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LA County Agrees to Pay $5.5 Million to Teenager in Violent Rape Case Involving LASD Detective With Two Alleged Prior Incidents

Neil Kimball, via Los Angeles Sheriff's Department
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

On Tuesday, August 4, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors settled a high ticket lawsuit against Los Angeles County and the LA County Sheriff’s Department for $5.5 million.

The settlement was made on behalf of a young woman identified as Jane Doe, to protect her privacy.

In the civil rights complaint, Jane Doe’s attorneys — a group that includes famed victims’ rights lawyer, Gloria Allred, and other partners in her law firm — describe how a detective in the sex crimes unit of the LA Sheriff’s Department forcibly raped Jane, who was then 15 years old.

The alleged rape occurred after the detective had been assigned to investigate a previous sexual assault that the girl had reportedly endured, but could not bring herself to talk about, until the detective persuaded her to trust him.

Also, there were other alleged on-duty incidents of sexual impropriety by the detective in the years before he met Jane.

Yet, no one in an official capacity appeared view these allegations as worthy of note.

Here’s the story.

The events on which Jane’s lawsuit is based occurred in November of 2017, during the term of former LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell.

Jane Doe’s part of the story actually began several months earlier when her dad learned that his daughter, who was 14 years old at the time, had been raped.

As is often true with those who have been sexually assaulted, Jane couldn’t stand to tell her father or anyone else the details, only that the rape had occurred, and who had reportedly done it to her.

Jane’s dad, whom we’ll call John Doe, reported the sexual assault to the sheriff’s department. The case was subsequently assigned to Detective Neil David Kimball to investigate.

Jane and her father met Detective Kimball for the first time at a local Starbucks. Kimball wore casual civilian clothing for their meeting, perhaps hoping to make the girl feel more at ease.

Yet, as had been the case with her father, Jane could not bring herself to discuss the details of her rape. She could do little more than to say that it had happened.

Before, Kimball left the meeting, Jane’s dad told the detective that it might help if he took Jane on ride-along “some time in the future.” The father hoped that if his daughter was able to trust the deputy, she might open up enough to explain the details of her attack, which would presumably help with the case.

And so it was that Detective Kimball took Jane on a series of four ride-alongs, each time with her father’s permission.

The strategy seemed to be effective.

During the third of the four ride-alongs, Jane asked Kimball if the person who had raped her (whom the legal complaint refers to as Doe X) had been arrested and was in jail yet.

“No, not yet,” the detective reportedly told the girl. Yet, he was encouraging. “We are working on it.”

After this assurance, Jane told Kimball that she thought she felt safe enough to tell him about the details of her rape. And so she did.

After ride-along three, detective Kimball asked Jane to accompany him on one last ride-along, which took place in November of 2017. Again, Jane’s dad gave her permission to go with Kimball.

In the case of their three previous drives, Kimball had reportedly driven Jane around in public areas. But this time, things were different.

According to the complaint, for ride number four, when the detective arrived in the late afternoon to pick up Jane, although for other ride-alongs he had always dressed in street clothes, this time Kimball wore his Los Angeles County Sheriff’s uniform, which featured his badge and his his gun.

It was the one and only time that Jane had seen Kimball in uniform.

In addition to the change in his way of dressing, Detective Kimball’s actions were also allegedly different. For one thing, Kimball stopped at store to purchase some unnamed items. Then, although Kimball works and lives in Los Angeles County, Kimball drove Jane around in some of the less populated areas of Camarillo finally winding up on a dirt road, at the end of which an RV was parked. Detective Kimball told Jane that this was a place where he liked to go to “chill out from his family.”

When the two entered the RV, Kimball reportedly also brought the brown paper bag holding his recent purchases, which turned out to be bottles of beer.

When inside, Kimball asked Jane if she’d mind if he drank a bit.

“No, as long as you can drive,” an unnerved Jane said.

Next, according to the complaint, Kimball offered her a beer. When she declined, he reportedly opened a second beer anyway, and gave it to the fifteen-year-old.

Then, according to the civil complaint, the uniformed detective thanked her for “drinking” with him. Then the detective allegedly trotted out the worst kind of cliché, and told the teenager he was lonely because his wife worked and his daughter was away at college.

But Jane did not want to drink. So, when Kimball again urged her to drink the beer, according to the complaint, the teenager expressed her discomfort and asked him to take her home, saying that she did not “feel safe.”

Instead, the supposed protector, allegedly assured the girl that he wasn’t going to “hurt,” her and that, “everything will be okay.”

Starting to become freaked, Jane reportedly got up and tried to get her phone in order to call someone for help.

It was at this moment that Kimball allegedly grabbed Jane before she could make the call, and threw her on the RV’s bed. When she struggled, he pulled out his handcuffs, which he attached to her wrists.

Jane reportedly screamed and pleaded for him to let her go. Instead, Detective Kimball allegedly proceeded to forcibly have sex with the 15-year-old, while she was restrained by handcuffs, and the weight of his body.

After the rape was over, according to the complaint, the detective pulled his sidearm, handed it to Jane, and told her if she didn’t like what happened she could use the gun to kill herself now, or words to that general effect.

Then, he reportedly added that, if she ever said anything to anyone about what had happened in the RV, “I’ll use it to kill you.”

Jane and her father did not report the assault.

Yet, nearly a year later, when Kimball was reportedly on leave from work for unrelated reasons, a new detective took over Kimball’s cases, and began calling those involved, one by one. Jane’s father told the new detective about what had been done to his daughter by a detective she felt she could trust.

Kimball, a 20-year department veteran, was arrested on November 16, 2018, after a month-long investigation.

Three strikes?

As it happens, as mentioned earlier, this was not the first time that Detective Kimball had been accused of a sexual improprieties while on duty.

By the time he was charged with raping Jane Doe, it was allegation number three.

In a February 2009, four years before he was promoted to the sex crimes unit, a woman said he had grabbed her hand and attempted to make her touch his genitals, and related sexual actions. This allegedly occurred when the woman had asked to use the bathroom, after Kimball and his partner had stopped her and several friends outside a Travel Inn.

Kimball ended up following the woman and her friends inside the hotel and allegedly began making advances, including telling the women they should get into the hotel’s Jacuzzi. The woman said she was able to pull away from the detective’s grasp, and Kimball eventually backed off, and left. According the LA Times’ Maya Lau, LA County prosecutors “found insufficient evidence,” so decided not to pursue the 2009 incident.

Four years later, in 2013, Kimball joined the elite Special Victims Bureau.

A year still later, there was another case of allegedly inappropriate sexual behavior that was, in some ways, more discomforting. This second set of actions involved a Los Angeles fashion designer, Sara Abusheikh, who told The Daily Beast that she tried to warn the LA County Sheriff’s Department about Detective Kimball in 2014, a year after his promotion, and three years before he allegedly raped Jane.

According to Abusheikh, Kimball was assigned to investigate her own alleged rape case, but in the course of meeting with her, Kimbell repeatedly made inappropriate and suggestive remarks. He made flirtatious comments, accusing her of liking her alleged assailant, and even encouraging her to go back to see him so they could have sex more “gently.”

Abusheikh reminded Kimball that her alleged rapist had allegedly hit her across the face so hard her cheek swelled.

“But what if he’d slapped you somewhere else?” Kimball reportedly replied. And there were reportedly other remarks and discomforting texts of that general nature from Kimball.

(To support her account, Abusheikh saved some of the texts Kimball sent her, which she supplied to The Daily Beast).

When, after months of therapy, Abusheikh decided she needed to report Kimball’s behavior to the sheriff’s department and to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, both agencies dismissed her.

“It was like trying to complain to a brick wall,” she told the Daily Beast in 2018, expressing fury that this same man had been accused of raping a teenager four years later.

“It just makes you think,” she said, ‘How many other women are there that tried to complain about this guy?’”

Just before Kimball was sentenced in early July of 2019, and Jane Doe’s case was again in the news, Abusheikh revisited her experiences in a personal essay for Medium, entitled “Surviving the Los Angeles’ Special Victims Bureau,” in which she again told of her discomforting encounters with the detective after her rape, and how neither the sheriff’s department nor the DA’s office, which Abusheikh said did little more than pronounce Kimball “a fine detective.”

Damage and sentencing

When he was initially arrested, Detective Kimball was charged with raping 15-year-old Jane Doe while she was tied or bound. Detective Kimball was also accused of “witness intimidation by threat of force.”

The detective could have faced 19-years-to-life in prison if convicted of these serious charges, Ventura County Chief Assistant Dist. Atty. Michael Schwartz told Maya Lau of the Los Angeles Times after the arrest.

(Although Kimball was a member of the LA County Sheriff’s department, and lived in Agoura Hills, the crimes occurred in Camarillo, thus the criminal case was prosecuted by the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office.)

But by early July 2019, Kimball and his attorney managed to get the get the charges dialed back to two far less serious allegations: committing a lewd act with a child and unlawful sexual intercourse, both charges, that even when combined, would mandate a far lower sentence. Forceable rape was nowhere in the charges.

And so it was that, on August 8, 2019, former LA County Sheriff’s Detective Kimball was sentenced to three years in prison.

With good behavior, Kimball was to be given credit for half of his three-year sentence, which means he could conceivably be out of prison in early February 2021.

He also was required to register as a sex offender and to pay Jane $50,000, and was ordered to have no contact with her.

Jane didn’t attend the sentencing, but her father did. Yet, both Jane and John Doe wrote victim statements, which attorney Gloria Allred read aloud to the judge and everyone else in the courtroom.

The statement by Jane’s father, John Doe, was staggeringly painful.

Running away from home for weeks on end,” Jane’s father’s statement began. “Not knowing where she was or with who or how to communicate or why. As if she could outrun her demons.

“Hanging from a freeway overpass trying to jump, to mercifully end it all. The memories, the pain, again the demons…”

And then there was Jane’s statement, which read in part:

“I have been so determined to get better and cope with what happened. I’ve been to numerous inpatient programs at mental facilities as well as a residential treatment facility center for close to a year. I’ve had numerous psychiatrists prescribe me different medicines for the mental suffering I am experiencing. I’ve been diagnosed with severe depression disorder and severe anxiety disorder. I’ve tried so many therapists. Talking about it only seems to make it worse. My heart hurts and I can’t breathe most days…”

One year after the sentencing, following the LA County Board of Supervisors’ approval of the $5.5 million settlement, WitnessLA asked attorney Allred about her high-ticket victory in the civil rights case, and if she thought that the Ventura DA’s Office failed Jane by offering the detective the opportunity to plead to the far lesser charges.

“We are proud of the courage of our client in this case,” Allred told us. “As a result of her courage, we have succeeded in making sure that the LA County Sheriff’s Department has been made accountable for the significant emotional damage that our client suffered as a result of the sexual assault of her by former LA County Deputy Sheriff Neil David Kimball when our client was a minor.”

While Allred didn’t directly address WLA’s second question about the lesser charges, she did kindly email the two victim’s statements that we had requested.

The statements were answer enough.

You’ll find them below in their entirety.

We respectfully recommend that you take the time to read them.

John Doe’s statement

Running away from home for weeks on end. Not knowing where she was or with who or how to communicate or why. As if she could outrun her demons.

Hanging from a freeway overpass trying to jump, to mercifully end it all. The memories, the pain, again the demons.

The violent physical outbursts especially against the ones she loved. Anger, bitterness, resentment.

The cutting, the chronic nausea, nightmares, crying that seemed to never end. Lying in traffic on the freeway, hoping for a swift and final end.

Ending up in a lock down mental facility.

These are only a few of the things your actions have caused her and I, well I was right there with her. A part of her nightmare. A part of her pain. Pain that just won’t seem to go away for her or for me.

Endless excruciating therapy, doctor after doctor. 10 different medications to assist a 15 year old to “cope” with what you did to her.

I was there because I have always been there for her. I have raised her by myself virtually since birth. Always been there to guide her and protect her.

But…. when it counted most, I was not there. Not there to protect her from a chameleon predator who I willingly entrusted my daughter to. A man of authority. A man of respect. A man of honor. A man of the badge.

I trusted you, maybe because of my being a former police officer like you; I felt that there was no question and no doubt you would do what you said, take her on ride alongs, and perhaps further encourage her to think about law enforcement as a possible career.

Now, that career possibility is gone. So are her aspirations to be an Army nurse. Gone. She doesn’t trust people. Especially people in authority or acting under the color of authority. And I don’t know how to change that, because now sadly, I find myself feeling the same.

Her education has suffered. She cannot concentrate. Cannot focus. She lashes out at teachers because she is fearful of them.

She pretty much lashes out at just about anyone. Fear. Loathing. Absolutely no self-worth. Again I live with it, with her, day in and day out.

And I live with my guilt. Guilt that I failed to protect her from you.

Guilt that I failed to protect her from a justice system that continued to emotionally assault her over and over again as it made exhausting demands on her young fragile mind and in the end…. this is all that was achieved… for justice.

So rest well. You now only have a few short years to reflect on all you have lost and the possibilities that await you as you will begin to resurrect and reconstruct your life.

My daughter will not be so lucky.

And I, well I will continue to live with my guilt for the rest of my life.

Jane Doe’s statement

With writing this I don’t really know where to start. I am miserable and numb. I’ve watched my whole life fall apart. My self-confidence and self-respect as well as my inner peace is deteriorating day by day. I feel empty. Physically empty, like there are no organs nor bones in my body. So many wonderful people are here to help me and guide me down a path of success and happiness but I can’t seem to follow.

I try, I try so hard. I have been so determined to get better and cope with what happened. I’ve been to numerous inpatient programs at mental facilities as well as a residential treatment facility center for close to a year. I’ve had numerous psychiatrists prescribe me different medicines for the mental suffering I am experiencing. I’ve been diagnosed with severe depression disorder and severe anxiety disorder. I’ve tried so many therapists. Talking about it only seems to make it worse. My heart hurts and I can’t breathe most days.

I don’t understand why we live in a world where our most trusted are the ones to turn and deceive you, to leave you hurt and hopeless. I have lost all faith in my county’s Sheriff’s Department as well as the judicial system which is only giving this defendant a minimal sentence. You have taken a small amount of time away from Kimball’s sanity and peace while his criminal conduct towards me has caused horrific consequences to me, taking every last piece of sanity, comfort, happiness and well-being I had left. I have lost all faith in our father above.

I don’t know if there is a God anymore or heaven and hell. I can’t put how I feel in words. They would all come out as a big frustrated scream.

I’m not looking for sympathy. I’m not looking for sad, sobbing faces. I’m not asking for anything but what is right. The fact that he is going to get out of jail shortly after his sentencing is a complete shock to me. The L.A. Sheriff promoted this police officer to the Crime Sex Unit after they had received numerous complaints against him for sexual harassment. The legal system is sending this proven rapist to jail for a mere few years to just get out and do it again.

My father and mother have stuck by my side through everything and given more than 100%. They have helped me before they helped themselves. When they didn’t have anything they would always give to me.

They have been through so much being my parents because of this situation. I don’t want any other human being to have to feel what I felt, nor any family.

Photo above of Neil David Kimball via Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department


  • It’s terrible that LASD’s Special Victims Bureau let down a special victim and made it immeasurably worse for her. No matter what the hiring process, bad people will always slip through. Fortunately, no physical harm was done to the victim, and hopefully she can work through the mental anguish inflicted by this monster.

  • I was referring to not being beaten or killed re: no physical harm. Obviously she was forcibly raped, but the psychological effects far exceed anything physical she endured.

    I’m not minimizing any of her ordeal, and it’s disappointing how easy Detective Dumbass got off.

  • First complaint of a sexual nature in 2009 (per reporting elsewhere btw, Kimball actually grabbed the complainant’s backside in addition to trying to get her to touch his genitals, etc.) Another complaint of a sexual nature in 2014 and God knows how many others didn’t file a complaint. A sick man that should thank Ventura County for the rest of his life for gifting him with such a light sentence.

    Curious to learn if there was an internal LASD investigation regarding the allegations made by Ms. Abusheikh.

  • May wish to reconsider that no physical harm opinion. Independent of the victim being beaten, there is physical harm to rape victims that includes pain and internal injury (bruising, bleeding, tears, etc). The reports are just horrific.

  • I clarified my initial “no physical harm” comment sufficiently above. The things some of you latch onto are quite curious.

    @Reality Check – that was my exact point, as her serious damages are psychological.

    @Boy am I glad I am gone – calm down. I think you were on the job and know EXACTLY what I’m saying. Save your feigned righteous indignation.

    @Bandwagon – your comment about him going to mainline basically means he should be “dealt with” out in general population. Maybe it’s your comment that’s inappropriate. I’m pretty sure the death penalty doesn’t attach to rapes.

    @ProJustice – what reports? Was that a general comment or specifically related to this case? I haven’t seen any other reporting about this rape case, and I suspect if there were other circumstances, Celeste would have included them in her summary.

  • Dose: Give it a rest. Your just digging urself into a deeper hole. Ur comments were offensive without apparently much thought. As to our fine officer who betrayed his oath and and basic humanity yes he should walk main line and be at receiving end of what he dished out. But don’t worry “at least he won’t be physically harmed”.

  • Bandwagon,

    Hogwash. My comment was accurate; you’re the one advocating a street justice death penalty for a rape. You don’t seem to understand how the system works.

  • Sex crimes detective here for about 6 years now. Since the discussion is about injuries I’ll weigh in without getting too graphic.

    Rapes come in different stripes: date, random, spousal, drugged, statutory, pedophilic and these can be physically forced, ligature or other means used to immobilize the victim, threats of retaliation to cause the victim to submit, at the point of a weapon, etc.

    Injuries are not always present the way the commenters here believe. Injuries and/or use of a weapon provide nice sentencing enhancements, though. The victim here would likely have presented with vaginal injuries if she had reported it in a timely fashion. Unfortunately it looks like she didn’t, which may account for lesser charges resulting.

    I’ve never had a case where a cop is the suspect (knock wood) but others in positions of power have been. Those usually are accomplished without causing serious injuries to the victim especially when the victims are young and vulnerable. I also am thankful the victim wasn’t seriously injured but know that her mental state is going to be affected for the rest of her life. Writing her victim impact statement was a big step toward healing.

    There’s a lot more to this issue but like I said not going to get graphic. I’m super thankful I have a female partner to work with. I’m not saying it would have kept this detective on the straight and narrow but it would have put the victim more at ease and probably wouldn’t have required four interviews before she disclosed sufficient details of the crime.

  • Rifleman,

    It’s not about “feels.” That’s the problem folks are having here. In court, you’d be getting the objection, “Assuming facts not in evidence.” Where does it say she was injured? Don’t assume injuries based on your belief of what may have happened. If she was injured, I would like to know why the Ventura County prosecutors didn’t try to go for a longer sentence.

    I’m not trying to minimize anything this disgusting member of my department did. And I’m right there with you – LWOP would have been a more fitting penalty.

  • I’m curious about “Jane’s dad told the detective that it might help if he took Jane on [a] ride-along.” Hmmm. Admittedly, during my 30 years in LE, I did not work a sex crimes unit as an investigator, so I cannot speak from direct experience about protocols. I can say that in my patrol days, the desk always dispatched a female deputy to take a sex crime report from the victim when available. It was thought female victims were less intimidated by a female deputy. Also, it seems to me a bit odd that a private one-on-one close proximity several hour activity riding around in a car between a middle age man and a young teen girl who has alleged a prior rape ostensibly to develop trust is ill advised. Remember, “Transporting one female, starting mileage….”? Seems to me granting the father’s ride-along request deviated from long established standards to prevent disasters like this one. Did Kimball run this request by any supervisor prior to the ride-alongs or just wing it? What a horrible tragedy for the victim, her family and an already tarnished occupation struggling for support at this point in time.

  • Dose: You can’t argue with a drunk or a person who can not self reflect and admit his short comings. I think you were a lonely child and probably a little bit spoiled. Time to grow up my friend. Put on ur big boy pants!

  • Dose: Instead of being so defensive regarding ur “no physical harm” comment which obviously was found to be offensive by most of the commentators. A more mature response might have been. “ I regret my prior comment which left the impression the victim suffered no physical harm as a result of the rape. Obviously she suffered both physically and emotionally.”

  • @InterestedParty,

    Right on all accounts. Whether dad suggested it or not, it was a bad idea that should never have been implemented.


    My liberal, triggered snowflake friend (?). You are still assuming facts not in evidence, but hey, this is just the internet.

    I tried to put the issue to bed, but there doesn’t appear to be a charging document or redacted report available online. The inference from all the available information is that Kimball threatened to use force but did not use any beyond applying handcuffs to the victim. Here are a couple snippets from news articles:

    “Kimball was initially charged with raping the victim while she was tied or bound, but DA spokeswoman Patrice Koenig said prosecutors determined that they could not prove Kimball had used force during the incident…”

    “Detective Kimball was also accused of ‘witness intimidation by threat of force.'”

    From the Ventura County DA: “…Kimball…pled guilty to a lewd act with a child and unlawful sexual intercourse.”

    We can ASSUME all we want, but we will never KNOW if the victim suffered injuries, even rape-specific injuries.

  • Agree. That was my first thought also. You would like to believe, obviously, that any female would be safe with any LE in any situation. It struck me as odd, however, that a teen female sexual assault survivor would be paired on a RAL with a male Detective. This story is equally infuriating and nauseating.

  • You sound more like a dose of stupidity. I wonder what your attitude would be if a scum bag sheriff raped your 14 year old daughter.

  • This scumbag rapust should rot in jail or be released into the general population in prison. He is a repeat sexual offender who is only serving a short stay in prison.

    I’ll bet the sheriff union and other sheriffs defended this scumbag. We need an independent agency to receive complaints about scum bag cops. We can al see his the police dismiss complaints about so many dirty cops.

  • Dose: my only reply is ur an “idiot” You are one of those that can not take constructive criticism. Obviously you have never been a supervisor (I hope!).

  • Perhaps you are right “she wasn’t harmed beyond the rape”. Feel sorry for your parents. I bet they weren’t able to beat any sense into you either.

  • This scumbag child molester had other previous complaints which the sheriff department never investigated. Did the sheriff union pay the rapist legal defense ? What other officers new he was a scumbag and didn’t speak against the child molester?

    He only received a slap on the wrist for raping a child, he deserves some Brazilian style street justice. The sheriff department and legal system all complicit in this.

  • @Bandwagon

    You’re a bit out of your wheelhouse I suspect. The exact issue you believe is present in all rapes is often lacking and makes our cases harder to prove.

    Death penalty at the hands of other prisoners for sexual assault? Come on now.

    In case my post also disgusts you, I was an only child and welcome your astute analysis. LOL

  • I just caught a very slight bit of interference over my television tonight. I thought it sounded like one of Santa’s secret bugs activating. I thought I heard someone talking to AV about a couple newly promoted captain’s being looked at for some serious off duty sex crimes. Does anyone know anymore?

  • @Gone,

    One of Santa’s Elves gave me a call today from the North Pole. He said one of Alejandro Villanueva’s hand picked and personally promoted Choo Choo Train Captains may be wearing some shiny new cuffs from a nearby county law enforcement agency. Something about VILLANueva’s captain being a little too “hands on” with a young victim similar to the one noted in this posted story by Celeste.

    I guess they have been trying hard to keep this out of the news but word and rumors are spreading as Allie and BiBi try to figure out who to blame for this LASD scandal and who they can assign to handle the press conference.

    Maybe Lil Alex will task his “Shadow Chief of Staff” Bigglesworth to handle the press since he has previous experience as a Choo Choo Train Captain himself and we know he can be brutally frank and honest with his public statements.

    The AV Clown Show Continues….

  • @Clown Show

    Thanks! That is what I thought I heard. In addition to the Choo Choo Train Captain, I also thought I heard something about not sending your kids to certain colleges in Los Angeles County. I think I understand what that means. If I heard right, there may be TWO people wearing some shiny cuffs soon.

  • Word is a Captain with a long history of sexual improprieties just got relived of duty for allegations involving a minor. And another was relieved for being a tad bit too aggressive with his spouse. Hint- Transit and Colleges.

  • @CreepAlert

    So I guess the transmissions I overheard were spot on! Glad to know I am not hearing things in my old, retired age. I will remind the wife.

    These are AV’s picks for captain? While one or both of the incidents may have occurred before his tenure, he promoted them both.

  • @gone. Have you ever heard of a lieutenant sharing a confidential administrative investigation with a civilian not on the dept? There was once a case that involved salacious details related to a sexual assault. Well this certain Lieutenant had an attraction to a civilian female working at LA Metro. So he decided to have this female “proofread” his administrative investigation, salacious details and all. The female was so disturbed by the sexual nature that she complained about the lieutenant to Metro. The lieutenant was removed from the unit by the dynamic duo Bateman and Anda, both who decided to sweep it under the carpet and give him a pass. Instead of being fired for jeopardizing the case, more than one subject walked, he was transferred to a certain station down south which happens to be in the need lately. There’s a Chief in detectives who really likes this guy because they worked gangs so many years ago. He convinces Alex and Vivian Villanueva that he was a good dude, and they were apparently impressed by his councilmember status and all. He anointed him a captain. He replaced Burcher at Transit so he can bring him in as Chief of Staff. Now this newly promoted captain was either booked or waiting to be booked for 288. It seems right in line with his previous creepy caper and all of the other rumors related to sexual behavior. Stand by for national news AV. It’s coming your way again.

  • Word is a Captain with a long history of alcoholism working in the Marine Bureau is being investigated for getting a little rough with his wife. His wife also associated with the Marine Bureau has her own issues. Both have files cross abuse complaints. She has been outed hanging out with Aqua-man. Yes I am talking about Depp and Heard. Heard was celebrated as a Me Too hero but now we have a pretty good idea she misrepresented the truth. So Creep Alert, why don’t you give it a rest and let the investigations find the truth.

  • @Seeking. Sorry your homey who was so down with the gangs turned out to be a creep. Those who have known him for years knew this all along. Stop bowing down to idiots and stand on your own two feet for once. Word is Chino hooked his ass so are you still not convinced. Oh yeah, let’s let the jury decide. I’m confident I saw you cowering during the social unrest. Or was that you breaking windows. Weak follower, nothing more!

  • I wonder when is (Av)going to come out and tell the media about his captain, the 288 suspect. Not cool for others not to know about this incident. He may initiate another crime against his kids or relatives. People need know about this (ASAP) I have worked 25 plus years with this individual and have always knew there was something wrong with him. AV, I know you read this every morning. I need You to 1031 all lasd units and initiate a crime broadcast RE : 288 suspect. Av Do the right thing, I have kids myself, put the word out today or maybe celes should make some calls.

  • @CAlert, Seeking is diverting and distracting on the pretext of Villanueva’s “we are investigating” BS.

  • “Word is Chino hooked his ass”

    Word is you don’t know what you are talking about. Chino didn’t take the case donkey. They deferred it to Ontario and no, he didn’t get hooked. I don’t know this Captain and don’t know what he did or didn’t do. But if you are going to come on and sling untruths, you will get checked.

  • This is a sad article. Kimball worked in position of trust for so many young victims and he took advantage of it. 3 years in prison was far to lenient. This type of guy is what stains our profession and we all need to do our part to get rid of these scumbags.

  • “I don’t know this Captain and don’t know what he did or didn’t do”. Are you sure you “don’t know” this Captain ?

  • 7A: You and Dose have something in common. Evidently you believe the actual act does not involve physical harm. Just emotional harm right detective. I never said the suspect should receive the death penalty for rape. I said he should have to walk main line where he could fend for himself. Now Dose is unable to receive constructive criticism which may be related to him being a lonely child who was spoiled by his over protective parents. U on the other hand jump to conclusions without doing your homework. I would say you often act impulsively with thinking things out before hand. Possibly related to childhood issues. I would have to interview you personally to give you a specific diagnosis on your personality disorder. I would however advise you to seek professional help. Good luck. I hope I was able to help.

  • So if there’s a captain vacancy maybe I can make my triumphant return! Yeah yeah yeah! *fingersnap*

  • @JC,

    You have been right on target with your intel. Word on the 8th Floor is lil Alex forgot to wear his “Big Boy Pants” this week and has been seen rolling around on the floor in his office throwing whining tantrums as he can’t figure out how to blame Sheriff McDonnell or the Board of Supervisors for his recent failed “Ironclad Captain Vetting Promotional” process which has resulted in at least two of his hand picked promotees being “Relieved Of Duty” behind some very ugly and nasty criminal allegations.

    Alejandro is hoping and praying that ABC7 Investigative Reporter Lisa Bartley isn’t working on exposing VILLANueva’s latest LASD scandal. FOXLA’s so-called investigative reporter, Bill Melugin, has been compromised by Alex with his anti-BOS tips so he turns a blind eye to any of Allie’s dirt. CBS2 investigative reporter, David Goldstein, must be nearing retirement as he seems to only work part time and has been M.I.A. As of late.

    Meanwhile, Alex is hoping all of his high level failed leadership appointments will simply pass in the dark of the night and under the cover of the national political news cycle and daily pandemic updates. He was really scared of Maya Lau before she became a mommy.

    As of now, the main strategy is to dispatch BiBi and Bigglesworth on DDSMP’s (Divert & Distract Social Media Patrols) to divert & distract away from any postings that are exposing the incompetence and scandal of the current AV Clown Show antics.

    But what would you expect from a guy who continues, after nearly two years, to defend Creepy Carl’s stalker actions and his failed efforts to reinstate or slip him in the back door of Captain McBride’s office.


  • No I don’t. But I do know people at Ontario pd, that’s why I said that “creep alert” is putting out false info. Th it’s half the problem, is people come on blogs, not only this one, and put out false information and never have to retract it or apologize for being incorrect. La times just came out with it and it says exactly what I said early. So does “creep alert” want to come on and apologize for spouting off misinformation ? Probably not

  • Bandwagon,

    No, your input was not helpful. As already noted, you are speaking as though you’re an expert and making a fool of yourself. Your silly analysis of my childhood just reduces your already incorrect comments to that of a disturbed individual. What was correctly stated was that not all rapes cause the injuries you believe always result. Sorry, but that’s a fact. You twisted my comment to say rapes do not cause physical harm. Nice try.

  • Clown Show, I can’t believe we are seeing a weekly cluster F*$%* at the Department, wrecked by Sheriff Villan. Now, Villan’s den of miscreants did not just start this week or last month, it started many moons ago. The clowns way at the top were nominated by the circle of TRUST. This circle of TRUST included Mrs Sheriff, the Creep, Batman, Biggles the bald cat, and a trusted, and I mean a very trusted CA. This trusted circle selected the U/S,

  • Dose: You are wound way too tight and have no sense of humor. You obviously do not have the maturity to accept criticism. You take it as a personal attack and defend yourself to the point of absurdity. With age comes wisdom. Hopefully one day you will realize you are not quite as smart as you think you are. They call that growth my fiend. 7A also has no sense of humor and like u takes himself way too seriously. Get over it guys. Chill out!!

  • Dewey, there will be 2 positions open. Here are the steps you need to follow:
    1) Go in person to Mrs Sheriff’s office.
    2) Fill out the questionnaire given to you by CM, which includes your loyalty to King Villan
    3) Promise to be part of the Social Media warrior supporting Villan
    4) You will receive a call from Queen McBride, and just like that you are back in.
    See just like that you can make you triumphant return !!! Now that’s not hard right 🙂

  • Bandwagon,

    It’s duly noted that your posts are just intended as humor. They certainly aren’t to be taken as instructional when you pretend to teach cops their jobs. And the rest of your insults are like water off a duck’s back – Like you said, get over it and chill out.

  • I would definitely ask the court to move the case out of San Bernardino’s jurisdiction . The 288 case can be filed in a different county. The 288 suspect/Capt/ Council member has too many ties with the county of San Bernardino. I see A big conflict of interests in this case. The San Bernardino district attorney’s decision Is extremely unfair and bias to the child and family. The family’s attorney should definitely ask for the Captain’s, employee personnel file. I wonder the type of history they would find.

  • @Soir Deez. I’m going to show you what a stand up guy I am. You and Chester, AKA Merv have my sincerest apologies that I put out false info. My source gave me bad info. What they meant to say was the case will be refiled and then his ass will get hooked. It’s a bit difficult to prosecute these sort of things. You know the routine “you’re ruining daddy’s life”. “Why are you doing this?” “ You have issues”. “It’s your fault, I told you not to dress like that around daddy”. I’m so sorry for the bad info. Please forgive me. Do your research on this guy and you’ll know. Everyone at Transit knows. The biggest question of all is why did Viviian and Alex promote two captains that were both under criminal investigation at the time of their appointments?

  • I keep seeing this white “News Van” outside my window at HOJ. I remember seeing a similar looking van roll back in the day.

  • @creep alert
    Apology accepted. I don’t know these captains, and both might be innocent or guilty of alleged charges. Time will tell, once it is properly investigated and presented. But prior to us posting stuff, it should be verified. If not we are part of the problem by circulating bad info. But I respect the apology. As to why the sheriff promoted them if he knew about allegations; well, he will have some explaining to do and needs to vet people much better

  • Looks like Santa’s elves know who has been naughty and who has been nice .
    Some Captains have been very naughty .

  • This is ridiculous!! Kimball was convicted and is creepy AF. He’s done but the majority of the commenters want to drag in others who have been accused, NOT CONVICTED, into this thread aka “whine session”. According to the majority it’s guilty until proven innocent. WOW, if the shoe was on the other foot i’m Sure you would be screaming from the rafters that you are innocent. For those of you who proclaim that “you knew the Transit Captain” was dirty, how convenient it is for you to sit in your mom’s basement and be a keyboard warrior and sling sh**. Having been an investigator for a couple minutes, I know there are two sides to every story. Maybe some of you have never been 10-8 and actually rolled to a 415F or child custody call where exes were throwing out accusations or manipulating their kids against one another.

    Get a life and quit giving WLA and the Lefty Antifa Times more and more ammo against hard working cops!

  • Is the vetting process the Sheriff uses to vet Lieutenants before promoting them to Captain positions… or is it Chief Nelson putting in a word for his buddy “boss he is solid” and sold..
    screw the ICIB investigations.

  • @EatABowl- the 11th and 12th Commandments Are as follows:
    11. Don’t molest children
    12. Don’t Sleep with other deputy’s wives.
    I promise if you don’t commit either sin you won’t have to read about yourself in the LA Times. Only a real scumbag would do either. Your friend and partner can wear the shoes if they fit. But don’t whine now, wear them proudly. Let’s see you weasel out of that one. Trust me, it’s indefensible.

  • I was always reminded by my Supervisors … “Don’t shit where you eat”.
    @EatABowl, CreepAlert is absolutely right here.

  • From the looks of it “everyone knew the Transit Captain was dirty” except Villanueva. So lets ask ourselves why does experience matter at the helm, because you cannot “spin” this stuff anymore… no more “nothing to look here” excuses.
    # SS Villanueva taking in more water

  • The only elected sheriff in history that has caused a county employee to require a lifetime of personal protection due to his harassment and threats.

    We all knew LT Villanueva and Mrs 1st Sgt were disgusting individuals but never did we think they could be this bad.


    “Paul Tanaka continues to embarrass himself and insults the entire LASD by his continued presence in this race. Do the right thing Paul for once in your life, walk away. You’ve done enough harm to the organization and thousands of its’ members to last for generations.” Vivian “Bibi” Villanueva Facebook post, May 21st, 2014

    “Alex Villanueva continues to embarrass himself and insults the entire LASD by his continued presence in office. Do the right thing Alex for once in your life, walk away. You’ve done enough harm to the organization and thousands of its’ members to last for generations.”

  • The First Lady couldn’t hack it at Pico Rivera, was worthless at Cerritos, sued her way into training bureau and then sergeant, only to go IOD and retire on the backs of taxpayers. Wow, what an impressive and stellar career. No wonder her policy and personnel decisions have worked so it so well for our temporary sheriff. If they thought they were victims before wait until the next election. The BOS gloves and everyone else’s are coming off!!! Cant wait!!!

  • T&B,

    That is golden. Mucho Gracias


  • I am not one to defend AV or the “First Lady.” However, as far as I know she never made sergeant. I don’t know about litigating her way to the Training Bureau, but it appears your information about a lawsuit to make sergeant is incorrect.

  • I forgot, they lost that lawsuit. It was Alex that sued to get into training bureau and for promotion. She was simply pathetic.

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