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Obama Launches Initiative to Help Minority Boys and Men, This Week at the Supreme Court, ALADS’ Sheriff Candidate Debate, and an Open Letter from Paul Tanaka


On Thursday, President Barack Obama officially launched “My Brother’s Keeper,” the initiative to end the school-to-prison pipeline for young men and boys of color nationwide. “My Brother’s Keeper” will connect with non-profits and businesses to help keep kids in school and out of the justice system, and will evaluate programs aimed at helping young men of color succeed.

Here’s a clip from President Obama’s speech (the entirety of which you can watch in the video above):

…we know that Latino kids are almost twice as likely as white kids to be suspended from school. Black kids are nearly four times as likely. And if a student has been suspended even once by the time they are in ninth grade, they are twice as likely to drop out.

That’s why my administration has been working with schools on alternatives to the so-called zero-tolerance guidelines, not because teachers or administrators or fellow students should have to put up with bad behavior, but because there are ways to modify bad behavior that lead to good behavior, as opposed to bad behavior out of school.

We can make classes good places for learning for everybody without jeopardizing a child’s future.

And by building on that work, we can keep more of our young men where they belong, in the classroom, learning, growing, gaining the skills they need to succeed.

…we know that students of color are far more likely than their white classmates to find themselves in trouble with the law. If a student gets arrested, he’s almost as likely to drop out of school. By making sure our criminal justice system doesn’t just function as a pipeline for underfunded schools to overcrowded jails, we can help young men of color stay out of prison, stay out of jail.

And that means then they’re more likely to be employable and to invest in their own families and to pass on a legacy of love and hope. And, finally, we know young black men are twice as likely as young white men to be disconnected, not in school, not in working.

We have got to reconnect them. We have got to give more of these young men access to mentors. We have got to continue to encourage responsible fatherhood. We have got to provide more pathways to apply to college or find a job.

We can keep them from falling through the cracks and help them lay a foundation for a career and a family and a better life.

And here’s a clip from the Advancement Project’s announcement and response to the newly launched initiative:

“It is momentous that in the first 60 days of this year, both President Obama and Attorney General Holder have addressed barriers to opportunity that are facing people of color, especially young men of color,” said Advancement Project Co-Director Judith Browne Dianis…

“We are pleased that the Obama Administration will focus on ending the school-to-prison pipeline caused by overuse of suspensions and arrests, pushing young people off of an academic track and onto a track to prison…


“We are encouraged to see President Obama use his platform to specifically support boys and young men of color,” said Advancement Project Co-Director Constance L. Rice. “From our work in the city of Los Angeles’ gang violence hot zones, we know that community safety is of paramount importance to this demographic, with young Black men 10 times more likely and young Latino men three times more likely to be killed by guns than young White men. We need a comprehensive, public health-based community safety strategy to reverse this trend…


This week, the United States Supreme Court issued two noteworthy criminal justice rulings.

In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that if a person objects to a warrantless search of his home, but then leaves the residence (in this case, by arrest), officers can still conduct the search with the consent of a different occupant. (Here’s some backstory.)

The LA Times editorial board says this ruling may give officers a reason to arrest someone just to sidestep a refused search. Here are some clips:

The 6-3 decision eviscerated a 2006 ruling in which the court ruled that police must respect “a physically present inhabitant’s express refusal of consent to a police search” even if a spouse or roommate gives consent.

Walter Fernandez, a robbery suspect, made it abundantly clear to LAPD officers in 2009 that he didn’t want them to search his apartment, saying: “You don’t have any right to come in here. I know my rights.”

Or at least he thought he did. Police arrested Fernandez, and an hour later an officer returned and asked Roxanne Rojas, Fernandez’ companion, for permission to search the apartment. The search turned up gang paraphernalia, a knife and a gun, and Fernandez was eventually convicted of robbery and domestic abuse.


By blessing the warrantless search of Fernandez’s apartment, the majority not only undermined its previous ruling but also sent a message that police can skirt the 4th Amendment and not be punished for it by the courts.

In another 6-3 Tuesday ruling, the Court said that a defendant who has been indicted by a grand jury has no right to contest pre-trial asset forfeiture.

Slate’s Chanakya Sethi has more on the decision. Here’s a clip:

Writing for a six-justice majority in Kaley v. United States, thus concluded Justice Elena Kagan that a criminal defendant indicted by a grand jury has essentially no right to challenge the forfeiture of her assets, even if the defendant needs those very assets to pay lawyers to defend her at trial. In an odd ideological lineup, the dissenters were Chief Justice John Roberts and the more liberal Justices Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor.

The Kaleys’ saga began more than nine years ago when Kerri, a medical device salesperson, learned that she was under investigation by federal authorities for stealing devices from hospitals. Kerri admits she took some devices and later sold them with Brian’s help, but she says the devices she took were unwanted, outdated models that the hospitals were glad to be rid of—in effect, that she couldn’t steal something that was given to her…

With charges looming, the Kaleys sought an estimate from their lawyers of how much mounting a defense would cost. The answer: $500,000. (That figure may seem high, but sadly the government agreed it was reasonable.) The Kaleys took out a home equity loan and used the $500,000 to purchase a certificate of deposit, which they planned to spend on lawyers.

Then came the grand jury indictment and with it a nasty surprise: an order freezing essentially all their assets, including the CD that was meant to pay their legal bills. The only assets exempt from the order—Kerri’s retirement account and their children’s college funds—weren’t enough to cover the $500,000 estimate. And if the Kaleys liquidated those funds, they’d have owed $183,500 in tax penalties. The bottom line: They could no longer pay for their lawyer of choice even though, as the government agreed, that’s what the Sixth Amendment right to counsel protects.


Last week, the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS) held a members-only debate at the county Hall of Administration between the candidates running for sheriff. The debate had some interesting moments, and focused on the need for department reforms, along with other issues important to deputies.

The LA Times Robert Faturechi has the story. Here’s a clip:

Former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, who has been criticized for helping foster a culture of abuse inside the jails, criticized the department’s inmate education program.

“Deputies should not be teaching inmates how to read while they should be manning security posts, OK?” he said, prompting loud cheers.

In a statement to The Times, Tanaka said he wasn’t opposed to educating inmates “as long as it does not take away from the limited resources which are needed to run the jails and protect the public.”

In interviews afterward, the other candidates took aim at Tanaka, who seemed to be the crowd favorite based on applause. His opponents said Tanaka’s comment showed his shortsightedness about the role education can play in keeping inmates from re-offending after they are released.

“To show that lack of compassion for people who can’t read is exactly why I’m running,” Assistant Sheriff Jim Hellmold said.

The candidates acknowledged during the debate, which took place last week, that the recent federal indictments against deputies and reports of poor hiring show that reform is needed. But they also assured the audience that they believed that a great majority of deputies follow policy.

Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers told the deputies that he took exception with some outside criticisms of the department. Some time after Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell promised to “restore that shine and that luster to the badge,” Rogers said: “Others talk about our badge being tarnished. With all due respect to all of them, my star is just as shiny as it used to be, and so is yours.”


On Thursday, (a day after the new issue of LA Magazine hit newsstands) former LA County Undersheriff Paul Tanaka published an open letter to “set the record straight” about his involvement in a number of LASD scandals.

Here’s how the letter opens:

After dedicating three decades of my life to public safety, I have suffered overwhelming character attacks over the last two years by nameless “sources” who have continuously falsified accounts of my behavior and my leadership for their own self-purpose and notoriety. I have always believed that the focus of law enforcement officials should remain on public safety and the community rather than combating the latest news story, however, I can no longer remain quiet as others continue to paint fiction and call it truth. I would like to Set the Record Straight regarding my character and my record once and for all.

First and foremost, during my 33 years in law enforcement I have never condoned nor encouraged excessive force or deputy misconduct. In fact, in the past I have been highlighted as a strict no-nonsense disciplinarian. It wasn’t until there were talks throughout the Department that I may run for Sheriff that these accusations began. Many of my accusers feared the standard of accountability they would be held to should I become Sheriff. Throughout my career, I have always demanded our Department employees, particularly high-ranking executives, perform the duties and tasks the people of Los Angeles County pay them for, and expect from us, with no exception.

And here are Tanaka’s thoughts on a certain online publication’s stories about a private smoking patio, and his alleged pay-to-play system:

Furthermore, an online publication has written countless stories about a secret patio that was supposedly reserved for a secret circle of department employees that had to possess “challenge coins” in order to gain entrance. In addition, this same publication has also alleged that those who donated to my Mayoral campaign would then be promoted in the Department. First, the process for promotion in the Sheriff¹s Department is an uncompromising and strictly defined process. Promotions are based on a set of qualifications determined by the Department and the County. In addition, promotions to Lieutenant and higher were appointed solely by the Sheriff. No one who has ever donated to my City Council campaign has ever been given special treatment. Period. Second, the employee patio that was mentioned is an open air, out-door patio with poles that support its roof. It is open to all civilian and sworn employees and was commonly used for cigarette breaks, barbecues, meetings, etc. The coins they referred to were created, passed out and sold by Chief Buddy Goldman and retired Captain Joe Gonzales. To my knowledge, they were nothing more than a souvenir item anyone in the department could obtain.


  • Mr. Tanaka’s, “Set the Record Straight” should be titled, “Desperate Spin of the Facts.” Nobody beleives him anymore. His misfeasance has been exposed and his ego will not allow him to accept his fate–No chance whatsoever of being elected L.A. County Sheriff.

    The L.A. Magazine article will be widely read by the prominent voters. Sadism. And malevolence is what Paul Tanaka stands for.

    No one wants to waste a vote on someone who doesn’t stand a chance.

  • Paul’s letter reads as if he doesn’t shave in front of a mirror. His letter said the testing process was uncompromising. I have to ask, weren’t most of the aforementioned campaign donors assigned at one time or another to either Administrative Services Division and or C.O.P.S. Bureau (J.Gonzales, Buddy Goldman, Chris Nee, Kevin Hebert, Joe Nicassio, Greg Thompson, David Waters, Bobby Tubbs, Laura Lecravain, John Lecravain, Eduardo Hernandez, etc…), working under Paul? Let’s see, you walk the voting precincts, donate to his campaign, he places you in an assignment away from field operations, you’re placed in an exam “Study Group” with other donors and C.O.P.S. or Administrative Services folks, you make band one and you’re promoted. He eventually places you back in one of those divisions and the cycle repeats itself. If he shaved with his back to a mirror and looked over his shoulder, I am certain he’d see those butt hickies were placed there by the lips of the “Pay to play” folks.

  • “First and foremost, during my 33 years in law enforcement I have never condoned nor encouraged excessive force or deputy misconduct.”

    Really?…amazing. The same guy who touted how much he hated Internal Affairs to brand new sergeants in supervisor school. Then added, you (new sergeants) better think long and hard before you put a “case” on a deputy. Threatening?

    How many administrative investigations did tall Paul squash by allowing the time retention for discipline to run out for his minions? Hey Lt. Gross, did you ever make right on that check you bounced to tall Paul’s campaign? He did save you in your time of despair. I know bro, loyalty can be expensive. But congratulations on your promotion!! Well played. You got promoted and saved $250 bucks.

    We need an ethical IA or ICIB investigator, if there are any, to come forward and shed light on the amazing bullshit coming from the former Undersheriff’s mouth as he has condoned and covered up so many investigations, he has apparently forgotten about them all. Paul, I know your first words as an infant were “plausible deniability” but the gigs up bro, too many good people know the truth and are not afraid anymore to speak about your dirty deeds.

  • I’m glad he wrote that open letter, because clearly I have been led down the wrong path. All these accusations are just one big conspiracy against him, because he is the “savior” and everyone is jealous of him. I’m glad he clarified that for me.

    I’ll have to go back and read the letter, but did he explain that most of the people on the department, who are loyal to him and have been promoted, way above their abilities, also donated to his Gardena campaign. I’m sure that is just one big coincidence.

    This is as narcissistic as it gets! And, once again throwing people under the bus!

    If you hold his letter up to the light you’ll see a hidden message, it says “THAT’S NOT MY DOPE. THE POELEESE PUT IT ON ME. AND THESE AREN’T MY PANTS, ANYWAY!”

  • Tanaka is in a nose dive, desperate to the point he issues a statement to the Los Cerritos newspaper, WOW. If you want to set the record straight, Paul, why don’t you go on John and Ken? Perhaps do an interview on Ch 7? How about the Times? How about sitting down with Celeste and the editorial staff of LA Magazine? The record HAS been set straight, Paul, long ago. And it is going to get straighter and straighter in the weeks ahead. You are fooling no one but yourself. You have brought dishonor and a series of Federal investigations and Federal indictments to LASD, those very people who were marching in lock-step to your music. You have brought shame, dysfunction and dishonor to LASD. Your temper, your arrogance, your unethical compass that spawned so much corruption, that will be your legacy, there is absolutely no denying it.

    I’ve had lunch a few times with some of my staff on that public patio your built for us. The stench of cigars can still be detected, but it makes it all the better to know you and your pirates will never use it agin for the evilness you hatched on a daily basis. So lets set the record straight, Paul. It’s over. It’s all over, you’ve been finessed.

  • Of the candidates at the debate, former Cmdr. Bob Olmsted took the hardest line with the deputies, warning those in attendance that “if you like the way things are, if you’re not ashamed of the corruption that’s going on in this department … you’re not welcome on my team and I don’t need your support.”

    Here is the guy who the LASD needs in its time of NEED! A stand-up guy who will put things back in order starting at the top!

  • Paul Tanaka is nothing but a liar. He has brought shame to himself, his little buddies, and the department. All the aforementioned buddies plus his bag boys Para and Helmold should all get out. How you Tanaka can look your kids in the face is amazing.

  • Does anyone know how the Pandora’s box /Anthony Brown incident ended? Seems I remember a T V interview where Baca was sounding off about the FBI breaking the law and possibly being subject to arrest (regarding the phone smuggling). Soon after that there was another interview where Baca was saying he just wanted to help the FBI any way he could. Did LASD finally produce Brown to the FBI? Did he remain sequestered under a false name until he was shipped to state prison? Did the FBI ever go to LASD and spell out that they knew LASD had Brown and demanded to see him? I don’t remember seeing anything about this stuff, it could be crucial to a possible defense.

  • Hey Paul, if I were you I would file a “libel” lawsuit. Pay back all these liars who are out to get you! Take it all the way to a jury trial, where you will get to bring in your witnesses to tell how these are all lies! What? No more witnesses? They all get run over by a bus you say? What an unfortunate coincidence!

  • C: Not even the Tanaka supporters are believing Paul’s lies!

    But, on another issue you reported on I want to comment. Do you believe that Obama would have come out with this program to help heal broken families, specifically African American families, had not O’Reilly questioned Obama about this issue? Even Obama had to admit he had only given the issue “we talked about it.” Kudos to Bill!! O’Reilly had Valerie Jarrett on last night and she couldn’t address the issues that O’Reilly raised. The only worse responses were given by Rice who lied about Benghazi. I am not surprised that Obama gave TRILLIONS to the crooks on Wall Street and not one dollar to this most important issue of broken families! However, it’s a start!!

  • Yes, good old Holder…wants to restore voting rights to convicted felons, more liberal voters, yay! My Brother’s Keeper…lmao, ok. Spend the money on prisons, we will get a better return.

  • “The Truth”,,,,he doesn’t have a soul….nothing there but greed.

    The interesting part is some time ago I told one of his “boys” a Lt. in Detective Division to his face….he would be thrown under the bus by Tanaka. At first this Lt. had this arrogant laugh while looking me in the eyes with such disdain. Later when the F.B.I. started knocking at the door, he was NOT laughing anymore.

    Interesting how a person can change their attitude when the F.B.I. knows your name and not for a good reason either. I had the pleasure later on when this person told me to my face I was right.

  • No. 2 and no. 8. You are so right about the names, and there are so many more. Ask about the one person that got to sit by herself during the Lt. test, Capt. Joey of personnel personally arranged that one.

  • After reading the letter, it only reaffirms my conclusion that he is a dangerous, delusional, megalomaniac. I only thought as much for the last decade. Now it is with an absolute certainty. Thanks for proving my point straight from the source. The department can not be truly free of his evil until he is placed in chains and thrown into a federal dungeon. Go home and await the Feds, Paul. You’re drunk.

  • 10-35; the department cannot be free of evil until the Tanaka loyalists are gone!

    Sheriff Scott, cross reference the names that donated to the little man with your captains and above. They are still the cancer and need to be removed!

  • Paul the issues  in this dept. didn’t start overnight.  The voters  see you as a big part of the problem. Your own comments   and behavior  over 33 years have caused your downfall.   You remind me of  a sociopath cult leader. For  you and all your followers,  history has shown they all  fail at end and so will you.

  • Interesting with the new promotions to Assistant Sheriff and Chief…..What connections do they have with the Interim Sheriff and Executive Aide….Is it true they are all good friends….I guess the good ol’ boys club is still alive and well….

  • Rhambo will be holding his “open house” inside a phone booth. A few more from the 4th floor will be “announcing” (I always thought that was a stupid term, like we care) their departure as well. They all are going to leave LASD disgraced; they can put on the happy face all they want. Yes, LACERA will be kind to them, but the fact of the matter is, the pirates are being thrown into the deep six, one at a time by Scott and Tyler. We all know their misdeeds, how they sold their soul to smoke cigars and we all know they are disgraced for life. Their “legacy” will be Tanaka and what he stands for, history will tell the story.

  • Scott is installing his friends or if you prefer, “people he can trust” into positions and whomever is elected in June/November will do the same. Any of you who think different are naive individuals. So I will just continue to do the job I was sworn to do.

  • Had the “Five Kings” really cared about the direction of this Department and the fiasco that has followed in the promotional system, they would have froze all positions, paid the overtime, and awaited the new Sheriff’s arrival. But no, they pick somebody who on the face of it seemed like he was going to do the right thing but came in and immediately started promoting some of his friends. Sheriff Scott, I promise you, there are others out there. Try getting out of that office and looking around quit asking your friends, who only care about themselves and that of their friends.

  • Regarding command staff promotions by Interim Sheriff Scott, is anyone else troubled by his selection for promotion to captain, of an individual (CASTELLANO, ALLEN M.) who was on the Executive Staff Meeting email group? I would hope Neal Tyler has ensured Sheriff Scott is aware the Executive Staff Meeting email group established by Paul Tanaka, was comprised of only individuals loyal to Tanaka. For those not aware, this email group enabled Tanaka to electronically communicate with and bypass the Department’s established chain-of-command channels, usurping, corrupting and interfering with the legitimate and necessary official information flow amongst Division/Region Chiefs and their subordinates, thus consolidating and restricting dissemination of information. People in the Executive Staff Meeting group were known Tanaka thugs and lackeys willing to carry forward whatever he commanded of them. Regardless of this lieutenant’s presumed managerial gifts, it is still very distressing to know Sheriff Scott has selected this individual to move up the organizational ladder. Is Sheriff Scott aware, and doesn’t think it’s a problem to promote Tanaka loyalists, or is it that someone on his support team is keeping this from him?

  • The feds need to go to the patrol stations especially one in the South Bureau and check into the corrupted captain. But it will happen in time. I’m sure of it.

  • That’s right, “The Executive Email” story was published in WLA a year or two ago and had some names listed because of the screen shot. One name was M.T. who just went to Homicide. Even though I never saw his name on pay to play list, his name was displayed on that one story Celeste posted. And well known to be one of Tanaka’s right hand men in Det. Div.

    Oh well, there are many who hide out and lay low for awhile.

  • As much as I hate to admit it, the Department is full of people with “two faces.” Sometimes you just have to tolerate the fact that someone has “flipped” and now has pledged their allegiance to you. It’s like dealing with an informant, you never really trust them, but you put up with their BS until you get the job done. And, just like an informant you sometimes have to throw them a bone (promotion)!

    As, long as he (Sheriff) keeps his focus and solves the majority of our “problems” I don’t think he should be judged. So far, I like what I see.

  • I am also troubled by the selection of Allen Castellano, an apparent cigar coin holder and all of 18 years on, along with Roosevelt Johnson, another Tanaka groupie with a razor thin resume. I can understand the Barrantes move, as a token in that position who will retire when the new sheriff comes to town, but the other two are troubling evidence of patronage that refuses to die.

    Sheriff Scott is going to have to think outside of his small circle of advisers before he creates more damage for the incoming sheriff.

  • @29
    I couldn’t agree more.

    You need to accept a few realities. Of course a new sheriff is going to appoint and surround himself with people that he knows. What sheriff in any jurisdiction at any time doesn’t do this? Absolutely no different than a CEO at a major corp. or a new head football coach taking over. He’s going to bring in his people. Would you rather him bring in people he knew nothing about? If there’s a candidate for promotion he knows nothing about, of course he’s going to seek the advice of those in his inner circle who know the person. That is how it’s done. Sorry the people you think should have been promoted either don’t know or aren’t trusted by Sheriff Scott or those in his inner circle. That’s how it’s done. By everybody. Not just Leroy Baca. Sherman Block did it. Peter Pitchess did it. It’s done by every politician at every level. You might as well complain about the weather. That makes about as much sense as your complaints in #25.

  • Although I do agree with you, the issue is, is that he is a TEMP. With that said, I am done posting and done with this site. It really does just keep dredging up anger that does not help. So, Hasta La Vista

  • President Lincoln said it best:
    “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

    Scott is doing everything he can to make a mess for the next guy… Especially the guy from Long Beach.

  • If you read this section out of Tanaka’s response, didn’t President Obama also make a statement like, you can keep your doctor, period!

    In addition, promotions to Lieutenant and higher were appointed solely by the Sheriff. No one who has ever donated to my City Council campaign has ever been given special treatment. Period.

  • Off topic but very important to all current and retired law enforcement. Go to

  • I strongly agree with LATBG, and take issue with the apologists for the Interim Sheriff’s recent command promotional selections. “Tolerating” and “put[ing] up with their BS until the job is done” or comparing the use and treatment of informants to finding the best, brightest, most experienced, able and ethical lieutenants to be promoted to unit and bureau commanders in an important law enforcement agency like LASD is just bunk! Now is the time — LASD is in dire need of clear, unequivocal demonstration that the Baca/Tanaka way is dead! No more cliques, no more pay-to-play, no more drafting inexperienced employees into division and region aide positions, no more promoting undeserving, ill-equipped golfing buddies of Cecil Rhambo’s or sycophants of Paul’s. One of these individuals was terminated for Brady dishonesty issues when he was a deputy at Century in the 90s yet had his discipline reduced to retain his job. Further, this individual has little field experience as a sergeant or lieutenant — he has been given the red-carpet treatment and been a Custody aide or Ops Lt. or Region aide 90% of his time as a Sgt and Lt. Is this guy the best candidate for a busy patrol station with 200 employees? I was really hoping Sheriff Scott would make a positive mark during his limited time in office, but apparently, he’s letting his “executive officer” influence his decisions on these very important promotions. I’m extremely disappointed he appears to be easily influenced by the wrong-headed people advising him. I hope he takes a deeper look at what he is doing.

  • #36. Wasn’t this person also an aide during Scott’s time as a commander or chief at Custody Division. Hmmmmm.

  • Same Dance . . . newspaper reports indicate Sheriff Scott retired from Custody Division in 2005, and the individual we’re talking about, after spending a few scheduling cycles at Lennox as a probationary sgt., he was camped out as Custody Aide for several years until his promotion to Lt. in 2009. So perhaps Scott is familiar with this lieutenant from those years. Since it appears the Sheriff does know him, he knows the man has little non-paper pushing experience, that there are dozens of other more tenured, experienced and more respected lieutenants not tainted by their association with Cecil Rhambo and Paul Tanaka. What happened to change, and a restoration of integrity to the Department?

  • Interested Party, the recent promotee you’re referring did do 30 days off when he was at Century Station. That incident took place approximately 17 years ago. He was never terminated, he worked extremely hard, he was a team player, he owned up to the incident and took his punishment like an adult. He was moved out of Century, learned from his mistake, moved on with his career and continued on with his education, eventually earning an advanced degree.

    As far as not having enough field experience, I have no doubt others have far more. As far as working administrative positions, he has. I’ve never worked an administrative assignment because you won’t catch me working 60-70 hours in a week and only being paid for 40. He has.

    How much time has to pass and how many dues need to be paid before we say enough is enough? Just my. 02¢.

  • Mutual Assured Destruction . . . I respect that you and I have a different take on the man and his scorecard. My beef with his promotion is his allegiance to Tanaka and Rhambo and his lack of experience when compared to just about any of his peers, and most importantly, the message his promotion sends to long-time employees. When I worked with him, he was cordial and respectful to me – I have no complaints on a personal level with him, hence, no mention of him by name. But that doesn’t change the fact that integrity issues are at the forefront of this new LASD era, considering how Baca, Tanaka, and yes, Rhambo, morphed what was once considered “ethical,” into something we all know resulted in horrendous corruption. The intent discipline at Century was submitted for termination, then reduced to 30 days – either one being serious discipline indicative of someone struggling with moral, principled conduct. Good for him that he retained his job and even that he and his family can now enjoy this latest promotion (I take exception to your 60 to 70 hour work week estimate – remember, I worked with him). However, his close alignment with Cecil Rhambo and Paul Tanaka, indoctrinated him as to how things are done – the Tanaka/Rhambo unscrupulous, non-merit way — we take care of our own (those in the car). The new sheriff’s early statements indicated he “was disappointed in the direction of the Department,” and “doing some of the symbolic-type changes that meant a lot to the rank-and-file.” Sheriff Scott is correct to believe that symbolism is a very powerful tool in improving the morale of the 18,000 employees of LASD. How about eliminating the medieval, antiquated, corrupt, patronage system and secret cliques. This and other recently announced promotions are symbolic of his actions, over his words. Let’s see where he goes symbolically and substantively from here.

  • I understand that this individual should have been fired for his Brady issue, brought to the attention of the department by another agency. It was good ol’ Ronnie Williams who came rushing to his aid and bailed him out of what should have been a career-ending caper along with a criminal filing. In fact, it is a career-ending caper for most people not blessed with political patronage. That is NOT the new direction Sheriff Scott promised.

    I’m not going to romanticize the work of the chosen few who become aides. They do so solely to advance their careers, and when they do get promoted to the next rank they have little to offer the department by way of value. That only comes from experience, not face time with executives. Same goes for the other character who just got tapped on the shoulder. What value does he bring to his new assignment as unit commander? That him and the chief are buddies? Good working relations are great at every level, but it can’t come at the expense of quality.

    My two cents.

  • I believe that people do learn from their mistakes however, the current issue is that there is no guidelines for promotion. Work multiple assignments, get your graduate degree, work long hours, have a minimum of ? Years at your rank, all done and then the person with problems in their background gets promoted. How about the people that have everything required with no prior discipline. Shouldn’t that count for something? It should be a consideration. Require a promotional process not just an AP.

  • The newly promoted PRV captain held a council seat for the city of Yorba Linda in OC. He is also chummy with the South Patrol Division Chief. The city of Yorba Linda contracts with the OCSD for police services. There is your connection with Sheriff John.
    LATBG you are spot on.

  • The PRV promotion was a 2fer for the SPD chief. He settled a score by rolling up the former captain for having him transferred out of Regionn 3 back when the chief was a newly promoted commander. The chief promoted to commander from PRV captain. He continued his love fest with the city council. JT was tired of being told how to run his station and used a trump card when he told PT about the interference. That is widely known in SPD.

  • It’s a sad day when one’s insecurities become so overwhelming that they have nothing better to write than half hearted attempts at defaming the recently promoted. I’ll remind you jealousy and bitterness will get you nowhere. I’d ask you to do one of two things: take a look in the mirror, do some self-introspection, and ask why you weren’t promoted to the delusional level you believe you deserve, or 10-37 with your real name and let the games begin. One thing I can say for certain. You will never be allowed to play ball because you can’t be trusted! So cozy up to the glass ceiling or call it a day because your services are no longer needed. Duval for Sheriff!!!

  • Interested Party, you’re well informed and I appreciate and respect your insightful opinion. You’re also a great read.

  • IthacaBoomer, playing kill the messenger does nothing other than strengthen the message. For those of us who don’t have a dog in the fight, we can only ask you two simple questions: 1) How do these two promotees improve the organization, and 2) how does this square with Sheriff Scott’s vow to end symbols of cronyism?

  • Interested Party your posts are objective and well thought out. Though there is one more person who is most responsible for the present culture of malfeasance at the executive level. Retired Undersheriff LW.

    We can only hope the whole cancer is removed. As for the neophytes, that remains to be seen.

  • LATBG- This will be my only comments on promotions. 1. You’re wrong about Castellano. He is and never was a Tanaka guy. If he showed up on some e-mail group it was because his old Ops Lt. put him there. I guarantee he never smoked a cigar. I’m sorry to ruin the theory. Allen is young, albeit sharp, respectful, knowledgeable of Department policies and the public political process, and exactly what the Department needs in terms of professionalism. The other guy I won’t defend, but I will say his previous malfeasance doesn’t appear to be a death sentence. Perhaps there is something to be said about second chances. I’m not the judge so there it is. 2. As for Scott and his vows to end cronyism. There’s a laugher. I don’t know his motives but I know this much. Retired Chief $$$ plus Orange County Undersheriff $$$ plus contracted L.A. County Sheriff $$$ plus retired Captain wife $$$ equals $$$. Poster children for PEPRA. Enough said.

  • Wow, young sharp, respectful, knowledgeable of policies and politics. I’m glad you cleared that up for us! Considering hundreds that fit that description it has nothing to do with riding the coattails of Rothans, did it?

    There is no valid reason to promote someone who lacks credibility – that’s what experience is for. It was an exercise in patronage, nothing more. You can’t be a boot and an example of professionalism at the same time – except in your parallel universe.

  • What the department needs in terms of professionalism is NOT an 18 year boot who rode the coattails of Rothans and never found much time to actually work as a cop.

    Just admit, he’s another shining example of patronage. I’m sure all the sharp, respectful, knowledgeable folks out there who actually worked the bulk of their careers as cops instead of desk jockeys will agree. As usual, you failed to demonstrate what value this guy adds to the organization.

  • Really, do you think anyone else could have recovered from the 30 days of discipline? Moved quickly to the Academy Staff, yes the Academy Staff, what a great message that was to sends to the organization and public. Then bounced around to various aid positions. I have no doubt this person learned from thier past, I believe him to be a very descent person, however there are certain messages that need to be sent out loud and clear. When you violate Brady Issues, we may keep you but we will not coddle you. What was the Scott guy thinking? Hard to imagine keeping anyone off a promotion list based on past disciplne after this shananigin.

    MAD wrote Interested Party, the recent promotee you’re referring did do 30 days off when he was at Century Station. That incident took place approximately 17 years ago. He was never terminated, he worked extremely hard, he was a team player, he owned up to the incident and took his punishment like an adult. He was moved out of Century, learned from his mistake, moved on with his career and continued on with his education, eventually earning an advanced degree.

  • Any insight on the new SCV Captain Roosevelt Johson? He’s quoted in ScvNews by saying: “You know, it’s never a good philosophy to come into a place and try to completely change anything,”Johnson said, “and I’m not one that’s going to do that.” NEWSFLASH SCV: he’s already done just that! . Already there’s been a pattern of inconsistencies.
    City Hall announced a meet & greet with Johnson open to the public in April. Curious if Santa Claritians would want to know the man chosen to protect their city, their children, is not held accountable to honor the LASD Core Values or David March’s Creed: “My goals are simple, I will always be painfully honest…” Does anyone have any advise how to prepare for this turbulent reign? Or does Scv need to keep fingers crossed that Tanaka won’t be elected, therefore wait for his regime to retire? The city of Santa Clarita & residents hold Captain Becker in high regard for a job well done. Definitely true to the Core Values, he’s a man of integrity.

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