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Job Changes, Investigations, & a Demotion for 3 LA Sheriff’s Dept. Captains – UPDATED


We often hear through the grapevine about personnel changes at the sheriff’s department. Some of what we hear turns out to be merely gossip. But in the cases outlined below, we were able to confirm the changes involving two captains and one acting captain. Moreover, refreshingly, when we contacted LASD spokespeople to ask about the personnel movements in question, although Undersheriff Neal Tyler could not talk directly about any of the cases, he confirmed what he could clearly and forthrightly—without any of the dodging we have sometimes experienced in past years.

Since this story was first posted, we have heard about possible additional changes. We will keep you up to date, as are able to verify the information we have received.


In the past week, two captains and one acting captain of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department were variously transferred pending an investigation, relieved of duty pending an investigation, or simply demoted and moved to another assignment—an unusual number of LASD management figures to be subject to such changes all at once.

Here are some of the details:

Captain Robert Tubbs was relieved of duty last Thursday pending an internal administrative investigation, the department’s second in command, acting undersheriff Neal Tyler, confirmed to us on Monday. The investigation reportedly involves a potential policy violation.

Up until last week, Tubbs was the captain of the department’s Court Services Transportation Division, which is responsible for busing prisoners as needed from jails to over 50 LA County courts.

The second captain to be moved is Anselmo Gonzalez, who was the head of the North County Correctional Facility (NCCF), one of LA county’s northern jail facilities, located in Castaic, near Magic Mountain. Tyler confirmed that Gonzalez and four others under his command, have been transferred to assignments where they have no contact with inmates, pending an internal criminal investigation. “Those people have been reassigned to non-inmate contact jobs while investigators review evidence and conduct interviews,” Tyler said.

As to what kind of criminal investigation had triggered the moves, Tyler said it had to do with “inmate treatment and safety.” The actions being investigated were different from classic inmate abuse, he said. “It has to with our concern that inmates are treated humanely and safely, and their physical and other kinds of welfare are not jeopardized.”

The third supervisor to be moved was acting Captain Chris Brackpool, who was demoted to lieutenant and removed as head of Operation Safe Streets (OSS), the department’s gang unit. In the case of Brackpool, Tyler verified the demotion but he would not specify the reason. Yet, those familiar with the matter reported that Brackpool’s demotion had to do with uniforms.


This requires a little backstory.

Unlike the LAPD where there has long been a strong focus on appearance, in the last few years some parts of the sheriff’s department had gotten a little less—well—uniform, about uniforms. The patrol deputies still wore their regular tan and green class A uniforms (with shirts that come in long or short sleeves). The detectives still had the tradition of wearing suits or sport coats. But some of the specialized divisions were reportedly allowed—even encouraged—to have their own way of dressing. In the case of OSS, the variations evolved until most team members were wearing jeans- (of various shades and washes of denim), with t-shirts, tennis shoes, and green raid jackets, the latter the only nod to any kind of official garment.

When McDonnell was sworn in, he took over a department that was riven by factions, plagued by diving morale, and still reeling from years of negative publicity. One of the symbolic changes he made, as he had when he became chief of the Long Beach Police Department, was to institute a more consistent policy of dress for everyone—the OSS guys included. In other words, they were asked to start wearing uniforms.

In response to the new directive, Captain Brackpool reportedly sent out a memo to his OSS people that they didn’t need to worry about the sheriff’s new thingy about uniforms. They could carry on with their jeans and raid jackets—or a message reportedly to that effect.

Undersheriff Tyler confirmed the part about McDonnell desiring more formality of dress. “He came in here with extremely high standards of professionalism,” Tyler said, “demonstrated by how we talk to people and how we look in the field. He told me one time that he’s kind of a stickler for spit and polish.”

Some people have been more resistant than others to the new dictates, Tyler admitted. As a consequence, “the sheriff will have to make changes with people who are in key jobs that require more than grudging support—or grudging non-support.”

Whether that is indeed what happened with Brackpool, Tyler wouldn’t say.


According to those close to the department, two of the three captains—namely Brackpool and Tubbs—- have had the reputation for being very strong Tanaka supporters. They’d both given to Tanaka’s past political campaigns for mayor of Gardena. And Tubbs was one of those department members who physically stood behind Mr. Tanaka when the former undersheriff announced his candidacy for sheriff at a press conference in August 2013.

Tubbs was also one of eight LASD supervisors who filed suit against former Sheriff Lee Baca in January 2014 alleging that each had been moved away from their desirable assignments to less desirable positions as a retaliation for supporting Tanaka. ((Tubbs had been moved into his recent Court Transportation post from a previous plum position as the head of Community Oriented Policing Services—–or COPS—a program over which Tanaka at one time reportedly exercised a great deal of control.

According to Tyler and others who work with McDonnell, the matter of who may or may not have prior loyalties to whom does not play a part in the new sheriff’s actions.

Yet it appears sure that there will be further alterations in personnel.

“He’s taking his time to really look at our department, how we have it organized—both personnel and systems—and thinking clearly and analytically about where changes ought to be made,” said Tyler of McDonnell. “This means there will be job swaps and promotions, and potentially demotions. There will be some hard decisions to make. “


  • Evidently Undersheriff Tyler didn’t discuss the history of Safe Streets Bureau and it’s traditional uniform with Sheriff McDonnell. Remember the old saying “don’t fix it if it’s not broken”
    Don’t make changes just for the sake of change!

  • I love the revenge of the nerds story! Get her done McDonnell clan. This is how the Baca show started out too.

    Hey why is the guy that was chummiest with Chief Abner our Undersheriff? He doesn’t know anything about the storied histories in EPC…

    Lastly, Tyler talking about the Sheriff obsession with spit and polish kind of creeped me out. Just saying… I for one am obssesed with elbow greese and house cleaning.

    Oh Well!, what can one really as sheriff these days?

  • Finally the new Sheriff is getting warmed up. Today Chief Lopez announced his sudden retirement, AKA, I don’t want demoted. Who is next? Chief of Detectives Needs to go, Buddy (I made Tank’s cigar coin) Goldman is probably on the shortlist along with Hellmold to be a Commander at best. I wonder if boy wonder remembers how hard he checked Sheriff a few times in debates. A/S Barrantes has had a good run but also time to move on. A lot of people will say this is retaliation against Tanaka’s people, but the plain truth is that they were promoted way beyond their capabilities. McDonnell will identify these people and respond accordingly. Tyler needs to go back and be a reserve, his XO days are numbered. If McDonnell likes spit and polish please loan Tyler a 20.00 for a real haircut. Many of us have hope for this once great Department as McDonnell has displayed the fortitude to make the hard decisions. Sheriff needs to also right some of Scott’s BS promotions. Scott did the same thing as the previous admin. Promoted a lot of Carson people and made two Commanders who were Captains less than a year. Captain of IRC off stress since he can’t handle job, another bad Scott promotion. Brackpool was a Scott promotion who was so far up Tanaka’s ass until the fall of T and then he snuggled up to Hellmold and Rothans inherited him as an Aide. Sheriff also needs to look at Captain at Century who sports a Viking tattoo. That will cost us million$$ in civil suits as attorneys represent that the head of Century Station has a tattoo that has been described as racist by a Federal judge. That promotion was another Shazamm that Hellmold pulled over on Baca. You could R/C arrest Hellmold on Elder Abuse.

    Cant wait for more March announcements….FTF

  • First off, Tyler is an idiot! I’ve seen that clown walk around with his Class A shirt draped over his shoulder, at a recruit graduation ceremony. Tyler it’s time for you to go. You should have left when that wanna be Sheriff Scott left. You two clowns walking around looked like Laurel and Hardy. Now as far as the new Sheriff goes, do you have any idea what that green jacket represents? It’s “A Tradition of Service.” That green jacket and the fine men and women who have worn it, have street cred with the gang members on the street. That jacket is recognizable to any hardened gang member. Several times while working patrol, the folks I arrested requested to talk to one of the green jackets. They knew they were gang detectives, and they respected them and the green jacket. It’s a shame and quite frankly a kick in the nuts, that you see it necessary to get rid of it. Once again. We are NOT LAPD. we are LASD. And do you have any idea, what a fine man, and great leader Chris Brackpool is. That man busted his ass for my Sheriff’s Dept. He, unlike you, worked his way through the ranks of LASD. It’s a damn shame that you would try and make an example out of him. He is a cops cop. He leads from the front, and supports his troops. That man put some very, very bad people in prison as a homicide Detective. How can you throw him under the bus? You should be ashamed of yourself. That man did what any respected supervisor should do. He tried to soften the blow and relate with his troops, so the morale wouldn’t go down the drain. What do you want, a bunch of spineless sheep working for you? A bunch of coward ass yes men? Hey Sheriff, when the crime rate explodes, and the arrests and solve rates go down, you’re gonna have nobody to blame but yourself. Your off to a shaky start. Quit trying to lead with an unnecessary iron fist. Because this Tan and Green machine, can make your first and last 4 years embarrassing.

  • Really? Threats? Tradition of service? U wanna do what u want? Run for office and win. Otherwise shut ur piehole. Real classy. Just oozes judgement….not. How embarrassing. A man crush,too?

  • Ok, Power down puppies. The new Sheriff is doing what all new guys do, making a play. Planting his feet and saying “I’m in charge.” Chris is a great cop, stellar guy. But he, like most of us sometimes place our foot in mouth. He will do fine.
    Capt Tubbs needs a clue, not sure if he will find it or the door. Love the guy, but maybe a rank above ability. Now Captain Gonzalez? I am shocked but not. He trusts his people, and I think when the wash is done on that load, he will be fine.
    But look at the others, Helmold, Lopez, Parra and who else?
    Interesting. Don’t look at the demotions look at the replacements. Folks this new guy wants us to go places where we are not comfortable. He wants us on the podium with LAPD and the FBI and NYPD, places we have no interest in. Those are political pools of feces, with nothing more than PR for crime stats. I hope he looks at who we are, were, before Mr T, and Baca. I mean the street folks, just guys and girls who want to take the bad guy to jail. Sadly I think he wants to be a part of the “look at us” club.
    Nothing against spit and polish, Semper Fi, but you have to be able to let the people fight crime.

  • McDonnell Is cleaning house. Go McDonnell

    @ 4….obviously your time is up.

    You have a choice to accept the “now” or retire on “old memories.” I laugh at guys like you.

  • Smh: Actually “Tradition” got it right. You however seem to be lacking in some basic English skills. Please go back to school before you go to patrol. Talk about

  • Re: Tradition of Service, or is it tradition of ass-kissing? The man you appear to have a man-crush on, wasn’t that the same guy who wanted to turn in his badge and gun after being promoted to sergeant for a week because it was too hard? The same guy who Tanaka took under his wing, and returned him to his previous job at sergeant pay no less, gave him the answers to the lieutenant test, and jump-started him to the rank of captain, along with his wife, over so many qualified and non-cigar coin holding lieutenants?

    McDonnell, keep doing what you’re doing, because you’re heading in the right direction. The more the Tanaka sycophants and cronies whine on these boards, the more accurate your moves are.

  • The circus is being dismantled. Say what you want, but finally we have a Sheriff who sees through the “Tradition of Cronyism & Bullying” Yes it is pretty painful to have an “outsider” take over your playground.
    The last regime thought they were untouchable. They left a trail of dysfunction & destruction. It’s about time that LASD gets back into the game of “Professionalism”.
    I shake my head at those who can’t let go. They can share “war stories” over “beer and brats”. They can even see who still has the admission coin to the cigar club.Too many more shameful stories to mention. Farewell Assholes… Que Sara.

  • I’ve known Anselmo Gonzalez since he was a sergeant. I knew him to be extremely hard working, brilliant and highly ethical supervisor. I find his situation very hard to believe. Maybe he did not know what was going on, but it was his watch and he is being held accountable. I hope everything turns out well for him.

  • @ “Good bye Mr T Clan and “LATBG,” well said. It seems the “smoke and mirrors” guys are impressed with the “smoke and mirrors” guys. Brackpool was a descent Cop, but a “Cops, Cop,” more of a talker than anything! The really impressive Cops are still doing “police work,” if not retired!

  • Oh Happy Days- you stupid shit sipper! It’s “Que Sera Sera”. Get your references right. Who’s Sara, your ugly little sister?

  • I agree, #4 got it right. Captain Brackpool is a stand up guy. He fought for his troops, showed leadership, and what does he get?
    It appears the new sheriff is posturing and creating his “Yes Men” pool.
    Don’t give the Sheriff any bad news or you could be demoted.
    Isn’t that what the last regime (Mr. T) instilled on the executives during Baca’s reign???

  • Dulce, why dear, I almost forgot about one of my favorite Tanaka sycophants! Many have had the decency to bow their heads and quietly leave the room, but occasionally they tend to spout off when reality intrudes on their ill-deserved ranks. It’s okay, we understand.

  • Seems there are a few more names on McDee’s list of Tanaka parasites who are are taking a plunge into the demotion car. Couldn’t happen to a better batch of self serving clowns who all thought sky was the limit as long as their ringmaster PT was juggling the balls and calling the shots. Another round of demotions are on the horizon with many more in the bullpen warming up. As for CB, decent guy, but way over his head as a captain. He will make a fine WC at PDC. It will give him time to do a little reflection on why he tied his wagon to “the car” that was bound to have gone over the cliff. And more importantly, what he and others, did to hurt good people to please the little man. This is just starting and boy oh boy, is it going to be fun to watch. Karma can be a bitch at times.

  • About time change has occurred. I say go Sheriff Mcdonnell….Good luck….and good riddens to all those who supported Tanaka….retire and dont let the door hit you

  • This is obvious to anyone, ANYONE who sits on the sidelines and is unconnected to the LASD, that what we have here in the comment section is a classic case of the geeks and losers finally seeing their chance to sitting at the popular kids table.
    Rarely does anyone comment on any topic here unless it’s about the LASD, so obviously you all work there. And envy. And have envied for years.
    And now you’re lustily smacking your lips to replace the fallen with the same actions you pin on them! See the hypocrisy?

  • Obviously the basic sniper course worked out well for Tyler and McDonnell. Tyler the spotter and McDonnell with the rifle. Love those confirmed kills.

  • @ 15 Smokey Mirror

    You must be a coin holder. It’s value is worthless as a slug, just like you.

    I’m surprised at the angry Tanaka Tikes who are making a last stand before the clown costume comes off. Go McDonnell!

  • Lol. Thnx for the compliment, Bandicoot. I so miss ur overwrought soliloquies–short, cutting and to the point. For once ur faux intellect didn’t get in the way. Ur pretty good. Smooches.xoxoxo.

  • #16 Love the Job: Said it best Mcdonnell is just creating his pool of “YES MAN.” It’s the same ol’ story with LASD. Out with the old PT regime in with McD regime. It will happen again. McD will have applicants lined up outside his office to ride his coat tails.

    On a side note I’m not sure 4 years is enough to rid LASD of PT players on the Dept.

  • Pandora’s Box crew was issued a bond today. Hope you boys will stop spitting on them. How about Judge Anderson getting overruled right off the back.

    Fox, Rhodes, and Carter not looking like the powerhouse LLP they thought…

  • Georgia Peach, wishing those who deserve a good comeuppance a chance to get what is due to them should never be confused for wanting to be like them. Sorry to burst your bubble, but they never were the popular kids at the popular table, more like the spoiled brats who never learned to play in the sandbox well with others. In your words: “And now you’re lustily smacking your lips to replace the fallen with the same actions you pin on them! See the hypocrisy?”

    That you think honest men and women of the department, with both integrity and a sense of self-worth, would want to follow in their footsteps is a laugh. I wouldn’t be caught dead doing anything those fools ever did, and I’m willing to bet they wish they hadn’t followed their “fearless” leader either.

    But if it makes you feel better to think everyone wants to be just like them (or is it you?) suit yourself.

  • Bullcrap. This is what I see every one of you as. Two years of whining. I’ve been here watching from far, far away. Two thousand five hundred miles away. I have no skin in your game. No family in the LASD.

    Now look at you all. Becoming what you “hated?”

  • And I believe you would be caught dead sitting at the popular kids table. I believe every one here is scrambling for a seat. It’shuman nature.

  • Pretty boy Hellmold is looking into pulling the plug. Maybe going to La Puente School District PD???

  • Sheriff McDonnell’s first impression may rattle a few. When the dust settles from movement, all sworn deputies will know what’s required and expected.

    Lets be real…….LASD was out of control.

    I’m sure Bratton received a stiff reception when he went to LAPD not so long ago. Ditto for McDonnell. Be it good or bad, only time will tell.

  • Hellmold to La Puente School District? That is hilarious, but come to think of it, he would make an excellent crossing guard. He is an absolute fraud on so many levels, promoted well beyond his abilities. But you can thank Waldie and Baca for those series of bowel movement promotions Jim received. Yep, an absolute fraud. McD knew that coming in and one of his first moves was to demote Hellmold. Very few folks have any respect for young Jimmy, they just tolerated him and milked him for everything they could. Old Jim Dog thought he was all that, playing double agent with Tanaka and Baca. [WLA EDIT] It’s a long ways down from the top, it always is. But I remember you stated once, “There is no bad job inside LASD, I’m just happy to serve the organization.”

    You were always part of the problem, never part of the solution. Like so many who are getting that 10-19, your number is up. Keep cleaning house Sheriff, you are off to a good start.


    Forgive the intrusion on the discussion, but I wanted to clear up a point of confusion. I’ve gotten a few emails indicating that some thought that the information about the 2 captains and acting captain above was given to us by LASD spokespeople. To the contrary, as noted in the update, we came to the LASD officials and asked them to confirm what we already knew. Undersheriff Tyler appropriately declined to comment on the cases, but verified for us what he could.

    Okay, that’s it. We’ll have more soon. Happy Saturday!


  • The rumor mills abound. What has been learned and not mentioned here. Common sense dictates that when you become management, you act like management. It is said that Tubbs tried to bring back the infamous cigar patio created by Tanaka. When told to cease and desist with that idea, he plodded along down the path ignoring the warning. Hence he has been written up for insubordination. Brackpool just forgot for a second that he was in line to become a Captain. He was advised that the new order doing away with jeans and raid jackets would stand. His mistake was that he sent out a blanket email to each and every Deputy in OSS saying the order would stand. He was fine up until he added the part where he included that he did not agree with the order.

  • @”Georgia Peach,” maybe that is why you are 2500 miles away with “no skin in the game,” because you make bad assumptions. Your idea of “human nature” to want to be part of the “popular kids” is probably correct, however who are the popular kids! That is probably where we will part ways.

    To me the “popular kids table” has many vacancies, so there is no “scrambling for a seat.” It is populated with those who refuse to sell out by sticking to their morals (no executives here)! That, is not necessarily “human nature,” but it is honorable, and unfortunately our Department is lacking people who should be sitting at that table!

    Do some research, there are people who could have been part of your idea of the “popular kids table,” and chose not to go that route. So don’t make assumptions by saying “everyone!”

  • Go, Sherif McDonnell Go, and please do not forget about the 8th floor at TTCF as it is riddled with non-sense.

  • Well, the little birdie was right a couple of weeks ago…changes are coming. This was two days before Lt. transfer list went out on JDIC. At least the transfer list included a good Lt. going into Homicide Bureau. For those of you working CRDF, well…..

  • Sorry Huh, but I’m just not seeing morals here.
    I challenge you (all the regulars) to quietly go back in time and re-read all your posts pertaining to anything LASD related. After all, that’s the hot topic on this blog. And it’s a very well put together blog I must say, if it is a bit (a lot) biased.
    So re-read your posts the last year and a half or so. Are you proud?
    Can your fellow man be that bad? People aren’t that bad. But you all get on a mob mentality wagon and just destroy people.
    Then you become that which you hated.
    Remember, no one is “bullet proof.” Your job could be next.

  • @ Forever Green.
    I work TST hence I will tell you that I am anti-Tanaka and against anyone who shared his traits. Tubbs, along with other smokers( also anti-Tanaka) needed an area to smoke (cigarettes & cigars) away from non smokers.
    He emphatically did not try to start a club.
    Trust me…..The deputies who work TST will back him 100%. He is a good Captain who did his job and allowed the deputies to do their job.
    Before you make accusations or pass on rumors, I suggest that you have the facts. Let go of the past and move on. Judge a man on his action and not on past associations.

  • @”Georgia Peach”: Where you lose me is where you say “you become what you hated.” Don’t buy off on some people’s posts about the new Sheriff surrounding himself with “yes men,” similar to what Tanaka did. It’s really too soon to tell.

    The demotions and retirements of specific people are long over due. Sure there are some people who have changed their loyalty, to survive, but isn’t that from where the term “shape up or ship out” comes! But, this is where the morals come in, some people did all of Tanaka’s “dirty work” for him and it got them promoted. This would be what you believe is the “popular kids table.” When you are talking about 10k employees and only hundreds sold their soul, I wouldn’t call them the “popular kids.” Are Bullies the “popular kids,” not usually, but they appear to be because people fear them. Now that Tanaka is gone, the fear is dying as the Bullies fade away!

    “Can your fellow man be that bad!” if you asked me that over 20 years ago I would have said no, today I say yes! As far as the mob mentality destroying people! This blog is only words, telling it like it is. All those, of whom you speak, that are being destroyed are making big dollars. The destruction was brought on by them ruining peoples career, because they wouldn’t bow down to them.

    As far as being “bullet proof,” believe me those of us speaking up on this blog know we are not, but some of us have been willing to speak up, in “real” life and our careers have suffered. And, I guarantee my job won’t be next because, first no one wants it, second it would be to obvious to take it, without cause, and those who would do that are gone!

    Lastly, no I am not proud of what this department has become or these posts, but I hope to be one day!

  • Georgia, I don’t know how long you have been retired and away from the daily operation of LASD. But the last 12 years have been a living hell for the majority ethical, hardworking and loyal members of LASD. Tanaka was the most corrupt, arrogant, incompetent and dangerous person to “rule” LASD in modern history. Imagine over a 12 year period, 90% of every individual at the rank of captain and above to be systematically replaced with equally corrupt, unethical and arrogant managers whose ONLY purpose and goal was to please Tanaka. And the only way to please Tanaka was to 1. Bundle large sums of cash for his long planned Sheriff campaign, 2. Bundle money, 3. Bundle money, 4. Appease deputies at any cost so they would support his campaign, 5. Screw anyone and everyone who is labeled as anti-Tanaka, anyone who holds subordinates to ANY type of discipline and standard of professionalism and finally, 6. Display blind loyalty to the little man as those in Pandora’s Box did and of course, Bundle money, cash money. Fists full of cash money. If you were able to accomplish those goals, you were rewarded with promotions and job assignments.

    So Georgia, you need to come off your your perch and back to reality. The prisoners have been freed from Tanaka’s concentration camps and now the guards are going to be dealt with, systematically and for cause. All of those being demoted, all of them, have vasts amounts of blood on their hands. They may be “good people,” but they made their choice and they did it for self serving purposes, self promotion. The Feds are VERY active, they have just started, they are not going away. Many of those who think they have escaped because of retirement, best think again. Karma is at full throttle.

  • If McDonnell wants to clean up this department, he might not want to have those under a current IA investigation who have confessed to being emotionally unstable, lieing in police reports, to his Captain and domestic abuse in active duty. Not making this up…hello Sgt. Corrigan.

  • @ “On The Patch” ….either way Homicide Bureau is getting a good Lt and the jails is a whole other topic. Bravo to “HUH” on recent bog, there are many good sworn and retired who still refuse to turn “dirty” And do others wrong.

  • Captain Tubbs has taken an unwarranted hit. There were cigar smokers @ TST long before his arrival.

  • What is this I’m hearing that McDonnell is demoting and transferring Paul’s people. Doesn’t he know they paid good money for those positions even if they are unqualified. These people bought their positions fair and square. There has been years invested in building up pay for play and just like that it’s all down the drain. These people might want a refund. I need another drink. Where are my keys?

  • Just out curiousity, what’s everyone’s opinion on the uniform changed being top priority along with these changes? Coming from the military to LASD I understand the professional aspect. I think that coming from the military there was also other aspects that came with that, for example not only squared away uniform (boots shined, badge shined, and tailored uniforms) but physical as well. In my eyes that should also be part professionalism.

    Just curious what everyone’s thoughts are on the issue. Also, another side note on this issue since we are “para-military,” as we should be, there are specialized units within the military for example that wore authorized different uniforms and equipment for their own reason (I.E. navy seals, Rangers, and marine force recon). I think that OSS and other units have reasoning to be able to wear a modified uniform.

  • Wow!!!this is very cool all these comments about the Dept’s personnel changes. The cigar club,people paying large amounts of money for promised promotions. Sorry folks the dwarf of doom, Paulie Tanaka, should have never been put in the position he was in.. He took care of guys that saved his ass when he was a patrol Sgt at Lynwood station. But then again he’s always had to have his hand held…Chris Blackpool’s position on the OSS uniform should be set in stone, the guys working that unit deserve to be recognized by that uniform. The gangsters identify and relate to the OSS personnel assigned to the unit. There’s talk of a tradition of service then stick with the tradition OSS has had with pride, hard work, and dedication to their job. New sheriff I wish you the best, but the Sheriff’s Dept is not LAPD or Long Beach P.D. put people that want to be social workers in those positions and cops in those positions they need to be in. The Los Angeles County sheriff’s Dept got it’s rep because the worker bees took care of business… Take care of the lone personnel and put people that no what it takes to take care of the problem before it gets to the brass….

  • Sheriff McDonnell:

    Sir, Having worked many years at Safe Streets Bureau, I can testify to the fact, the “traditional” uniform contributed greatly to our ability to investigate and prosecute Criminal Street Gangs. I’m quite sure Undersheriff Tyler can corroborate my statement. The mark of great leaders, are their abilities to listen to their subordinates and learn from them. Hopefully, you will take the time to reevaluate your decision.

  • Regarding the uniforms. I don’t think that is a personal attack on OSS. I think that some people didn’t wear their uniforms in a professional looking manner. There were to many different kinds of uniforms. We have all seen people abuse the uniform policy. This included station level as well as specialized units. Uniformity is what the department needs, hopefully the new sheriff will understand the importance and will allow the proper changes. The department has a uniform committee to discuss these issues and each unit commander can make his/her pitch regarding the reason (s).

  • @53 Bandwagon: With you being a retiree {your words} why do your offer your 2 cents?
    If you want to smooch up the Sheriff, you should become a reservist with LASD.

  • What is your issue with retirees offering their two cents? As far as kissing up to the Sheriff…just hoping has the character to change his mind on the OSS uniforms. In the mean time….your comments are pretty weak….keep trying though!

  • Special coins, special tattoos, and special uniforms… Were used by Paul and crew to define themselves differently than everyone else. Unfortunately the OSS uniform tradition pre-date Paul’s crowd but is a casualty of his excesses. Give it time and present the right argument and perhaps it can be revisited…

  • Although PT did ruin a lot for the Dept. I don’t see a problem with “special” tattoos, coins, and/or uniforms. My only loci behind that is coming from the Marine Corps, there were units and groups within units that had t-shirts, tattoos, designs, and ETC…I saw it then as i do now as sign of camaraderie and esprit de corps.

  • @Joe Karma~ You asked how long I’ve been retired and away from LASD. That deserves an answer. I’m certainly not old enough to retire and I’ve never stepped foot in California in my life.
    I’ll add, although I doubt you care really, I have no family members or relations of any kind living in CA. I come from a teeny town with a sheriff’s dept of about 5. And we love our Sheriff. I simply happened upon this blog one day long ago and stayed. I do think you all should try harder to like each other, even if you’re so big you don’t know everyone you work with. Sorry.

  • AND I think arguing about cigars is plain silly. I don’t understand and I’m not looking for a back story. Just silly. And improper uniforms????? Good grief.

  • Georgia Peach…..so, you come from a department of 5? 5!!! And you lecture us, a department of 9,000 sworn, REALLY?? Apples and Oranges!! Good grief!!

  • I’m sorry like it was mentioned in #61 5!!!. Are you kidding, that’s a joke right? I think this blog might be to big for you, you might want to go stumble on another one that relates a little bit more towards your scenario. Thanks for the vital input.

  • Hey Georgia Peach: For the record, LASD is the largest Sheriffs Department in the world as we know it.
    Not to knock your agency of 5, but there is no known comparison…..Period.

    I’m sure that we all share the same calling, however we’re talking world’s apart in vast and varied assignments in addition to protecting lives & property.

    You would never understand through this blog. Try to reserve judgement. Granted that you are only stating you opinion. Pleasure to blog with you.Cheers.

  • In reading the story and most of the comments on here, I have a question about the LAPD Chief, I’m sorry, the sheriff. What does any of his command decisions that affect the rank and file have to do with changing corruption. I mean, the deputies that are doing the work on the street are the same ones the media ( I use that word lightly, because this rag is just a bunch of gossip) is calling corrupt. So where is all the change? Shine your boots, another idiot telling deputies they must arrest more misdemeanor druggies because of prop 47? The only thing this clown is going to do is break up our department, try to turn it into LAPD or worse LBPD and we won’t be doing any police work anymore. For years the Sheriff’s Department has been the one holding the floodgates of criminals from victimizing the citizens we serve. What he’s doing is not positive change. There was a reason why at one time the residents of Long Beach wanted us to take over policing in their city. I say who cares, let all the reformers, liberals and suspects take responsibility for their actions and reap their rewards by becoming victims of crime. Meanwhile my tie will be on and my boots shined while I read a book parked under a tree and wait for a call at which time I will drive slowly to and take a report….that’s the change you can count on once you start stopping police work.

  • Of course there’s no comparison. And I wouldn’t trade places with you all for a billion dollars. (It’s darn near Paradise though)
    Buuuut, my opinion centered around the Cool Kids Table and sour grapes etc. And most replied that that Table wasn’t anywhere they’d sit. Nor is it a reason for this feral wolf pack mob commenting.
    I disagree. The cool kids table is a seductive siren song. It’s where I want always to be but would never tear up peoples very reputations to sit there. You all do. It’s not that important.
    I bet you’re all the coolest people at your own dinner table in your childrens eyes. Priorities. No lecture, just observation.

  • #64,
    New Yorker,
    If LASD has been holding back the floodgates……but now the floodgates will be open because of the changes McDonnell is making……..you think you’ll be able to park under a tree and read a book while waiting for a call?

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