LA County Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested for Allegedly Raping 2 Female Jail Inmates

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

A 31-year-old Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy was arrested on rape charges according to Sheriff Jim McDonnell, who was grim-faced as he announced the arrest in a press conference Thursday morning at the Hall of Justice.

LASD Deputy Giancarlo Scotti, was arrested on two counts of rape and oral copulation, both under color of authority, according to McDonnell. Scotti allegedly raped two women inmates at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood. The 10-year-veteran deputy was arrested Wednesday evening at 6 p.m., while on duty.

According to the sheriff, the two female inmates were in the same cell, and the attack occurred over a period of approximately an hour.

McDonnell pronounced the deputies alleged actions as appalling. “It’s disgusting to me,” he said.

The arrest occurred after an investigation that was triggered on Wednesday when one of the female inmates filed a complaint. Further investigation indicated that a second female inmate was allegedly involved.

Deputy Scotti was released after posting $100,000 bond.

“Criminal misconduct, especially criminal misconduct that preys on a vulnerable population, will not be tolerated and will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” McDonnell said, calling the alleged crimes “horrific.”

The department has not yet presented the case to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, but Scotti has been placed on administrative leave.

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  • With so many fabricated cases against deputies by ICIB under McBuckles direction, he is desperate to find some legitimate cases to show his followers. He would say, look, look at me, we are reforming the department and getting rid of the dirty deputies. “Deputy raping two females in their cell for an hour? Wow, that must be a tough deputy able to rape two women at the same time. I would take McBuclkes word with a grain of salt. Obviously, there is more to the story, and McBuckles is exaggerating, misrepresenting the facts to make the case more serious than it is, in violation of his own policies, he sounds like a CNN reporter. McBuckles knows he will be facing a serious challenger next year during election time and needs all the publicity he can garnish for free.

  • With all the cameras, mandated checks and such it “shocks the senses” that this really could have occurred as presented by the Sheriff. If this turns out to be the “real story” and represents a totally factual account of the incident, I would agree this deputy should get everything he has coming. However, if is determined to be an inaccurate and salacious accusation made by inmates and rubber stamped by Department investigators, I hope the deputy gets everything he civilly has coming to him from the Department, Sheriff and County.

    I will not rush to judgement on this one. The Department doesn’t have a stellar track record in terms of supporting it’s employees.

  • Editor’s Note:

    Unknown, we don’t do reporting on people’s personal lives. And we don’t permit commenters to bring those issues up. I have no idea if this is a preposterous rumor or anything vaguely resembling truth, nor do I care. And to compare the unsubstantiated rumor of an affair with allegations of a double rape is a bit….perplexing.


  • Hell…I havent gotten over the fiasco in La Puente yet. How is an 83 year old man a)lowed to interject himself in a high risk situation with an apparently mentally ill person. Guess everybody was out to lunch while Mr. Burgess threw the person off the roof. Anybody think we had a responsibility to protect the 5150 from harm while also protecting Mr. Burgess from any crinimal or civil liability. I see a civil suit pending……great job guys!

  • @unknown and Celeste,
    100 percent correct. Check the policy that was updated by Jim Mcdonnell giving the CPA (Diana Teran) the power to review cases and if she disagrees with a Captain, Commander or Chief it goes to the next level (i.e. Neal Tyler). The Captains, Commanders and Chiefs are useless when it comes to discipline because its whatever she wants. Is that a conflict or interest, one would think.

    The only thing I would add is that McDonnell is fully aware of this. He knows what’s up and likes it. He is running on a reformer platform. I’ve said it before and I will say it again…..The sad part is not McDonnell or Teran destroying deputies lives. The sad part is the Captain, Commander and Chiefs that have been with this department 25 to 30 years and don’t say anything. Easier for them to say, “Oh well.” and wait for their next promotion.

    Drain the swamp BL !!!!!!!!!

  • It’s so hard to stay on topic, isn’t it? No voice at home maybe? Regardless, I hope you gathered your facts before making a blanket statement of those who were actually there in La Puente. The old man was told not to go up there and was up there in a blink of an eye. Maybe he should have been tackled or maybe he wasn’t taken seriously? Regarding the 5150, let me guess, he should have been bean bagged off the rough and had his neck broken. Or better yet, deputies should have gone up on the roof to get him and fell and broke their neck. There was no urgency and why hurt someone to save them? They’re painting the old man a hero but he did what he was told not to do.

  • All sad…I hate to re-hash this fact. Inmates assault, threaten and make false allegations against the staff 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If criminal charges are even file, the DA’s office usually doesn’t file the case in “the interest of justice” or the inmate gets time served. Where is the reporting of these facts? Where is the Sheriff and his posse’s sense of moral outrage and disgust when a twenty something year old new deputy or custody assistant gets attacked by an inmate and suffers a permanent career ending injury before ther career even begins? Where is the investigative reporting and fact finding relating to these incidents?

    As usual nothing is said or done when employees are the victims. Just make sure that brass shines, the lettering on the cars is in order and those Class A shirts are the right weight.

  • I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around the mentality of McBuckles. From what I’ve learned, the ability of one deputy to be alone with two female inmates for an entire hour, and no one alerting anyone until the next day, is a tad suspicious. What happened to supervision, regular Title 15 checks, and other personnel assigned to the module or adjoining modules?

    The above, however is not the issue. Assume everything is true as reported, why would Fresh Eyes breathlessly announce this to the media, knowing full well it’s another black eye for the department’s reputation? Easy answer: he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the institution, it’s all about him scoring points for the media and the political establishment during campaign season. “Look at me, I’m cleaning house,” is that what you were looking for Jim?

    That makes you a pretty pathetic human being, Jim. And to think ALADS and PPOA want to give McBuckles a free ride in the primary, and then claim there was nothing they could do.

  • So, they dibble little girls and rape women. And, then they deflect by whining and squealing that no one does anything when they “are the victims” or that other officers are f-ing each other on some sofa. My god, is this really the best we can do with our tax dollars? Please, please, if you are not happy with your job, or you think you cannot control yourself when around teenage girls or female inmates, got out of the government trough and find a real job. As much as you squeal, you will not because you cannot make the money you make in the private sector. Stop it, already.

    Conspiracy, where is the moral outrage when a deputy gets attacked by inmate? Are you for real. You know that if that happens, the inmate will get his ass kicked, he will get a few more year onto his sentence and the officer will be set for life with some nice fat disability check or pension that you could not get in the private sector. Stop it, already.

  • Just: A little sensitive are we. Sounds like you were part of that cluster…….maintaining command and control is patrol 101. Stop making excuses………maybe next time call 911 and let the Fire Department handle it!

  • Oh CF …find a real job…what a comeback. What do you do? You’re probably some pathetic techno geek sitting around in their underwear texting underage boys. Where you the kid who never got picked to be on their team? Or were you to sickly to even play a real sport besides Madden Football? Law enforcement is not a job for the weak minded like yourself. Risking your life and taking a life is not something everybody can do.

    So you keep on talking about real jobs and the like and don’t call the pathetic police when your significant other beats you up, your skooter gets stolen or the cool kids take your lunch money.

  • Yeah. CF has it all together. Inmate will get his ass kicked? Right. This is the new, improved, rules-have-all-changed-in-favor-of-inmates-and-they-know-it Department. Bleeding heart ACLU has a friend here.

  • Bandwagon/Conspiracy – If I call 911, I do expect you to show up, and I expect you to say, “how can I help you, Sir?.” Please understand that you are employees of the city or county, whichever you are, and are not doing anyone a favor. If you do not wish to respond to certain calls, like that fine officer of a few months ago that was sitting in his patrol car texting his girlfriend, please find another job. Now, if I call you on your day off, you can tell me to go F@^# myself, that would be your right because I would be asking for a favor. But, if I call you while your working, on the government’s dime, please stop whining and squealing and do your job, its no longer a favor but your duty. If not, please find some other job, perhaps working for yourself, where you have the right to pick and choose who you serve. Alas, let us be honest, you will not do so because you will not find one that pays as well, with as nice a pension as you have. Otherwise, the way you gentlemen whine, I suspect you would have, if you could have.

    Free Rider, now, you know, that every once in while, you’ve smack some brother or some cholo. No one knows who you are, you can be honest. And, of course the rules have changed. You guys got carried away and people had to put a stop to it. As we saw from the post, you can no longer dibble little cadets or force inmates to felate you. And, if you do smack inmates around, you just may get in trouble. I’m sorry you feel you lost some of job perks, but you still have that nice salary and pension that I help pay. Put in your 25 years, or however long you have to work to qualify for the full pension, and move on. You can then bask in beautiful sunsets of Simi Valley.

  • Question:

    Are these “Captain, Commander and Chiefs” Tanaka acolytes that everybody has been complaining about in this forum?

    If so, interesting that the Sheriff is disregarding their input in favor of a lawyer brand new to LASD.

    Fresh eyes?

  • Well stated cf. No wonder the general public doesn’t trust LE. The comments I’m reading here from people charged with PROTECTING and SERVING the community are pathetic and disgusting.

  • If McStickers does not trust them, get rid of or demote them! It is within his powers. You don’t have a non law enforcement civilian who does not know what the job entails or has never had to face similar situations, have that much input when it comes to force situations. There is a very strict process and review of force issues. This includes, training experts, supervisiors who oversaw and approved all reports, Captians, Commanders and Chiefs. After all these people review the case, one non sworn civilian should not be able to overrule it!

  • Exactly. So a CPA is now the expert in force, tactics, shootings, report writing, etc. Then why have Captains, Commanders and Chiefs even review this stuff. Get rid of them and have her do it all….

    Or,,,,here is a refreshing idea. Those Captains, Commanders, and Chiefs stand up to her and the Sheriff. They are experts (allegedly) so their opinion should matter but apparently not to her or the Sheriff.

    As far as if they are Tanaka loyalists…don’t really care at this point. Weak leaders are weak leaders, regardless of who they supported.

  • It would seem a decision was made for the Sheriff to wear civilian attire
    – which is certainly more appropriate for a public relations related campaign press appearance by incumbent sheriff candidate McDonnell.

  • CF actually has time right mentality and outlook to fit right in as a LASD executive. His mantra that all the peons/underlings working in the Department, by that I mean the worker bee risk takers, are all dirty, scumbag liners fits right in with the prevailing ruling philosophy. You need to lop off a head or two and make a public spectacle so the BOS, ACLU, DOJ and OIG think you are cleaning house and reforming the Department. All the while you and your cronies sit on high, move the chess pieces (that are proles lives) in your favor and make sure you have a fully stocked life boat when the boat does finally sink.

    CF….go ahead and submit your resume or whatever post-it note sums up your pathetic life and job qualifications. I’m sure you will be running rough shod over the women of LASD before you know it.

  • I hate that the Sheriff wears civilian attire and not the uniform. It makes him look more like a politician than a Sheriff…

  • Actually you’re behind the times. The Supreme Court ruled police do not have a duty to respond or protect you. So it would appear the police can tell you to “f@&)” off when they’re on duty as well. Inform yourself before you spout off again.

  • What’s your big hangup with deputy salaries and their pensions? Every post it seems like you’re complaining about what deputies make… It makes you sound very bitter.

    By the way, you know LASD Deps are paying into their own pension, right? I doubt that you’re contributing so much more to our salaries and pensions, but I guess if it makes you feel better…

  • That was a District of Columbia Court of Appeal ruling, not a ruling from the Supreme Court, but not matter; the U.S. Supreme Court did, in fact, make a similar ruling, and it can be Googled.

    The Police do not seem to be paying much attention to that ruling, or maybe there’s language in that ruling that obviates what you and I think the ruling means, and that language is hidden from our attention.

  • I believe Castle Rock was the Supreme Court ruling but Warren stood out in my head. I don’t think there is hidden language. I do think police do their jobs and the courts were simply stating it is impossible for departments to protect every single member of their jurisdiction.

  • I have to say, I have never heard of a 1 day investigation to determine enough PC to lay out a deputy. If true embarrassing again for us tan and green, but sad if not true again for us. Sheriff hope your right, because you have a track record of destroying deputies careers.

  • Seeing the flunkies standing behind McBuckles should give even less confidence in the impartiality of the investigation. If all they have is video showing the guy entering and leaving a cell, and inmate statements, well, take those with a grain of salt. Get some DNA evidence, which takes weeks I understand, and then we have something. Oh wait, that doesn’t fit McBuckle’s reelection strategy…pathetic.

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