LASD Sends Case to DA Alleging Aero Bureau Officials Helped Manipulate a Multi-Million $ Helicopter Contract Creating Gigantic Overcharges

Thursday afternoon, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department sent to the Public Integrity Division of the District Attorney’s office
a case alleging that an official or officials in the department’s Aero Bureau (the section of the LASD that provides air support and air rescue) colluded with an outside contractor to manipulate a multimillion dollar service provider contract.

The DA’s office will now have to decide whether or not to open a criminal investigation into the case, according to DA spokesperson Sandi Gibbons “We also need to know if the department is doing any further investigation on the case,” Gibbons said.

According to Mike Gennaco, head of the Office of Independent Review, the material sent to the DA’s office involves three sets of allegations all having to do with a contract for the completion and outfitting of 12 to 14 newly-purchased LASD helicopters, at approximately $2.1 million per aircraft.

In brief, as we understand it, the allegations are as follows:

1. That a supervisor or supervisors in Aero Bureau had an inappropriate relationship with Hangar One, an avionics contractor doing business with the department. And that, as a consequence of that relationship, a supervisor colluded to manipulate the bidding process for a $29.2 million million contract, so that that Hangar One was the only possible successful bidder, acing out more experienced providers, even though Hangar One was a comparatively new company without a long term track record. As part of this “inappropriate relationship” it is further alleged that a select group of Aero Bureau officials benefited from the Hangar One contract in the form of expensive flight suits and the like.

2. The allegations further suggest that the resulting contract is rife with gross over-charging for fixed labor costs in doing the outfitting, and that the over-payments reach into the millions of dollars.

3. It is also alleged that bundled into the retrofitting contract is the purchase of several million dollars worth of high ticket equipment that is not directly related to the helicopter outfitting, and therefor did not fall within the scope of what was approved by the LA County Board of supervisors. If true, this means that the additional items bypassed the usual purchasing protocols. It is also suggested that many of these extra purchases were charged at significantly above standard industry prices.

THESE AND OTHER ALLEGATIONS are also contained in a whistleblower lawsuit filed against LA County by Lt. Edison Cook, a 33-year veteran of the department who came to Aero Bureau in the summer of 2009, and was reportedly alarmed by what he saw.

IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT the allegations related to the Hangar One helicopter outfitting contract were sent to the office of the county’s Auditor Controller, who reportedly found nothing amiss, according to the OIR’s Genneco.

(The OIR has not completed its own investigations into the various Aero Bureau-related allegations.)

Sheriff’s department spokesman Steve Whitmore told WitnessLA last week that, in addition to the Auditor Controller, the same contract-related allegations were investigated by the department’s own internal criminal investigative arm, ICIB. “They said there were no irregularities and no substantiation to the allegations,” said Whitmore.

As to why, then, the three-pronged investigation was then sent to the DA’s office, Whitmore said the process was not unusual, even with unsubstantiated allegations. “It’s good to include others,” he said.

Whitmore also informed WitnessLA with regard to these and other allegations contained in Lt. Cook’s lawsuit, that Elizabeth M. Kessel, one of the attorneys representing the county in the lawsuit, characterized Cook as a “disgruntled former employee. This litigation will show that his allegations are meritless, and based on gossip and innuendo.”

“It’s very unusual for the defense counsel to make that kind of statement,” added Whitmore.

When we called Kessel’s office, she declined to get on the phone with us, but a representative called back to reaffirm the “disgruntled former employee” characterization, et al.

Experts we polled agreed that such a statement from the county’s defense attorney, while not entirely unheard of, was indeed unusual, especially in advance of litigation.

MEANWHILE, OTHER SOURCES FAMILIAR WITH THE VARIOUS ALLEGATIONS claim that there is much more to the Aero Bureau story than the department has thus far been willing to admit.

WitnessLA has conducted our own 8-week investigation into these and additional allegations made regarding Aero Bureau, in the course of which we have made some interesting discoveries. We will post the first part of our 2-part report very shortly. So stay tuned.


  • Wow, what a revelation. Wouldn’t be surprised if any of the pilots there have had nice avionics installed in their personal aircraft at a wonderful reduced cost.

    Speaking of Aero Bureau, Did the great captain Louie Duran earn his helicopter rating using the department’s helicopters? No one else who transfrs to Aero Bureau gets that perk. Someone should ask to confirm, and if true, the ohter pilots who forked out their personal money should be reimbursed. Or, if true, captain louie should be investigated for misappropriation of county assets and ordered to pay restitution.

    Hey, speaking of captain louie duran, does he get the 16% flight pay like the hard working pilots get? I guess that means another 2000 a month when he spikes his retirement pay. I hope Gloria Molina and the chief of homeland security is looking at this…..

  • Don’t trust OIR. They have been compromised a long time ago. Their heads were turned while good people were led to the gallows for entertainment for Mr. Tanaka. OIR have been briefed over and over about executive misconduct and Gennaco did absolutely nothing.

    Louie “The Scroat” Duran had a rotorcraft rating when he was anointed to Captain and deemed the most intelligent man in the universe of Aero Bureau. The question is, how did he obtain his turbine rating and who pays the bill for his FAA current status? Does a Captain “really” have to fly?

    Ed Cook is a solid man, period. He will not play the Tanaka/Duran game of unethical misconduct, that is why he was rolled-up. ICIB is still under the control of Tanaka, so I don’t trust anything they bring to the 13h floor of the DA’s office. This case must be reviewed by a true independent agency like the FBI and California DOJ. Otherwise, it will most likely be a Baghdad Bob Whitmore humbug DA Reject.

    Keep digging WLA, great job Matt. Make sure the FBI is briefed.

  • For all to read, here is a link that portrays captain louie in such a positive spotlight. hahahaha. The poor overworked captain tries to fill in the patrol ship vacancies when he can because there is no overtime. Why doesn’t his lazy ass CARP to other units of assignment like other captains do? TSB, metrolink, the jails.

    As far as his turbine transistion training, you might ask Jonathon Brick. Again I think the chief of homeland security and the board needs to look at eliminating the payroll item for a captain if it in fact exists. 16% is a bunch of money for a captain now and for retirement.

    Again, copy the link below and bring some pepto bismol with you when you read it. You want to have a toilet nearby in case you ar queezy and need to puke.

  • The fix is in! The sleeping watch dog (OIR) and ICIB didn’t find anything. So, to help with the law suit, by Cook, Baca and Tanaka dance over to the DA’s and pretend there’s a problem. Does anyone believe that the lazy DA will find something after the whitewash by OIR and ICIB? Odd, that Joe Nunez was suddenly transferred out of ICIB for not going for this crap! 29 million down the drain and counting. Baca closed the crime lab and even the BOS failed to look at this nonsense. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN HERE!

  • OIR and gennaco’s job is not to prosecute corrupt politicians . They work for and get payed a lot of money by these people. OIR’s job is to find low level employees ( usually deputies) to prosecute in order to give the appearance of independent oversite.

  • Let’s connect the dots. The ICIB investigation (controlled by Tanaka), includes a review by the Auditor-Controller, who determines there are no improprieties. But who is the LA County Auditor-Controller? It’s Wendy L. Watanabe. And who is Wendy Watanabe? She’s a former LASD employee, hired by Tanaka, to work in Admin Services Division (Budget)…under Mr. T’s tutelage. A few years later, Mr. T uses his influence to champion Ms. Watanabe’s transfer and placement into the A-C’s office, where she subsequently rises to the top.

    Just how objective was that review by the A-C’s office? As others have suggested, it’s time for an outside, truly independent looksee.

    Man, this thing just keeps getting deeper and wider.

    Hang in there Ed Cook, you’re a good man.

  • Ed was and is a solid partner and friend. Things will work out for you. You got a raw deal.

  • Part of this investigation should focus on Captain Louis Duran’s glamorous dinner with Hangar One. (Witness LA: as a friendly FYI, it’s spelled hangAr when it houses aircraft, rather than hangEr when it holds up a coat) 🙂

    At the time the final aircraft were delivered, Hangar One took Louis and a few of his staff out for a $4,000 dinner! $2,000 of which was wine. Louis: you did mention all of that on your mandated Statement of Economic Interests form, right?

    If Hangar One can pop for a $4,000 meal, couldn’t that amount of money been reduced to the County. Not sure how many taxpayers would advocate their tax dollars going to such a lavish dinner and wine. (Louis: was it a Cabernet or Merlot? I’m thinking either of those would have paired better with the red meat than a chilled, sweet white wine, right?)

  • Another example of Tanaka’s “work the gray” selections in Captain Duran. Sheriff Baca needs to take control of this “want-to-be” cowboy before it’s too late. Might be too late already. With all of the bad choices/selections Tanaka has made Captain and Commander, I’m starting to lose track.

  • From someone who knows, there is sooo much BS contained it is ridiculous…..don’t believe a word you read.

  • Celeste,

    I hope your own investigation peeks behind the curtain to see how much payola went to Mr. Waldie (and presumably now to Mr. Tanaka) and other executives for every large contract. It’s sickening.

  • No surprise that the brass on this department have been able to get away with so much corruption, and screwing with the careers of so many really good people ie: Lt Cook…If Baca was a true leader, this would not have happened.
    Time for him to step aside, let the crooks pay their dues and hopefully this will be the beginning of the turn-around…LASD needs to get back to being a proud organization..
    I have to admit that after 20 yrs of being a member, never once felt much pride….seen way too many intelligent people get kicked to the curb, allowing the “bad guys” to take control..aren’t they supposed to be putting the bad guys in jail ????

  • Mrs Crotchot, LASD is not a sinking ship. The men and women who patrol the streets and work the jails have not created the issues. Baca has failed to command his department. He collects a pay check, but has done nothing to insure the department was managed properly. If a line supervisor performed in this manner, it is likely he/she would have received discipline or demotion. Yet with all the issues being exposed, you hear nothing from Baca or Tanaka. They just send Mr. Witmore to deny all things. The public needs to hold Sheriff Baca fully responsible and demand his department be audited by an independent group, not affiliated with any county agencies. Start with the issues at the air unit. If he believes everything is above board, then an audit review should not be an issue. If they refuse, then it must be concluded that they are concealing criminal actions.

  • LASD and the current people in charge aren’t going anywhere even if you all wish really really hard. Sorry.

  • crotch….really ? I challenge you to survive the ghetto of LA without law enforcement..people like you would be the first to go.

  • Why doesn’t someone (a reporter with a camera and mic) confront Pauly Tanaka as he exits headquarters some afternoon before he does his afternoon run and attempt an interview. He’s out there everyday with Rhambo and Betkey. As of now, no one has even heard from him. He conveniently stays out of the media. Let’s get him on camera and see what he does. Does anyone on the outside even know what his voice sounds like?

  • Ghetto??? U patrol it?? But you live I’n the comforts of the suburbs right?? Cmon now!!!

  • I read these comments with much interest and sadness. After 33 years with the sheriff’s department, I have never witnessed such petty crying and bitching. In my time I have worked with both Duran and Cook at Lennox Station. Your good guy, Lt. Cook, was nothing more than a lazy skirt chasing deputy who’s only concern was meeting girls and getting off on time. I can say this because not like many of you strong supporters who never sat in a car with him, I did. Cook had to be led like a trainee to make an arrest and if left to make a decision, he invaribly always made the safe call. Not the safe call for the public or the departement but the one that was good for him. And those who have worked a radio car and I dont mean just sitting in a car and answering calls, will know that the safe call is not always the right call. And for poor Lt. Cook who was run out of Aero Bureau for doing his job, If he would have done his job he would still be there. And don’t feel to sorry for him because when he left he took his 16% flight pay. Maybe Cook should be grateful and just thank Capt. Duran for allowing him to have the time to get his training to qualify for flight pay. Instead like most ungrateful cry babies, he ran away and filed a frivolous lawsuit and made accusations that will prove to be false.
    For those of you still on the department, I hope you see what you are doing to this organization. When you read what some have written, “LASD is a sinking ship, Good Riddance,” I hope your proud of what the public sees. Those who think that the promotions they see now are new to this organization or any organization are being naive. Promotion and appointments are made, some good and some not so good, by executives. Pitchess and Block had good and bad choices. The same with Govenors and yes even the President. But these choices are above my pay grade and I know many of yours too. It’s our job to do our job and if you remember that you will do fine. The public deserves better and you owe it to them.

  • Leroy and his ilk have made a mockery of LASD.
    Leroy wasn’t worth a crap as a Deputy at East LA Station, and he’s worth less now. What a miserable excuse for a Sheriff.
    This clown shouldn’t even pretend he can step in the shadows
    Peter J. Pitchess and Sherman Block.
    The corruption the Department sickens my retired soul.
    I have always been proud of my years with LASD.
    Now I only hear negative questions about the rampant corruption.
    Maybe the Feds might be interested in what is going on.
    After all, there is a bunch of federal fund involved.
    Tanaka needs to go…..Leroy too!

  • Levy Brown, why don’t you grow a sack and go confront stupid Baca and evil Tanaka and all the other pickle puffers walking in and out of headquarters every day? It sounds like you’re already there all the time.

    Or do you just wet yourself when they walk by?

    What is pathetic is that we continue to see a bunch of anonymous crap directed at Baca and Tanaka from a bunch of people who never had any business being part of a tradition of honor in the first place. Even if 1% of the crap that is thrown up on this site were true, Baca, Tanaka, or any of the other cops that have been personally attacked couldn’t even begin to bring as much disgrace to the profession as you and the other pathetic lames have that whine on here.

    This organization holds a national reputation for excellence. But unfortunately we can’t contain you people on the short bus.

    Most of us that actually work for a living have more respect for the crook in the street than we do for you all. Thanks for stepping up and making us look good. We can always count on the lames to do that.

    And your new crony, the short order cook, we’ll wait to see what happens at the trial. We’ll also wait to see who actually steps forward to be a character witness. But won’t hold our breath. Most cockroaches tend to scamper away when a real person walks in the room.

  • Well, “Mr. Proud Says”, You are true to the organization, but you seem to have personal knowledge of working with Mr. Cook in a radio car. I will tell you one thing, if i worked in a car with you, and you made these allegations against me, you would find yourself in a lawsuit, a supoena for discovery of you IP address, and since you are still an employee, guess what? Negligent retention, slander, and Steve Whitmore can defend your sorry behind.

    If Ed Cook was so terrible, why didn’t you bring it to a supervisor’s attention. Yeh, i know the answer. You would be a snitch right? Don’t be a hypocrite, and play your love for louie and company. This website proves beyond a doubt, the pervasive issues with the department and the ovrwhelming disrespect for the top. But, i also hold each deputy responsible for their actions. What person of trust would become a member of the 3000 floor gang and flash gang signs. it all makes me sick for the one’s who have courage to stand up for right and not wrong. Unfortunately, those are the one’s who will never be able to lead LASD.

  • Let’s dial back the personal attacks and mud throwing, everybody. And that means commenters on both sides of this conversation. One can argue without character assassination.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  • Wow, the Edsel took the 16% flight bonus and ran? And he was a lieutenant when he got there and took the flight training? But Duran is a ‘scroat’ for doing the same and cook is a whistleblower? Come on. Can I believe anything I read here!? Why did it take the peanut gallery to bring that up?

    Baby Boy! if you had worked as hard on the job as you do in your robe and slippers, you might have been a contender!

  • Lets face it, from the beginning of time and since 1850 for this Department, corruption of power has been and always will be in every job from a 2 man paint crew to our white house. This is nothing new. In 1997 when Baca was elected, he was voted in by everyone who wanted change from Block who went into office in 1982. The old Greek (Peter J. Pitchess) was a good Sheriff, but he too was corrupt. The Greek was a womanizing dingbat who came to our department from Hoover’s office due to the corruption issues stemming from the Biscaluz empire. The one thing the Greek had back then was the power of knowledge. He’s the one who kept records and photos of other politicians and well known officials. When he got into hot water, the Greek would send his men to a house or office and inform the squawking lil bird about the info held at hand. Usually the squawking would end fast and a favor would be paid to old Pete. He learned this from the cross dressing boss he had at the FBI. As for Block, he was an empty suit. I blame him for all of this. #1 he’s the one who put Baca in the places to walk his way up the ladder. He’s also the one who turned our Department into a bunch of punks who are afraid to go out there and do a real job. And look at the way Baca repaid Block with his loyalty. Baca ran against Block right after he retired as a Div Chief. Slinging mud at him all the way. Hell, old Mr. Potato head died before the election was even over. Now he’s the man. Baca is no different, the people who are blaming him are just doing so because there is no one else to blame.

    The next Sheriff who comes from within or outside will have his lil troop of followers who will make him shine and will protect him from harm. Term limits might change it, 2- four year terms or 2- three year terms would be nice. Then it would keep the abuse of power down. But,,hell,,,that is what I thought when we got rid of the looser Jerry “Moon Beam” Brown. Like a bad penny,,,out of the “Closet” he’s back. So, if we ever do get term limits to work, let us make sure that it is noted, you can never come back if you already served your full term. It will never change. You can’t change it. All I can say is I’m proud of the men and women of this fine department. The ones I supervise and talk to will do the job today with Baca or Wyatt Earp as their boss because they are so far down the chain they really don’t care.

  • Folks, the issue at hand are the “allegations” of misconduct involving Captain Duran, some of his staff and a vendor. If these allegations are true, if a crime occurred, if there was any type of pay for play, then it will be exposed and there will be prosecutions. Let the chips fall where they may.

    Ed Cook will have to prove his case. He is an intelligent man and I’m sure he will have the facts to back up his claims. There are others within Aero Bureau that have a lot to say of what has been going on since Duran’s arrival. Tanaka filed a flight plan long ago to seize control of IA and ICIB for situations just like this. “Nope, nothing here but just another disgruntled employee. Next case.” However, this time I think these allegations have the potential to grow wings. I suspect the FBI will be deep into the weeds on this case. If it is true, the “chip” light will illuminate on the enunciator panel and its all over. Lets just wait and see.

    Why does it always have to be a personal attack when someone brings forth misconduct? Olmsted tries to do the right thing and keep it internal. He gets blown off by Cavanaugh, Tanaka and Baca, twice. Then he is threatened with a roll-up to PDC. He says “screw it,” retires and exposes what we all have been known that has been going on with Tyrant Tanaka and Ali Baca, the nomad Sheriff, for years. And what is the response? Circle the wagons and then launch a character assassination plan against Olmsted. I have seen this happen so many times with good sergeants and lieutenants who were only doing their job, protecting deputies from themselves and holding people to a standard. What happens? They are the bad guys, they suffer, they get transferred, they pay a price for doing the right thing. Are we really proud to see that? Is that what good people deserve? Only from a warped administration.

    It is the same thing I am reading in this thread. Cook is the bad guy, 25 years ago Cook was this, Cook was that. I don’t care if he was the 10-15 king or not back then. Now is now and I know he is a stand-up guy. So as I said, let the chips fall where they may. If there was a cover-up, I hope the Feds fry everyone’s ass involved, top-down. Let the facts speak for themselves. Perhaps Matt’s next story will really raise an eyebrow. But enough of the school yard comments. I’m about ready to close my flight plan and retire and watch all of this unfold from the first class section of LACERA.

  • Downtown Judy Brown. For obvious reasons, you follow this blog either for curiosity, or you have been directed to defend the “nose bleed” section under your alias.

    From a personal standpoint, I don’t ride a short bus, but I have operated and controlled county fixed assets that you could only dream of doing. I have worked eleven assignments, received three of the highest medals given out by the Department, and will publicly say, I have been resposnible for alot, if not most career decisions.

    Yes, it also takes break up meetings to advance in rank and/or coveted positions, but my name was never tossed aside. I am not “in the car” with Tanaka, nor have i worked as an aide to get promoted.

    I never knew about this website until a month ago. I’m not a blogger or big social media person. what I will say is that in the last month, I have read all comments, digested them and realized that yes, there are the naysayers, but the majority, and I will emphasize MAJORITY of posts are from people who have knowledge of issues being mentioned.

    Regarding Captain Duran. If he and his close allies had dinner with Hangar One and this was the official contract company, how would anyone make that up if they didn’t have personal knowledge? If you are objective about that as calling everyone short bus people, then you can answer that question yourself. And for the record, the term “short bus” is derogatory for mentally and challenged people. For those who live that world, clean up your comments like that. That insensitivity hits home with many people who don’t deserve it.

    I applause Celeste for this website, because the voices that are not heard (Bob Olmstead, etc.) or ignored are considered the anti-LASD for the wrong reason. You have to remember that we are sworn to protect life and property and especially the people who look to us for help. It’s called community, and when employees see that we are screwing over our communities and citizens and make it known, they are considered the bad guy and can plan on working Mira Loma for 30 years.

    I don’t agree with all the posts, but the intelligent one’s will decifer what is fact or fiction. You sound like a current employee, so you get exactly what I’m trying to convey, or perhaps the word denial is your order of the day. Trust me, you can stand for the right reasons, because after your long gone from LASD, no one will care, but you will still have to look at yourself in the mirror everyday.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  • Ive known Ed Cook for 27 years. I can say with utmost certainty his allegations and accusations are nothing more than the self serving words of a man looking to bolster his bank account. I guess he’s getting ready to buy another Which Wich sandwich franchise.l The facts of these baseless allegations will hopefully be made public in the not too distant future.  Ed and all of his little minions will be exposed for the vermin they are.  Note to Celeste and Matt, there are always two sides to a story, even one as selatious as this. Don’t forego what little bit of journalistic integrity you have and align yourselves with uncle Ed.  When these allegations are proven false, and rest assured they will be and with convincing evidence, will you publish an apology to those you harmed here? I have no independent knowledge of the facts herein, but have worked with Ed throughout my career and therefore I say with conviction this is a buncb of crap. You’ll soon see and undoubtedly regret these posts based on Ed’s weak info. Only then will Ed Cook, WLA, the LA Times and everyone else who listened to the lies be exposed for their sheepish ways. Lastly, there are many higher levels of checks and balances with respect to any major monetary acquisition. These purchases are scrutanized by others outside of the individual unit. Invariably a manor acquisition is reviewed by the county’s ISD department. But, I guess the whole county beurocracy is in on the fix here. That’s what we’re all supposed to believe. Wake up.

  • #33 – Many people would agree. I think it’s obvious that some people have a vendetta here. The truth will be told soon.

  • If it is not “proven”, all that means is that the cover-up was complete enough to hide the truth. There have been quite a few experts working on covering their tracks for a few years just on this matter. Hopefully, through the court discovery process, inconsistencies in the cover story will be clear enough to “connect the dots”.

  • Witness L.A. – Maybe on occasion you can actually investigate something prior to cutting and pasting an LASD hit piece. How can anyone from Aero Bureau, or any other LASD unit, fix a 30 million dollar contract? Any purchase over $100,000 has to be made by the Los Angeles County Internal Services Department (ISD). ISD is not even an agency within the Sheriff’s Department. This is a completely independent agency that handles purchasing for the county. Also, any purchase over $250,000 has to voted on and approved by the Board of Supervisors. So how do figure that someone at Aero Bureau corrupted the Board of Supervisors and ISD, who makes over a billion dollars in purchases a year. Do really believe that some company or LASD unit bought all of them off? File this story in the fantasy section of your “investigative” website.

    “The authority for acquiring commodities and services in the County is found in various sections of the California State Codes and the Los Angeles Code. The Director of the Internal Services Department (ISD) is the Purchasing Agent for the County. This means that ISD is responsible for purchases of commodities (goods and products), as well as contracts for services over $100,000 for all County departments. The County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors must award service contracts over $100,000.”

  • Mr. “fact check says”. It’s called Sole Source Vendor agreement. You should be aware of that if you know the rest of the county code like you profess to say.

    If enough justification at the unit level ie. Aero Duran Bureau, can write a reason that the spec sheet can only be fulfilled by a certain vendor.

    I’ve done enough of those to know that game. If Louie, Brick and company from Aero Duran Bureau give ISD, the Board or whomever substantial paperwork to say we like this company, it will get approved. Seems to me a large radio contract with EOB was invalidated and federal funds were going going to be withdrawn. Mr. Lee Baca had to go to Washington to clean up the mess.

    So don’t bag on Witness LA for their reporting, because people who are in the know will validate the article. And don’t forget who had oversight of ISD…. Perhaps you should file this one in your own fantasy land.

  • An actual investigative report would have discovered and reported the Sheriff’s Department does not make purchases of this size. The L.A. County Internal Services Department would have been contacted and asked what procedures and safeguards are in place when these purchases are made.

    Is it possible to steer a contract to a certain vendor? Can someone make a purchase from a friend or relative? What prevents this? Is the scenario reported about Aero Bureau possible? If not, why not? If it is possible, how can this be allowed to happen?

    All of these rules are public information and most of them are published on the Internal Services Division web page. It would take about 10 minutes of “investigative journalism” to find these answers. The answers to these questions would have been added to a legitimate investigative article. This was all missing in your “Hanger” story.

  • “FURTHER TO FOLLOW Says: It’s called Sole Source Vendor agreement.” You should get a job with Witness LA with those investigative skills. This is public information that can be fact checked in three minutes. The Aero purchase was a public bid process, not a sole source purchase. And there is no department Sole Source for that amount of money. Only ISD can make that purchase. As to who has oversight over ISD it is the Board of Supervisors. So explain how Tanaka, Baca and the Tooth Fairy rigged this public bid. Good luck with your new assignment as a junior WLA investigator.

  • No, Mr.Fact check says. And to correct you on item number 1. It is the “Hangar story”, not “Hanger”. If you were ligitimate, you would have followed the tags where Celeste of this website was corrected as labeling it “hanger”, just as you have.

    Again, public information is just that. In reality, how policy is manipulated is another story. Words like “proprietary” are specific to ace out other contract bidders. You know it, and I know it. Quit bagging on this website as being the culprit of poor journalism. Where do you think most reporting agencies get their stories? From people with personal knowledge or experts in the field, and some good writers who can dig up information for a story.

    To put it in perspective for your world. Look at it as you wanting to coach a baseball team. You want the best or what works in your best interest whether good or bad. You will justify, document or make up reasons to not draft certain players who are more than qualified. But in the selfish and self serving environment, you make them go away.

    Now compare this analogy to several companies who want your avionics contract. Oh, let’s see. This one sucks at HUD (heads up display), this one has never worked with us, and this one, is friends of friends, takes us to dinner, provides deep discounts on avionics or installation to personal aircraft etc.

    Disclaimer: I am in no way making accusations this has or is occuring with any previous, present or future aero bureau employees. This is for readers to read, understand the real world and formulate their own decision.

    This is similar to AIG. If you follow financials, you will understand this post.

    I am done beating a dead horse, so any replies will go un-answered. I look forward to Witness la followup on the DA decision as well as other subject matter that will possibly steer the boat or astar helicoper in the right direction other than to SEB for a meeting, because the 710 freeway was too crowded 🙂

  • Nice ramble, but no explanation on how a purchase that went through a public bid process by the county Internal Services Department is corrupted.

  • Haven’t you all figured out that idol gossip is a waste of time ?
    Enough of the self-serving BS speculation ! NONE of you have the facts, and hopefully the “judicial process” will determine who the real bad guys are…oh and btw…If this was an election I would vote for Lt. Cook….

  • If the Hanger/Hangar contract was mostly grant monies then the sole source concept could hold true. Grants money is not the same as budgeted funding. A group or bureau can write the grant request and they administer the funding. Another bureau is involved to ensure the monies spent meet the grant requirements, but that is a very loose management of the monies.
    Some contractors assist in writing the grant to ensure they receive funding for the project to continue.
    I am not going to comment on the mud slinging and throwing. I agree that if there is corruption in our department it has to be dealt with.
    But there are GREAT number of people in these blogs who have a personal agenda. Some of them appear to be extremely knowledgeable about certain facts. Others seem to be completely uniformed and regurgitate rumors and slander.

  • Left – This was not a grant purchase, and even if it was a grant purchase, a purchase of this amount is handled by the county Internal Services Division, not the Sheriff’s Department. The vendor could have paid for lunch for the entire Sheriff’s Department and not affected the bidder from ISD who actually handled the purchase, or the layers of review at ISD that a purchase of this amount goes through. All of this info is on the Board of Supervisors and the ISD web pages for all to review. This all should have been in the Witness LA investigative story if they wanted to be impartial and not have an agenda.


    Some factual points to facilitate this discussion:

    The report above is not an “investigative” story, nor is it an investigation of any kind.

    It is a news story that reports on the fact that a three-pronged case was given to the DA’s office by the Sheriff’s Department. In addition, it reports, in a very brief summary, what is contained in the case’s three main allegations.

    The story also reports on the status of the investigations with ICIB, with the Auditor Controller, with the OIR, plus the fact that the DA may or may not open an investigation, what the defense attorney said, what the sheriff’s spokesman said…and so on.

    All those things are fact-based and not subject to interpretation. Whether the allegations will be found to have merit by the existing investigative agencies or any future investigative entities, or what the result will be of litigation, remains to be seen. So far ICIB and the Auditor Controller have stated the allegations are without merit.

    We reported that, as well.

    And, yes, at the very end we said that WitnessLA has done its own 8-week investigation which has turned up additional elements, and that the two-part report on that investigation will be coming shortly.

    In other words, it has not yet been published.

    Certainly we’re delighted to be criticized and maligned and all that, but until we actually post the two-part results of our investigation, you might want to keep your powder dry.

    Happy rainy Sunday.

  • This is my opinion, nothing more. I will tell you why there is so much anger displayed in many of the WLA blog comments. And yes, some of them are very juvenile. I have read every story and every comment posted since WLA started their series on the jails to present features.

    Paul Tanaka has picked favorites, some great people, but many of them 10-30 boot lickers who would be no where without him. Paul uses these people to advance his agenda of control and domination. Control of LASD, control of units and control of people. He gets off on it, I have personally overheard his comments. You are only good to him when you can do his bidding, provide him information against your fellow employees and make him happy with accolades, gifts, cigars and donations. He does have an inner circle, a very small group. But the bootlickers, he actually has an element of disdain for you.

    The latter have flaunted their “I’m in the car and you’re not,” into the face of what some have referred to as the 99% crowd for years. I have personally witnessed it. Tanaka has brought a vile, warped, unethical and pathetic manner of management into LASD. He screams, rants and cusses at subordinates in a way that is so over the top. In his earlier years, he was the Subject of IA cases for Conduct Towards Others. His hair trigger and out of control temper is actually a significant indication of a serious personality disorder. Yet he is allowed to continue unchecked. received no discipline. Paul is really not a happy person, he knows what he is.

    His group of lackeys run roughshod over anyone who are not alike minded. Either by their position of influence or actual position of authority. I have to tell you, I have never seen anything like this in my life, let alone the 35 + years of service I provided. I served three Sheriffs, this is NOT about occasional disagreements with a management decision or direction that occasionally comes out of the 4th floor, like the Foot Pursuit Policy as an example. No, this is about a systematic dismemberment of the moral compass this organization once had.

    Good people have been hurt, good people’s career’s frozen and in actuality, ruined, because they held people to a standard. Good people transferred to ozone assignments simply because a subordinate complained to Tanaka when they were counseled on poor decisions, cowboy tactics that could have resulted in their injury/death, displaying a juvenile attitude towards a supervisor, the list goes on. What happens? The sergeant, lieutenant or captain is called on the carpet, labeled a problem child and transferred. What is the message to the deputies or sub-standard sergeants? Do what you want, “Paul” will take are of it.

    Yes, people are just fed up with Tanaka and all that he stands for. WLA has provided the only forum in which people can voice an opinion where no voice has been heard or allowed before. Tanaka has an emotional need to curry favor with deputies and supervisors. But in reality, he is a megalomaniac, if he can’t earn your respect, he will force his will on you. I have always taken pride by being objective, seeing things for what they are, not for what they appear. Tanaka is every much of a bully as this organization has seen and we have had a few. He knows it. It is in his blood, it is how he is wired. For years when he lacked the rank, but he possessed the authority to do what he wanted. Baca gave it to him. No one can deny it.

    And the one person to blame, Leroy Baca. He knows what Tanaka does, yet has always turned his head, made excuses. How many times have we had “Core Values” rammed down our throats while Tanaka has made a mockery of the concept. How many times have we’ve heard Baca talk about, hell, preach, leadership. Yet right under his nose, Tanaka violates every principal of leadership there is. Nothing is done, the mass suffers and the boot lickers elevate. People are tired of being tired.

    One last thing, several years ago, I saw the move, “Gladiator” with Russell Crowe. As the movie progressed, I watched the inner action between the king and his son, portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. I turned to my husband and said, “This is unreal. The king is Baca and the son is Tanaka.” My husband paused a moment and said, “Bingo.” I have recently retired, spend time with my family now, I paid my dues. But my heart breaks for the 99% who remains. Hang in there, Carona thought he was untouchable, didn’t he?

  • Since I can’t stomach another one of these self serving rants from people with obvious agendas, I’ll keep my comments brief.

    The reason we never had any of this whining before is we never had an anonymous blog to do it on. And hardworking people with integrity don’t take cheap shots at their organization like this new supervisor breed.

    We keep seeing all these personal attacks on Baca and Tanaka from self described “solid” people. Self described because none of them tell us who they really are, or back up their stories with anything but personal attacks, slander and innuendo.

    10-7 says he used to work for a living and can pin it all on the evil duo. Further to Follow rambles off a whole host of supposed accomplishments. (Oh yeah, also ftf, if you’re going to chastise someone for spelling something wrong, you probably shouldn’t mangle another word in the same sentence. Look up ‘legitimate.’)

    Who knows if either of these guys/gals accomplishments are true. Most of us know that the true workers don’t need to toot their own horns. My heart breaks that I ever had to work around people with so little integrity, but who think so highly of themselves.

  • Sorry Easter Bunny, sometimes spell check isn’t always used.As far as “supposed accomplishments”, depending on your tenure and which division aide you are, where do you want me to start?

    Do you remember when Lynwood was actually a station? The Robert Amiel Triathalon at Malibu? When SEB was Region 3 and Aero Bureau didn’t have a Captain? Do you remember when Industry Station patrolled Diamond Bar as 149? How about the Iranian debacle in Beverly Hills.

    Do you remember Argus, Air 140? Yes, i have worked for Pitchess, Block, and Leroy. I survived 998’s, the 92 riots and my partner and I have taken a drowning baby in the back of a Nova to the hospital.

    I’m proud of what I have done, and will tell you as “10-7” did, this isn’t the same Department. Look at the recent recruitment e-mail. It’s not about merit or quality work anymore. Just ask the hard working men and women at the patrol level, then look at the intent to promote lists. Most times they are from coveted or administrative positions. At least you will concede that observation.

  • Easter Bunny, say what you wish. But allow me to make my point a bit more understandable for you and your narrow vision. A captain is counseling a “probationer” lieutenant for her mismanagement of personnel, playing favorites and poor decision making. He does so in a manner that anyone with a lick of sense, let a lone a probationer, would accept as career guidance. What is her response, “I don’t report to you, I report directly to (then) Assistant Sheriff Tanaka.” That is an absolute factual incident.

    Can you for one moment EVER think about telling your boss such a thing? Let alone as a probationer? But this is the type of attitude Tanaka has instilled in deputies, boot sergeants, boot lieutenants and the Cigar Club crowd we have read so much about. That attitude of “you can’t touch me, I’m connected,” is EXACTLY what has created the true problems within MCJ, TTCF, patrol stations and special assignment units. “Paul’s got my back so I don’t have to do a damn thing you say, boss.” So hide behind your Easter Egg and laugh all you want. You typify exactly what is wrong within LASD and it is a true embarrassment the way your kind acts. Ask any working slob in the 99% Club. (Now there is an idea for a coin – Proud Member of the 99% Club). Now that I’m retired, I might mint those puppies.

  • Fact Check, thanks for the check on my post. I always like a little clarity.
    As for the other stuff posted, man that is some vial stuff on both sides of the fence.
    No matter how you cut this cake there is defiently some bad poo poo in the middle somewhere.
    I still think we shuldn’tw be fighting this bad in public. We are a family.
    Celeste thanks for the clarification. It is amazing how the helicopter story turns into a full on war over eveything.
    Just sayin

  • I’m just a lowly deputy. Of course, I chose that course. Wow I remember all that stuff FTF blabs about. Wow, he got shot at and took a baby to the hospital. Nobody else ever did that! Thanks for letting us know. Of course we can’t fact check you.

    I only ever wanted to work for a living. I can say that many hard working deputies support Baca and Tanaka. So go ahead and attack us now. Drunk the Kool-aid, have no moral compass, our wife’s are whores, and on and on….

    No, we appreciate the environment that has been built for us. In the last twelve years, the Department has risen from second rate organization to one with national, and even international, respect. It is the deputies and investigators who have achieved this, not the supervisors, but it never would have happened under the old regimes.

    The t/c program, ebd, those are concepts that never would have seen the light of day under Block and his administration.

    And contrary to more erroneous information posted here, Baca never once badmouthed Block when he ran against him. He never has to this day. He just said he could do a better job. It was Block and his cronies that lit into Baca with personal attacks. In fact, many of them are eerily similar to the attacks on this site. That is interesting. And back then, Tanaka was just a lieutenant, involved in such diabolical things as starting up the first COPS units, sending his evil minions to help repair homes and take kids to summer camp. He was known for recruiting hard workers for these jobs and taking away the negative connotation given to community service jobs by the prior regimes. Wow, what an a-hole.

    There is no scenario conceivable wherein anyone who achieved the rank of captain or above (current or retired) with even an ounce of integrity or self respect would post anonymous attacks on the leaders of the Sheriff’s Department. Once you attain captain, you have the equivalent rank of a chief of police. If you had any integrity or self respect, you would sign your real name to any criticism you have. If you’re retired at any rank and stand for anything, you also have no reason to attack from anonymity.

    So it must be the usual cast of characters, trying to promote themselves at the expense of any deputy in their way. And they have a hard time figuring out why nobody respects them.

  • “And I’m the tooth fairy”. I have had my share of talks with Mr. PKT, both in his office and in EPC, and about anywhere else you can imagine.

    I will never once, say that LASD as an entity is bad. What i will convey is several of my friends from other departments work LA Impact, Majors and and other assignments that for obvious reasons i won’t list. They work side by side on the same cases.

    What is troubling is their opinion of how LASD and their crews do things. The attitudes have changed over time where some agencies have even pulled their people and pooled their resources with smaller agencies. that is troubling given many years ago, it was a priveledge to work next to the tan and green. Perhaps you can expound on that trend.

    additionally, as far as anonymity, since you are riding the wave on accolades, why don’t you come clean with your own six pack? So far, I see no retaliation from your posts so we are all looking forward to your name and UOS, or we can look it up in Outlook, if you just give us your name.

    As far as me? Well here’s the deal. Remember the LA times freedom of information act that just occured, and several e-mails were sent to all employees? Now you know why.

    And as far as 998 and rooling code 3 with a deceased baby, even you, if you have experienced anything close to that, would not mock my comment. Those are things I can recall as if it was yesterday. I hope you get that.

    This entire blog started with Aero Bureau, the reporting of the allegations, and now it has gone viral against each other. Even i have entertained the humor in that.”Left at the ball” said it right on. “There is definitely some bad poo poo in the middle. Why don’t we all focus on the Aero Bureau issue, determine is Louie abused his position, and wait for the second half of this story.

    And finally, people who blog on this harmless site, probably, like me have kept documented e-mails that really would make some people look foolish. E-mails don’t lie, but arrogance sometimes gets in the way of common sense, and the keyboard gets busy. Once the send button goes, well, let’s say it would be similar to typing MDTALL and telling the county to go fornicate themselves 🙁

    I am looking forward to Part 2.

  • FTF, you are a bafoon. Of course those of us who have been shot at and saved babies would lampoon you. Your comment betrays you. We don’t seek accolades. Do you think anyone with loyalty to Baca or Tanaka never put their lives on the line or held a dead baby in their arms?

    Those that haven’t sought glory or promotion, and aren’t critical of the Department have no reason to give our names to you. We know who we are. We lampoon you because you throw out a bunch of crap that hurts us all, but hide under the veil of “righteousness.”

    I don’t know whether to believe you or not. That post about the female lieutenant is identical to an earlier post under a different story about Chris Nee, where it was supposedly said to Clark at MCJ. And that story was completely fabricated. So what are we to believe? I don’t agree with every promotion either. But I’m not whining because I didn’t get mine.

    You said you were going to shut up a bunch of posts ago, but can’t even keep your story straight on that. You have no honor, and never did. Thank god the baby didn’t know that. If there was a baby.

    And what about that 29 million dollar swindle by the “lazy ass” Duran as you called him. That was something.

  • Santa Claus, the story about the female lieutenant probationer had NOTHING to do with Chris Nee and it had NOTHING to do with MCJ and had NOTHING to do with Captain Clark. I was not there, but his information was reported directly by the involved captain at a management conference that I attended a few years ago. Circle the wagons if you wish, toss out phony stories of support as you may. I said nothing about any prior posts. Your position is EXACTLY what I have been talking about, the 99% are the hard working members of LASD who suffer under the misdirection of Tanaka and Baca. I have not read one singe post in any of these threads that disrespects LASD as an institutional body, just the failed leadership and the warped management directives of “make everyone happy, punish line supervisor and managers who dare attempt to correct problems.” This is all going to come to a head in the long run so drink the Kool Aid all you want. I speak to my former staff on a frequent basis, morale is at an all time low, worse now than when I retired. More stories of unethical conduct are going to be reported in the weeks to come. Defend the undefinable all you wish.

  • Santa claus, i don’t recall using the exact words “lazy ass” refering to duran. Please refer me to that post if you find it.

    Your responses are becoming rhetorical and the more you post the more agitated you are. I can almost envision you kicking a little stuffed animal while you’re at the keyboard.

    Hav a nice day. I’m going to. 🙂

  • 10-7, your original post #47, your “opinion” as you call it, typifies precisely what I experienced that last decade I worked while Baca and Tanaka were in charge. Thanks for communicating your similar observations and thanks for standing up! Ignore the attacks and let’s just see how things shake out in the near future. Again, thank you.

  • I see we have another serial blogger, or someone has just changed their blog name. I just love it when someone tries to proclaim themself as an action hero and expect readers to find them more believable. These blogs sure tend to drift off topic into personal attacks. If you find yourself rushing to the computer to see responses to your blogs in the morning, afternoon, evening and late night, you probally lack a productive life. I would glean from your blogs and blog times, you were probally put in check for not being productive. Now you have a form to vent your personal frustrations. There is a big difference between gossip and facts. I’m sure you won’t be able to resist putting on your cape and sending your reply.

  • ? Says. well at least you agree that we are off topic and personal attacks continue. Wouldn’t you agree that Mr. Louis Duran is once again the focus of this feed? I would hope so. Also, I think why based on your blog time analogy, that since the Department is scared to death of this site, they instructed DSB to block it.

    Kind of sounds like a 3rd world country blocking freedom of speech and only broadcasting over television what the government allows.

    Once again, let’s get focused and discuss Aero Duran Bureau and have a structured conversation. the second half of this report should be interesting. I don’t have faith in the DA on this given ISD reports “no irregularity”. And ICIB just follows the criminal aspect, so no fault on them, but who in their right mind would “fang” Aero Duran Bureau on such a huge contract. well at least not for now. Part 2 are you close to going to press?

  • Update. I apologize for extra words. I’m multi-tasking with home issues, texting, and typing. Oh well, I’m sure someone will chime in and be critical of that….sorry.
    I guess My MBA form LASD Univeristy was a waste of time.

  • Further to Follow, it appears you have some kind of warped reverse man crush on Duran. True this blog thread was about aero, but you’re obviously way too close to this one as evidenced by the number of posts wherein you reference him. Are we to believe that your first post in this thread, post #1 is a coincidence? Or maybe, just maybe you were tipped by Celeste and Matt. Definitely something to consider. Maybe you’re the “Deep Throat” in a majority of this nonsense. You mention Duran by name in 8 out of your 11 posts on this thread. Dude, thats almost 20% of the comments in this thread all posted by you. Let it go. Also, just to check you, in post #3 you refer to him as a “lazy ass” even though you claim you were not sure you used such language in post #58. I understand your position on the investigation and that it needs to be reviewed even though I find it next to impossible the claims are valid. But seriously your obvious hatred of the dude is oozing like an abscess on a hype. So regardless of your identity or whether you have an axe to grind, try to be a little more objective, kinda gives you more credibility, even though I doubt you have any in this case. Please let us know in advance when the next story in the series about aero or any other lasd stories are due out. I’m sure you’ll get the early bird heads up.

  • Further to Follow, Santa Claus used your “lazy ass” Duran quote from the 2nd one, of your many-many-many-many…, posts here. A quick page search showed me that. You seem to like dominating the conversation, and playing loosely with the truth. Poser perhaps? Your “what these eyes have seen” drama on a blog comment section? Really? I can see why that group started to call you on spinning fairy tales.

    And 10-7, wow, if you heard a story recounted at a management conference, then the Tooth Fairy’s post is right on point about you. But you go all CAPITAL letters DIVERSION on him about questioning the “female probationer lieutenant” quoted as saying “I don’t work for you, I work for Tanaka.” How would the fact that the exact same bs quote was falsely attributed to an invented conversation between Nee and Clark in a prior WitnessLA story not be relevant? Goes directly to the credibility of the source.

    It’s laughable that you could say that attacking the leaders of an organization doesn’t damage the troops. It just emboldens those that would sue us and put out hit pieces like the prior one on the AV deps. So please stop trying to say you speak for the “99%”. Most of us in law enforcement don’t associate ourselves with that crowd/term. Plus, I’m not in anyone’s car and I really don’t like you. I agree with the Tooth Fairy. So you’re gonna have to use at least 98.9% to stay accurate. Of course that doesn’t seem to bother you or the serial poster. Unlike him, I’ll hold true to my word and not come back to this story. He’s made the site largely irrelevant, so at least we can thank him for opening our eyes to that.

  • Ok, my bad. In post 3 you’re right. but you made me pee my pants. Celeste and Matt, is this a hoot? Now I am your source of information or whatever… Ok, Let’s talk about DG, the previous to previous admin, not captain at aero. Seems he got called out due to personal use of a helicopter as well. hello? This was years ago and way before Impellizeri, so to say I have a “man crush” on Duran is ???? The point is, he is the current dude in charge of Aero Duran Bureau, and he is being questioned. I don’t care if it was joe blow, dick cheney or lee baca in charge. The point is, he is at the helm, so understandibly, he is at the focal point.
    I haven’t said he is guilty of it, but why wouldn’t any member of LASD not entertain the truth?

    Based on the fact you have researched all my posts intrigues me and makes me believe you are validating me. Thank you for that. I certainly haven’t wasted my time looking at everyones posts. I’m honored, and when you’re done doing another Title 18 compliance check, please let us all know when Celeste, Matt and me are going to conspire again.

    By the way, this post now brings me up to 9 out of 12 posts or exactly 75% You said 8 out of 11 posts equates to 20%. actually that means about 72% not 20%. If it were 20% it would be 2.2 posts. DUHHHHH. Ok, get of your iphone, clear the ODR and mak sure your count is clear :/

  • Newsflash friends..Iin reference to post #60 and any others regarding the dept blocking this site from dept computers. Guess what people the computers at your worksite belong to the dept not you they can block anything they want to block. I don’t care if you’re looking during your ‘break’ or any other time during the day. Still a dept computer. I’m sure 99% of employees have some type of computer and Internet access at their disposal in their personal life if they want to view this site or any other. So the dept blocked this site who cares. It is their right. If what is professed on this website is actually true, the dept blocking this site won’t matter right ???

  • FYI. This is not even part one of the two part story as promised by Witness LA. “We will post the first part of our 2-part report very shortly. So stay tuned.” This is just a news story specific to a single investigation being passed from one entity to another. The first part of the two part story is yet to come. Hold back on some of your venomous statements so that you may have some left for later posts. It would be a shame if you all were to run out of rhetoric to sling.

  • Further to Follow…. 11 out of 62 posts on the thread all from you princess which equals 17.7 %. Like I wrote earlier almost 20% of the posts on this thread all attributed to you and your aero bureau/ duran rants. I’m guessing you either never made the cut, were tossed out with the trash or duran took your lunch money when you were a little boy. Now you’re 12 out if 67 for a grand total of 17.9%. Who the heck is DG anyway ? You’re just another FULGESI. Go to bed its late. And don’t forget to take your Aricept.

  • It would appear there is an obsession on the part of “?” silly rabbit, and a few others about the amount and quality of posts regarding this topic or any other against department leaders.

    Let’s call it what it is, an oblique attack on the messenger, designed to deflect attention away from the rampant corruption at the executive level…

  • Silly jackrabbit, look at line 7 of your post. You specifically say “8 out of 11 of your posts”. not all of the 60 some posts by everyone.

    re-read your statement, digest it and consult a college handbook on use of verbs adjectives etc, and double check my math. It is correct according to your comment. If you mean all posts then you are correct. Again,,, DUHHHH. Do you relize in your last posts, you have responded almost an hour after my posts. I like that. It shows your admiration for me or you are on watch to report back to your master. You don’t know who DG is? Pull up aero on ABD and ask. Or, call and ask for an OG pilot. they know.

    I have a budget meeting later. I’m looking at buying my staff new dodge chargers from fleet using petty cash. Can I do that per ISD purchase rules?

  • Hello, my trusted followers. I am now at Part 1 of the Aero debacle. Please see my current post 🙂

  • @ Mountain Man You are a complete idiot. Your #8 comment is superfluous. What is your reference for that? Were you there and see a “receipt”? Do you know someone that went to the “dinner”? I don’t and I know the owner of H1. I asked him (we have been friends for over 10 years) and he said no such dinner ever occurred. He is a very honest man that has very humble beginnings and has everything to lose. He doesn’t have millions to fall back on.

    Those that are making comments about Hangar One better have the facts straight. It’s all fun and gossip until you get slapped with a slander lawsuit. And don’t think that your posts are “anonymous”, every comment can be traced back to the original computer it was sent from.

    As for the Aero Bureau I don’t know much about it. But, if this L Duran guy is wrong then I hope he burns for it along with his hooligan Sgts. If he is clean and clear then I hope this other jackwagon guy has to foot the bill it is costing the citizens for the investigation.

    This blog is nothing but a big circle jerk for you guys stroking each other off giving each other pearl necklaces. Do something more productive with your hands other than gossiping.

  • “The Truth Will Be Told”, you might want to research your information about LA County Fire pilots making less than LASD pilots. Google it and you can find an article in the LA Times that names pilots from LACOFD and their base salary. It’s quite a bit more than the base salary of any deputy pilot. Not picking a fight. Just stating a fact.

    Miss Fremon, please start enforcing rule #6. Just reading comments made by several folks here and elsewhere you can see there is a violator.

  • Political Donors –

    Some our mentioning a donor list that has been circulated on this site and quite frankly, it’s no big deal. Many American politicians accept legal contributions from friends, co-workers and subordinates. Barrack Obama’s administrative staff is made up of political donors. In fact, many federal department (including law enforcement agencies) heads were political donors to Barrack Obama, George W. Bush and all the previous presidents. Look at our own California governor’s staff, all political donors.

    So what’s the big deal? Answer: Your opinion

    Is this right? Answer: Your opinion.

    Is it legal? YES

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