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On Deadline LA Talking About Choosing the C.O.P

I’ll be on KPFK’s Deadline LA today along with the LA Times’ Joel Rubin
talking about the three finalists for LA’s Chief of Police—and who was NOT on the final list (cough–a woman or a minority candidate—cough, cough) and speculating why those names didn’t appear.

Host Howard Blume, as always, made being interviewed an easy and delightful task. (As does his co-host on the show, Barbara Osborn, who was absent today when we taped.)

The show will air from 3:30 to 4 pm Friday (today) on KPFK 90.7 FM

(The show gets archived here for later download.)

PS: While we’re on the subject of choosing the C.O.P.—Read Jan Perry’s thoughtful OpEd in the Daily News
about what she wants from the next Chief.


  • As long as we’re considering wish lists of councilmember Jan Perry, I noted that former Public Safety Chairman Jack Weiss has his own well-detailed wish list in a new Chief in his blog in the Jewish Journal.

    Seems they agree on one thing at least: “the courage” to put cops “in areas where they’re needed most” and not where there’s the most political pressure to do so by organized and loud homeowner groups, especially like Weiss’s CD5. (A group of homeowners Bill Boyarsky characterizes in his own article in the JJournal as “militant and sophisticated.”) Weiss has written here and elsewhere that he knows he was hurt politically by following this advice, and in this article, is skeptical that few if any councilmembers would show the same priority, but hopes they will, and that the Chief sticks to his guns instead of bending to political pressure. Notes that the current Police Commission tends to be supportive in such cases.

    (I wonder, just playing devil’s advocate, if Jan Perry would still feel the same way if she were representing an area like CD5 or 11 – the Palisades/ Brentwood – with well-organized and even “militant” homeowner groups demanding more cops commensurate to the taxes they put into city coffers as they see it, instead of a district where there’s more need based on crime stats? A subject she seems to take issue with vs. Bratton, as has the L A Weekly predictably and some others, but I would support Chf Bratton’s numbers absent solid proof otherwise. On the other hand, she advises the new Chief to accept there will be budgetary limitations on achieving the goal of 10,000 cops: but as the Chief has often pointed out, in that case, the dept. has to move even MORE cops out of the areas like CDs 5 & 11 with the least violent crime, something those residents and their Councilmembers like Rosendahl very vocally oppose. So she’s in the camp warning there will be fewer total cops, but wanting more in her district. Somehow that “math” just doesn’t compute.)

  • Putting more cops in the L.A. Eastside only leads to more violatons of human rights, police abuse, false arrest and harrasement of hard working jente hanging out in front of the Liquor store.

    Why do you think we have bars on the windows in L.A.’s Eastside. We don’t want NO cops in the Eastside and all crime will vanish !!!!!!!

  • El Chavo, bullshit! They have bars on their windows to keep potheads from breaking into their houses!

  • Thanks, WBC.

    (Note to self: Double-checking the work of one’s faulty memory is a good thing.)

    “Tony Rafael,” “TJ Inhaler” and other multiple personalities of that ilk.

    This elaborate form of Tourette’s syndrome or whatever it is that produces these serial posts is tiresome. Either contribute to the conversation or please don’t post at all.

    Thank you.

  • This elaborate form of Tourette’s syndrome or whatever it is that produces these serial posts is tiresome. Either contribute to the conversation or please don’t post at all.
    Thank you.

    …Fatiguing, wearying, wearing, tiring, and fagging, Celeste. I’d just as go to a tiresome opera.

  • That’s more like it, Celeste. Alcohol is fine. So is tobacco. They’re American, and harmless. I have no worries because I’m a law abiding American and the only drugs I do are about a gallon of whiskey a day and 2 packs of cigars. My only health problem is that I’m 100 lbs. overweight and my blood pressure is 200/110, even when on my medication. But that’s ok because having high blood pressure is American! Only gays worry about their blood pressure. I feel sorry for all of those marijuana addicts who are soon to meet their grave for playing roulette with this evil drug. And in case some of you are wondering how I would know this, since I never used pot, let me tell you, my wife and I accidentally ate marijuana brownies once, thanks to a prank by our pot head and now disowned former son, and it didn’t go well. This is what happens when you play around with pot!

  • Celeste I usually agree with you but aftter reading the LA Weekly scathing story on the corruption with the whole AEG mess and the city council allowing Lieweke to take over city council to get his signs Jan Perry was the leader I won’t bother reading Jan’s op ed. There was a clear case of conflict of interest for most of the council members on the sign issue for AEG since AEG gave thousands of dollars to Jan Perry and 8 other city coucnil members. Perry hasn’t been supportive of LAPD for years and has blinders on. She should pay more attention her and her collegaues poor job performance. I have never seen such outrage, disgust, disrespect for a group of council members as this group. You read all the blogs and the people of Los Angeles are fed up with them.

  • Janet, I like Jan personally, but I share your irritation with the above issues. She’s really great about certain things in the community (much of it flying under the radar) but this kind of stuff….not so much. Plus I think her friendship with Bernie Parks has skewed her thinking toward the department in a manner that is very unhelpful.

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