Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy to File $15 Million Lawsuit Against Paul Tanaka, LA County, & More, for “Egregious Abuse of Power”


The accusation seems outlandish, but insiders, and a new lawsuit suggest otherwise.


On Thursday, June 11, of this year, a Southern California jury took less than three hours to acquit two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies of charges alleging that the twosome conspired to file false police reports in the course of a drug arrest.

After the verdict was announced by the jury foreman, however, something unusual happened. The attorneys, the defendants and other trial watchers filed out of the Judge Renee Korn’s courtroom in the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center. But the jurors, who after most trials typically walk quickly to their cars to avoid the press, in this instance didn’t seem to want to go home. Instead, they waited in the court hallway in order to meet and talk with the two deputies, Robert Lindsey, 33, and Charles Rodriguez, 40, to tell them how convinced the panel had become of the deputies’ innocence.

Several of the 12 insisted on hugging the newly-acquitted defendants. One juror, a tall black man named Alvin Green, reportedly told David Martinez, the lead investigator for the Lindsey defense—who is also a retired LASD lieutenant—that “it was a shame” that the two deputies had been prosecuted, that they “had done nothing wrong.”

Another, juror, a woman named Sylvia Thomas, took Lindsey’s mother Kathy Lindsey aside to explain how she and her fellow panelists had become so sure of the rightness of their decision.

After that, everyone trooped outside the court building, where exuberant selfies were snapped—along with a group shot featuring seven of the jurors and the two deputies, plus some of the legal staff.

“In all my years of practice, I’ve never had a jury do any of that,” said James Blatt, Rodriguez’ attorney.

Yet, despite the June acquittal, although the two deputies are again receiving their salaries they have not gotten the months and months of back salary, they are not back to work, nor do they have their badges, guns and credentials. Instead, they are now both the subjects of an Internal Affairs investigation by the LASD which, in turn, means that they are on what amounts to house arrest. Thus if they need to leave their homes during business hours, they must get permission from the department.

With all of the above and considerably more in mind, on October 8, Deputy Robert Lindsey—known to his friends as Robbie-–filed a notice, through his attorney, Paul M. Mahoney, of his intention to sue the County of Los Angeles for $15 million for actions that include “the deliberate fabrication of evidence,” “the creation of false police reports,” “the violation of the claimant’s civil rights,” among other things. (You can find the Notice here: Government Claim Oct 8th)

Those to be named in the lawsuit include: former undersheriff Paul Tanaka, former captain Tom Carey, Captain Rod Kusch, Sergeant Dan Tobin, former department members, Stephen Leavins, Scott Craig, Maricela Long, plus a string of deputy DAs, and more.


The case involving Lindsey and Rodriguez was a curious one right from the beginning. In an era when great swaths of the American public are suspicious of U.S. prosecutors whom they believe are overly reluctant to file on law enforcement officers, the LASD’s Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau (ICIB), along with some members of LA District Attorney’s office, pursued the two deputies with what appears to be unusual vigor.

In fact, it reportedly took three tries on the part of the ICIB investigators involved with the case to get a charge to stick in the district attorney’s office. In the first instance, the reviewing deputy district attorney approached by the ICIB guys in the spring of 2013, reportedly said there was nothing to file.

A month later, ICIB personnel found a more sympathetic prosecutor who agreed to assign the case. However, on its first round in front of a judge at a preliminary hearing the case again ran into a wall when the judge did not find enough evidence to support the charges and kicked the case.

Undaunted, the investigators and prosecutor pressed on and managed to acquire a copy of a video that they claimed would support their charges. A new prelim was held, and Lindsey and Rodriguez were indeed bound over for trial.


Although this time the deputies were charged, they were also firmly acquitted by jurors who clearly felt they had saved two good men from an obviously wrongful fate. The charges for which Lindsey and Rodriguez were tried stem from a June 2011 drug-related arrest outside the Durango Bar in Huntington Park. Earlier in the evening, the partners had gotten a tip that a man named Abraham Rueda was dealing cocaine in the Durango’s parking lot out of a white Lexus. When the twosome arrived in the lot, they spotted a white Lexus with two men standing outside the car with the driver’s door of the vehicle open. One of the two men matched the description they had of Rueda. Lindsey exited the patrol car and called out to Rueda who immediately identified himself.

Looking in the car windows, Lindsey spotted a plastic “bindle” of what appeared to be cocaine protruding from an air-conditioning vent. After he and Rodriquez placed Rueda and his companion inside the patrol car, Lindsey proceeded to search the Lexys and removed the protruding bag of coke, but subsequently found no additional drugs.

Believing there may be more coke hidden, Rodriguez requested a drug-sniffing dog from his boss, a sergeant, who said none were available and that the deputies should just drive the Lexus to the Lynwood station where it could be further searched in a contained environment. Rodriquez and Lyndsey did precisely that, with Lindsey driving the Lexus, Rodriguez the patrol car, which contained Rueda and his pal, both of whom who had, by that time, been Mirandized but were not handcuffed.

At the Lynwood station, Lindsey further searched the car, while Rodriguez booked the prisoners. Then each deputy wrote brief reports about the night’s activities and the arrests.

ICIB investigators alleged that some elements of the deputies reports were untrue.

But, as described above, the purported discrepancies were not persuasive enough to form a case the first two times around. It was not until the district attorney’s office was provided with videotape from a security camera focused on the bar’s parking lot, that the case managed to move forward.

Lindsey was charged with one count each of filing a false report, conspiring to file a false report and conspiring to obstruct justice.

Co-defendant Rodriguez, was charged with one count each of conspiracy to file a false report, conspiracy to obstruct justice and being an accessory after the fact.

In plain English, the prosecution alleged that Lindsey was not standing where he said he was standing when he first spoke to Rueda and first glimpsed the cocaine and scrap of packaging in the air-conditioning vent. Prosecutors also claimed that Rodriguez lied and said that he and Lindsey drove the Lexus and the two suspects to an undisclosed second location—not the station—to search the Lexus for drugs. And finally, the deputy DA said that Rueda and his friend were handcuffed when they were transported to be booked, although the deputies reported that they were not.

There was no accusation of planting of drugs, no claim that the deputies had roughed up the two arrested men, tricked them, or otherwise violated their rights.

And the video, which was central to the case, turned out to support the accounts of the deputies, and not those trying to convict them, according to jurors, who said afterward, that they’d reviewed the video with extraordinary care, frame-by-frame.

Moreover, it was revealed during the trial that Rueda, who was the primary witness for the prosecution, was an undocumented man who had been promised, in return for testimony, what is called a “U-Visa,” which was originally created for victims of crimes who have endured mental or physical abuse and are willing to help law enforcement and government officials investigate and prosecute the abuser.

It was further revealed that one of the deputy DAs who brought the case told Rueda’s sister that he added the obstruction of justice charge to the other two charges against Lindsey and Rodriguez specifically in order to qualify Rueda for the U-Visa.

(WitnessLA has obtained documents that show multiple exchanges between then prosecutor Kevin P. Stennis—who is now a Superior Court Judge—and Rueda’s sister, Veronica Flores.)

Nevertheless, by the trial’s end most of Reuda’s testimony had reportedly decompensated and changed enough that it too supported that of the deputies.


So why in the world would the internal criminal investigative arm of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department push and keep pushing to have two of the department’s deputies brought up on criminal charges for actions that, when pulled apart in the light of day, caused a jury to reject them dramatically and vocally?

And why would several prosecutors at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office buy in to what appeared to be a loser of a case at best and, at worst—if the defense is correct—may have persuaded the prosecution to either deliberately ignore or outright alter facts in order to get the thing to trial at all?

Sources close to the case told us that the answer may be found in a previous LASD vendetta, which had nothing whatsoever to do with Deputy Lindsey or Deputy Rodriguez—at least not directly. It’s roots, they claim, have everything to do with Robbie Lindsey’s father, retired LASD commander Robert Lindsey, who allegedly refused to engage in actions he was ordered to perform for former undersheriff Paul Tanaka, more than a decade ago, actions that Lindsey Sr. believed were unethical and likely illegal. As a consequence, sources said, threats were allegedly made by Tanaka, who was—at the time—still at the rank of chief.

The charges against Lindsey Jr. were the threats being made good all these years later, with Rodriguez as “collateral damage,” sources claim. To accomplish the deed, sources further claim, required the participation of various FOPs—Friends of Paul—both in the LASD and possibly in the DA’s office, in at least one case.

There are many additional colorful details to the story, of course. But they will have to wait.

The specifics of the claim will reportedly be laid out in the civil case, which is scheduled to be filed in LA Superior Court in the near future.

So stay tuned.


  • This is only the tip of the Iceberg. Curious if the Attorney for the deputies are attached or detached to legal representation provided by ALADS.

  • No doubt Tanaka was after Robert Sr. He was pushed out of his job for doing what was right. Tanaka and his hench men would go after family members in a minute. Congrats to both Deps and I hope the people that framed them get fired for their wrongful deeds. Compare the Tanaka connection to the investigators.

  • Failing to engage in unethical and illegal activity, merely because corrupt executives tell you to do so, has repeatedly been the causal factor for the destruction of many ethical LASD employees. As tragic as this case is, it comes as no surprise to LASD employees. Tanaka and his loyalists absolutely targeted ethical individuals who would not engage in illegal acts on his behalf, and ensured the destruction of many good employees careers and lives. This targeting lasts for many years, with active retaliation acts that having lasted well over a decade.

    Good Luck Deputies Lindsey and Rodriguez!

  • Great to see the second wind of the “Scales of Justice”. The fat lady is only warming up with pitch pipe. I can’t wait to hear her sing.

  • Also adding that in the past, if an employee failed to engage in illegal acts, as directed by corrupt LASD executives (Tanaka et al), those executives along with IAB and ICIB have never had any reluctance to fabricate evidence to destroy an employee. Fact.

  • Multiple ICIB attempts to refile an initial DA Reject by the Public Integrity Unit of the DA’s office? Absolutely unheard of. If Emperor Tanaka “directed, insisted, ordered or demanded” ICIB, under the leadership of newly promoted to Commander Kusch and newly disgraced and demoted Tom Carey, to disregard exculpatory evidence and stated “I want that GD case filed, whatever it takes, just do it!” well, that’s a problem. That is called Obstruction of Justice. And if these deputies were set up and they are pure on this case, in addition to the civil suit, I certainly hope the attorney files a formal “criminal complaint” with the FBI and a parallel allegation of misconduct with IAB. It is Time to Take Action!

  • So how many current executives were executives when this happened Shreiff McD? PC grows from the root of patterns, custom, and practice.

    There people in our very jail facing multiple cases for a lot less.

    Accountabilty is the toughest challenge a leader faces. So far we are on still following the Baca model, but hey at least I am wearing my seat belt.

  • Wonder what Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacy has to say. Seems as though she may have some explaining to do.

  • I hope that the internal scrubbing and cleansing continue to break the fetters of an organization (LASD) that is STILL rife with corruption and scandal. Sheriff McDonnell has no idea what he has inherited. The layers of deception are many and continues in full swing. Karma and Payback are tag team partners. Their appearance is welcome and past due.

  • This is fantastic news. It is time for vindiction. It is time to start the process of holding those above us accountable for doing the wrong things. I truly hope you win, and that this sets the precedence from here on out. There has been and continues to be nepotism. We all know it. It continues to this very day with the recent promotions at all ranks. When this giant Lieutenant promotion and transfer list comes out, we will see it again. Hell, the new “anointed ones” are already sitting in as the Assistant Sheriff’s aides. What were the prerequisites? I would sure like to know. On this transfer list we will again see friends of friends getting those coveted jobs, not those that are most qualified. Sheriff, if you are listening, we have given you a year, and we have yet to see the changes needed. I realize we are a big department, but you need to get a handle on this. If you do not there will soon be a long list of lawsuits. People are tired of being looked over and passed over because they did the right thing, and did now bow down to Tanaka and his band of merry men.

  • Same old song and dance. Brass abusing rank to railroad righteous deputies over personal vendettas. It will never end until brave deputies like these two continue to stand up and fight. Their partners need to support them instead of staying quiet and distancing themselves. I hope they win their lawsuits and make the county pay big. If McD cares about LASD he really, really needs to clean house and save himself future embarrassment from schemes like this. That Rothans idiot was a good start, but just the tip of the iceberg. Everyone involved in this particular retaliation case against theses two needs to be terminated immediately, The brass needs a complete and thorough purging from the top down to the lieutenant level. Fresh faces and minds bringing a new management culture built on strength and character, not personal loyalty and corruption needs to be installed. This brass mafioso crap has got to stop. LASD brass has been making deputies look bad for years. All the public mistrust lately is on them, not deputies in the field as this jury has demonstrated. Thank god for the media and this blog for finally exposing these management assholes and giving real, honest deputies a place to vent without fear of retaliation. If deputies keep fighting, winning and exposing the truth about (mis)management, the tables will eventually turn.

  • Upon further investigation, the Law Firm of Mahoney & Soll LLP. has no affiliation with ALADS. Thank God.

    This confirms that Lindsey and Rodriguez have a legitimate fighting chance since their atttorney’s does not share a bed with any of the defendants named in the civilsuit. If the deputies association in Los Angeles wise up and get wise to Richard Shinee’s greed, they definitely will be better off.

  • @Truth @ Large: Good point, however the rumor that has been floating around the Rep meetings is that these two Deps used a Defense Attorney, outside of Shinee’s firm, which is probably why they took it all the way and won, and now they are requesting to be reimbursed. I don’t know the dollar amount, but it is rumored to be less than Shinee would have charged, and ALADS does not want to reimburse them, at the advice of Shinee.

  • Thank God for WitnessLA and Celeste! If I was one of these Deputies and won this civil suit, which they will, I would make a donation and finance this online source for the next ten years! The people that read these articles daily are the FBI, US Attorney, LA County DA and everyone working for the LASD from the top down. So as you read this Paul, see what you created? Karma, she is alive and well!

  • After the 1 year mark of Sheriff McDonnell term, I don’t forsee a second term unless he wakes us and start to lead. For the newer deputies who (for whatever reason) have not bailed out to greener pastures, hang in there and do the right thing. I’m at a loss of words. The continuing saga of LASD is sad. It’s inevitable that change will come. I hope I’m alive when it happens.

  • @Truth at Large and Huh! Maybe you should check the facts before you shoot off your mouths. Shinee never has handled criminal cases and never represented these two in this criminal case. What Lindsay fails to tell anyone about his demand for alads reimbursement of his legal expenses is that he unilaterally fired the attorney who alads hired for him, AFTER she got that case dismissed after the first prelim. He also fired the attorney he hired to try to win the second prelim, which included the video evidence, after that guy lost the second prelim. But he still wants alads to pay for that, even though that attorney lost the prelim, which was Lindsay’s excuse for firing the attorney hired by Alads: she told him they wouldn’t win the second prelim, which turned out to be completely correct. Both of the attorneys hired by Lindsay cost more than the attorney hired by Alads. And the attorney hired by Alads has a long track record of winning bs prosecutions pushed by the Department, just ask Dave Auner or Sean O’Donoghue, amount many others, about it.

  • @18, if that were the only example, I might believe you.

    Steck wrote an interesting article and what do you have to say about paying for two of three from the last fiasco? Best part is you guys are spending deputy money to fight a deputy while making the effort to uphold dick shinee’s ego.

    I get the feeling we might are real close to the ALADS fire now. Glad you figured out how to get those dinosaur paws to work a keyboard.

  • My facts are straight. Everything I stated was verified before I posted. Your status as a killjoy cannot usurpe the moral and legal victory of Lindsay & Rodriguez. I know firsthand of how Shinee orchestrated the botched and butcher tactics to deny legal representation to many “full status” members. Just for thought, need I remind you of Deputy Sexton. Obviously you are one who would fall on a sword for Richard Shinee under the guise of friendship. I shake his very foundation with facts. I don’t know you other than your nullified post. Continue to hold your ground in the minority to defend the “One Stop Shop” of Green & Shinee. It’s a racket, everyone knows it and it’s just a matter of time before he is exposed. You will see more than I can tell you. Live and learn.

  • Happy for our partners who beat the DA’s office and the investigators who put the case against them together. Whose going to look into how they prepared a case that should never had made it through prelims. I hope they win against the county. The county and the sheriff are creating to each their own mentality. Get yours and move on. The sheriff doesn’t care. The county board of supervisors don’t care. If your lucky you may work at a station where at least your shift cares.

    Alads is full of excuses. Just do what is right by the Deputies. Oh my bad the sheriff does care he stops his vehicle to say hi to the ladies walking on the service road. What a joke.

    Witness LA. Keeping prodding. Talk to the right people and ask the right questions you will get enough to get people to start retiring early.

    Can you investigate why it’s taking the board of supervisors so long to get the recently approved raises effective immediately. They play games with good peoples lively hood. Let’s see what they have been up to.

  • @Get your facts strait: You forgot to close with “Shinee, Shinee he’s our man if he can’t do it no one can, GOOO Shinee!” And, no mention of the numerous people whose best interest he “did not” represent!

  • Dick Shinee and his firm are in bed with the department. I have personal knowledge on several cases where the deputy (s) should have kept their jobs. However, with the recommendations of Shinee’s attorney (s) they lost their jobs. So don’t tell me that this law firm has the best interest of the line personnel. A lot of back office deals. This is only one of many cases. Sworn personnel should have the right to pick their own law firm and ALADS should pay for it.

  • @19 if I had any ideas what you were talking about, I’d be happy to respond. But let me ask you this…..this article is about two deputies who defeated an evil attack by corrupt dept managers. How did it turn into bashing alads? That sounds to me like a management tactic to divide and destroy deputies. With a sheriff hell bent on “cleaning up” this dept from the bottom, apparently only, the best way for him to accomplish that is to takeout their first line of defense: alads. Not how partners have each others’ back, dude. But I have to go rest my dinosaur paws now.

  • I’m betting that “Get your facts straight”, #18, is one of the ALADS Board members, who continue to be dictated to by “DICK”. You really need to get your facts straight. The first “handpicked” attorney, which was handpicked by “Dick” did NOT want to provide any affirmative defense at the preliminary hearing, ANY! The first prelim was dismissed, not because of anything Vickie Podberosky (DICK’S attorney) did, but because ICIB’s Sgt. Schultz (Sgt Dan Tobin) could not locate his “star witness”, the cocaine dealing arrestee in the original case. The first prelim was dismissed by ICIB’s incompetency. When the case was refiled, DICK’s attorney again, MS. Pod, stated again that she wanted to go directly to trial and not put up any defense at the prelim. She told Robbie Lindsey, in front of witnesses, more than once, that if Robbie Lindsey didn’t like her strategy, he should fire her and get another attorney. So, Lindsey finally acquiesced and requested another attorney. The second attorney was brought on board to represent Lindsey at the prelim and file a 995 motion, which she successfully did. After the prelim, Robbie Lindsey hired attorney Bradley Brunnon, a well-known and successful criminal attorney. He won Lindsey’s case.
    P.S. Please show me, Mr. ALADS Board Member, where it is written in your bylaws that only “DICK” appointed attorneys can represent ALADS members? I bet if you had been at Jonestown, and “DICK” told you to drink the Kool-Aide, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  • #24: when you log on as “Get Yer Facts Straight” and troll, don’t be surprised to take a body shot. You see the reactions and examples your comments have raised. You got your work cut out for you today. Feel free to offer the ALADS rebuttal.

    Although, not having facts or knowledge to begin with is an odd way to pick a fight in this forum. God Speed my friend. You might be the next boomer… I am ready to go 10-8 in that radio car of trust.

  • Deputies being prosecuted for crimes in which they are innocent, Alleged Vendettas, Murder cover ups, Break ins at LASD and evidence stolen, Beatings, lawsuits, Obstruction of Justice, etc.

    Go get ’em Federal Government. !!!!!

  • @ Get Your Facts Strait: if you are right, how come this blog isn’t inundated with loyal ALADS supporters. However there seem to be plenty of unhappy people. I’m going to have to agree with “Gold Member,” anyone who is this passionate about defending a decision not to support a fellow Deputy and his Attorney fees, must be someone currently on the board. In your words ” not how partners have each others backs, dude!”

    If you’re so worried about the Execs “divide and conquer” tactic, then maybe ALADS should pay the bill since they won.

    Quit speaking out of both sides of your mouth. Not only does it look funny, but it reveals your lack of intelligence!

  • Mohican, that article was embarrassing. A Cop that’s a Pastor, I’m sure they hide him from crime. This Sheriff is a wimp, we need Cops, not social workers.

  • #30: Deputy Owens wouldn’t be able to find a felon within death row. I have worked with him at cpt28. His 29 year old handcuff is still brand new. He is a Cecil Rhambo boy, easy job with a make up your own work schedule.

  • You guys have been busy talkin trash while I was working. But, Golden boy, you are completely wrong. I am not on the alads board and don’t think I’ve ever met any member of the board. I’m also not a dick Shinee cheerleader just for the sake of stroking someone’s ego. I think I’ve met him twice. No, I’m just a deputy who has a job as a deputy only because of green & Shinee. I’m sure that’ll just make you all dismiss me but hey, I know who has worked hard for me and it was for no reason other than I was a deputy sheriff who got fired for something I didn’t do. I’ve at least walked the walk unlike you, mr golden one, who I would bet my pension is none other than little Robbie’s daddy. I wasn’t lucky enough to have a dad who was a commander in the department to fight me fight for me. I just had an attorney who actually cared. And, mr golden rain, yours is at least the 4th different version of your story that I’ve heard from Robbie and his 3 friends. I’m glad to know that you, your boy, and your followers don’t represent the true beliefs of actual deputies, as opposed to the commanders, Chiefs and above who would be the most thrilled to see green & Shinee leave Alads. And, Huh!, I suspect happy alads members have better things to do than read this drivel, Especially since it’s clear no one here wants to hear what they have to say. So, with that I’m done. Enjoy jumping on the by wagon driven by a bitter commander who never made chief. I’ll stick with my boys who I know have my back, and my dinosaur paws. Which, by the way Jack Dawson, I though was at least clever. I’m out.

  • Stop hating on this Deputy. God gave him his position and only God can take it away. You need to air your grievances about your executives who are regulated to climate controlled offices and high caloric meals. If you want to talk about career short cuts, I’m sure your list is several pages. You haters will always say something negative whether he’s speaking hope or selling dope.

  • An inspiring article in these dark and uncertain times for deputies. Thank you Celeste. No one else would ever post how these deps were vindicated.

  • That article describes exactly the road McDonald is going to take LASD down. I couldn’t believe it when I read that “it only takes 15 minutes to figure out if the recruit wants to do the right thing OR just wants to take somebody to jail”. Alads just needs to weather the current storm and they will be home free as we hire social workers, anti type A Personalities, people who have such a “moral compass” that real law enforcement need not take place. The LASD does not want the Lindsey’s of the world on their Department, they want the dr. phils.. I’m surprised A/S Rothans did not get a hug and a slap on the ass, a participation trophy and a “go get em next time” pep talk.. We are truthfully THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS

  • It’s sad that when we here of management behaving this way it’s not surprising. The retaiatory philosophy of the LASD is still in full effect even though Tanaka is gone. They will still lie and cheat to push their agenda, regardless of the damage to deputies careers.

    Get your facts strait- ALADS is the first line of defense? The grievance process is a JOKE! LASD executives have no respect for ALADS. How many cases does Dick Shinee pursue beyond the grievance process? Very few. He doesn’t have to, he makes million$ a year off of ALADS. Let’s get real about Dick Shinee, he’s a friend of Tanaka.

    Lindsey and Rodriguez went to an outside attorney for good reasons. Why should ALADS members be limited to Green & Shinee?

  • Get ready for all the Lieutenant movement. It shouldn’t be a big surprise. Same old stuff, needs of the department? Ruining careers and for what. Who is the Sheriff’s listening to? You want to make a difference transfer the weak Captain’s that you have promoted. Do something Mcnaka What a pathetic joke. You have Captains and above that lie, cheat, gamble, falsify documents and you reward them. Well when you run your next campaign we can look at the list of donors.

  • “Get Your Facts Strait” is trying too hard to convince us that he is not on the Board and then talks about Deputy Lindsey and “his friends” in enough detail to show he is most likely on the Board.

    I don’t even know what to say about someone being so disrespectful and cowardly while hiding behind a blog name. But, as I ask around, most people seem to know who that “Board” members is, and it’s the same Rep he has as a Deputy, with those who have actually worked where he has been “assigned.”

    “Happy ALADS member,” what’s that? All I can find is disgruntled, disinterested ALADS members. Happy ALADS members would be here defending the Association and would take the time to vote. Less than 1000 ballots returned for most anything that requires a membership vote isn’t very impressive out of 7500 ballots mailed. If it wasn’t for “Agency Shop” ALADS would be on the verge of decertification, but without “Agency Shop” they would be forced to perform well.

  • Jackie Lacey Should be in jail now.
    Her and Tanaka worked together on this.
    I would prosecute her in a heartbeat.

    What a sorry excuse for A DA.

    Like most people have said.

    Lacey and her prosecutors will do whatever it takes to bring a case to trial. Even lie about it,
    Or alter evidence. If i ever get taken to trial by her prosecutors im gonna take her to court and have her barred as a a DA from the state bar.

  • Sheriff McD – tell EVERYONE with rank on their collar to retire. Lots of shep in lambs clothing (Former Tanaka Boys) are still hiding out in the organization. And you just promoted a couple of them! Why? The well is still poisoned. Look to your Sergeants for leadership. Don’t ask those selfserving Tanakanites “how’s it going?” They are lying to you.

  • Poor “Get Yer Facts Straight #18, #24, #34: You sound soooo abused because you have a deputy’s job. What are you working? Subpoena Service? First of all, as I surmised, you did drink some of “Dick’s” Kool-Aide. And I’ll take your bet, regarding being Robbie Lindsey’s Dad, but like “Dick”, you won’t pay up. How much is your pension worth? I am not only NOT Robbie’s Dad, I am not related to the family except through working LASD and having worked ghetto stations. I also have management experience, so I’ve been around the block a few times. You, on the other hand, remind me of someone, who as a youngster, had his lunch money taken away by the “big boys”. I would probably have to “bitch slap” you to collect anything. You’re all mouth, with nothing to say. You’re certainly no detective, because I doubt you could find a pullet in a hen house. Now that we’ve dispensed
    with mutual pleasantries and salutations……..

    As is typical with someone not knowing all the facts, but needing to obtain acknowledgement and approval for self-aggrandizement, you appear like a parasitic sycophant, and spew the regurgitated vomit which has been fed to you by “Dick” and friends (four ALADS Board members). AND, you attack the victim’s father, family, and all the supporters that Robbie Lindsey has. Yes, I can see how you know how to “cover your fellow deputy’s back”. In the shootings, and many “knock-down, drag-out” altercations in which I was involved, I would have been more concerned about you having my back than the criminal elements I was confronting.

    You state that “I suspect happy alads members have better things to do than read this drivel, Especially since it’s clear no one here wants to hear what they have to say.” Perhaps, “Mr. Straight Facts” / “They took my lunch money, again.”, the “happy” deputies are the 95%+ bloggers who are “backing” Robbie Lindsey and calling for ALADS to pay his attorney’s fees. Those deputies comprehend the situation, and know the true meaning of “having someone’s back”.

    You talk about your having been persecuted and having been accused of false allegations by the Department. Isn’t that exactly what happened to Robbie Lindsey and Charles Rodriguez? Then you talk about “having another deputy’s back”. You don’t know the true meaning of having a fellow deputy’s back! Can you tell me how you have your fellow deputies’ backs in this instance by “bad-mouthing Robbie’s and Charles’ innocence, while supporting “Dick’s” refusal to pay for the attorneys that exonerated them? You speak of having heard four versions of “the story”. Perhaps that is because the stories you heard were from “Dick” and the ALADS board members’ versions because Robbie Lindsey has had to repeat the story to them at least three times regarding why he had to go to an “other attorney” than “Dick”.

    And in paraphrasing your last comments in #34, I’ll bet you do know some “Boys that “have your back”. Especially since you’re so “fond of “Dick”, and ended your blog with “I’m out”! Did you mean the closet? And lastly, you referred to me as “golden rain”. Were you referring to “golden showers? I believe I should be “covering my back” Hugs & Kisses, the Golden one……..

  • Very interesting Lt’s movement list to say the least. More of the same ole same ole. Hey if you were a friend or donator of Paul’s, you are still a friend of mine, so come on over. “Mc D” has no clue, and we can just keep rolling along. Old exec’s bringing in new Capt’s. to just continue the Tanaka BS. Well my hat is off to you, you pulled one over on all of us. We thought “McD” would do the right thing, but nope. I am another one of those that will steer every applicant away from this Dept. telling them to go to an agency that cares about the line folk, the real workers, not the ass kissers.

  • Really, A New Tomorrow, and on The Patch, you folks got it right. Meet the new sheriff, same as the old sheriff! We were all waiting in suspense to see those “fresh eyes” open a new chapter to the Department’s tarnished history of failed leadership, and what does McNaka give us? More failed leadership!

    McDonnell, did you bother telling your Tanakaite executives to weed their list of all the pay to play players and exam cheaters? The fact that you are using Tanaka supporters as your management team, individuals with well-established integrity issues AND a lack of qualifications, to vet your future managers and executives speaks volumes about your performance as sheriff and would-be reformer.

    Let’s stroll down memory lane to better understand the magnitude of the situation. Tanaka gained control of the entire organization’s leadership, which he used at his beck and call, by compromising the promotional tests and transferring only his loyal subjects to the key positions across the organization. Result? Indictments, convictions, national embarrassment, sheriff resigning in disgrace, an avalanche of lawsuits in the making, plummeting recruitment, and a Department reputation in tatters.

    Chapter two: Interim Sheriff Scott gains control of the organization, and what does he do? He promoted and transferred his loyal subjects much the same way Tanaka did, minus the campaign contributions. His executives, Rothans, Rogers, Fender, and Parra, took care of their people just like Tanaka took care of his, a lesson well learned from their former master. Barrantes? Too busy polishing his three stars to care about the organization’s future.

    Chapter three: Sheriff McDonnell gains control of the entire organization, and what does he do? Exactly the same thing as his two predecessors, with the exact same results. The same 5% of the department’s workforce continue to swap positions and promote from within, while the 95% of the department actually gets the job done.

    I hear that the sheriff actually reads these postings, so if that is the case this is for you sir: We are tired of working for inexperienced, incompetent, unethical, and me-first authority figures. I refuse to call them leaders, because they are only followers, ass kissers and boot lickers. As the saying goes, a fish rots from the head down, and your fish head remains rotten to the core.

    You have an amazing workforce, hard-working, intelligent, principled, and dedicated to serving the community. Unfortunately, none of that has value in your management paradigm, so the department will continue to suffer in recruitment, lawsuits, embarrassments (send my regards to Rothans) and dysfunctionality.

    That is your legacy, Sheriff McDonnell. It ceased to be Baca’s or Tanaka’s about six months ago. If you show the will to turn the ship around, we will help you gladly. If not, you will be a one term sheriff for cause.

  • #46: “…You will be a one term Sheriff for cause.”

    That’s only three years away; time flies fast.

    Any replacements in mind?

  • #s 48 & 49: Good choices!!

    Flies in the ointment: Clarke is Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, and the citizens there aren’t likely to relinquish him because, well, he’s a good Sheriff.

    Bratton is back in New York and not showing any signs of wanting to leave

  • One term Sheriff? Wishful thinking, but you’re only kidding yourself. McDaka is now the Sheriff of LASD for as long as he wants the job. He is entrenched in the “politics” of Los Angeles County, fully supported by the Democrat Party and the citizens of Los Angeles County. He is every bit a lifelong incumbent as Leroy D. Baca was. In my view, these are the only scenarios in which McDaka will become a “one term Sheriff, ” and he knows it. 1. He departs on his own accord to become Chief of LAPD, or other office. 2. A damaging scandal hits LASD and I mean crippling, like Arco Narco, and the media places blame at his feet. 3. McDonnell is exposed to be personally involved in scandal by the FBI or other source and the media reports it. 4. ALADS and PPOA mount a well financed media campaign to expose massive mismanagement and a complete lack of post Baca/Tanaka reform. Not sour grapes, whining issues, but absolutely factual “nothing has been reformed, nothing has changed,” campaign. The LAPD Union quite effectively mounted a full court press against Bernard Parks based on poor morale and mismanagement, full page Times ads, aggressive media campaign by their Union leaders, it was nonstop and it was for cause. Parks was a one term Chief.

    ALADS and PPOA would NEVER take such action, never. What did you hear from BOTH UNIONS, while their member’s throats were being slit day by day from Tanaka and his henchmen? Not one, single word. Those unions were as much an enabler as Stonich and Waldie were to Baca and Tanaka. What are we hearing now from them while the Chongo Fighters and Coin Holders are being promoted and the Rothans EPC of the organization continue to flourish? Yea, that’s what I thought. Dream on people, fresh eyes and reform at the executive ranks ain’t gonna happen. At least McDonnell is not evil and has done the right thing in some areas, I will give him that. He just saw a political opportunity to become Sheriff and took it and is now proceeding at full speed with pacifying his liberal political base. Unfortunately, he has squandered an opportunity to truly reform LASD as only we know it needs to be done. And they wonder why we have a recruitment problem. I’m sure friends and family of active and retired LASD will continue to direct interested applicants to other agencies.

  • I’m going to agree with most of your post 11-Boy, particularly the point where ALADS and PPOA could be game changers but they are as worthless as the day is long. They sold their souls to county government a long time ago.

    There is one thing though, and this is the glimmer of hope I will hold on to. The presidential campaign has proven that the unconventional is becoming more accepted, and status quo is no longer stomached by a restive electorate. That will translate locally as well. The business as usual model of sheriff for life may have ended for good. If McNaka continues to not deliver on reform, he may be testing waters he shouldn’t try for his own sake. There are many more Rothans to come, and they all point back to his unwillingness to clean house of the Baca/Tanaka pestilence.

    Even the media, quick to anoint McDonnell as the savior of the LASD, will have to come to grips that fresh eyes doesn’t always translate into reform. Look no further than Brewer and the LAUSD, he fell flat on his face and was gone very quickly after being heralded as the savior of public education. He couldn’t translate his military experience to running a large civilian bureaucracy steeped in dysfunctionality (sounds familiar?).

    As for now, look for more PR stunts like the “no child prostitution” press conference, another feel-good moment brought to you by the same folks who generated many of Baca’s gems, EBI anyone?

    But hey, enjoy the new class A shirt!

  • News for you Frank, @ 54. Any Reformist will not be on THE ALADS ballot. Only sheep and lapdogs.

  • @Still Laughing: Please explain your “sheep and lapdogs” comment, since I’m on the ALADS ballot. Also, your name along with some facts might add some credibility!

  • Re: ALADS and PPOA, the membership of both unions suffer from terminal apathy. Memberships focus is on one thing and one thing only; when are you guys going to negotiate the next 20% pay raise over two ears? Beyond that, apathy, and the Union leaders know that and like any other two bit politician, they capitalize on it. I am beyond PPOA representation so I no longer have a dog in the fight. But let me tell you what is not being said. To the membership, if you don’t like how “your Union” is being led, then get off your dead ass and do something about. Get off your lazy ass and become involved, attend Rep meetings, find out first hand what is and is not going on outside of salary negotiations. Find out how your money is being spent and who is spending it. If there is something not right, challenge it and expose it. Quit whining and do something about it, or sit down and shut up. Do your leaders actually stand for anything? Or do they love to have their pic taken with politicians and post “thank you” letters in the monthly magazines?

    Beyond MOU and pay raises, the unions could and should be a part, a huge part of reforming LASD and I will tell you why. They were a HUGE part of the disgusting decline of LASD, they were as corrupt as Tanaka, they carried his water and kept their mouth shut. I’d fire everyone of those representatives who sat on their hands, made secret deals with the little man and watched their membership led to the gallows. That is unforgivable, but that is what cheesy politicians do and you, membership, allow(ed) it to happen. And these ridiculous campaigns to circle the wagons to “support” members who do incredibly stupid things, who are receiving appropriate discipline for off the chart misconduct; is that what you pay dues for? Everyone is entitled to representation, absolutely, but there is a limit. Focus your energies on the membership who is truly getting screwed, expose it, report it, that is where your focus should be. You see executive corruption? Report it, the union leadership should take a huge role in that arena, but nope; folks shut up and turn their head, looking for a poker chip they can use later. Your captain takes care of business, spanks people with love when needed, protects people as much as possible, not a phony glad hander who stands for nothing but himself, then support those managers and tell the station bullies shut up. You have a moron for a supervisor who could not lead a dog to piss on a tree? That is what your leadership should focus on. I will leave you with this, management, for the most part, has very little respect for your representatives because they are so often on the wrong side of an issue and bang the wrong drum for the wrong reasons. When you read the back and forth about the union leadership, you can see why there is so much apathy. So MEMBERSHIP, vote the bums out, replace them with folks who aren’t wing nuts and self-agenda driven politicians, but rather recruit and elect folks who want the thankless job for the right reasons.

  • @ 56. You have yet to do anything bold, brave or challenging since your arrival as an ALADS rep. You fall under the category of a conformist, thus your roasting and being pummeled at the candidate’s forum. Actions speaks louder than words, especially yours. Who am I? I am one of many deputies who see right through you. You put “YOURSELF” on front street, so there you have it.

  • @11-Boy: This is exactly what needs to be done. And for you conspiracy theorists, just because I worked FPK doesn’t mean I know “11-Boy,” but it does feel good knowing we are on the same page.

    So, if you won’t listen to me, listen to him and ask Celeste if we are the same person!

  • 11-B.I concur with you on your latest post Re: ALADS & PPOA, particularly ALADS. One needs to go no further than WLA to get the true picture of ALADS. First and foremost is the illegal voting process. (in violation of California Corporate Code concerning mutual beneficial non profit organizations) When and only then, the process of change will begin. The so-called governance gang at ALADS should have done this upon their inception last year. The rep attendance rule was voted upon Floyd Hayhurst to secure position on ALADS Board of Directors. When voting for board members out of total membership and not the select few of their 75% attendance bylaw, then democracy will prevail, to have many voted in and be victorious against ALADS Evil Empire.

  • Would the law firm of Green & Shinee sue the department for $15 million like the above? Nope, grievance denied, we did our best, tuff luck!

    There needs to be consequences for dept brass that allow malfeasance to flourish. A strong union is a start. Get involved and vote the pacifists that catered to the Tanaka crowd out!

    You don’t like how ALADS is ran? Get involved!

  • Ok, so I’ll probably show everyone my weakness with this post.

    I don’t like cowards and always feel the need to respond, when maybe some things should be left alone.

    @Still laughing, yes the coward is meant for you. And, I’m sure you’ll take another cowardly cheap shot without factual basis after you read this.

    Roasted and pummeled at the candidate forum, really? Facts please or is this just a cheap cowardly attempt to convince the 7,420 of the 7,440 who were not in attendance!

    Now, to walk through the door which you opened, that tells me you are worried about exactly what I might help accomplish:

    At the start (2 years ago) My partners and I (Gaisford and another friend whose privacy I’ll respect), learned our Bylaws and pointed out the violations to the ” business as usual mentality.”

    I was also very vocal about the fact it was rumored that ALADS was planning to give hundreds of thousands of dollars, possibly even millions to someone’s campaign for Sheriff. I helped get them to understand that it would be best not to endorse in the primary or give any large sum of many to any one candidate.

    We pointed out that “Armando Macias” did not qualify to be a Director, let alone a Unit Rep, because of his attendance, or lack thereof, after Floyd and Company complained there was no way to curb his inappropriate behavior as a Director.

    We exercised our rights as Reps, per the Bylaws, and audited spending and found violations of inappropriate spending, which we brought to the Boards attention and continue to monitor, with lots of resistance I might add.

    When Floyd then realized some of this could come back on him and labeled me a “trouble maker,” and I learned that a good portion of the membership was not happy with Floyd, “I” challenged Floyd to resign by threatening to “wake the sleeping giant” (majority membership). He then resigned.

    I started showing up to the Board of Director’s meetings, to sit in and listen, since there was always misinformation relayed as to what actually was happening behind those doors. At first we were not allowed in until we challenged them to show us where it said so. We are now allowed in, and in fact, emails now go out inviting any member who wants to attend.

    We were tasked with vetting our current Exec Director (Mr. Hsieh, not Les)when it was said he was being considered for hire, and he is doing an excellent job.

    I could go on and on, but I’ll wrap it up with our biggest accomplishment:

    “We” have “you,” and others, who are involved with ALADS for personal gain, worried that we might actually come in and clean up ALADS. This is evidenced by your post and your sides non-factual, anonymous dirty politicking.

    And guess what, whether I get elected or not, I’m not going away, and some of the younger Deputies who ALADS has failed are rallying behind me.

    Go ahead, take your best shot, but I’ll agree you should probably do it anonymously, so you can change sides when you realize you and your “friends” are now the minority!

  • Ron, wish you well in your efforts. Get rid of DICK Shinee yesterday, post haste. He is the center of ALADS’ malfeasance, and a massive conflict of interest. You need to have a separate corporate attorney who represents the interests of the union, apart from the attorneys who represent the members individually. To have the same person do both is beyond idiotic, it’s probably illegal, costing a fortune in misspent legal fees.

    This should be a test for all ALADS directors – either pull your heads out of your asses and dump Dick or resign.

  • Unfortunately the last ditch efforts and hail Mary’s of Steck won’t save him. The forked tongue and double mind, along with flip flopping on factions will cost him….dearly. A no-hit wonder.

  • Just started reading these posts; Seriously. All I can say is wow, our business is out there and you folks are laying each other out like a carpet and not a rug. Just a suggestion, why not have ALADS or some technologically gifted deputy host a blog that is secure for deputies to log into anonymously and post their views confidentially. This way LASD drama will remain private and not be the laughing stock of the general public. I was told about this by a LAPD buddy of mine and he was clowning our department. It’s sad to see how weak our department has gotten and how much we are the laughing stock of everyone else. Those of you that had a hand in it, all we can do is shake our heads and suggest a more secure confidential alternative. Just a suggestion, I’m not soliciting any rebuttals or trying to create any conflict. Obviously 98% of the discussion on each LASD related board completely sways away from the primary topic of the said article. Also, another thing I noticed was, the only activity that is ever generated on this site is articles related to LASD. Feel free to browse through every other non LASD related articles and see how many posts are blogged. As one poster said, “This site is being monitored by everyone, FBI, Dept Execs, ATF, DOJ, etc..” yes, they are monitoring it most likely for entertainment purposes like everyone else. If LASD folks stop blogging on this site, I doubt it will last. As it is, it’s not getting much traffic already. No offence Mrs. Celeste, just my observation maam. Let’s try this. Instead of bickering about ALADS elections on a blog meant for a deputy that disappeared years ago, I’d like to challenge current ALADS board members to look into creating a safe, confidential site that deputies can access to vent and blow off some steam. Because in reality, it is pretty entertaining. Be safe to my partners and god bless. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s not that serious.

  • correction, on my post regarding the topic of post, not the deputy disappearance but deputies suing the department. My apologies.


    Dear Humble Suggestion, FYI: I keep the comment function running solely as a service to the LASD men and women, working and retired, who seemed to benefit from a forum in which they could share observations, feelings and opinions at time when no other forum was available. As it appears still to fill a need, and because commenters have asked me to keep it open, I continue to do so, even though monitoring it is time consuming. The comments are, as you suggest, being monitored by other agencies.

    HOWEVER, the LASD-related comments are not a reflection of the overall reader traffic on the site, or the larger needs that WitnessLA addresses.

    We are fortunate in that WLA—and our newsletter, The California Justice Report—fill a gap in LA County and statewide reporting and commentary on criminal justice issues, thus we are read avidly by policy makers, public officials and their staffs, local journalists, and others with an interest and stake in these issues and the public policy that affects them.

    Just thought you’d like to know.


  • Good point Mrs Celeste, however, this site/forum is widely known by everyone as a complaining session, internal dirt, or made up conflicts within LASD. It’s unfortunate that there are certain disgruntled individuals who feel the need to defame and slander their own partners whom I know for a fact they would die for if put in a car with. As with any organization, you will have issues; LASD is not immune from that at all. What is noticeable and sad is almost at every single post or article, the discussion always turns to personal attacks, accusations, or self serving gripes. It’s unfortunate that there is so much built up animosity from certain parties; maybe justified at times, but a public forum such as this should not be the place to do it. All it does is affect the entire department and not the few that it should be directed too. I appreciate the opportunity you provide those to vent and confine in you, however, majority of the issues seem to stem from being personal. Thus far all I’ve read in posts are, “Wide corruption at LASD then and now”, “Tanaka and Baca are evil” (even after they’re gone for a year now)and now, “ALADS election”. Unfortunately everyone I’ve spoken with at the rank and file level has no clue what these posters are saying or even know who these individuals are. The conclusion we’re getting is, the posters were at one time high ranking executives who never received the promotion they felt they deserved and are now on a mission to slander and expose those they feel responsible for their lack of promotion to a higher position. I have yet to read anything involving deputy level issues, if there are any, it’s always surrounding their own personal agendas. So as far as the entertainment value, it’s comical and at times hilarious, but none of us take it seriously. The issue we have is that it makes our department as a whole look bad because of a select few. I came on this department because of our reputation of being out of the lime light, drama free, a department that stood on proactive police work and took pride in the communities we serve. We are still that department. There are other real issues that are more pressing but this forum is definitely not the arena to discuss them. Sorry, but thank you for your kindness.

  • Humble: Have to respectfully disagree with you partner. Under the previous leadership, we were the laughing stock of law enforcement. Nothing would have changed without Celeste and the LA Times exposing our dirty laundry. Do some commentators go over the top on occassion, certainly. Small price to pay for what has been accomplished. I’m quite,sure the Dept would like to shut down this site and go back to the old way of doing business. Nice try though….

  • Humble suggestion, may I suggest that you put down the crack pipe? You took too many pains to complain about the impact of this forum on the reputation of the department. I sincerely wonder if some of the observations are hitting too close to home for you, which calls into question if you are truly part of the line swine.

    The Baca/Tanaka empire fell because information finally fell into the right hands, years after the department’s reputation was destroyed. As the saying goes, sunlight is the best disinfectant. I will agree that some postings are not helpful, particularly when it involves cross chatter or potentially slanderous statements. Overall, however, this forum serves a purpose that no private chat room maintained by a department member could ever hope to accomplish.
    For those who don’t like their dirty laundry being aired, I would kindly suggest you do your job right and you will never have to worry about what is said here – it will be praise. That goes for everyone, slick sleeves, stripes, bars, and stars – and I don’t care how many.

    Peace out

  • @ Humble: You made several key points.Some of the posts are personal, some are stupid and some are entertaining. The truth of the matter is that many are so relevant. Yes, LASD dirty laundry is aired to the whole blogisphere and the rest of the world. Without the validity of proof accompanied with the brutal truth, many deeds would have continued without interruption. Pandora’s Box, OPS personnel files leaked, the punitive transfer of Captains who backed Tanaka, Deputy brutality in Los Angeles County jails, the exposure of A/S Rothans, the dysfunction of ALADS, the dissatisfaction and disappointment of Sheriff McDonnell. This are only the ones that are widely known. Needless to say that without Celeste and staff at Witness L.A., it would be business as usual.

  • @Humble – let’s not forget that the little guy unsuccessfully tried to shut this site down, even threatened to impose discipline upon commenters … To suggest that the rank and file is out of touch is an insult. Your comment is proof that they are still afraid to speak their minds to you out of fear of retaliation. They are they heart and soul of the department, not you … you are the joke. Who are you really speaking for? Since you are brass … Let’s not forget that corrupt brass is the problem. Silencing deputies through lies and retaliation is ingrained in the LASD management culture. Deputies do great things every day, but you and your ilk just use them as scapegoats and political pawns… stepping stones to achieve the next rank. You are the problem, not the deputies or this forum. Nice try, though …”sir”.

  • Your responses proved my case. Name calling, personal attacks and whining. Just because I disagree with the context and the manner which posts are blogged does not have to mean I’m an executive or smoke crack. We’re all entitled to our own opinion just as you are. I wish I was an executive, but for now I’m a patrol deputy with common sense and I would say, “level headed maturity” and won’t engage a bunch of angry retirees in personal attacks or debates in a public forum. I feel your pains and wish you luck. Have at it in your personal forum, and know this, no one takes you seriously after a while. To prove my case about the site, they posted a corruption article regarding the probation department, guess how many bloggers jumped on that “Bandwagon”? Just one! Nuff said. Good luck and I wish you all the best. Nothing personal, we’re all tan and green, until that’s changed too. :)…

  • With the braggadocio of Donald Trump and more i’s than an iPhone factory, it is assuredly safe to say that ALADS will be saved by none other than .62) Ron Hernandez. I’m sure Dick Shinee and fellow Board members can breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Humble Suggestion,
    FYI, if you were around in patrol in 2000 you would know that other agencies began, as you put it, “clowning” LASD within a year of Baca becoming sheriff. The LA County sheriff was (at that time ) a very high profile position. Lots of media exposure and the position carried lots of weight among the leaders of other agencies. Not just in CA, but nationwide also. It didn’t take the leaders of other agencies long to realize that Baca was a joke. Every time he opened his mouth at inter-agency LE gatherings the leaders of the other agencies left the function shaking their heads and talking amongst themselves about how Baca was a nut job. Word filtered down to their troops. Then his policies, for instance his extremely restrictive pursuit policy, became common knowledge among agencies that surround our RD’s and word was definitely out. The LASD was not the same. Many of Baca’s own executives laughed at him when not in his presence, and then turned around and kissed his ass when in his presence. It was common knowledge the sheriff of LA County was a New Age nut job and a joke. We’ve been laughed at for 15 years. Witness LA isn’t responsible for LASD getting clowned. Leroy Baca, and Leroy Baca only, is responsible for that.

  • @No More Drama: So now it’s bragging, when I defend myself from the accusation that I “haven’t done anything” since becoming a Unit Rep (see #58, “Still laughing)?

    If you actually slow down and read, you’ll see that “I” took credit for what “I’ve” done and used “we” where my partners and “I” accomplished stuff! But, quiet honestly, you’re right “I/we” couldn’t have done anything without us supporting each other.

    It’s kind of curious how you didn’t attack any of the facts pertaining to what “I” wrote or “we” accomplished, but instead made another failed attempt at making me look like a “useless bad guy,” with deflection! Probably because you know Deps dislike braggarts, but don’t mind working with a team player!

    And quit changing your screen name already, I can’t keep up. “Still laughing” disappears and “No more Drama” shows up, and still no affirmative defense of your statement, and still no real name!

    “Donald Trump?” Is he still leading in the polls? Wow, maybe the ALADS members are as pissed off at the ALADS “majority” Board as the public is with our government!

    And for the record, I have an Android phone, not much of an iPhone fan!

    Your turn!

  • I’m still here still laughing. Thanks for the acknowledgement. You and ” all involved” know that I’m not solo about you or the other characters.

    At NMD…….Great Call. LMAO!

  • Now, I’m laughing with you! Played you like a fiddle. You haven’t said anything in two days, but I call you out through “No More Drama” and poof, here you are!

    So, you’re either sitting next to each other at the coffee shop or your the same person.

    Sorry, I’ll apologize again, to the other bloggers, for not being able to leave well enough alone! But, I just have call people on their BS. After 54 years, too late to change now.

    Ok, I’ll try to stop!

  • The initial posts were informative and celebratory regarding Deputy Lindsey and Deputy Rodriguez. With all the back and forth and who shanked who, let’s not forget that the legal ball & bill was dropped on both of them. I hope ALADS does the right thing for the right reasons for the right people. The division amongst deputies must stop. For the newest board members who are to be elected next month. Clean your slate and be known as true “game changers” No one should come between line personnel. That includes Attorneys (Shinee), Executives and IA & ICIB.

  • @”Deputy,” good job at bringing us back to the point of this story. Your comment is absolutely right.

    If you’re not already doing so, I encourage you and all members to get involved. Don’t make the mistake I made. If you’re paying dues to ALADS, get involved early in your career and hold your “elected Board” accountable to what’s important to you, the membership. At the bear minimum keep yourself informed, so when you need to get deeper involved, your not playing catch up. When you sit in on the meetings you truly learn what’s real, who has your back and who doesn’t.

  • @ 84. Before I send my ballot in, can you advise myself and the majority of deputies the biggest differences between the current board members. Obviously via numerous sources and the current posting, what in your opinion is lacking that is overlooked by current board. Not to blast anyone (just being real as he placates membership) but Steck is weak and many will not vote for him. Has anyone reached out to LAPPL? This is my last shot before I adopt LASPA. The hard questions have to be answered and the legitimate issues has to be addressed, ie..Legal representation for all, the true and openness of the finances to members. Your answers will get to members faster and undiluted through WLA. I trust nothing published by ALADS.

  • @Deputy Says. I believe Ron Hernandez and Dave Gaisford share your concerns. As far as the openness of the finances, I know that he and Gaisford fought for months to be able to look over the credit card statements of the members of the Board of Directors. And they’ve both been vocal about Deputies deserving to have the support of the union and options when it comes to their legal defense. Those things have obviously not gone over well with some of the board members and others down at ALADS, but they’ve continued to push for those things anyway.

  • @ “Deputy”: The biggest difference between Board members is who has the best interest of the Deputies. The whole reason I’m running is because myself, Dave Gaisford and many others have started making suggestions, as Unit Reps, to the Board, with very little resolve.

    The majority Board has adopted the mentality that the Reps and membership don’t tell them what to do. We know this, because we (the Rep Corp) have asked them to handle some important issues and they don’t tell us “no” to our face, but instead vote contrary to the Reps, when behind closed doors.

    It appears you already have an opinion about the President, but he, the current Treasurer and Secretary generally vote in the best interest of the Deputies.

    As far as legal representation, more than one choice is the best way to go, in my opinion. As far as finances, it was a struggle, but we followed protocol and per the Bylaws we were able to examine some specific dates and intend to do more in the future, either as a Board member or a Unit Rep, no matter the outcome of the election.

    I know there have been some talks with LAPPL, but I am not aware of the outcome or what was discussed. Reaching out to other well run organizations seems like a no brainer, right!

    I hope this helps.

  • Ron, thanks for being upfront with everything, including having the courage to use your real name. Here’s who all the deputies we know are going to be voting for…This includes vast majority of patrol and custody facilities we work OT at….Hernadez, Rios, Gaisford and Steck. Steck for the mere fact that he has been the only one who’s been sticking up for deputies when the rest shot us down. Also, it’s time to have patrol minded people on that board, instead of motors, TST, custody, courts, etc…every other non patrol related slug that wants a lazy spot to have some power has ran for ALADS board. We don’t care about your 2 – 3 years at some slow station before you ran away and went back to courts, custody, got your motorcycle or became a highly paid MTA bus driver. We in patrol have no respect for those and about time, patrol deputies became involved in this election.

  • @88. Wordswithout. You are one of many who divide deputies and pit them against each other. You knock non-patrol, even though many have went or returned to other positions within the department, for whatever reason they have or chose.
    The voting process is already stacked & diluted. You only add to it with your bullshit.You call other deputies slugs, yet you include Steck’s name on a “varied opinion” voting card.

    Your post reeks of unsubstantiated information. You and those who think like you are not needed or wanted on the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

  • @88…….You talk like a idiot by categorizing deputies (based upon unit of assignments). You also paint a vivid picture of why ALADS is so vehemently hated.

  • Here’s a fact.

    It should not be news that the more tenured deputies work in the Courts and TST. See how far that gets you and your ticket of candidates for ALADS election. “Patrol minded”……..Nice

  • Ron: As I mentioned in my post at .83) re: division & cliques. I failed to mention assholes as in post .88). What would your response be to that. Clearly it is stirring the pot. Such is reason why the voting at ALADS elections are dismal at best.Deputies are looking for diplomacy and equity as it very well should be but is not. After that post in .88) which does hindrance more than anything, can’t you see why the reluctance of deputies getting involved is prevalent. Seeing that we now have dual tracks for deputies, are those who choose custody, less than? Should they have a separate association? One again, fools such as #88 add to the demise of an organization that makes it lively hood off the backs and pockets of deputies. Many deputies are listening and watching Nov. 9th.

  • Save yourself a headache, join LASPA. No posturing, no cheap talk, no bullies, top notch legal representation. LASPA is about the mission and not the money (that lines the pockets of certain individuals). Choice of attorney’s, lean with no fat, smaller but stronger.

  • @Deputy: I have been around long enough (31 years) to know that there are good, as well as bad Deputies in most, if not every assignment. The are various reasons for people choosing to work at where they do. Some for convenience, some for the type of work involved, and yes some because they are lazy, I’ve seen it.

    This may sound like BS, but I am the type of person who can stare at a trash collector, in awe, if he does his job efficiently and better than the next guy. I’m not at all trying to say I do my job better than the next guy, but my point is, I agree with “anyone” who has a “legitimate” gripe.

    I recently told someone that the “representation” you get from ALADS shouldn’t be based on whose camp you’re in, who your friends are or where you work. If you’re paying dues, then ALADS should be there for you, at least to the point where “someone” can articulate in detail, why they left you on your own.

    As a Detective, I have had to handle a few cases where I disliked the victim more than the defendant, but my job was to see it through, after viewing it from from all angles. It may sometimes be a long wait, but eventually the truth comes out, sometimes too late, but more often than not, right on time!

    For those who are now going to attack me, because this sounds like a campaign speech, because it kind of does, remember “Deputy” asked me a question, to which I am responding. Also, you know or can easily find out who I am (since I’m using my name) and ask anyone who truly knows me if theses have always been my feelings or if I just made them up for the campaign.

    There is a Unit Rep meeting this week. Get the details from ALADS’ website or you should have received an email. Not sure it would be a good idea for me to post details, on this blog. I will be at the early meeting for sure, if any member would like to speak to me or some of the other candidates. The meetings are open to “all members” despite some Director’s beliefs.

  • Thanks Ron, you seem to be the only one with a pair. This is the reason everyone is supporting you and your endorsees. All the others are just keyboard tough guys with anonymous names. Just like they are in real life. The current board members never have the respect and decency to deny you or say what they feel to a deputy in person, but would rather go behind your back and stab you and bad mouth you. Ballots are being mailed out as we speak. Hernandez, Gaisford, Steck and Rios. Let’s see what you guys will accomplish. There’s a lot of hope placed on you. Good luck and God Speed!

  • Copy. With the exception of Steck, I hope someone confronts the existing board, not only in a blog but in person.

    I also speak for the 50+ guys with over 25. They will NOT vote for Steck. I also know that through “hell or high water” that he will NOT remain as President or V.P. That in of itself is priceless.

  • Already the back pedal, the shim sham and the bam alam. @ Deputy it’s obvious that your questions were deflected especially in the first paragraph. That’s the beginning of the end. Come Wednesday it will be very interesting at the rep meeting.

    Good luck to you Deputy outside of the political ALADS.

    As for me, I enjoy the show, the lunch and the $20.00 attendance check per meeting for all the reps that is dispersed every December.

  • At Deputy:
    Concerning your statements and sentiments in post 92, you definitely were on point. With no dog in ALADS mud puddle, I can truly say that there is nothing new under the sun even in law enforcement. After most deputies catch on, they put their focus elsewhere. My advice to you is keep your distance, but keep your options closer.

  • We all hope you clean up ALADS Ron.. It’s a uphill battle, but with you calling out the current regime, they will walk on eggshells.

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  • Your ALADS board is crap and I hope you all get involved with the up coming election and get the old way of doing business out and new ones in

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