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New Candidate for LA County Sheriff Soon to Jump into Race to Oppose Baca

A new candidate is expected to be announcing his or her candidacy
for the office of LA County Sheriff in approximately two to three weeks, according to sources.

This prospective challenger intending to try to unseat Sheriff Lee Baca, (who will be running for a 5th term in 2014) has reportedly already met with veteran political consultants and others experienced in high profile So Cal political campaigns. At least one veteran consultant is said to have formally signed on to the soon-to-launch bid.

Experts have estimated that it could take approximately $5 million in campaign dollars to be competative against a well-known and well-funded incumbent, like Baca, who was first sworn in to the office of sheriff in December of 1998, and who, despite the ongoing criminal investigations by the FBI into wrongdoing in the department under his watch, is still expected to be a formidable candidate.

Former LASD undersheriff Paul Tanaka is also expected to enter the race, an expectation that was further fueled over the weekend by an LA Times story suggesting that Hollywood studio exec Ryan Kavanaugh was the object of a criminal investigation by the sheriff’s department in retaliation for the Kavanaugh’s reported support for Tanaka’s as-yet-unannounced bid for sheriff.

Retired LASD lieutenant, Patrick Gomez entered the race against Sheriff Baca in mid May. Gomez, who has unsuccessfully challenged Baca before, in 1998 and in 2002, campaigned previously on—among other issues—problems with the treatment of the mentally ill in the LA County Jails, an issue that has heated up of late, due to discussions over new jail construction, and the still ongoing federal probes into deputy on inmate abuse. Little known LAPD Detective Lou Vince has also declared his candidacy.

Earlier in the year, there was word that Long Beach Chief of Police Jim McDonnell (who was also formerly 2nd in command at the LAPD under Bill Bratton) was planning to challenge Baca for sheriff. When he decided against his possible candidacy in June, both the LA Times and other editorial boards expressed dismay that McDonnell was bowing out, considering him a potentially formidable challenger.

The advent of another serious candidate on the horizon is expected to spark much interest among LASD watchers, many of whom contend that Baca is vulnerable if a strong challenger can amass the war chest necessary for a competative campaign.

Meanwhile, on NBC’s Sunday interview show, the So Cal ACLU’s head attorney, Mark Rosenbaum called in harsh terms for Sheriff Baca to be removed for his part in the jail brutality scandal.

While on ABC 7’s Newsmakers, U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte was on talking about the wild card in the whole matter—namely the spectre of criminal indictments. He offered no hints as to when such indictments might come, how many there will be, and high up they will go. But, without saying so directly, Briotte strongly implied that there would indeed be criminal indictments.


  • There is so much “Anti-Baca” going on in the LASD and in surrounding police agencies, that I don’t see him recovering. The confidence in him as a leader is VERY low. He has said that LASD employees feelings on him being Sheriff are not important to him… “What matters are the voters in Los Angeles County.”

    Well, guess what? He’s right!

    However, in this election, LA County voters will turn their back on him and vote for any candidate who’s last name is NOT Baca. 16 years is a long time for any political official, especially one that is ineffective.

    Wait and see.

  • Facts: I agree that if there was an election on LASD Baca couldn’t get elected to dog catcher! Literally thousands of us each day go out and inform our friends, family and others about the lies of Lee Baca! Without spending a dime in signs, print media or a political ad, Baca is hurt and hurt bad! I know that low information voters (LIV) is the mainstay in LA County but on the occasion when I do speak to a LIV and knows about Baca it’s always bad. A huge turnaround from just one year ago!

    I don’t see Tanaka in the picture as how can Baca and Tanaka NOT get indicted as they are both connected below the waist! Of course Baca will roll over on Tanaka in a heart beat! Most likely has already done so! I wonder of Waldie and Stonich are aware that their one time Messiah (Baca) has informed on them also? Timing is crucial re the indictments. I don’t see how Baca nor Tanaka could survive a campaign if indicted? But, then again look at Wiener from NY! No! I’d rather not look! LOL

    The ‘Third Party’ is a good decent man with credentials and I hope that his name is withheld until he makes the announcement! For now my vote still goes to Pat Gomez!

    Lastly, this is the time for all of us to say what we know and continue to expose Baca and the thugs! Regardless of our past affiliations and distrust we have a clear choice. We can either go down on the Titanic or we can raise our victory on top of Mount Suribachi! I feel good!

  • I certainly hope that the voters in L.A. County are smart enough to vote right in the election. However, I remember how sure I was that the voters in Orange County were going to vote Carona out of office after his corruption scandales and they still voted him back to office. I’m sorry to say, but too many voters are ignorant of important issues.
    I will actively volunteer for any individual who runs agains Sheriff Baca, we have had enough of the shame, corruption and mismanagement.

  • Pending criminal Indictments. Must be a lot of recently retired folks and
    fourth floor personnel feeling a little nervous right now. You have the support of the vast majority of the Los Angeles County Sherff’s Department Mr. Birotte. Go get them!

  • Let’s not forget that Baca still has his hands on the wheel for now ladies & gents. I can’t wait to see what he does when this candidate announces. He has the ego to drive us into the ground so our boy does not have a lot to work with… Oh well, hang on!

    London, you are smarter than Gomez and I hope you change your mind when you see the new guy. I liked your post, and like my character in the movie, I doubt I will make to end with the rest of the survivors. The big boss is not a real fan of mine these days, and there is no love lost between us. I live in Los Angeles County so I am all in for the new candidate.

    ABB 2014 has a nice ring to it.

  • It is funny how often the Sheriff will mention leadership in one of is long drawn out speeches. Standby Sheriff, you are about to find out what a true leader is, as our new candidate begins to march forth and reunite this great organization.

  • Is this new candidate a current or retired member of LASD and were they a executive with the dept…

  • When the candidate finishes the necessary filing procedure with the Registrar of Voters in Norwalk, then the announcement will be made. The employees of LASD can then make their decision, 4 more years of the last 16; or, a candidate that has shown unless you pay to play and hold a Cigar Club coin, you don’t have anything coming to you, or a new candidate.

    A candidate who will bring back honor, integrity and civility to LASD. A candidate who will not play politics and is not interested in politics per se’, one who will judge you based on your abilities, skills, dedication and performance. This candidate will be a “change agent,” because that is what LASD needs. We are at a tipping point my friends, it will take everyone’s help in order to help everyone, but this CAN be done, it must be done. Stay tuned. No games, just a few things need to be finalized before the announcement.

  • Jack: You correct!

    The Sheriff does have an ego that he will use to TRY and drive us to the ground. The problem is, people will now push back and push back hard inorder to defend themselves from his tyrant type ways. An UPHEAVEL is coming that he wont be able to slap down. He may have the wheel now, but his hands will be shaken and he will lose control of “The Car.” The Car will then crash and the ones on it are going to yell for help, aswell as for forgiveness. Hopefully, it won’t be too late for them.

    As for the new candidate who is going to announce…..Thank You for stepping into the ring! You have ALOT of support!

    ABB 2014!

  • Funny how often the sheriff will mention, “What I’m really trying to say is…” in his speeches…

  • Since Mr. Tanaka announced his retirement to be effective August 1st, 2013, the last count I hear of folks terminated was 110 since 01/2013 to present.

    Sexton is in an Academy because POST wouldn’t honor his law enforcement credentials for POST credentials So he’s now in the academy not at LASD, but in Orange County. Word is Sexton’ never completed an accredited LE academy!!!

    Folks are Carping due to lack of funds and Baca is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars ordering new interiors for one (1) LASD vehicle.

  • Folks are Carping due to lack of funds and Baca is ordering up new interiors for his plane to the tune of Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars.

  • ….And in other news, the Mayor of Hermosa Beach endorsed Cecil Rhambo to take the Chief of Police spot in that city. Sweet Jesus….

  • Hold the phone. Chief Sexton is getting a California POST certificate, I assume via the modular/reserve route? LASD doesn’t hire reserves, including from its own academy, so I’m guessing this is just so he can be strapped and wear a uniform…? He won’t have 24/7 peace officer powers unless he graduates our field training program, so guessing he’ll be a deputy in uniform/daylight only.

  • Golly gee whiz. All those trips to the Middle East that were absolutely imperative to stopping terrorism in LA County? Isn’t that what we were told by his defenders? I guess they aren’t so imperative after all. Looks like Mr.Baca is far more interested in being in LA County lately. Has Mr. Baca decided to throw in the towel on trying to stop terrorism? What’s the deal? I would love for one of his bootlicking minions who is nothing more than a spineless yes man to answer that question. Why are all of Mr. Baca’s globe trotting trips where he plays the big shot not so important anymore? I’m sure you can come up with an explanation for why his world travels are no longer necessary. And I’m quite sure in doing so you will once again reveal yourself as the gutless yes man you are. Go ahead, try and sell that shit to us now. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  • Watch all the SLUGS run when Tanaka announces!

    Tanaka obviously knows the department inside and out and all the SLUGS too.

    He not only has the experience in running the department while Baca was away touring the world, he also has the proven track record of fixing major issues.

    He’s saved the city of Gardena from near Bankruptcy and reduced crime, reduced crime in both LASD RD’s and Gardena.

  • Tanaka has the great ability to problem sole. Has the experience and track record to be Sheriff of LA County.

  • Pink Owl:
    If what you say is true, the Sheriff has a big problem. We have Special Victims Detectives ( You know…the ones who investigate crimes against children) CARPING and back logging their case load. Meanwhile, children who have been victimized, are put on the back burner for an upgraded plane..WOW!

    Celeste, would you be able to look into this?

  • I heard that Sexton made a poor impression at the OCSD Academy. Rumors that he couldn’t help but talk about himself and his experiences in Alabama was too much for staff and fellow classmates. Can you remember having “that” student in classes you were required to complete. Thinking they will not invite him back.

    Could you imagine an instructor saying,”you ain’t from around here r ya”…… to him???

  • Lesser Evil, thanks for the tip about Special Victims Detectives. Indeed, I’ll see what we can do. Anything that anyone knows about that unit, and funding issues they might have, please email me. We’ve been interested in that issue for quite some time. Confidentiality will be treated with the greatest care, of course.

  • I told everyone and posted, on several occasions, that Sexton was a bad choice! There is no difference between Baca and Sexton; same mother different father!

    Recall when the Baca/Tanaka supporters would constantly come out and try to defend their heroes? Even the kool-aid drinkers have stop drinking. Men I have known for years now realize that they were dumb to support this regime! I urge that we pulled together and vote this fool out of office!
    Don´t take your eye off the ball!! I give you my word we will rise again!!!

  • It is about time for change! All my fellow over-looked non-cigar smoking coin carrying peers will welcome a new beginning. Baca is corrupt as well as his closest advisors.. they are all evil and the retired “Lil Man” Tanaka is a nobody now!

  • Finally

    Who is Mr. J???
    If you are referring to Jim Hellmold that is a joke!
    He would be partying it up as the Boss. Girls gone wild!!!

  • Just. To put on record, I was not referring to who was running for Sheriff. I was referring to other bad news regarding other negative news coverage.

    Now for William “J” Bratton is something comletely different. WOW

  • If this “New” person, who is to throw their name into the hat, is a viable candidate, he must have the experience and be respected by “the Deputies” who have 20 plus years on. It will then be up to those retired (in LA County) and those who are “short timers” to “put their money where their mouth is,” in the open. Your average Deputy will not follow ghosts, but will often listen to the opinion of an experienced, respected peer. Those who have not been on the department very long don’t know anything other than what they have endured from Baca and Tanaka (some good, mostly bad). ALADS and POPA will have to be convinced to endorse said candidate for the good of their members and the department. If this doesn’t happen then it will be a losing battle. All the “OG” guys better be prepared to step up or quit complaining. I have read a lot of complaints, on this blog, under various blog names, so I would expect to see a lot of support, if in fact it is someone who can bring change, with experience.

    Also, we must remember to keep an open mind. If this person turns out to be a no nonsense supervisor with whom you may have “deservedly” crossed paths in a negative way and has no apparent ties to Baca or Tanaka, we must be willing to keep the past in the past and band together for the good of the department. No one is perfect, and neither is Law Enforcement. An LA County Deputy is something we all aspired to be, because criminals feared us and law abiding citizens respected us! We need to get back to that state or the only people who will be applying for this job are those who don’t know what else to do with their lives or are power hungry.

    Ok, putting my soap box away now!

  • @Huh, you are spot on. The candidate IS someone who has “earned” the respect of the line and brass. And you are correct, we are literally at a tipping point within LASD. I know factually, the masses are sick and tired of the corruption, the pay for play, the Cigar Club mentality and the virtual daily scandals that are reported in the media and within our own circle. The masses are tired of a Sheriff who fancied himself as a Middle-East envoy for peace, a “progressive” law enforcement executive who has turned his back on us many years ago for his own political agenda and most of all, a Sheriff who we do not respect.

    The candidate is going to need to raise money, lots of money from within LASD, the Southern California law enforcement community, the public AND the unions. This campaign will have to be a media campaign and that costs money, lots of it. The low information voter may or may not be aware of the scandals and mismanagement that has caused us all to suffer and suffer for years. The candidate is not concerned with the Kool-Aid drinkers, coin holders and cigar smokers, of all ranks. They have a right to back who they want.

    The masses are looking for leadership and someone who is not interested in “progressive politics” but rather, simply being the Sheriff, public safety and a scandal/corrupt free LASD. I spoke with the candidate this morning and heard again, how “he” wants to be “The Sheriff” to the residents of Los Angeles County AND he wants to be “The Sheriff” to the men and women of LASD. So ALADS and PPOA, your leadership is going to have to make a decision on behalf of the membership, which you represent. Politics as usual, or change. Speaking for many, we are tired of being tired. I think ALADS and PPOA will do the right thing, particularly if the membership makes their voices be heard. After all, the unions “represent” the rank and file.

  • This Sexton is sure taking full advantage of his KNIGHTING to Chief by Moon Beam Sheriff Baca.

    He now has so much power that he ordered LASD Hazmat crew to a Baca Donor to confirm that 1 box was not toxic!!!

  • Celeste – i believe there are photos of the plane are out there and maybe more documentation

  • An Investigative Reporter needs to look into why Sexton is at Orange County Sheriff’s Department Academy and not LASD.

    I hear California POST wouldn’t touch him.

  • Lesser Evil – What I say is very true!!!

    The Hurdles for Baca are only beginning!!!

  • Breaking News:

    I agree with you. We need to pull together and back this new “Non-Cigar Club Member” candidate. We need to demand that ALADS and PPOA do the right thing and let the MEMBERSHIP decide.

    Will they do that? I don’t know.

    From what I here, the PPOA Board makes the endorsement and NOT the membership. At ALADS, I think we (the Membership) vote and endorse the candidate.

    If you are a PPOA member, you may want to check into this. Having the membership choose is the best thing everyone.

    ABB 2014!

  • Pink Owl—-

    You need to help Celeste and get some evidence for the story. That would be a great Front Pager. Unfortunately, the story would only lead to the sinking of the LASD Titanic, being steered into an iceberg by Sheriff Baca.

    While your at it, throw a life raft to Jack Dawson. We want good people to survive!

  • It’s my understanding that ALADS is already prepared to throw their endorsement to Tanaka, which would be a sad waste of time and effort. ALADS, please say it ain’t so.

  • ALADS better not be endorsing Tanaka. A true strong union, looking out for the best interest of the members should not pick a side, if it came down to Baca and Tanaka. I fear the current ALADS Directors may be afraid to give the appearance that they don’t support the Boss (or potential boss). The Execs should be afraid of the union and what they can accomplish. Not the other way around!

  • Thanks for gesture of good faith re the raft but I’m slated to survive the wreck only to get zero’d by the elements. The N. Atlantic is a beast kind of like this place when we are obsessing over academies. So I guess Rio Hondo and other academies don’t count? Are we telling everyone else in America the only true cops are made at STARS? There are a lot of people on a wall in DC and they didn’t just sacrifice for SoCal… Celeste can we get something on this guy already??

    Meanwhile, the record number of personnel on the other side of the bars is not sitting well with me. Three years ROD?!? Were we too busy f#*$ing around playing shell games w a FBI informant to devote resources to victim in our community?? I am sure Whitmore gave them peace and comfort with his propaganda.

    Can’t wait to see what straw breaks baca’s back.

  • I agree! First choice is Pat Gomez or the new candidate that is coming out. I am not completely against Tanaka either, although he would be my second or third choice.


  • It would be a mistake if ALADS endorsed Tanaka so soon. Let’s see who the new candidate is. Pat Gomez is a GREAT choice for ALADS to endorse. If I had to choose between Baca or Tanaka, it would be Tanaka..hands down. Tanaka still has alot of support, both internally and externally.

    For once….I’m looking forward to a competitive election!

    Go Pat!

  • If ALADS does such a foolish thing, it will show a huge disconnect between their leadership and their membership. And the membership needs to remember, they vote or recall their leadership. How in the world ALADS could even consider supporting Tanaka is breathtaking in itself. Hopefully this is a bad rumor. But this election cycle, the membership of ALADS, the rank and file, MUST have their voice heard and heard in a big way. The culture of corruption within LASD must stop and stop now. That will only be the case if their is a new Sheriff and a house cleaning at the rank of Chief and above.

  • Why is it such a big secret who the mystery candidate is ? I’m already suspicious. Why the need to keep it so hush hush until “the time is right”. What’s wrong with being up front, a stand up guy and declaring his attention to run? If he is such a stand up guy this leads me to believe that he hasn’t in fact decided for sure that he’s running. If I’m wrong, somebody please explain to me the need to keep it on the down low if he expects to get support from both the troops and the brass.

  • I heard through a reliable source that Olmsted has decided against running for Sheriff. Can’t say as I blame him since he’s done his time, put up with a lot of BS, and got out of the drama. It will be very interesting to see who our “new” candidate is, although I have been assured by those close to him/her, we will all be pleased. I was also told he/she doesn’t want to announce until the candidate paperwork has been properly accepted and processed, thereby being “official.”

    As for Sexton, well, let’s just say there isn’t a lot of boo-hooing in Alabama regarding his departure from Tuscaloosa. The word from certain folks back there is that if things don’t work out for him here, he’s a probable candidate to run for Sheriff back there again. Seems there is only an interim Sheriff in place because Sexton had chosen to run for Probate Judge last year (which he handily lost). Things are different outside of Cali & I know most of us don’t understand the way those types of offices & appointments come down outside of our state, but it would seem he had to step aside to run for that judgeship. It still seems Baca had ulterior motives to hire him re: son’s involvement in the FBI Hide-an-inmate & subsequent lawsuit….

    I am hopeful & awaiting the announcement of the new candidate. At least we have hope once again.

  • Olmsted couldn’t run for dog catcher. He documented nothing during his time at CJ. He chose to address problems by approaching the Sheriff at a party. Where are the personnel investigations that he initiated? There are none. Not to mention his Baker to Vegas forays would be plastered all over the media. Pat Gomez couldn’t find a convict in a prison yard. If those two are the best out there, don’t bother to vote. ALADS won’t be pressured by the geritol crowd on WLA to endorse or not endorse anyone. You are way too far removed from what happens in a radio car in 2013 to sway anyone.

  • Please: I don´t know if Olmsted will run. But Baca nor your buddy Tanaka could carry Olmsted´s patrol bag! Gomez and Olmsted are honest people. That would leave Baca and Tanaka out!! How can anyone initiate an IA when the IA is being covered up? Or didn´t you read the Jail Commission report?

    But, please go ahead and lay out Tanaka´s qualifications. And being a gangster is not a qualification!

  • It’s sad that I have to qualify this, because otherwise I get labeled as an old retired white guy. I’m not. I’m active on this department, and I loathe a choice between Baca and Tanaka.

    I still love when people assume that there aren’t a plethora of active duty deputies posting on this board. It’s becoming one of the most repeated and pathetic comeback lines on this website.

    I don’t blame the candidate for delaying his announcement. Why give his political opponents any more warning than is necessary?

    Every time I speak with the upcoming candidate, I am impressed by his lack of ego, his disdain for airing his laundry in the press, and his commitment to cleaning out this Department. This has the potential to finally unseat Baca.

  • CSN,

    Agree w most of it up to the point of the ulterior motive part. What good did it do? What do you know or have you heard? Last I checked he was still suing and still at work. Regardless of what people think about his pop, who has higher employee numbers than him, background comes back clean to me. We still use his unit for help. Also, interested in why you always bring him up? There is an outsider higher up than him you know.

    You seem to have a contact/source back in Alabama. There is a pretty short list of LASD personnel who have been there I hear. Back on track, Olmsted is an interesting wrinkle with a little name recognition. What you got on him?

  • J. London- Captains don’t have to get permission from the Undersheriff or anyone else to initiate a personnel investigation. Show me one investigation that Olmsted started. Show me the memo from someone above him that denied or closed out the investigation. There would be a paper trail. And if he didn’t keep a copy of any personnel investigations he initiated that were stopped by someone above him, he doesn’t have the political expertise to run for dog catcher. Get outside of your secret fourth floor coffee clutches and see what’s happening in the streets. Your political assessments are laughable to the masses. Why do you think ALADS laughs at your endorsement suggestions. Do you really feel the entire deputy union is corrupt and/or afraid. Get real old timer.

  • @”Please,” from what hole did you crawl? You really believe unpopular investigations aren’t squashed and some generated if you don’t play nice with the Execs? That is why the “Old Timers” need to speak up as they have been, because naïve (selectively blind) people like yourself will continue to try and blow smoke up people’s rectums in an effort to save and hide the wrong doings of the current regime.

    As far as Olmstead documenting anything, whether he has documentation or not is beside the point. Let me tell you a little something “youngster.” The real men on this department (some past, some present) don’t automatically start documenting things because the real hope is that you can hash out your disagreements like adults. Documenting and setting up your co-workers is something the “new breed” has brought to the table because you/they don’t know how to articulate your point in a well thought out discussion, and when you/they are proven wrong then you/they set out to squash someone behind their backs.

    I don’t know Olmstead, except by reputation, from a working man’s perspective and I’m confident he could run circles around the majority of our Execs, in integrity alone.

  • Please-
    Your posts are long on accusations and name calling and short on reasoning. Calling someone old does nothing to undermine the strength of their position. Saying that a man with a stellar career with our Department and unquestioned integrity can’t run for “dog catcher” doesn’t make it true, it just makes you look silly.
    Have you bothered to read the report by the CCJV? Olmsted comes out smelling like a rose. Baca and Tanaka, not so much. I presume from your prior posts that you will now attack the CCJV, calling it names and/or questioning its integrity. Thousands of hours of pro bono work was logged by the most highly regarded law firms in LA County. You can misstate the facts all you want – and by the way, requesting to see personnel investigations named on a public website either reveals your woeful ignorance of the law, or, assuming you do know the impossibility of your request, only illustrates further your intellectual dishonesty – but at the end of the day, Olmsted tried to do something about the problems facing our Department. Assuming he runs, I think that is going to count for something. I for one, would encourage ALADS to back a candidate who tried to do the right thing. Not just adopt some platitudes, but actually tried to take action.
    Rather than replying with more mud slinging, perhaps you can share with us who your candidate is? And if it’s Baca or Tanaka, try to support your position. With, you know, facts and things like that.
    By the way, a quote from the CCJV:

    These managers cannot, alone, be blamed for their silence. A leader who does not want to hear about problems will not be told of them by those who work under him, and this appears
    to be the case here.

  • Pink owl White Swan: I don’t know where you get your information from, but you are right on the money!

  • What are some of you commentators smoking, Tanaka is arrogant, unethical, lacks integrity, corrupt and is world renown for verbally abusing individuals and penalizing them when they don’t agree through transfers and crumb jobs. How could any of you seriousely considering him for sheriff, we are not that desperate! I would almost see anyone, anyone for sheriff except Baca or Tanaka.

  • Jack, Jack,Jack…… When a stranger comes to town and takes over a high ranking job….google him and follow the comments. He does not have the back ground for the job.

  • Election season is here I see. Let’s not forget to be respectful with each other. I’m glad their is spirited conversation going on. Let’s remember that the last 16 years have been brutal on the LASD and ANYONE except Baca should lead in 2014.

    I see a lot of “Facts” coming out in the near future and alot of “Rumors” finally being extinguished. By the way, another deputy was arrested for rape yesterday. Yikes!

    ABB 2014

  • Eyeswideopen – those are are very strong accusations arrogant, unethical, lacks integrity, corrupt and verbally abusive!

    Tanaka led the department from consistently operating in the financial RED, to operating in the BLACK with all of the huge budget cut’s dealt to the department.

    Unethical: Really! Baca?
    Lacks Integrity: I’ve not ever heard anyone yet call him a liar or a cheat. Baca?

    Corrupt: I have not seen or ever heard of a single accusation of being Corrupt! Baca?

    Verbally abusive: i know of Tanaka telling “Slugs” they need to find a new home because they were lazy!!! Baca???

  • Facts matter: Fact: Gomez never worked as a Lieutenant on the Sheriff’s Department.

    Facts Matter: Gomez was awarded it from his lawsuit!!!

  • Does Bratton maintain RESIDENCY here in LA County if he is the secret candidate???

  • Pink Owl

    I understand and agree with your feelings on Baca. As I said before, I am not totally against Paul Tanaka. He has done some great things for our department and has held many accountable for their less than stellar work ethic (He’s made some enemies in doing so. I also know that he is HIGHLY respected by many on our department and around the community.

    However, good or bad, he has been at the center of this mess(Pay to Play, Cigar Club, ect..), along side the Sheriff. Believe me when I tell you, I DON’T BLAME PAUL TANAKA for the mishaps of this department. After 16 years, I BLAME HIS BOSS “THE LEADER”, (SHERIFF BACA) for the sinking ship.

    With that said, I do like Pat Gomez and believe he would be a great Sheriff. As things progress, I’m sure we’ll see alot of facts come out about all the candidates.

    But most importantly, the main truth is Anyone But Baca!

    ABB 2014

  • Was Mr Rhambo a cigar club coinholder? I hope not. He seems like one of the nice guys.
    Comment from the LA Times story:

    Decent_American at 11:48 PM July 31, 2013
    Sharon Papa is a class act! Cecil Rhambo on the otherhand is tight with disgraced former assistant sheriff Paul Tanaka and left the LASD under a cloud for sexual misconduct. The fact that the mayor wanted Rhambo speaks volumes about the lack of integrity the mayor has

  • I think Cecil Rhambo is tight with Paul Tanaka. Cecil is actually a very nice and intelligent guy. I hope he gets the job. Hermosa would be lucky to have him.

    In the end, it’s our loss.

  • Bobbi, are you a Friend of the Sheriff? Do you work for the corrupt regime we call “The 4th Floor?” I hope not!

    ABB 2014

    Pat Gomez for Sheriff!

  • I guess he didn’t get the job. Sharon Papa is a GREAT choice too! Good for Hermosa! At least we get to keep Cecil around for a while longer.

  • Pink Owl

    Get off the bath salts and turn in your coin. Your comments lack credibility.
    Wake up and smell the coffee……etc…..

  • Pink Owl White Swan: You were right about some of your other comments, however, if you are on the department, you must have been assigned to outer Mongolia if you do not know about Tanaka’s character! I stand by my comments.

  • #56 Huh – Clean out your cataract ridden old eyes and read the manual. Unit level investigations start with a document generated from the Captain of the unit. Can they be squashed by execs? Yes they can, but the initial documentation lives forever. Olmstead opened no personnel investigations as the Captain of CJ. None. I am sure you haven’t been in a courtroom this decade, but “If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen” is the current policy. If your “real men” come out of retirement, or leave their office spot, they will learn this.

    #57 Enough -I read the report by the CCJV. There is not one document that showed Olmsted opened even one investigation while in charge of CJ. He was asleep at the wheel until it was too late. Once the house was on fire he ran to bail himself out. I will give you credit for one thing. At least you asked ALADS to make their own decision. The rest of the old white guy club has tried to get them to endorse whoever will appoint them to an exec position. ALADS is not going to sell out thousands of deputies so that you can hope for one the open exec spots if there were a new Sheriff.

  • @”Please,” you are actually quite comical. First, because we have no choice , we must keep our identities secretive or I would gladly compare my skills to yours. I probably don’t know the manual inside and out like you, because I was too busy staying up to date only with the parts that pertain to “police work.” I know I “work” for a living. As far as having been in a courtroom this decade, your assumption shows your immaturity. Although, I probably haven’t been as often as you because when you write good reports, suspects tend to take a plea.

    Second are you really that naïve to believe everything goes by the manual. And, are you going to ignore what has been said about him approaching the Boss at a function and trying to bring up the subject. Maybe because he (Olmstead) is such a good guy he was initially trying to get it handled without burning anyone (take notes that’s how people use to do things before all you back stabbers showed up).

    In the meantime, don’t assume everyone of these bloggers is retired or works in an office. It’s just that most of us realize “suck ups” like you are really fishing for clues as to the identities of some of the bloggers.

    And last, but not least, be careful the way you throw around the term “old white guy,” because your colors are starting to show and that comment can be viewed as “racist” (just thought I’d throw that in there to conform with the “new breed” way of doing things).

  • Oh really, Please?
    I was a supervisor at CJ when Olmstead was captain. Two deputies on my floor left the department because of investigations. I’m sure you just missed those.
    Olmstead was hands down the best Captain I worked for in my career.

  • Hey Eyes wide open, If where I worked is Outer Mongolia, I guess us Mongoloian’s never CRIED.

    How about you???

  • Gee, I wonder why it isn’t significant that Baca’ Chief has to go to the Academy in Orange County???

  • Hey Eyes Wide Open, you can stand by your comments and I’ll stand by my FACTS!!!

  • “Couldn’t run for dog catcher”. “Couldn’t find a convict in a prison yard”. “Haven’t been in a courtroom in a decade”.


    You’ve got me convinced. You’re the only real cop commenting here and the rest of these slaps couldn’t shine your shoes.

    Do some stretching so you don’t dislocate your shoulder while patting yourself on the back or pull a hammy jumping to conclusions.

    Then after your taxing workout maybe you could relax and watch a movie or read a book about, I don’t know, maybe humility?

  • pink owl, why did he go to the OC? Dont we have an academy that he could attend and pass?
    You go pink owl!!!

  • This conversation is now VERY lively. I like it. I was talking with several department members yesterday and was curious what they would say to this question:

    Who would you want to be the next Sheriff?

    Surprisingly, they all said Paul Tanaka. I found that very interesting. Paul Tanaka seems to be pretty popular now days. My, how things change. I hope Pat Gomez has a shot too. He truly is a good guy and would be a great Sheriff.

    ABB 2014

  • Huh!

    I feel your frustration with the “new breed,” but times have changed partner.
    Political correctness and the Policy of Equality have seen to that. It has affected all of law enforcement. Time to retire, because it is just going to get worse. Trust is out the door and covering your backside is the rule of the day. Sad state of affairs, but never the less true.

  • I saw people referring to the CCJV earlier in the postings. I think will all know the CCJV was politically motivated to target the Sheriff and the LASD. I do agree with some of the CCJV report, especially the recommendation about more personnel needed in custody. I also agree that their may have been a culture of violence inside. However, to blame one person (like Tanaka) was wrong and politically motivated. I wish Sheriff would realize that he’s the leader of this organization and he should have paid attention to the problem 15 years ago. His lack of leadership got us here…nothing else.

    Remember, the Feds are conducting their own investigation which I think will be more thorough and concise than the CCJV report. I’m sure they will get to the truth. The bottom line is, if you are a supervisor or manager or Sheriff, you are responsible for your command. Period.

  • @ “Bandwagon,” yes, unfortunately the times have changed and so have I, for the most part, to conform to the new way of doing things. As you probably guessed, my explanation to “Please” was mainly to point out why Olmstead may not have documented as much as he should have as Captain and why it appears he attempted to handle it man to man. His post insinuated that he believes if there is no documentation on something then it didn’t happen. Clearly not familiar with the way things used to be handled. It didn’t use to be about burning the person, with whom you had a conflict. It use to be about making things right.

    I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s definitely life after this career.

  • I hope ALADS does the right thing and endorses Tanaka for Sheriff! There is an army of department members and non department members ready to rise up against the dilapidated Baca machine. Can’t wait!

    We love Paul Tanaka!!

  • “But Bakaly said her two-rank demotion was a political consequence of LAPD Chief Charlie Beck taking over the department from William Bratton”.

    Funny how the City Manager at Hermosa Beach was honest about Sharon Papa’s demotion under Charlie Beck. I’ve known Sharon for a long time and there were many controversial decisions she made as Assistant Chief. She picked friends, whom she trusted, to take coveted positions within the LAPD. This pissed off a lot of people, but that’s politics. However, she is a GREAT woman who always tried to do the right thing for the department and it’s members, including the ones at MTA.

    A simple “Political Consequence” is exactly what happened to Tanaka, Leyva, Gomez and many others. All these individuals had their favorites and made sure their friends were taken care of; It’s human nature. I don’t care how many of you feel about what’s going on, the Sheriff is a political tyrant and has divided our great department.

    I hope one of these guys gets vindicated via the polls. I’m positive it will happen. The Sheriff’s game is up and everyone is SICK of it!

  • Pink Owl: I guess your are ignoring the jail commission FACTS when Tanaka lied to them about his actions at Central Jail!

    Sending employees to Orange County for training is nothing new on our department, it has been going on for a long time. When we don’t have the classes or they are full, we have sent sworn personnel for training, only this one should have stayed home because he drew attention to himself.

  • Eyes wide open-

    You say Tanaka lied, how do you know? Also, you are obviously a Boot Licker on the fourth floor waiting for your next promotion? How is that working out for ya? Let’s not deflect the real problem here….Sheriff Leroy Baca!

    Gomez, Tanaka, Vince and J- Good Luck! One you will be the next Sheriff. I hear one potential candidate already has a plethora of funds ready to go! ALADS, do the right thing and endorse one of these saviors.


  • 93. Ewo-

    “Sending employees to Orange County for training is nothing new on our department, it has been going on for a long time. When we don’t have the classes or they are full, we have sent sworn personnel for training, only this one should have stayed home because he drew attention to himself”

    Can’t blame Pink Owl for thinking the worst. IT’s BACA, of course it’s suspicious, and I’m sure it really is. We’ll read about it in the times in a few months…I’m sure.

    Anyone BUT Baca 2014

  • Facts Matter:

    Your line is the Department Line!!! I call BS.

    Sexton doesn’t have an accredited academy, Calif POST said “NO WAY” to LASD for Sexton, OC said OK lets see if we can slide him through to get him his POST Cert.

    I hope some FED is reading all this stuff and hammers whoever the clever one is who sent Mr Pilot to OC!!!

  • Hey all, I here is your a rich reserve like Mat Woman you can have a odd smell in your home under construction, call Baca and he will order out a FULL LASD Hazmat crew to your home.

    Then when its discovered that its the cabinets new spraying Deps got rightfully pissed off!!!

  • I wonder how many CARPERS it cost to send out the FULL Hazmat crew for a rich reserve?

  • I have to say I have read the CCJV opinion in its entirety. I am also well aware of how they went about gathering information they used to come to their conclusions. Truth be told, much of their “evidence” was based merely on hearsay; much of which would not have been admissible in a court of law. In addition, much of the blame placed upon certain individuals, particularly a captain of MCJ, was based on unsworn “testimony” from a higher ranking person with a bone to pick. If you were able to examine much of the data obtained through FAST, PPI, etc, and given to the CCJV but not mentioned in their opinion, you would see that force had been on the decline for several years prior to their empanelment. The problem is, politics came into play, the ACLU was allowed to walk the halls of the jails and solicit statements from inmates. Most of those inmates’ accounts of unreasonable or unreported force were found to be fabricated. Of course that was not in the CCJV’s findings either. Why? Because it didn’t fit their narrative. A “kangaroo court” at best… Read some of my prior posts, put the puzzle together for yourselves, and do some research. Let me know if you find anything that I say to be inaccurate.

    I have no agenda here. The facts will speak for themselves and the truth will come out. Perhaps the Grand Jury will do a more thorough investigation. At least the witnesses called before them have been sworn in and hearsay is taken for what it is worth. From what it looks like, some people kept pretty good notes/documentation and covered their bases. Those who thought they could throw out baseless allegations to slander others and deflect blame without repercussion will hopefully be sorely mistaken.

    Take a pole from the line people. The backbone of the Department. The ones who could care less about politics. Do they think things have gotten better, or worse, since the “restructuring” over the past year or so? What do they truly think about our “leadership?” There has been a considerable number of questionable promotions lately and there is only one person to blame for that, because now he has just recently taken the wheel, 16 years after being hired by the people of Los Angeles County to do so, but I digress.

    To my partners: Rather than sling mud at each other, like politicians, sans the name calling and belittling. We say we need leadership, yet we drive wedges between each other with vitriolic nonsense and scandalous rumors. This kind of conduct serves no one. Leaders bring people together, despite their differences, and drive everyone toward a common goal. Here, that goal is bringing the LASD back from the brink. I think we can all agree that we want change on our Department. Our chance is coming with the 2014 election. We need a leader who isn’t afraid to take a stand, believes in honest proactive police work, and supports his/her people. Let’s see who we have to choose from once all the hats are in the ring. Hopefully we will find someone we can all support.

  • Interesting, there are three or four members of the entire HAZMAT crew, all with take home vehicles. So if we send half the entire county of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department HAZMAT to check out a suspicious odor, for four hours, plus say two hours for travel (conservative estimate to be sure), each member is a Bonus II, plus special incentive pay for the Hazmat job (roughly 60-70 per hours labor looks like it is around $720.00 in labor and then gas, 100.00 bucks (suburbans) and the fact HALF team is deployed to a suspicious odor call, usually the fire department HAZMAT rolls to those. Just saying. If all four went add 720.00 plus 100.00 then another 125.00 for the Sergeants added pay.

  • Pink Owl-

    Now you have my Eyes Wide Open. So what you’re saying is, Sexton went through the O.C. Sheriff’s Academy because if he went through LASD’s Academy, P.O.S.T would flag it because they already said no.


    If this is true, Celeste would be able to quickly confirm this information.

    ABB 2014 for sure!


    But Baca didn’t know!! Lol

    WHAT A DISGRACE!! Why don’t we just start a “Re Call” election. Gathering signatures would be SO easy!

  • True North –

    I’m sure the Grand Jury will screen through the lies. Only one of two things will happen ..

    1) Baca will go to jail

    2) Baca will be sent to LACERA

    Place your bets…… 2014 is looking good!

    Anyone But Baca!

  • We all know how much heat the Academy was in a few years back regarding a cheating scandal led by the then Academy Lieutenant. It caused much scrutiny on our previous exemplary reputation of Academy training. In fact, we even lost some of the “P.A.s” (participating agencies) from attending our academy & now go elsewhere. Hmmmm…. Orange County, perhaps?! In any case, as I wrote months ago on a different posting, I was told that there might be a promotion for someone (a previous Academy Captain, NOT the current one) if he could figure out a way to get Sexton POST certified since POST told the upper echelon of LASD that they would not “grandfather in” Sexton’s credentials. Yes, Jack, that was the catalyst. WE (LASD) were told NO, but Baca insisted on attempting to circumvent the POST regulations. I still have to ask,,, HOW can someone who NEVER had a CALIFORNIA POST certificate go through the OC Academy POST RE-CERTIFICATION course in order to get a POST certificate. It is mind boggling!!! OH, but wait… We are talking about Leroy D. Baca.

    ALSO, does anyone know if there was a POE violation taken by the Intake unit for the Sheriff’s luncheon fiasco???

  • The OC Academy stuff sounds JUICY! I’m sure Celeste and Robert Faturechi are all over it. The people want to know!

  • #75 Huh. “we must keep our identities secretive.” “suck ups like you are really fishing for clues as to the identities of some of the bloggers.” Old dude, you are losing your mind. No one cares who you or I am. We are numbers in the system. I simply pointed out that Olmsted can’t handle a group of gangster deputies without documentation. That is not the time to look for the Sheriff at party to tell him about it. That is the time to fire people. He screwed up CJ with his lax command. Anyway, play it safe, gather your cats, put on your tin foil hat and get in the house before someone finds out who you are.

  • Lesser: I am sure no one will tell you they are surprised at the notion LDB offered a promotion for a favor. Seems as if there is a lot of that and worse currently going on… How about threatening peoples’ livelihood/careers and therefore indirectly their families, if they do not support the current people in power. How about the offering of future promotions to people who drop their support of opposing candidates for the current regime. Sounds like bribery to me… But then again who am I? Just your average line-swine… And darn proud of it!

    Be very careful you “clever political players” out there; you never know who’s listening… There are State and Federal statutes against such behavior and the Grand Jury is still in session…

  • CSN,

    That was a great post w facts. I can’t argue with you on any of that information. I will not when you present information outside personal attacks.

    I see your side, but he still has been granted an above TS clearance by the Feds. I see them working with him on a daily basis. He is doing house cleaning in TSB and Areo plus he has some interesting photographs to back up some of that grant money we got in 2008 while he was Assistant Secratary at DHS under Bush and O’Bama.

    Is he an outsider: yep. Was he a cop: yep. Is he under qualified or here for reasons that you claim? I don’t think so. I asked you for information on that earlier. You dodged it. We have asked Celeste for information and I bet she will get it out.

    A lot of us think its an axe you are grinding with him. Ole boy got invited to the big leagues and he took it. Is that his fault or Baca’s?

    You are right that Baca will burn a friend so lets see what time has in store for us. After all, Baca burned his kid. 16 weeks isn’t enough time for him to step on his crank yet….. He still has to ask where the bathroom is from time to time.

  • Been following WLA for awhile. Thought I’d take the time to step in. Regarding Sexton. He helped get LDB the Sheriff of the year. He has connections withe the FEDs. He is still the former sheriff of a 200 person dept.. Anybody talk to some of the folks at SEB, K9, Aero reccently? Ask them about how much he knows and how quickly he shares it. Better yet ask Sexton from what I’ve seen he’s pretty quick to tell you how much he knows himself.

  • I read some of the comments regarding the testimony at the CCJV. I find it interesting how some people have forgotten, particularly some of the witnesses that testified, the manner in which they operated when they were in the field or worked in custody. True North’s assessment of the testimony was pretty spot on except he was a little more eloquent. What you had testifying was a some “reformed whores” getting there 5 minutes of payback for the wrong they felt was done them.

  • One piece of testimony caught my interest. The PPOA president makes a presentation on the increased use of CA’s in custody. Ok, fine. but then uses his position as a bully pulpit to tell the commission how Tanaka is anti-Christ and responsible for the evil that exists on the department. what did his presentation have to do with his personal feeling about Tanaka?

  • Jack, you are right! He was invited to the Big Leagues. TS clearance or not, we’ll see what public opinion says. Can’t wait…. Batter up!!

    ABB 2014! Corrupt Baca is going down!!!!

  • Jack Dawson

    You are right, it’s not his fault. Baca offered him the job and he took it. Even though his credentials are sketchy, I can’t blame him. One has to ask, How do you go from commanding a 200 person department to managing a “Multi-Million Dollar Tax Paying” department with thousands of employees?


    “For the past 22 years it has been the high honor of my life to be elected, and re-elected, as Sheriff of Tuscaloosa County. During my six terms in office, the Sheriff’s Office has grown to a staff of over 200 public servants with an annual budget of some $20 million,” Sexton said in a statement.

    200 people? It doesn’t make sense. The county he was in charge of was LESS than 180,000 people. Yes, 180,000! That’s about TWO of our contract cities! Who do we blame for this management blunder and appointing this unqualified individual? I can’t blame the Undersheriff anymore because he’s retired. I guess the blame for bad managerial decisions goes to the Sheriff, AGAIN.

    Black Swan-

    As far as the PPOA President goes, I worked with him 24 years ago. He only has one thing on his agenda…


  • RE-CALL! Lets start one. Im sure the 1000’s of custody employees (sworn and non sworn) that live in LA county would sign it.

    ATTN: Celeste, Pat Gomez or Tanaka: Start it!

  • I can’t believe you people are really supporting Tanaka for Sheriff. He is directly responsible for the jail scandals, sketchy hiring practices, promotional exam leaks, donation for promotion practices and the civil war between Region 2 and the rest of the Department. As for Baca, he obviously needs to go.

    Many of you Tanaka supporters are the same folks that wanted Baca over Block back in 1997-8. Baca had very strong support at Century and East L.A. and look at what we have now.

    Despite Tanaka’s support of aggressive, proactive policing, the baggage he brings will only make things worse. There’s got to be a competitive candidate out there that can beat these flawed wing nuts.

  • 100% Tanaka for Sheriff 2014….Baca has done nothing in his terms in office, other than waste the taxpayers money and continues to do so…..Re-Call Baca

  • Crackerjack, I think the comments of some individuals on here are not indicative of the majority of Department members. Someone commented earlier that in speaking with members, Tanaka seems to be the candidate. I don’t find that to be at all the case among the people I talk to, it appears to be Omsted, if he runs, followed by the ABT vote. At the end of the day Department members and union endorsements will not decide this election, the voters will, and Tanaka is bringing way too much baggage to have much of a chance. And of course the wild card of indictments is still out there.

  • Paul Tanaka running for Sheriff will remind us all of a presidential election… with PT playing the part of Ross Perot…. with a similar result; he will pull votes away from the incumbent and make room for the third candidate. Run-off in 2014…

  • The fact of the matter is, anyone has a shot in 2014. However, absent McDonald, Paul Tanaka is the most formidable candidate to win. I hope Pat Gomez pulls it out though. Like they say, Anyone But Baca.

  • I hear Paul Tanaka is having no trouble fundraising. Can anyone confirm? I too don’t care who wins as long as its not BACA!

  • I don’t see the Sheriff surviving this one. A recent LA Times Poll between Tanaka/Baca showed Tanaka having over 80% of the vote. Pretty startling considering Baca is a long time incumbent. That’s probably going to be his down fall. 16 Years of Hot Air.

    We’ll see how this 3rd mysterious candidate pans out. Hopefully well. regardless, Baca will be sent packing.

  • Lesser,

    Can I trouble you for the link to that poll? That is impressive info. I am interested to see what Tanaka does in the next 60 days to keep himself in position to run. He is doing some savy and creative things legally. I’m sure that has uncle Leroy worried.

  • CrackerJack – Tanaka has all the credibility, background and experience that your boy MOON BEAM Baca is shacking in his boots about!!!

    Word is that the SECRET Candidate is Tod Rogers!!!

    The Blog awaits your announcement Sir!!!

  • Jack Dawson – It was the LA Times poll where Tanaka prevailed over the incumbant!!!

  • Wow! I hope ur right. That seems like the most legitimate candidate mentioned.
    Todd Rogers is a politician and knows how to run a campaign. He’s ethical and likes proactive police work . He worked throughout the dept and knows how it operates. Lastly, he treats his subordinates like adults . Hopefully, Mr T’s presence in the race doesn’t weaken Roger’s chances.

  • Rogers would be outstanding. Some speculated that Baca’s unusual promotions of the two Commanders over all the Chiefs were designed to create loyalty and squash any thoughts of running against him in the two Department execs who could most likely run a successful campaign against him. If that wasn’t his reason, he must REALLY be upset with his current crop of Chiefs.
    Regardless, to all those of you who said the LA Times would endorse him just because he’s progressive, this morning’s editorial calling for him not to run for a 5th turn should surprise you.
    The LA Times is smart enough to know that the chances of Baca heeding its request are about the same as its editorial board endorsing the next Republican presidential candidate. What, then, were they hoping to accomplish with this? Clearly they are encouraging Olmsted, Rogers, or any other viable candidate to get their hat in the ring, and do it ASAP. They are trying to send the message that Baca is vulnerable, which is no great surprise given recent history. And they served notice to Tanaka with their off-handed slap at him as to what kind of treatment he can expect from them should he actually declare.
    This anti-endorsement by the Times is huge, make no mistake. Things are about to get interesting. For any credible challenger out there, don’t waste any time declaring you candidacy. The momentum is there to be seized.

  • Jack :

    The LA Times article was dated April 30th, 2012. I believe the poll was included in the article where Tanaka speaks out against the Sheriff. The final tally was something like Tanaka 2,100 votes and Baca had about 500 votes. The poll was attached to Faturechi’s article. Maybe Celeste could call the LA Times to confirm the info?

  • If Todd Rogers enters the ring, then it will be a run off election between Todd and Paul. The Sheriff would definitely be pushed aside. BOTH of these men are politically savvy and know how to run campaigns. I would love to see either of them win.

    Just NOT BACA!

  • If it is Rogers, he and Tanaka will split the pro LE vote and Baca will get all the anti LE votes. Not good. Whoever mentioned Perot up above called it.

  • Facts

    I also saw that poll. Many people were talking about it at STARS. The Sheriff did not like those results and we were sure to keep quiet about it.

  • #132-

    The Ross Perot theory is way off base. There is going to be so much money being thrown into this race that it will clear the way for any candidate. Baca is hurt and hurt bad! If anything, it will go to a run off between the Sheriff and the opposing candidate. When that happens, the Sheriff will not survive.

    2014 November Runoff Results:

    Baca vs. Tanaka – Tanaka winner
    Baca vs. Gomez – Gomez winner
    Baca Vs. Rogers – Rogers winner

    Reform: I saw the Tanaka/Baca LA Times poll too. It raised many eyebrows.

  • If you can’t believe MANY are supporting Tanaka…stand by! We’re going to Rock your world…

    We LOVE Paul Tanaka!

    D S G `s

  • I have to agree, it is not Rogers. He would be a formidable candidate. Why do you think he was deservedly promoted to AS recently, but passed over several times in the past? Because he was considering a run in 2014 and probably would have stood an excellent chance of unseating the incumbent. It is just an underhanded way of eliminating any viable competition. Desperate times = desperate measures.

    Those who continually reference “pay-to-play” are way off track. Do you really think a $100 dollar donation to a campaign is worth a promotion? That is laughable. A 15+% promotion to keep people from running or supporting a challenger though… Lies, threats, promises… That is a different story! Think about it.

  • Todays LA Editorial

    Lee Baca has been Los Angeles County sheriff for nearly 16 years, and the last five have brought an extraordinary cascade of scandals that have exposed the dismal state of the department and the jails he runs. As a new election season begins, Baca should make the best of a bad situation and announce that he will not seek reelection in 2014. Instead, he should focus his attention on reforming the department while clearing the field so that candidates will step forward to run for his job.

    What possible argument is there for a fifth term for Baca? Evidence that sheriff’s deputies regularly beat inmates in the jails is mounting, and a wide-ranging federal investigation has been launched, including an FBI probe into criminal wrongdoing. Separately, the U.S. Department of Justice concluded last month that sheriff’s deputies in the Antelope Valley repeatedly violated the civil rights of African Americans and Latinos. Allegations of special treatment for Baca’s friends and political donors have been a recurring theme over the years.

    Baca has repeatedly claimed to be unaware of the troubling goings-on in the department he’s supposed to lead — the violence, the gang-like cliques of deputies, the dearth of meaningful oversight. But lack of knowledge is no excuse. That’s why the Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence blasted him last year for ignoring multiple warnings and declining to ask probing questions or to implement reforms. The commission called it a failure of leadership and concluded that if the CEO of a private company had been so completely in the dark, his board of directors would probably have replaced him.

    Next June, the voters of Los Angeles County will be asked to elect a sheriff. So far, no credible challengers have emerged. Baca’s likely opponents include Lou Vince, a little-known Los Angeles police officer, and Patrick Gomez, a retired Sheriff’s Department lieutenant who has twice run unsuccessfully for the job. Paul Tanaka, Baca’s former top aide, is rumored to be preparing to challenge his former boss, but he has been accused of encouraging misconduct and abuse in the department.

    It is extremely difficult for an outside candidate to raise the money or build the campaign organization necessary to unseat an incumbent. In fact, at least since 1932, no incumbent L.A. County sheriff has ever been unseated. If Baca were to announce that he would not run again, it would open up the field and make a credible race by a credible candidate much more likely.

    Even if Baca remains in the race, we hope that a competent, experienced challenger will step forward to run a serious campaign against him. It’s time for voters to focus on this important but mismanaged county department and the many serious problems there that need to be addressed

  • TrueNorth, regarding pay to play, the scenario you present is a bit too simplistic.
    No one who understands how the system worked thought “Pay $100, get promotion.” There simply aren’t enough promotional spots to go around for it to work like that.
    No, the campaign contribution works like a ticket for admission to a casino. Doesn’t guarantee winning, but it certainly increases your chances by getting you in to play the game in the first place. The correlation will never be 100 percent, particularly at the level of sergeants and lieutenants, where Band I limits the options as to messing with the system. Band II is an entirely different story, and I suspect if a statistical analysis was done with those promotions you would see a higher percentage of donors getting promoted than Band I, where everyone usually makes it anyway.
    Where you really see the correlations, though, is at the rank of captain and higher. For all the shit-talking on here about the CCJV, they lay out all the percentages clearly and with objective statistics. Anyone that reviews those numbers with an open mind will see that the case for pay-to-play is right there. Again, not 100%, but at executive ranks the numbers show if you want to increase your chances at promotion, donating to the campaign of a mayor of a tiny city who happens to be in your chain of command (or not) greatly increased your chances. And ask yourself, if the donors didn’t believe it was going to help their chances, why were they contributing anyway? Exactly how many of them lived in Gardena? Why would they possibly care who the mayor was?
    Finally, a word on the Times “poll.” That was a click-after-the-article poll, with only Baca and Tanaka as choices. It came after an article that was negative about Baca. This was basically an ABB response poll, having nothing to do with T’s actual chances. For that you need a polling of the actual LA voting population, which hasn’t been conducted yet. We shall see, and probably very soon. Let’s all just hope that there really is a 3rd candidate.

  • Tanaka has to win the vote of L.A. County voters, not the tattooed deputy vote, who were handed out overtime, coveted jobs and promotions in exchange for campaign contributions. Winning an obscure election in Gardena doesn’t translate into a county-wide election victory.

    Any well funded candidate can rip Tanaka to shreds with all the dirt surrounding him through attack ads. Also, Tanaka is not a very good public speaker.

    For those of you suggest that a mere $100 or $1000 campaign contribution doesn’t translate to a promotion or a coveted job, you are out of your mind. Most deputies are pretty tight with their money. They may donate for a worthy cause, like a fellow deputy in need, but give their hard earned money for a mayoral campaign in Gardena????? Really?? That donation was used to demonstrate their loyalty to a man with the power to give them something back. It showed they were loyal to HIM above anybody else. That’s why 2/3 of the crowd left after he testilied at the CCJV hearing, when Baca still hadn’t given his testimony. Couple a request for a donation with a veiled threat or promise,and you have “pay for play.”

    It didn’t cost Tanaka any money or effort to hand out these promotions or favors. As every deputy knows, Tanaka controlled most of the promotions over the past 10 years. This practice centralized his power of nearly all of the key positions throughout the Dept. A standard strategy for anybody planning to assume the job,either by the retirement of the incumbant or by hostile take-over. Unfortunately for Tanaka, the jail commission hearings revealed bigger scandals that led directly to him. Those mistreated by Mr. T found the opportunity to air his dirty practices and take him down. Baca had to cut him loose or he would go down with him.

    So a campaign contribution means absolutely nothing? No such thing as “pay to play.” Even Monica Lewinsky wouldn’t swallow that one.

  • Evil, the Times poll was actually published in 2013 not 2012 and yes it created ALOT of buzz! Can’t wait for Team Tanaka to finally announce.

    BACA is done with us.

  • I have to shake my head at the nonsense being thrown about regarding Tanaka’s viability as a candidate. He’s dead in the water, a non-starter. If his claim to viability is not being indicted, that’s pretty pathetic.

    For those of you enamored with those poll results, you should have done your homework. Tanaka knew exactly when the article was coming out, and he had his cigar coin crowd hitting the refresh button on overtime to inflate his numbers. The poll allows repeat votes. The article was bad for both Baca and Tanaka, and the Times failed to provide a “None of the Above” option, which would have won with over 90% of the vote.

    In regards to Rogers, he sold his soul to the devil to get his stars. Many an opportunity he had, from captain to commander, and now A/S, to do the right thing and undo unethical decisions from Baca’s administration. His response has always been the same: look the other way and avoid getting blood on his shoes. That’s not leadership.

    There is a man who will unseat Baca, hands down. you will know soon…..

  • DS B1 I can’t wait for Team Tanaka to come out of hiding too! I can’t wait for him to be asked all the questions regarding his corrupt conduct. It will mirror his testimony regarding Central Jail, in which he throughout more “I don’t recalls” than a 3 month Boot testifying on a report his T.O. dictated to him. Yes, Paul will be put to the test indeed once he comes out of hiding.

  • Yes, Baca’s fail was trusting Tanaka to run the Department. But Tanaka’s fail was running the Department. I feel bad for the Tanaka supporters posting here, they are beginning to sound desperate. Published contributions were the ones that were on the books. Can you imagine how much was off the books? I tell ya, a Sgt or Lt promotion cannot be bought for a mere C note, unless maybe you were already in the car. Think twice before you throw away what’s left of your career by coming out. I’m not retired yet, but no matter who wins the contest in 2014, it won’t matter to me. Think twice.

  • The “Pay to Play” system was perfected by Baca and unfortunately, Olmstead, Tanaka and Rodgers were active participants. Mr. Enough, you trying to shift the blame solely on Tanaka is very suspect and more than likely self serving. Lets not shift blame. BACA is the person who cultivated this problem, not the three mentioned above.

    By the way, I want to commend Bob Olmstead for not accepting the Sheriff’s open “Pay to Play” invitation when this Jail Scandal broke. You know, the one where the Sheriff invited him back out of retirement to be a “Consultant”. This was done to lure Bob back to possibly have a shot in becoming the Custody Division Chief in exchange for keeping quiet.

    Pay – I’ll make you Chief
    Play – Give me your loyalty and keep quiet

    Bob, knowing the sand of Huntington Beach was alot more lucrative, harshly declined. A complete SLAP in the face to Baca! OUTSTANDING! I will always respect Bob for that, even though he was retired when it happened. But, guess what? Now several of those “retired guys” are after Baca’s job and one of them will be sitting in his office on Ramona Boulevard in 2014. So, please, stop deflecting blame and tell it like it really is.

    Baca, take the LA Times advice and step down, or else you will be stepped on next year!

  • #141-

    I think you are you are missing the point. The article is a fraction of what is going to be divulged to the general public during the campaigns. The response to the poll is exactly what’s going to happen when election time comes, as a result, there will be a new Sheriff in town.

    Simply, the SHERIFF will lose based on his ineffectiveness during his 4 term tenure. A 5th term? Please! LA County residents will be well informed on this one. Tanaka, Gomez, or the 3rd Mystery Candidate will be anointed Sheriff in 2014. Thank God!


  • I see both your points. I may not see it as clearly. People, regardless of their profession, tend to surround themselves with others the “believe” they can trust. Of that there is know doubt. There were people on band 2 who donated and didn’t make the cut, as well as those who didn’t donate and promoted. I am not completely discounting the possibility, but when you look at people who say they donated to a campaign with the intention of getting a leg up, then get their feelings hurt when they find out no such promise or “system” ever existed, the problem I attest would rest with the doner and his or her ethics, rather than the donee.

    As for the jail commission, I think I will await the Grand Jury’s assessment of the allegations before I draw a conclusion. They may very well see things slightly differently. Then again, they may not. I would trust the evidence they gather under oath, more than what the Commission obtained via non-sworn statements. Again, I am not discounting your argument, just trying to weigh the different possibilities.

  • Well, here will be the Tanaka’s next announcement choices:

    1) I am running for Sheriff in 2014

    2) This is my defense counsel I have retained for charges filed against me

    3) I have turned states evidence against the LASD in cooperation with prosecutors that have found out I’m softer than a new flannel shirt!

  • Just saw FOX 11 News talk about the LA Times Story about URGING the Sheriff to step down! Uhh ohh… This is gonna gain nothing but momentum.

    Hey Stuff, your boot licking fourth floor opinions are comical. You obviously are a Baca Lover… Do us all a favor and keep your corrupted alterior motives off this blog. We are all striving for change and want Baca out. That means Tanaka, Gomez or 3rd candidate are encouraged to run and kick the tyrant Leroy out.

    Also, I think your right, Tanaka may be cooperating with the Feds… Which means, like O.C. Carona, L.A. Baca will be indicted.

    Anyone But Baca 2014!!!

  • Reform….Nice try. I’ve never worked on any of the floors at headquarters. No police work takes place there. I love this Dept. with all of its’ flaws, and I want a viable candidate that will take it in the right direction. Tanaka and Baca are the problem and everybody knows it. Rogers isn’t perfect but he can win. I would support anybody who promotes solid policing and eliminates the corruption. But that candidate has to be able to mount an effective campaign and win, otherwise it’s pointless.

  • #147 Lesser:

    You hit it right on the head. Baca created the Pay to Play system and mandated that his executive staff participate. Look at all the executives active now.

    All of them are PAY TO PLAY team members with Coach Baca calling the schemes!

    LA TIMES is spot on. STEP DOWN BACA!!

  • Lesser evil: I am not a Baca supporter, quite the opposite. I actually spit coffee on my monitor when you accused me of that. I am fully aware that Baca is a failure. I want it to be known that he handed over control of the Department to Tanaka and BOTH of them drove it off the cliff. I know Paul Tanaka very well and I want the citizens of LA County to know him too and the type of corrupt politician he is, and that he is nothing remotely similar to a good, hard working deputy and never was. So you won’t come close to chasing me off this blog, or anywhere else for that matter. Bad read on me on your part son, I just hope you’re not in an investigative position with reads like that.

  • Lesser Evil, I was going to let your comments go, I want Baca gone as much as the next guy but just because I think Tanaka is the greater villain doesn’t mean I’m on team Baca, and how anything in my posts would lead you to that conclusion is beyond me. Like I said, I was gonna let it pass. But then you had to go and tell Stuff to keep his “alterior” motives off the blog. Can’t let that one go.
    This is a forum for back and forth discussion and people to express their opinions. Some of them aren’t going to agree with you. Newsflash, that’s perfectly fine and your problem, if you choose to make it one, not the problem of the person expressing the opinion. Were all big boys and girls and should be able to disagree without the petulant demands that someone we don’t like quit talking. You can’t handle it, go read something else. Stuff has the exact right to post on here as you do, get over it.

  • I hope that Rogers has the OK to run against the Sheriff. Especially after being recently promoted!!!

    Isn’t that what Abner accused Tanaka of planning to do!!! Run against the Sheriff!!!

    And Gomez saying he was Lieutenant on the departemtn!!!

    Gomez never worked a day on duty as a Lieutenant on the department He was promoted from his lawsuit!!!

    Gomez is already a liar to the public!!!

    Get ready Pat for the campaign.

  • Because Rogers is a long time City Councilman in Lakewood the City is backing him for his run!!! $$$

  • Talking about a lawsuit….isn’t that how Rogers promoted to Assistant Sheriff as long as he didn’t run against Baca……

  • Pink Eye, Deform, Peanut Farmer

    Throwing “Rogers” name out as the dark horse candidate is right out of the KGB play book. Get Moonbeam and Mr. Rogers to distrust each other. I’ve got to admit, that’s about as clever as moving Robin Banks to San Dimas Station and hide him from the Feds. All of you Tanaka groupies deal cards from the bottom of the deck.

  • I have never bothered to comment or involve myself in political debate involving this great department. However I agree with a lot of the comments regarding baca and tanaka. I vow to spread the word to family and friends who live in LA county to vote against banaka. He doesn’t care what his employees think. I guess we will see. Baca you have made it personal with your recent tactics to your employees safety and the safety of the citizens you dearly care about.

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