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LA Deputy Saves Stray Dogs and Cats, FBI Informant Anthony Brown Sues LA County, Task Force to Investigate SF Law Enforcement Misdeeds, One-in-Three Homicides Unsolved in US


Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Brittany Fraser rescues animals—lots of them. Off and on duty patrolling LA County parks, Fraser picks up stray dogs, cats, and other animals in need. Other deputies now also bring found animals to Fraser instead of leaving their fate in the hands of animal control. If Fraser can’t find the animal’s human family, she bathes and vaccinates them and cares for them until they are adopted through her Brick Animal Rescue. Thus far, Fraser has saved more than 100 homeless animals.

The Daily Breeze’s Carley Dryden has the story. Here’s a clip:

“As much as I want to help people, it’s the same for animals,” Fraser said. “When people need help, they can ask for it. But dogs can’t. They don’t have a voice. You have to be paying attention.”

Sgt. Craig Berger recalled the night he came across two pit bulls eating trash on the on-ramp to the 110-105 freeway interchange. One was clearly young and starving, its ribs sticking out.

“Pre-Brittany Fraser, I probably would have had no choice but to take them to animal control, and that would have been a death sentence,” he said. “But I was able to call her from the freeway, tell her what happened and drive them to her house. She took care of them and took them to the vet.”

Berger, Fraser’s former supervisor, said Fraser has changed the mind-set of deputies when they see or approach stray animals.

“Before, they would just ignore the problem, or maybe occasionally, if they had time, they might call animal control,” he said. “Eventually, the culture was created to call Deputy Fraser.”


“She is the animal whisperer,” said her husband, Nick Resendez, who met his wife when they were partners at the Lomita sheriff’s station…

Resendez acknowledged that he didn’t have pets growing up, so having a dog in his bed at night now has been quite the adjustment.

“She’ll come home, and I’ll say, ‘What do you have under your coat jacket?’ She’ll smile and reveal a Chihuahua or a cat,” he said. “One time she came home with a raccoon and I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’ But this is the woman I married. She is compassionate and loving. To know that she has the ability to put those feelings into animals is amazing.”


Moving quickly, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon announced Tuesday the launch of a new three-team task force to investigate three separate allegations of law enforcement misconduct.

On Monday, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced that at least four deputies allegedly forced inmates to brawl in gladiator-style fights and placed bets on them. (We linked to that story here.) There have also been allegations of racist text messages between veteran police officers. DA Gascon says there has also been a breach of protocol in the DNA labs, affecting 1,400 cases.

CBS has more on the new task force. Here are some clips:

[SF District Attorney George Gascon] said that during his more than 30 years in law enforcement, he has seen a great deal of misconduct and scandals involving law enforcement officials, but that the frequency and magnitude of these recent allegations are “unusual” and “repulsive,” as well as some of the worst allegations he’s heard.

Gascon said he is concerned that if these allegations are determined to be true, there could be serious potential repercussions for criminal cases, including some which were possibly prosecuted years ago.

Gascon said that these alleged incidents are concerning not only because of “the level of hate that is reflected” but because of “the impact they may have on the criminal justice system.”

He said his office, as well as the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office, will be taking a second look at cases from the past 10 years involving officers and deputies named in recent allegations.


Regarding the gladiator-style fights reported this month at the San Francisco County Jail on the seventh floor of the Hall of Justice, Gascon said that it is unlikely only four deputies knew about the alleged abuse and misconduct…

Gascon said he wants to know who else knew about the alleged fights, when they knew and if there have been similar cases of misconduct at the sheriff’s department.

Regarding racist and homophobic text messages from police officers that were recently released in federal court documents, Gascon said he wants to know if other people were involved and to see if any prosecutions could be impacted.


FBI informant Anthony Brown is suing LA County, former sheriff Lee Baca, former undersheriff Paul Tanaka, former captain Tom Carey and the seven deputies convicted last year of obstruction of justice for hiding Brown from his federal handlers. (More about that here.)

Brown is alleging cruel and unusual punishment, as well as retaliation, conspiracy, failure to provide medical care, and municipal and supervisory liability.

ABC7′s Lisa Bartley has the story. Here’s a clip:

Brown was moved around the jail system, his name was changed multiple times and computer records were falsified to make it appear that Brown had been released from LASD custody.

“I was kidnapped, my name was changed,” said Brown. “They put me in cars late at night and took me places. I think I had more than a dozen guards on me 24/7.”

The lawsuit seeks punitive damages for cruel and unusual punishment, municipal and supervisory liability, failure to provide adequate medical care, retaliation and civil conspiracy.

“As soon as defendants became aware of plaintiff’s cooperation with the FBI’s investigation, they conspired to retaliate against plaintiff for his participation as an informant and obstruct that investigation intentionally… hiding and/or kidnapping plaintiff in the jail system under fictitious identities, covertly moving him about and throughout LASD’s jail system, and unreasonably kept him in isolation without cause,” the lawsuit states.

Brown says he was in “dire fear for his life that defendants would carry out a threat on his life or order/allow other jail inmates/gangs to kill plaintiff because defendants told him, ‘No witness, no conviction.'”


In the 1960’s law enforcement officers solved homicides at a rate of about 90%, fifty years later (and despite the advent and development of DNA testing), the national clearance rate is just 64%.

NPR’s Martin Kaste has more on the numbers and what factors may be adversely affecting murder case clearance. Here are some clips:

…that’s worse than it sounds, because “clearance” doesn’t equal conviction: It’s just the term that police use to describe cases that end with an arrest, or in which a culprit is otherwise identified without the possibility of arrest — if the suspect has died, for example.


Vernon Geberth, a retired, self-described NYPD “murder cop” who wrote the definitive manual on solving homicides, says standards for charging someone are higher now — too high, in his opinion. He thinks prosecutors nowadays demand that police deliver “open-and-shut cases” that will lead to quick plea bargains.

He says new tools such as DNA analysis have helped, but that’s been offset by worsening relationships between police and the public…

Since at least the 1980s, police have complained about a growing “no snitch” culture, especially in minority communities. They say the reluctance of potential witnesses makes it hard to identify suspects.

But some experts say that explanation may be too pat. University of Maryland criminologist Charles Wellford points out that police are still very effective at clearing certain kinds of murders.

“Take, for example, homicides of police officers in the course of their duty,” he says. On paper, they’re the kind of homicide that’s hardest to solve — “they’re frequently done in communities that generally have low clearance rates. … They’re stranger-to-stranger homicides; they [have] high potential of retaliation [for] witnesses.” And yet, Wellford says, they’re almost always cleared.


  • To let the undisputed truth be known…..The only victims in the whole “Pandora Box Scandal” are the taxpayers of Los Angeles County. With that being said, there is no legitimate rebuttal.

  • Re: San Francisco Police Department > The exposure of racist text messages by those clowns are not new.
    That’s what typical “Dumb Asses” do.
    Good riddence……. I’m sure community relations with the P.D. will only get worse. One dumb ass even exposed his “Klan” hood.

  • @ 2. More proof of past & present attitudes, mindset and behavior in “Racist Rednecks” who are exposed, in Law Enforcement.

  • “Animal Whisperer”? I think that if WitnessLA really digs, they will find more heroic things going on than someone taking in stray animals. Oh, still cruising with my sleeves rolled up, ink showing, and chewing my favorite tobacco product. Come and get me!

  • TT – I’m right there with you partner, Seriously, deputies doing the job of animal control? How about doing the job you signed up for and taking some assholes to jail instead of hugging stray puppies?! Geez us H. Christ what have we become?!?!?

  • @ Black in Blue.
    Unfortunately every L.E. Agency has them. They usually self destruct, especially when called out. Their excuses drown in the river called denial.

    Exposure and Karma are related. They always show up uninvited, however the timing is perfect.

  • @ TT Bad Boy, although I agree with your messages, you come off as the type of Deputy we need to get rid of. Yes there are hundreds of bigger unrecognized heroes on our Department. “Come and get me,” really! If you were using your real name and making that statement then I would have “mad” respect for you, but you’re not, so quit adding to the perceived corrupt arrogance of the hard working Deputies on this Department.

    @Curmudgeon, what is really wrong with a Deputy who has a passion for animals and goes out of the way to protect them! As opposed to what, you and TT Bad Boy rushing into gangster dope pads, shooting pit bulls and going 10-15, 3 or 4 times a day. I doubt that is happening!

    Why do you “wanna be thugs” have to add fuel to the fire! Just the fact that you have to pick a screen name that sounds tough, speaks volumes.

  • Yeah , “TT Badboy” cruising your ass right on up to the second tier with your trusty and box of fish kits I’m sure to make sure they get only one. Go get em tiger.

  • @TT and Curmedgeon, you two posers need to give us all a break and get a room, together. Personally, you make me sick. The ones that brag the most and talk the most shit are usually the biggest haters who do the least, and that obviously applies to you two self adoring “crime fighters”. Just realize that
    not everyone can drive past a stray dog or cat and, heroically, look the other way like you two self-loving duds.
    @ huh, tt and “lil C” are typical of the pretenders we have on our department and I agree with showing kindness, whether it is to animals or humans does not make you any weaker but bragging about what you have never done is weak. By the way, Chris Brackpool is a friend of mine and obviously you don’t know him or you would know that he was and is a terrific street cop, and was and is a great leader as well. Peace out

  • You washed up retirees need to concentrate on the Retiree Round Up and leave the Policing to the future Street Cops of LASD. BTW, still flashing my demon related ink, sleeves rolled up, and my favorite tobacco product in my top pocket!!! Come and get me.

  • Brackpool “was” a good street cop, but that was then and this is now. Once he decided to start shining Tanaka’s shoes, cleaning his ashtray and folding his laundry, I lost all respect for him. As with a majority of the coin holders, Brackpool sold his soul for the sake of power and position. His unethical deeds for the little man, as many and many more to come, caught up with him. Chris tried to proclaim his allegiance to the boys, Tanaka style, and embarrassed himself, again. In the process, he very appropriately, got his ass handed to him by the Sheriff. If you think it was all behind the email, think again. Brackpool might have been a good street cop, but he was no leader, just another patsy whose eyes were wide open.

  • @laughing policeman – I like dogs. If I see a stray, I call the authorities who are paid to handle it. I see a criminal, I deal with it. Think about that while you push papers around your desk and try to put cases on street cops . BTW, how did this become about CB? He’s a good man. He just got wrapped up in the political B.S. and became collateral damage. Take a lesson from that. Try doing the Lord’s work instead of kissing ass so you can make a name for yourself with the new regime. It’s never too late to save your soul.

  • @TT Bad Boy: find comfort in the fact that although you continue to show up on this blog and embarrass yourself, no one knows who you are! So, you can continue to portray yourself as the tough guy that you are “not,” when in uniform! Kind of pathetic though, when you think about it.

  • There is something oxymoronic about the name TT Bad Boy, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it…

  • @Huh, c’mon Gramps, don’t be jealous that my career is just starting and yours is ending. I’ve been in Patrol for a few years and unlike most, I like it here. Not testing for anything. Now all you retirees wanna blast on us youngsters for being “thugs”, having ink, etc etc, but the horrible legacy of this this Department started with you. If you think the jail violence and dishonesty started with my generation, take a few geritols and reflect on your careers from day one. Those that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. BTW, still cruising with my sleeves rolled up, tats showing, and chewing my favorite tobacco product. If you despise me so much Mr. Huh, come and git me!!!!!!!! Wishing all of you a great Easter.

  • If Deputy Fraser comes across a stray dog half way thru her shift, what does she do? Go 10-15 with the dog and take it to some kennel or something until she can go back and pick it up after she’s 10-7? Excuse me if I, once again, ask the question that will make me the buzzkill asshole to some. Isn’t Dep. Fraser doing the job of Animal Control when when she’s getting paid to do the job of a Deputy Sheriff? Do her partners in the field have to handle calls while she’s 10-6 with these animals?
    Granted, there are times when compassion would dictate that you improvise to help a suffering animal, but the thread makes it sound like it’s a frequent routine with Dep. Fraser.
    Here’s another tough question from my asshole self.
    If Deputy Fraser gets attacked and injured by one of these animals on an obs, will she be advised to let Animal Control handle it in the future?
    I guarantee you that if you are in frequent contact with stray and neglected animals, it’s only a matter of time until you are injured re: bite/severe clawing.
    Ok ok. Here’s the last tough question. What if her partners in the field said: “Wow, look at all the positive feedback Dep. Fraser gets for doing that. I’m going to do it to”.
    See the potential problem?
    Let’s have Deputy Sheriff’s do what they’re paid to do and let Animal Control do what they’re paid to do.
    I know I know. Geez I’m an asshole!!!!

  • @TT Bad Boy, first off, the fact you assume I’m old and retired once again shows your ignorance. Second, even if I knew your identity, I wouldn’t need to “come and get you” because all you arrogant knucklheads who try “so” hard to fit in and make a rep for yourselves, always end up getting yourselves! That’s the beauty of it!

    Seen it many times. Just the fact that you had to give yourself a “cool” blog name, have to have your “tats showing,” and need to chew “your favorite tobacco product,” screams “I’m scared when I’m not hiding behind my uniform and badge!”

    I will admit that I’m sure I have many more years on than you, and I’ll bet you’re gone before me!

    And, I often reflect on my career and it makes me pretty proud, especially when I compare my morals to guys like you who actually believe you have to be dishonest to get the job done. But, I guess you have to do what you have to do when your not smart enough to do it the right way.

  • Always be you, Oh Well, always be you.

    Am a little pissed you took the screen name of the greatest Fleetwood Mac song ever. This will go way over your head.

  • @Huh, dishonest how. By having ink, chewing tobacco? Ha Ha Pops, you got it all wrong. Think that career Bailiff mentality has given you brain freeze. Now, I may get written up here and there, but compromise my position, ha ha, the Clerk is calling you Bailiff. While you’re wasting your career away, I’m doin the job Deputy Sheriff’s signed up to do, lock up the bad man. Oh, I’m doing it with my sleeves rolled up, ink a blazing, and chewing my favorite tobacco product.

  • Jim,
    How weird is it that Over My Head is my favorite song they do? Mostly because I’m always over my head when trying to keep up in a conversation or debate with intellectuals like yourself. It’s obvious, yet you still feel the need to point it out.
    Could you be a little more patronizing next time and dumb it down for me a few notches?

  • @ 20. It doesn’t take long to see the Hole of the Ass.

    Going over “Oh Well’s” head is as simple as writing anything that makes sense.

    “What is known, need not be said”.

  • @curmudgeon, the only thing you and your girlfriend, tt, deal with is looking at yourselves in your car mirrors, or past clothing store windows and thinking how bad you are. You don’t even know any street cops so quit pretending. You don’t even know what “The lords work” is, you poser. So, I worked CV, big deal, I trained at Cerritos. So what are you going to do, tough guy, take away my birthday? Like I said, the guys that talk the most shit are the ones that do and have done the least, that means you. Luckily I don’t feel the need to try and show how bad I am. keep trying sweet cheeks, someday you might even believe you are a good cop.

  • @ laughing policeman- Did I strike a nerve when I called you out on your ass-kissing ways and desk jockey job? Your handle is perfect because I would be laughing at myself too if my claim to fame was working CV in “the hot years” after training at “Cerritostone”. Citing all those soccer moms and booking DUI’s all day must have really put a lot of stress on you. That’s an impressive patrol resume. …. “Poser” and “sweet cheeks” – really ? Are those the best insults you can come up with ? Sure you didn’t work WHD, “sweet cheeks”? You need to calm yourself down before you give yourself an aneurysm. No one on this blog knows or cares who you really are. The trolls ( myself included) on this site are having a field day with your overly sensitive, politically correct, emotional ass. Man up.. life’s to short to stroke out over anonymous shit talk.

  • Wikipedia defines an internet troll as a bully or a person exhibiting anti-social behavior. Evidently, Tattoo man and Curmudgeon didn’t get enough emotional support during their early adolescence.

  • If these grouchy ole grand dads get uptight over a young buck like me posting, I’d hate to see them in a real tactical situation. Hey, just tryin to handle my business a move up the right way, not like some test taker. Guess what, I’m doing it with my sleeves rolled up, ink exposed, and a pinch between cheek and gum. Hey old timers, don’t like my attitude, then come and git me!!

  • Brother Brother Brother,
    You were a little late with your advice to Jim and your insult of me in #23. I already stole your thunder in #22 lmao. Since we both know that it fries your nalgas that I was able to predict your shot, here’s a little friendly advice for you. Try not to be so extremely predictable in your insults. Put some thought into them, be a little creative.
    Then perhaps your crusade to show everybody just how ignorant I really am won’t backfire on you to the point of you being the one who is looking like the slow kid in class.
    Or you could address the content of my posts, instead of insulting—-never mind. WTF am I thinking??? Now I’m looking like the slow kid. We both know you’re not capable of that. The sum total of your comments in response to mine are: “You’re an ignorant racist redneck”.
    Never a well thought out or intelligently articulated rebuttal to the content of my posts, just very predictable and simplistic insults.

    And yet I’ll wager that you giggle and think you’re witty, clever and cool.

    Now we’ll stand by to here from a few “new faces” to get your back lol.

  • TT Bad Boy,
    Who found the most Easter eggs at your family get together Sunday, you or your brother Ithaca Boomer?

  • @ Bandwagon – I got plenty of support as a youngster from my military and law enforcement mentors who were very clear on knowing their place in this world. Let’s say they weren’t “soft” and “emotional” like you and your ultra sensitive “partner”, Laughing Policeman. Don’t get me wrong, I completely support gay marriage and same sex unions, but if we were at work together, a man calling another man “sweet cheeks” in the workplace could constitute inappropriate behavior and generate a POE.

    Let’s go back to the original subject: Animal Control should deal with stray dogs, firefighters should put out fires, police officers should arrest criminals, etc., as “Oh well” so eloquently explained in detail to you progressive liberal, do-gooder types. Then we got off topic and went all ad hominem on eachother. These back and forth insults are both fun and funny. How about we do some “Your Momma is so fat…” jokes for round three? Hate to break it to you, but since day one this site is full of Trolls doing drive-by’s and taking pot shots at eachother, spewing unreliable BS under phony names and publicly embarrassing LASD with hate talk. If you take any of this crap and these left leaning WLA articles seriously, you are the one that had issues being raised as being naive and too emotional … maybe you two should have considered careers as social workers so you could put all of your beautiful, touchy-feely emotions to good use.

  • @ TT Bad Boy: I don’t think its the “posting” that the “grouchy ole grand dads get uptight over,” it’s your “posing.”

    You see a lot of the “old guys” on this department let their work product develop into their reputation. They didn’t run around nicknaming themselves and telling everyone how bitchin they were. They just handled their business, but I suspect you know that and that is why you keep telling them to “come and get you,” while hiding behind an anonymous screen name!

    Question: How exactly are you going to “move up the right way” without taking a test, at some point? Slooooowww down and take a deep breath before you post, so maybe someone might actually believe you have thought this out!

  • I do agree with ONE point regarding the “Youngsters” and that is…….

    The retired should “LET IT GO!”

    Play checkers and do volunteer work for your favorite charity.

  • @Curmudgeon, thanks for your suble comments about the mentoring you received in the Swedish Navy but again, only you care about that or your time as a “ghetto gunfighter”. A deputy did something good and it was related to something other than outside arresting folks and that got you upset. Your opinion about same sex marriage and gay rights is a nice politically correct sound bite but real cops are really way beyond that. I came on here to defend the good deeds a deputy did even though it didn’t involve mugging a basehead for his pipe, or towing a gangster’s car for 14601..the real tough guys don’t need to talk shit about how to “deal with it” and the rest of that phony fake ass shit. Don’t be another poser, you almost sounded intelligent in your last paragraph. Just support your brothers and sisters whether they rescue a dog or take a really bad guy to jail. Peace.

  • @ Oh Well:
    No, you did not steal my thunder, you stole my heart. I love you Bro!

  • Easy Crum….just trying to get a rise out of you. I didn’t think you would be so emotional! If you ever read any of my comments you would know I’m “old school” and missed the classes on political correctness. Keep troling. I enjoy the competition!

  • Jim,
    Not necessary(?). Oh contraire! Without it I couldn’t have played the Banana Man in our double act. You were the perfect straight man, perhaps a bit unwillingly, but perfect none the less. I think at this point a wink and a “Thank you” is all that is necessary.
    So, (winking)- – – Thank you.

  • @Huh, while your unlocking gates, listen up. If you’ve been around the Department for a minute, you know the definition of a “Test Taker”. In the event you’ve been in a bubble, let me enlighten you. A Test taker is one with minimal experience who wants to promote. We all know those types. I don’t know about you Señor Huh, but when I promote, I want to know the Patrol environment in and out. So Mr. Huh, are you one of those 2 year Lomita wonders that promotes, goes to a fast Station, then claims that Station as your training ground (like many of our current managers). I won’t be one of those. I’ll just keep doin the lords work. Guess what, I’ll be doing it with my sleeves rolled up, ink exposed, chewing my favorite tobacco product. If you don’t like it Huh, come and git me!

  • @Laughing Policeman and Bandwagon – LOL, weak attempts at turning your comments around on me … It was you two that started with the “emotional” and “gay” inferences. My “subtle” comments weren’t about me, they were about you two hooking up as “life partners” . Too late, too slow. I beat you to the punch, but you didn’t even see it coming. Too bad everything has to be spelled out for you. Nice try though. isn’t this fun? Keep bringing It … Hope this isn’t all you got.

  • Brother,
    Re: 35, there you go bro!!! It wasn’t much, but it shows promise on your part. Baby steps bro, baby steps. At this point any departure from your (dare I say “previously”) predictable, mundane insults deserves positive feedback.
    Nice job!

  • @ Laughing Policemen – looks like WLA just posted some more LASD “news”, so I’ll let you have the “last laugh” on this one that’s getting old anyway. Speaking of old, you keep dating yourself by using that passé word “Poser” that no one says anymore. Using another outdated term, I have to say that you’ve been “P’wned” by Tattoo repeatedly. I’m gonna hang back a bit and see what comes up on the next thread. cheers!

  • I think it’s entertaining that some college sorority girls have come on a reputable criminal justice news source under the names of “TT” and “Curmudgeon” and have duped some of you cops into commenting on their posts as if they were actually policemen?.

  • I bad! I gave you credit for more intelligence than you actually possess. Looks like Wikipedia was right……you might want to seek professional help…..always having to be right is a red flag!

  • @TT Bad Boy: yup, you got me all figured out. Please enlighten us with some more of your wisdom. I am so glad there are guys like you to save this department. I only wish I knew your true identity so that I could get your autograph and admire your ink!

  • @Stuff – Yup, i’m here for the entertainment and laughs. But since Bandwagon is psychoanalyzing my comments, let’s get serious for a second and help him understand my cynicism. Where I disagree with you is the “reputable news source” part (as far as posting goes). I believe that only twice I have seen people use their real names here. The two I am talking about that did this are the only people who’s comments I can respect and are reputable. Otherwise, under fake names, anything goes and I take it all with a giggle and a grain of salt. The personal attacks by posters on this site are often vicious lies, gossip, unfair, damage reputations and can ruin careers. Most everyone posts anonymously for the same reason: fear of retaliation because we all know the tyrannical culture of LASD brass that abuses power to retaliate when personally offended. This site had a big role in taking down an LASD fiefdom by airing LASD’s dirty laundry, but is the new regime any better or different? Will the management culture itself ever change for the better, or is it simply new names and faces with the same self serving, egotistical mentality? Time will tell. In the mean time, I’ll keep reading and chuckling.

  • TT boy you are an embarrassment to all hard working deputies working any station! I have worked at two of the department’s busiest stations with some of the bravest and hard working deputies that would run circles around you. Some of them paid the ultimate price doing their job. The true hard working deputies don’t have to brag about what they have done and they dont ask for any recognition. Some of the deputies were inked but they carried themselves professionally.

    You’re like the punk young gangster trying to impress the OG gangsters by flapping your gums. If you have real experience, you would recognize that the quite unassuming gangsters were the more dangerous ones, not the yapping Chihuahua.

  • Crum….you right! All the commenters on this blog are here just to satisfy your grandiose view of yourself. When you finally schedule an appointment with a therapist, maybe mention Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Good luck…hope the meds help!

  • @Just a Cop: Haaa, you’re funny Pops. I’ve never bragged about my accomplishments, your reading comprehension is lacking sir. While you’re working the desk at Cerritos, listen up. I am the future as are those like me. Who knows, maybe I’ll be managing your activities one day. And guess what, I’ll be managing you with my sleeves rolled up, ink exposed, chewing my favorite tobacco product.

  • OK Dr. Bandwagon, now you look up the definition of “psychological projection” … Getting bored, moving along

  • Hey Curmudgeon: Easy on the old & (re) tired.
    Old guys rule!…….at the Senior Citizen Center. Allow them to puff their chest on WLA, they’re harmless.

  • Highly doubt you will ever be managing my activities, i’m probably managing your activities and amazed at how all your gun arrests are getting rejected. Listen Son, someday you may grow up and realize how idiotic you sound, hopefully it happens before you screw up and get yourself fired, with your jail tattoos exposed chewing your favorite tobacco product.

  • TT Bad Boy, I was at dinner last night with a crew of men that work the most elite unit(s) on the Department at various ranks and had to punch up your comments for all to read. It was projectile beer spitting across the table at first read, and an overwhelming chant of, “if we only knew who he was?”

  • Does anyone else see the irony in a blogger calling himself “South LA” and accusing others of puffing their chest! Or someone calling themselves “TT Bad Boy” and challenging people to “come and get him” while hiding his identity!

    However, I do like the entertainment value of the verbal sparring and their intended insults about where they hope I work, in an effort to try and offend. It would take more than a few salty, wet behind the ears youngsters to offend me. That being said, feel free to give your true identity to the blog monitor and have them contact me if you would like to have a grown up discussion about truly important issues, in person.

  • @Stuff, hilarious, discussing me with an “elite” group of men. Where were you, at the ODR with your Senior Dep or at a club in WeHo. Haaaaaaa. Group of men? Sounds sexist buddy, you better get more politically correct or you may lose those jail Senior stripes. @Huh, this is good entertainment. You old coots get stirred up real easy, probably the reason your still shining a seat. If you’re not retired, you may want to consider it, leave the work to me and the future shot callers. Guess what, that’s right you octogenarians, we’ll be doing it with our sleeves rolled up, ink gleaming in the sun, enjoying our favorite tobacco product. Don’t like it, come and git us. Like the military, at some point, the tattoo policy is gonna let up.

  • @TT Bad Boy: Typical! Attempt to sling more insults, but avoid actually responding. Riddle me this “tough guy,” if you’re so busy working hard, how come you have so much time to spend sparring with me, at all hours. And, yes the time next to your blog name is the time you submitted not the time the blog monitor posted it.

    @South LA: Oh, really! And, you chose this as your blog name, why? Oh, that’s right to puff your chest! At least if you had used Lennox, then you might have gotten some respect for your experience.

  • I can’t respond to this coward any longer unless he gives me an address so I can “come get em”.

  • TT gets to hang with his gang, his tats prove that. Now all he has to do is prove he’s qualified to be L.E.

  • @Stuff: I’m with you brother. Nice assist. See you at the next one! “Projectile beer spitting,” classic! And I’m sure you know not to hold your breath waiting for that address.

  • You ole guys still talking about me while taking shots of geritol chased with some type of low T medicine? Haaaaaa, love it. You “elite” Jail Seniors enjoy, as for me, it’s about that time, a little overtime in my favorite RD. It’s a new world old guys and guess what, I’m the future. And ya know what, I’ll be making 8 T with my sleeves rolled up showing my ink, and chewing my favorite tobacco product. Thanks for ruining this organization ole fellas, it’s my generation’s job to bring it back. @South LA, keep it up bro, these old guys don’t have the gas to keep up. I’m sure most of them have to move their guts to the side to see the keyboard while typing. Haaaaaaaaaa. PS, Huh, if you’re so into my time management, write me up chief, I’ll take the write up and laugh in your face. Come and git me!

  • @Stuff: you’re not getting either! He’s content hiding. He probably needs to get a buzz just to act brave, like your average gangster. What is funny, is that they actually think they’re impressing someone!

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