Baca/Tanaka pipline, and I do find Baca’s Sheriff of the Year award to be a complete and utter joke.

    However, let Sexton prove what he’s going to do with his authority before we apply any permanent label. He could very well turn out to be a significant shot in the arm in terms of eradicating pay to play, cronyism, shadow administrations and cover ups that persisted under Tanaka.

    I am amazed as I read this board by two things:

    First, that those who posted on this board won’t address that, if Tanaka did nothing wrong, as they so vociferously assert, why did he retire?

    Second, why aren’t we discussing what is to be done about the Tanaka cronies embedded in the fabric of our organization, like Greg Thompson? Thompson is an outright criminal, who exposed two deputies and an inmate informant to death threats (for all) and ruined careers (for the deputies) to protect another deputy accused of dealing dope. When Thompson was then “disciplined” for his “mistake” he was first moved to Narcotics. Let me get this straight, a Lieutenant accused of mishandling informant safety is moved to a unit with more informants? That was a soft landing arranged by Tanaka. It was only corrected when the LA Times and WitnessLA exposed the soft landing, and now Thompson is at Temple.

    But the question persists, why is he still even around? Why was his ICIB investigation ripped away from ICIB and given as a “special” to two coverup artists on SHB’s leash that watered Thompson’s wrong doing down to a simple IAB reviewed policy violation? The answer: Paul Tanaka.

    The point is this. Sexton isn’t beholden to the grimy BS underworld of Too Tall Paul. That in and of itself is good enough for me, for now.

  62. Left at the Ball Says:

    Question, and it really is a question.
    Now that Mr. Tanaka is retiring who is going to lead the department?
    This is neither a statement of defense to Mr. Tanaka nor an attack on him.
    Most who post on this board believe he was the leader of the department, controlling assignments, promotions, and many other things.
    Now that he is retiring, who is going to lead? Those who let him lead before?
    Again just a question.

  63. Getting close Says:

    Finally, Mr. T is gonna get what he deserves. A cell and a roommate named Bubba. He’s ruined many good careers by black balling those refusing to participate in his political agenda.

  64. Top of My Game Says:

    An editorial in March 14 Tuscaloosa News:

  65. gmanwhistle Says:

    Good riddens to Tanaka and now the real work begins. Because now you have to weed out all his clones that he has promoted to infect this department. He formed several clicks inside this department involving Century, Carson, Lennox stations and MCJ 2000 and 3000 floor deputies. Look at where deputies were assigned or promoted and where they came from. You will find some disparaging coincidences. For some reason the mentality is that for you to be a real cop you have to have come from one of these units.

  66. innocent Says:

    guyovich is his main gurl. promoted way too fast(tanaka)

  67. retired deputy Says:

    Tanaka leadership was really getting out of hand folks.
    Sgt´s with over 20 years experience were getting disrespected by deputies who had no patrol experience. Some
    were strait out of the academy. Boot deputies who were written up for insubordination formed clicks against SGT´s and went to LT´s to have SGT`s rolled up. Chain of Command did not exist it was a terrible time for leadership. Deputies took advantage of Tanaka´s power. Tanaka should have known that young deputies without direct leadership will always use abuse of power because they are young, dum, and full of? (you know the rest)..

  68. retired deputy Says:

    Young deputies with a gun and a badge and power have to be
    strickly monitored. It´s the SGT´s job to do so. I hope in
    the future, no deputy is allowed to disrespect his line Bonus or SGT. Brass have to always support the line.
    No deputy should never be able to side step chain of command
    clicks and group mentalities are for teenagers in high school. How can such immaturity reach such high level. this
    is the reason for the sex scandles unethical communication
    with drug dealers 3000 boys viking and jumpout boys. what reward does one receive for hurting people. I guess deputies have gotten so corrupted that they cant see good from evil. Take people to jail protect people who are in county jail and dont handcuff the bonusés and SGT´s for it´s their job to restrict the excessive use of force. maybe now these abusers can´t go to Tanaka or his boys to cover up their corruption.

  69. 10-15 Says:

    Just do work. The complainers are always looking for a handout thinking their owed something. Just do work. I still haven’t heard a good story about the little guy tanaka. I think people are tired of those who were protected by the little guy but I guess no more since all the recent over night retirements.

    The guys at the top are not leading their self promoting. I joined the Los Angeles sheriffs department. Not the banaka department. Their both weak…

  70. retired dep Says:

    I remember joining the academy of the
    great LA sheriff,s dept and being so proud to be apart
    of such a great organization. Worked the jails for 2 years
    then finally made it to patrol, so I could be considered
    a real deputy. At the time, I was a born again christian.
    Born again Christian working Norwalk station trying to do the Lords work as a deputy. a minister of God who carries not the sword in vain. IF you are good have no fear of the authorities for they come only to execute judgement upon the evil doers. This was my goal. But when I learned that some of my partners were also evil doers with badges, I became very confused. My good conscious will not allow be to
    accept that, so I struggled and struggled with it.
    One day on patrol I was asked to cover a fellow deputy
    who totally lost it and used some excessive force. Well
    if I told the truth my career would be over because I
    was on training at the time. If I lied I would be a dirty cop just like my partner what should I do. Well I took the easy way out and said that I did not see anything. being a honest man ,I crumbled during the LTs internal investgation and was caught trying to cover up for my partner for saying that I did not see anything and then admitting that I witnesss the incident under pressure and dimed off my partner. I went through hell after that.The only reason I made it through patrol was because they could not break me I never quit or stopped trying worked an average of 18 hours a day was on training for 1 year. lost 40 pounds my gun belt was falling off my waist when a tryed to run after a suspect. The good thing was, after my 5 years in patrol I became one of the most respected deputies with many accomodations. So I say to you that having high standards is hard work and maybe not so many friends at first, but in the end you will be highly respected. Just look at the clowns who abused their powers they all have lost face with the troops and with the public. corruption nerver pays off at the end of the road. I am retired now and I hear nothing
    but good thing about myself from those who knew me. What a great feeling . do good and good will follow you forever

  71. retired dep Says:

    but if you do evil you will end up like Baca and Tanaka,

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