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LA County Sheriff's Deputy Says She Was the Victim of Sexual Coercion by 3 LASD Higher Ups – UPDATED

On Friday night, LA Times reporters Robert Faturechi and Richard Winton broke a story
of another potential scandal brewing at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. The story—intimations of which had been swirling around in rumor form for the past two days—involves a young sheriff’s deputy who alleges she was the victim of sexual coercion by three top level department officials. (One of the men named is still active on the department; another is retired; the third retired very suddenly on December 31, 2012.)

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Here are some clips from Faturechi and Winton’s account:

Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators have launched a criminal probe into a deputy’s allegations that she was the victim of sexual misconduct involving three top sheriff’s officials, according to sources with knowledge of the probe.

The deputy is the daughter of a top aide to Sheriff Lee Baca.


Capt. Joseph Stephen of the Malibu station confirmed that he was one of the targets of the probe and had been questioned by investigators Friday. He denied any wrongdoing. Also being investigated are retired Chief Ronnie Williams and Capt. Anthony Ward, who was heading up the auto-theft unit until he recently retired, according to four sources. Williams denied any wrongdoing, and Ward could not be reached for comment.


The deputy’s allegations involved sexual coercion by officials who outranked her, sources said.

She made the accusations after facing her own allegations of misconduct, sources said. Court records show she has a pending felony charge of vandalism and misdemeanor counts of battery. She pleaded not guilty. She has been placed on leave without pay, according to a spokesman.

Reached by phone Friday afternoon, Stephen said he was waiting to find out if he was going to be removed from his command. He called the deputy’s allegations “absolutely, unequivocally” untrue but declined to say if they had had a sexual relationship.

“I don’t want to get into that,” he said.

The Times reporters were told that the investigation is just in its preliminary stages.

Indeed, everything we are hearing suggests that this story is deeper and wider than what has been confirmed thus far.

So stay tuned.

UPDATE: Lost Hills/Malibu station head, Captain Joseph Stephen, who is one of the three LASD higher ups being investigated in the matter of alleged sexual coercion of a female deputy, has relinquished his post as station captain but remains with the department, pending the outcome of internal investigations.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Times has appropriately declined to name the alleged victim in this story, although they obviously have her name. We are using the same policy. I know that a lot of commenters likely also know who is involved, but I would respectfully ask that you avoid any names—or even qualities so distinguishing as to suggest the identity the reported victim. Thanks in advance.


  • I dont know about the others but Ronnie Williams is one of the good guys….someone we could use back on the dept. Of all the people who I could think of doing what is claimed he would be at the bottom of the list…several thousand down.

  •  Knew Stephen when he was the  Lt. in charge of recruitment. He always takes pride in the  big numbers of recruits hired during his time.

     Capt. Stephens,  we had a lot of mistakes with some of the candidates hired during your time.  Some of them went on to commit acts of  grave misconduct and were fired. Some like your accuser are now awaiting  disciplinary action. They   were hired despite   the warnings and red flags B.I’s uncovered. You may be a victim of   one of those recruits  you pushed for hire. It’s going to take years to correct the damage done simply because we did not take quality over quantity. 

    Sheriff  Baca, we just started another big hiring period with  the graduation of  Class 385 in Dec. 2011. Take  the CCJV’s advice and make probation count for new recruits. Get rid of the problems before they become one.

  • Another sad, but not surprising day for LASD. Corruption builds arrogance, and based on these allegations, perhaps some of Tanaka’s cronies felt bullet-proof enough to get involved with one of the [I’m editing this small part out because I don’t want any of us to come too close to IDing the young woman here] daughters. Organizationally, all the alleged involved parties have significant power and influence over her, regardless of their direct or indirect ranking over her. When the top leadership of the organization is corrupt, the middle management will follow.

  • Captain Stephen is a good guy and was/is a good captain. I did not know him before he promoted to captain, but while he was at LHS he took care of his people and was extremely fair to his employees. This may be just a disgruntled employee trying to save herself by throwing others under the bus.

  • “This may be just a disgruntled employee trying to save herself….”

    A quote from the story: “She made the accusations AFTER facing her own allegations of misconduct….”

    In other words, you hit the bulls-eye, dead center.

    Too bad there aren’t people UP ABOVE who can’t sort all this bull-shit out before it hits the media.

  • To Tom V. – Don’t know how well you know Chief Williams then. He has skeleton’s in his closet. Seen for myself.

  • Williams has skeletons–but Waldie, Baca, and Tanaka are running a mortuary, a hundred graveyards, and a fleet of hearses, not to mention the gravediggers at their beck and call throwing dirt on everyone else. Seen by everybody, including Ray Charles and he’s still blind and dead.

  • Williams [edit] had big plans to be the Sheriff [edit]. I guess you shouldn’t throw stones when you live in a glass house Ronnie.


    This story is the kind that will naturally bring out those who aggressively criticize those involved, and those who sing their praises. All fine and good.

    But there are several of things that will cause me to delete your comment (or severely edit it, depending upon my time and mood):

    1. Making broad-strokes, unsubstantiated, borderline libelous statements.

    2. Making creepy remarks about someone’s personal lives and/or spouses.

    3. IDing people as commenters here, unless they’ve ID’d themselves.

    This last thing might seem like a strange cause for deletion, but here’s the deal: Since I can look behind the curtain, I know who many of the commenters are. (Many, of course, I don’t know. But I can, however, see certain distinguishing elements, and observe commenting patterns over time, should I choose to check someone out.) And, the fact of the matter is, those of you who THINK you know who the the ID of the regular commenters here, namely those who are the most critical of the department , with rare exceptions, you are WA-A-AAAAY off base.

    So, when one of you attempts—counterfactually—-to out someone, and I know your assumptions to be dead wrong, I just delete the comment.

    Thanks for your cooperation.


  • Without accusing anyone of anything, I predict a downturn in the number of anti-LASD comments on this web page now that Williams has no chance to run for Sheriff. Just saying.

  • Were these the best and the brightest, deserving of promotion to the rank of Captain? I think not. So why were they promoted and who really pushed for all these folks besides Williams? Who made the real decisions, and it wasn’t Baca. You decide.

    This report is just the tip of the iceberg and will make for some VERY interesting reading once the facts are reported on this particular sordid tale because everyone involved has some serious liability. And this story goes far beyond the “First Report.” Just wait for the “Red Tip Supplemental Reports” to come in. However, the greater question may be, who in the “major executive” level knew of these “affairs” and what did they do? (crickets). I trust in the final analysis of this particular chapter, we will see yet another example of the double standards that prevail if you are “connected” to the little man. And one question that has yet to be answered; When is the Sheriff going to take ownership for ALL of the individuals he has promoted who have made the Lee Baca “Wall of shame?” And that list goes wayyyyyy back.

    I can’t wait to attend the next Field Ops management meeting and listen to Hellmold, Rhambo and Tanaka lecture us on Core Values. And folks, we are not even a quarter of the way through this novel. Let the chips fall where they may because the Feds are right around the corner. Kudos to the Times and WLA, keep peeling back the onion, one layer at a time. It stinks.

  • Yep, absolutely. Name the accused, but don’t name the accuser. As usual, when things don’t go well for a particular person, they cry foul and start accusing the men they sleep with. Unfortunately the one’s who are married are really screwed, and th poor little girl who has been the subject of predatory management is portrayed as a victim and her identity is concealed.

    Get real people, the press handling this make me sick. If you really want to know, the clues await.

  • @Gate Keeper, you’re right about that. One needs to ask themselves why Joe Stephen’s Lieutenant exam oral score was changed from a 74 to a 100 by then Commander Cecil Rhambo just so he could make it into Band 2 and get the bump. I always wondered how he EARNED his position of Captain…

    Oh, and another question is how does a Captain (name withheld, but if it’s mentioned here in this comments page, there’s a reason) allegedly use booster club money to pay for a prostitute at B2V and then get his $5K watch (that his wife gave him) stolen by said prostitute and that Captain has the audacity to put on a uniform that is supposed to represent honor and integrity. This same Captain used thousands of dollars of booster club money like it was his own, buying bottle service at Las Vegas clubs for the few and handing out hundreds of dollars for employees to gamble like it was his own. How magnanimous!

    Joe Stephen and his cronies (strangely enough included Bernice Abrams and Tony Ward- a group they themselves affectionately called “Black Ops” (I wonder if the Department is looking into that “gang” per the Federal order)) are all guilty of using their positions of power for the purposes of personal gain at the cost of their own integrity as well as disgracing the uniform and the Department.

    Has anyone ever seen a time when so many Captains have fallen (Cruz, Ward, Stephen, Abrams) in such a short time? Strange how they are all fairly recent appointments to the rank of Captain. I always figured there was a vetting process for people to become Deputy Sheriffs, but apparently there is none to become Captain.

    For those of you that are claiming that people that are posting on this board are “whiners,” George Orwell said it best: “The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” Our Department has been tarnished by people undeserving to wear the same uniform that you and I wear. The reckoning is coming for many, and many already are getting their just desserts. If this incident had no merit, then why did Tony Ward walk in one day late in December and just announce that he was retired? And why would Joe Stephen resign?

    I, for one, hope that Sheriff Baca opens his eyes to the scandals and decides to start promoting people of honor and integrity to his command staff rather than the sycophants that are currently in those positions that are betraying the rank entrusted to them. Or else maybe he should just change the Core Values, because these are not “Leaders” that the Department needs.

  • Looks like there’s a couple captains spots suddenly opening up. If the ppl in positions higher than that aren’t changed, only the names will change NOT the practices! How can then wolf guard the hen house? How do you let those that reside on a cemetary administer discipline to the those that actually work and serve the community? Those on the dept that do the right things unfortunately get painted with a broad brush. Think of the danger it puts those in the field (worker bees) in! If you’re to ignorant to know that if/when you fail to assist that woman in accomplishing her most likely undeserved position or promotion, she WILL expose you! Afterall, she has nothing to lose. This woman must be a total babe though, she took down two actives captains, and a potential sheriff candidate. In sure female dps with a brain will suffer a set back due to this incident. If captains are retiring, there’s some validity o her claims…

  • Making her rounds? What does that mean? can you clarify that? What will be the icing on the cake is if the feds get such compelling info (and they will) that they go Ricoh statute. And oh my it’s after january 1st. Lacera will have a pot full of unspent money

  • #15 Brown Eye – Although WLA doesn’t enforcement it unless it fits their anti-LASD agenda the rule for this page is:

    1. No Making broad-strokes, unsubstantiated, borderline libelous statements.

    You have no business giving the names of someone involved in illegally raising someone’s score to get promoted unless you have proof. Even if you couldn’t get promoted that doesn’t mean others cheated.

    No one but a few racist individuals called the people in question “Black Ops”. There is nothing affectionate about the term unless you and your buddies are swapping stories at a Klan meeting.

    And if you are going to call out every name who has slept around with the “victims” , don’t forget to include your boy Commander O. He had many Baker to Vegas prostitute forays on the county dime. Of course that was prior to reforming and seeing all the evil that “others” did.

    I do agree with you on thing. The majority of people posting are whiners.

  • Blind Eye No More’s post got them all in the ten ring. Recent revelations of captain-level indiscretions only solidify the reality that the LASD power structure and culture has morphed into deep corruption. Vilifying the victim distracts from the tragic core issue — personal and professional integrity is not rewarded but loyalty is. Anyone who has been around LASD a couple of decades is wise to the mafia-like, thug management style of Baca and Tanaka. So many people with checkered pasts have been hop-scotched up the ladder to positions exceeding their experience and abilities because they are willing to do whatever the top goons want done (Move an inmate around to hide them from the FBI? Fix a traffic citation for a Sheriiff’s campaign contributor? Walk the precincts in Gardena or write a check for the campaign? Narrow the focus on an administrative investigation to protect a loyalist or even an executive? – No problem Boss. We’re on it!)

    A test of how arrogant Tanaka and Baca still are will be to see their picks for replacements of these recently retired/resigned captains. Will people with no substantial experience be promoted to captain; say people who have less than ten or twenty shifts as a station watch commander, or those who have been transferred to coveted positions prior to finishing their probationary period? Or will the individuals promoted be people with vast experience at each prior rank, and most importantly, demonstrated ability, integrity and ethics, without affiliation to ethnic or secretive and closed associations? Unfortunately, loyalty will be the key factor utilized in determining who will get the bump. Watch, and you will see over the course of the next few weeks. Either long-time Tanaka loyalist or Rhambo Mafioso will be elevated to captain, commander and chief positions.

  • @Getting Close – even if the victim has made the rounds, that does not justify the actions of those in power. The bottom line is deal with issues of misconduct. Is the victim has committed a crime then appropriate punishment should be imposed. If the Captains have violated laws, ethics and/or the core values of the department that should be dealt with also. All parties in this case should be considered innocent until proven guilty and all should be punished if there was any wrongdoing.

  • Dr. Ronda is it?, unless you are new to the workforce, people often make the rounds to move up the ladder without merit. Therefore, in my opinion, he/she should have no beef. The things done by the victim, if consensual, are all on him/her. Now if one of those Command Staff goofs coerced him/her to do something, different story. But of course, he/she is going to say that it was not consensual. In my opinion, many Command staff positions are useless. They benefit no one. Especially at the Operations level. A Sergeant does the Lieutenants job, a Lieutenants does the Captains Job etc etc. save some money, eliminate useless Command staff members and put that money back on the line where the backbone of our Department works. Been a Field Deputy for almost 30 years, never taken a Sergeants tests and damn proud of it.

  • Just had to check in and say this web site and the technogly that allows us to communicate freely and in real time is awesome! I have no doubt this kind of abuse of power/ croniesim / corruption ect. has been going on since the beginning of this department. Only thing is ,back in the day you just heard rumors, now the information is out almost immediately. You bet the crooks don’t like it, no one likes getting caught.

  • These are just  the names of sheriff department staff that have ended up in the press due to serious acts of misconduct over the last 24 months. Some have been convicted and fired. For anyone  on the fourth floor who thing this department is not in trouble wake up and smell the coffee.  Commander David Waters , Captains  Cruz, Abram, Ward, Stephen,and  Donahue, Lt. Thompson,  Sgt.  Fitzpatrick, Flamm, Cooper, Gonzalez, Bryant,   Former and current Deputies Felix, D.  McClean, Michel, Marin, Alexander, DiGiovanni ,Perallon, K.Jones,  J. Jackson, J. Gonzalez, Myers, McClain, M. Titel,  Richards,M.  Aguilar,Vonkleist,  Gamez, and too many more. 

    The best thing that could happen is a federal consent decree,so the organization can be cleaned out from top to bottom, and the good work of those who are ethical can shine and help rebuild this agency. 2014 is coming Leroy and you continue give the people of Los Angeles great reasons not to elect you.

  • What a mess – You named about 25 people out of an 18,000 person organization. Plus, many of the named people were not found guilty of anything. That is an extremely low percentage of employees. “Loving Tec” hit it on the head. We just hear more about it now. That is the same with society in general. We have no more problems than any similar sized agency. More people point it out because the Sheriff is elected and many people hope to get promoted by pushing for one of their favorites to be the Sheriff.

    We are fortunate to be out from under the Sherman Block Federal Court discrimination decree. After years of Baca reversing the sexism and racism of the Block years, we can now administer our own promotion tests without court oversight. Despite what the sky is falling, why didn’t I get promoted crowd, tell you, we are no where near getting slapped with another federal decree. Hard working street cops will continue to do their jobs admirably while the politicians jockey for their piece of gold. This will all disappear after the election next year.

  • Word today is that Stephen was transferred to Custody Division Headquarters, not resigned…

  • Blind Eye, if your statements are correct about the captain, that information should be passed directly to the Times and to Celeste at WLA. The ONLY way the brass faces any consequences for their stupid, unethical and criminal conduct is when the media makes it an issue. Then and only then will Baca’s hand be forced.

    That money was donated for B2V, not for hookers, booze and gambling. This person should be exposed, investigated and dealt with. But sadly he/she is displaying the values exhibited by the Cigar Club crowd and the 4th Floor. They were allowed to set that example and standard years ago while Baca turned his head away and smiled. This crap has got to end. Sheriff Baca and so many other executives have disgraced us time and time again. I have not spent over thirty-plus years of my life to watch LASD become the laughing stock of law enforcement and the embarrassing cesspool of corruption it now is. There are too many of us who feel the same way, who are honest and proud of the LASD we joined years ago, not what it has become under the direction of Baca and Tanaka. How can these guys look at themselves in the mirror? THIS CRAP HAS GOT TO END. EXPOSE THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE AND WHO THE ARE.

  • Captain Stephen lacks ethics, honor, morals and integrity. He deserves to be demoted immediately if only half the facts of these allegations are realized. His poor spouse finding out about his indiscretions this way. She deserves better then this. Shame on you Captain Stephen. You should apologize to your wife, your parents, your staff, the Sheriff, the citizens within the communities you serve and most importantly, GOD. Don’t waste the energy looking to protect your image, or denying this to be anything but the truth, everybody who really knows you, knows all of this is true. [WLA edit]. You think you deserve to be a captain? The fact you have not publicly admitted your moral flaws, reflects on our character. Your caught, plead guilty and move on. Save everyone the grief of being embarrassed by you any further.

  • Who cares what block did or didn’t do… I don’t care if he was the biggest crook in the world, it doesent excuse any of the current administrations actions, technology just gives us a way to turn over the rocks and see what’s crawling underneath.

  • Considering the fact we are a law enforcement agency  our personnel is suppose to held to the highest standards of the 100,000 plus County of Los Angeles employees one arrest is  one too many.  We are suppose to  uphold the law and not break it.   Yes,   keep telling the kool aid drinkers it’s just a bunch of unhappy employees making trouble. I guess they made up all these D.A. Press releases too (in which most were found guilty) or pleaded guilty.)  No problems here, keep moving along, nothing to see here Feds.

    Miguel Aguilar and Derek  Vonkleist

    Jermaine  W. Jackson

    Ousama Karawia

    Francisco Gamez II

    Kenneth Alexander

    Francisco Enriguez

    Bonnie Bryant III

     Mark Fitzpatrick

    Robert McClain

    Henry Marin

    Manuel Enrique Perallon Jr

    Judith Gonzalez and Adrienne Myers

    Joshua Titel and Brian Richards

  • The numbers are academy numbers are interesting now that the Bouman decree was completed in June 2012. It’s hard to get good female recruits.
    Academy Class 383 April 2011
    Hiring Freeze? Not for some.1 male deputy
    Academy Class 384  Aug. 2011
    Hiring freeze LASD. No LASD in academy class
     Academy Class 385 Dec. 2011
      27 female deputies   26 male deputies
    Academy Class 386 March  2012
     27 female deputies   26 male deputies
    Academy Class 387 May 2012
    15 female deputies 51 male deputies 
    Academy Class 388 Aug. 2012
    12 female deputies 50 male deputies 
    Academy Class 389 Aug. 2012 C.O.C. Academy North 
     14   female deputies  61 male deputies 
    Academy Class 390 Oct. 2012
    16 female deputies  39 male deputies
    Academy Class 391 Jan. 2013
    100 recruits at start.  In session
    Academy Class392 Feb. 2013 C.O.C. Academy North 
    67 recruits  at start. In session
     Academy Class 393  March 2013 
    150 recruits  at start. In session  
     Academy Class 394 
     Starting in Feb. 2013 currently recruiting 
    Academy Class 395 C.O.C. Academy North
    Starting  in April 2013 currently recruiting 

  • Balance and Veritas, you guys are predictable. Professional pooh-poohers, you are showing your loyalty to the status quo, nothing more. Since you like to throw around numbers, care to mention the FIFTY TWO deputies and CA’s who were fired/resigned/filed on over the last four years because of dope allegations?

    Seems to me that after Arco-Narco, you could count on one hand the number of deputies busted for slinging dope. What’s that a thousand percent increase in cops gone bad? We have five captains rolled up, five captains suing, and a whole bunch of nervous Nellies with stars on their collars.

    No worries, everything is A-OK in your perfect little world.

    Standby, there will be fun and games coming up….

  • #32 Clean House – Good point. We should monitor female and minority hiring closely. We can’t go back to the Sherman Block days of department wide sexism and racism. We will get another Block Federal Consent Decree and be under federal court supervision again. Baca moved us away from those discriminatory past policies and should know not to let it happen again.

  • So, what’s the story with Joe Stephen? Did he resign/retire as stated or just transfered to Custody like mentioned?

  • #29. It is inappropriate for that kind of character assasination. Unless you have first hand knowledge of specific behavior, you need to realize any person who wears a uniform is a target for impropriety from the opposite sex, or in California, possibly the same sex.

    If two consenting people want to ruin their vows, get a piece and move on, what business it is of yours? Perhaps you should check your spouses e-mails and texts to make sure all is good at the homefront.

  • JB: That is NOT true! Baca was a named defendant in the Bouman case and voted along with all the other members of EPC during the initial and mid phases of the Bouman case. In fact(and I know) Baca hindered the hiring by not doing what was right! But, for argument sake let’s say that Baca moved us away from sexism and racism (which is not true) then why did the county payout 625K to a female deputy and there was NO IAB investigation because of Baca? Baca is a lying politician and we have the right to speak out against him and voice our displeasure! Do your homework before you drink more kool-aid! To prove my point; do you believe that Baca and Tanaka told the truth during the Jail Commission Investigation?

  • London – Come out of retirement and go to patrol station. Deputies currently look like the community they serve. When Block was here they all looked like Richard Nixon’s inner circle. This change occurred under the Baca administration. There is no denying that. Look at academy graduation photos when Block was Sheriff and compare them to today. You couldn’t find a female or person of color in the Block days.

  • I went to patrol in 1974 and during my 15 years in patrol we had numerous females, black and Hispanic males at my station.. Off the top of my head I can recall 7 black Deps, 3 of which were woman at the same time… We had at least 10 Hispanic Deps at the station…This included the years when Block was Sheriff..

  • JB, seriously. Are you saying deputies at west hollywood are gay? Are you saying deputies working lawndale, palmdale, etc are white trash? Or do you want to say that the department has gone well overboard to hire mostly minorities and females (seems the last few years have ben the most troublesome for qualities)to appease the virtual morons who allow this crap?

    Where I live it is about 97% white and Jewish. Do I care whether a black deputy patrols my city? Hell no! Don’t tell me we are hiring to mirror our community. Not my community. I look past color and look at the person. You obviously have a different view.

    If you believe your position, I would vote to eliminate white hiring, and endorse black, hispanic, Indian, Phillipino, Chinese, Japanese, etc, etc. And look for the big push by Baca to hire middle eastern to match Rowland Heights and other huge pockets.

  • Roy – I am sure some of your best friends are black. Read the LASD year in reviews before you make a fool of yourself. They are on the department web page and give a breakdown of department personnel. The department wasn’t even remotely as diverse as now. Who cares if you remember a few women and people of color in the 1970’s. Did you forget the Federal law suit and consent decree against Block? He said women were too weak to work patrol. The federal courts took over our whole testing process until a few months ago because of it. I guess the federal judge forget to check with regarding who worked at your station.


    I’ve learned through past experience that these discussions about the racial and gender make-up of the department—past and present—have a way of going off the rails. And this thread appears to be headed in a less than ideal direction.

    So, please let’s take the topic elsewhere.



  • JB, and I’ll try to keep this sensitive to all so as not to take the topic elsewhere, but the Department was not as diverse with Roy’s time or mine. Also, the U.S. wasn’t as diverse either but look at it now.

    As my dad always told me ” you get what you pay for and when you cut the corner your hands will bleed”.

    I don’t care who works the streets, but I refuse to accept employees with thick accents, speaking other languages in the workplace, slap hands, have diversity in their Christmas parties etc. So, in this thread, I’m done with sensitivity, worrying about who’s feelings are hurt, etc. is pathetic, really pathetic.

    I won’t go further out of respect, but I am clueless of that meaning to express our feelings for the good of the end and of an organization.

  • Here’s the Bottom Line. Don’t sleep with a subordinate no matter if you directly supervise them or not!!!! When they get in trouble it provides them with the chance to deflect what they did and make a deal. The department will reduce their discipline or make the case go away every single time to save paying out. When will these upper echelon sycophants learn this?

  • And in defense of Block, his reference to women in patrol is far more reaching than your shallow accusation. Additionally, I’ve never worked out with a female who can bench press 285. Not wrong, they just aren’t built the same.

    I wouldn’t expect my wife to physically do what I can do. God made us different in our ways and I’m good with that. Sherman was too, you just didn’t know him.

  • Capt. Joseph Stephen of the Malibu station confirmed that he was one of the targets of the probe and had been questioned by investigators Friday. He denied any wrongdoing. Also being investigated are retired Chief Ronnie Williams and Capt. Anthony Ward, who was heading up the auto-theft unit until he recently retired, according to four sources. Williams denied any wrongdoing, and Ward could not be reached for comment.

    Your thoughts?

  • #36, It is obvious that I have first hand knowledge or I would not waste my time stating my opinion. I’ve watch so many of my husbands peers destroy their marriages because of the poor judgement and adultery. But most importantly non of them were executives, with five contract cities to answer for. They destroyed their families not the reputation of an entire Sheriff’s Station. Grow a brain #36.

  • If you ever listened to Doctor Laura, she will explain why men stray from their spouses. If you don’t listen to her, I suggest getting her book, The proper care and feeding of your husband (similar title).

    It may be quite an eye opener. Just because you tie the knot, does not give either side the right to withold, ridicule, demean or any other manners inconsistent with a healthy marriage.

    Sometimes it’s easier to cohabitate, get some ocassionally and continue to provide for the family, less the drama. Not my feelings, just an opinion. You really need to expand your focal point.

  • @ Spouse of a Deputy………..stay off this blog regarding this Dr. Laura. Don’t embarrass yourself or your spouse by typing on this site.

  • #36 says

    “If two consenting people want to ruin their vows, get a piece and move on, what business it is of yours?”

    Here’s why #36.
    Because this shit hits the papers and is a disgrace to the LASD, that’s why. And why does it disgrace the LASD?

    1. Because IF she’s telling the truth about being “coerced” into the sex, it means there is a retired Chief and two Captains who were active duty at the time committing at the least grossly negligent policy violations, at the worst, rape.

    2. Because IF she is lying, it means she was trying to screw her way to the top, or to try and get lenience for if or when she screws up, which she has, so it will be swept under the rug if she made her allegations.

    3. Because it shows that a retired Chief and two active Captains from the LASD weren’t able to be smart enough to foresee the above and have the self control to keep from letting their little heads overrule their big heads, when it could most likely lead to the LASD being embarrassed. Which it has.

    #36, that’s why I would be ambarrassed if I was an LASD member. Because it’s now public knowledge that some higher ups in the LASD have no more self control than a bunch of Animal House frat boys. These guys were supposed to be leaders of the LASD. Instead their conduct has embarrassed the organization.

    If you disagree, then why are they resigning, denying, being transferred or whatever else? They screwed up and they know it!

  • #32…..I’m sure if you look deeper into the numbers for those recent academy classes you’ll see a large number (male and female) of those recruits were either related to or “vouched” for in some way by someone on the department (i.e, family, friends, etc).

    No matter how many gains the department thinks it has mad with respect to being “fair, equitable and balanced” with regards to hiring, promotion and so forth there is no way to control human nature. People are going to look out for those people who look, talk and share similiar backgrounds, family members, live in the same neighborhood, go to the same church or whatever commonality of subjective “guality” they may share or value….regretably it’s just human nature.

    There will continue to be “bad apples” on this department and within any large organization….not way around it. I struggle with the hypocrisy but continue to struggle and resign myself to the fact….”it is what it is”..

  • Well the way I see all the holier than now people, let’s put it in perspective. Where was the outcry when Bill Clinton was getting hummers in the White House, the same house my tax dollars paid for.

    We are talking insignificant people in a rank structure of an organization that no one gives a rats ass of the internal dirt going on.

    seriously, if this was such a big deal, the DA would be involved, Stephen would have been ROD’d and CNN would be breaking in to their regularly scheduled programming.

    Let’s talk about tailhook, or the cream of the crop at the air force academy who were gang raping women.

    Instead we are talking about silliness with GED’s and 18 weeks of classroom time, they call an academy. Ya get what ya pay for Go LASD and don’t forget LASD2 whatver that meant

  • FTF, this is a lot bigger than it initially appeared. Courtesy of the Policy of Equality (or inequality, depending on your point of view)there are some nervous executives who wish they had done something (reporting) and failed to. These are not just the reported names so far. There is also the matter of some videotape and still photos that will make CNN if revealed. Be careful what you ask for!

    The sex scandals don’t end there. Four DI’s from the academy have been reassigned while they investigate hanky panky between recruits and staff, who knows what comes out of that one. How long has that been going on is the big question, and the department could face more damage.

    The two scandals point to one more failure under Baca: a culture of anything goes, no respect for the rule of law, and might makes right. Perhaps all the participants are consenting adults, but due to the enormous influence these players can exert on employment decisions, the department is liable for their conduct. Unfortunately for the many honorable women who believe in hard work as the path to success, there are the occasional Mary Rotten-Crotches whose ambition is to sleep to the top.

    Imagine that, we actually need supervisors, managers, and executives with qualifications, not cigar coins!

  • Well then FTF, who gives a flying F about any of this? For that matter, who cares about all the other policy violations you’ve been so vehemently posting about for the last year?
    It’s newsworthy. That’s why it’s in the news-paper.

  • LATBG, you are absolutely correct, this ALL points to a culture of corruption. Corruption comes in many forms, illegal activities, bribes, kick-backs, test score alterations, cigar club mentality, pay for play, sex for promotion, and even down to an “administrative culture of corruption,” for lack of a better term. They mindset that the rules applies to others, not to the chosen few is alive and well. Rules that microscopically applied to those not in favor of the little man and directed to be covered up and ignored by the same is still alive and well too. Yes, LASD, under the leadership of Baca, Tanaka, Waldie and others, current and retired members of the executive staff, the culture of administrative corruption has spiraled completely out of control.

    I’m not the moral police. We are all adults and if an adult has an affair I am not one to judge, that is their decision and they must live with it. But rather, I do have an issue, a very big issue when an executive, married or single, has a sexual liaison with another, married or single, and because of that relationship, the person benefits by position, promotion and opportunities that otherwise would not be offered to that person, I have a REAL problem with it. And that IS the issue we are speaking of, and there is that culture. It is ramped within LASD, out of control and it starts at the executive level and THAT is where the culture is fed and grows, how it is perpetuated. Is is an accepted culture of those in the club and has been for years.

    A little executive with a sordid history of affairs, some mixed with domestic violence (by legal definition) and they have just about all benefited by promotion and assignments. A recently retired executive had a long term affair with a station secretary who suddenly is elevated to a position was invented. It never existed before and then it was shoved down everyone’s throat, “I am to be looked upon as if I am an Operations Sergeant,” (and by the way, all I have to do is pick up the phone and make a call, understand?) (And phone calls she did, dozens of times a day with dimes dropped just because she could). Another of his close friends who is suddenly a captain and is about as least qualified as they come with a very long history of incompetence. Another executive liaison that results in one suddenly thrusted into the rank of commander, despite a history of managerial failure. A once low level supervisor who had a relationship with a retired major executive elevated and elevated and elevated. Academy Staff members “selecting and targeting” their prey on Black Monday. Predatorily influencing and manipulating their prey to meet their sexual desires and “helping” the same with tests and performance standards when needed. This is all an example of the culture of administrative corruption.

    Why did Stephen, Ward and others “allegedly” become involved in this situation? Because they are a part of the culture of LASD. They thought it was acceptable, they were in the car and nothing would happen other than a high-five. #55, if your mention of evidence does in fact exist, I hope it is exposed. If all that is said about the Stephen/Ward affair is true, regardless of this woman’s background, intention and lack of morals, she will own LASD. The case will be somewhat quietly settled for a large amount of money and brushed under the rug. Those involved in the culture of administrative corruption have no conscious nor fear of reprisal because, “everyone’s doing it.” And those of high rank don’t want their skeletons exposed, and some of those bones they are still humping. I hope what is yet to be reported about the Stephen/Ward affair, is brought to the surface for all to learn, quickly.

    Who failed us all of these years? Who allowed this culture to fester and grow? Who brought his own questionable culture to the table? Who was too busy to pay attention to what was going on right under his nose? Who would not listen to those who tried valiantly, to tell him what was going on and who was doing it? Who turned his back on us from day one because he was seeking higher office and hundreds suffered at the hands of little evil people? Who to this very day is in denial? Yes friends, the culture of corruption within LASD is alive and well because it has been accepted and now expected. Just another chapter in all of this ugly mess and the ONLY disinfectant will be, complete exposure. Daylight, not darkness where it thrives. WLA and Times, keep doing what you have with factual reporting. It will bring out the ugliness of years of abuse, but in the end, good will come from it.

  • Gate keeper. Do you know who failed us? The line personnel who either knew and didn’t give a crap, and everyone else who wouldn’t stand up cuz they were afraid they wouldn’t get their little stripes or their bars.

    Any organization who has employees mass together and do a press release or go outside of the Department to complain will curtail this shit.

    It’s been said all along, Tanaka controls IA, ICIB, Oversight group etc. Why do you think it get’s quashed? Screw LASD loyalty. Get an attorney get many personnel to join for one good cause, and wow, what a change we would see. This is the problem now, tomm. and down the rode until once again a federal judge squeezes the nuts of the organization.

  • Why can’t the accuser be named? Is that really fair? Tarnish the reputation of these family and career men, and the accuser gets to hide. I was once married to a deputy.These so called women go out of their way to assist in destroying marriages, families and homes. I was the innocent party. I was only guilty of marrying a man who used his gun and badge as his personality to attract women. It finally worked for him. He got the trampiest one he could find and even knowing that she was engaged in sexual activities with other married men, married her anyway….not too bright…but then again, I don’t think the Sheriffs hiring standard are too high. I think you only need to know how to have sex in patrol cars

  • It’s so funny that a journalist has to mom and babysit grown-ass lawmen and monitor their playpen to make sure they don’t hurt anyone. ‘Where’s my post?’ ‘Did you filter me?’ ‘But I want to slander someone nowwwwwwwwww!’ (ala Veruca Salt). Tons of credit to Celeste for keeping your cool; I’d have about lost it by now.

  • If people would “lose it” over a posting, my goodness, what has happened with citizen contacts in the field when they are challenged a bit. Chilling

  • You all think its bad,just wait, wehave some maywood rejects, I mean “finest” in house.
    Stay tuned …

  • Why is the “victim” remaining nameless? Her name should also be out there. And all of a sudden she wants to throw all the men she slept with under the bus? Coercion? I highly doubt that. Sleeping with all the brass must have not done that much good if she’s still at a deputy level. This is all to deflect the charges against her. She has caused a huge Chaos amongst LASD. If 2 consenting adults decide they want to sleep together well then more power too them. Just dont claim sexual misconduct or coercion. And most of all if your ship is sinking dont take the rest down with you. Loose lips sink ships!

  • From what I understand, her pending criminal case is 100% irrelevant to the LASD sexual misconduct allegations she has made. So the DA prosecuting her criminal case most likely will care less about all of this and will proceed with her prosecution as they should. That caper is an interesting story in itself.

    Now as far as what she is alleging regarding Stephen/Ward/Williams, the facts will have to come forward for any of us to make an informed assessment. The fact that two captains suddenly resigned as a result of these allegations raises an eyebrow. I have heard a number of other names (of rank) alleged to be involved in all of this in one form or another. Now this will truly make for an interesting read. But trust me, there will be some serious taxpayer money bouncing around to “settle” this at some point from the POE perspective. One thing for sure, no one can throw down the race card on this caper and that just warms my heart. Let the truth be told.

  • #69. Your right, one thing for sure is the truth will be revealed. Not just for this recent one, but there are many other out there right now that have not even hit the news yet.

    The department is in one HUGE mess. How tragic….

  • #69…You have more faith in the DA’s office than I do when it comes to how they handle invstigations and subsequent prosecutions of law enforcement members…especially those with direct or indirect connections to higher-ups. As in the case of Dep. McClain and Capt. Abrahams, they (DA’s office)is often “unable to find proof to substantiate the allegations” even when there are admissions of wrongdoing provided by the involved partys. This gives the office the out…..”unable to prosecute due to lack of evidence” and allows them to save face for the agency involved while not appearing to show bias in the eyes of the public.

    I’ll believe change is gonna come when……hmmmm…..

  • Correction…not McClain…..Dep. McClean…..The McClain case was an instance when the facts where the facts, the crime egregious and no way to bury it…..

  • #71. True re D.A. office especially the caper from a certain supervisor. It is more and more apparent what the dept will do to cover things up.

  •  McLean admitted in an interview with  I.A.B. that she had smuggled heroin into North County. Her boyfriend (who provide the drugs) was an ex inmate she met while working there. She was later fired by the department.  # 67 the  concerns with the Maywood officers, as well as the concerns with drugs smuggling and fraternization  were brought up in the last O.I.R. Report.

  • #74, thanks for the link. I actually read through the discharges and couldn’t believe some of crap these sworn losers committed.

    I must say, the deputy who was duece and was tased by out of state law enforcement should have had the living crap beat out of him. His LASD arrogance and tarnishing of the badge should have resulted in a trauma center booking with all his teeth knocked out. What a piece of crap.

    But as with Maywood hirings, and quotas, how could anyone expect differently?

  • You guys bust me up. I drop by this site every once in a while to see what’s up. Nothing changes. Anyone who would wish for another federal intervention (like Bouman) is a bit crazed. They feds can’t even run the country. If you put boys and girls together, somebody is going to get naked. That’s the nature of it. Women gravitate toward power. Don’t need Dr. Laura to tell me that, and don’t think she’s qualified. This whole issue of racism and sexism during Sheriff Block reign is poppycock. The department reflected the nation at large. Yeah we have some poor cops on the department today but we had them then. We are more than twice as large. I retired but am still proud of my service. Those in charge are in charge, suck it up. If you can’t exist with them in the pilot’s seat, bail out. Or find an area or job where you can deal with the shortfalls when they invade your kingdom. I did. Before you know it 29 or 30 years has passed and its time to go. You guys and girls be safe out there if you’re still at it.

  • Mr. Stites, your posting, although your opinion and you are certainly entitled to it, shows you yourself are in denial. For you as the former President of PPOA to say “Those in charge are in charge, suck it up. If you can’t exist with them in the pilot’s seat, bail out,” is absolutely insulting and a slap in the face of every supervisor and manager within LASD who were severely punished by Tanaka and his henchmen for simply doing their jobs. You sat back and did absolutely nothing for your membership as they were one-by-one, lead to the proverbial gallows because they would not allow rouge deputies, sergeants and lieutenants have their way and engage in conduct that has once again become front page LA Times news and the target of an FBI investigation.

    The wonderful award winning and in-depth investigative reporting provided by Witness LA exposed time and time again the horrible, unethical conduct by LASD’s top executives where the cover-up up misconduct was encouraged. Just review all of the past and on-going scandals of LASD, one can’t keep up with it anymore. Anyone of rank who attempted to stop any of this, such as Commander Olmsted and many, many others, suffered at the direction of Tanaka while Baca walked in his garden and spoke to the birds. All of this was done right under YOUR nose and you did nothing, nothing at all but sit in your PPOA office and count off the days until you retired. You had a forum where you could have gone privately to Baca and publicly to the world to expose this horrible treatment of “your membership,” and you did none of it. LAPD PPL would never have stood by and allowed this to happen. But you never missed a photo-op with any politician you could cozy up to and then plastered those pictures in the PPOA magazine.

    Hoping for “another federal intervention is a bit crazed?” Oh really? Without the eventual intervention of a Federal Court Decree, do you think anything will ever change within LASD as long as Baca is the Sheriff? Good God man, have you no shame? Tanaka elevated to the rank of Undersheriff, the Cigar Club alive and well, promotions and job assignments still controlled by the little man, good supervisors and managers afraid to do their job because they too will be moved to the cornfields of nowhere, Cavanaugh blamed for everything in Custody Division and basically fired by Baca when in reality he had absolutely no control of his own Divisions, and you say, “Suck it up?” Much of our problems happened under your watch and you did nothing, nothing at all. You sir, have no right to insult good people who tried to do their job and only suffered for doing so, by telling them to suck it up. Your message is absolutely despicable, “find a job where you can deal with the shortfalls when they invade your kingdom, I did.” Wow, what a profound statement and a revealing one of your work ethic. Enjoy your retirement while your former “membership” continue to suffer. What is the old saying, “All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing?” Well Mr. Stites, your silence was deafening.

  • EDITOR’S NOTE: WLA’s email is being worked on right now, due to a vexing tech issue, so if any of you have comments that haven’t gotten through, hang in and all should be well shortly.

    The problem is at my end, not yours.



    Okay, I think I’ve cleared all the comments. (Plus I checked the SPAM cache for the last 24 hours, and saw nothing that wasn’t either written in Russian, or involved cheap places to buy UGG boots and/or pharmaceuticals, et al.) So if anyone’s missing something, either repost it or shoot me an email telling me approximately when you tried to post the comment.

    The perils of a technocracy.

    Happy Tuesday!


  • C: I sent you an email that was about a page and one-half. I wanted you to filter it and see if it was OK to post.

  • #78. Good Job Gate. He obviously wants us to be cowards and not stand up for ourselves. Stites sounds like the type that would stand by and do nothing. He must have been in the car….

  • C – thank you for all your patience!

    Gate Keeper – you are spot on!

    Mr Stites – I remember when you were president of POPA, and you sold my interests to the LASD Undersheriff, then went for lunch.

    “All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing?” …your silence is still deafening.

  • To the Gatekeeper: From what I remember John Stites was a very “stand up” Sgt and very solid at POPA. Of course I worked with him in Lynwood and you probably never patrolled anywhere South of Burbank! Oh, sorry I’m sure you did have to roll at one point in April of 1992 to the South Los Angeles area, but only stayed for a couple of days with your “flex cuffs.” Get off your “high horse” you sound like an idiot!

  • Gate- Spot on,,, Mr Stites, what your immaturity tells us you fail to realize, is that the 3 high ranking Sychophants have now made the employee 6 figures richer. It now DOES NOT matter what her past conduct may have included, It won’t matter if her actions were felonious, if her abilities were sub-par or anything else for that matter. All that matters now is that 3 guys couldn’t put professionalism, morals, their marriages, the department, or their careers in front of an orgasm. And you condone it!!!! Doesn’t say very much for you as a Sgt., the president of POPA, a man or a retiree. Celeste, is that better? Lol

  • Grow up Gate Keeper….. You mention you worked Lynwood with Stites and that GateKeeper never worked south of Burbank. Just wondering why? Does where a man worked prevent him from making valid points on others lack of morals or common sense? Does where a man worked prevent him from questioning the utter lack of Core Values from our leadership, and the condoning of said leadership by a former president of the very association that is synonymous with the leaders on the department? just curious why you guys always mention Lynwood as if it gives you some elevated level of credibility. Ive had lockers at FPK/CEN/LYN and WHD and have been on 27 years. Do I have more credibility with you or anybody else???? Nope…. See it doesn’t work so get over yourself and your ghetto bullshit. Come up with an articulate comeback with some facts. That, not where you worked, will get you credibility

  • #90, I wasn’t going to waste my time with a response to #88 until you brought up an adult point, what difference does it make where a person has worked. In this thread of posting, it has absolutely no relevancy at all. But what junior did in his posting (#88) is right out of the Viking/Regulators/2000-3000 Boys et. al. handbook of conduct; personal attacks, start false rumors, deflect substantive questions about relevant issues, more personal attacks, more rumors, “I heard…” and never man-up and debate an issue like an adult. Snake around like a 13 year old bully, whisper lies and then make more personal attacks. And then when they get their ass handed to them, they really become bold, slash a tire, tag a bathroom wall, more personal attacks, start and perpetuate more rumors, show off their ink in the gym and try to convince themselves they are men but they know they are just bullies, more personal attacks, bla bla bla. Nothing changes.

    I posted a comment based on fact, not rhetoric, not conjecture but personal observations of specific incidents and conversations. I also responded to an immature and self-serving statement by Mr. Stites telling folks to “suck it up,” that I felt, needed to be responded to and that I did. Now I am off to a meeting and have work to do keeping my folks out of harms way. By the way junior, I was working what is now known as R-II patrol long before you were ever old enough to apply for LASD (not counting your Explorer time). As far as your reference to my response to the 92 riots and not working south of Burbank, been there, done that. Perhaps you junior, are the one that needs to grow up as you exposed to all that you have some real self-esteem and maturity issues. But I’m sure you’ve heard all of that before from your supervisors and read about it in your evaluations.

  • I will Translate for #89.

    “Hey, I worked the ghetto. That makes me tougher, smarter, more valuable and all around more bitchin than the rest of you guys who never worked the ghetto”.

    Here’s the sad thing. That’s the very attitude and arrogance that have fueled the fires for the LASD members who resent it and can’t wait for a little payback when they get a chance.
    Do you really think Paul Tanaka and some of his underlings would be going thru this if not simply for their attitude and often demonstrated lack of respect toward some other LASD members? Of course not. They are pissed off, and now they are getting their opportunity to point out all the real or perceived problems with the LASD that they say is caused by Tanaka.
    If some of the guys who worked the ghetto treated others with a little more humility and respect, this family squabble and all it’s attendant bullshit wouldn’t be near as bad.
    Now the family squabble has been exploited way past what any of the totally bitchin guys ever expected. I hope lessons have been learned from this embarrassing clusterfuck.

  • It’s like they say if your not Reg II, then don’t bother. I don’t agree with everything negative that’s said about LASD and it’s Leadership, but what I do agree with is that it should not matter what Region you work or don’t. If some of these “Reg II, for lack of a better word, MORONS” where thrown into a real fire fight IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, or some other BATTLEGROUND where young men fought valiantly their true colors would probably show. That does not mean that to serve your country means your better, but the decision making and humility you learn from a real war would serve some of these guys good.

    Just to be clear I don’t think all of Reg II is like this, but there are some boys among men out there, and they know who they are, that lack that skill.


  • Veritas- Before making claims that Region 2 folks are “morons” and would cower under a “real fire fight”, why don’t you put your transfer in and push radio car in Region 2.

  • John Stites worked 150S earlies and was always pinching free coffee on Rosemead BLVD. Great talker, ans i had now issues with him, but when he got into PPopa, I moved my membership to Laspa

  • Gate keeper you were doing fine until you protected your Region II experience. You are respected for your posts and work, not necessarily your particular demographics.

    Region II has been a hotbed of corruption, problem deputies etc. Sort of like if you work with us you bettr act like us. From planting evidence at FPK, to multi west hollywood transfers etc. nothing has changed.

    Lynwood and FPK were great places to work, but if you want to do the right thing, ya better transfer to san dimas. The whole macho stoney boy mentality was a joke. No one cared how bitchen a deputy thought he was. Unfortunately, there are some command staff now that were stoney boys. All i will say is they could have done better, much better.

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^ That’s total bullshit^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    You are worse than the “If you aint worked the ghetto you’re a pussy” knuckleheads.

  • #97: It all started here, I think: Don’t forget to download the full story.

    1. The trainee went 918 & had to leave LASD.
    2. The roommate went into the DEA & led the Donald P. Scott raid; it can be Googled, same search words.

  • #99 Cognistator…..WOW, what a story!!! I have only got through half so far, but what I have read is real gripping!! Thanks for the link! I think this is a good read for everyone to take a look at!

  • Cognistator, great link. The reality of many years ago is that deputies who worked “ghetto stations” were more concerned about image and stats.

    Many months ago, [EDIT] touted his four franks in a night (felony arrests). It was all about numbers of felony arrests a month and if you revealed any misdemeanor hooks you were a pussy. That’s unless it was a gun which fell under the misdemeanor. In those days, it was numbers, not quality and we see that with some who sit in positions of management.

    Reports were mediocre, DA’s gave the deputies the benefit of the doubt, and if an allegation of a dope plant was made, it would be denied in the 1538 motion. No supervisor would ever have the juevos to initiate an IA after 10 independent complaints of dope planting by a cop. That’s the way it was.

    Things have changed. Deputies make arrests on calls, can’t articulate a reasonable cause arrest and call in sick after denied their time off request. But, they still work the “ghetto stations.”

  • #100: Please take note that the judge who tried the case, James G. Kolts, is the same judge who headed up the Kolts Commission that investigated the LASD in 1992 or thereabouts. Things to Google after you get done reading:

    1. Donald P. Scott.
    2. James G. Kolts
    3. The Kolts Commission

  • Great post Gate Keeper. 

    “Those in charge are in charge, suck it up. If you can’t exist with them in the pilot’s seat, bail out. Or find an area or job where you can deal with the shortfalls when they invade your kingdom.”

    It is unbelievable that  a former Sgt.  would  accept the shortfalls of the leaders of this department. This is the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Not a criminal enterprise in which members accept crime and have no  conscience. Look at the cases and money that has or will be payed out due  the “shortcoming” of those in charge.

    These are a few cases that has given the Feds some interesting material in their current investigation of the department. I ‘m glad that the men and women of this dept.  are  exposing the major flaws in leadership and not willing to accept the “shortcomings” of those in charge. Hopefully the voters in Los Angeles wake up in 2014 and those in charge won’t be for much longer. 

  • #102 Cognistator, I came on the department in 1987, I know about the “Kolts Commission”. However I will look into the other 2 you mention. Again, great link!!

  • Duh, Kolts Commission, James Kolts…..I will look into the last name mentioned….sorry for the brain fart.

  • It’s interesting to read these report that span over  a 20 period. 

    Kolts report link  July 1992

    O.I.R  Background  Investigation review link  Feb 2009

    Parc report May 2012

    CCJV  report Sept. 2012

  • However, look at all the cases that arose. With the Department having no oversight whatsoever for any of the upper level executives – which only serves to have the utimate effect of allowing them to get away with their well documented corrupt and bad deeds. Only the “Ronnie M. Williams” case seems to have its; own life at this point. There is much information, and great personal damage to the person who initially reported these bad actions = a.k.a. “whistleblower”. There is proven to be even greater damage to the reporting party, as whistleblower. Who knew the cost, for telling the truth.

    Looking for normalcy one day….

  • Number 105 how right you are about lawsuits to come. If Baca was a C.E.O. in private industry, he would have been fired long ago.  The cases of Voyer and Lyznick are disturbing. However, what about the recent string of deputies  Alexander,   Perallon, Denison being convicted of  having sex with minors.   I’m sure the case of Mark Fitzpatrick  will produce a big  payout to his victims.  Baca is to  asinine to realize he will go down as the worst Sheriff in LASD history. After reading and listening to the testimony of  Tanaka, he  would have been the first guy I would have shown the exit door. Baca’s loyalty isn’t to this Dept.  it’s to his political contributors and buddies. Running a Dept. that way  doesn’t  turn out very well. Just ask Mike Corona.

    Katherine Voyer v. COLA and Ronnie Williams 
    Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC 349 347

    Robert Lyznick v. County of Los Angeles 
    Los Angeles Superior Court Case No.  BC 393 936

  • #111, I worked for Voyer in Region 2 and liked her very much. Sad in what happened to her. Reading about Deputy Lynick’s situation is disturbing. God, I sure hope things get better.

  • #111 Sergeant Charles, aka Chuck Dery. Worked East La Station. After reading the article, it doesn’t surprise me.

  • Chuck’s behavior was well documented. Probably the reason the County settled the case. You also have the $ 211,000 jury award Sgt. Tera White rec. due to harassment by Lt. Patrick Valdez. . Voyer was a valuable member of the department. She was awarded a medal of valor. This woman cared about all those who worked with her and the public she served. Lt. Voyer, Sgt. White and Dep. Lyznick, and many others stood up for what is right.

  • Lt. Voyer still is a valuable member of the department and working at IRC.

    Most deputies all the way up to Sheriff Baca can say the Core Values when asked but Katherine lives them.

    A rising star on the department has the “integrity to do right and fight wrongs” and gets slammed by those same executives that supposedly live by the Core Values.

    I could go on and on about how Katherine has helped just IRC but has been passed over again and again for a promotion.

    Those who know her understand what I am saying and those that do not know her are missing out on a very special person.

  • Folks,

    After reading the last 119 Posts, (Why, i don’t know) all I have to say is…Quit crying, Quit throwing your brothers and sisters under the bus, You’re not going to change anything. Get back to work and do your job to the best of your ability that your paid to do. In short, Grow-Up and stop feeding Witnessla all this dirty laundry and falling into all the ‘fishwrap drama’ and fueling this site with our Department business.

    Be safe & always watch the hands.

  • Nice one Tommy, however, if we don’t have a place like this, you will end up in a dead end career due to retaliation by executives.

    I gotta hand it to Gloria Molina. On channel 7 she called Baca “the king” and slammed the upper execs for their lack of leadership. It pertained to an audit on response times in the un-incorporated areas. Good job Gloria, you rock.

    Tommy, I’d like to go back to work, but I retired and love my life. So it is kind of bizarre that you lamblast all the bloggers for being here, but your voyeristic behavior brings you here and reading it all. Welcome aboard chap! Looking forward to more of your candid posts.

  • #122. Right on. It is public business when questionable conduct of employees make the news and plastered all over the web…..Sigh.

  • Yes, Tactical  Tommy, we should just all be quiet and look the other way when something is wrong or ignore  our brothers and sisters when they  break the laws we have sworn to uphold.  Please…. That’s how corruption is fostered. Thankfully  people like Voyer and others have  spoken out and are mature enough not to  believe in the ridiculous  code of silence. Most of the information written about in these 119 post is public record due to investigations  or court cases.   The  actions of those  who engaged in  unethical  behavior are responsible for the information the LA Times, LA Weekly or Witness L.A. has provided to the public. The dirty laundry smells pretty bad and hopefully soon it will be washed by the Federal Dry cleaners!

  • This Ghetto Deputy mentality cracks me up. I did my time in R-II and enjoyed it but never called it “Ghetto”. Reason……I’ve seen REAL ghetto’s on the East Coast and around the world. Sorry Kids, there are no real Ghettos in LA so stop living in your little fantasy island. As far as Stites goes, good man. Slip of the keyboard but has my respect. Hope all is well John.

  • Getting back to the original story about Captain Stephen, I defiantly believe in innocent until proven guilty but does the public get their money back if it is proven that he is guilty? Because if the is guilty and he knows it, he is perjuring himself. If he is lying then he should not be allowed to be sitting at home getting his full pay, allowing an expensive investigation to go on and not have to compensate the public monetarily if found guilty.

  • #127, interesting question. Kind of like if a doctor, or a psychologist mis-diagnosed or failed to diagnose their patient, and something terrible happens to that patient as a result of their condition that the doctor should have diagnose and reported, and the state medical board or say the state board of psychology investigates, would that doctor have to pay for the investigation if they are ultimately found at fault for their failures in treating their vulnerable patient?

  • #129 – if a doctor or a psychologist willfully and intentionally committed an act that harmed others and willfully and intentionally perjured themselves, then yes they would have to compensate everyone involved and face criminal prosecution. They would loose their license and go to jail. They would be unable to work during such an investigation and not be able to work in the field depending on the type of crime. If the act was sexual in nature they would definitely not be allowed to work as they would have to report it to their insurance company who would immediately cancel them with even an accusation of sexual misconduct. Now, if an act was not intentional in nature and not willful that would be different. We are not talking about simple mistakes here, we are talking about the possibility of a cover up of a willful and intentional act. I also am not suggesting that he should not get paid while the investigation is ongoing because he is innocent until proven guilty but I am saying if he knows that the accusations are true and he is lying to cover it up, then he should have to pay back all the money he would not have been paid if he were not lying. Does that make sense?


    The above link cracks me up. The study says California is growing slower than expected. Gee, could it be that the smart people with money and flexibility are (and predominately white) leaving this toilet state so they can enjoy quality of life, lower taxes and be able to hear people around them in one language?

    Didn’t take a multi-dollar study to get that one.

  • Doc, interesting link, and a horrible crime against and elderly victim. Now bringing it back to what is alleged in this post, if it turns out that this was just consenting adults being naughty, and suddenly turned into cry of rape because the young adult woman got into some trouble of her own and completely unrelated with her personal exploits with the men named, then I don’t see how someone should loose their entire career and professional reputation behind this relationship. We’ve seen many current day incidents of young 20 something year old women that just get a little wild and crazy sometimes. Wouldn’t you agree Doc?

  • Curious – I would agree that if the alleged act was not against policy or law then I do not believe that a career should be lost. However, if there was a violation of policy and in addition to that violation perjury was committed then he should loose his job and have to pay restitution. I did not read that she said she was raped and do not believe that he was accused of rape in the legal sense. I am certainly willing to wait for the results of the investigation. As we both no there is probable more to this story that meets the eye on the part of both parties.

  • Spot on in everything you said, gatekeeper.

    I am retired now, but worked assignments from Mira Loma to Lennox and parts in between. I was also fortunate to work an assignment with members of several other agencies. i was privy to discussions with members of the command staffs of many agencies. I NEVER saw or perceived the decadence which ith exists within lASD . morality and integrity seem to be principals of times past, . And k

  • #15 if your allegations about a certain captain using booster club money to secure the services of a prostitute, having his watch stolen and using this money for bottle service in Las Vegas was in reference to Captain Stephen – the booster club is denying that this occurred with regard to Captain Stephen. Funny thing is I have heard this from so many sources (in law enforcement)guess this was just an unfounded rumor – I must offer my apologies to Captain Stephen – I will contact him ASAP.

  • Why are adult women always the victim? How can a man have a affair without a consenting woman. It takes 2 to tangle. has anybody not read about king David, Samson, Adam and Eve and Jazabell. Come on guys women have seducing spirits. When men fall under a woman`s spell the man loses his mind and everything else. The women can gain from it. This is a perfect example. she will receive county money from a large law suit, but Joe will lose his reputation and maybe his marriage. She is just as quilty. Women are always throwing themselves at deputies. Women see the badge and think to themselves; Health care, good salary,and good retirement.They will try to destroy the deputie`s marriage and family. It`s the other woman who destroys marriages and Careers ie, Presidents, captains and others. Give the man a break.

  • This is nothing new. I heard Sheriff block had a mistress
    his secretary and so did most of all the brass ask Waldie
    All men of power have 924s it just that the women of that
    time never dimed them off. They kept it confidential. Joe and the others are just during what they all do. So stop judging the ones who get caught. We live in a sociaty where all have secrets and are unrightous themselves and want to point the finger at the ones who get exposed. I bet most of the men and women on this post are cheating themselves or watching internet porn give me a break.

  • the mentality of Tommy tactical is in no small way why the Department is wallowing in the morass of mediocrity (good day ) and circling the bowl on a mediocre day. Ostrich away Tactical, just don’t contaminate the ranks , had more people stood to be counted for what’s right and maybe experienced a little pain, that concept would have prevailed. I am affraid it’s a long way back from “stop throwing your brothers and sisters under the bus” even if their immorality and lack of integrity belongs in another profession. Strike that; another job where the antithesis those non- qualities are verboten . Wake up tactical and either follow your cohorts to the pits or do something about.

    Take your shots, I am easy to find. I signed my name.

  • #140 – Just because they are all doing it does not make it right. And the characterization of men as being that weak should be insulting to most men, especially to those who are supposed to “serve and protect”.

  • 142 example: a woman told a Roman king, who was in love with her, to kill John the Baptish and place his head on a platter. Eve told Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, King Soloman lusted after Bashaba and lost 10 tribes, David lusted after a women while she was bathing and sent the husband to war. I did not say all men were that weak Doc, but theses men not only had power, but were also servents of God. the temtation is very hard to resist. Therefore, if women held themselves up with respect and high standards and kept their bodies pure, these kinds of men can´t play around can they. I believe both parties are just as guilty. They both wanted to play with each other. but when the deputy got in trouble, Capt lover could not help her, so she decided to use sexual harrassment against him..

  • Also #142 are you saying all women are air heads and childlike that they can´t make sound decisions like not sleeping with a married man just because she is excited that he is a captain. Come on; she could have said no thank you, I will earn my own strips and become a captain myself through hard work.

  • I am saying this: 1 – he is innocent until proven guilty. 2 – if it is against policy to sleep with subordinates then he needs to face punishment regardless of if all men are doing it or not. 3 – if it is against policy to sleep with your superior she should also be punished. 4- I do not believe that most people on this blog are cheating on their spouses and watching internet porn, but some are (we judge as we live).

  • I was just giving examples; I don`t think Block had a affair
    I was just saying what I heard but rumors are not always true. Therefore, I will like to recant that statement. I don´t want to judge people but my thought at the time was all have sin and have come short of the glory of GOD. Some self rightous rulers of old wanted to stone a woman for adultery but Jesus wrote in the sand and showed them their own sins Thats all I was saying. Sorry if I offended anyone..

  • and my other thought was if a man and women agree to have an affair, and the man says to her; If anyone finds out about this affair, I will lose everything. The woman then says, this is between you and me. I know you are a capt. and I am a deputy, I just want to be together with you. I will never violate our trust. Then they have this secret affair for a lenth of time. Then she waits until she is in trouble with the law to expose the affair to the press. I am not going to sit here and think she is some victim. she is facing a felony charge for battery; which means she has inflicted great bodily injury to someone. Joe should be punished for his stupidy, but this deputy is not a victim. I am just tired of the man bashing in our country.

  • It is amazing to see how the LASD Family forms a lynch mob for one of their own. Your brother is not only being tried in the media, he’s being tried by so many of his narcissistic under-achieving officers who have apparently failed to achieve their goals in life. It appears that you don’t want to be like Captain Stephens, you want to be him! What scares me most about alot of the comments on this blog is that you people actually carry guns. As public safety officials, Its important that we allow the process (Investigation) to play out before we become judge, jury and Baca. Remember your P-BOR, it applies to everyone.

  • Captain Carter – as I am not a Law Enforcement officer I am unfamiliar with the term P-BOR, in the circles I travel in the term means Personnel Below the Rank of Officer. I am not sure if that is what you are referring to, might you clarify? If that is what you are referring to I am not sure why it would apply to comments made on this page as people are allowed freedom of speech and opinion. I do agree that people are innocent until proven guilty but that does not mean that opinions cannot be expressed.

  • Dr. Rhonda,

    Recent legislation has amended the rights of public safety officials due process in any potential work related investigation or discipline. P-BOR is an acronym, which stands for Police Bill of Rights and F-BOR is an acronym, which stands for Firefighter Bill of Rights. It is simply a legal process that ensures that sworn public safety officials are not convicted without receiving due process.

    In the private industry at will employees are subject to immediate termination for just cause without any due process. As long as there is no violation of Title VII. However, in civil service, public safety officials have safeguards that ensure that they receive due process. If their P-BOR Rights are violated,they can appeal through the proper channels and be made whole again.

    Based on the commentary that I have read above, those officers who enjoy the P-BOR protection appear to have forgotten why it was introduced.

  • #152 don´t know if you are in the sheriff´s family but in the 1990s a certain capt recruited a very attractive blond female, who by the way was married to a deputy, to work special projects. One night After a long meeting, they decided to get a hotel room to do the wild thing. the husband found out and filed a complait against this Capt. The capt was transfered without further action and retained his position as Capt. Therefore, if it is against departmental policy why wasn´t this capt. punished..Things are not as cut and dry as they seem Doc. Not all get punished for their dirty deeds. Its hard for me to judge one incident regarding Joe Stevens when I have seen these kinds of behaviors all my adult life.

  • I do not believe that the Captain in this instance violated any departmental policies if these were two consenting adults. However, from a managerial standpoint, his conduct was unethical at worst. If you have the ability to affect an employees employment, you should not be engaged in any type of personal or intimate relationship with that person. I believe that the department made the right decision in transferring the Captain. This transfer in itself is documented and can be construed as a form of discipline.

  • Sorry Capt Carter my last statements were meant for Doc Ronda. You and I carter are on the same page with this one.
    This new american culture of hate and revenge is not good.
    All these judgemental people who do not even know Joe are
    jumping on the hate bangwagon. Ive known Joe for over 25 years and a mistake of bad judgement was made and thats it.
    All these statements about he should not receive his pension etc, is unnecessary it´s based on jelously over his status as a capt which took hard work and intelligence to accomplish. Joe is not only a Capt but he is also a good looking young man which was maybe the caused of his bad judgement. My point is; if one Capt who did the same thing was transfered w/o further incident, then why do these people want to see Joe´s head on a platter for the same
    offense. Its a matter of favoritism towards one against
    another Its the good old boy mentality we hide one man´s descrepencies but protect anothers. One president had
    an affair and is impeached and another president starts a costly war for nothing and he gets away with it, We are
    a backwards people. May God save us..

  • Laughing out loud. You are absolutely right Unfair Standards. People are human and make mistakes all the time. What gets me is those people who have made worse choices and have nerve to stand in judgement of others. I believe that all of mankind is prejudice for one reason or another. We tend to pre-judge one another without actually knowing the full content of a persons character. I believe it is ok to have an opinion of someone or something. Although, I don’t feel that it is ok to verbalize your opinion when it assassinates someones reputation or character. This would be no different than a verbal assault.

  • This is great! The press hates us, the young deputies do stupid stuff and get fired, rightfully so, and the higher ups are arrogant and can’t keep their weenies to themselves!! And all the while great police work goes on daily without being noticed!




  • I have seen some really abusive situations out there in patrol and the abuses were never perpetrated by Asians Blacks or female deputies. Read between the lines..

  • Pan and Dr Ronda you failed to understand that the women involved with these higher ups, who can´t keep their weenies to themselves, can´t keep their panties on either. Once again all women are so called victims they can not make sound decisions and keep there legs closed. These kinds of statments indicated hurt feeling women have towards cheating men, but women cheat too. I have known some outstanding women deputies who never flirted or gave any indications to higher ups that they were easy/cheap. These women worked hard and earned their promotions through merit and intelligence. But to sleep your way up to the top is not doing any justice to these hard working women and to let these women who sleep around slide and call them victims, but the man a dog is unfair. Both are dogs..

  • I am a black deputy, and I know one thing. If I have the uniform on, I am alright. If I am not in uniform I am just a nig–r. If I make a mistake, I am judge as a Nig–r. Any black man who don´t understand this simple analogy is iving in fantacy. When a black man promotes to any high level position and forget these simple principals, he would be buried alive by this unjust socialty we live in. Therefore, all you black captains who thought you can do as the white boys and get away with it, think again your sins are not forgiven they will throw you under the bus. So to every black deputy out there keep your noses extra clean and remember you are judged with double jeopardy. Never
    forget your black past history. If we do, you will live in regret forever and become disappointed.

  • What up – I made those very same statements to a recently fallen captain. I am not in law enforcement so I guess he chose not to listen.

  • Remember when Clinton was set up by the republican party
    because they wanted to find some dirt on him so they used
    a sex scandal. Then Larry flint offered one million dollars to any woman who would confess that she had slept with a
    republican. Newt Gingrich and other republican names started to surface. This is what I am talking about, a bunch of groupies following their parties and giving a dam about the truth. Trying to hid the facts that some republicans are cheaters and homosexuals just like some democrates. As Americans we need to wake up. The same masters are pulling both strings. Its just a dog and pony show. Deputies are doing the same thing. viking tatoos what brotherhood do they think they belong to are they some kind of knights of the pope or what. They should be protecting and serving the people.Working under the LASD core values.

  • Freeway Therapy does happen, the department needs to be held accountable for this practice.

  • DR. Ronda: it seems you are only interested in the
    sex scandals, and the deputies involved. Can you please give us some insight on some of the other problems facing the dept.

  • Retired deputy: I am interested in issues that impact the community as a result of law enforcement misconduct generally. Because of my experience with certain individuals and their connection with the case of my former intern Mitrice Richardson, I do follow what they are up to as best I can being a civilian as I believe that many in the department know more about what happened to Mitrice than they are fessing up to.

  • The problem in America is that there are no thinkers any more. People are just repeaters. reality is created for them by talk radio and television. No investigative minds Not to many trying to find the real truth. All I hear is liberal or conservative there are no such people. the word liberal comes from liberity. America was founded on liberity how can someone create another meaning of this word for you. You are brainwashed. Someone has taken a word that actually means liberity and turned liberity into a bad word. Then a bunch of non-thinkers repeaters of non-sense created a negative form of a positive word. this is how stupid we have become.Its the same in the sheriff dept some idiots think it´s ok to be hardcore gang like deputies and instead of going against what is wrong others become followers of brutal nonsense. Live by the truth. You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. Dont live on the dark side of things because your sins will find you out. There are many deputies after a bad shooting who wish they can pull that bullet back. Its not fun or exciting. You have to live with yourself later, I know. Dont let these devils persuade you to think that being in a shooting is ok. These devils are not with you when you are alone in the dark trying to get some good night sleep. and when you retire they will forget all about you. So just do what you have been taught. Be asolutly sure that your life or the life of another is critically in danger.

  • Captain Carter and others who say that sleeping with a married woman is not a violation of policy , I have to ask where you earned your bars and is this the way you looked at employee behavior, Let me remind you that adultery was still a felony the last time I looked. But, I guess it’s ok if they both consent. I don’t think the husband consented.

    Hell of a message to send your troops.

    I must have gone to a different captain school.

    Sign me O’B…. no saint, but know mud when I see it.

  • Ronnie Williams was a “puppet”… He didn’t take care of his people (check how many Deps he promoted when he was Narco Capt???) He terminated me during a witch hunt where Baca needed to show some “stats” for disciplining Deps.

  • What happened to Rhambo? Why is he Compton’s City Manager. Someone put his crooked ass in jail

  • BS. He was a fraud. The only thing he was interrested in was the rich and famous. Treated his people with arrogance. Good riddance.

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