LASD Sexual Harassment Trial Finishes Closing Arguments & Goes to the Jury

The 10-day civil trial in which Commander Joseph Fennell of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
—along with the County of Los Angeles—is being sued for sexual harassment by Lieutenant Angela Walton, also of the LASD, wrapped up and went to the jury late Monday.

(WLA originally reported on the lawsuit here and here.)

We’ll have a story on the case and the arguments presented by both sides later today.


  • And Fennell still has a job? And he is a Commander? Really, good thing he wasn’t a sergeant, he would have been fired. Sheriff Scott, are you listening? This is a typical Baca/Tanaka regime executive, all appear to be untouchable.

  • His punishment or lack of it has more to do with the last situational core values Sheriff. Those tight with Baca or knew too much got a pass. It was not just Tanaka who protected his inner circle.

  • @ Burning Bush…….Nothing is going to change until McDonnell transitions and he himself, make any changes. Scotty has only 5 weeks left. Don’t expect any more changes under his command. Hopefully the remaining snakes will be caught and returned to the wild.

  • Afraid you are right, but I don’t think his rank had so much to do with it as his ‘connections”.

    Has an IA even been conducted ? I doubt it. This would certainly cost a demotion at least if founded. Give Scott a chance. I believe that he and Neal Tyler are trying to clean up a horrific mess . Remember that they he and Tyler retired before Pandora ]s box because they saw the writing on the wall and would not be part of the regime. They also earned their ranks the old fashioned way.

  • One of the most unfortunate of circumstances is that the sexual preoccupation and abuse within this department is well known and I can only hope that someday more will come forward and not feel intimidated by the power of the department. That honorable men and women turn a blind eye to this behavior is also what allows it to continue. I would hope that Sheriff Scott is listening and willing to make some changes in the short amount of time that he has left. Fennell is only one of many who will be supported by the department despite his inappropriate behavior. Has any wondedered how Joe Stephen got his job back? The secrets that they keep for one another need to be exposed, soon!!

  • What ever happen to innocent until proven guilty. The trial has concluded and Fennell was found to be innocent. Walton got nothing which in this climate is hard to believe unless her complaint was totally bs. She couldn’t even get the one dollar so her attorney fees would be paid….. Believe it or not people do sometimes file fake harassment claims in order to get money out of the county. It just didn’t work for her this time.

  • @Burning Bush

    I totally agree. The double standard in this department is sickening. The fact that this man still holds authority over deputy personnel is disgusting. I’ve heard from reliable sources that he was a tyrant towards his own deputies during their appeal process in civil liberty hearings. I’d like to think that karma catches up to us all but we all know that won’t be the case here. Even if there is a judgement against him he’s not going to pay a dime out of his own pocket. If these allegations had been brought up against a deputy who didn’t have any “juice” That deputy would immediately be relieved of duty without pay until he proves his innocence.

  • I have known and worked with Joey since he was a young deputy. He is a “STAND UP GUY”.

    I might add that he has NEVER had problems with the ladies. Chasing them was not his style……they were usually chasing him, long before he made rank.

  • I’ve had to go through sexual harassment at work. From deputies to sergeants, lieutenants and captains would glance at my body and made comments that I did not appreciate. One sergeant on duty told me in view of other employees but out of earshot that, ” not only do you have big boobs but you have a big ass too!” On the few occasions when I went in the office to speak to the captain, or the LT in his office they would quickly glance at my boobs. I felt so very uncomfortable and there is no point I felt and still feel to file any kind of sexual harassment. I can’t prove it there were no witnesses and even if there were witnesses sworn lie and protect each other. They have a culture of dishonesty when it comes 2 protecting themselves against accusations they are guilty of. These so called men got their nerve to treat another female like that but they don’t have the balls to admit what they do. I’m sure they got daughters that will be treated the same way as they grow up or if they are already grown up.

  • “If you want to know someone’s character put him or her in a position of authority.”
    I’m sure Fennel was a “stand up guy” in his younger days before he experienced a supervisory role.
    Fennel is one of Tanaka’s minions. Whether Fennel earned all of his promotions is debatable, but when someone gets in a position of authority, who they are inside changes. (It is hoped for the better but not everyone is meant to be a leader.)
    These comments can banter all night long about the women that throw themselves at brass for various personal gains as well as the brass abusing their job titles for pleasure, but consider this… Any person in this department that holds a leadership title and electively throws an annual Super Bowl party at their home where only African-Americans from the department are invited (as well as a few additional, token nationalities) warrants questioning of such character.
    Fennel’s stature today is comprised of ego, entitlement and an “untouchable” attitude.
    Does Fennel have favorites? Yes. Just look at the sheep he has follow him from bureau to bureau. Does he carry himself like he’s better than everyone? Yes. For a while Walton was one of his sheep. Yes, she got special treatment from Fennel. I can say I never saw her in provocative clothing. Don’t know why she fell from Fennel’s good graces. I hope she didn’t file this lawsuit because she wasn’t getting anymore favors.

  • Obviously@ underestimated….Sounds like you didn’t get an invitation to the Super Bowl Party, so you throw in the “Race Card”…..Nice. Just curious,Do you answer to the name of “Bitter”.

  • 10) Your comments lack the truth. Commander Fennell was backing Baca, not Tanaka. Where do you get your “super market periodicals” information from?

    The “Enquiry” magazine info that you spew has no validity. LOL

  • @Beenthere….I hope that the women of this department ban together to end the sexually inappropriate behavior that exisits wihtin the department. There are many with stories like yours and even worse. This inapproriate sexual behavior does not end with work sexual harrassment, these men take it to the field and as they interact with the public, trust me – been there too.

  • MCJ& Lynwood:

    Fennel admitted to reserving a room, he admitted to sexual text, phone sex and he admitted to kissing and fondling Walton. Have you ever heard that he was doing this crap under color of authority, he violated department policy time and time again. This stinks and I wonder what the sheriff will do about it, maybe fire Fennel, I think not.

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