LAUSD Adult Ed Director Ed Morris Reportedly Fired by Supt. John Deasy, Tues.

We have heard that Los Angeles Unified School District Adult and Career Education director, Ed Morris
, was fired on Tuesday afternoon.

According to our source, Morris received the news around 4 pm from Deputy Superintendent of Instruction, Jaime Aquino, who is Morris’ direct supervisor.

There is no word yet on why Morris was let go.

The news came on the same day that WitnessLA reported statements made by Morris (and to a lessor degree, Deasy) in an interview with an NPR reporter, in the course of which Morris harshly denigrated the value of the GED test.

Adult Ed teachers found the remarks particularly egregious in that GED prep classes have long-been considered an important part of the Adult Ed curriculum—the budget for which is on the chopping block, its fate scheduled to be voted on by the LAUSD board in mid March.

More as we are able to confirm it.

UPDATE: A number of sources yesterday confirmed that Morris was escorted out of the building and put on leave. However, most of those we spoke with on Wednesday who know him personally assured us that Ed Morris is, in fact, very much in support of the Adult Ed program, and that it is Deasy who seems determined to dismantle it.


  • a very ill timed decision. every attempt to stabilize the district must be made. This decision reverses such efforts.

  • The “Ed Morris” above is either: a) the real Ed Morris saying that his being escorted from 333 S. Beaudry by security guards is bullshit (which I think it was); or b) a troll, wishing to discredit the story, which is most definitely true.

    @ Peter 4: Deasy seems intent on destabilizing the district, and if you don’t think it’s possible that a superintendent would want to destabilize a large urban school district, with all the chaos and personal tragedy that would entail, check a related story about Deasy on my blog:

  • What did E. Morris do for Adult Ed? You can thank him for closing much needed LVN programs, blocking tenure, making the union file Public Record Act Requests to get (public) budget information, refusing to hold (contractual obligated) meetings with union representatives. Thank E. Morris for aiming low – for developing a scheme to create more “completers” as a way to save Adult Ed instead of providing leadership and vision for the educational needs of our communities – thank him for emphasizing concurrent students over ADULTS, thank him for cutting teachers 50% (therefore classroom instruction) and protecting administration, thank him for retaliating against union representatives and refusing to dialogue or collaborate. Look at the trend of Adult Ed here in L.A. over the last few years under Morris’s leadership. The trajectory has been DOWN – to maintain that Morris was a “protector” of the educational and job training needs of the Los Angeles community is absurd. Now we have a chance. It’s springtime in L.A.! If only we can take advantage of it.

  • So speaking a well-known and openly acknowledged fact gets you fired these days? Unless you’re a wholly owned subsidiary of Monica Garcia, it appears so.
    Re:”Harshly denigrated.” Overreact much?

  • Ed Morris can stand tall for not sucking up to a school Superintendent that frankly doesn’t give a damn and never did about Adult Education. To Hell with all the parents of the children that are served in the K-12 system and High School Dropouts. That’s the Superintendents’ Message. They don’t need to learn English, Pass the GED Test, get their High School Diploma or Job training. Well, true leaders like Mr. Morris are the target for fools with power who don’t see the big picture, refuse to listen to those with experience and knowledge about the impact created by not educating our adults in need. Shame on YOU John Deasy! You need to Go ASAP! Oh, Julie, Shut up! You don’t know what you’re talking about… Proud to know Mr. Morris!

  • Mr. Morris’s firing comes as no surprise to those who have watched the District and the Board steal adult ed funds each year since “flexibility” kicked in. Ed fought for every dollar but had to follow orders from the TOP.

    The point Mr. Morris was trying to make during that interview was that having ONLY a GED in today’s economy was a scary thing. The experts agree. What the interview fails to do is include the rest of his comments. That quote is taken OUT OF CONTEXT. Ed has been an advocate for adult education students and staff for many years. Anyone saying otherwise doesn’t know him or adult ed. This action just reflects the continued efforts of those at the top to dismantle the adult division.

    Hold on to your hats Los Angeles, you think the local economy is bad now, just wait until the adult ed students hit the streets. Hundreds of thousands of HIGH SCHOOL drop outs of all ages without the opportunity to earn a GED will have no where to go. No GED preparation or testing will be available to thousands of locals as LAUSD runs the largest testing center in California. No job training for those who CANNOT get into community college because classes are already full, especially remedial classes. Now that is scary!!! Where are the politicians? This is a matter of protecting the little economic recovery L.A. is experiencing.

    Mr. Morris got fired because the Dr. Deasy and the Board was “tired of the organizing and protesting.” Ed didn’t organize anything. The students did. That is their right!!!! Ed took the first fall. Thanks Ed.

  • Mr. Deasy, if you don’t like the advocacy for adult education, “I suggest you submit your resignation”

  • So you all think that firing Morris is going to stop the “organizing and protesting”? Riiiight. Yep, it was Morris organizing the 220,000 signature petition drive and protests at school sites and the 3,000 plus rally downtown and more. Geez, I coulda sworn it was the UTLA Adult Ed Committee who came up with a plan to Save Adult Ed after Morris told DACE administration in December & January to keep a low profile and not speak up.

    Deasy is no fan of public education or adult ed. He’d eliminate it in a heartbeat (& tried), but now has been forced to consider other options because of the (union and student organized) protests, petition drives, letter writing, etc. So here’s my question: Morris was leaving anyway on June 30 (when his contract expired). If Deasy wanted to eliminate adult education, he could have just let the clock run out on Morris’s contract. Why step in NOW and send him on his way? Why are others in the division now being asked to come up with some plan to Save Adult Ed if Morris was so brilliantly trying to be our savior?

  • Julie, thanks for clearing the air about Ed not being part of the organizing and protesting. Now they will know at the top it was beyond his control. As for letting the clock run out on Morris’s contract, think about that. Ed must have been doing something to thwart their plans or the powers that be would have let that happen. Duh! No controvery or bad press, simply let him ride off into the sunset. Ed however, didn’t do that. He confronted them on it with Ed Code in hand.

    I think it is time to stop asking questions about Ed Morris and start pressuring the Sacramento crowd. Adult Ed can only survive if its funding is placed back in a protected category. Time for UTLA and all the supporters of what is best for Los Angeles to take the fight up north!

  • All I have to say is that Ed has been a supporter of Adult Ed as long as I can remember. He has fought continuously to keep adult ed open.

  • John Deasy Fired Mr. Morris to take the FOCUS off the Child Abuse Scandals in the K-12 schools. The little children, our little darlings can’t be protected by their Shepard, John Deasy. His problems can’t go away with Smoke and Mirrors. He took a Head Shot at the Leader of Adult Education to scare us. THE BODY is standing Tall like Mr. Morris! Navy Seals don’t go down that easy… We are coming John Deasy. You and any School Board Member that turns their Back on the Parents of the children of Los Angeles and denies them Adult Education Programs will see the troops coming armed with the support that will hold your feet to the fire. We thank all our brave leaders and politicians who have joined us… We are Just Getting Started! Oh yes, John Deasy, TAKE CARE OF OUR CHILDREN! Child Abuse Training is Not The Answer to Stopping Child Abuse…It’s a Band-Aid! Another Cover-Up! Open The Doors to The Los Angeles Police Department to flush out and drag out those sick predators…

  • Both Deasy and Morris are mediocre at best. Julie is right about Morris, so you pro-Morris puppets cans stuff it. So can you pro-Deasy supporters. Even our own union, UTLA, has used Adult Ed as a bargaining chip with no consideration for the welfare of Adult Ed teachers whatsoever.

  • Ed Morris is one of the most intelligent men I have ever met. As a former director of an adult education program that was closed due to budget cuts, I am very aware of the constaints he has had to work under. Many local adult schools have had to close classes and sometimes whole programs, such as programs for older adults, because of severely reduced budgets. Ed has worked hard to maintain a viable progam.
    Ed has advocated for programs within DACE as well as within California as a member of many professional organizations. He has been influencial in lobbying for, and in some case writing, legislation to protect adult education, our students and staff. He is extremely knowledgable of all issues concerning adult education. I have heard him quote verbatim ed codes concerning adult education many times.
    Those who say Ed hasn’t done anything for adult ed don’t know him.Ed had devoted his career to strongly advocating for adult ed. This is just how dirty district politics works.(Any district, not just LAUSD) Ed was probably forced to leave because his superiors thought he was fighting them too hard.Ed’s loss will be felt and should be mourned not celebrated!

  • John Deasy must Go.

    As a teacher and employee of lausd since 1990, I here place my vote of no confidence in John Deasy.

    Protect the kids, save the teachers.

  • Mr. Ed gone? Straight from the horse’s mouth? Good riddance Never was an Ed Head anyway. Prob’ly the way he planned it–early retirement, so to speak, with all the fixin’s. You know, a tasty severance package. He can head off to Navy Seal Beach and watch the DACE ship sink.

  • Mr. John Deasy is NOT even a doctor. He received his supposed PhD in Kentucky in 2004 WHILE he was the superintendent at Santa Monica/Malibu Unified. I guess he really can be in two places at once.

    The school board rammed him through without even an interview. If you get a job at McDonald’s you get an interview.

    Mr. Deasy is a graduate of the Broad superintendents academy. Eli Broad is a notorious privatizer.

    The agenda is clear: destroy public education and give our tax dollars to profit driven privateers and charter operators.

    Mr. Deasy is a fraud and a Trojan horse sent to destroy public education. The board needs to fire him immediately and, if not, the board should be recalled (except for Zimmer, who abstained on the Deasy vote).

  • Enough shenanigans from Deasy. He’s getting desperate and trying ANYTHING to distract that he is intent on ruining the educational system in Los Angeles and then the corporate cronies can profiteer. His divide and conquer tactics will work against him. No one believes he values education at all.

  • I am confused how this situation in which we find ourselves has become about Ed Morris. I am sure that Mr. Morris would agree that we are focusing on the wrong “person” for what lies ahead of us. Make no mistake what Mr. Deasy has done has been successful – he has diverted our attention from the real issue and that is the dismantling of Adult Education. Whether you liked or disliked Mr. Morris be clear getting rid of Adult Education s still the primary focus of Mr. Deasy and Mr. Aquino. It is easy to blame Mr. Morris because he is no longer here to dispute any comments that are being made. None of us really knows what happened in that office and right now, that is not our concern. What is our concern is preserving Adult Education for the communities that we serve.
    Mr. Deasy would have us believe that we encroach on the district and take money from K-12 and yet we know that Adult Education is a necessary part of the district if we are to ensure that all people are entitled to an education. Who is Mr. Deasy to decide that only those in K-12 should be educated? How many times has Mr. Deasy had to look in the face of a student who has come back to school after many years away needing to obtain either a High School diploma or GED or entry level skills to obtain a job?
    Mr. Deasy with the closing of adult education will essentially turn his back on the very people that he says he is here to educate. Mr. Deasy did you know that people of color are those who primarily use adult education. Adults who were not able to get what they needed in K-12 for whatever reasons; students who come to our country and cannot speak English and want to be a positive part of our communities; those who have no job skills or find themselves without a job and need retraining. These are the students that we serve – it has been a second or third or fourth chance for them to be successful. Students Mr. Deasy who cannot afford to go to a four-year institution or junior college or who have friends in high places that can help them for the right price. What I believe Mr. Deasy forgets about is thing called life, which can have a direct affect on learning. A student in high school who has to quit school so that they can help their family survive or the student who is homeless and who can only concentrate on where their next meal will come or the student who is part of a dysfunctional family who primary concern is survival. These students will not be successful the first time around and that Mr. Deasy is not the fault of teachers or educators. I urge you Mr. Deasy to familiarize yourself with Abram Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and pay special attention to rungs 1 and 2. Our job is and has been to provide these students the opportunities to become productive citizens of their communities; to meet them just where they are.
    Let us not forget that the board appoints Mr. Deasy so the decision whether to save or eliminate adult education lies squarely in the hands of the seven members that we all have voted for to represent our communities. Hey board members are you listening – “WE VOTE YOU IN” the adult education students that we serve “VOTE YOU IN”. The answer is not slashing adult education. It is not slashing the schools in half. We understand that there is a budget cut and we know that we must do things differently; but we also know that every day an adult walks into our doors asking for another chance to do what they could not do in K-12 for whatever reason or reasons or for a chance to better themselves.
    This elimination will bring more destruction to the communities that we serve than I am sure Mr. Deasy or the board members wish to be responsible. Idle minds create idle hands. Ms. Martinez, Ms. Garcia, Mr. Zimmer, Mr. Vladovic, Ms. LaMotte, Mr. Kayser and Ms. Galantzan are you ready to sign on to a plan that will be the biggest social justice issue of our times? The marching of the students is reminiscent of those who marched for civil rights. Do not be fooled board members; if you vote to get rid of or slash adult education so that we cannot serve each of the communities that the 30 schools find themselves, the blame will be placed squarely on your shoulders as these communities become restless. I can assure you that there are enough adult education students and educators who will make it their mission to ensure that none of the seven of you ever serve on that board again and that Mr. Deasy has nothing to do with Mr. Morris. It is nothing that you can prevent by escorting a person out of the building in your attempt to send a message of fear to a group of people who absolutely know that the work we do is more rewarding than you could ever imagine!

  • If you folks who are happy Ed Morris is gone and think this is good for Adult Ed…think again. In battle term (you history buffs should know this)they have just cut off the head and now they will go after the rest. The superintendant just wants the Adult Ed people to tell him the smallest amount we need to run our programs and that is what they will give us. (30% or 20%???) Then after most of gone Adult Ed is gone, it will be very easy to kill us off next year because there will be so few voices left after we have been decimated this year. Short-sightedness is not the way to go here – try to think a little more globally. The superintendant will be going for the jugular next year!

  • Couldn’t agree more with previous post by Adult Ed Advocate. Clearly Deasy’s battle plan is to weaken Adult Ed so much that next year there won’t be enough of a fighting force left to give him any meaningful opposition. If we don’t get rid of Deasy THIS year, Adult Ed will be finished NEXT year. Adult Ed people that lose their careers and students that lose classes this year will not feel like fighting the battle for those who remain next year.

    Here is more detail on the the corruption behind Deasy’s illegitimate PhD.

    If we hope to save Adult Education for Los Angeles, we MUST rid ourselves of this corporate impostor now. All hands on deck!

  • I am here at the new Bell complex weeping over the firing of my boss. I anticipate that I will be the new Executive Director. I’m currently in a small school and I want power,power, power… I also had breakast with the mayor today, the police chief, and the district attorney. To be frank with you, I love Adult Education.

  • The comments above about Deasy’s intent are spot on, but we need to be clear on some facts:

    1). Love or hate Ed Morris, he WAS (and remains), unquestionably, an advocate for DACE, and for adult education in general.

    2). Ed was no rookie. He didn’t earn his nickname by accident. He was the LAST guy in DACE you wanted to pick a fight with (see “Union Julie’s” transparent comments above) because he knew his stuff cold, and he wouldn’t tolerate bullshit. And he was connected, both locally and in Sacramento.

    3). Deasy’s clear intent is to abolish Adult Education. He did it in Santa Monica, and he admitted as much regarding DACE at the recent meeting when he none-too-subtly suggested that Ed Morris resign if he couldn’t “get with the program.” Deasy’s program.

    And this is why Deasy took Ed out. Pure and simple. Ed was savvy, experienced, connected, powerful, and committed to saving DACE, and that didn’t square with Deasy’s plan. Now Deasy’s path to abolishing DACE is much clearer, the resulting internal instability only helps, and unless we get properly organized and step up FAST to jointly fill the void left by Ed’s inglorious departure, we’re done people. Done.

    So let’s assess what’s left:

    1) A Division in chaos, rife with rumors and fear, with people taking sides over the Ed issue, most afraid to organize or protest now, because of the clear message from Deasy that Ed’s head on a platter sends to the rank-and-file.

    2) New leadership of whom most have favorable opinions (both good, capable men, no question) but who realistically fit much better into Deasy’s “program.”

    3). A now stronger Supe, and one who clearly has an apetite for ruthless, cutthroat tactics, and also for wholesale elimination of programs.

    4). A misguided, largely ineffective Union, that thinks it’s “springtime” because Ed Morris got axed (puh-leeze) and which, among other things, opposes added furlough days to deal with the budget shortfall. (People, UTLA is NOT representing DACE’s best interests, much as it may pain you to acknowledge it. Their bread and butter is K-12, and thus K-12 is the UTLA’s first allegiance. When the rubber meets the road, and DACE’s interests conflict with K-12’s, they’re going to side with K-12. Get used to the bottom of the bus, because it’s coming.)

    5). A Board that has to be convinced to go along with Deasy’s “program,” and which is subject to being voted out. Adult students vote. Adult administrators, instructors, and staff vote.

    We are out of options, DACE. Deasy’s intent is clear. He’s going to try to get as much of DACE as he can now, and he’ll be back for the rest next year. Count on it. A minimum operating budget now means an easier coup de grace next year, when the majority of us are in unemployment lines.

    Our only hope is to play hardball. Deasy sure as hell is! The only chance we have of thwarting Deasy’s plan is to apply extreme political pressure on the only entity to which Deasy answers. Deasy is ONLY accountable to anyone indirectly, and that’s through the Board.

    We need to TRULY unite. This isn’t about UTLA versus administration anymore. This isn’t about Ernest versus Ed, or your school chair versus your principal. This is where we ALL need to row in the same direction to do one thing: apply serious pressure to the Board with the clear message that if we go, they go.

    Pure and simple: If you vote to abolish or seriously undermine DACE, you’ll be joining us on the train out. Every single Board member needs to hear that message loud and clear.

    (You listening UTLA??)

    Turn up the heat folks, or kiss it all goodbye.

  • Yeah, it’s astonishing that some of the reaction to this is to critique how Morris ran adult ed in LA. It’s also illustrative how adult educators have been disorganized about advocating for themselves and their students.

    The truth is that Morris was a strong and effective advocate for adult education on the national, state and local levels. That advocacy, that he refused to reduce, stood in the way of district staff’s intention to close adult education. The possibility that adult ed will close in LA in much, much higher without Morris there to obstruct, advocate, and connect with those in Sacramento and Washington.

    A horrible scenario. A worst case scenario for adult ed in LAUSD.

  • Once more I agree with the last two posts wholeheartedly. People that delight in Ed Morris’s departure are completely missing the point. This is Deasy’s act of war against adult ed. Like or hate him, Morris knew where all the bones were buried. With him gone, Deasy is trying to leave us at a huge tactical disadvantage. The only way to turn this crisis into an opportunity is to mobilize now in numbers they have never seen. The newspapers must be contacted to investigate Deasy’s credentials, board members must be threatened with recalls if they vote to zero adult ed on the 13th. The board must be pressured to fire Deasy now. Deasy is a bull in a China shop. He is attempting to cut a program that has been around for more than 100 years instead of trying his best to preserve what he can. And he’s a goddamn liar. He has repeatedly said that adult ed is taking the district’s funds when it is the other way around. He wants adult ed gone so he can take it’s money. Period. In fact, the chancellor of community colleges said he would welcome adult ed programs, but the district won’t give him OUR money…

  • Of course everybody has a right to their opinion, but to say Ed Morris ruined or is not a true supporter of the LAUSD Adult Ed program, those people really need to do their homework. I am not a student from the program or an educator from the program. I’m not even employed by LAUSD, but as a supporter of the adult ed program I have watched Ed Morris with many other people keep this program moving. I have watched him be an advocate for the students, educators, and the surrounding communities that need this program. Let’s get back on track and remember who the real monster is in this terrible nightmare. Dr. Deasy is your enemy! Please! Keep the protesting going, every educator in the LAUSD adult school system should be encouraging their students to get out there and make the calls, send the letters, motivate the people in their community to get involved. Make sure they are being heard! We have so many resources out there right now to help us with this battle, so use them! Remember, take advantage of social media. If you can’t get a word in at the town hall meetings, use social media! It’s a better and faster way to make things happen! It’s too big for Dr. Deasy to try to control.

  • Why is there no mention of how Adult Ed is self-sustaining to a large degree? WIA generates 15M a year. What are the figures for CBET and DL? K-12 cannot get their grubby hands on WIA monies since they are strictly federal funds and for Adult Ed’s exclusive use.

    Shame on everyone for ignoring these facts.

  • I think classroom teachers are amazing multi-taskers. We can write letters, attend neighborhood councils, rally our students to save adult ed and recognize Ed Morris was a inept leader. Don’t get me wrong, if Ed and/or my administration took me away from the classroom, put me in an air conditioned office where I could while away the hours without students and make nearly $100,000 a year, I’d love him, too. I actually sat across from him and spoke about a program at my school that was closing a few years back. He didn’t seem to be very interested. Annoyed might be more like it. I brought my students to the Board of Education and we waited for 7 hours to speak. Amazingly, the Board called my administrator the next day and they kept the program open. I happen to think my students are great supporters of adult ed and they did it on their own time without making $144,000 a year. So, see you at the rallies, keep writing letters, and I think we’ll be just fine without Ed Morris.

  • @ Anonymous…….Shame on you for using acronyms and not providing information on these programs for those who are not in our system.

    Work Force Investment (WIA) – Monies given to adult education programs for showing educational gains in adult ed classes. Educational and employment goal attainment are measured.

    Community Based English Tutoring (CBET) – Funding provided to adult education programs to promote parent participation in their children’s education.

    Distance Learning (DL) – Programs for high school students and adults who are unable to attend classes on a daily basis. They can take home assignments and meet with their teachers on a weekly basis.

    None of these are islands onto themselves. They need the core Adult Education Programs to serve students.

    They bring millions of $$$$ to the District.

    It is important the public know of these PROTECTED adult education funding streams and how they effect the lives of everyone in Los Angeles and Southern California.

    The Adult Education funding crisis could be solved by the politicians with a simple bill reinstating the protected category of ADULT EDUCATION. That is what we need to work on.

    Let’s get busy!!!!!

  • CBET and “distance learning” are in flex and will be absorbed by K-12. They are not immune.

    WIA funds will support a very, very diminished program, and the district administration will point to that and say “see we didn’t really shut down adult ed.” Just like Oakland. 98% of Oakland adult ed is GONE, finished, doors closed, get it?

    Multitasker… get a clue. Your resentment about Morris warps your filters. Stay in your shelf-life pettiness and lose the critical services your students need.

  • Adult Education people must unite. NOW. For the sake of our program, we must put all our differences aside and unite against Deasy and any board member who supports his ruthless agenda. We — and I mean students, teachers, classified staff, and even administrators and Ed Morris (if he’s willing) — must put aside our differences and band together as one unstoppable fighting force to oust anyone who unreasonably tries to eliminate our program. Cuts are one thing. I, for one, am willing to accept proportional cuts, but elimination is a poorly conceived outrage that will damage LA beyond repair.

    We must:

    1. Expose Deasy’s credentials (or lack thereof). If he’s perceived as illegitimate (which he is), he will be neutralized.
    2. Launch recall campaigns against board members who side with Deasy. Their primary goal is their political aspirations. They will not support him if those are in peril.
    3. Get every politician and media outlet possible on our side. Even the conservative Daily News is on our side.
    4. And, as others have mentioned, me MUST get some level of protection back for our programs from Sacramento. We are 350,000 strong. We must launch campaign to do that as well.

    If we fail in this, we will have to continually fight this battle until we eventually lose or the economy improves (whichever comes first).

    We have seen how much we can do together in so short a time. Together we cannot be defeated. Let’s stick — and work — together.

  • @ Fire Mr (not Dr) Deasy: Great link. Here’s another you might like:

    (Note in that link how many Broad Superintendents Academy graduates have been awarded votes of “No Confidence” nationwide.)

    And another:

    And another:

    (That’s a good overall view of dirt on Broad.)

    And another:

    (Note in the link above that five top current LAUSD administrators selected by Deasy were approved by the school board in closed-door sessions.)

  • “Fire Mr (not Dr) Deasy Says:… Even the conservative Daily News is on our side.”

    More and more true conservatives are being ostracized by the party for daring to speak the truth. Bruce Bartlett, the economist who wrote the Reagonomic manifesto with Ronald Reagan wrote a book stating the obvious: George W. Bush ruined the country by turning a 6 trillion dollar surplus into a 6 trillion dollar deficit. See more on this brilliant man as he talks about how the criminal profiteering crony corporations and their installed political lap dogs are destroying everything in the government and dividing up the spoils as fast as they can:

    It’s good to see this discussion going. If teachers do not realize the real intent is criminal profiteering they will lose the battle by watching the theater Deasy orchestrates to divert attention from the real crimes taking place. Look at the massively more expensive, far worse performing privatized schools in Washington D.C. to see what Deasy is trying to turn LAUSD into. How much of the school board is in on this dirty deal? Who let the criminals run the system?

    FIRE DEASY NOW!!!!!!

  • @Angelino: I assumed anyone connected with Adult Ed would know those acronyms, but I thank you for the glossary to help those (if any but Adult Ed’ers are interested) to understand. And by the way, the point of my message was to say that Adult Ed at least sustains itself-at least to some extent.

  • I believe an important angle that needs to be explored & utilized by the movement to save adult ed & fire Deasy (and be very sure that it is a growing movement) is VILLARAIGOSA. We need to be confronting our mayor on his support for this man who is now trying to destroy probably the single most powerful and viable organization promoting social justice in L.A.: LAUSD’s Division of Adult & Career Education. We don’t throw fish at hungry people; we give them fishing rods & nets & teach them how to fish. Villaraigosa is positioning himself as a leader in the Democratic party — the party of the 99% — yet Villaraigosa is allied with Eli Broad, and together they weaseled Deasy into his current job. I’m not feeling the love for the 99% in their efforts to vaporize adult ed.

  • Firing Deasy sounds good but will take a lot of time. We have until March 13 at the very latest.

    Those who are thinking along the lines of WIA and CBET funding have the right idea but remeber WIA must be supplemental. If you cut your core program you cannot collect WIA.

    I think we need to quickly get our WIA and CBET coordinators and our SIS data to report numbers of students served, graduation rates, numbers of GED certificates given, numbers of completers, numbers of CBET tutoring hours put in by parents, numbers of concurrently enrolled studentrs served and anything else we can brag about to show the bourd and our communities whao we are, who we serve and how well we do it. Then we need to be very sure this information gets to the press for release before March 13.

  • @JulieToo: Are you sure about not WIA funds if core programs are cut? Perhaps the District would be off the hook to match the funds if the core is eliminated, but I believe WIA funds must be disbursed to Adult Ed only, nonetheless.

    Your advice about bringing adult ed outcomes to light is good. Unfortunately, my guess is that precisely those outcomes are what Ed Morris was requested to produce. We know what the result was if that was indeed the case.

  • @ John Mears……Yes, we (DACE staff) are and should be weary of using our names in these posts. The writing is on the wall. Get with the program or get out.

    @ All the ED MORRIS HATERS……Your ignorance is showing!!!!

    I say again to all persons interested in saving adult ed in Los Angeles, we must pressure local politicians into composing a bill (like the one to save funding for school buses) to reinstate the protection/category of adult ed. There are lots of people from our ranks who know the key politicians to approach. Getting adult ed out of flexibility is the fastest way to save our funding and our programs. Leg Day is coming up. Hopefully our support of the California Council on Adult Education (CCAE) will be enough to find someone willing to put forth the bill will need. Let’s keep the pressure on the Board also. We cannot allow them to vote adult ed out without knowing what the consequences are.

    For the sake of our students and the rest of the Los Angeles community we cannot let a few power players eliminate adult education.

    Keep up the fight!

  • @Angelino: Why don’t you provide names and contact info so that we could individually act proactively?

  • Each individual must contact their local legislators. Who is your State Representative? Who is your State Congress person? LAUSD has many representatives. We must pressure them all to take action.

  • Failure is not an option! We know our mission. The element of surprise has greater impact. What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking. Move out.

  • Sadly, this battle to privatize schools has all the momentum behind it, as well as the most of the corrupt politicians. Read about how Arne Duncan, the US Secretary of Education, is supporting and joining Michele Rhee EVEN THOUGH THERE IS A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION INTO FRAUDULENT TESTING TO MAKE HER PRIVATIZING THE SCHOOLS IN WASHINGTON DC A “SUCCESS”. Read about it here:

    Corporate Cronyism is ruining the US FAST!

  • If you have noticed Mr. Deasy has successfully stopped all of the marching and protesting. Yes he has everyone scared that if they speak out they will lose their job – GET WITH THE PROGRAM OR RESIGN! So the thing here to remember is this – if we give up just one school on their terms then next year we go through this again.
    We need to be rallying more than ever. Our students have a right to fight for their education. They have a right to speak out just as they have a right to an education. Mr. Deasy how about you cut the money for the miscellaneous conferences and travel that is built into the budget?
    People we can type here all day but if we don’t remove the fear and do what we know pissed Deasy off than we will still be typing all of these great posts from the unemployment line and Deasy will have won. So stop typing and start mobilizing NOW!!! The battle is not over and it is not always given to the bullies (Mr. Deasy and Board Members)!

  • Adult Ed Supporters

    Many community members and politicians have supported adult & career education in L.A. They have made their voices heard. One has been silent: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

    It’s time to ask if he supports Deasy’s plan to kill adult & career ed programs. The “What’s up, Villaraigosa?” campaign begins Monday, March 5th.

    You can contact the Mayor’s Office at (213) 978-0600 or (213) 978-0721 or

  • @LindseyK: FEAR IS NOT PART OF THE EQUATION. Social Meadia can be a “WEAPON OF MASS DISTRUCTION.” Our objective is the downfall of those who are determined to put an end to adult education. Keep typing and sharing your positive spirit. The pulse must be strong and felt by others. The troops must know we are out there. The fools must know that too. Contact the media with the right questions to ask. @ Kay: Where is the Mayor? He always has time for a photo opportunity. Did he attend LAUSD schools. Maybe he graduated from one of the local High Schools. Maybe he attended an adult school at sometime? Maybe his reporter Girlfriend can report on adult education! Flush out all the powers that be. The leaders must not sit on the fence when something like this is on the chopping block. John Deasy Must Go! Posters, bumper stickers, T-Shirts… Also, Save LAUSD Adult Education Programs!… Parents, Children, Students, Community Members should wear them where ever they go. No need to maintain “Radio Silence!” Put the word out!


    Website above confirms, Mayor Villaraigosa was a high school drop out. He attended Roosevelt Community Adult School. Thanks to adult education programs the Mayor was able to finish his High School Diploma requirements. Does he qualify as one of LAUSD’s Adult Education success stories? That question should be asked by the media to John Deasy. It’s time to flush the Mayor out. Adult Education was there for the Mayor. Where is he for Adult Education?

  • Bravo! Bravo, Kay and Richard and All! The pressure is going to get ratcheted up on the Mayor starting tomorrow March 05!

    FIRE DEASY NOW!!!!!!

  • DACE has been a dumping ground for feckless administrators, a category Morris easily fit into. He was of no help whatsoever to the Division, and we stand a better chance of surviving without him.

  • I am with the Council for Advancement of Adult Literacy, the organization that spearheaded the work of the National Commission on Adult Literacy and it’s still in-demand final report, Reach Higher, America. In the past three years I have come to appreciate the quality of thought and depth of understanding Ed Morris brings to California’s effort to advance readiness of adults for employability and college. He is an outstanding leader who brings a worldview to his work and who understands in a profound way the human resource development needs of California and what it will take systemically to address them. I am honored to be among his most ardent supporters and fellow professionals. I am also highly impressed by the California strategic planning that Ed has been part of, along with other state and local leadership. It resulted in your plan titled Linking Adults to Opportunity: Transformation of the California Department of Education Program (, which is a comprehensive approach that many other states are certain to study closely. California is a leader in the nation in very many ways. Those of us who work on national policy issues and on fostering state leadership will be doing what we can to encourage California’s continued leadership role on the adult education front, especially considering California’s huge adult population in need of services. It would be beyond unfortunate for one of your most enlightened and committed leaders, a man of enormous dignity, decency, and experience, to be lost to the cause at this point. I hope other leaders in the state, along with your citizens in general, will recognize how much is at stake and realize that Ed Morris is an irreplaceable asset in moving California toward full employment and global competitiveness — to say nothing of ensuring fundamental democratic values for the benefit of your citizenry.

  • Gail: Thank you for your thoughtful and positive message. People need to get passed devoting precious time attacking others. There is a mighty battle that needs to be fought – stay focused!

  • The strategic plan for adult ed that is mentioned above was made with NO input from teachers and students. If you go to the link, check the end notes about who and which groups participated. How can you have a plan for adult education without the folks who do the educating (teachers)? How professional is it to exclude members of the teaching profession in a strategic plan for adult ed?

    No one is attacking Morris personally, by the way – about whether or not he is nice or intelligent – the criticism is about his lack of collaboration and leadership – actually putting policies in place that benefited the students of our community. What evidence, besides his words, is there of his leadership? How about closing the LVN program? Or being forced by the board to reopen tenure? How he treated the employees he led (he stonewalled every effort to make working conditions and programs better) is evidence of his (lack of) leadership.

  • @Julie: We are all asking you to “TAKE A TIME OUT!” When you are ready to offer some positive solutions, we are ready to listen. Until then, WE are building a wall of SILENCE for you. We still love you comrade… 😉

  • @Julie get your facts straight – ED did not close the LVN programs by himself. It was something that came from the board as well. There was pressure from teachers who questioned why some teachers had 40 hours and others did not. Those teachers did not care that the program was great; one of the best in Los Angeles and could put people to work immediately. There is blame on that for everyone. Also two there are still three (3) programs left and although that may not be enough they are still there and if we don’t fight those will be gone as well!
    @ Richard I am not saying that we do not want to fight but have you noticed the demonstrations have subsided? We need to stand together. I am not advocating that we stop writing here but if the people we write about are not reading the posts then we have to let them know we are still here in other ways. These posts are great – getting the word out is even better!

  • @LindseyK: Not to worry! They are all reading and monitoring the pulse. They are waiting for the sky to fall! They are right! It will… Remember Baghdad! Shock and Awe II is coming… Adult Education Warriors have nothing to lose and everything to win. It’s time to cut loose with everything we got. Administrators let the reins go on students and staff. They drew first blood! Supt. John Deasy can crawl back in that hole he came from. The School Board Members are the target with the vote. If they don’t vote for Adult Adult Education (All Programs) we don’t need them. Recall, Recall, Recall, Recall, Recall, Recall and Recall…

  • I agree. People are reading the posts. The support for Adult Education is very clear. Just because people don’t comment doesn’t mean they haven’t read the posts. I also know that people are working behind the scenes and all Hell is about to Break Loose! Let’s do are part and it will all come together.

  • I am very sure Mr. Morris did a lot of good and bad things during his elected time. You have to remember that what is good for some maybe not good for others, and vice versa.

    Also, since the District and Mr. Morris did not make any statement about the situation, this makes things worse and makes people speculate what is the reason why he is not longer the Adult Ed. Director. This is the way the District handles situations like this and makes them worse. Or, maybe the District does not want to say that Mr. Morris will receive his salary until his contract expires and then his retirement even though he had been fired (kind of what happened with the Director that implemented SAP). I am very sure that if Mr. Morris was fired for this, he will sued the District, unless there is an agreement between both parties and none of them will talk about it.

    I was reading the comments above, and I can see there is a lot of disagreement between teachers. I do not think Adult Education will survive if all the teachers unite. The District obviously is trying to “Divide and conquer.”

    In my experience as an Adult Ed. instructor, I had seen administrators and instructors without the education background to manage or teach their subjects. The very first thing that DACE should implement is that the principals and administrators have the least educational background, regardless of experience. In addition, all teachers must have the credentials (adult) in addition with the experience (vocational) that they need to teach their subjects.

    Furthermore, I had seen that when an employee is proactive and try to do the right thing in a fast way because there is not enough time to think about it, administrators don’t like it and try to get rid of the person because they consider him/her a threat.

    Also, I am irritated that Adult Ed. Schools are posting new teaching positions every week instead of giving more hours to the current instructors at each school. On one hand, there is a possibility that Adult Ed. will be closed, and on the other hand, Adult Dd. schools are posting new positions. This happen when there is no planning nor communication between the top (administrators) and the bottom (schools).

  • Defending Adult Education in Los Angeles – National Coalition for Literacy* discussion series this week. “How [UTLA Adult Ed Committee, United Adult Students & community organizations & supporters] is fighting the proposed elimination of adult education in Los Angeles.”

    *NCL is a coalition of 28 foremost national and regional organizations dedicated to advancing adult education, family literacy, and English language acquisition in the United States.

    Actions are continuous and ongoing. See

  • The 2012-13 plan for Adult Ed was presented to administrators today. While it was gloomy at best, it is better than nothing!!!

    Ten Service Centers with multiple sites run by ten principals along with very little administrative support. So few teachers that it is hard to visualize how will students get into classes.

    Congratulations to Mr. Deasy, the Board of Education, Mayor Villaraisgosa and Mr. Matt Hill for accomplishing the first phase of their plan to eliminate adult education.

  • Now I know what those who lived in and saw what was coming in pre-Nazi Germany went through. A horrible nightmare was so obviously heading their way but either through denial, ignorance or complicity by others it could not be stopped. What’s going on is the privatization of the educational system in America, with even worse consequences than the criminal profiteering that has overtaken other industries such as the health care industry. An affordable, good quality education for the average person is soon to be a thing of the past. The corrupt politicians and their crony corporate sponsors are about to ruin the most important institution that once made this country great: free, excellent education. Kiss it goodbye folks, the criminal profiteers have ruined it as well. Now you can say to your grand-kids one day “I remember when America was a good place and offered opportunity for all.”

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