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LASD and Community Mourn the Loss of Well-Liked Sgt. Steve Owen—UPDATED

UPDATE: The man accused of shooting Sgt. Steve Owen has been identified as 27-year-old Trenton Trevon Lovell.

Lovell has been charged with capital murder, attempted murder of the second responding sheriff’s deputy, as well as being a felon in possession of a gun, and two counts each of first-degree residential robbery and false imprisonment.

On Wednesday, a county-wide outpouring of grief and gratitude followed the news of the murder of Sergeant Steven Owen of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Just after 12:00p.m. on Wednesday, Sgt. Owen was shot in the face while responding to a call about a residential burglary taking place in Lancaster.

Sgt. Owen, 53, was the first of two responders to make it to the home, which was in the 3200 block of W. Avenue J-7. Owen moved to the rear of the residence in order to try to contain the suspected burglar, identified as a local parolee.

The man reportedly then confronted Owen and opened fire, shooting him in the face. The second responding deputy ran from the front of the house to the back after hearing the gunshots. According to the sheriff’s department, the suspect then hopped in Owen’s patrol car and slammed it into the second deputy’s vehicle, at which point the deputy fired at and hit the suspect in the upper torso. Despite suffering a gunshot wound, the man was able to escape on foot.

The shooter was ultimately captured by deputies after he broke into another home—this one occupied by two teenagers. As the man exited the second house, the sheriff’s department’s Special Enforcement Bureau used less than lethal devices to keep him from re-entering the home, and the teens were then rescued. The suspect was taken into custody by deputies from the Lancaster station. Officers reportedly recovered a weapon at the scene.

Owen was taken to the hospital, where he later died from his wounds. Owen’s wife, sons, and mom were able to be with him in the hospital when he died.

Owen’s death was a shocking blow to the sheriff’s department and the community he served for 29 years before being killed in the line of duty.

“The tragedy of a deputy sheriff such as Sergeant Steve Owen making the ultimate sacrifice has a massive impact on the whole law enforcement family,” said LASD Sheriff Jim McDonnell. “We all mourn together and our hearts go out especially to Steve’s immediate family Tania, a detective at Arson/Explosives Detail, his two adult sons Brandon and Chad, a step-daughter Shannon and his mother Millie.”

Owen was well-respected by those he worked with and went “above and beyond with respect to youth activities and community involvement,” according to LASD Executive Officer Neal Tyler who characterized the horrific shooting as “the thing we all dread.”

Many of Owen’s fellow law enforcement officers expressed deep sorrow over his death. “Steve was a 29-year vet still working out on the street,” a retired sheriff’s department member who worked with Owen told WitnessLA. “Most folks with that amount of time aren’t suiting up anymore. It’s a testament to him and the quality of man he was.”

Owen received a Meritorious Conduct Medal for his role in safely rescuing a man who was being held hostage by an armed suspect wearing a bulletproof vest, without use of lethal force.

The sergeant was also one of three sheriff’s department members who, last July, found and rescued a 13-month-old girl who had been left alone in a shed by a pimp who had allegedly abducted the baby from a woman whom he had reportedly been abusing and commercially exploiting.

“Emotions are very high within the LASD,” said another source close to the department, who also noted that the sergeant was “only a couple of years from retirement.”

“All of our ALADS members will be grieving the loss of Sergeant Owen who was well respected by his colleagues,” the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs said in a statement. “Los Angeles County deputy sheriffs put their lives at risk every time they put on the uniform. This horrible tragedy is another reminder of the dangers and sacrifice law enforcement personnel face protecting the county’s citizens and businesses.”

The Professional Peace Officers Association (PPOA), the union to which Owen belonged as a department supervisor, also sent out a statement of grief and remembrance. “Sheriff’s Sergeant Steve Owen represented the best among us,” wrote PPOA President Brian Moriguchi. “He loved helping others and made the Antelope Valley a better place to live. Steve risked his life every day to make the community safer.”

California Governor Jerry Brown announced that the state capitol’s flags would be flown at half-staff.

LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, who knew Sgt. Owen, called him an “outstanding law enforcement professional,” and said that the loss of Owen “leaves a significant void” for everyone who knew him.

“Steve was one of the bravest, hardest working street cops I’ve ever met,” the department retiree told WLA. “He was an LASD legend.”


  • Rest in peace, Sergeant Owen. May God grant your family peace. Thank you for your service. By the way, if law enforcement is so anti-African American, why was the black suspect taken into custody alive after the deputies knew he had shot one of their own? It’s because they are true professionals who take their oaths seriously. What say you, Black Lives Matter? You’re awfully quiet now.

  • Our prayers to the family and especially Tania. There isn’t any words to express the grief and pain we all feel. Only suffice to say we gave our word, in the form of an oath, to be the last line of true social justice between good and evil. And evil will never win.

    Steve didn’t cause fatherless children, low performing schools, gangs,hate-filled rhetoric or any of the racist hate that ignores the fact all innocence deserves to be protected and it’s our police that do that job, usually without thanks.

    We will hear soon from the politicians their facade of grief and outrage only to hide behind their taxpayer paid mansions and armored cars. Only in our hearts we know how much is sacrificed each and everyday.

    Don’t give in to anger as that only brings more pain in the end. We need time to grieve but, not too much time as the siren calls us again to duty and to protect what’s left of the American dream called Freedom.

    Steve: You are with a dear friend of mine. His name is George and he was murdered on the corner of 115th and Success in Nickerson Gardens. You can’t miss him, you’ll spot him by the smile and his constant pranks. I miss you guys terribly! I pray that one day we are all together again in Paradise.

    Until that day always know that we will NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER WHILE WE ARE OUT THERE DO YOU EVER GIVE UP! Stay Down Stay Cool Stay Alive.

  • Questions:

    Who is the suspect?
    Why has his identity been withheld?
    Was he on parole?
    What are his prior convictions?
    Where did he obtain a gun, which he likely possessed illegally?

    Had the officer received directives to keep his weapon holstered longer than normal when approaching black suspects, and could that have contributed to his death?

    Where are the protesters and do they believe if the officer’s life mattered?

  • Sergeant Steve Owen was the greatest cop I have had the unique privilege to work with. He will be greatly missed by many. I have lost my partner and great friend of over 25 years. My prayers go out to Tania, Chadd, Brandon, Shannon, David, Terry, Cassidy, Daniel and his mother Millie. Rest In Peace my good friend, Houdini out

  • @ 1. 2. 3……A brother in arms was killed in the line of duty. Regardless of “others” with racial rhetoric as part of their platform, dont politicize Sgt Owens death. He was killed by a knucklehead ex con. Lets not categorize his death as fuel for idiots.

    May God comfort the Owen family through this troublesome period.

  • Deputy Sheriff, I don’t like it, but today every death of a policeman or black man is political, and people like me didn’t start it. Why, this blog about police matters is almost all political.

    If questions aren’t asked and answered, there could be more useless deaths of policemen being given PC instructions to show restraint when confronted by black aggressors, and there could be more endangering of citizen when police choose to lessen their presence in crime areas or give too much deference to aggressors.

    Referencing the murderer as a “knucklehead ex con” is being a little too nice to him, his murderous way, and others like him. And, his actions can’t be viewed simply as an individual act but must be considered in the context of public statements by the President and other leaders who are quick to condemn police.

    I won’t comment any more on this, and I realize that the situation is complex with more sides, but it, unfortunately, is political.

    I feel terrible about Sgt. Owens and for his family and for his fellow officers. I wish it could be different and don’t want any more deaths like his.

  • RIP Bullfrog. You leave a huge hole in many of us. My friend, my hero. Hugs and prayers to Tania, Chadd, Brandon, and Shannon

  • @Staff, unfortunately the reality of your comment about Prop 47 is your words will disappear into the night. Governor Brown, the Democrat Party controlled Sacramento legislature will simply look at Steve’s murder as “the price of doing business.” They will offer bullshit platitudes and bullshit, shallow condolences. THEY COULD GIVE A FUCK. The ONLY thing they care about is their reelection and their hold to power. Their ideology of liberalism will make Steve’s death a bump in the road. I hope Steve’s wife makes it clear that Brown and all of the political hacks who want media time at Steve’s funeral are NOT welcome!

  • ALADS, PPOA and LAPPL: How about getting off your asses and get laws passed to protect the us? How about getting someone else elected for state office? How about a MARCH for Justice? Get other Unions to get this done. DON”T EXPECT THE BRASS TO DO ANYTHING! The BOS hates us and that ain’t going to change unless we get them out!

    Help the Owens family to SUE!!! Make Dick Shinee earn his pay. And start using that influence that we pay for every month!! The first person we sue is Gov Brown!


    Pass it on and start making waves. And if Newsome becomes Gov we will have funerals every week!

    When I first started ALADS was the most powerful Union in the state. What happened? All these laws where Felons can vote? The male who murdered Steve can now vote? The male who raped the girl at Stanford, got six mints can still vote?

    And if ALADS and the rest don’t get this done time for a new union!!

  • @ Questions. ALADS has no interest to benefit deputies. They don’t have to address deputies concerns due to Agency Shop. They would rather spend money in Superior Court Case BC 540789, which begins in 2 weeks. Look at the summary and add it up. That is where ALADS concentration is. Hold them accountable for frivolous spending before you cast your vote for ALADS upcoming election.

  • Good luck with holding ALADS feet to the fire. With automatic deductions amounting to over 8.5 million yearly from Deputies and District Attorney Investigators…..why should they respond?


  • ALADS is a joke. The guys running for ALADS seats are a joke too. I guess we are content with what they provide and how they treat us. Sheriff Mcdummy said some good things over the past couple of days, but actions speak louder than words. Stop worrying about changing our uniforms. Start trying to figure out how to keep patrol units out in the field so we are not short staffed. Stop your command staff from taking money away from the stations. Where is the money going. I am sure you know, don’t say you don’t know what is going on. The murder of our partner should make you angry. 1 deputy doing the work of 4. By the way how was Hawaii..

    Maybe we should get an audit done for alads. Where is our money going. Maybe Taylor can get the ball rolling. Hold these guys accountable. They may have went in with good intentions. But how do you steal from your own people. Damn.

  • How did the death of our brother turn in a union rant?!?!? You guys should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves!!!

  • By the way, the corruption on the department is worse than before. Under the Tanaka regime, investigations were initiated for political reasons, and discipline was given to their enemies. Under this new regime, investigations are initiated for political reasons, to appease the politically correct crowd. At the end, the deputies doing what the sheriff is responsible of doing, get the short end of the stick. Sad…

  • With all due respect and condolences to to Owen family, deputies are saddened at Sgt Owen’s death and at the same time,outraged at many things that could have prevented his and other LEO’S killed in the line of duty. Yes it’s true that ALADS is worthless with all talk and money with no action. Owen spent many years as a deputy and I’m betting that he would have felt the same way, attested to the fact that he backed his deputies. The truth,] not rants are openly evident. Ask any deputy.

  • It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Sgt. Owen may have hesitated to draw or use his firearm given the state of the Sheriffs Department’s reluctance to back up their troops. This second guessing of force that has deputies spooked is cancer to the department. Deputies are more afraid of losing their jobs or being thrown at the mercy of the Civil Service Commission than protecting themselves. Sad to say, but im confident that LASD executives would rather a deputy be injured/killed rather than a suspect. Its cheaper to bury one of your own and less PR damage to control. Don’t believe me? look at the stupid policies and discharged deputies in the last few years. Do you think those policies and discharged “bad apples” were executed to make you safer at work? Nope! Its protecting the department and their “clients” (aka criminals) while leaving the line staff hanging out to dry. This may not be the appropriate forum to say this, but its the truth! RIP Sgt. Owen.

  • @commander and chief: you are correct in calling ALADS a joke, but explain to me why the guys running are a joke. There are at least two, Steve Blagg and Robert Sass, who have never been on the Board, so seems to me, unless you have any other alternatives, we should at least support some new guys who appear to be willing to try. And, who’s “Taylor?”

  • in reference to those commenters who referenced names of family members in their condolensce –
    have you requested and been granted permit from those individuals to list names on a public site open to all?
    if you have not,
    then what is the purpose,
    do you respect their rights to privacy??
    if your position/relation to the fallen deputy is why you know those names-
    then certainly you can offer personal condolence to them directly or via a restricted audience site.
    and for those who have introduced the idea of naming a park in lancaster in memoriam of the fallen deputy –
    there will be plenty of time for that.
    right now it distracts from is needed right now –
    a thorough and comprehensive investistigation of the shooting of deputy owen
    conducted by seasoned professionals with no connections to lasd or southern california.

  • In all of my years with LASD (34 years), I have never witnessed or heard of such an outpouring of positive accolades for a peace officer. Mind you that, many of which came from the community in which he served. How often does one hear of a person being arrested and get a concerned follow-up from that same officer? I was astonished by news reports citing numerous citizens (all races) who saw Owen as friendly and caring. Whatever he did should be a incorporated LASD training.

  • Celeste – did TANAKA report to PRISON?

    I don’t find any coverage, any additional continuances, feedback on appeal status, etc.

    Celeste – did TANAKA report to PRISON?


    Dear “Moi,”

    No. Not in prison. I’ll have a story with updates on Tanaka’s situation and Baca’s, as well, late tonight for tomorrow morning.

    Back soon. And thanks for asking



    Dear “John Doe,” if you’d like to write something critical that doesn’t feature F-bomb littered mud throwing and unsupported libelous allegations we’d be happy to let it through. If not, all of your comments are being deleted as they are not within the rules of commenting here. Nothing personal.


  • Oh. I apologise but i do not have any other words that could describe this sinister scumbag. He got exactly what he deserved. self defense

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