#GangstersWithBadges Alex Villanueva

“I was hired,” said IG Max Huntsman to the LA Supes, “in part to tell you if we ever face a Tanaka-level crisis again. We face it now.”

Inspector General Max Huntsman at meeting of LA County Board of Supervisors/WLA
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

On Tuesday, July 23, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of a motion, co-authored by Supervisors Janice Hahn and Mark Ridley-Thomas, to direct County Counsel to develop recommendations within the next 30 days to expand the authority of the Office of the Inspector General to include subpoena power, in order to look into the issue of deputy cliques in the LA County Sheriff’s Department, and also to enable the OIG’s “ongoing review of matters involving” the LASD in general.

In truth, the unanimous vote was nearly a foregone conclusion.

Community members speak out against the Bandito’s clique, and the reinstatement of the ELA station’s logo, at East LA town hall meeting/WLA

Regarding the motion, both authors Hahn and Ridley-Thomas, among others, made strong statements about the need for the motion, and why the time may have come for subpoena power.

Yet, the true drama at the meeting was not the vote or the array of statements by the motion’s proponents and opponents.

The true drama was in the remarks made by Inspector General Max Huntsman.

Huntsman is generally known for his calm, straight-shooting approach.  Yet, he is not prone to any kind of scorched earth oratory.  This time, however, while Huntsman’s tone was still even, there was a visible underpinning of urgent ferocity.

Huntsman first thanked the supervisors for bringing the motion, because, he said, “we’re at a crossroads now where this is critical”

He described how for 50 years the management of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department had gone out of their respective ways not to investigate the LASD’s deputy gangs.  Then he laid out briefly the way that each sheriff, from Sherman Block, to Lee Baca, to interim Sheriff  John Scott, and finally Jim McDonnell, all found their individual ways of ducking, covering, and head-in-the-sand behavior when it came to investigating and rooting out the department’s deputy cliques.

Lee Baca, was of course, the most notorious for his denial.

“The public finally learned that his number two was a Viking,” Huntsman said dryly, when Baca and his undersheriff were convicted of multiple felonies “in federal court.”

The current sheriff ran as a progressive reformer, Huntsman continued.

“But instead of reforming, he has advocated a Fort Apache bunker mentality for the whole department, not just East LA.”

(For those unfamiliar, the Fort Apache reference pointed, in this case, to the less-than-community-friendly logo of the department’s East Los Angeles station that, in a controversial move, Sheriff Alex Villanueva recently reinstituted.

When the new administration came in, Huntsman said, he wrote Sheriff Villanueva a letter welcoming him and inviting him” to work together on secret societies “and the monitoring of the new sheriff’s proposed Truth and Reconciliation strategy.

“I received no response,” Huntsman told the board and those observing the meeting.

He then detailed how the response from the upper reaches of the LASD went precipitously downhill after that.  According to Huntsman, the department’s upper management went so far as to circulate an email telling department members “not to cooperate with our office,” then claimed that the OIG was” conducting nonexistant investigations” of a nature that was in violation of county regulations,  but declined to show any evidence of the supposed wrongful probes.

At the same time, Huntsman said, the LASD has denied the Office of the Inspector General access and documents that county ordinance says the OIG must have.

Huntsman also ticked off a list of other behaviors he found concerning.

“Background checks for incoming deputies appear to have been radically scaled back,” he said, “and the administration has refused to allow us to monitor the hiring process and ignored our document requests.”

Plus after his office began reporting on the administration shutting down internal investigations “in violation of the department’s own policies,” and at a rate that exceeded even that of the era of  Paul Tanaka, “a man who was famously hostile to evidence of misconduct.”

The response to his office’s report, said the Inspector General, “was not to correct the violations, but to throttle back” the OIG’s “computer access to those records.”

Then, at the very end of his presentation, Huntsman delivered the meeting’s truly head-snapping message, and he did it calmly and quietly.

“I was hired in part to tell you if we ever faced a Tanaka-level crisis again,” he said his gaze turned on the board members.

“We face it now.”

If the county doesn’t want to simply “stand by and watch,” Huntsman concluded, we’ll need a stronger ordinance, one that rejects secrecy and has strong mechanisms for enforcement.”

And that was that.

Now the 30-day wait

Again, the purpose of the just-passed motion is to direct the County Counsel, in consultation with Huntsman and his office, to report back in 30 days on the idea of granting to grant subpoena power to the Office of the Inspector General, in order to aid the OIG in effectively investigating the deputy gangs that appear to still be running rife through the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, if recent filings of deputy gang-related civil rights lawsuits and recent settlements of other deputy-gang-related civil rights lawsuits are any indication of the matter.

“These secret societies are a dangerous problem,” the motion states. “They not only erode public trust in law enforcement and undermine the chain of command, we are concerned that they promote racism, sexism, and violence. In addition, they are a significant liability to Los Angeles County and the cities that contract with the Sheriff’s Department for the actions of deputies who choose to belong to one of these secret societies. The menacing names of these secret societies: Banditos, Reapers, Spartans, Regulators, and Vikings, may exist to intimidate not only other deputies but the general public as well.”

According to the motion, Huntsman had requested expanded authority in order to have the ability to help the board “better understand of these secret societies,” as well as the ability “to issue subpoenas should the Sheriff’s Department continue to deny access to information and refuse efforts by the public to hold them accountable.”

Recent LASD Update

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department command staff member, Assistant Sheriff Maria Gutierrez, has abruptly resigned from her position. Gutierrez was among the first to be named by Sheriff Alex Villanueva when he was announcing his picks for the department’s top tier staff members after his swearing-in last December. Her sudden retirement was reportedly a surprise for many.


  • OIG has no legal standing for the issue at hand. Sadly, ALADS hasn’t the guts and won’t even get involved. PPOA doesn’t have the backbone. I do agree with OIG that no sheriff has done a damn thing about these gang cliques. Will OIG ask past execs to step forward and tell the truth? For example; Stonich and Waldie. How about another commission? Maybe assign Bob Mueller as lead investigator and counsel. He’s looking for work! Maybe not!

    This is illegal and there’s a much better legal way of handling this mess. Have the DA (through the court) issue the subpoenas or warrants. Easy to do.


    They are going the wrong way!

  • You would think that ALADS would say something, especially after dropping a boatload of money in Villanueva’s campaign.

    I would agree with Huntsman’s assessment considering that Tanaka’s boys were also blinded by the true version of truth.

    What a friggin circus!

  • This is 2019, not 1980. We have a lieutenant in the Sheriff’s office, not the seasoned LASD executive and politician with connections throughout County government that Block (or even Baca) was.

    Hundreds of years of command experience were lost when he cut the head off the organization and installed chronies who ALSO lacked command experience.

    He’s declared war on the BOS, the oversight entities, many of the groups that got him elected and the people who buy ink by the barrel. As LAPD understands the new reality and has become more and more transparent, AV has tried to go back in time by closing ranks. He doesn’t get it….there are NO secrets anymore. EVERYTHING will be leaked, released or subpoenaed. The more he tries to cover up, the more LASD is targeted.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  • AV has dug a hole for himself and his tattooed followers by not taking the bull by the horns and REALLY cleaning house at ELA. Now that hole has turned in to a bunker and the vultures are circling (BTW, are there any LASD vulture tattoos?). Like Trump, AV will probably lash out but Alex does not have many who will back his play – other than those who think being part of a “chosen in-crowd” is cool (without doubt, a jejune attitude – I admit I had to look it up, so you do too!).

    Alex, you best NOT circle the wagons on this one like you did with Mandoyan. This is one that could very well end up in the lap of some Federal Judge and eventually a federal monitor and you will not have any say about “your” Department. Play ball, clean house (for real – no more smoke and mirrors bullshit) and do WTF really needs to be done to get out of the way of this train because it has the potential of turning from a Lionel to a Santa Fe faster than you can say Paul Tanakasan.

  • Huntsman is an idiot. He’s being paid for nothing but fluff without substance or purpose.
    Hell, he damn near screwed up the slam dunk case against the City of Bell elected officials/crooks. Following rules is something he doesn’t seem to be good at either.

  • Circumventing elections appears to be the new normal. The first step was to establish unelected bureaucracies to oversee elected politicians, all in the name of oversight, but human nature being what it is, the overseers are now leveraging power. The goal appears to be to get rid of an elected Sheriff or to make that Sheriff subordinate to unelected bureaucrats appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The media is in full support of this, as they see themselves as part of the elite and don’t really trust the electorate anyways.

    Attacking the Sheriff regarding “Deputy Gangs” is clever because it’s salacious and creates an emotional response while at the same time is pretty much impossible for the Sheriff to do anything about. How can you keep Deputies from associating with each other and getting tattoos? How can you go go back in time and determine the reason someone got a tattoo and what it could possible mean now? The investigation would quickly become nothing but hearsay about old rumors.

    My advice for the Sheriff is to play the race card. The entire Board has only one Hispanic member and Huntsman is a white male. The Sheriffs race is the only thing that has kept the media somewhat contained to this point, it’s by far his best chance.

  • The Secret society/clique is the one directing county counsel to develop these recommendations. The long over used tactic of making the allegations first to direct the attention elsewhere and portray yourself as innocent. Please!

  • Wow…That guy is so right. To piggy back off of his comment about how these poser’s with badges get the badge and gun and feel invincible, I have seen it with my own eye’s. I remember being on a ride a long at Century station and getting a 415F call. So the TO who I was riding with and I headed to the location. There was nothing more than some kids acting stupid and being on the verge of a fight in a front yard belonging to one of them. The Dep and I were telling them all to calm down as we walked up. One of the kids didn’t want to stop though. So he got more and more pissed but he didn’t do anything. He was even more pissed when he saw us. The TO told me to cuff him which I understood. But then we took him to jail and he had me write a “drunk in public” report. Now Im confused. As far as I saw he wasn’t drunk but just a pissed off child having a temper tantrum. Why am I writing this? This is a lie? He left me in the report writing room yo write out this lie. What the f***? He was pissed at the kid for disrespecting us. I didn’t even pay attention to that. How do I write out this lie? I can lose my career if someone finds out about this!!! And then a few months later I get a subpoena. I’m like, “Now I have to court and lie before a judge…This cant be happening…” The spooked guy/gal is absolutely right. These people get that power and it goes to there head and it’s not good.

  • Oh my experience will definitely take the cake. I had no idea how cops were such manipulators until I saw this with my own eyes. So my partner and I are conducting a traffic stop and during a search of the vehicle we found a stolen firearm with the serial number’s scratched off. Good hook right? Note at all. My partner wanted to be able to make an informant out of the perp or he wanted the gun for himself because if he ever needed to use the firearm for something that was not ok through the Department. I personally thought he planned to use it for something personal that could not be connected to him. This is not what I signed up for but it’s the reality of Law Enforcement. I left that station. Crazy…

  • The BOS hates the fact that the sheriff is an elected official who is NOT subordinate to them, thank God… Really, you want to give this guy subpoena privileges. I think the Appellate Court should decide that. And County Counsel should declare a conflict since they should advise AV on his options. Huntsman is the BOS’s way of controlling an elected official. How sad they all are. Go to LA City if you want a puppet chief.

  • The Sheriff’s Department is circling the drain. Thanks Alex. His style of running roughshod over virtually all of his County partners, from the BOS to Contract Cities, to the federal monitor, to the ACLU, OIG, Civilian Oversight Commission, etc., has systematically destroyed the image of the Department. His dwindling number of supporters invariably point feverishly to the “morale” issue. No matter what he does they shout, “but morale is good!” I’m sure morale was pretty high on the Titanic right before it hit that pesky iceberg. This is not going to end well. Our sheriff seems to thrive on creating conflict with the very entities he should be working with. The people of the county of Los Angeles deserve and should demand better. Alex is either going to be a one term sheriff or will face a divisive recall effort. He should step down now and acknowledge he is not fit for the office he holds.

  • @Getagrip, imagine how high the morale will be when the BOS points to “secret societies” within the LASD and the lack of action come contract time? Or they ask about questionable “rehires” when this issue of employee benefits is on the table? Alex Bluster Villanueva will blame the BOS because they “don’t like” him. But it is time to face the music, he has fumbled the ball on both of those issues and keeps making matters worse he has kicking the ball back toward his own goal line each time he opens his mouth.

    Imagine how it could have been so much different with a liberal Sheriff who hates ICE and doesn’t pull out his pecker every time there is a measuring contest. I could have foreseen him going to the liberal BOS and said the hiring market for top tier applicants is really difficult and the LASD needs an incentive like low interest home loans for Deps buying homes within LA County in order to attract highly qualified applicants. What a marriage – Sheriff wants to improve the quality/quantity of his new hires. Existing staff gets the perk. BOS sees improved quality of their (dastardly) law enforcement arm of government. Kumbaya!!!!! (and yes I know he can’t “negotiate” with the board for raises and perks, but he can sure as hell go to them hat in hand and say he needs their help)

    Now imagine such a scenario taking place today. Pretty short paragraph, eh?

    To play off of Getagrip’s analogy, morale after the ice berg was struck was at a low ebb even for those who were lucky enough to get in to a life boat. Imagine the thoughts of those who might have an option to join the crowd left on the ship from the outside, had they had the chance. Who would do such a thing?

    That brings me to the LASD asking Department members and retirees to help recruit for them????

    There is a fine word for this used by my Jewish friends: Chutzpah!

  • I don’t believe it’s within the legal authority of the BOS to grant the OIG subpoena power. If they had such power, they would have granted it to the Civil Service Commission long ago. When CSC needs subpoenas enforced, they have to petition Superior Court so that real subpoenas can be issued. CSC issues subpoenas that are really just administrative requests for documents and witness appearances.

    I think Mr. Huntsman needs to be satisfied with making a great salary for issuing scathing reports that will be as ignored as were the Von Minden, Kolts, and OIR reports.

  • FormerDepSeenItAll and WhatAJoke::: Your both Fucking cowards. Former Dep, you commit a felony for writing a false report and don’t have the guts to stand up for what’s right?!?! Then you come on here and anonymously cry about it?!?! SHTFU!!! Coward!!!

    What A Joke. See above. Your resolve was to just leave the station?!?!

    Both of you cowards GTFOOH!!!

  • If I understand you correctly he should play the race card and there hasn’t been any issue of race put forth?
    That would not address any current issues the Board or others habe brought up or even remotely suggested are real issues. LA County was over 52% Hispanic a few years ago it has to have increased since that time. To bring up the Race Card would confirm he is an idiot

  • Ownership: the Tanaka mentality is still around as you prove Huntsman’s point.

    I also notice that no one wants to refute the comments of LASD Apostle as he also makes a solid point.

  • It is very obvious that there are serious concerns. The Sheriff has formed a group to attack those in the department who question his actions. That was a Tanaka move
    He also tries to make the field Deputy feel number one while doing his behind the scenes so they won’t see what he is building. Tanaka move. He also claims absolute power. Tanaka move. He also places people with questionable pasts and clears records of some who made mistakes and puts them close by. Tanaka move to make them loyal.
    The difference? Tanaka was more versed and better understood the politics and quietly built his Army before it blew up. AV doesn’t understand the big picture. He is like a dime bag doper with two pounds of speed. He wants everyone to know he is the big dog.
    It’s bound to self impose. He has lost three at least so far to resignation and when those who can help you leave you replace them with those who worship you but don’t know the playing field and you will lose.

  • It will be very interesting to see who the Sheriff promotes up to the A/S positions behind Maria G. And the pending Bob O. The Sheriff has a chance to recover from this mess he has created, but he needs to take off his ego jacket. He has some quality people working in the command staff, however he continues to ignore them.

  • Maj Kong:
    I too have thought the same about the BOS, assorted bureaucrats and the election. The neo-progs knew Alex could not win but just in case he did win was the the “DEEP STATE” LA County style? Sheriff AV made it clear from the beginning that he was going to rid LASD of the pathetic joke of staff that McDonnell left behind. Chief Ault was going to get fired so her resignation meant nothing. And we are to believe that Chief Ault never had any other decision where she compromised her beliefs? Yeah right! Sell crazy somewhere else Ault.

    We now are observing a small group of swamp dwellers(who feed off taxpayers) to null and void the election of the sheriff. The local swamp doesn’t like the results and now they go after a duly elected sheriff. Once again you watch for the call of OIG to conduct a “Mueller Report” that will last for years, millions of dollars and all just before the next election! Does all this sound familiar?

    I have a novel idea; At the next election vote the man out if you don’t like the draining of the swamp? Regardless, the people of LA County have a strong affection for Sheriff AV.

    If the tats are a Freedom of Speech issue (which it’s not) then why have Huntsman look into behavior that’s not a crime nor against policy?

  • Why has the Sheriff disgraced himself and literally doomed his administration by surrounding himself and following the advice of known Tanaka worshipers? All the while honorable people have truly tried as hard as they could to provide the Sheriff with solid guidance, yet he ignored them all and continued to turned to his self-serving Tanaka crew for direction, and what did that get him? Instead of building an open and collaborative relationship with the BOS, IG, COC and the media from day one, he purposefully created an full throttled adversarial situation and it all started with Mandoyan. What a foolish decision and after reading the Ault and Leyva depositions I sense the Sheriff is in for a disaster of the likes he cannot fathom.

    He fired his Undersheriff because he (Sheriff) was convinced he was a spy for the BOS and was not a Yes Man, he replaced Leyva with a nice guy who is absolutely over his head, unable to take control of LASD and simply does what he is told. He has marginalized his Assistant Sheriff’s to the point Maria Gutierrez simply abruptly quit out of complete frustration, “Why should I bother, he doesn’t listen to anyone.” Olmsted is simply running out the clock and going through the motions for the same reason. All the while the Sheriff is telling everyone in EPC and even on the line, “They are all out to get me,” a form of delusional paranoia. Sheriff, YOU created your own ego driven nightmare. Who in the hell are you listening to? In many ways, you have taken on Lee Baca’s persona. You have built a wall around you and it is eventually going to cave in just like it did for him. You are making decisions that resemble that of a boot lieutenant assigned to a sleepy patrol station of 75, not a Sheriff. I retired a year before the election and my great hopes for LASD are now simply a series of disappointments. It didn’t have to be like this.

  • Unlike you I just wanted a check and to go home. Im sorrh but I wasn’t apart of the loserdom that was rampant around the LASD. Didn’t give a damn about being apart of you loser’s clique. And ALSO I have a family! I know you don’t get that understand since the dept. was who you were 24/7. A chump like you needed to have that mentality bc it made you feel good to be apart of something. You were that kid in school that didn’t make the football team, you werent cool with any of the ball player’s, you stood no chance with the ladies; you were a loser lol. Me on the other hand I prefer to consider the circumstances before I act. But on my issue I didn’t expect it and I was severely too outnumbered to make a stance at that moment. There was nothing I could do against guys like you and the other Vikings or Regulator’s like yourself. If I do this I could lose everything. I did what had to be done and got myself out of that situation. You on the other hand needed ur boys!!! That tan and green made ur d*** hard huh? I on the other hand, was more interested in going home every day. And you call it a federal crime? Ur so right!!! Why would ur deputy put me into that position? Please tell me… And before you call me a coward in front of a cpu screen please allow me to give you a meet up point and then we’ll see who’s cowardly!!!

  • That poser definitely doesn’t want that smoke hahaha. And you know he’s going to run to his crew and have them watching his crack. Guys like him are the reason why the lasd is in the toilet. It’s the reason why things will never change. They give loser’s like him that badge and gun and this is what you get lol.

  • His race is kryptonite to his enemies. L.A. county over 52% Hispanic? Sounds kind like of a low estimate to me. You think non Hispanic politicians want to look anti Hispanic with an electorate like that? The media will do anything not to appear racist, they may keep up their attack as they are addicted to attacking law enforcement (with the exception of the FBI), but they will definitely have to pull their punches. Not considering how the Sheriff will look, just commenting on his best chances for survival.

  • um, agreed -the left seems to have determined elections only matter when they agree with them. Otherwise, the voters got it wrong and now it’s up to the “right thinking” elites to fix the problem. (Looking at you Witness LA). Of course millions will be spent, are being spent, on investigations and investigators looking into “crimes” that pretty much exist only in people’s imagination. I always keep this in mind when I hear people complain about the government wasting money, as if it ever does anything else.

  • …A “Drunk in Public” report….

    That’s 647 (f) of the California Penal Code. The thing about this code is that the Courts ruled that police officers are, by reason of training & experience, expert in determining who is drunk & who is sober; thus, no blood test is required to prove drunkenness, as in the vehicle code section for drunk driving–everything is based on officer observation. Hence, 647 (f) pc became the “contempt of cop” section.

    You will recall that the Watts riots of 1965 was precipitated by the CHP arrest of a drunk driver in LASD’s Firestone area. The riots were against the widespread use of 647 (f) as a “Contempt of Cop” action , but the media didn’t see it that way–a blind eye?

    Instead, the riots got blamed on other factors like poor schools, high unemployment, deteriorated public parks, etc.

    But the Courts knew what was going on and the Sundance decision in the ’70s–it can be Googled–basically decriminalized 646 (f).

    Many years later at Century Station–successor station to Firestone–you found yourself doing what precipitated the Watts riots of 1965.

    You are right in how you view the situation you found yourself in; don’t let anybody change that belief.

    They are wrong.

  • @ YNL, Interestingly you pinned the tail on the Donkey.
    Villanueva’s initial supporters are pretty much shocked as they assumed that he walked on water and all would end well.
    The truth will always stand regardless if people want to hear it or not. Surprised to see the musicians still playing as the LASD ships is sinking.
    Kudos to those who saw it and left with a life persever.

  • Ditto Left nor Right, @ YnL right on the $. I had hopes going in, but they have faded. The blowhards assigned to pump him up on these pages will huff and puff. But the truth is the truth.

  • FormerDep and WhatAJoke. Quite the opposite. Worked Region 2 for most of my career. My ankles are bare.

    Unlike you cowards I never went along with 10-30 Bullshit. Never wrote a fictitious report because I was afraid of some wannabe ghetto cops. I taught my trainees to take bad guys to jail the right way.

    You Little Bitches took the easy way out and gave the Tanaka Cowards their power. You wrote felonious reports cause you just wanted to go home. Cowards like you allowed Tanaka and his minions to flourish.

    Now you wanna call me out to show how tough you are. You should of showed how brave you were by refusing to perjure yourself with your creative writing and taking an innocent person to jail. Your both Fucking pathetic. GTFOOH!!!

  • You Villanueva haters crack me up. You act as if the BOS, OIG, and COC are not acting in concert to destroy the man who beat their sheriff-on-a-leash, Jim McDonnell. The board’s endgame is to make the sheriff an appointed department head, just like the other 37 gutless wonders. It’s all about power, nothing more. So you haters who claim to have once worn tan and green, keep your hands in your pockets while the 415 Deputy Involved goes on right under your noses.

  • Fed up, you don’t get it, nobody is a Villaneueva hater. We had high expectations of him to do the right thing. He ran on promises of change and he has done quite the opposite. He got in with the wrong group of disgruntled people and they have taken him down the wrong path. He has not reformed anything. He is a total let down.

  • I’m going to guess that if he did the exact same thing with YOUR buddies you would be singing his praises. He’s killing dual track, coveted testing, changed the way station captains are selected, kicked ICE out of the jails, eliminated the McDonnell gag rule, and is now pulling all the skeletons out of the closet to ensure every employee is guaranteed due process. And you’re complaining because he’s not kissing the ass of the ones kicking him in the teeth? SMH

  • @FedUp, these clowns are dorks. Crying cuz they didn’t get where they wanted. Sheriff V is doing the right thing. The Dept is in a better place, the line is happy, and our Sheriff V is making good on all his campaign promises. The goofballs that are unhappy are pathetic, unhappy with their career choices. These idiots who keep complaining about the BOS, COC, and OIG? Who the f#%k cares???? Keep singing their praises…. NOBODY CARES DIPWADS…… Keep doing the right thing Sheriff, we are proud of you….

  • You’re rearranging the deck chairs as the ship sinks. It’s a sad, sad thing to see so much delusion. This sheriff is the Barney Fife of law enforcement. Adios, LASD.

  • I got no issues with ink but do not support the cliques. Well it’s that time. Roll up the sleeves, show that ink, and hit the field, while chewing my favorite tobacco product.

    I got Deputies to supervise. To you old codgers, don’t like it? Come and get some.

  • As I stated previously, the OIG and BOS are looking to regain power within the department, the DemonRats are known for their controlling measures, as well as their thirst for power. Why didn’t Huntsman cry foul during McD’s tenure? Huntsman knew there were “secret societies” within the department. (I am still trying to understand how there are “secret societies” but are not secret, hmm).

    AV may not be the best or the worst. However, he won the election fair & square and is the Sheriff of L.A. County. We either like him or hate him. Regardless of AV’s actions, he is the only person who will either make or break himself.

  • I want to hear from Ron Hernandez at ALADS! What’s up buddy? What’s your take on all this bullshit going on? There’s been some folks who have voiced their concern on what ALADS thinks of this. So since you have voiced how sensitive you are to anything related ALADS let’s hear it “ the last time I checked I was a detective”

  • Hell hath no scorn like a vindictive politician, judge, executive or any person in power. This Mr. Huntsman, Diana Terran, entire BOS, Terri MacDonald and other members of the “public servant executive team” have all gotten a taste of the public power/money “tit”, like it and plan on milking it as long as they can.

    They will say and do whatever it takes to stay in power, even if goes against the will of the people who elected them or Sheriff Villanueva. Their ploy to draw attention away from the real work of the Sheriff’’s Department main function which is to staff the jails, ensure inmates go to and from court, and provide law enforcement services for those areas it has contracts with or are in unincorporated areas of the county continue to run day by day. The Department does this daily without a hitch, yet BOS wants to distract voters away from the real job of the Department and it’s successes.

    Where was the BOS when the morale of the employees on the Department was at an all time low and Sheriff McDonnell was more concerned about brass hardware on uniforms, shirts and the font of Department vehicles? Deputies were being judged, fired and found guilty without any type of fair and impartial Departmental due process. Let’s not forget about the folks in the executive ranks in the early McDonnell regime like Angel. Where was the outrage of the BOS while all that transpire?

    Again, nothing to see here but a case of sore losers, folks seeing their power challenged and an attempt to divert the public’s attention away from the real good works being done.

    Oh..this sounds a lot like the Trump presidency. Could it be the same tactics are being employed?

  • Yea you did dont lie…lol u all did but ur to invested in the LASD cult. And if ur gonna call me a name please include a location. I mean I want to see who the bitch and coward really is…

  • Talk about Donald Trump


    The analogy to Trump comes from the fact that both Trump & Villanueva are constantly getting dumped on by the MSM, so much so that their valid points of view are having difficulty getting to the surface–they’re both in the same boat, as it were.

    Hence, the analogy.

    The link is from the July 19, 2019 edition of Los Angeles Magazine–just a few weeks ago.

  • Steve Whitmore–remember him?–made a very pertinent comment in the Comment section of the article.

    He’s working over at the L.A. County Assessor’s Office now, doing basically what he did under Lee Baca.

  • My bad “fly on ALADS wall” I should have known better. The only response I would have received was an invitation to a bullshit meeting!! And even then the little troll would have stood down. Lmao

  • Suspended twice for “failing to report in a timely manner derogatory statements made by another employee.” WTF? I’d love to hear the TRUE circs behind those two capers. I’ll bet the true facts would shed a lot of light into what kind of dude AV really was like to work around.

  • Wow, a short time ago, Captain Gross was damn near on suicide watch when he didn’t make commander. Along comes AV, and Gross is off to the races. From commander to chief, and now A/Sheriff…faster than you can say ‘Truth and Reconciliation.’ I guess AV’s got an eye for talent.

  • Huntsman is a puppet for the LA County BOS, just as Muller was to the criminal gang of Democrats in Washington DC. Huntsman knows of the abuses of power, the framing of deputies for political gain by the inept, non-experienced, crooked IAB/ICIB deputies under the direct orders of McDonnell and Teran. Huntsman has personal knowledge, but that is not within his purview of investigation.

    How do you fight this mafia?? Not even the US president has been able to escape. At this point just hoping for the federal OIG and FBI director Barr, unmasking the corruption at the federal level.

    The question is who will investigate Huntsman, the BOS, and Jimbo McDonnell??? What happened at the federal level, is happening here in the rat-infested Los Angeles Downtown.

  • Apostle, I am glad Alex did just that, got rid of all the 100s of years of crooked, inept, lack of knowledge executives. Watching them walk out of the Hall of Justice with boxes of stolen County property, as admitted by Alicia Ault, was priceless.

  • You saw corruption at the lowest level, the IAB and ICIB do the same to deputies when little deputies piss them off. The scandalous part is that the executives know that, the BOS know that, Huntsman knows that, Teran knows that, but just as the “TO” told you to lie on a report, the executives order the IAB/ICIB to do the same.

    So, how do you fix the problem????

  • I agree with Maj Kong, Alex does not need to pretend all this is not racially motivated, it is….I have no doubt. In all cases, Alex should do what they do, play their song and dance as well. The democrats white or not use the race card to advance their politics, Alex should do the same.

  • Huntsman is a puppet for the LA County BOS, just as Muller was to the criminal gang of Democrats in Washington DC. Huntsman knows of the abuses of power, the framing of deputies for political gain by the inept, non-experienced, crooked IAB/ICIB deputies under the direct orders of McDonnell and Teran. Huntsman has personal knowledge, but that is not within his purview of investigation.

    How do you fight this mafia?? Not even the US president has been able to escape. At this point just hoping for the federal OIG and FBI director Barr, unmasking the corruption at the federal level.

    The question is who will investigate Huntsman, the BOS, and Jimbo McDonnell??? What happened at the federal level, is happening here in the rat-infested Los Angeles Downtown…

  • Good question.

    My military time was with the 187th Infantry a good many decades ago (it can be Googled) and I remember a soldier telling an innocuous lie during a run-of-the-mill barracks inspection.

    For telling that lie he spent that night atop a forested hill digging a six-foot square foxhole with an entrenching tool about this big: —>.

    The reason was that the platoon leader was a West Point graduate: “You don’t lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those that do.”

    The West Point credo.

    Had the Platoon leader been an ROTC or an OCS graduate that soldier probably would never have found himself atop that hill, spending the night digging a six foot square foxhole through rocks & tree-roots.

    But the 187th, when I was in it, was a paratroop outfit, an Infantry Battle Group in the 101st Airborne Division, and that’s where West Point graduates go.

    So that soldier spent that night digging a deep hole in the ground.


    How do you fix the problem of telling expedient lies?

    With leadership.

    West Point style.

  • Hahaha… And the haters come out of the woods. We’d love to see all you guys come out from behind the curtains. I’m sure you’re the same people that shake his hand and cheered him on.

  • So if these deputies are in a “gang” show us all the criminal cases against them. They are groups with tattoos , like my uncles Force Recon tattoo , I guess that makes him a “gang member” in the Marine Corp???


  • Darn, my peeps are slipping! No one warned me that I was being insulted on Witness LA……AGAIN!

    “Little troll!” Well, if either of you had been coming to the meetings, you could have called me “little FAT troll,” and made yourselves credible. Missed opportunity on your part.

    Now you’ve got me thinking, I really need to get back in gym!

  • @415G, if your post is accurate, it would once again bring Alex Villanueva’s character into question. I wonder if a data base exists, with POST for example, that lists police applicants & their status, ie in process, DQed, etc? It’s at least an even bet that Sheriff Villanueva’s son, at age 33 & being a pool cleaner with military service applied elsewhere. The DUI is a major obstacle & combined with noncompliance to probation conditions would exclude most. It’s possible that the totality of the background could override this obstacle but the decision warrants review. The background investigator is the place to start but it might prove awkward!

  • @415G.

    Your right all someone has to do is scratch the surface and you’ll see the nonsense about his son. .

    Seeing as there is no standards for background process per the Sheriff himself I could see how that could slip through the cracks

    No Suits No haircuts No weight standard

    And you get a badge for participation!

  • According to Ron Hernandez, all of the “VOTING” deputies wanted Villanueva for Sheriff.
    Well, it’s interesting and exciting to know that’s exactly what they got, while crickets are the only sound for the Sanctuary County and Anti ICE Enforcer.

  • @ Really. Unfortunately I think this was a case of Trump V Clinton. I would’ve of voted for anyone against her.

    In LASD case I would have voted for anyone besides McD

  • What we need is a comprehensive Federal investigation. Get a couple of
    These idiots to seek a immunity deal and yes, bring a RICO action against the gang bangers in law enforcement.

    Send them straight to jail and get new folks whom are well aware of the consequences of “violating the law”!

    Clean the house and move forward with restoring trust in the organization, because for far to long this “ corrupt culture “ has existed and is an embarrassment to the Nation as a whole.

    McDonnell was on the right track, but some how this nut case slipped himself right into the frying pan!

  • @LA Wyatt that’s was comical. Sounds like a good movie script though, you should do it, I would watch.

  • Rico ? Give me a break, there’s nothing there except some drunken buffoonery, feds would find nothing , you obviously are not on the department and believe all this “gang” B S You we’re also not in the military where there are many units with tattoos, tattoos don’t necessarily mean your a gang member

  • @Um .. So you must be living in a cave the last 25 some years. Why not admit that we have issues as a Department. Nothing against AV but time to clean up and rid the Department of the ones who break that sacred trust that the public entrusted us with.

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