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Michael Brown: “Deader than a Roadkill Dog”….Police Unions’ Open Letters: Violence Against Cops….Prosecutors’ PowerPoint Misbehavior…and More


While inflammatory language launched at police officers is being justifiably slammed, a parody song about Michael Brown’s death performed at a retired LAPD officer’s dinner party at the Glendale Elks Lodge last Monday was caught on video and leaked to TMZ.

The song, a play on “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” by Jim Croce, includes lyrics like, “”Michael Brown learned a lesson, about a messin’ with a bad police man, and he’s bad, bad Michael Brown, baddest thug in the whole darn town…” and “Michael looked like some old Swiss cheese, his brain was splattered on the floor.”

According to TMZ, private investigator Gary Fishell wrote and performed the parody song. Here’s a clip from the original story:

Singer Gary Fishell is a P.I. who once worked as an investigator for the Federal Government. His lawyer tells TMZ, Fishell now realizes the song was “off color and in poor taste.” The lawyer adds, “He’s a goofball who writes funny songs.” We asked why Fishell would sing this in a room full of cops, and the lawyer replied, “He thought the room would get a kick out of it.”

Joe Myers tells TMZ, “How can I dictate what he [Fishell] says in a song?” Myers goes on, “This is America. We can say what we want. This is a free America.” Myers adds … he’s done this as an annual event for decades and has raised a lot of money for charity.

Chief Charlie Beck took to Twitter to address the issue: “I am aware of the video released via TMZ. Like many of you, I find it offensive & absurd. It does not reflect the values of the #LAPD. I have directed our Professional Standards Bureau to look into this & determine if any active department employees were involved.”

KPCC has more on the incident. Here’s a clip:

Investigators are looking into whether any current LAPD officers attended the Dec. 15 party, which was thrown by a retired LAPD official at an Elks Lodge in Glendale.

“Simply being present at an event obviously does not constitute misconduct,” said LAPD officer Drake Madison.


In a written statement, the LAPD echoed Beck’s sentiments and called the performance “stunningly offensive and absurd,” while noting that it was not a department-sponsored event. Madison said the song was performed by a former detective who retired from the force in 2007. The department does not believe that the event raised any money for the LAPD.

NOTE: The small headline mistakenly read that the song was performed at an “LASD Retiree’s Dinner,” when it was an LAPD dinner. Many apologies for that error!


In the wake of murders of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu over the weekend, California law enforcement groups are reaching for a more balanced way to approach a complex issue.

President of Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association (PPOA), Brian Moriguchi, urges the public and local officials to work with law enforcement agencies to create real reform, while he calls for an end to racially charged violence against rank-and-file law enforcement officers. Here’s a clip:

The Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association (PPOA) is outraged by the recent murders of police officers throughout this country. These attacks on our nation’s police officers are directly and indirectly related to the racial tensions fueled by anti-police groups and the racial agendas of select politicians and race mongers.

Our jobs as police officers are dangerous enough without incitement to violence against officers by those with agendas and racial bias. We should be advocating for change, not violence. We should be advocating for accountability, not retribution. Police officers are human beings and as human beings, we are not perfect. But the vast majority of police officers are honest, hard-working professionals who place themselves in harm’s way to protect people, even those who despise them. They don’t deserve the hostility levied against them. Advocating violence is not the solution.

The recent violence at protests and the execution of officers are a result of irresponsible leadership at the national and local level. We, as a society, need to work together to resolve racial issues and strained relationships with the police and our government. Both community members and the police need to join together to reform police policies and accountability to ensure the highest level of conduct by our officers.

The three presidents of the Oakland Police Officers Association, the San Jose Police Officers Association, and the San Francisco Police Officers Association also wrote an open letter to Bay Area residents. Here’s a clip:

The protests that followed the grand jury decisions in Missouri and New York are a legitimate expression of our First Amendment traditions. The reaction is not unexpected but the vilification of front-line public servants by some politicians and media pundits has been demoralizing and unjust. Public safety in the Bay Area and the nation will be a subject of major debate going forward and we will each participate vigorously in that debate.

But what few have acknowledged until now is that too often the legitimate expression of views has devolved into vilification and violence against this nation’s front-line public safety servants. Demonstrators in New York chanted in unison: “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” That was disgraceful…

The overwhelming majority of our members—who represent the most diverse police departments in the nation—bear such malice in dignified silence. Even following the murder of three of their own, our officers continue with their duty, answer your calls, respond to your crises, fulfill their mission, and honor their commitment to the people of San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland.

In short, they will always be there when you need them. In return, as their “voices” we simply ask that you join them in a cooperative effort to keep our streets safe, and to engage in constructive dialogue that calls for a common sense approach to very complex issues.


In the past, we at WLA have pointed out a number of stories of prosecutorial misconduct involving breaches such as withholding exculpatory evidence from the defense, coercing witnesses, and perjury.

The Marshall Project’s Ken Armstrong tells of a relatively new form of prosecutorial misbehavior that has been cropping up in courts nationwide: inflammatory PowerPoint slides. The most common infraction involves strategically placing the word “guilty” in red, all-caps letters across a picture of the defendant. Prosecutors are expected to leave their opinions about the case at the door, and instead present evidence to make their points.

Here are some clips from Armstrong’s story, but jump over to the original for the rest (including photos of the PowerPoint slides):

At least 10 times in the last two years, US courts have reversed a criminal conviction because prosecutors violated the rules of fair argument with PowerPoint. In even more cases, an appellate court has taken note of such misconduct while upholding the conviction anyway or while reversing on other grounds (as in the case of Sergey Fedoruk). Legal watchdogs have long asserted that prosecutors have plenty of ways to quietly put their thumb on the scales of justice —such as concealing exculpatory evidence, eliminating jury-pool members based on race, and so on. Now they can add another category: prosecution by PowerPoint. “It’s the classic ‘A picture is worth a thousand words,’” said Eric Broman, a Seattle attorney who focuses on criminal appeals. “Until the courts say where the boundaries are, prosecutors will continue to test the boundaries.”

Perhaps the most common misuse of what some legal scholars call “visual advocacy” is the emblazoning of the word “Guilty” across a defendant’s photo. Almost always the letters are red—the “color of blood and the color used to denote losses,” as one court wrote.


The use of sophisticated visuals in the courtroom has boomed in recent years, thanks to research on the power of show-and-tell. DecisionQuest, a trial consulting firm, tells lawyers that when they give jurors information verbally, only 10 percent of them retain it after three days. But if the lawyers provide that information visually as well, juror retention zooms to 65 percent. Lawyers in both civil and criminal cases have seized upon this advantage, integrating visuals ranging from simple slides to animated graphics into their courtroom presentations. In one civil case in Los Angeles County, a plaintiff spent $60,000 on a PowerPoint slide show.


A new Vera Institute report takes a look at what reforms states have adopted in the last five years to minimize the crippling secondary consequences of incarceration on people attempting to reenter their communities and families. (These consequences include difficulties obtaining employment, housing, education, the ability to vote, and more.) The report shows that while the majority of states (41) have taken 155 legislative steps to alleviate post-incarceration penalties, much more can be done to improve outcomes for former inmates and their families (and thus, reduce recidivism).

California has passed 10 reforms, including legislation to expand the pool of people with misdemeanors who are eligible for expungement, and legislation to establish wraparound services for mentally ill parolees at risk of being homeless.

Here’s a clip from the summary:

While efforts to remove or alleviate the impact of collateral consequences may indicate a broader shift in how the criminal justice system views law-breakers, vast numbers of post-punishment penalties remain in place and a closer look at recent legislation suggests that efforts do not go far enough. In particular:

* Reforms are narrow in scope;

* Relief mechanisms are not easily accessible;

* Waiting periods are long in many cases; and

* New rules restricting third-party use of criminal history are difficult to enforce.

Policymakers interested in promoting safer communities and better outcomes for justice-involved people and their families would do well to pursue sustainable and comprehensive reforms that:

* Promote the full restoration of rights and status as close as possible to sentence completion;

* Apply remedies to more people;

* Make remedies easier to access; and

* Establish clear standards for, and offer incentives to, third-party decision makers (e.g. landlords, employers, college admissions officers, etc.).


  • Hey Celeste, check your headline about that idiot singing the tasteless song…you’ve headlined LASD when you mean LAPD.

  • The “Header” in the story describes LASD retiree dinner, yet the story talks about LAPD. The Tan and Green have enough negative press, how about correcting the error! Thanks…

  • This type of behavior that law officers have shown is the perfect example of racism that law officers have always had. You get behind close door and laugh at a life taken by a fellow officers. The entire police department will stand up and tell the biggest lie (We are not pregudice) and race had norhing to do with the officer usung a deadly force.. Sad to see this behavior continue here In America this very day. Policeman dont protect anyone, they are the are the ones wjho seek to kill the Inocent. Officers need to realize that every dog has his day. Many policeman are cowards, big liars, they are thieves, murders, and actually they have the right to kill as they please. The time will come when the United States will be a battle ground against terriost and with these policeman doing the devious acts like this ut wont take much for terriost to set America’s ass on fire. GOD’S will remove his hands from helping America because our grounds are polluted with Sin. All prayers will go un-answered just because of evil America has done to its own.

  • Just so I am clear, everyone has a first amendment right of free speech so long as the media enjoys it? Are cops going to do days on the bricks for being in the building when a parody song was played? Is this the end of comedy in America?

    It saddens me that the world forgets cops are people who have rights too. Regardless of our chosen profession we are human beings. We aren’t perfection singularly or as a whole, yet we are expected to perform flawlessly or pay the price.

    Law enforcement has issues we ned to improve upon, but so does the public, politicians, criminals, judges, and juries

  • Typical sick humor by LAPD’S “Good Ol Boys”. To Serve and Proctect?…Who?

    Ignorant cops and ignorant protesters are ingredients of an uprising.

  • EDITOR’S NOTE: Yikes! I’m just now catching up on comments. Didn’t see the LASD/LAPD error. It’s fixed now. But thanks so much for flagging it. (Clearly both Taylor and I need more sleep as neither of us saw it.)

    Merry Christmas, everyone!


  • The Michael Brown song isn’t a free speech issue, it’s an issue of taste and how positions of responsibility constrain one’s freedom to express themselves. That song, in that venue, belies the assertion that police officers approach their work with the utmost regard for human life.

  • Sorry Charlie,
    The parody was written and preformed by a Private Investigator at an event involving retired and current Law Enforcement, likely without warning as to the subject. His tasteless song is free speech and is on par with some of the worst anti-police comments by alleged civil rights leaders and some political leaders. Many have called the officers involved in the Brown and Garner deaths murderers, ignoring the obvious mitigating issues.

    If we condemn this PI’s irresponsible, privately made, speech than all irresponsible speech should be condemned, particularly since the public anti-police comments likely contributed to the deaths of two Police Officers.

  • “Physician”…..Heal thy self!! That has to be the most RACIST screed I have ever read!! When you get robbed, who are you going to call, the “pizza guy”?? NO, you will call the police!! You bloody hypocrite!! YOU are the coward!! Strap on a Sam Browne, get in a patrol car BIG MOUTH!!! Believe me, you will have a “come to Jesus” moment when you see what we deal with every day!!

  • Freedom of Speech? Is there any law enforcement entity seeking to incarcerate this man for his behavior? Or revoke his retirement pay? No. So the freedom of speech is a non-issue. However, we often use a subjects own language to assess his intelligence, maturity, ethics etc. In this instant onlookers are wondering how many people like Fishell have badges and guns. He himself is clearly too irresponsible for the position which was probably obvious, but ignored, during his time of employment. But if he was still employed should his language be assessed to determine whether or not he is fit to serve? Of course it should be considered.
    And the unfortunate truth is that this sort of vial, immature behavior, only to be expected of teenagers, comes as no surprise to those of us who have been around for any extended period of time.

  • Lets get real here for a second folks. Police Officers around the country are under verbal and physical attack. The use of “gallows humor” is how police officers and soldiers cope with deadly encounters/stress and the resulting physiological trauma. Lets give “political correctness” a pass on this one.

  • It seems like this country is going backwards in race relations. When law enforcement has such a ugly past I would think maintaining professionalism would be a hallmark of changing perception.

    It is well documented that the Klan membership was very strong in law enforcement and in the judicial system throughout the United States. The images of water hoses, police dogs and batons still have a lasting effect on people to this day.

    You would think, knowing and understanding history would help our society move forward in a more positive direction. There are still many who are not willing to accept change and their mindset keeps pulling our society back into the dark days.

    I am not sure what it is going to take to bridge the gap at this point because these recent race issues seem to ignite racial tension that has been dormant. Law enforcement is needed to maintain order in a society but it must be enforced equally for all. There is no doubt law enforcement is a difficult and dangerous job, but so is being a fireman. The big difference I see is fireman are not writing citations and making arrest. Regardless of race, there are not many people that are going to appreciate getting a citation or going to jail. This should be expected when pursuing a job in law enforcement. The T.V. show “Cops” lays it all out there for you in some of the most humorous arrest.

    Regardless of freedom of speech, we do not need a room full of active & retire law enforcement in a public venue being entertained by a distasteful song that throws fuel on the fire regarding the Micheal Brown case. That is not maintaining professionalism and improving community relations.

  • “Justin” freedom is not defined by the potential after effects if you don’t already know that I won’t waste my time explaining it. I hope your stance was merely for the sake of argument.

    Well said Bandwagon thank you for getting it

  • I find it hilarious that some people think cops should give two shits what the people who are of the mindset that Michael Brown was “murdered” think or feel.
    The good guy won.
    Thug ass bad guy lost.
    Chalk one up for the good guys. Save all your bleeding heart, “tragedy” talk and all the other bullshit for the chumps. Michael Brown was a thug who attacked a cop and tried to take his gun away. Yet there is a measurable amount of people who want to say the cop “murdered” him. I should give two shits if people are offended by a tasteless song? Sorry. I’m offended offend every time people like that open their pie hole. A lot of cops are.They don’t seem to be worried about offending cops or painting us all with a broad brush. You want to talk offensive bullshit? How about the protestors in NY calling for the murders of cops? Let’s not mention that elephant in the room. That’s out of bounds for all the ultra-PC panderers. People like that hate cop’s guts. They’ve been taught from day one that the cops are the bad guys.
    They don’t want dialogue. They don’t want explanations. They don’t want facts. They want dead cops.
    And some people want to pander to them. Some people want to get all teary-eyed and throw a hissy fit over the stupid ass song at the event in Glendale. But they don’t have shit to say about any arrows slung the cops way.
    The time is coming when people are going to have to make a choice. It’s you we protect. Make a good one.

  • @ Shine Some Light…….Valid point. You can help the naysayers see your point, but you can’t make them understand.
    They will always sing a different tune when THEY are the “butt of sick humor”. I don’t agree with that song by any cop.(Retired or Active) as well as not agreeing to the song “Cop Killer” by actor/rapper “Ice Tea” or “Fuck the Police” by the group “NWA”
    So along with “Bad Michael Brown” those songs are recipes for division and fuel for anger between Citizens and Cops.
    @Justin…….Yes, you expect that type of behavior from “silly ass kids” not “Grown Ass” males

  • Sorry Shine,
    Inappropriate comments for sure but private party at a private venue. Politicians and the media are also alledged professionals, yet their comments are made for public consumption. It is just not the same. The Elks Lodge is not a public venue. It is not well documented that the KKK membership is very strong in law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

  • No PHI, I don’t need you to explain your understanding of freedom particularly when I took no stance advocating the deprivation of this man’s rights. I fully support his right to stand upon any soap box and be as stupid as he wishes and I can chose to walk away or listen. I just don’t want his kind with a badge and a gun. To ignore his kind is to ignore the rights and freedoms of others: Citizens have every right, and should be free to demand, that they are policed by someone more intelligent than the Fishell’s of the world. And to remain as a cohesive, productive entity, it is important that employees are free of hostile attitudes. I understand that this was a retirement party but this type of stupidity is often displayed in the workplace where those who don’t care for the Fishell’s of the world are not free to walk away. After years of warnings, some people just can’t seem to understand this. The talking is over and agencies appear to moving towards investigating and terminating as in the Frank Lyga case.

  • Shine, you raised an interesting point. While I agree with the sentiment of your last statement, do you share the same scorn of those elected officials and politicians who proclaimed in public venues that the death of Michael Brown was an execution? Is that not throwing gasoline onto the flames? You can’t be selective with moral outrage.

    Furthermore, in your words: “There are still many who are not willing to accept change and their mindset keeps pulling our society back into the dark days.” Perhaps in your rush to judgment, you may have forgotten that the people wielding batons, water hoses, and police dogs are long dead or retired. Among the many who are not willing to accept that change has already occurred, and their mindset is still stuck in 1960’s, are the very individuals with t-shirts that read “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!”

    There are roughly 750,000 cops working today, making literally MILLIONS of peaceful contacts with the citizenry. In the process they make arrests, write citations, and resolve disputes between parties every day. If you were to calculate the total number of contacts that result in the death of an unarmed black man against the backdrop of all the contacts, we are looking at a percentage that is approaching zero. For argument sake, let’s say one bad one occurs every month across the country. Averaging 5 (which is low) contacts per day, 30 days per month, and the number I get is 0.000000009, not quite a nationwide conspiracy.

    There is no policy, regulation, or law that can impact something so small without negatively impacting the other 99.99999999999% of successful contacts. The most meaningful change will occur when those who decide to confront police choose a more peaceful means to do so. That has a 100% guarantee of success.

  • I am not defending Micheal Brown or any other criminal, suspect, gang member, thug, etc… when they attack law enforcement. Micheal Brown deserved to go to jail, probably deserved his a@@ kicked.

    Watch “Super Human Man Immune To Tasers” on YouTube
    Super Human Man Immune To Tasers:

    When I see a video like above then I question, why did these officers show restraint from shooting this suspect. The Tasers was ineffective and those haymaker punches could have knock the officers unconscious.

    I assisted a African American officer who was in a ground fight with a Cacausian suspect. The suspect started yelling racial slurs while resisting, that did not make the officer beat the suspect more or yell racial slurs back. The officer used the force necessary to make the arrest and once the suspect was in handcuffs it was over. Professionalism, that is all I am saying. Citizens are going to be unruly at times, but as sworn personnel you should be a cut above and maintain professionalism.

    We can all agree to disagree, but as long as you are out there doing your job for the right reasons and fairly than I have no problem with that.

  • Justin: “I just don’t want his kind with a badge and a gun”. Yes, It would be nice if police officers could get people to comply by just asking please. Unfortunately, that is not the real world. Your utopia is a long way off my friend. I wonder, have you ever shared a fox hole with another soldier, or kicked in a door with a fellow police officer……until you do….it will be “his kind” that will be keeping you safe at night.

  • Michael Brown isn’t dead because Darren Wilson is a racist. Michael Brown isn’t dead because there are racist cops in America. Michael Brown isn’t dead because because cops don’t have enough sensitivity regarding the African-African community. Michael Brown isn’t dead because of the history of racism in this country.
    Michael Brown is dead because he attacked a cop, tried to take his gun away, and then tried to attack the officer again. THAT’S why Michael Brown is dead.
    All this other bullshit and “dialogue” is bunk. It’s nothing but a talking point to further a narrative that the cops are the problem so some people can continue with their grievances. Some have turned it into quite the profitable industry.
    What’s AMAZING is the naive who believe these race hustlers when they say what they are trying to do is promote racial goodwill. Want they want is for us to be divided. They want us angry at each other. It’s the ONLY way they can profit from it and it’s the ONLY way they remain relevant.

  • @20……Well put! You are very profound in your reasoning.

    @ 21 Justin. …..don’t waste your time, responding to any “paper tiger” who has no clue of your background or qualifications..

  • Bandwagon: your interpretation on my comments is plain delusional. And as I’ve explained to you in a previous post, “You see what you believe”.

    “Yes, It would be nice if police officers could get people to comply by just asking please”

    Please explain how my comments exude such stupidity.

    “Your utopia is a long way off my friend “

    You equate common courtesy with utopia? Thanks for confirming my point with regards to “your kind”. And I’m sure you’ve no idea what I’m talking about.

    “ I wonder, have you ever shared a fox hole with another soldier, or kicked in a door with a fellow police officer……until you do….it will be “his kind” that will be keeping you safe at night.”

    Been there done that. Nothing to brag about. It’s about conveying the knowledge and courage to the next generation. If you don’t understand that, then you’re probably some drunk sitting in some bar telling embellished war stories.

    In any instant, I say nothing, nor do I disrespect, whom you honorably describe as “his kind”, I’m talking about a very ignorant, “your kind”.

    Conversing with you is as futile as conversing with a jihadist with regards to religion.

  • @LATBG -Those who were wielding batons, water hoses with police dogs were in fact…the police, not just people, as stated. The majority of protesters now, were not born during that time in the sixties. Furthermore, the mindset of Bull Conner and his racist cops still exists. Cameras and videos have exposed those, who were unaware of the filming. (Remember Rodney King and the excessive use of force for sport?) That footage is now part of history due to the arrogance of LAPD Foothill Division (Watch Sergeant). Granted, times have changed, however there are a lot of idiots mixed in with current protesters and still some cops that still have the KKK and Nazi Nation connection within the ranks of Law Enforcement.

  • Oh Well and Bandwagon…. You folks have it right. !!! These other antagonists are nothing more than that, Not worth the brain damage. Thanks for your posts . I am sure I amot alone in saying that. Ignore the likes of Shine, Physician et all..

  • @ Statistically Speaking

    Your comment will be ignored or disputed because it is a touchy subject that most do not want to rehash.
    To say these things never happened is to re-write history. It is a ugly past in history that many want to forget, but history has a habit of keep repeating itself. 

    @ Handicapper for you reading pleasure:


  • @ Handicapper

    Show me some evidence where Ku Klux Klan membership never existed in law enforcement. Show me proof that it is a conspiracy and made up by the media and those that are anti-law enforcement.

    The fact that you said “Bull!”, is that you just exercising your freedom of speech?

    I have worked with plenty of cacausian law enforcement who has done their job without an ounce of racist views guiding their decision making. I have also heard & seen other law enforcement officials do their job in a discriminatory fashion.

    What happened when former LASD Deputies Rathbun & Sexton blow the whistle on deputy(s)’s illegal activities with white supremacist inmates in CJ?

    You can choose to wear blinders or see what the rest of the world sees.

  • Justin: A little sensative are we. Yes, all us “old timers” just don’t get it. We all need to adapt and respect each others feelings. Funny, you don’t sound like any soldier or police officer I ever worked or served with!

  • Justin: You seem to be lacking in any sense of humor. Perhaps to many time outs as a child. As always, I appreciate your righteous indignation.

  • @ Shine & @ Justin. …..Funny how those who can’t do a damn thing, but only reminisce about what should and could be done, such as… “Old Ass” Retiree, along with “Bandwagon” (without a band) and anyone else with no relevance in current law enforcement.

    Reminds me of Mrs. Kravitz of the old sitcom “Bewitched” with the all the “Yakaty Yak” I guess being Walmart greeters isn’t enough for them. With all of their rhetoric, one would think that they would be consultants for their local Neighborhood Watch.

  • Proud Ole Retiree: Thanks for the kind words and support. My sister is afflicted with the same disease (liberalism). We believe its terminal.

  • Shine
    “well documented that Klan membership was very strong in Law Enforcement”, again I say bull! Very Strong, implies systemic and again BULL. In fact law enforcement, all those KKK members, regularly arrest and assisted in the prosecution of hate crimes even those committed by the Klan. Source: Southern Povery Law Center. This is not the 1960’s and your comments are irresponsible.

  • The progressives want it to be 1960. They need it to be 1960. They are out of excuses. Their narrative about about how to eliminate poverty hadn’t worked. Their narrative about how to educate kids hadn’t worked. Their narrative about all of their utopian ideas and philosophies has failed miserably. Now, with an African-American POTUS at the helm, and the majority of Americans unhappy with the fundamental transformation of this country, the progressives are in full panic mode in an attempt to further any narrative that they think will allow them to retain their power.
    They are still trying to sell the narrative that America is a systemically racist country. While we have had an African-American POTUS elected twice.
    They are still trying to sell the narrative and set the tone that they are the only ones who can keep Bull Conner and the dogs and hoses at bay. If not for them, black folks would be put back in chains. Every white person who isn’t a progressive is a racist. The conservative white folks ALL will join the Klan if given the chance.
    The progressives are overplaying their hand. They know it. They saw the proof in November. Their problem is they don’t have ANY other narrative. It has worked well for the last 40 years for them. Now that it isn’t working, progressives believe the answer is to push the narrative harder. But people see. They see that America is a different country than it was in 1960. They see all the people of color and women in positions of power and influence.
    Their narrative won’t sell forever. It’s dying a slow death. Too slow. A lot of pain and misery come along with that slow death. That’s what we are experiencing now.
    Law enforcement is simply the vehicle that they are using to try in vain to keep their narrative alive. It’s all designed to keep minorities, women and the young naive idealists voting for them.
    That narrative won’t work forever.

  • Yeah you’re right, it’s all Obama’s fault. When he leaves, the country will be bliss and butterflies. I read you people loud and clear. LOL

  • Happy New Year to all! Be safe my blue brothers and sisters.

    LASD Question: When will the newly elected Sheriff McDonnell recognize the multitude of victims of the “Tanaka Machine”? (FYI, these would be the LASD employees who said “NO” to Tanaka and his agents of corruption)

    And…will there ever be any type of restorative justice for them (or us)?

  • Sorry Doe Inc. I think the new sheriff has made himself clear on any restitution. Page 1, Paragraph 3, from his oath of office speech:

    “To them (…the 18,000 dedicated men and women in the LASD), let me be clear: Today, I am here to commit myself to the FUTURE of the LASD. The FUTURE, our FUTURE,will close the door on divisions and factions. It is a FUTURE that will be built upon the bedrock of this department’s values: Integrity, Accountability and Service,”

    Page 2, paragraph 1 through 4:

    “I have seen the despair in many of you who sought out to rise above the divisions and the turbulence of recent years. Many of you felt you were being asked to choose between what was best for the organization and what was best for a few people who were only trying to seve themselves. I am telling you that as of today, THOSE DAYS ARE GONE.”

    “You have been through a Civil War that has torn the Department apart. But, repairing this divide will bind us together.”

    “Now is the time for us to move beyond past divisions and fractures, to heal, and to emerge as a better and stronger organization. Today, we have the opportunity to START FRESH, to HIT THE RESET BUTTON and welcome in a NEW ERA at the Sheriff’s Department.”

    “The opportunities ahead of us will dwarf the feuds and slights of the past. We will succeed, but only by coming together.”

    Page 4, paragraphs 1 through 3 and bullet 1:

    ” I have heard many times over the past year that the men and women of the LASD are ready to MOVE FORWARD, to meet the challenges AHEAD, and simply need clear and firm direction regarding what is expected of them.”

    ” So allow me for a moment to speak directly to the men and women of the Sheriff’s Department…..”

    “As we begin this NEW CHAPTER, I want to be crystal clear about my expectations of you, as well as what you can expect of me:”


    From Sheriff McDonnell’s recent Holiday Message to all Departmental personnel:

    Paragraph 3:

    “As I said in my oath of office speech, I believe that by PUTTING PAST PROBLEMS AND DIVISIONS BEHIND US, we will team up to maintain the LASD as an organization greater than its component parts…….”

    So, it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic, ….. All you victims of the PAST,,, in OUR FUTURE walk among the suspects (coin holders) who victimized you. In fact, salute them, because the MAJORITY of them hold rank, and the ones who don’t still smoke cigars with the ones who have rank. But more importantly, don’t complain to me ( polishing my new 5 stars) about the crimes of the past. I’m busy getting ready to promote a coin holder, but I’ll claim I had no knowledge of their past, because the past doesn’t matter, only the FUTURE. The wolves understand that, they put on sheets clothing for me, why can’t you.

  • Hhhmmmm…. Just saw a typo in my last line,,, meant SHEEPS CLOTHING.
    however, SHEETS….. CLOTHING…. weird… Kinda spell check scary weird…

  • Oh Well, for all your disdain of things to the left, there are just as many failed policies and administrations from the right that are still not the answer, either. Are you advocating for another round of supply-side economics? Please, I can’t afford another round of it. For policies to work, they need to be based on fact, not hysteria.

    Unfortunately for the pundits on both sides of the aisle, their cartoonish view of reality does not translate into anything useful, other than to attract more like minded folks who create self-admiration societies. If an elected politician’s only goal is to advance their party’s interests and defeat the other side, then they are part of the problem. You can only count on them to do one thing: game the process to get elected again.

  • @LATBG…….Well said. That dosage of truth was right on time.

    Always one side always blaming the other side. Truly a CHECKMATE.

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