LASD Says Man Shot in Compton by Deputies Was Not Involved in Earlier Carjacking

On July 28, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed 27-year-old Donnell Thompson, an unarmed man whom deputies mistakenly believed might be connected to a carjacking suspect who had fired shots at deputies three hours earlier.

On Tuesday, however, the sheriff’s department admitted in a statement that there was “no evidence that Mr. Thompson was in the carjacked vehicle, nor that he was involved in the assault on the deputies.”

The original incident began around 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 28, when sheriff’s deputies noticed a Honda Civic driving erratically. The deputy pulled the car over then ran the plates and determined that the car was stolen. The driver of the stolen car took off, crashing through the fence at a local elementary school driving onto school grounds to get away. As the case continued, the driver reportedly opened fire on police and eventually crashed the stolen Honda, and fled on foot. The alleged car jacker, whose name Robert Alexander was captured just before 5 a.m.

Shortly after Alexander was apprehended and arrested, deputies were alerted by a neighborhood resident that a man (Thompson) was lying in his yard. LASD Special Enforcement Bureau deputies in two armored vehicles responded to the call. The officers said Thompson was not responding to deputies’ commands. The SEB officers reportedly fired a flash bang grenade and rubber bullets at the man they viewed as a suspect. Thompson reportedly did not respond to the flash bang, but appeared to rouse in reaction to the rubber bullets, and finally stood up. Then, according to sheriff’s deputies, Thompson—who was reportedly small in stature—charged toward the deputies. A deputy fatally shot Thompson from the turret of one of the armored vehicles. That deputy has been reassigned to desk duties.

Thanks to DNA and gunshot residue testing, the department was able to make the determination that there is no evidence linkingThompson to the carjacking or the assault on the deputies involved, but department investigators are still in the process of reviewing the shooting and the events leading up to it.

Sources close to the department expressed concern to us back in July when news of this shooting surfaced. “This doesn’t add up,” one department veteran told WLA. Two weeks later, now that more information on the shooting is available, a retired department supervisor questioned why “the ‘highly trained SEB’ deputy” would shoot Thompson from “the protected turret of an armored vehicle.” (See above photo of the scene captured by ABC7.)

Friends and family members say Thompson, whom they called by the nickname “Little Bo Peep,” was kind and soft-spoken, and emotionally far younger than his 27 years. Thompson was attending classes for the mentally disabled at El Camino College, and reportedly had no criminal history.

“We just want answers as to why,” said Thompson’s sister. “We want the sheriff’s department to be held accountable for their actions.”

Thompson’s family reportedly plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the county.

“Clearly the Thompson family has some very grave concerns, and some questions that they’d like to have answers for, said LASD Captain Steven Katz in an interview with ABC7. “We believe that they’re certainly valid, and we have those same questions.”


  • Of no surprise, crickets from Sheriff McDonnell, crickets. Poor Katz, propped up to take the spear, again. At least he’s not acting like there is nothing to see, I’ll give him that.

  • LAPD Chief Beck steps up to the plate anytime he has to, Good or bad.
    McDofus does not. That is why you failed to get the LAPD chief job.
    You then ruined Long Beach PD and now LASD is stuck with you and your change, (brass buttons). Get rid of those Tanakite incompetent executives.

  • The Sheriff Department is now in worse shape than it was before. Now the executives, in an attempt to please McD, fire and discipline deputies indiscriminately, even if they have to exaggerate charges against deputies. Before, the same executives used to look the other way when legitimate wrong doing appeared to be evident, in an attempt to please Tanaka. This Sheriff has no clue about the Sheriff’s Department. For so long deputies have been taking lots of a liability on their shoulders to get the job done. A very small fraction of patrol deputies do the same job 10,000 LAPD officers do. It is time to follow the rules to avoid liability, even if it means the job will not get done. This Sheriff needs to hire acceptable levels of staffing now, to avoid catastrophic consequences in the future.

  • @Rabbit, sorry friend, you have what you are going to get with “fresh eyes” McD. What you see is what you get. McD owns LASD, the only reform you are going to see is the reform that he has already implemented. The usual suspects surrounding him with back slapping, golf claps and lots of, “Yes sir, consider it done. By the way Sheriff, the troops love you and everything you are doing.” McD is in FULL political reelection mode, handing off operational control to those below. As long as ALADS and PPOA remain silent about executive misconduct and the unethical discipline you speak of, nothing will change. They, your Union “elected representatives,” are your only voice. If they are willing to stand for what you say is going on, then they are in bed with the Sheriff, just like the last ten boards have been. The b.s. stories told in The Dispatcher means absolutely nothing but to the membership readers. If they were serious about reform, ALADS and PPOA would hold a joint press conference and lay out in complete undeniable and irrefutable details specific incidents of executive misconduct, overturned discipline that was meted out for appeasement or retribution, and the lack of true reform. If your unions and your union dues are not willing to step up to the plate and call out what is wrong, then everyone shut up and smile. Your voice will continue to be silent, just as it was during the Tanaka reign of terror. Of course come Union election time, then it’s all big talk. Just say’n.

  • Hey Spade: Re:ALADS, You pinned the tail on the donkey (Ass). Their concentration currently is wasting an unheard amount of attorney fees on Alads vs Macias et al. The current board are typical puppets with self serving agendas. Never mind the Viking and the one on the Brady list. You and LATBG are the only ones on this blog to identify and verify the very narrative that plagues Alads. DECERTIFICATION ONLY.

  • #3 Rabbit: Remember the Editorial call the Los Angeles Times made to overhaul the Civil Service System so as to make it easier for the LASD to fire people?

    It looks as if “the Executives” are becoming adept at manipulating the media.

    More on LAT’s position can be found in Celeste’s piece of August 7 (Sheriff Baca indicted….).

  • @”Calling it a Spade,” well said and good points. @”No More Rip-off,” Who on the Board is a Viking? If you don’t want to give a name then give initials. If you want people to assume your commentary is truthful, then make sure you have your facts straight.

  • @No More Rip Off: Better check the sights on that gun, your’e throwing stray rounds. Nobody on that Board is a Viking.

  • I’m still waiting for Brian Moriguchi to release the results of the big survey they did months ago of PPOA members. Did I miss it somehow, or is it another effort to bury bad news involving the politician who’s ass is covered in union director lips?

  • Does knowing who it is supercedes the fact that he’s there? As stated before on this blog, even with his name and his denial,the second and third prong of proof is a “strip search and water boarding” since a lie detector can be manipulated. My comment was not to tingle the senses but to emlighen. No questions for the “Brady” list Director? How about money being tossed like confetti?….No?

  • In due time all of your unanswered questions will be answered. Of course Alads won’t tell you or anyone else. Isn’t that that the name of the game? Ask Dick Shinee.

  • It’s amazing how everyone wants to give their 0.02 cents about “changes needing to be made” and the big new sexy word “transparency” being thrown around. To the great learned members of the LA County Service Commission and LASD brass, if you keep lopping off the heads of the “troops” and looking to disqualify rather than work with those who need “a little extra attention who wil be left to do the heavy lifting or lead. Law enforcement isn’t an appealing job right now…all the “finger pointers” and academics made sure of that. Most LEO agencies are just trying to maintain the status quo and keep their heads above the swells and waves right now.

  • Been along time since I been on here. But as soon as ppoa was brought into this thread I thought I would let people know you were on the ropes last year around this time is was called (Decertification) but it’s not over until the fat lady sings! Selling c/a and deputy uniforms online is not going to help you. Lmao

  • @No More Rip-off. Here’s your problem, you are trying to get people to listen to you about ALADS’ problems (as if we don’y already know). But, when your info about a “Viking” being a Director is wrong then people might believe the rest of your info is inaccurate. I know who the “Brady” person is, and don’t really see what that has to do with any of ALADS’ problems, especially if you know the details of the case. And, the closest person to your “Viking” accusation is RH who worked at Firestone. And the fact you appear to be defending Macias, leaves me to believe you are Macias. Try again! I have no love for ALADS, but I do like true facts.

  • As stated earlier, “only to enlighten”. Sure everyone already knows….the same was said to Bob Olmstead. Those listeners were just like Mr. Potato Head, “all ears and no balls” I am not Macias, whom is not the problem, but the shady tactics and abuse of members money heralded by Dick Shinee. There you have it. @ Calling it a Spade pretty much gave it to you “raw & uncut” in it’s purest form. Cheers

  • I agree with #4 along with #5. No group of deputies are willing to address the woes of management nor the cannibalism of Alads concerning all deputies. Dick Shinee will always reign supreme over ALADS who picks and chooses who to help and who to shit on. This is nothing new for damn near half of a century. You can’t blame Shinee, only the continuing board of crash dummies who allow him/it.

  • @No More Rip-off, you forgot to address the “Viking” accusation. You want your statements to have credibility, right? From what I have heard you are right on as far as the true problem!

  • @East Los, easy there killer “cave man.” First off, read my posts, I didn’t nor do I need to say anything about Macias, his rep precedes him. Second, I have to laugh at your attempt to protect/defend him, because I hang with a lot of real “East Los” hard working Deputies (past and present) and can’t remember one ever defending him. But back to the subject, ALADS needs someone down there doing something, and Macias had his chance, and all he did was wolf and preach to the youngsters who didn’t know his rep.

  • @ 9) Stuff. Not surprising that you’re familiar with the Viking Roster, seeing that “prison bound” Greg Thompson was definitely a “Lynnwood Viking”. You backed his play with a “good guy gone wrong” story, placing all of Greg’s criminal activities on Tanaka. I dare you to refute Thompson’s status. FYI, Greg was already entrenched in Lynwood Station waaaay before Tanaka arrived there.

  • Old Files: Try and follow along here. I stated a fact, that fact was that Greg was an outstanding street cop and investigator, simple as that. Greg IS a good guy gone wrong story. Greg as others did, followed Paul Tanaka blindly, seeking everything from a simple good schedule all the way up to being promoted through the ranks, the “gone wrong” route if you will. A route Greg freely chose to travel. Tanaka helped men follow that route starting when he was a boot Sgt. at Lynwood. Greg was assigned to Lynwood prior to Tanaka, a well known fact. Now if you know factually of other criminal activity of Greg Thompson, throw it out there pal. Maybe you were there sitting front and center next to me and saw something I missed?

  • You didn’t refute his Viking status which is smart. Some of the deputies who worked with him witnessed his criminal bullshit (which by the way did not start with the Federal case involving Pandora’s Box) so the sentence he received is appropriate. No doubt that the Federal Guards will question his Viking tattoo when he processes in. I hope his answer differs from the one Tanaka used at his trial.

  • Old Files: I get it now, your sister’s, cousin’s, neighbor witnessed his criminal acts at Lynwood. Now you realize to be a Federal Prison Guard you must prove you can fog a mirror right? I’m sure those boys will be sweating him properly about the meaning of a tattoo. Thompson could tell them it’s your mothers family Coat of Arms and it wouldn’t make a difference.

    Hell, I think you duped me though, after your #23 post and your previous post where you wrote, “I dare you?” I think I’m sparring with someone not old enough to buy a Lotto ticket. Jokes on me I guess.

  • Stuff: Save the rebuttals. You exacerbate any defense that you have for the former disgraced alumni. The 9th Appellate Court has heard all of the rebuttals. Let Greg do his time as he reflects and regret in part, which caused an embarrassing downfall of this once great department.

  • How do you get a copy of the viking roster ? Do you have any information on Lynwood viking deputy members
    John Haynes badge #211273
    Richard Graves #111209
    John O’hara #244762 and
    Brian Doyle #233461
    Or any information inreference to the misconduct in the murder conviction of Brian Mccoy wrongfully convicted in 1992 at Compton court after viking members threatened witnesses, coerced juvenile witnesses intimidating them without parents present and other unethical misconduct. Other victims from the same community family of Brian includes Travion Richard Nicholas Robertson and Robert Thomas Jr.(gun down by deputys in compton) all victims of deputy misconduct

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