Jury Finds That Baca Retaliated Against 8 Tanaka Supporters & Awards $$ Punitive Damages


Just before 3 pm on Monday, December 15, a federal jury found in favor of the plaintiffs in a civil case that featured eight working members of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department who sued the County of Los Angeles in general, and former sheriff Lee Baca in particular, for career-damaging retaliation they say occurred after the eight plaintiffs publically endorsed former undersheriff Paul Tanaka in his 2013-2014 run for sheriff.

Those who brought the lawsuit are: Capt. Charles Antuna, Sgt. Casey Dowling, Cpt. Louis Duran, Cmdr. Kevin Hebert, Cpt. Robert Tubbs, Cmdr. David Waters, Lt. Robert Wheat, and Custody Assistant Rocio Martinez,

According to the plaintiffs lawyer Brad Gage, after Tanaka announced his candidacy for sheriff on August 15, 2013, a furious Lee Baca subjected the seven men and one woman to retaliatory actions such as frivolous investigations by the department’s internal affairs bureau, an unwarranted freeze on their promotions, sudden transfers to inferior assignments, and/or “freeway therapy,” which is the term used to describe a punitive transfer to a county post that is faraway from one’s home. And in the case of three of the eight plaintiffs— namely Durant, Wheat and Dowling—they were relieved of duty, altogether, and forced to stay home (while still retaining their full pay, one should note), while the department allegedly dragged its feet on an investigation into as yet unproven wrongdoing.

In the course of the trial, which lasted nearly a month, Gage used a PowerPoint which featured timelines for each one of his clients, as he sought to illustrate how events in the early Tanaka campaign, with which the plaintiffs were very publicly involved, seemed to correlate with “adverse actions” that occurred in each of their individual careers.

“This is a case about eight employees who expected that the sheriff would follow the law,” said Gage. “He didn’t. And they have all been harmed and damaged by malicious actions.”

The county’s legal team, which was headed by George E. Peterson, along with Avi Burkwitz, rebutted Gage’s contentions in detail. Their primary defense theory may be summed up as follows: “When eight people felt they didn’t get things they felt they should get” they filed a lawsuit. “This is not about justice, it is about money.”

The jury, however, disagreed. And while the entire monetary award for all eight reportedly amounts to under $800,000, a big part of that amount includes $45,000 in punitive damages for every plaintiff levied directly against Lee Baca, for a total of a $360,000 hit against the former sheriff.

Plaintiff’s attorney Gage said he was “pleased to see that my clients were vindicated. The jury clearly found evidence that Baca had acted maliciously.”

Gage also noted that the jury determined that all eight were “victims of 1st Amendment retaliation.”

He was disappointed, he said, that the dollar amounts weren’t higher, but Gage also thought it significant that the jury chose to reach into the former sheriff’s pocket to pluck out $350 thousand. “The plaintiffs were all grateful,” he added. “They felt validated.”

As to what specific elements were the most and least persuasive, on the part of the plaintiffs and the defense, in helping the jury reach its verdict and its awards, that remains, for the moment, unknown since they jurors declined to speak to either set of attorneys because, they said, they wanted to go Christmas shopping.

More on the case and the verdict, so stay tuned.


  • Leroy B, the masses are coming for your checkbook brother. What do you care about more; your reputation or your quality of life? Just admit you are crazy and medicated so we can all go home.

    Or don’t and pay millions while going to jail. Either way, it is going to be an interesting finally act.

  • Oh, the irony. People who thrived under a regime of retaliation and in some cases participated in it, sue for exactly that!

    What’s even more comical is that this same Attorney may have or may be representing persons who were victims of these same parties, but I’m guessing the jury wasn’t allowed to know that bit of information.

  • Thanks Celeste for your timely and informative updates, which excludes no person, place or thing. WLA coverage supercedes many news outlets and personally it supersedes most LASD briefings.

  • Jack,
    Bingo brother. Now Leroy has to decide whether or not to come clean re: being nuts and on psych meds., or he can pay out his ass. It’s not exactly news to most LASD personnel. It might be news to the media that when those of us who call him Moonbeam or assert that he’s nuts aren’t exaggerating or joking around, but it isn’t news to LASD members.
    Potentially interesting final act indeed.

  • Huh, you are spot on. After Bradley gets his 40% plus costs, and they try squeezing blood from a turnip (Baca), they will get 15K a piece. If they are stand up guys, they will donate their 15K to the criminal defense of the man whose ring they kissed dearly. Congratulations on your win.

  • @Huh – You nailed it with both of your points.

    For more than a decade it was Tanaka, and his blind loyalists who destroyed ethical employees using precisely those actions, for which they brought this lawsuit – “retaliatory actions such as frivolous investigations by the department’s internal affairs bureau, an unwarranted freeze on their promotions, sudden transfers to inferior assignments, and/or “freeway therapy”.

    Though they may not have been the original architects of these schemes, they most certainly perfected the implementation of this “tried & true” weapon of destruction. They used this weapon indiscriminately, and often, to destroy many ethical employees on nothing more than a whim. But the Tanaka blind loyalists all knew they were untouchable in every way, because they “were in the car” (with Tanaka) and were fully supported by the person who was widely known to be the “next Sheriff of LA County” (Tanaka).

    It is sickening to see them now, cowering behind their very own retaliatory courses of action. Duplicity at its worst.

    As for their attorney – the conflict of interest with persons who were victims of Tanaka’s retaliation machine, and with the clients in this case, should be interesting to explore.

  • Weird how everyone is wearing dark suits as if though someone died. Also strange is that in that “everyone” in that photo and also the some of the deputies that gave to Tanaka’s campaign were not bad managers or deputies. Chuck (Antuna), Miranda and Tubbs,(to name a few) all of whom I worked for and worked with. If you know otherwise, (of those I mentioned) please state it. I am neither a Tanaka or Baca follower. Guy Mato (lower left & retied) was also a good deputy whom I also worked with back in the day. Ritenour was a complete idiot when I saw him from afar.

  • What freeking lil punks. I’m in now way a Baca supporter nor am I a tall Paul minion. Each one of thos alleged “victims” were handed their positions the tall Paul way. They deserve nothing. PS, Tom Carey is a snitch, right Mrs. CS Carey!!!!!!!!!

  • The obvious fact is that neither Leroy or Paul should be Sheriff.

    The interesting irony is that Leroy whined many times about how he was retaliated against by Sherman Block when he (Leroy)ran against the incumbent.

    Then when somebody runs against Leroy, their supporters get the same treatment.

    So, Leroy, the question is: when does a rebel become a patriot?

  • Where can I sign up to get “retaliated” like Hebert, Tubbs, and Waters? As director of personnel, Hebert was the man in charge of carrying out Tanaka’s evil plan of rewarding the undeserving and punishing those who refused to kiss the ring. Waters, Mr. Personality, had no business promoting beyond supervising line deputy. It’s amazing what a year in patrol as a deputy can do for your career. Tubbs took personal pleasure in watching the career destruction of others, all while smoking his cigar and thumbing his numbered coin.

    Perhaps we should start a new cottage industry of suing for punitive damages against these individuals just like they did against Baca.

  • LATBG, count me in. Yes, as a subject of the retaliation of some loyal followers, I can say they very easily dished it out, with impunity. That 15K may come in handy as a legal defense fund!

  • So the retaliators sue for getting retaliated on… How ironic. LASD management’s culture of retaliation is not going away anytime soon, unless there is a complete brass purge. Instead we see McD bring the retired forefathers of this culture back into the fold and continue to promote the little guy’s soldiers. Lil’ T, still calling shots and will continue even from his cell, kind of like a mafia boss. Pathetic, indeed.

  • The whole scenario, causation and results of Pandora’s box had to happen. It’s fate. Checks and balances were non existing, amid a state of panic. One only has to go as far as any World History book to/and see how Countries, Empires and Nations failed or what lead to their downfall. The pinhole that started the beginning of where it is now, was the cell phone and the “Oh Shit” reaction. Where it should have been teamwork, it evolved into scheme work. Amazing.

  • Los Angeles County Politics is worse than Donald Trump and even crazier than his insidious asinine antidotes for America.

  • @ Starlight – The August 2011 event was the beginning of the end for what ultimately became a criminal enterprise. That enterprise began to run unchecked, some seven years earlier.

  • The irony is indeed staggering. This legal decision is two-edged. The other effect of this verdict, and particularly the punitive damages imposed against Mr. Baca, is predictable and likely to immunize (informally) the remaining LASD Tanakists from culpability in any past administrative investigations during the Tanaka years, as, for example, giving test answers to certain favored candidates during Civil Service promotional examinations; the vicious and utterly retaliatory prosecution of a former Commander’s son; and a number of crimes and offenses that have been alleged and covered up. Sheriff McDonnell could still move against remaining Tanakists in the manner I’ve previously suggested, but that would now take an act of such courage that it is beyond imagination in today’s leadership environment. Without radical and smart intervention we may yet be ten, fifteen years before this organization can turn the corner.

  • Many of these individuals are two or three times higher in rank then they should have been. Corruption at its best. I guess it is easy to be a manager when there are no checks and balances. When you can manipulate everyone because you are a coin holder or cigar smoker. Promote with no experience. Take your 20K and leave the Department. You will only be remembered as PT’s ass kissers and nothing more. Look yourself in the mirror and remember who you really are?

  • Sheriff McDonnell, why are you keeping these people in positions where they can spread their influence?

  • The Sheriff is fixing everything! A new uniform! LASD gonna look like a bunch of Mexican generals by the time he gets done with u all! Hey, every agency across the state is hiring.

  • Re #24:

    Frank, is that a real question? These folks just recovered damages for, among other things, transfers alleged to have been retaliatory in nature, and you appear by this question to be advocating that they should be transferred?

    I think one undeserved verdict lining their pockets is enough, don’t you?

  • McDonnell came in riding a Budweiser horse, high on the saddle proclaiming he was going to reform LASD and to follow him. One year later, he is riding a miniature mule with a cowboy hat 4 sizes too small. The Sheriff was a political selection by the political powers of Los Angeles County. His campaign was backed, funded and supported by every Democrat in town, the fix was in, McD was anointed. With that said, he was given a fair shot by those of us inside LASD, hopes of reform, from top to bottom was all we needed to see. It didn’t happen, it won’t happen. McD retained and promoted the Tanaka crowd, the very cancer that was and is killing LASD. Instead of being a true reformer, he decided to “go along to get along,” giving everyone the “You have a clean slate,” speech. Well, what you did Sheriff is allow the like of Rothans, who misguided you from day one, to do Tanaka’s bidding. You doubt me? Just look at the promotions Rothans and his clan talked you into making. Then, the real Rothans was exposed with his G-ride, a sign of his arrogance. The Sheriff simply does not have the management skills and the balls to clean house. He simply wanted love, adulation and loyalty EXACTLY like Baca. The Tanaka people he promoted and retained is exactly what was NOT needed inside LASD. Well Sheriff, you simply demolished any chance of reform there was. At least you are not evil, that I will give you. But you are simply WAY over your head, you were the day you walked in. You had no clue to the operational matrix of LASD, you had no clue to the complexity of LASD and you either had no clue or cared not to know, how much the good men and women of LASD suffered under the corruption of the Baca/Tanaka regime. As an overwhelming number of disappointed and disgusted members of LASD will say, “Nothing has changed.” You have squandered your opportunity, a full year plus, has gone by, we now know what you are all about. It is a shame, you were given an opportunity to do the right thing, yet instead, you simply did the easy thing and that was you closed your eyes. You are surrounded by the like of Paul Tanaka clones and drones who are doing his bidding right under your nose. Now Sheriff, you have a cadre of wonderful employees who have simply thrown their hands in the air and are simply showing up for a paycheck and waiting for retirement, I’m one of them. History has already judged you by your actions and inactions. Guess you better focus on those new uniforms, that is truly a pressing issue. Your circle will clap and slap you on the back, praising you for your leadership. Just like they did for Baca.

  • Argus..I agree with you summation. It’s pretty obvious at the this point we have a Sheriff is only concerned with making superficial changes and surface level changes that will look good for the voters and serve as a “his legacy/signature.” It’s also apparent the head of custody only looked at LASD as a stepping stone for the top spot at CDCR.

    I guess people in top spots only get to those spots by having a clear vision on whats best of “No 1”, ability to analyze a situation, formulate a plan and market/sell said plain to the unsuspecting dupes where they come in on the “proverbial white horse” and solve all the ills. LASD got “duped, played, had, snookered” or whatever adjective can be used to describe a situation where someone “drinks your milkshake.” Just more of the same, business as usual and maintenance of the status quo.

  • Ditto, spot on Argus and Koestler. We have a new version of the peter principle, a concept that assumes people are promoted to their level of incompetence. The LASD version, unfortunately, never stops there. The unqualified are promoted, deemed incompetent, transferred, deemed incompetent, promoted again, deemed incompetent, transferred again, deemed incompetent, promoted again, and then the troops wonder why their unit commander, commander, division chief, or assistant sheriff is as worthless as the day is long.

    If you ever took the time to behold what these mental giants are doing behind closed doors, don’t trouble yourself too much. Between trying to figure out how to demonstrate to their bosses they are good company men, plotting their next transfer/promotion, and trying to get the Cliff Notes on how someone who actually knew how to do their particular job did it, their calendar is full.

    In an organization in desperate need of reform, nary a peep from all of these managers and executives on what could be done to improve the morale of the line staff. They’ve reached a level of comfort with McDonnell, having realized that he lacks the intestinal fortitude to do the job he was voted into office for. The old saying, “the beheadings will continue until morale improves” is actually a standard management practice of McDonnell and company. I wonder if they picked that up at the FBI National Academy?

    McDonnell, you have managed in one year to alienate yourself from the line staff of the organization. If you think a high body count of firings will be Exhibit A for your reelection strategy for the media, guess again. Employees who do criminal acts and stupid shit will be fired as they always have been. The ones that need to be fired, demoted, or forced into retirement are the very ones you’ve decided to surround yourself with and call your management team. Fresh eyes in action, indeed.

    When your management team continues to put their narrow self-interest ahead of the department’s, you’ve lost sight of the reason you were elected sheriff. The elevation of self-interest over the public’s interest is what got the LASD into the mess it did, why on earth would you want to continue that “tradition?”

    Sheriff McDonnell, I hope you bother reading these forums. The troops want to serve the public, enjoy stability in their professional lives, and be a member of a merit-based organization with a stellar reputation, both in the community and within the profession. You’ve been a spectacular failure on all counts. Maybe you don’t care because you believe you are scoring points with the LA Times and the political establishment, just like Baca did, and lined up your next endorsements.

    You can claim to be all you want to, put five stars on your collar, but you wont’ be considered a leader. That has to be earned, the hard way.

  • #26

    Are you kidding me, the Department recently did the same thing and forced transferred several people. The same thing is happening again. I guess the Department will be paying out some additional monies. It never changes…..piss poor leadership and listening to the wrong executives…..

  • So, when is ole Tom Carey gonna start snitching on everyone. If he calls you, the conversation is recorded.

  • LATBG, Really Now, Argus, and All: The election for Los Angeles County Sheriff in 2018 must start immediately. FTF

  • LATBG,
    Re: #31, I’m surprised you ever thought anything was going to change. McD was, is and will always be a political bird. This time he found an awful sweet limb to land on thanks to Baca/Tanaka. He has that D next to his name come re-election time. He will carry the endorsements of the D machine that runs LA County politics. Get used to him. Learn to live with it. He’s going to be the sheriff for a long time.

    With all due respect, you were in denial prior to the election when you stated numerous times that an outsider from LAPD would be never be sheriff. Re: the second sentence in paragraph four of your comment in #31, you’re in denial again. McD will be reelected in a landslide in the next election.

    Baca didn’t need the support of the troops. All he needed was a cozy relationship with the LA media and support from the D machine that runs LA County. As piss poor of a leader as McD is, he isn’t stupid. He will use the same strategy/tactics as Baca did to stay in office. It will be successful. For christ sakes man, all anybody had to do when Baca was sheriff was to ask themselves how such an incompetent, mentally unstable, distracted and out of touch fool could continue to get reelected time and time again. Do you think McD never asked himself that question? Do you think he doesn’t realize the formula to get reelected in LA County, even if you’re as big of fuck up as Baca? Of course he realizes it. Of course he’ll use that formula. Of course it will be successful.

    Tell you what, I’ll just write the second sentence in paragraph four of #31 off to you needing to vent. Everybody needs to vent once in a while.

    Learn to live with McD. Minus him losing his fucking mind and pissing all over the fed’s shoes like Baca and Tanaka did, McD will be around until the media and the LA D machine decide they don’t want him around anymore. It’s a sad reality. But it IS a reality.

  • Oh Well, I agree with your observations, McDonnell is another in a long line of opportunist politicians and the political establishment loves to anoint the sheriff. Rather than to give in to absolute cynicism, I will hold on to the belief that times are changing.

    In politics, nothing is written in stone, and two years is an eternity. If everyone were to think like you, nothing would ever change, yet things still change. The media itself is losing its grip on the narrative with the advent of social media. Established political parties are seeing their bases eroded to independents and moderates everywhere.

    McDonnell remaining in office for another term will come down to performance. A failure to clean house, a litany of lawsuits and defeats in courts, and one or two really bad videos changes the equation. Just ask Rahm Emanuel in Chicago.

  • If the 2018 “Sheriff of Los Angeles County” nomination “wars” start now, I’m not sure that will be enough time to wake up the somnolescent voters of Los Angeles County.

    However, that does seem to be the only alternative to watching this once-great LASD completely fail and end up being commanded under a Federal conservatorship – so we need to get to work asap!

    In the meantime – I wouldn’t recommend any job at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to anyone. To all newcomers and job seekers – you will be faced with the same quandry’s that have resulted in so many sworn employees ending up in, or heading to, Federal Prison. You will be faced with the same questions – Do I “follow orders” – illegal though they may be – or do I do the right thing and fight the continuing Executive Cadre Corruption? Fighting the Executive Cadre Corruption has only served to absolutely destroy the careers and livelihoods of so many ethical employees. And that when the corrupt executives were not satisfied with merely destroying an employees’ career, the Corrupt Executives gleefully reached beyond, to destroy the very life of those employees. You need to know that there is no law in this land that actually protects a lawful employee who refuses to commit a crime, as directed by a corrupt LASD executive.

    And so I say to the young, energetic, ethical and innocent applicant – seek employment elsewhere. After nearly thirty years with this LASD, this is my best advice to you.

  • In my opinion, the ONLY hope for LASD reform of the likes that should have occurred from “fresh eyes” McD is for ALADS and PPOA to step up and start exposing the Sheriff’s inactions and continuation of Tanaka reign of terror. That reign of terror is being subtly continued by the EPC’s recommendations of promotions to a now know TOTALLY clues McD. The unions don’t have to take a slash and burn approach, but rather “educate” the media on what has and has not happened over the first year McD’ non-reform year as Sheriff. There is NO OTHER ENTITY that can pull this off. Expose his lack of reform, his Tanaka promotions and Tanaka retentions. Expose the low morale, the high expectations and the low return. ALADS and PPOA have the ability and the money to pull this off in a series of news conferences and media ads. McD has some successes and in fairness those should be accentuated, but the internal failures are just that. Rothans, a Tanaka insider, can be the poster boy. If these two unions do not pull this off, then they are right back to where they were during the Baca and Tanaka reign of terror, being lapdogs.

    Oh Well is correct, McD is doing all the things Baca did ti ingratiate himself with the media. We are stuck with him unless another Baca/Tanaka epic scandal erupts and he too smart and too honest for that to happen, that is a complement. But look who he has around him, a 3K G-ride is the tip of the iceberg. ALADS and PPOA, be “the solution” for your memberships.

  • Some good ideas above. The Department puts out those media releases… “Sheriff McDonnell promotes BLANK (pun TOTALLY intended) to the rank of…..” and gives a bio. to the media. ALADS and PPOA should work together and release their own, ALL the truths, BLANK promoted to …. to the media each time the wolf in the hen house, whom the new farmer (McDonnell) should have chased off, gets more hens (money/power) to feed upon.

    Farmer McDonald (McDonnell)….. E, I, E, I, Ohhhhh!!!

  • Ladies and Gents,

    We are better than this. ALADs is not going to do anything controversial or that cost $$$. It eats into their bottom line and it requires actual intelligence, which they lack over there.

    They are not innocent in this war either. I can count a few deputies who were/are forced to fight alone as a direct result of the Shinee political machine. The same machine that works with Tanaka.

    LAPD has three separate legal firms for this very reason, but nooo not us. We have simple minded reasons for keeping an old dusty firm that does not release to its membership any information.

    See you in 2016!! #deputylivesmatter i think… sometimes… maybe… not at LASD.

  • B.O.L.O – Has anyone seen Reserve Deputy Richard Elmassian???
    Oh no he just lost his reserve status a few weeks ago! stand bye, he might get it back when he mentions the below list of gifts he lavishly gave to different Department members. Eli Vera, (Rolex Watch) his wife Liza Vera (diamonds). Chief Tom Lainge (Refurbished Rolex watch, Wedding set for his Son who married in 2009, and is still on the department. Chief Jim Hellmold (Rolex Mariner), Jims wife diamond bracelet and ring given to Jim during his campaign.
    Sgt Morrie Zager flew Richard to several locations throughout LA County for nice meals, landing at places like West Hollywood station, taking a radio car to Beverly hills for Steak dinners at Mortons Steak House and the “City Club” where Elmassian is a member. After a nice dinner they would fly to Pomona and sit in the Lazy Boy recliners that Elmassian bought and watch TV on the Big Screen that Elmassian bought while there food settled. Zager and Johnny O both have Rolex watches from Elmassian – imagine that. Joey Finnel (Breitling Watch). Jim Wolack (Watch). Several items to several people which will all come to light if he doesn’t get his job back. stand bye and watch! (Pun intended)

  • Re: “Alads the solution for membership”…….. only in a perfect world.

    You’re either new or a meth head. Repeat the ALADS Members Mantra every month. Pay your dues (no choice) shut your mouth and look in the other direction.

  • Argus,
    I don’t think ALADS and PPOA have the political power nor the political will to get McD defeated in the next election. There were previous elections in which ALADS didn’t endorse Baca. Didn’t matter. I agree with you re: McD being too smart and too honest to get caught up in scandals like Baca.
    I think your hope lays in your “one or two really bad videos” scenario. If there’s massive protests or a riot(s) the media and the LA D machine will turn on McD re: “good racial manners” and political correctness. That’s the only way he’s ousted.
    I understand you wanting to keep the faith and fight the good fight. I myself am a read the writing on the wall and accept the realities of the situation kind of guy. The minute McD entered the race, there was no race. It was over. Done deal. It’s not like I was smart or more politically aware for predicting McD was going to be the sheriff the minute he entered the race. It was simply a matter of acceptance of reality.

  • @41 Very interesting. If all that is true, I do not see any difference there between those mentioned and Rothans. They received gifts based upon their position on the Dept. Gifts of that magnitude are required to be reported by any public official. And yes by definition they are public officials. I just have to wonder what other names (if any of this is true) will be added to that list? It seems to me there is also a Chief that is very tight with Reserves and those mentioned. Again if any of this is true, it will be interesting times.

  • There was only one election where Baca was not endorsed by ALADS. Baca retaliated against the particular board member who spearheaded that campaign. That individual went to ERCOM to file a complaint (that’s another story) It will go to court in 2016. Stay tuned as it will be a doozie.

  • IF,,,,,,,and I repeat IF,,,,,,,#41 is true, it begs the question: Will these knuckleheads ever learn? So now we have a former reserve who can basically (let’s see now, is blackmail or extort the better descriptor?) LASD execs. because they accepted expensive gifts.
    Even if the execs. accepting these gifts doesn’t meet the standard of criminality, it shows extremely bad judgment and a lack of ethics.
    The helicopter rides? Typical. Aero Bureau being used to chauffeur friends/donors/etc. around.
    This is the type of bullshit that McD should have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for. IF what #41 alleges is true, McD should drop the hammer on those involved.

  • @41, B.O.L.O? [Edited by WitnessLA. You should know better.] You forgot to mention my Omega Seamaster and Tungsten Carbide band. Now go tell the Capt. about that one too (You seem to be in his office daily telling on one crew or another). No, Long Beach can not have our Lazy Boys or TV’s, you can take the Coke machine though. Nothing else to pass, see you up there.

  • Oh Well: Good point to acknowledge the all powerful “D”. Demographics Dictate the Direction of politics here on the liberal left Coast. The majority of yesteryear is now history in California and the new majority, like it or not is here to stay. With that being said, political reality indictates that any politician (Sheriff included) especially in Los Angeles County needs a very broad ethnic base to win and stay in public office. When in Rome……..

  • @41, BOLO, do you have anymore specifics? Was there a quid pro quo situation? In other words, did Helmold and the others return any favors for these gifts? Any other information? Very interesting, a play out of the Baca, Tanaka playbook with an Armenian connection.

  • 2016 should be named as and themed disclosure and exposure with beginning with Tanaka’s Federal Trial.

    Sources tell me that Richard Shinee aka general counsel for Alads will be subpoenaed for various misdeeds that he tried to sweep under his rug.


    This naming of names without any proof is once again getting out of hand. I trashed one comment that got down right slanderous.

    Please be mindful, everyone. Happy 2016.


  • Be careful of what you say, the retaliation machine is alive and still on the department-to the chagrin of those fed up with it all!

  • First of all, I offer an apology on behalf of my former partner, Frank Murphy. It appears he continues to spew out assumptions based on emotional instability. The medical community suggested it was a result of an abnormality related to the Amygdala gland enhanced by the continued daily abuse of “Androgel.”
    Frank and his real world “JAFO” are HUGE benefactors and supporters of former Reserve Deputy Elmassian. Mr. Elmassian may have adorned several members on the department with gifts as outlined in #41 by B.O.L.O. His act of bestowing is recognized as business and is usually accompanied by its sister, “Leverage.” When “Leverage” would call, Frank and his “JAFO” couldn’t genuflect enough to appease her, many times at the expense of fellow Department members.
    Frank, have you identified B.O.L.O.? The advisory board at The Village Barber closed her doors and ran around the corner to Lordsburg Tap House for a few shots to subdue the pain to her sides. The betting line at Norm’s Hanger points to a (ROD) Department member who was just awarded a “fart” of a judgment for supporting an Asian man.
    Please Frank, stop with your emotional and sarcastic rants, thinking you can identify someone on this thread. The reality is, you don’t know. You continue to display the walk of a fool, you know, walking with one foot on the sidewalk and the other in the gutter? Enjoy your retirement with some form of dignity, display professionalism at Pomona Court and enjoy the supplemental income, we heard you’re going to need it since Anna has obtained an Attorney! Anyway, try to have a Happy New Year. We have popcorn and a “cold pop” standing by.

  • Celeste
    There is no proof because no one wants to investigate it. The corruption of the promotional process went on for over ten years. Baca knew so of course he was not going to investigate. Where was Scott and now McDonald supposed to start.

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