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LA County Supes Release $82.7 Million in Frozen Funding to Sheriff, While Telling Him to Cut Cadet Classes and Pause Promotions

LASD Sheriff Alex Villanueva
Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker

Last October, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors paused the LA County Sheriff’s Department’s ability to hire certain non-sworn personnel, while also freezing $143.7 million in sheriff’s department funding.

The move was meant to pressure Sheriff Alex Villanueva into addressing the department’s major budget deficit, caused mostly by significant spending on overtime and “under-realized revenue” — contracts and grants the department was expected to win, but either lost, or failed to apply for in the first place.

On Tuesday, the supervisors voted unanimously to unfreeze $82.7 million, a portion of which is allocated for coronavirus-response efforts.

There are a couple of notable caveats, however, due to the sheriff’s ongoing budget issues.

Deeper in the Hole

Last year’s motion tied the return of the $143.7 million to whether the sheriff would work with the CEO’s Office to develop “budget mitigation” strategies.

The problem is that the sheriff is expected to be even deeper in the hole by the end of this fiscal year (-$89 million) than last year (-$63 million), an outcome made even more serious by the fact that the coronavirus crisis will require significant budget cuts across the board.

“Last year, the county had sufficient fund balances to cover the sheriff’s department deficit because of the county practices of good budget policy,” said Supervisor Hilda Solis. “We also warned that the county may not have the financial means to address” a future shortfall. “And, of course, look where we are now.”

Now, pandemic-related budget cuts are expected to hit up to a billion dollars in lost revenue for the county during the current fiscal year, with another one billion or more lost during fFY 2020-2021.

With this in mind, motion authors Supervisors Sheila Kuehl and Hilda Solis, proposed the board release to the sheriff $75,100,000 for regular operations and $7,600,000 for expenses related to COVID-19, while also reducing the department’s academy classes from 12 back down to 4 classes per year, “previously approved” in the department’s budget. According to the supes, this would effectively erase $49 million of the budget gap. The sheriff tripled the classes to address understaffing issues, but the increase has forced the department to use sworn staff working overtime to assist the training classes.

That spending now would have eventually paid for itself many times over, however, according to the sheriff.

The academy’s boosted flow of new deputies into the LASD’s ranks, he said, would have resulted in $400.2 million in overtime savings over a period of five years, after an initial investment of $49 million in recruit training. More deputies on the roster would mean less overtime spending.

“Each academy class we run,” the sheriff said, saves “$10 million in annual vacancy overtime,” while also reducing officer fatigue and liability.”

“All the local academies run by community colleges are currently inoperable,” said Villanueva, “which means that our local police departments are using the sheriff’s academy to sustain their staffing as well.” And cities that contract with the sheriff’s department already suffer from having fewer deputies than they ask for, he said.

Sheriff Says Supes Are Purposefully Underfunding the LASD

As Villanueva sees it, the Board of Supervisors has “deliberately” kept necessary funding from the sheriff’s department over the last five years. Thus, the LASD’s budget was not able to grow at the same pace as the overall county budget.

Additionally, the sheriff said his administration had to pay for big-ticket items, like keeping up maintenance on aging jails, and health benefits for members of the “baby boomer generation” who Villanueva says are retiring “en masse.” Meanwhile, he said, the department has reduced worker’s compensation claims this year, and overtime (when compared to last year), while reducing violence in the jails and the “quality of care” within the jail system.

County CEO Sachi Hamai refuted the worker’s comp claims, saying that fewer actual claims has not meant reduced spending in this department. IN 2017-18, claims cost $172 million. This year, it’s $213 million. “I think that’s probably a more important indicator,” Hamai said.

“By defunding the sheriff’s department, you’ve exacerbated the issue of us being underfunded in all of these major categories,” Villanueva said, referring to a list of systems and services his department must provide.

The sheriff further accused the supes of “playing politics with public safety and falsely portraying the financial status of the LASD for political gain.”

Not handing over control of “the remaining $61 million of the sheriff’s department funds included in this motion,” Villanueva said, will negatively affect the LASD’s ability to provide public safety services.

“We’re doing our job in very trying times, and we need you to work with me,” the sheriff said.

But all other county departments have successfully balanced their budgets, and the sheriff has had plenty of time to work with the CEO’s Office on ways to recoup the deficit, according to Supes Kuehl and Solis.

The Sheriff’s “Sense of Exceptionalism”

“The sheriff has such a sense of exceptionalism about his department,” Kuehl said, “that it’s honestly an insult to the fire department, the probation department, the children’s services department, all the health departments, because they all need more money.”

Yet, “they have all stepped up,” and “presented a balanced budget,” she said. “They are all working with us, except for this one department. More than a quarter of all the county funding … goes to the sheriff’s department.”

During Tuesday’s meeting, Supervisor Solis asked CEO Hamai explain how the LASD arrived at a second deficit year — even worse than the first — despite the board’s insistence that the sheriff partner with the CEO’s Office to remedy the situation.

During weekly budget deficit mitigation meetings, Hamai and her staff have “consistently asked, even up until now” for documents from the sheriff’s department “and have not received any of the information” they requested. In January, during a semiannual budget status update, Hamai said, is when the CEO’s Office and the sheriff’s department successfully identified “about $70 million in solutions.”

“However, to date, we’re only able to confirm that they were actually able to achieve $19 million of the $70 million,” Hamai told the board.

The CEO requested information on the “sheriff’s mitigation plans, particularly in the area of overtime, since many of his positions were being filled,” the CEO said. “To date, we have not seen any of that documentation.” Which, “brings us up to the forecast for closing this year’s current budget at approximately $88 million” over, she added.

“You have made every attempt and effort to try to meet with the sheriff’s staff since January, I’m assuming?” Solis asked. “And we have yet to receive outstanding mitigation plans for the remaining $51 million in solutions?”

“Since the fall, we have been meeting and requesting this information,” Hamai said. “And again … we have not received it.”

Misdemeanors and Felonies

When asked what legal consequences a department head, elected or otherwise, might face by closing the year with a deficit, LA County Counsel Mary Wickham described “significant” consequences that “could include even criminal action, as viewed under the law — up to a misdemeanor.”

In response, the sheriff told the board that he “could go on for a long, long time” about “felony crimes and the consequences” — crimes that are “done by public officials.” But, the sheriff said, it would “be inappropriate to make that inference in any form, much less in a budgetary debate.”

“So good luck with that, if you’re going to scare me with the claim about a misdemeanor crime.”

Supervisor Kathryn Barger did not let the comment slide.

“I don’t know if that was a veiled threat or what you were referring to,” said Barger. “I just wanted to say for the record, that I didn’t appreciate that comment.”

What did appear to scare the sheriff, however, was an amendment to the motion that will temporarily block all promotions within the department.

Sheriff Must Abide by Promotional Freeze Along With Rest of County Departments

Villanueva called the move “bombshell” of a “surprise announcement,” in an email statement after the meeting.

“I want you to rethink what you just added on today to this motion,” the sheriff said during the meeting. “These are your field supervisors out there in patrol. These are your floor sergeants in custody. These are your watch commanders.”

But all departments have been directed to put promotions on hold in light of the pandemic situation.

“I was alarmed to hear,” Kuehl said, that in spite of the hiring freeze on the sheriff’s department, and “a promotion freeze in every department,” in just one week period between April 16 and April 23, the sheriff put through 44 promotions. I’m talking this April. Just last week.” These new promotions will dig the sheriff’s department deeper into the budgetary hole, the supervisor said.

With that, Kuehl introduced an amendment to the motion to establish a promotional freeze for all positions. If the sheriff wants to fill a particular position, he should “work with the CEO to justify the need. Kuehl stressed that all county departments are currently subject to this freeze, but that she wanted to “make it very clear that that also applies to the sheriff’s department.”

“We certainly cannot allow the department to continue growing their deficit, especially in the current economic climate,” Kuehl said.

Not a Decision Made Lightly

Supervisor Janice Hahn, when it was her turn to comment, said that she felt “conflicted” about the situation, and was concerned by aspects of the proposed actions.

“I’m frustrated, Sheriff, that you haven’t been able to figure this out … that your budget deficit is just not going to be sustainable,” Hahn said. “Having said that, I want to say how important the sheriff’s department is to us.” The contract cities in Hahn’s district “love their sheriff’s deputies,” the supervisor said.

While Hahn said she supported the decision to release funding to the department, she said she was “less excited about limiting the classes” and thus, affecting hiring. “I do know there’s a correlation between overtime and not having enough hires, so I’m conflicted with that.”

Hahn ultimately requested that the promotions-related amendment be pulled out as a separate motion, abstained from voting on that motion, and voted, along with the rest of the board, in favor of the larger motion to return control over $82.7 million to the sheriff, while reducing academy classes.

“All we are doing in releasing this $83 million,” Kuehl said in closing, “is saying: this is a lot of money, Sheriff. We agree that you need more money. Here it is. Spend it as a sheriff should.”

Photo: Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva virtually attends the April 28 Board of Supervisors meeting.


  • Does anyone wonder WHO we’re hiring, nowadays to fill these classes? We’ve had a 60 year old and obese (not overweight) recruits go through the academy, not to mention AV’s son, who, apparently had some issues. At least, apparently, Recruit Mandoyan hasn’t happened….yet.

    “You have made every attempt and effort to try to meet with the sheriff’s staff since January, I’m assuming?” Solis asked (Hamai). “And we have yet to receive outstanding mitigation plans for the remaining $51 million in solutions?”

    “Since the fall, we have been meeting and requesting this information,” Hamai said. “And again … we have not received it.”

    Amazing. This can ONLY be willful disregard or incompetence….nevermind…it’s both.

  • Supervisor Kathryn Barger did not let the comment slide.

    “I don’t know if that was a veiled threat or what you were referring to,” said Barger. “I just wanted to say for the record, that I didn’t appreciate that comment.”

    There is an old saying, “when you throw a rock in a pig pen, the first pig that squeals got hit.”

  • One area that could certainly be addressed by AV is the number of take-home cars. It might not have an immediate impact to the budget, but it would in the future. There is a LOT of $$$$ tied up in those vehicles and the maintenance they require. IF people need to respond from home, let them use ………………..mileage………..just like in the old days. Probably would save a bundle and it is a thorn under the saddle of a LOT of people who see folks driving county cars and listening to AV crying about a lack of $$$ to the BOS.

    But the real $$$$ saver would be to reduce the number of unnecessary units headed by a Captain. Starting with big-spender Baca, the Department started carving up Bureaus and Commands in to little pieces and putting a Captain in charge of functions that were being done previously and run by a Lieutenant or even a Sergeant as part of a larger, more cost efficient command. Each one of those newly created Captain-level units cost unnecessary millions of taxpayers dollars in extra over-head, staff and fluff (including take-home cars!). If the CAO and AV’s staff were to OBJECTIVELY go over the current organizational chart (BTW, try to find the org chart on the web it seems to be MIA for some reason) and the org chart of say 2000, I’ll bet you could find a dozen units that were created in such a way through the years, or created from thin air and could be consolidated in to a larger command without one bit of lost efficiency.

    Granted, there have been units added by necessity by new demands placed on the Department since 2000, and are large enough or unique enough to be a stand-alone command, but mostly the basic job is unchanged and commands were created for God knows what reason, other than a willingness to spend the taxpayers dollars in an effort to grow the Department – usually in the wrong areas.

    AV, it doesn’t do the line personnel any damn good – you know, the ones who are actually doing the job – to fight with the BOS over money when you have not done all you can do to clean up your own damn house. Everyone in the Department knows where the fat is, and it isn’t at the line units. Do something besides whining about what you don’t have, make some overdue streamlining of the department (which, BTW, will put people back on the line besides saving $$), and show some LEADERSHIP.

  • Supervisor Janice Hahn felt “conflicted” about the situation, and was concerned by aspects of the proposed actions.
    To Quote Hahn “I’m frustrated, Sheriff, that you haven’t been able to figure this out … that your budget deficit is just not going to be sustainable”. Does she not know this is above his IQ ? He wants to throw a wrench in the system and then sue, just like he sued to promote to LT. Like they say ” you can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of him”.

    Now let me quote Supervisor Kuehl,”I was alarmed to hear, that in spite of the hiring freeze on the sheriff’s department, and a promotion freeze in every department, in just one week period between April 16 and April 23, the sheriff put through 44 promotions. I’m talking this April. Just last week. These new promotions will dig the sheriff’s department deeper into the budgetary hole”. Oh Snap like Lil Dreamer would say.

    To surmise AV: It’s grievance culture. He is trying his level best to exploit it, in addition to paranoia, and self-loathing. Me, me, me, me is central to his thinking. Little does he understand, the SS Villanueva is sunk even deeper into the muck, slowly losing its ability to function. Anybody who has taken an introductory microeconomics course has learned of “diminishing marginal returns”. As with Villanueva each spout with the BOS, each additional spout brings less value to LASD than the one before. He has broken down communication lines, and trust. Doomed it with his ego and conflict.

  • @Rolman,

    Or, it could be simply that Supv. Barger is the current Chair of the BOS, and thus, is in charge of the board mtg call and comments. It was her job to call little Alex out on his diversionary veiled threat. Maybe some enterprising investigative reporter visiting this blog might want to do some digging to see if Alex is actually conducting a criminal investigation into one or more supervisors. Simply ask to get him on the record. I guarantee he will try to give some shalamalam answer that makes absolutely no sense, as usual, but I’m sure it will still be entertaining and informative.

    BTW, what ever happened with that 2019 announced criminal investigation of Inspector General Max Huntsman? Is Lil Alex trying to emulate the investigative speed of the FBI?

  • That response plan draft must still be sitting in the deferred report tray of Lt. Villanueva. Or maybe Magoorakami’s dog ate it?

    P.S.: Viv’s CA BFF who couldn’t finish a single run in the academy graduated last week. Her IOD paperwork is already being filled out along with her probationary evaluation.

  • @Two Bits,

    Have you ever seen Lil Alex NOT whining when making a public statement or presentation/performance? It’s just in his DNA. As for his leadership gene? That’s been MIA his entire marginal career.

  • @JC,

    Bingo regarding Alejandro’s ego and narcissistic psychological makeup. It’s never been about what’s best for the LASD, including all 18K personnel. It’s always been about Alex and Alex only. Everyone internally has witnessed it and we all can’t wait for the Clown Show to end.

    BTW, interesting to note Supv. Kuehl cited those earlier promotion numbers within that one week in April. Now they get to add the additional promotions that Lil Alex decided to make following Tuesday’s “B-Slapping” session. Now he will try to pit the recently promoted against the Board when the CEO does not approve their higher rank pay due to Alex’s “transparent” games with the struggling and suffering LA County Taxpayers monies.

    Que the next round of Villanueva inspired grievances and lawsuits (which will ultimately result in additional budgetary cuts to the LASD). Another Rookie move by the self anointed genius.

  • Yeah, there’s been a lot of speculation around the Department about whether those “immediate” promotions (when in the history of this department has there been a “same day” JDIC in the middle of the week? “These promotions effective today”) will stand up, whether CEO approval is required to authorize them, or whether the BOS will invalidate them somehow. Time will tell.

    And Clown Show, to your question about the Huntsman investigation – the answer is, if an investigator has the nerve to take that investigation to a prosecuting agency, I would love to be present to hear the reaction when the filing prosecutor is presented with the alleged “crimes”.

    That Huntsman threat just continues the grand tradition of AV and his close associate who is on here under multiple aliases (the one with the same bullet points to deflect all criticism) with ongoing threats of investigation and incarceration. If you recall, at various times, they have threatened/promised the arrest of the IA investigator on the sheriff’s driver/buddy, the Advocacy sergeant on the same case, the CPA, Huntsman, various former executives, and McDonnell himself. They were all going to be wearing jail jumpsuits. Nothing materialized from any of it, and nothing is going to. When Alex feels threatened, he threatens back. When he’s told by someone not to do something, he reflexively rebels. He hates that the BOS has any authority over him, even if it’s just financial, so he has his childish tantrum of immediate promotions on the same day he’s told not to do that. This is not going to play out well for the Department. More litigation forthcoming. If they can find an open courthouse, anyway.

  • This is what happens when you elect a patrol lieutenant with no administrative experience to sheriff.

  • @Two bits
    Great overall observation. U hit the nail on the head in the last paragraph,sending people back to the line(patrol or custody)….the problem is sooo many unqualified individuals are freaking out about going back on the line,leaving their cush A schedules and admin based assignments. The dept has plenty of personnel, it is the deployment which is a complete shitshow..100 newly promoted deps to Sgt,really???..How many fkin Sgts does this department need??

  • Does anyone notice all the spelling errors on almost everything that comes out of the Sheriff’s Department lately? This presentation to the BOS is a perfect example. Even most of the FaceBook posts are horrible. Look at the first slide the Sheriff presented. The Department is “SEVERLY” (sic) underfunded. Most of the press releases have at least one spelling error or the grammar is so bad it would seem someone that learned English as a second language wrote it.

    This is just one example of how unprofessional the Office of the Sheriff looks right now. When you can’t even put together a Power Point slide, you professionalism is going to be questioned.

    I am a former executive that recently retired. I can’t believe how far the Department has sunk. I was not a McDonnell fan by any means, and was actually glad when he got beat. McDonnell waited way to long to establish his command team, and then when he did, he kept the Tanaka idiots around. Then he tried to run LASD as LAPD.

    Fast forward to when AV wins. He boots everybody out, and still uses different Tanaka people for a lot of positions. I was not one that was shown the door. His anger from being passed over for promotion, set him up for failure from day one. I can’t tell you how many times I sat in meetings nearing the end of any given fiscal year to brainstorm how to meet our budget. That example we saw today was a feeble attempt by AV to explain to the BOS why he needed more money. The problem is, it had holes in it everywhere. Had AV kept even a few people around, they could have warned him about the landmines he had no way of seeing. They are the same landmines we all avoided for years, but we learned where they were from someone who had avoided them before. That is where institutional knowledge is so important. But his anger and lack of experience would not let him learn these things from someone else. He has to be the smartest guy in the room. He is now seeing that when you view things from the Lieutenant level, you may think you know what is going on, but may be lacking critical information. There is important things to be learned at each level. He got rid of everyone that could have at least warned him about and told him how to avoid the landmines.

    I could go on and on about how AV has taken a wonderful opportunity to return the Sheriff’s Department to its glory by being run by a guy that came up through the ranks, and he squandered it. He along with most, if not all of his staff are trying to do a job they were not ready for. They might have been capable, given time. You can’t have everybody learning on the job at the same time. They can’t even ask each other for advice because they are all in the same boat.

    While AV may be right about what should be done, he has to play by the established rules. Does he really think he is the first Sheriff that has had to make huge budget cuts at the end of the fiscal year when he over spent? I guarantee you he is not. But it goes back to what I had heard about him always feeling people are picking on him. In this case they might be, but he doesn’t have the knowledge or resources to beat them. Until he realizes that, the men and women of the Sheriff’s Department have some dark days ahead of them. I fear they ain’t seen nothing yet!

  • @ Jack Dawson, you are wrong this patrol lieutenant did have no administrative experience. He ordered toilet paper when he was Sergeant. He knows where.


    Agree 100%. In the latest promotions it’s been said an ELA detective was promoting and remaining. It’s been seen and said she is very close to AV and the wife. Correct me if I am the beginning of his term he was against FAVORITISM and NEPOTISM.

    A clear example of lies. It’s been interesting and I have my tub of popcorn ready. Some poor decision making and poor leadership of his newly promoted Captain’s have started to show. Brace yourself!

  • @Weak Link,

    No correction necessary as it is plain for all to see; as intended by Alex. And that newly promoted to remain ELA detective has quite a colorful history, competed with serious off duty shenanigans (fun times at Commerce Casino). But why would Lt. Alejandro worry about her obvious lack of common sense, self control, ethics, and sound judgement, be of any concern to him when moving her to a supervisory position over the new young ELA deputies and established veteranos?

    Heck, she does such a great job “puttin in work” while posting “We Love Alex” comments on Facebook at every opportunity as well as monitors, reports or attacks anyone who says anything perceived as negative against her hero and savior.

    She was very prominently involved with yesterday’s, over the top ELA & SEB birthday celebration parade and aero bureau flyover for the young 14 year old ELA girl that practically rivaled a LEO memorial tribute. All the while serving up cake with Vivian as she posed for pictures with Alex for this staged photo op.

    I think every LASD employee with a child should request,,,,no DEMAND, a similar drive-by & fly over for their children’s birthdays. I’m sure since Alex approved this one for an “neighborhood acquaintance” it will be automatic for an an LASD family member or should I say familia?

    Yes, the soon to be newly promoted ELA sergeant will continue to ensure all stays “Low Profile” at Fort Apache.

    Viva Banditos and Viva Villanueva! Ayeeee!!

  • Boy Am I Glad I Am Gone – Well said from start to finish. Yes, I’ve listened to and read the Sheriff’s remarks and just shake my head. A shame for the LASD to be represented by anyone that is not both professional and articulate. There is indeed significant value in gathering knowledge and experience at every rank. The County is a complicated world and administrators need to learn how to navigate multiple different agencies in addition to their own. If the Sheriff feels picked on by the BOS, he need look no farther than his own repeated poor decisions as to why; and you’re right – fighting them is a losing battle. There will be some interesting days ahead and much more oversight is on the way. Enjoy that retirement!

  • @ProJustice, Villanueva suffers from a syndrome called Metacognition: It is essentially the ability to think about thinking, which leads to the ability to know when you’re not good at something. The lack of metacognition sets up a vicious loop in which people who do not know much about a subject (IN THIS CASE EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT), and do not know when they’re over their head, and there is no way to educate or inform people who, when in doubt, will make stuff up. His ego tells him fight the BOS, however little does he understand, the SS Villanueva is grounded and taking in water, slowly losing its ability to function.

  • So why are tax payers footing the bill for this Idiots side show. Who is going to pay for the aero unit, SEB, and the parade so the Idiot Sheriff gets his subconscious TV time.
    This guy is a true idiot.

  • WOW!!!

    Did you read the question Frank Stoltze asked AV: Are you really going to cut funding for homicide investigations?

    Frank Stoltze is the chief investigative reporter over at KCPR, and his curriculum vitae can be Googled.


  • CORRECTION: Frank Stoltze is a chief investigative reporter at SCPR (Southern California Public Radio), not KCPR.

    His curriculum vitae can be Googled: Frank Stoltze.

  • “Boy, am I glad I’m gone,” you’re NOT the only one to notice mistakes in both spelling and grammar coming out of the Sheriff’s Office. There was a time when, though boring and robotic, anything produced by that office was without error. It’s emblematic of Villanueva’s entire administration….punching above their weight.

    It’s quite literally the dumbing-down of the Department and because he’s promoted so many people into key positions, it’s gonna be around for quite a while. I recently spoke on the phone to a lieutenant in a TOP executive’s office and was surprised at his ELA (NOT Hispanic) accent. He sounded like a cholo (or pachuco as my dad called them). I have no idea if he was intelligent, but he SOUNDED “barrio” and uneducated. It’s becoming more and more common. I suppose, as with the Sheriff, its just a reflection of what LA County has become.

    I just watched Villanueva in two Facebook appearances before the BOS. His disdain, disrespect and dismissal of the Supervisors is shocking. On several occasions, WHILE a Supervisor is addressing him, he places the phone on mute and speaks directly to the Facebook audience OVER the Supervisor who’s speaking. At one point he refers to the Board’s decision to remove him as the Emergency Operations Director as a “Boondoggle.” Here’s the link (you may have to scroll down):

  • It is clear AV does not realize that he has to be the Sheriff to three different groups. He has the Public, the department members and third the BOS. Each one will be angry with him over different issues as his term moves along. The thing he apparently doesn’t realize, is it is a three legged stool. They all depend on each other. Give and take is required, and he has to be the leader to keep them all happy. Or maybe even shoot for two out of three. Something he has failed at miserably from day one.

    One minute he is complaining he doesn’t have enough deputies and his rescue helicopters are going to be grounded, and then a few days later, to quote Viper in Top Gun he pulls “That circus stunt fly by” in East Los Angeles.

    I’m sure the public won’t understand that one. AV claims public safety is being compromised, but he can put together a birthday parade with refreshments and air support. Even SEB was represented with a Bearcat or Medcat. I guess MED was 10-6 and Bert the Camel and the elephants were booked. I couldn’t tell and I refuse to watch that circus again to figure it out. Did they block the street for the cakewalk giveaway? Maybe the author behind “AV Clown show” can fill us in on why the AV Clown Car wasn’t in the procession. I know there are plenty of them at 211 W Temple to fill at least one car up. They could have all jumped out. That would have been great! Why only go half way on a parade?

    The worst part of all this is it could probably be fixed if AV would just throw the brakes on, ask for some advice, take the advice and move along. He could even do it in secret. Make it look like his idea. Leave his huge ego in tact. There are plenty of people that have seen these same problems and that would help, if asked. One can dream.

    As a side note, I wonder if Santa has received any information lately from bugs that were left over from the Tanaka debacle? Sure would be interesting to hear what goes on behind closed doors.

  • @Boy am I glad I am gone,

    No offense, but your short message above has quite a few spelling and grammatical errors. Be careful with your criticisms if you aren’t going to take your own advice.

  • @Glad I’m Gone,

    The self proclaimed Genius Sheriff does not need advice from anyone. In fact, those that were much more experienced and smarter than him were all told to retire. Including some of those that he personally put in place at the beginning of his first few months in the Office because they had the foresight to tell him to drop the Creepy Carl Mandoyan reinstatement fiasco.

    Yes, I sure do miss Santa!

  • Below is part of the latest FB post on the official Sheriff’s Department page. Again, really not a big deal, but it shows it is amateur hour. Here is a post that goes out nation wide and they can’t even get two sentences right. Who would Undersheriff Murakami like to thank? While most of us know it is probably Chester Chong, posing for his daily picture, but the fact no name is mentioned is just a symptom of the much larger problem.

    Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Undersheriff Murakami would like to thank for the donation of 6K masks and 100 water purifier pitchers, which will be handed to the elderly in our community.

  • Not so long ago these are the exact words of a major stakeholder, as follows –

    “It is our firm belief that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is in need of transformation, and that Villanueva is best suited to lead that change given his background, skills and character,” Hernandez said.

    You don’t have to be a Station Detective to figure it out.

  • @SMH,

    Now that is a classic quote from the leader of ALADS! Ron, is this the “transformative leadership” of the LASD that you were hoping for? Some tenured ALADS members would like to know. Including your D.B. partners at your home station in Altadena.

  • @Glad, Good Obs!

    Here is the notable Tweet:

    Love the public comments and check out good ole Chester in the banner photo. Looking like a true M.S.S. HUMINT Boss (google it) as he stands closely (behind) Alejandro Villanueva’s handpicked #2 LASD executive.

    I bet the FBI love the weekly posed photo ops that they can take from the upper floors across the street. They don’t even have to deploy their surveillance “News Van” onto the HOJ sidewalk to get these useful photos of associates.

  • Excuse me Sheriff Alejandro Villanueva, but can you please ask Undersheriff Murakami to ask Chairman Chester Chong to ask his hi level contacts in China to help out all LA County 1st Responders and other front line essential workers by increasing the rations of facemasks from the measly 5K per day? I know he loves your daily social acknowledgment and thank you Tweets as the LA County power broker for all Chinese owned businesses, but our local heroes would really appreciate obtaining maybe a couple of million masks NOW since China deceptively and intentionally cornered the market on all PPE’s and ventilators early on.

    I mean, it’s the least Chester could do for all of that special LASD access and perks that you two are giving him.

    And before you blow this off as some racists post, here is the story:

    US intel believes China hid severity of epidemic while stockpiling supplies

    Maybe some energetic investigative reporter could look into this very interesting relationship between the leaders of the LASD and Mr. Chong?

  • @Glad I’m Gone

    The complaints about an SEB rollout for a 9 year olds party is unwarranted. Queen of the County is telling everyone the rollout didn’t cost any money.

    LASD budget deficit have been balanced from this day forward. All personnel will be working for free since deputies, SEB personnel, and Air5 are all working for free.

    And none of you thought there was a genius on the 8th floor.

    Viva Villanueva! Ha.

  • @ Temple, not only do Mr &Mrs V read them, even their closest cast members & minions read them. I do know WLA is living rent free in his head.

  • @Glad Gone and Clown Show, Santa has been monitoring the LASD from the North Pole and enjoys the work of both of you.

    Santa began his quest via WitLA to shed some light on the seedy inner sanctum of the LASD during the trial of the LASD’s former Tiny Emperor, Paul Tanaka. He had the good fortune of a cast of executive jesters/villains/buffoons like Leroy Baca, Larry Waldie, Bill Stonich, and Neal Tyler to name a few to populate his postings. He also had the good fortune to know these people and could imagine their conversations…well, kinda. Besides, who cares what they would have really said. The “power of the pencil” is what Santa was trained to believe in. His pencil served him well back in the day, so he took it (metaphorically) and went from there.

    In writing his posts Santa often had a point he was trying to convey to the executives about the direction (or misdirection) the Department was heading. Santa even foretold the idiotic change to the brass buckles when he was whimsically advocating against changing the bear on the patch to the state flower – sadly (in his opinion) and despite his advanced warning, McBuckles screwed with the uniform anyway and got himself embarrassed in the process. Not to be deterred, Santa continued to chide away at the Buckles administration’s follies as well as his doomsday coverage of the Tanaka and Baca trials, mixing a little fact with a lot of fiction, and what he hoped was a dose of humor.

    During Buckles’ regime Santa still felt connected enough to the players to provide meaningful commentary – and was hopeful that his comments were humorous enough that it was worth the space taken in WitLA. Frankly, Santa still hoped the LAPD Sheriff Mc Donnell, would finally get the message, not just from Santa, but also from top advisors to the Sheriff who were constantly telling him that the LAPD way was never going to work at the LASD. All were telling him that he was going down the wrong track and were hoping that he would wake up and things would start to turn around. It never happened. But Santa was having fun trying to do his part and he perceived that others were enjoying his efforts as well, so he continued to pound away.

    Then Sheriff Villanueva was elected. Santa did not know him personally but knew of him and had not heard a lot of good things. So Santa had his reservations, yet he was hopeful that an LASD Sheriff would FINALLY make some badly needed changes. So, he reasoned, maybe Sheriff Villanueva would be good for an organization badly in need of a good Sheriff.

    Indeed Sheriff AV did make changes – he trashed just about all the institutional knowledge that existed within the LASD’s top management ranks. He replaced that knowledge with people who had zero top management experience and, worse in Santa’s judgement, the departed had real understanding about how a multi-billion dollar enterprise, with 18,000 employees actually operates. What makes it work, what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. One hopeful sign was that Sheriff AV brought in a couple of experienced advisors in Ray Leyva and Bob Olmsted – both of whom Santa knows and, hopefully could give the new Sheriff some much needed institutional perspective in his policy and even political decisions. But it was quickly apparent their advice went unheeded. Soon Leyva was out on his butt and Olmsted was told to stay on Bauchet St and shut the hell up. The remaining “hope” was the newly appointed Undersheriff, the only person in the upper echelon with any hoped-for institutional “wisdom”, who turned out to be a non-talking Sphinx when the time came to shell out some sage advice – despite what he was willing to say off stage.

    Santa feels that this group of Exec’s just aren’t funny, they are, for the most part, just inadequate, bobble heads who owe their position to some nebulous connection to AV or his wife. Actually, Santa has empathy for most of those “skippers” who have been promoted and are well over their heads in terms of both experience and qualifications. Promoted, despite AV’s claim that he was going to put an end to cronyism, yet they were promoted only BECAUSE of cronyism. (save the cyberstrokes, Kool-aid drinkers – there can be no other logical explanation) Worst of all for those “skippers” is the fact that everyone knows they are in over their heads, that they did not deserve to get their positions and exactly why they were promoted. At least in the past, when Baca started his political pay-offs and pay-to-play scams, the promotees were from a pool of candidates of supposedly qualified and experienced candidates who made one-rank jumps (of course Waldie and Stonich were exceptions – perhaps they were super-qualified – we’ll let history be the judge). No such allusion of experience and qualification was afforded these folks, no matter what nonsense AV puts out. They are on display every time they are at meetings with lower ranking members who, throughout their careers outranked their new “bosses” and were promoted through paying their dues and playing by “the rules.” It wasn’t the “skippers” fault, they just took what was handed to them on a silver platter. Santa sees them as tragic characters, not someone to poke fun at because he would not want to be in their shoes – it is hard enough to be a “leader” with true bonafides, but impossible under these conditions. AV has set them up for failure as leaders.

    But make no mistake, AV and Mrs AV, do not value the “skippers” for being leaders within the organization, they value them and put them where they are to make sure the top execs are loyal to THEM – period. How sad! Loyalty, at least in Santa’s old-fashioned mind should be to the Department, it’s goals and objectives; not to an individual. The last “leader” who demanded such blind individual loyalty was the Tiny Emperor, Paul Tanaka. We all know how that panned out.

    So Santa could not see a lot of fun in the AV administration and their on-going train wreck. Thus, he decided not to utilize the devices previously installed by the Tanaka regime in the hilltop lair where the AV administration conducts its top secret executive staff meetings. How much fun would it be listening to AV doing the dishes while Viv tells him how much fun the ELA parade was. Would it really be fun to listen to AV describe Supervisor Kuehl? Could it possibly be fun to hear applicant Mandoyan, while drying dishes, talk about how his background investigator was shaking in his boots during his initial interview for the position of Deputy Sheriff? How could it be fun to hear Viv tell AV he should……..

    On the other hand, Santa might think about getting back in to the game. The “Kitchen Cabinet” could, after all, be a lot of fun.

  • Juan Carlos,

    Assuming you’re right, I have some advice for AV:

    Stop taking advice from your wife. She was only a bonus, for God’s sake. That’s an extremely wide 7 ranks below you. She doesn’t have the department-wide experience to tell you squat you don’t already know. The citizens of LA County elected you, not her.

    Stop the war you’re involved in with the Board. You’ll find that their executive/legislative hybrid powers, coupled with very expert support from county counsel, will stomp on you every time. They control your budget – make peace.

    Don’t do anything else to support Mandoyan. Let the court process play out. If they conduct a de novo hearing and he prevails, so be it. Your loyalty toward him is admirable, but you are responsible for thousands of employees and public safety.

    Reach out to the many retired executives who can help guide you through the minefield you currently find yourself in. I’d list some names, but you know who they are. Swallow your pride and do it. You might even hire a consultant, retired LASD or otherwise, to help you determine if you are on track with best practices and get your Truth and Reconciliation Committee up and running in earnest.

    When you speak at a podium, slow down. You try to rush through your speeches and run your words together. Don’t ever go on record again making any kind of veiled threats about the Board committing crimes. That went over like a lead balloon the other day.

    Stop the preferential treatment of ELA station. It has been a problem station and will be hung around your neck like an albatross.

    Retired or not, people still care about the direction and standing of LASD. Good luck.

  • Serious question for those in the know. Has Alex ever done any serious inter perspective and realized his time in office, outwards, looking in, has been nothing but a train wreck? Has he ever realized many of the people he surrounded himself with in the beginning and now, are nothing but self-serving, cutthroats from another administration? Does he ever look back and ask where these folks came from, who brought them in, how did they come into his circle? Does he not realize these people do nothing more than serve their own personal agendas, despite all of their ass kissing to the Sheriff himself? Does he not realize how much political damage he caused himself with the “Day One” hostilities towards the BOS, OIG and media? I don’t think it was Alex, I think he was shoved in that direction by the assassins inside his inner-circle. Does he not realize a number of the “executives” he has promoted from low level management positions right up to the positions of Chief and A/S are simply over their heads? And as a result, they continue to give him poor advice and he continues to take poor advice. I just wonder if Alex can put his ego aside, open his eyes, realize what the last 18 months or so, have been like and how bad they have been from the outside looking in? And with that, does he have the ability to realize, “He” made mistakes with many of these promotions and “He” made mistakes for listening to people who are exceptionally manipulative and have self-serving agendas that has cost him. The back slappers, “Yes Men/Women” and power brokers along with kingdom builders are following the exact same highway to hell Baca and Tanaka followed. Look where that took them along with those just along for the ride. AV cannot simply go home at night and in his private moments with his wife, say, “This is just the way I planned it, everything is where I want it to be.” I think AV is a decent guy, but I’m just wondering what he sees that we don’t?

  • @AV Clown Show- Sorry that’s fake news. Vivs BFF didn’t make it pass week 5, Class 450 or 449,,(Not by lack of trying though, the Sheriff tried to punk the DIs into letting her slide) but maybe her IOD paperwork is being processed, however at HOJ and as a CA.

  • Welcome back Santa! Suggest you read The Chaos Theory to help prevent a nervous breakdown, the cluster that is the LASD will stress any rational person, even Santa.

  • To ALADS,
    You did not get what you paid for, however you did pay for what you got.
    Let that 1.3 Million sink in…

    To PPOA,
    Good obersevation which led to a good call. Your collective institutional knowledge paid off without spending money.

  • @Lefty, one of the movies I watched during the lock-down was “Downfall” which depicted the last days of Hitler in his Berlin bunker. Even during those hopeless days, with the Russians closing in on all sides, Hitler continued to rant and rave as the “smartest guy in the room,” insisting that various overwhelmed units would rally to save the day. His loyal, bobble head staff, despite knowing it was not going to happen and wanting make alternative plans, just stood around mute, afraid to say anything to the contrary for fear of the wrath of their Fuhrer.

    I could not help myself but compare those scenes with how I picture the situation at the LASD, with the hopeless situation that AV has put himself in due to faux pas after faux pas (for the edification of the ELA Bandiditos, that means F’up after F’up).

    Don’t watch the flick (the Bandiditos won’t be watching because you have to read the subtitles and they go wayyyyyy too fast for their comprehension), because you will find yourself comparing the two situations and your own inevitable guesstimation of the comparative reactions of the two principles. Not pretty.

  • I believe in you Santa! I know you won’t disappoint me and will come through with the gifts I have asked for! You always tell me if I believe it will come true. You have never let me down before. I know you won’t start now!

  • Editor’s Note:

    Dear “Temple and Broadway,”

    I notice you posted a comment that had a link embedded in it that would take the reader to a petition pertaining to Sheriff Villanueva and the Board of Supervisors. Unfortunately, WitnessLA can’t have links to petitions on our site or anything of that nature, due to our nonprofit status. It would be construed as lobbying. We have nothing against the petition itself, as it’s interesting, and is its own form of news. But, this is something we must always refuse. (A week ago we had to similarly say no to a justice advocacy group for the same reason.)

    Thanks in advance for understanding.

    Please stay safe and healthy.


  • He is surrounded by too many yes men/women who affirm his every decision. Any objections, they are ROD. Any advice that goes against his wants, ROD.

    In addition, he has many personal friends who support him that reaffirm his own beliefs that he’s not the problem. They all tell him the same thing. The BOS wanted McDonnell so they are going to fight you any chance they get. Media outlets are all biased against you because they endorsed McDonnell. He once told the LA Times when they called about a story, “I don’t have anything to say to you” and hung up. The dept employees who don’t like him are all McDonnell fans so they will never like him.

    Then there is Queen of the County. It’s believed, and likely true, that they are running the dept together. She is the only one who he will take advice from. A SGT and LT who never worked a day on the 8th floor running the largest sheriff’s dept in the country. He’s given criminal justice classes enough material that is already being used in their curriculum as to how NOT to run a sheriff’s dept.

    Watch his statements, news conferences and compare to the current president. Their political beliefs are different as are their political parties yet their blame is the same. It is someone’s else’s fault for whatever decision was made. It is never Villanueva’s fault. The current issue, LASD budget. It’s not Villanueva’s fault he can not balance his budget, it’s BOS fault because they aren’t giving him the funds he wants. (See another post where I linked a petition that says that exact thing. Petition was started by the daughter of friends of Villanueva. See how friends are enabling him) Mandoyan, it’s not Villanueva’s fault for re-hiring him, it’s McDonnell’s fault for firing him. Villanueva is just trying to make it right because Mandoyan didn’t get due process. Even though, Mandoyan alone my be what causes Villanueva to be a 1 term sheriff. I can’t reconcile re-paying a political favor at the expense of a 2nd term as sheriff.

    It’s been said before and by others, Villanueva won’t make it past the primary in June 2022.

  • @Circle of Stars

    I agree with your analogy of comparing the current situation at EPC as those on the bunker many years ago. I do slightly disagree on one point.

    I think that most of the current LASD “Executives” do not understand that no one is going to come to their rescue. I think they are so over their heads, they don’t quite understand how bad the situation is and how the pieces fit together. They are not battle tested and their first big battle is the current one. With no experience, they can’t win. I can almost guarantee the BOS is three moves ahead, with only a slight course correction required based on what AV does.

    I am truly glad I pulled the ejection handles before I was forced to deal with any of this.

  • “Show up & Show Out?” Continuing professionalism from Villanueva. This tweet must’ve been written from a known Bandido hangout in ELA and not a professional sheriff’s department.

    Notice the OCTA bus driver. Villanueva is becoming the new Joe Biden and forgetting what county he works for. Don’t be surprised to see him in an all green uniform shortly.

    9pm on a Sunday? Is that the best time to recognize public employees. Kinda like the midnight news conference for the Palmdale trainee, don’t want anyone to see it.

    On a daily grind, dedicated public servants show up & show out.

    The LASD recognizes all the incredible work you do. From saving lives to restoring ☮️ of mind, we #ThankYou for your loyalty in making life simply better.

    Let’s celebrate! #PublicServiceRecognitionWeek #PSRW

  • @FTO,

    I stand corrected then. Thank you for the update. I have so many CRI’s to manage so I’ll have to go back and put one in check. Props to the D.I.’s who had the courage to do the right thing. May they and their chain of command survive this decision. Although, I’m sure they will probably be the 1st to go behind the BOS induced budget cuts.

  • Dose, you could not have said it better. The question is, since they both read these posts on WLA is he going to listen.

  • @Voyer,

    Excerpts from the Mayo Clinic website on Narcissistic Personality Disorder:


    Narcissistic personality disorder — one of several types of personality disorders — is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of extreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

    A narcissistic personality disorder causes problems in many areas of life, such as relationships, work, school or financial affairs. People with narcissistic personality disorder may be generally unhappy and disappointed when they’re not given the special favors or admiration they believe they deserve. They may find their relationships unfulfilling, and others may not enjoy being around them.

    Treatment for narcissistic personality disorder centers around talk therapy (psychotherapy).


    Signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder and the severity of symptoms vary. People with the disorder can:

    >Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance
    >Have a sense of entitlement and require constant, excessive admiration
    >Expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
    >Exaggerate achievements and talents
    >Be preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate
    >Believe they are superior and can only associate with equally special people
    >Monopolize conversations and belittle or look down on people they perceive as inferior
    >Expect special favors and unquestioning compliance with their expectations
    >Take advantage of others to get what they want
    >Have an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
    >Be envious of others and believe others envy them
    >Behave in an arrogant or haughty manner, coming across as conceited, boastful and pretentious
    >Insist on having the best of everything — for instance, the best car or office

    At the same time, people with narcissistic personality disorder have trouble handling anything they perceive as criticism, and they can:

    >Become impatient or angry when they don’t receive special treatment
    >Have significant interpersonal problems and easily feel slighted
    >React with rage or contempt and try to belittle the other person to make themselves appear superior

    >Have difficulty regulating emotions and behavior
    >Experience major problems dealing with stress and adapting to change
    >Feel depressed and moody because they fall short of perfection
    >Have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation

    When to see a doctor

    People with narcissistic personality disorder may not want to think that anything could be wrong, so they may be unlikely to seek treatment. If they do seek treatment, it’s more likely to be for symptoms of depression, drug or alcohol use, or another mental health problem. But perceived insults to self-esteem may make it difficult to accept and follow through with treatment.

    If you recognize aspects of your personality that are common to narcissistic personality disorder or you’re feeling overwhelmed by sadness, consider reaching out to a trusted doctor or mental health provider. Getting the right treatment can help make your life more rewarding and enjoyable.


  • Voyer, both Mr & Mrs wanted to deconstruct LASD from the get go. They get their advice from 3 of their most trusted lilliputians. One is the dreamer, the other is creepy, and the third is on a 120 contact. Riddle me this B….. Of the 3 the creepy guy is most trusted and a grenade thrower, committed to ideologically driven disruption of LASD. The rest of the command staff have been shoved off the island.

  • I believe there may be a couple good executives on the department. Vera is a good man and has good intentions

  • Vera? Are you kidding me? I just checked my calendar and it’s not April fools day. Good intentions from Vera is like saying a penguin loves the heat. He has to be one of the most vindictive, jealous and insecure individuals I’ve known over the years. Vera is all about Vera and no one else. Isn’t he retiring? Word is, as soon as he realized he wasn’t getting promoted to A/S he somehow contracted the imnotgettingpromoteditus and has been out milking it ever since.

  • Tell, since you know the inner workings of the King of the County, can you tell me what did Villanueva do with his trusted mentor Bob Olmsted ( who moved back from Vegas to help Alex)? Hum, I guess AV didn’t like the advice Bob O. was giving him so he was also showed him the exit door, just wondering if his impulsive narcissistic hair- trigger temper and fuckery cause it. So let’s go down his uncontrolled urge, and madness list
    Roll Call:
    Ray Leyva
    Bob Olmsted
    Maria Gutierrez
    Larry DelMese
    Eli Vera
    Sandy Crosthwait ( Really ? )

    just wondering if they all had some unknown agenda.

  • It’s all part of the AV Clown Show performance. The Greatest Nightmarish Comedic Show on LA County!

  • Clown, on the very day Villanueva got sworn in he kept assigned seating for ELA station, and no other station. And, from that day onwards it has been downhill.
    This is chaos on steroids.
    You know the ship is sinking when good people start leaving.

  • For those who don’t get the Rasputin allusion long story short:

    He was a monk who was thought to have undue influence over the Russian Tsar; the Russian public perception was he was 918, and that indeed turn out to be the case; Rasputin’s undue influence over the Tsar was one of the important factors in Russian public support for the Bolshevik revolution; the Bolsheviks won the Revolution.

    And here we are.

  • @Tell- That’s so funny that you referenced penguins. There are 18 different species of penguins, only 4 of those species live in cold climates. The other 14 different species live around the world in warm to hot climates such as south Africa and south america.

    So come up with a better one next time. I hear you can still get discounted tickets to Sea World from the Sheriff’s Relief Assocoation. Maybe you should buy one for yourself and dont bring your family. That way you can educate yourself without any distractions.

  • Santa’s helpers saw the post by his left hand man in WitLA the other day and thought they would give their rusty equipment a test run by recording a conversation or two from the Buzzard’s Lair, home of the Kitchen Cabinet and place of the nightly executive staff meetings of the LASD’s highest tribunal. They happened to overhear and record the following conversation. Although Santa had not intended to contribute insight in to the current situation at the LASD he thought it prudent that he memorialize this conversation while he still is able to do so:

    Sheriff AV: Did you see me lay out the Board of Supervisors at that press briefing today?

    Mrs. AV: No.

    AV: NO! Why not? I told you I was going to show the public how the board is screwing with me and how I was going to screw with them by taking away all the goodies they like so much. Especially that puta, Barger, I was so happy we can close a station in her district. I just wish I could have done the same to Kuehl, that reinona.

    Mrs: I missed it because I was talking to Robin. She was very upset.

    AV: Now what?

    Mrs: She overheard someone call her a “Skipper.”

    AV: “Skipper” as in what that guy posted on Witness LA, criticizing the people we promoted?

    Carl Mandoyan: Great carnitas, Viv.

    Mrs: Thanks, Carl. Yeah, the people who skipped several ranks when we appointed them to their new positions. He said they are in over their heads and don’t know what they are doing because they “skipped” so many ranks.

    AV: That’s bullshit. They’re all experienced, qualified and loyal.

    Mrs: Well, that’s not the way he made it sound. He made it sound like they are all totally incapable of doing their jobs. And now it sounds like people are calling them “Skippers” and laughing behind their backs. Her feelings are hurt really hurt this time.

    AV: Did you hear what I said? They are LOYAL. Loyal to us. Loyal to our cause. Loyal to what we want to do. Loyal to seeing that what we – you and me – want done, gets done. If they get laughed at and it hurts their feelings, well, welcome to my world!

    Mrs: I know, Allie, but they still have feelings and you know Robin…..

    AV: Next time she calls to whine about something, ask her if she’s enjoying that car she drives home. Ask her if she likes that fat pay check she gets. Ask her if she likes the benefits of Megaflex. Ask her if she is going to like what she’ll be raking in when she sticks her snout into LACERA’s trough in a few years. Forget about her feelings, they don’t matter. What matters is she does what she’s told. And she better do it without bitching…

    Mrs: But Allie …..

    AV: And doesn’t she think people were laughing behind her back before this “Skipper” crap started? They just have a name now. That’s all that’s changed. Of course people were going to talk…

    Mrs: But Allie…..

    AV: And tell her if her feelings matter THAT much, tell her not to let the door hit her in her nalgona and she can join all those other assholes I sent packing who now get their kicks by sitting home in their pajamas popping off on Witness LA under some stupid-ass name.

    Mrs: But Allie, can’t we do something about what they say on Witness LA?

    Carl: Pass the frijoles, Alex

    AV: Leave some for me Carl. Last time you ate them all and I didn’t get my second helping. Don’t worry about those people Viv, I set the record straight with my own postings on Witness LA. The readers know the truth when I tell them the facts. And what? There are probably about twenty five people who read that rag anyway.

    Mrs: I don’t know, it seems like when they were going after Baca, that “rag” had quite an impact on him staying on as Sheriff.

    AV: There’s a big difference. Baca was off in dreamland. I’ve got my feet solidly planted on mother earth and know exactly what I’m doing. Everyone knows Baca was a space cadet. It just caught up with him.

    Mrs: But what if Santa starts up again? And starts on US?

    AV: He said he isn’t. Besides, he said it is all bullshit. Just shit he makes up.

    Mrs: He was funny when he was making jokes about Tyler, Stonich and Waldie, but what if he starts on us? People will be laughing at us.

    Carl: Alex, I can have my cousin find out who it is and shut them up once and for all.

    AV: Carl, I’ve told you, I don’t want any of your cousins and their thugs getting involved in our business.

    Carl: But you’ve used my uncles…

    AV: Your uncles have helped me out, and I appreciate what they’ve done. But those were specific……uh……..projects…..that I knew they would handle with the utmost…….discretion. Your cousins are a completely different issue. Those guys are fucking fools. I do NOT want them involved in our……….um……activities.

    Carl: But..

    AV: Understand?

    Carl: Yes. But can I ask a question?

    AV: Go, give me the rest of the beans.

    Carl: Do you know this place is “clean?”

    Mrs: Clean? What do you mean? You eat here every night, and NOW you are asking if it is CLEAN????

    Carl: No, no Viv. I mean have you ever had it swept for bugs?

    Mrs: We have an exterminator service that comes every 90 days if that is what the fuck you mean!

    AV: Calm down, Viv, I think he means is this place free of listening devices. You mean free of those kinds of “bugs”?

    Carl: Yeah, that Santa said in his post that Tanaka had this place wired.

    AV: But he said it’s all bullshit too.

    Carl: Look, I worked for Tanaka. He did a LOT of stuff. Let’s just say it’s possible and this Santa dude, really has access to the FBI’s data base………

    AV: Well, but……

    Carl: You’re right that dude said a lot of things about it being bullshit, but I also remember Santa said a bunch of stuff in the past that sounded like he knew a lot of what was going on too. A LOT of stuff came true and was right on the money. I know Paul was pissed at the time, but was afraid to do anything about it because he knew the Feds were watching him. I’m just thinking…………….just in case.

    AV: Well, I can’t use the Tech Crew – I remember they had a guy on that crew, the Sergeant in charge in fact, who was snitching to the FBI. So when Tanaka was having the Tech Crew searching for FBI bugs, the crew’s sergeant was a fucking FBI snitch! I don’t blame him for worrying, and so do I. Anyway, if I was to use the Tech Crew, word would get out that I was having my house checked for bugs and the next thing I’d know, Santa or some of those other asnos like Clown Show or that prick who claims he’s glad he retired, will be writing about it.

    Carl: Look one of my cousins has this guy….

    AV: Enough! Why don’t we go out to your car and drive around the block. Viv, we’ll be back in a few minutes………….

    Carl: Save me some carnitas and tortillas!

  • @Larry DelMese and Captain Roel Garcia et all.

    That has to be the lamest, wannabe Santa knock off by far. Though like every crook, you keep stealing until you get caught, and you guys just got caught.

    Larry and Roel, I want you two to know that was the biggest punk move coming at the Sheriff’s wife like that. You two and your recruited derelict just crossed the line. That’s so foul, it’s not even funny anymore. Everyone here now knows who’s behind all these childish posts. Including a few who are home IOD.

    One thing you’re failing to acknowledge is how much deputies love the Sheriff and his wife. Knowing how you two attacked her, they won’t be too appreciative.

    Celeste, you have an obligation to monitor your blog and not allow posts that include people’s spouses. Also, posts that have no relevance to the article involved. Do your job for once and be consistent.

  • I just wanted to thank Santa for the update. I also wanted to thank the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Information Bureau for the history lesson about Cinco de Mayo. Maybe they should have us all log on to a Zoom meeting for a history lesson since school is out. Maybe Sheriff AV could teach from the Oval Office via Facebook. He is getting good at going live from the office. But I guess the history lesson post beats the first information they sent out. I am not sure how many of you saw that one, but suffice to say it could be construed as an insult to the Hispanic culture. It wasn’t up long. I was offended for them, and I am not of Hispanic decent. I guess maybe someone else from the Department felt that way and that is why it was taken down.

    I again ask, who is writing and approving this stuff?

    In closing, thank you for the mention from the kitchen AV, I am the “prick” who is glad he retired! Everyday that decision to get out, looks better and better.

  • @Anonymous, they do not teach geography at Garfield High hence the ignorance on penguins loving heat.

  • “Skipper!” HILARIOUS!! But….I think the LAST thing AV needs is more frijoles and carnitas.

  • Only a coward laughs at other people’s expense and misery.

    To have these two do what they did and have been doing is incomprehensible, especially after being promoted several ranks by AV.

    Their actions justifies a full-on investigation. You easily have inflammatory comments, defamation of character, character assassination and mainly distribution of false information likely to cause harm (publicly and professionally) .

    The department HAS to deal with these two characters of Roel Garcia and Larry DelMese and open the Pandora’s box of others involved internally and externally. I know DelMese recently retired but Garcia is still employed and I believe is on probation.

    This investigation is a must, and I assure you that it would lead to many others.

    The investigation needs to be conducted by a hand picked unit outside of ICIB. ICIB is compromised by DelMese’s people.

  • Ron, you feigned surprised
    that Villanueva did not give you a “head’s up” on dramatic cuts and station closures because ALADS gave a hefty donation.

    Your title as “Station Detective” assigned to Altadena Station will still stand, no worries there, but seriously, did you actually think that ALADS had a seat at Villanueva’s table?

  • @Santa, welcome back and thank you for the laughs. The term “Skipper” will be forever changed within the LASD. Another Villanueva legacy.

    I was wondering what happened to tenured Asst. Sheriff Robin Limon. She was keeping such a “low profile” ever since Lil Alex, oops, (I now prefer Allie instead) went into hiding behind the Lancaster trainee sniping fiasco and decided to throw her to the media wolves for a weekend midnight press conference. It appears she learned a lot from Allie’s cowardly leadership in that case so she has decided to emulate and employ this tactic into her daily A/S office life.

    Her next door office partner, Asst. Sheriff Steve Gross, appears to have also gone into hiding. He used to always be seen firmly attached to Allie’s ass at every public appearance but it appears his Chester Chong donated N-95 Wuhan Virus mask has broken his lips-to-ass suction connection. Once that happened, Mr. Bigglesworth Burcher seized the opportunity to COS Block the vertically challenged leg humping A/S ever since that whole Creepy Carl side-door rehire attempt was exposed and imploded.

    It will be interesting to watch over the coming weeks as Allie’s crack executive team navigate this newest manufactured budget war and threatened unit closures under the ninja-like direction of Undersheriff Murakami.

    Viva Villanueva

  • Ok, take a deep breath.

    Inflammatory comments isn’t a thing. Neither are the other phrases you threw out, with the exception of defamation, which is a civil, not criminal, offense. And I don’t think satire qualifies. So let’s stop the silly investigation talk.

    You remind me of the person who has been on here under several screen names, that has already been called out for empty threats against various individuals that never materialized. The thought of an investigation of any kind, especially criminal, for comments made on this blog, is ridiculous (“Are you now or have you ever been a commenter on the WLA site? Do you have friends that have? Co-workers?”).

    I do find something particularly interesting in your comment, which of course assumes identities that have not been proven, that the behavior is wrong “especially after being promoted several ranks by AV.”

    I’d really like to hear your explanation of that statement. Because I take it to mean that promotions under AV are tied to loyalty. Which is interesting considering his frequent use of “cronyism” when talking about the former administration.

    AV is fond of talking about how his promotions are based on merit. He has said this on several occasions, stating that the days of “cronyism” are over.

    Of the two individuals you are assuming are behind the Santa commentary, Del Mese, it has already been pointed out, received a two rank promotion the moment AV won the election, which is fascinating considering a large campaign donation in 2018 by a woman with his same last name. I don’t believe AV has ever explained why Del Mese received an immediate 2 rank bump before AV knew where the bathroom was on the 8th floor, so one can only speculate about that.

    Then, Del Mese’s former ops sgt, a brand new lieutenant, gets tapped to be the sheriff’s aide. This is after an email went out to all the chiefs not to hire unqualified aides without the requisite 2 years patrol experience (Garcia didn’t have 2 years as a lieutenant, patrol or otherwise). As you mention, AV then gives him another bump after a brief stint working for AV in the senior lieutenant position on the Department, a position for which he was in no way qualified. Hell, in his promotion to captain, not only were there many lieutenant’s more qualified than him, MOST lieutenants were more qualified (one of whom is currently suing the Department so AV will have a chance to explain this mystery on the record).

    So, what sort of loyalty do these, and the other multi-rank promotees owe AV exactly? I’m curious. Do they have to go along with everything, regardless of any moral or ethical challenges? And if they don’t, might they be discarded (or perhaps even – in rare cases – leave on their own?) Do they have to turn a blind eye to things that might be inappropriate? If supervisors are asked to come up with new figures or information because what has been provided doesn’t supprot a particular narrative, what might happen? How about coming up with the “right” conclusions about investigations? What information is shared with the media and distributed to the public? Who gets hired and who makes it through the academy? How the department handles risk? Employee relations? If the commanders of some of those units aren’t sufficiently loyal, or just unproven, might they be moved out and others get put in their place? Might some people be put in charge of units and divisions for which they have no experience at all, but given their multi-rank promotions, loyalty to this administration, is expected? And how is that different than cronyism, exactly?

    I ask because your tying promotions to loyalty implies some sort of inside knowledge and I’m genuinely curious. Should Del Mese and Garcia (again, that’s your assumption, not mine) be more loyal for the promotions given by AV because they weren’t deserving of them and if so, then why were they given? If they were deserved, then loyalty doesn’t really enter into it, right?

    There’s been a lot of talk about what the rules are, and no one really seems to know. Given your extreme offense taken above, you seem to be in the inner circle. Maybe you could explain?

  • Missing in action is Captain McBride. It was his LT Del Real who snitched that whole Creepy Carl side-door rehire attempt.

  • @Tell, come on, a good laugh is good for you. We all know it’s fictional but damn funny too. However, you should use caution when dropping names, if you have no proof who they really are. Talk about character assassination, and I don’t even know these two. I will say that if it is, it’s AV’s own damn fault. He was warned repeatedly by several people before he took office not to bring them into the fold. He would say he had a “Master Plan” well how is that “Master Plan” working out for him now? He needs to ditch that fool Batman, get a real Chief of Staff that knows what the hell he is doing, and start listening to the right people. Unfortunately the only way for that to happen is to have another “Blood Bath” as he called the last one and start all over. Oh and by the way ELA is not the only station on the Department, and the word is getting out how AV bashes other stations and its getting old.

  • All joking and comical banter aside, the Sheriff is in need of experienced people in or outside the organization.

    Whether you like Alex or not, we all know that this cycle of leadership will not end well.

    It appears as though that the personality of Alex trumps his professionalism. Any serious of suggestions for betterment as we know that Villanueva’s camp reads WLA.

  • @ LASD Member,

    Yes Sir, all can be repaired within the LASD once the formerly retired lieutenant who is now playing sheriff is returned to his life of retirement. Until then, the LASD we once knew and loved will continue to be damaged internally and reputation destroyed externally.


  • O.K.

    I asked this question before, and I’ll ask it again because it is important: who might a likely A.V. replacement be?

    And what guarantee is there that the replacement will be The Perfect One?

    And why “#RecallSheriffV” with an election coming up that will likely do the same thing: remove SheriffV from office.

  • Rakkasan, there are 3 candidates vying for the position. The current occupant on the 8th floor will be done by June 2021.

  • I know one of them is EP ( although he plays it cool ), the other is Buckles, and third is an unknown

  • @Rakkasan,

    As you should probably know by now, nothing in life has an absolute guarantee. However, I can guarantee that the several potential future candidates for Sheriff will be 100 Times better than the current disaster of a Sheriff named Alejandro Villanueva.

    No one is Perfect, but the candidates I know of would be perfect replacements of AV the Clown.

  • AV Clown Show, well said. The consensus is that the integrity of the Department is too important to stand on the sidelines.

  • I’ve been out of the LASD for a good, long time now so THAT tells me nothing except “Buckles”–is that McDonnell?–so the more important question is: who is the guarantor that guarantees these are viable candidates?

    I remember AV campaigning on the notion that McDonnell wrongfully discharged four hundred deputies & he was going to establish a “Truth and Reconciliation” Commission to look into the matter, but two years into his term A.V. hasn’t done anything on this issue, leading me to wonder if McDonnell wasn’t the one that was wrongfully accused.

  • @Rakkasan,

    That’s an easy one to answer for you. AV was caught lying again. Sheriff McDonnell never terminated 400 deputies during his entire 4 years in office. AV used that as a campaign slogan and it stuck with the lemmings.

    His fake Truth & Rec commission was also part of his cover plan to reinstate and give away $200K to his campaign driver and bagman Creepy Carl. When that was discovered and stopped by the Board of Supervisors, Alex convinced Creepy Carl to file a lawsuit, which was ceremoniously tossed out by the court. More wasted LA County taxpayer funds caused by the Clown Sheriff.

  • @Redemtion & Reelection
    Please don’t threaten us with McBuckles. He was placed on waivers and no one picked him up. Wonder why? That would set us back four more years.

    New blood with experience is needed. From within. And not a “reformed” Tanaka thug.

  • @Gone, amen! I know for a fact that he’s been sniffing around and asked one of his former advisors (who he never listened to) about mounting a come-back. The advisor told him to forget it.

    I don’t think he took the hint. Heaven help us if he returns.

    Agree, someone new who bleeds Tan and Green!

    Tanaka disciples need not apply.

    PS When does that little thug get out of the slammer?

  • @SMH, see there is where you are confused.

    I have never looked for a seat at anyone’s table. You can’t be productive, unless it is your table THEY are sitting at, which may not always be the case. That being said,, we have made plenty of progress and prevailed on many issues, to the satisfaction of many members.

    As the current spokesman for ALADS it’s my job to give input on behalf of Deputies and their interests and clarify when we we were afforded that opportunity, and not.

  • @Circle of Stars

    The little tyrant will be released 04/19/2021 if nothing changes. I wonder how many of the foot soldiers will be ready to greet him with open arms? I suspect I will NOT get an invite to the welcome home party. He told me a few times how f***** I was and how he was going to get me. Here I am and there he is. How did that work out for you Paul?

  • Hate to break it you guys but AV is not going to be beat. Your gripes here don’t mean a damn thing to anyone that matters. Not looking for an argument or waiving pom poms for AV. I recently spoke with Parke Skelton (McDonnell’s and Leroy’s campaign manager) and he told me he and the BOS understand that beating AV will be almost impossible in 2021. He’s developed the name recognition and exposure that no other local politician has taken the effort to do so. Parke said there’s candidates currently seeking AV’s endorsements. Please don’t shoot the messenger as I’m sure it’s not what you wanted hear.

  • Does anyone know why Lt. Alex Villanueva fails to recognize the Valor displayed by the troops? I remember a very honorable ceremony & dinner held every year at USC by Sheriff McDonnell for our brave deputies and their loved ones. The last ceremony that I can recall was held in 2018.

    WTF over? Let me guess, everyone who knew how to coordinate and fund the Valor Awards are all gone now? Is this another AV legacy move that lifts the department’s morale to all time highs? Maybe Alex’s narcissist personality disorder wouldn’t allow him to praise anyone other than himself?

    Hey Alex and the Clown Show execs, get your shit together and recognize your troops. Here is what it looked like when the LASD was running under sound and experienced leadership:

  • “…Parke Skelton (McDonnell’s and Leroy’s campaign manager)….”


    McDonnell & Baca had the same campaign manager?

    Why was that fact hidden from the electorate?

    I smell a dead fish there.

  • Gentlemen,

    I trust that Parke is an astute student of the political campaign game. He himself is no fan of AV, but he did say he gives credit where credit is due. Ask him yourself if you don’t find my comment to be plausible.

    He also indicated that AV has one of the highest, if not the highest approval rating amongst other candidates from the community and his constituents stemming from a recent poll that was taken during the 2019 March primary elections.

    Like I said in my earlier post, don’t shoot the messenger please.

  • Tan & Green has proven to be self destructive.
    Obviously the 1st insider since the last outsider has done nothing to keep him on the LASD Throne.
    So far so much for the latest of the insider’s, here you go….
    A. Ding (Baca)
    B. Gangster (Tanaka)
    C. Revenger (Villanueva)

  • That’s an accurate statement Temple and Broadway. Steve was the day-to-day “Boots on the ground” aka Campaign manager by title, but Parke was the brains behind the operation. Parke at the time was also representing and juggling several other candidates as well.

    Steve though was critical of McDonnell’s lack of effort to campaign which caused some tension amongst their campaign team. I spoke with him during that period and he expressed his frustration with Jim. AV had a much better strategy, out maneuvered and out worked Jim, thus running away with the victory. Like he said, defeating AV will be almost impossible.

  • @Clown Show

    I agree that the Medal of Valor ceremonies are extremely important. I was not even aware that AV had stopped those. The deputies and professional staff of LASD do not get enough recognition for the job they do on a daily basis. I did attend the ceremonies and represent my Division at the Galen Center every year. Again, very important to show the troops we didn’t forget where we came from.

    Now, I must bring up a point of contention. As those ceremonies went on under McBuckles, they became more and more watered down. I mean it got to the point where guys were being given awards for incidents that had occurred 10 or 15 years earlier. And what the heck is a “line of duty award (2016).” That diminishes the awards that were truly heroic acts. To have some guy that got hit by a car up there with folks that took on a gunman or ran into a burning building makes the true heroic acts seem less in my book.

    Again, I am all for recognizing the personnel for the great work they do day in and day out. But McBuckles held those ceremonies for his own selfish reasons a lot of times.

  • @ Four, you are definitely right Villanueva has developed the name recognition and exposure that no other local politician in Los Angeles County has.
    He is the Sheriff who, keeps trying to hire his bagman Creepy Carl. This far taxpayers have footed the bill in the sum of over $2 million.
    He is the Sheriff who is so stupid, it burns.
    He is the Sheriff who has missteps after missteps (Remember the decision to close gun stores), and other lunacies and utter excuses that it takes a moment to process how truly mendacious his words are (Remember those remote meetings with the BOS).
    He is the Sheriff who, cannot get along with the BOS, and on every occasion you can almost hear his mental gears stop turning, and grinding out batshit and lunacy.
    He is the Sheriff who, has lowered hiring standards, thus jeopardizing the Department with lawsuits over ill-suited newly hired Deputies. mi hijo in this case.
    He is the incompetent Sheriff who, cannot balance his BUDGET, even when the County is over $7 Billion in the hole with lost revenue.
    He is the Sheriff who, assigned a female ELA Deputy to the Sheriff’s office, and gives her a take home COUNTY CAR ( even though her irrational behavior cost the COUNTY $8 Million in lawsuits over the death of 2 young boys), just because of her relationship with his Mrs.
    He is the Sheriff , who is an embarrassment in so many ways, with is his Tio Cheech command of the English language.
    He is the Sheriff who, is an egotistical narcissist, expects loyalty to HIM and not the Department or the Citizens, and that thinks being sheriff is as easy as watching The Andy Griffith Show
    He is the Sheriff who promotes Captains who lie, get caught with a take home car (when you don’t HAVE a take home car) and even get involved in sex scandals with subordinates (complete with PICS) and STILL be put in charge of a facility or station.
    I can write more if you want.
    PS. Can you name one candidate seeking AV’s endorsement; it can be even if the candidate is running for a school board position. I would really like to know please please.

  • Is that why measure R was approved by over 74% of the people. Was the poll taken on the kitchen counter by Creepy Carl.

  • Even Jose Gardea who was Jim’s handler and advisor expressed his frustration with Jim. Last I spoke with Jose, he expressed the same exact thing about AV easily winning the 2021 reelection. Jose said that AV is well spoken, articulate, knowledgeable and well presentable to the general public.

    What he’s accomplished during his short tenure in regards to his name recognition and exposure, would normally take a candidate several terms to accomplish. There’s a saying in politics, no news is bad news when it’s free earned media. AV has had an abundance of free earned media. To the normal person it may seem that negative news is harmful, but in political science it’s a gain-gain all around.

    Wish you all a good night and please stay safe during these tumultuous times.

  • There is a lot of professionalism lacking from this administration. His staff is incapable and the turnover rate as bad as the Trump administration. Oh that’s right, the “Trumpian Cop!” A function at USC is too upscale for AV that’s why everything is held at ELAC… He can’t put together a decent press con much less a gala event fit to honor our Department heroes. His press cons are a joke. Who is putting his powerpoint presentations together??? Misspellings, cheesy fonts and graphics, bad stats and propaganda about as bad as North Korea’s. I guess he got frustrated with his audio/visual guy since he is now “trying” to control the clicker himself. He can never get on the right slide. And BTW, what imaginary audience is he talking to when he is live streaming??? LOL.

  • Aside from the overall mistakes McDonnell made during the campaign, a mistake that would have sealed a victory for McDonnell would have been to televise and/or create campaign commercials from PPOA debate. McDonnell destroyed Villanueva and the overall theme displayed by Villanueva during the debate was his unpreparedness. McDonnell should have highlighted that a candidate for sheriff is unprepared for a 60 minute debate but is prepared for a 4 year term as sheriff of 10 million residents, 18,000 deputies/employees, and a $3 billion budget. The best moment was the tattoo exchange. If I recall, it went something like this.

    AV: McDonnell has a hard stance on tattoos and those with tattoos are some of the most honorable and ethical people I have worked with.

    JM: Defends his position.

    AV: If tattoos are bad, why does some of your command staff have those tattoos you condemn. (Crowd erupts with laughter)

    JM: Didn’t you just say those with tattoos are some of the most honorable and ethical people you’ve ever worked with. (Crowd laughter is even louder and AV wants to exit stage left he’s so embarrassed.)

    As for his re-elections chances, he’s given his opponents too much material to work with. A brief summary.

    Mandoyan- this alone may have killed his re-election chances less than 1 month into his term.

    Campaign promises that don’t align with his decisions once in office. Cronyism- his admin promotions were most, if not all, based on cronyism. His “tantrums” when told something different than what he wants to do. Look at all those with decades of institutional knowledge that were ROD or left early into his term. His constant use of Baca/Tanaka foot soldiers as being detrimental to the dept during his campaign yet many of his promotions were Baca/Tanaka “foot soldiers.”

    Dep Robles- An example of cronyism but is deserving of a stand alone comment. Only a sheriff with compromised morals and ethics would assign a deputy liable for a TC that took the life of 2 innocent children and has cost the county $18m? and likely another $15-20m a comfortable job on the 8th floor and be provided a take home car. Was this assignment “earned” because Mrs Sheriff is called adopted mom/step mom by Dep Robles?

    ICE- his promise didn’t match up to his decision once in office. Thus earning him the nickname Sheriff Bait and Switch. Many democratic and progressive/civil rights groups have stated, some publicly, that they won’t be endorsing Villanueva in 2022.

    Mitrice Richardson- Made campaign promises to “re-open”, his words, the Mitrice case only to renege on that promise. Sadly, his groupies in the “BU” are accepting of his reversal of his campaign promise and will still support him no matter what. Villanueva has exposed them as hypocrites as they have long contended that Baca and then McDonnell didn’t want investigate the case because they were protecting the deputy(ies) who they believe committed murder. Yet, why aren’t they applying that same logic, if that has been their belief since Mitrice was murdered, if Villanueva now refuses to re-investigate. Surely, if Baca/McDonnell were protecting murdeous deputies by not investigating, Villanueva is too. Friendship with a pseudo “celebrity” and his wife is much more valuable to them than the justice of Mitrice Richardsons killer, that’s why. They think Villanueva is Clark Kent, here to save the day. A fool can never be convinced they’ve been fooled. Undeniably, this has cost him many votes from the black community. I have heard this myself from a person of prominence in the black community, these words were said, “he (Villanueva) fooled us.”

    I’m sure there’s more but that should be enough to consider how he’s destroyed his chances for re-election in 2022.

  • @Four more years!

    If Mr. Gardea’s remarks are as reported, I have to wonder what his standards are for articulate and knowledgeable based on the Sheriff’s public comments and some of his decision making. Now maybe he is more articulate behind closed doors but in public, he does not appear well spoken or knowledgeable.

  • @Clown Show- I agree, troops need to be recognized. But, just because McClown had some “Award” ceremony recognizing the troops, does not make him worth the mention. Let’s face it, he was probably the most dishonest people (although he played the “good guy” part pretty good) who failed to support the troops while in office and did quite the opposite. In fact, McClown got us alot of laughs by getting LASD to be the brunt of Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes.

    Thanks McClown!

  • Four, “There’s a saying in politics, no news is bad news when it’s free earned media. AV has had an abundance of free earned media. To the normal person it may seem that negative news is harmful, but in political science it’s a gain-gain all around”.
    The only news Villanueva can generate is bad news. If you wanted to build a caricature of a movie- villain idiot monster, Alex Villanueva fits the bill.
    I do not want to burst your bubble, but here it is.
    AV has no chance, I mean absolutely not chance for a second term.
    I have personally spoken to members of LACDP and they think Villanueva is like the plague. They understand he fooled them. One of the member’s even told me and I will quote him” Fooled us once shame on him, fool us twice shame on us”.
    2021 is going to be a different animal.
    By the way, could you name me one candidate running for office who would want Villanueva’s endorsement. I thought so. I have seen him go to events where the power players of LA County not just ignore him, but walk the other direction just to avoid him.

  • @ Clown Show and Gone, while you are on the subject of Departmental awards. Santa brought up one of two department members who come to mind in the Pandora Box mess that were unsung and recognized by the Department.

    Santa mentioned the Sergeant who ran the Tech Crew. This guy went to the FBI after he was ordered to do things that he knew were wrong and he had nowhere else to turn. Yes, you can say he was a snitch, but in my eyes, he was a stand-up guy who knew right from wrong and did the right thing. He had been feeding the FBI information for some time on various requests by the Baca administration (my guess back to the Stonich/Waldie era, but unfortunately they weren’t on trial).

    The second individual (sorry, I failed to find their names with a quick google search) was a female Deputy, working IRC who refused to change information in the computer on the infamous inmate Anthony Brown. This despite two Lieutenants ordering her to do so on “direct orders from Tanaka.” Knowing what they were ordering her to do was wrong, she told them she wouldn’t do it “without something in writing from Tanaka”. They backed off and ultimately brow-beat a civilian to do their bidding.

    Both of them testified at the Tanaka and Baca trials and helped put them away. I don’t know about the Sergeant but I know the Deputy later faced harassment for her actions and left the department. Sad.

    I happened to hear both of them testify in Tanaka’s trial and was very, very proud to see that we had SOMEONE who would stand tall and do the right thing.

    Anyway, wouldn’t it be nice to see them get some sort of Departmental recognition for their own heroic actions (a different kind of heroics) during some of our darkest hours? Perhaps if there were more people like these two, a bunch of misguided folks would not ultimately have ended up in prison.

  • So then you know it’s all handled by a large committee based on submissions by unit commanders up through their division chiefs. The Sheriff basically shows up and honors the recipients. Something this Sheriff apparently can’t humble himself to do.

  • Yep, that didnt play out well. But he is long gone now and the current AV Clown Show is creating negative LASD image & reputation damage on a weekly basis. Stay focused on current events.

  • @Observing

    Great points. I wonder if Baghdad Bob has been retained? I remember when the United States military was about to roll right into Baghdad and good ole Bob was on the news saying an Iraqi victory was at hand. You might be on to something. Very similar to what is happening here. I completely missed it. Good job!

  • My point was that some of the awards were being given for acts that had occurred 10-15 years before McDonnell even took office. I know for a fact the order came down to the committee to pump up the numbers. It was all done to make him look better in the public light. Only if you were paying close attention did you realize that many of the heroic acts took place while he was still at LAPD.

    The acts were still deserving of recognition, but McDonnell wanted it to appear as though those acts were done, while he was leading and the deputies were wearing brass buckles!

  • I just got word that Lt. Alex’s social media monitors keyed on the Valor Awards oversight comments and Mr. Bigglesworth Burcher, with concurrence from Viv, has directed the awards committee to quickly send up some nominations for immediate approval. Here are some of the nominees so far:

    1) Chief now Asst. Sheriff Steve Gross for the Pre-Truth & Reconciliation Carl Mandoyan specific review and reinstatement loyalty and soul selling report.

    2) Retired Asst. Sheriff Bob Olmsted for keeping quiet and out of sight during his entire one year of occupying the TTCF Exec Office.

    3) Skipper Asst. Sheriff Robin Limon for outstanding leaping ability, with honorable mention for her handling the weekend midnight Lancaster sniper press conference, and subsequent on-duty disappearance.

    4) Captain John McBride for his outstanding bullshit shoveling production exploits with “hiring” 1000 brand new shiny deputies, 2019 Year End “Historic” PowerPoint slides while actually only reducing sworn vacancies by 100. (This nomination is currently under review due to the recent mishandling of the Mandoyan side-door hiring faux pas (that’s French for F’d it Up!)

    5) Undersheriff Murakami AARP Medal for the most entertaining and perplexing Twitter Postings. (He is also in the running for a Purple Heart award for his numerous IOD injuries while working at home in his slippas. Also special recognition for achieving the most on-duty sleep hours during live meetings)

    6) Chairman Chester Chong special civilian award for generating the most LASD Twitter recognition postings for utilizing his “unique” contacts to acquire much needed and subpar Wuhan Virus Masks. (Special “HUMINT” Service Ribbon recognition for his every other day HOJ disbursement/ration photo ops.)

    Nominations are still being accepted so please feel free to submit and post here for Viv’s review.

    Due to the loss of exclusive executive contacts with USC for the use of the beautiful Galen Center, this year’s LASD AV Awards ceremony will be held at the centrally located site of Betty’s Pasta House on Olympic Blvd. in East Los. Thank you newly promoted Sgt. Liz for tapping into your special contacts.

  • @ Clown Show, very good, but Olmsted was told that his advice was not wanted nor appreciated and to stick to Custody. Like Leyva, he had been told he would be an advisor to AV, helping him get his feet on the ground adjusting from Lieutenant to top executive. Of course all know how that worked out.

    Knowing there was nothing he could do the help a quickly sinking ship, he went back to the Custody side and quietly exited at first opportunity and returned back out of state to his home.

    If he does happen to recieve the award, I think it will be presented in his absence to Mrs AV, who replaced Leyva and Olmsted as AV’s much needed transition advisor.

  • I just had a very strange thing happen. I was just sitting here at the house in quarantine and I got some strange static over the television set. It sounded a little like a radio transmission. Then I realized it must have been one of Santa’s bugs that had bled over for some reason. The reception was bad, but I will transcribe as best I could make it out.

    Unknown female voice: Undersheriff Murakami Chester Chong is here to see you.

    U/S Murakami: Oh no. I know what this means. Have the aide get the inmate workers. I am
    sure its another mask delivery. Get me my tie please. This means another
    damn photograph. Have Chester come in.

    Unknown female voice: OK I will send him in. He has a whole bunch of women from one of the groups
    with him this time.

    U/S Murakami: I guess he doesn’t understand I am a little tied up trying to fix this budget
    bullshit I have been thrown into the middle of. You would think they could
    deliver more masks each time and save all of our precious time and these
    stupid photographs I have to take each time. I had no idea what was coming
    when I told AV yes. I should have stayed at IDT. Send them in.

    Chester Chong: Hello Mr. Undersheriff. I have some more masks for you. Make sure the
    inmate workers only stack half of them in front of the doors. I have another
    group coming to take a picture with us and the rest of the masks I have
    tomorrow. Mr. Undersheriff these ladies are from the Normal University.

    U/S Murakami: (Under his breath) Well at least they are normal.


    I guess we will have to see if another mask post goes out on the LASD FaceBook and Twitter.

    I must confess I do not have access to Santa’s bugs. I think the wires must have just crossed for a moment in time.

  • @Rakkasan, thanks for bringing the Chinese espionage case to my attention. I’ve discovered a second career – getting paid for failing to pass exams.

    I just wish I’d known of that revenue stream when I was in school………….I’d have been a millionaire by the age of 20!

    BTW, interesting coincidence that the wayward scumbag did his time at the same dastardly prison that is the subject of today’s WitLA’s lead article.

  • Lil Alex was also overheard having a tirade in his office when COS Bigglesworth Burcher brought him this article. Alex was in total disbelief that Vanessa Bryant would have the nerve to file such a civil claim after he took the time out of his relaxing weekend to personally come into the Hall of Justice solely to meet with her on the day of the crash.

    A source heard Alex angrily shouting towards Bigglesworth, “I even chastised TMZ on national T.V. and requested a TFR over the crash site just for her, and this is how she shows her gratitude to ME! Well, I’ll show her. I will fight this lawsuit until the end. She’ll get no easy settlement out of me. Go Big or Go Home!”

  • Speaking of the Koby crash fiasco, I’ve wondered if there was an IAB investigation or if the incident disappeared with the simple push of a delete button. It will look rather fishy if they cut a deal with the Deputies once the civil case gets to court – or at least to depos. And where were the on-scene supervisors? Thumbs up their butts while Deps wondered around the crash site with their phones to their noses taking pictures? How long before the Dept knew about the pics? What did they do to gather them? Why did they delete them? Why didn’t they submit them to the investigating agency before deleting them? Did the Dept notify the victim’s families of the coming storm about the pics? Why not? Cover-up, hoping the pictures would go away?

    I can hardly wait for the video of some high-powered lawyer asking AV these and a LOT of other questions. But you know what? That attorney will just be picking on AV because he didn’t endorse him………….

  • Re: Venessa Bryant lawsuit. I figured if I had the deputies delete them nobody would find out. No harm no foul type thing. I got beefed for undressing the girls at CRDF with my eyes and it went away because I told them I’d sue because I’m Hispanic. When my wife found out they called me “creeper” at work I had to give her a couple of gifts which she wears around her neck in a leather satchel. I hope that helps explain this. I’m sure nobody will care about the lawsuit. Who was Kobe Bryant?

  • To Quote IG Huntsman “we are conducting an inquiry into public allegations that LASD command staff ordered the destruction of evidence of crash scene investigation prior to the matter being reported publicly”. Why waste all that time. This order came right from the top to delete the photos. I wonder how the loyal cat Bigglesworth is gonna spin this one.

  • Well, here comes the next Lt. Villanueva massive payout. Oh well, it’s not coming out of his pocket.

    Celeste, just encouraging you to go back to your March story and take another look at the 2nd comment. The hidden truth is finally coming out.

    The Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic has reported 124 positive cases of COVID-19 among staff and inmates, according to data from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH).

    ‘We’re packed in like sardines’: Pitchess inmates talk about living in an outbreak – Santa Clarita Valley Signal

    When asked for comment about the matter, the county Sheriff’s Department was unavailable Friday. Earlier this week they had said, through an emailed statement, that they were conducting assessments on inmates.

    Further questions about the conditions within the jails and COVID-19 within jail facilities were left unanswered as of Friday

    Hey Supervisors, maybe it’s time to rethink covering Alex’s punitive damages if you really want to straighten up his idiot ass and protect those dwindling taxpayer funds?

  • I concur with big spenders not being concerned with costs of lawsuits & payouts.

    I’m sure the “Mouth” of ALADS, Ron Hernandez definitely relates with BC540789. Of course denial is his best and only defense.

  • Regardless of the current LASD administration and thoughts thereof, everyone has to refocus and settle down.

    Let the Sheriff serve his term as he was duly elected.

    The rush to judgment has backfired more than accomplishments have been acknowledged, so buckle in and ride it out.

  • Thoughts- This idiot AV does not deserve to complete his term. Name one thing he has accomplished as Sheriff. You getting a promotion does not count.

  • No promotions here in retirement land but I’m led to believe that he is pro deputy with morale shooting through the roof.

  • @Thoughts, ahhh yes, the ole pro-deputy morale though the roof fantasy. You have verified this exactly how? Is there some verifiable poll to truly measure such claims? I’m not talking about the AV campaign talking points or the ALADS (Ron Hernandez) I said it WAS so last year poll, but some actual poll from active personnel where they can honestly share their thoughts of current life within the LASD without fear of being exposed to the new form of Villanueva retribution?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely sure that due to Alejandro Villanueva’s extreme form of his cronyism on steroids management style, there is a select group of very happy department members who love life under their new and psychologically fragile Sheriff. As long as they can’t keep singing his praises, mostly at ELA Station, life is great for them.

    As for the rest of the department, I can guarantee you that the majority of department members, of ALL ranks and including professional staff, are truly embarrassed by the Clown in charge and his crop of Skipper Execs who only care about maintaining their unqualified status.

    They are hopelessly left wishing the current embarrassment called Sheriff V will quietly come to an end, sooner than later, so they can Rebuild and Restore the severely damaged reputation and internal life within the LASD.

  • Armando, go away and that will solve it. Quit trying to lead people to believe in your side.

    You weren’t a leader then, so you surely are not now!

  • Then what?

    I remember James Sexton showing up at a scheduled Federal Court hearing, but his ALAD’s lawyers weren’t there, leaving James blowing in the wind.

  • @ Clown Show:

    There is no doubt that Team AV has pissed many people off within the LASD, including line deputies. However, I must call it like I see it. Line deputies are extremely happy with his leadership, especially after a debacle like McDummy. AV has alot to learn to level the ship, which he can still do. He just needs to listen more. Can he do that? Unknown. But if he did, he would see a good result.

    Let’s wait and see..

  • It’s never the organization itself but those who running it at that particular time.

    Former and despised, past ALADS President Floyd Hayhurst was responsible for the no show Attorney in the John Sexton case.

    The real reason is because information from Sexton would nail Tanaka regarding the Pandora’s Box which would expose Baca & Tanaka.

    Who would have thought the the failed bullying tactics of LASD to a FBI Agent would be the tipping point.

    Hayhurst was in cahoots with Tanaka and wanted to give ALADS backing to little Paul’s election campaign.

    Fast forward to ALADS biggest and all time spending expenditure concerning another past ALADS President Armando Macias.

    Ron Hernandez, a newly ALADS Rep at that time, lays claim to initiating & probing Macias’s attendance record as a Board member to question his eligibility as ALADS President.

    Ron’s reply is “I wasn’t a board member at that time” even though he attended Board meetings and gave his input to all who would listen, at that time.

    That Superior Court Case of “ALADS vs Macias” BC540789 is still ongoing in a higher court to the best of my my knowledge.

    Again it’s not the organization but the lead person who is calling the shots.

    Line deputies have nothing to do with questionable decisions dictated by ALADS, be it monetary, directives or endorsements.

    The responses from polls sent to deputies from ALADS are very minimal to say the least.

  • @Call it…. “Let’s wait and see..” WTF Over?? What the H… are we waiting for? Alex the Clown has held the title of Sheriff for 17 months now. His “honey moon” and on the job training period ended over a year ago. His idiotic decisions and downward spiral of the LASD under his watch is only getting worse.

    So again, I ask what the H… are we supposed to be waiting for? Is the Clown in charge going to magically change his victimology and “I am the smartest” spots?

  • Santa: Qualified “Baca started his political pay-offs and pay-to-play scams, the promotees were from a pool of candidates of supposedly qualified and experienced candidates who made one-rank jumps (of course Waldie and Stonich were exceptions – perhaps they were super-qualified – we’ll let history be the judge).”

    History has already phoned in-Stonich and Waldie? You are kidding as to qualified!

  • @Clown- I think hes saying that AV may still have time to correct himself. I can agree with Call, morale is very high. People look forward to coming into work now. Before with McDonnell, everybody was doing the bare minimum. Hiring was super low. Ride alongs would be told by the deputies to apply elsewhere or go to the academy and lateral out asap. Hell, my younger brother graduated in july 2015. He found out 28 of his classmates lateraled to other agencies in less then 6 months of graduating.

    People complaining on this site is not going to fix any problems. If you have a problem with the Sheriff, reach out to him and give some input. If he just blows you off, then you did what you could.

  • To everyone who says the Sheriff isn’t liked by the Deputies is right. He’s not liked, he’s LOVED by us. ALADS knows this too as we all told our rep when he showed up to our station. We stand behind him 100% and stand behind ALADS for having his back. I can confidently tell you that I can speak on behalf a bunch of people from patrol, custody and courts. I have family and close friends throughout the county.

    So if you’re trying to cause division amongst us against the Sheriff, you better take your bullshit to LAPD. I wish you’d try saying what you’ve been saying to me or any other deputy. It’s obvious you’re not working and are home to spend this much time talking shit under a different name behind your computer.

    You were probably one of the executives the Sheriff got rid of. Seeing the way you run your mouth, you’re most likely a chief that took pride screwing line personnel over.

    Good luck dummy. Salk in your misery, because you’re just a laughing stock now.

  • Carl, I asked you last night over dinner to be more subtle in your support on this site. I’m fearful they will conduct an analysis and find your fingerprints the same way they did on that sliding glass door you were breaking into during your stalking/ domestic violence caper. Don’t worry I have your back!! After all, you basically blew an engine driving me around during the campaign. And you didn’t even have a motive like getting your job back. Thank you for the dance lessons for my wife. She really cut up the rug while dancing with the inmates to mariachis at CRDF. I’m so proud of the First Lady of LA County. Oh don’t worry she’s fine, disabled, but fine!!!

  • Here’s my advice to Alex: Retire Dummy! Let some knowledgeable professionals fix and lead the LASD back to Pride, Professionalism and Prestige.

  • Anyone who LOVES total incompetent leadership is simply a FOOL. Luckily, I know many many many folks on the Department who cant stand what Idiot Alex is doing to our beloved organization and are embarrassed to call him Sheriff. 2022 cant come soon enough.

  • @Clown-Where were you when McDonnell was Sheriff? You weren’t on here preaching about pride, professionalism and prestige. Which means you were one of his many lap dogs screwing people over just to get petted.

  • I will say this, on behalf of most blue collared deputies (Patrol)…Villanueva is still better than mcbuckles, period. Although the sheriff has dropped the ball on items such as:

    The elimination of dual track (these custody/courts slaps need to really work)
    The “earned” promotions..some of the names on the sergeant list have minimal patrol time and/or experience. Some them are straight lazy buffoons.
    Relaxed hiring standards, where are they hiring these “plus size” recruits.
    That Carl guy rehiring flew in straight contradiction of his campaign promises of getting rid of nepotism.
    Lowering academy standards for his son and his wife’s old fat CA friend .

    New class As are comfortable and better suited for patrol.
    Stripping the brass of their rank, was well warranted.
    Keeping certain station logos which LAPD chief McDonald wanted to get rid of.
    Fighting the BOS (which are dirty as hell)
    Glad they are getting rid of Parks and COPs too, lazy ass deputies can get to work.

    Just a blue collar point of view, reading some of your comments/gripes seem like “rich people problems” . If your retired then thank you for your service and enjoy it but we got it from here. LASD has survived worst, no need to air dirty laundry from your retirement home.

    15 year vet FTO fast station (lol…and not ELA)

  • Gracias Carlitos for the truth. Can you and the other Reapers wash my ride. Gracias in advance Amigo. Towels in the trunk.

  • Bandito#1, Seriously doubt your Hispanic and/or work ELA but it shows some of the ignorance/racism in embedded in our department. My station and all stations have their issues but as a Hispanic deputy, some of the ELA BS is embarrassing to say the least but it’s not my house.

    Call a spade a spade…the Sheriff has dropped the ball a few times but like Previously stated he’s better than McDonnell, the temporary one (forgot his name), and Baca. Been on 15 years…don’t know any better I guess.

  • “Although the Sheriff has dropped the ball on items such as:”

    1. “That Carl guy rehiring flew in straight contradiction of his campaign promises of getting rid of nepotism.”
    2. “Lowering academy standards for his son and his wife’s old fat CA friend.”

    You just cited THREE cases that meet both the legal and dictionary definitions of nepotism, all done in just his first few months in office.

    As an FTO your thoughts on THAT?

  • @Bandito-All are welcome? What…you dont have any new bodies that you can force to buy you and your boys a 30 pack at the end of shift? Or do you need a new body to buy you another flashlight? What is it now?

  • FTO, what do you think about the special perks given to the female Deputy working at the Office of the Sheriff. You know the one responsible for the fatal crash which resulted in the death of 2 young boys, and not to mention the $18 million settlement. She is untouchable because of her relationship to the Mrs, and gets a take home County car. Your thoughts.

  • Bandido #1, change your name ay… change it to Bandido #2, cause you’re full of sh#*….jajajajajajajaja!

  • @FTO, Where do you get off calling fellow deputies who work Parks Bureau & COPS, lazy ass deputies.

    You work a fast station, really?
    Good for you Superman.

    I already visualize you as the fair haired, tattooed bad ass who makes more hooks than all East County stations combined. GTFOH!

  • Can the Queen of the County come get her mans. This cry and whine session must have been LT. Bigglesworths idea to convince BOS and Hamai to write a $400M check before Code 7.

    In all seriousness, these stunts continue Villanuevas perception in the public eye that he is in over his head and has no care for the public at large. The world is in the midst of a pandemic, county residents are losing jobs and are wondering how they will afford basic necessities and Villanueva is screaming he wants his money. He is doing far greater harm to the department than good and he isn’t an honest man to admit it.

  • I just watched his B.S. session with fake numbers and misdirection when asked questions by reporters about his earlier claims. They (reporters) are slowly but surely catching on to the pathological liar that Alex is. It helps when I can notify reporters Frank Stoltz (KPCC) and Kris Ankarlo (KFI) of the bullshit that Alex fed them so they will know better on the next round of AV circle jerking.

    I thought it was particularly funny to listen to Alex explain his academy graduation numbers compared to his current vacancy rate, as well as his 400+ annual attrition rate (seems a bit higher than normal. I thought morale was so great under Alex’s leadership that no one would leave and all of the IODs would be hopping back in to work on one leg?).

    Wait a second, didn’t he and McBride announce a record hiring of 1000 new deputies in 2019? He touted that as an historic achievement. Yet, his budget slide shows over 700+ sworn vacancies. WTF Over? Did they all decide to retire all of a sudden?

    Funny how he touts eliminating so much overhead, including the former civilian asst. sheriff (CFO) who had career knowledge and history with managing large law enforcement budgets. Then the Clown Sheriff has the nerve to ask the Board how did the prior administration zero out their budget deficit?

    Here’s the answer Stoopid: They knew what they were doing and how to work with and negotiate with the Board, based on earned trust by demonstrating cost saving efforts and strict fiscal management. Something that this lying Clown and his executive staff of Skippers have no clue on how to handle.

    Buckle Up boys and girls, the pain is gonna come. Oh yeah, and my contacts in LA County Fire are loving the ineptitude of Alejandro because it means more dinero for them now that fire season is arriving.

  • Prescient post, as evidenced by the current (May 13, 2020) WLA article about Bob Lindsey.

  • AV Clown show, well said. This shit is going to get bad with the County losing Billions of $ in tax revenue. To quote Supervisor Hahn ” we write the checks”.

  • @Clown Show

    I also watched with amazement as AV showed figure after figure that to the lay person, look like they make sense. However, it just proves he is in fact also a lay person. And apparently so is the staff he has working on this project. The County and Sheriff’s Department budgets are much more complicated than a leaky faucet. I won’t go into all the smoke and mirrors I saw, because it is just way to technical without a long discussion that I am not able to do in a post. And I know the actual numbers have changed since I left.

    One of the most glaring things I saw, was when he talked about wanting to fill all the vacancies. The Department has always left a certain number of positions vacant because it keeps the cost model down for the contract cities. So a certain number of vacancies works to his benefit. This was figured out by the bean counters many, many years ago. The number changes a little over time. So, either he knows that and was misleading the public, or he doesn’t know it because he fired everybody that did. I don’t know which is worse. His misdirection campaign is all wet and headed for a high impact crash.

  • @Rakasan…Air assault!! You must be 101st. 3rd ID here and the Big Red one. The examples I gave are disheartening and I will vote accordingly in due time. But let’s not pretend the previous Sheriffs were running a tight ship either. This feels like a South Park episode of Douche Bag vs Turd sandwich. I will not support McDonnell…remember two captains per station? Black Ties for the rose Parade, no beenies??? Mass execution Style discipline, no jeans/jackets for OSS/DB…no thanks.

    Sad to say but Villanueva has been the best sheriff we’ve had in the last 15 years (my opinion).

    @bars..are you serious? It’s been in my experience that most Parks/Cops deputies are station rejects, lazy, disgruntled, and the occasional time out deputy. I say their lazy because most them can’t be bothered to put on their vest while 10-8…I’ve seen many riding without a shot gun in the vehicle. Some don’t handle their simple 459VR call or take 45 minutes to get there in the hopes that the victim leaves or that the local agency/station handles it
    For them. It’s obviously my opinion but it common consensus throughout the department…no one will confuse Parks/COPs as the tip of the spear type deputies. You probably think custody deputies are real COPS or that a Sergeant/senior with no patrol time is a leader. I respect all stations and I understand we all have our slugs but yeah I’m glad they are getting rid of Parks/COPs.

    And no I don’t have tattoos nor I’m fair haired.

  • “First and foremost, I wanna say the Sheriff’s Department is being forced to run in the red, because the Board of Supervisors does not prioritize public safety….”

    In his mind, the REAL reason the BOS isn’t giving him the money isn’t because they don’t prioritize public safety…’s because they have it out for HIM. He alludes to this belief later in the conference when he talks about how the Board has always taken care of the other Sheriffs….but not him. It’s the persecution complex he’s felt since he was a lieutenant and couldn’t make captain. That probably wasn’t the case at first with the BOS wanting, like many of us, to give him a chance. But I’m sure they have it out for him NOW.

    Villainueva is purposely insulting the BOS. I’ve said this before and it’s becoming more and more obvious. He’s trying to destroy the Department he feels tried to destroy him.

    At a time when government employees will begin sacrificing (furloughs, pay cuts, benefit cuts), he flashes the pay of deputies, sergeants and lieutenants without explaining what those numbers mean so the public is left with the false impression deputies make 120 grand a year. GREAT idea at a time when 36 million people are filing for unemployment benefits.

    There is already talk of, not IF, but WHAT benefits will be cut for Department personnel. If any of you are close to retirement, you should consider what this idiot’s mumbling, bumbling insults and challenges to the Board will result in for you.

    He’s a train wreck, not because he’s stupid, but because he’s JUST smart enough to do a LOT of damage, along with his team of sycophants who only care about being a Skipper and retiring as a chief instead of a lieutenant.

  • Can anyone explain or does King of the County have a top and bottom mouth?

    March 7th

    “I am requesting that the Office of the Inspector General immediately assign an investigator to our case for oversight and transparency purposes,” Villanueva said in a letter this week. “I believe early monitoring of the LASD investigation will ensure a high quality and comprehensive investigation that will enhance public trust and confidence in both organizations.”

    May 15th

    Villanueva responded in a letter that his investigators “will maintain full control of the investigation and all information discovered until completion.” He added that the inspector general’s office would continue to get weekly updates until the investigation was complete.

  • Thanks, Temple and Broadway. Anyone wanna wager how much the County will pay out in this (justified) lawsuit?

    There were many times, as a supervisor, when I had to make a decision about whether or not to take action when a deputy screwed up. I hardly ever had to…because the mistake was small, didn’t result in anyone getting hurt and was a learning/training opportunity. But, as anyone who’s supervised knows, there are F-ups that are beyond your control and you HAVE to go the formal route.

    For the Sheriff himself to try to cover-up THIS incident, order the destruction of evidence and allow the deputies to get away with their stupidity and lack of caring in a trajedy covered by every news media outlet in the WORLD, is just….unconscionable. Did he consider how HE would feel if his family died in an accident, only to find out ghouls with badges had snapped pics of their bodies and were showing them off in a bar?

    Of all the asinine things he’s done, this ALONE is cause for his removal from a position he was never qualified for.

  • FTO

    “@Rakkasan…Air Assault!!!”

    You must’ve Googled “Rakkasan,” but no, not Air Assault. I was in the 101st Airborne Division when it was a jump division, and my Army jump wings came from its jump school. This was before the Viet-Nam war; the 101st changed from a parachute to a helicopter (Air Assault) division for the exigencies of the Viet-Nam War roundabout 1969–yeah, I”m that old. I retired from LASD in the ’80s’

    Thanks for your response!

  • @FTO, I respect your point of view and, with all the pressures on today’s cops, the job field Deps do today . At your point in my career I had a similar view (and perhaps a similar viewpoint) over the hood of my black and white as a “tip of the spear” type. But there also followed many years where I learned a lot more about the Department and the importance of those who actually held the spear. Fortunately, during those days, most of it was pre-Baca, there were a lot of capable people who had a hand in making the spear was as capable as it could possibly be. One of my concerns is that today’s “spear holders” are not LASD’s finest, as once was the case (for the most part).

    From your point of view, perhaps you are right that Sheriff Villanueva is the best Sheriff you’ve worked for. Baca sits in Federal Prison (as does his right-hand skunk) and LAPD’s McBuckles predictably was an utter disaster. Not a very high bar, so you don’t have to compare him to.

    All you need do is read your own list of “Cons” for AV and you’ve got more negatives than should have happened under the leadership of a Sheriff with good judgement. And AV’s judgement has not been stellar for sure. I do agree with some of your positives (and could add several more), but realize they are generally just an undoing of what Baca and McBuckles had done. I believe AV did this not because he was so “smart” of insightful, it was because he was doing things the “old” LASD way – before Baca and his successors screwed things up.

    As far as “rich people’s problems”, I suggest you read “LASD Apostle”‘s post of May 10th, where he talks about AV’s actions having the potential of impacting your pay etc. Apostle is not bringing this up because it is impacting him/herself, it is because he/she is concerned about you folks on the spear. He is saying that AV is going to hurt the LASD employees as well as the Department. Well written and I agree.

    Another “rich people’s problem was mentioned by “Glad he/she’s gone”; contract cities. Yup for sure a “rich people’s problem”, but one that affects over half of our (your) patrol operations – half of the spears and a large percentage of the folks who directly support them like SEB, Aero, Homicide and so on.

    Contract cities are not a guarantee. Most are reasonably happy with the Department but mostly happy only because they are saving money. There are always other agencies out there looking to grab them away from us and many contract cities have looked at these agencies as alternatives. Some of the cities have also talked about forming regionalized PDs. If they can economically take these options many of them would, especially if they are unhappy with the LASD’s leadership. I know for a fact that the contract cities are nervous about AV, who is in constant battles with the BOS and who’s actions could lead to a destabilization of contract prices. Nervous customers – yes the contract cities are our customers – are a very bad thing, especially in hard times. Add to that, the fact that contract cities share in paying civil judgements against the Department (see what I mean about only seeing over the hood of your radio car?) and now they see a HUGE pay-out coming against the City of Calabasas over some stupid-ass shit Deputies deputies did (to be topped off by this same AV they already have their doubts about stupidly covering up for them). Pretty soon maybe, just maybe, contract cities start to jump ship. Soon we see stations close. Then the Department starts to shrink. And pretty soon, it sucks to work at the LASD.

    Now it isn’t just rich people’s problems and you still have 5 years until you are even fully vested for full lifetime medical insurance – let alone at the top of the retirement percentage chart.

    So, please don’t be so dismissive of the opinions of us old-timers. We got ours but we still care about the LASD and its future.. We care about the people doing God’s work – like you. We comment because we hope that some of our comments will invoke some thinkers to consider all the issues involved and be constructive within the Department to help it survive as we have all known it.

    We know “you’ve got it” but we want you to be armed with as much knowledge as possible as you move foreword and good luck.

  • @Apostle

    I concur with everything you said. In fact, in those cases where the mistake was big enough to require a formal investigation, it was often better for the employee, and the Department, in the long run to open the investigation immediately. Short of a discharge case, if I took the time to explain, truthfully, how I saw the investigation going, they were usually good with it. Of course they were worried and upset that the investigation had to be opened. You can control the investigation and the narrative around it if you are proactive. Reactive makes you defend your actions/inaction on top of explaining why the original misconduct occurred. I would often have a deputy thank me for the way the incident was handled after it was all over and his or her discipline was determined. Especially if it saved their job. Not always, but often. Some situations are just bad and some and other times some deputies will never see they made a mistake. Not much you can do with those.

    Again, this comes with experience at each level. Something that is lacking with AV and his Skippers. They may figure it out with experience, but it comes at the cost of debacles like this one. These are almost like the trophy shots the military has had a problem with. These however, could be a crime for all involved, and will certainly cost the County a lot of money. The money will, you guessed it, come of of the Department budget.

    By the way, it is unfortunate that the term “skipper” has now become a negative term. For as long as I can remember it was a term of endearment for a station captain. Just another thing this administration has ruined.

  • Hey Alex, have you ever heard the well documented phrase, “The cover-up is much worse than the crime?” Some in politics say its only worse if you get caught. Well Mijo, ya just got Got! Pack your bags son, as El SheriffV Stupido will be Adios once this comes full circle…….JERK!

  • @ Two Bits

    Very well written. I also thought I had the world by the throat and knew it all as a young patrol FTO. I trained a lot of deputies in my younger days. Many of them went on to promotions and very good and important jobs.

    If I could sum up what I got out of your extremely well written comment, it goes straight back to what we “old timers” have been saying on this forum. As you rise through the organization, and gain experience, you learn things. You watch other people navigate the daily landmines, and use your observations to hopefully make the Department a better place. A better place for the employees and the citizens we protect. To use an old saying, you often don’t know what you don’t know. That is what happened when Sheriff AV ran ALL of the institutional knowledge out in one day. Don’t get me wrong, there were many I was glad to see go. It was good to see them have done to them, what they had done to others over the years. Often, they did it only because they could. Not because it was necessary.

    I was fortunate to get out just before the AV nightmare started. As I have said in a prior post, I was glad to see McBuckles get beat. I watched that horror show from the HOJ on a daily basis. Having the Tanaka foot soldiers as his staff was terrible. Trying to make us LAPD was an experiment gone bad. The power of the “Constitutional Policing Advisors”, (DT and MS) made me sick. There were many other issues, but those are the top three issues in my book.

    AV had a real chance to fix all of the above. He knew the workings of the Department. He knew how those felt that were passed over for promotion. He knew how it felt to see a good job go to those that didn’t deserve it. What did he do? He made it worse. He not only promoted people who didn’t deserve it, but those who in many cases are not capable of doing the job. And will never be. In short he squandered the opportunity. Those of us who love the Department had high hopes he would fix it, but he has made it worse. Us “oldtimers” would have been glad to help, if he had asked. I still would.
    And it wouldn’t be for any benefit of mine. I’m done. I don’t know it all. Far from it. But we all had areas of expertise we could have at least advised him on. It’s his Department to run. But he needs help.

    It’s time for the younger folks to take the reins. But the people who have the reins are running the Department into the ditch. And AV just stands there, watches and tells them great job! Maybe he really doesn’t understand what is happening.

    He has made it worse in a whole different way.

  • If you guys are retired and no longer with the department, then why won’t you use your real names? What’s the worry of using your name? Others here have before. It will definitely help with your credibility, because as of right now, everyone laughs at you guys and says it’s nothing more than some current and former disgruntled, relegated and cry baby department former executives. Just telling you what others are saying about you guys. All you’ve done is really bring us all closer to the Sheriff. We always had his back and do so even more now. Go ahead, I’m sure you’re going to start bashing me, but go ahead, your reputations still won’t change. One day, and you know that day will come, your identities will be revealed. Then we’ll see your true characters. Try enjoy your retirement, let us worry about our department.

  • @Voice, I for one have relatives still working on the Department – upon my recommendation. AV has been known to suffer from a case of severe vindictiveness – if you haven’t noticed. So why should my relatives suffer for my opinions.

    BTW, you SHOULD worry about YOUR department. Just like I worry about your department for the sake of my relatives.

  • @Voice

    I like having my CCW. It wouldn’t be beneath vindictive AV to revoke those. I know he talked about it for those “disgruntled” retirees.

    As a history lesson, McBuckles tried it also.

  • “…Let us worry about our department.”

    If we did THAT God only knows what kind of moral cesspool would result; that’s why the Sheriff, the Chief Law Enforcement officer of the County, is an elected official–the public is enjoined to worry about the department. To do that effectively it, the public, must have information, and “you guys” are doing that–providing information.

  • @Deputys Voice

    I’m not sure if there is a position on this department that you were elected to speak for all of us, but I’ll gladly remind you to speak for yourself. I surely have not grown closer to Villanueva.

    I will give credit to some of the positive change he brought when elected (I.E: proactive policing, uniforms, getting rid of dead weight etc..), but like any politician it’s not what you’ve done but what have you done for me lately.

    This fight with the BOS is bulshit and personal. Now there’s problems with pay and promoting. Not wanting recruits in the academy to have a shaved head and be individuals is bogus. He promotes individuality and is against group thinking, unless that individuality doesn’t gel with his mentality. He wants a stress free academy, tell me where that would be beneficial. Is law enforcement a stress free career!

    If there are deputies close to him it’s cause they are playing the game and taking care of themselves. Also, what’s the alternative. I would still take Villanueva of McDonnell.

  • As a cheerleader for AV why aren’t you using your name? I have relatives on this department. A couple are patrol deputies. They aren’t as much pleased with AV and his decisions so far as you. They are especially discouraged about his favoritism if individuals and the championing of ELA station above others.
    I’m not worried about my credibility or who is or isn’t laughing at me/us. I’m pretty secure about who I am and what I have done. Maybe that is a lesson (One of many) you could learn from us older, successfully retired folks. Being secure and comfortable with yourself as an individual.
    BTW- I’m not disgruntled. Just worried about all of you still working. You deserve the best from your leaders.

  • @Juan have me at A disadvantage, I don’t know anything about that particular Female deputy, civil case, or her current assignment.

    Sounds like BS though, and again I will vote accordingly in due time. The old line of “power corrupts” comes to mind.

  • @two bits and boy I’m gone

    I appreciate all constructive criticism and solutions. Some of the “deputies/SGTs/brass” Here offer nothing but dirty laundry and fear mongering. It seems petty and personal hence why it’s hard to take serious. The sheriff has made serious mistakes and I have lost respect for him. No shaved heads in the academy , trying to get rid of PT standards, nepotism, getting rid dual tracks promises, earned promotions, and Carl….just to name a few.

    But what are the solutions? What are the alternatives? All we can do is be leaders at our respective stations/facilities?/cubicle? and lead by example. I used to tell my Soldiers as a squad leader in Iraq…”Shut the f**k up move out”…and that’s all we can do until Election Day.

  • @FTO, that wartime patrol direction probably worked well as a squad leader with your 18 yr old warriors, but Alex’s screw ups are significant “Big Picture” shit that is a bit above your pay grade, as they say. Much can and will be done before the next election. Check It!

  • FTO, to put it in simple words, Villanueva is just not up to the job. All he is good at is blustery, and tequila-infused showmanship in front of the cameras. I am waiting for the upcoming shit show with the BOS in regards to the upcoming fiscal Budget. Can’t wait !!!!

  • @FTO, first of all, thank you for your service!

    I agree with your comments that some of the changes that Sheriff AV made at the academy are dead (pun intended) wrong. If you don’t instill discipline at the academy when will you instill it? Discipline is not something that can be left for on-the-job training in this business – just like the armed services. You have to mold people early because they have a limited time to learn their duties and responsibilities because when they finish the academy they are immediately put in harm’s way. You need to get their attention early, instill a sense of the importance of what this job is all about and subject them to a level of discipline that they have not experienced in their civilian lives. Otherwise, they think the job is just another job – which it is NOT.

    But that begs the question. You asked what can you do? Not much as far as impact on the leadership of the department. But you can contribute for sure. Do what you are doing – the best job you can. As an FTO you have a lot of impact on the direction of others within the department. Proper attitude, work ethic and officer safety. Personally I have not been a fan of mistreatment of trainees, but do believe in them shutting up, being respectful of those who know what the hell they are doing and learning. I’m sure as an experienced FTO, you have your own methods, but leadership is a role where you can contribute mightily.

    Obviously I can’t do anything to help the department either, but I do try to give it a nudge with my comments because I believe the AV and his staff read these comments. Perhaps, just perhaps they may reflect on what people have to say. I don’t see AV changing the haircut policy in the academy for example (he doesn’t seem the sort who likes to reverse course), but I hope he might reflect on the fact that discipline can’t wait until the shit hits the fan to instill discipline. By then it is too late.

    But have faith, AV HAS made some internal positive changes (I’m so happy to see a lot of decisions pushed back down to the deputy level) along with his external missteps.

    My hope is that his missteps don’t sink the ship before he can figure out how to patch the holes.

  • Baca also had trouble with the BOS about the budget, then along came Tanaka, who had a degree in Accounting from a top-tier University (Loyola Marymount) & had a CPA (a tough two-day licensing exam said to be as tough as the three-day BAR exam for lawyers).

    Tanaka solved Baca’s budget problems & we know the rest.

    AV needs somebody like Tanaka.

  • @AV well I wish you good fortune but if the Department survived Baca and McDonnell (which Villanueva is 100 times better than) then I’m pretty sure the department will out live us all. Not saying I don’t agree with some of your points but your “key board” warrior method ain’t the best. When “something”happens Before the election then I will say you were right, but I’ve been on long enough to know…shit ain’t going to happen.
    Big picture or small picture…real leadership is earned…some of you higher ups may need to remember that.
    @juan…the sheriff may of dropped ball after coming out guns a blazing but the bar for sheriff ain’t to high (Baca/McDonnell)…I’ll take Villanueva.

  • @FTO, it sounds like you are good with lowered standards at the top; which trickles down throughout the Department. This my friend, is sad in the long run and this is how “outsiders” are appointed or assigned to come in to clean up the mess.

  • FTO, I respect your position. However, I would not want to Feds to put a camera up the rear end of our Department again. Under Villanueva’s reign it looks like we are headed down that path AGAIN. God help us.

  • It’s been a few months since I’ve been on this site. Although Celeste is no doubt my political polar opposite, she’s a class act and has given all us idiots a lot of rope in this forum. All the commentators–from the witty to the barely literate–make this place a pretty entertaining read.

    With respect to AV’s recent budget cut proposals, I was in favor of many of them. I’m sure COPS Bureau (I think it’s Community Partnership Bureau now) has some fine deputies and all, but that whole bureau is nothing more than a luxury item. I never could figure out how we justified fielding a unit like that when we weren’t meeting minute compliance in our contract cities. And from what I saw of that bureau from many patrol stations’ perspectives, was a fleet of no-call bomber cars who field cited people with traffic warrants and them claimed them as arrest stats. These cars usually consisted of six month wonders who enjoyed their flex 4/10 schedules (who were 40’d out by Wednesday) while hard working patrol deputies were getting drafted on weekends and holidays after working a ten hour shift.

    I’m not trying to single out that bureau but it’s demonstrative of just how much fat we have on this department. That’s why these cuts and even the consolidating of stations is sound and should’ve been implemented two regimes ago. These cuts should remain permanent until we can safely field cars (ones that actually handle calls for service) while also meeting contractual obligations. More importantly, we’d doing so with well-rested deputies rather than a bunch of beat down zombies who are halfway to REM sleep because they were drafted for a 19 hour shift. A balanced budget would go a long way politically right about now too.


    If we were a publicly traded company, the shareholders would’ve blown us up as far back as the late 1990s.

  • Temple, according to Villanueva “well…do voters really know what they’re voting on” or do the uneducated Mexican immigrants from ELA really know which Sheriff they are voting for.. a reaper, a Bandido….

  • It should be noted that Kris Ankarlo is a news reporter for Radio station KFI (AM640).

    Why, we must wonder, is AV doing this to himself?

  • @ 9 Adam, it sounds like you are calling the Sheriff a reaper or a Bandido! As we have recently found out, he will not stand for public shaming.

    Off with your head! (or at least he will send in a sacrificial lamb instead)

  • @ Circle, at this stage, AV seems diminished, much as he has diminished the office of the Sheriff itself. Fellow Sheriff’s and Chief’s laugh and clap back at him. His Command staff and their wife’s offer fake prayers for his and V’s personal well-being on FB. His “trusted” advisers all appear to talk about him behind his back and treat him Napoleon. Principled LA County public servants defy his orders, and the Courts have muzzled him.
    The shit show ended when LA County residents resoundingly voted by over 74% on Measure R. Shows you they have grown tired of the AV shit show.

  • So there I am minding my own business, having a little dinner with the news on. Suddenly, the hair stands up on the back of my neck and I lose my appetite. Why is that you ask? Channel 7, KABC had their “NEW” Law Enforcement Expert, Jim McDonnell on. Not sure what he has done to his hair over the last couple of years, but he still talks forever and says nothing. Quoted a bunch of statistics that really meant nothing. That hasn’t changed. It looked like he picked the best corner of his closet for a background to do the interview. Apparently no pre planning on his part. Still! Again! I guess Carol wasn’t around. Where is Eddie R when you need him?

    Is he setting up to take shots at AV with a large viewing audience? Preparing for another run? I honestly don’t know which is worse. It is kind of like picking between the Clinton’s and the Bush’s. Isn’t there anyone else that we can run?

    By the way, wondering what people thought of the pictures from the Peace Officers Memorial Ceremony. AV was wearing McDonnells wet dream LAPD duster coat, that McBuckles worked so hard to get through EPC. Funny thing is LAPD uniform looked better, without it.

  • McDummy has been figured out to be a liar and a corrupt politician. He will not be Sheriff again, but I hope he tries. He is going to fall like the autumn leafs of 2022! lol

    McDummy… #stayathome

  • @Neveragain, you know, I know and many “insiders” know he’s a liar and a was an utter failure as Sheriff. Unfortunately, the public in general doesn’t know – in fact they probably wish he was Sheriff today. Don’t forget his loss was very narrow (and I am sure he knows the exact number of votes he lost by) and was only predicated by demographics and politics. AV has just about shot the hell out of the political angle and has lost the advantage of being the incumbent Sheriff by besmirching the name of the office time and time again. All they need think about is rehiring DV Dep, BOS constant battles/whining, gun stores closed/opening/closed, Kobe Bryant crash fumbling and God knows what before the election.

    In the meantime, Buckles is appearing on KABC as a “LE Expert” spewing his bullshit and getting more and more “name recognition.”

    I hope he stays the hell retired and realizes that No ONE wants him back with the LASD except that ego inside his fat head. If he he does run, I fear he poses a real threat to become a retread Sheriff because I don’t think AV has a chance in hell of being reelected (nor should he) and the return of Buckles would be awful.

    We need a capable, qualified LASD soul to emerge who will right the ship. It’s not like thery are not out there. It is just the fact that it is a daunting task to run for the office from scratch.

    Unfortunately, the LASD is not like a police department where a few of the top brass throw their hats in the ring (although the current LASD “top hats” are nothing to brag about) and someone who knows the organization is usually selected. Or in many counties the Undersheriff is usually groomed to replace to run as Sheriff or is appointed to replace a retiring Sheriff before the end of term – as did Pitchess from Biscailuz and Block from Pitchess (which didn’t go well when Pitchess wanted to hang around behind the scenes and Block told him no way). Now that the position has become “open,” running for Sheriff of LA County is a major undertaking and, frankly has been a disaster for the LASD.

  • Speak proper English. You make yourself sound like an uneducated moron when you use slang.

  • McDonnell is gone and now you’re bitching about Villanueva.

    You boys are never satisfied.

    Unless you have vital and valid options shut your pie hole and do your job.

  • I promise that this “pie hole” will shut once Lt. Villanueva stops F’ing Up or is gone from office. Until then, ALL of his idiot decisions will be posted for debate. Enjoy the Show!

  • This “pie hole” (which,BTW, always welcomes coconut cream), will STFU when there is a competent LASD soul driving the ship. Baca, Buckles and AV sure as hell haven’t been competent.

  • Lmao @circle of Stars!!! Yea what a ugly Circle Jerk going on right now some with big hands and some with small puney hands! Hahahahaahhaha

  • Roger R, here is a tweet from Villanueva, “Thanks to @CouncilofPakis1, Mr. Jabar Mamon, @SoCalBlanks company & members of #LASD advisory committee for their generous donation of 1600 individualized bags of hand sanitizers & washable face masks”. What he failed to mention was this guy was a political donor to his campaign. And we thought Baca was bad !!

    BTW did you see his presser today.. was he drunk?

  • Juan
    I also thought AV looked a “little” off at the press conference today. Lots of slurred words, mumbling, and words used in a sentence that really made no sense. He mixed up the numbers of inmates and deputies in his examples several times. Most of the time you could figure out what he meant, but still. This is the Sheriff?

    It also really seems as though he is looking to fight with everyone. Even questions that don’t require a caustic response, get a nasty answer most times. His “I guess you didn’t hear me” line is getting old. Oh we all heard you, the problem is the answer made no sense. I realize he isn’t going to build back those relationships, but has he thought about a cease fire? It just might help. Meanwhile the Department members continues to suffer. Some of them just don’t realize the amount of water that is being taken on yet. Others, see it. but just keep feeding at the executive trough.

  • “As for his leadership gene?”

    All he has to do is consult the Leadership Manual he got going through the National Guard Officer Candidate School & he’ll be O.K.

    I think.

  • Boy am I, the more I watched Villanueva’s presser the more he portrayed as a man with a low tolerance for those he considers his intellectual interior ( which is to say, everyone). His fumble on inmate numbers was total batshit. However, I bet in his little mind ( gears grinding hard ) he was thinking he was the smartest guy and showed those press guys who was in charge ( wink wink ). Like we called McDonnel Buckles, Villanueva is Slurry Alley for constantly slurring and fumbling his words.

    Ignorant as he can seem, Villanueva seems to sense that having pressers and townhalls will establish his reputation. What he did not mention, however, is that his response to the spread of Covid in the jails will be examined in minute detail- it is this prospect, the prospect of accountability, that looms over him now.

  • Re: the last paragraph.

    The Sheriff seems to be getting his footing now, so unless a super-viable candidate presents himself we just might see him in a second term come the next election.

  • I personally would like to thank “Slurry Allie” Villanueva for having these weekly “please look at me” press conferences because, while he is trying to impress Viv and Mr. Bigglesworth, he is putting his incompetence out there for all to witness.

    It was entertaining to watch him trying to dance with the reporters asking him questions on issues that he is totally ill prepared to handle. Attn: KFI’s Steve Gregory, take some tips from reporter Josh King as you could tell he wasn’t buying Lt. Villanueva’s budget B.S. and easily caught him in his lies when he asked what was the LASD budget in previous years. It was funny watching Lt. Villanueva stumbling to explain how it was $3.3 Billion, then $3.4 Billion and now it is $3.5 Billion but he got caught trying to claim it should be his artificially created $3.9 Billion that he is begging for in order to cover is mismanagement and inability to properly run the LASD in a fiscally responsible manner like his predecessors were able to accomplish.

    This is why the Board and the CEO covered any minor fiscal year-end overruns when they closed the books. Prior Sheriffs were able to demonstrate all of their significant cost savings and management efforts. They (BOS & CEO) are on to Idiot Alex and his refusal to accept any responsibility for all of his obvious short comings. It’s always someone else’s fault with Surry Allie.

  • A continuation to @Clown Show reply.

    Villanueva “laughed” at the accusation that he’s mismanaging funds. He asked that he’d really like to know how and where.

    Let’s start with a question that has gone unanswered that is an example of his mismanagement of funds.

    Why was Dep 901 Fatalx2 promoted to the 8th floor and why is it necessary for her to have a county car?

  • Temple, Deputy EP is uniquely connected to the shot called at the Department. She answers to nobody except Assistant Sheriff VV.

  • @Boy am I glad I am gone,

    After fixing the obvious errors, Microsoft editor gives 85% grade. Needs work on conciseness 5, formality 8, and inclusiveness 1. Good job….

    Does anyone notice all the spelling errors on almost everything that comes out of the Sheriff’s Department lately? This presentation to the BOS is a perfect example. Even most of the Facebook posts are horrible. Look at the first slide the Sheriff presented. The Department is “SEVERLY” (sic) underfunded. Most of the press releases have at least one spelling error or the grammar is so bad it would seem someone that learned English as a second language wrote it.

    This is just one example of how unprofessional the Office of the Sheriff looks right now. When you can’t even put together a Power Point slide, your professionalism is going to be questioned.

    I am a former executive that recently retired. I can’t believe how far the Department has sunk. I was not a McDonnell fan by any means and was actually glad when he got beat. McDonnell waited way too long to establish his command team, and then when he did, he kept the Tanaka idiots around. Then he tried to run LASD as LAPD.

    Fast forward to when AV wins. He boots everybody out, and still uses different Tanaka people for a lot of positions. I was not one that was shown the door. His anger from being passed over for promotion, set him up for failure from day one. I can’t tell you how many times I sat in meetings nearing the end of any given fiscal year to brainstorm how to meet our budget. That example we saw today was a feeble attempt by AV to explain to the BOS why he needed more money. The problem is it had holes in it everywhere. Had AV kept even a few people around, they could have warned him about the landmines he had no way of seeing. They are the same landmines we all avoided for years, but we learned where they were from someone who had avoided them before. That is where institutional knowledge is so important. But his anger and lack of experience would not let him learn these things from someone else. He has to be the smartest guy in the room. He is now seeing that when you view things from the Lieutenant level, you may think you know what is going on, but may be lacking critical information. There are important things to be learned at each level. He got rid of everyone that could have at least warned him about and told him how to avoid the landmines.

    I could go on and on about how AV has taken a wonderful opportunity to return the Sheriff’s Department to its glory by being run by a guy that came up through the ranks, and he squandered it. He along with most, if not all of his staff are trying to do a job, they were not ready for. They might have been capable, given time. You can’t have everybody learning on the job at the same time. They can’t even ask each other for advice because they are all in the same boat.

    While AV may be right about what should be done, he has to play by the established rules. Does he really think he is the first Sheriff that has had to make huge budget cuts at the end of the fiscal year when he overspent? I guarantee you he is not. But it goes back to what I had heard about him always feeling people are picking on him. In this case they might be, but he doesn’t have the knowledge or resources to beat them. Until he realizes that, the men and women of the Sheriff’s Department have some dark days ahead of them. I fear they haven’t seen anything yet!

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