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Holder & Duncan Shocked at Pre-School Discipline #’s….Child Abuse Deaths Up….Looking at Sheriff Candidate Bob Olmsted….and More


This past Friday the Civil Rights division of the US Department of Education released a report detailing the disturbing number of suspensions and other forms of discipline in American schools. The statistics on preschool suspensions, in particular, were so high that they succeeded in shocking the US Attorney General and the Secretary of Education.

The Center for Public Integrity’s Susan Ferris has the story. Here’s a clip:

Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan expressed shock at data released Thursday showing that thousands of preschool kids were suspended nationwide during the 2011-2012 school year. The suspensions fell heavily on black children, who represented 18 percent of preschool enrollment yet 48 percent of all suspensions.

“I was stunned—I was stunned—that we were suspending and expelling four-year-olds,” Duncan said at a Washington D.C. elementary school, where he and Holder discussed findings of the latest Civil Rights Data Collection by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. The survey showed that nearly 5,000 preschool students were suspended in the 2011-12 academic year.

“This preschool suspension issue is mind-boggling,” Duncan said. “And we need to as a nation find a way to remedy that tomorrow.”

Duncan said training is needed at schools that suspend large numbers of kids at all grade levels to demonstrate a “better way” of handling problem behavior. “We know there is a correlation between out-of-school suspensions and ultimately locking people up,” Duncan said. “And folks don’t like it when we talk about it. But for far too many children and communities the ‘school-to-prison pipeline’ is real.”

Here’s the report.


Jesse Holland of the Associated Press looks deeper into the racial disparities in school suspensions found in the recently-released Dept. of Education report, including suspensions in the nation’s preschools, where African American preschoolers account for a stunning 48 percent of suspensions.

Here’s a clip:

Advocates long have said get-tough suspension and arrest policies in schools have contributed to a “school-to-prison” pipeline that snags minority students, but much of the emphasis has been on middle school and high school policies. This was the first time the department reported data on preschool discipline.

Earlier this year, the Obama administration issued guidance encouraging schools to abandon what it described as overly zealous discipline policies that send students to court instead of the principal’s office. But even before the announcement, school districts have been adjusting policies that disproportionately affect minority students.

Overall, the data show that black students of all ages are suspended and expelled at a rate that’s three times higher than that of white children. Even as boys receive more than two-thirds of suspensions, black girls are suspended at higher rates than girls of any other race or most boys.


The Wall Street Journal reports about the frightening rise in child abuse deaths that is getting lawmakers to pay attention. Since the WSJ is hidden behind a pay wall, The Crime Report summarizes the story. Here’s a clip:

Seventy-eight children died in Florida last year as a result of abuse or neglect—36 of whom had prior involvement with the state Department of Children and Families, says the Wall Street Journal. The string of deaths triggered public outcry, plunged the state’s child-welfare system into crisis and led to the resignation of the agency’s secretary. Now, the Florida legislature has made overhauling the system one of its top priorities in the session that began this month. Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican seeking re-election this year, has called for nearly $40 million in additional funding. Other states and localities are embroiled in similar controversies. In Massachusetts, the September disappearance of a 5-year-old boy, who is feared dead, went unnoticed by the state’s child-welfare agency for three months, prompting the governor to order an independent review. In California, the brutal death of an 8-year-old boy allegedly abused by his caregivers led Los Angeles County supervisors to create a commission on child protection that is due to issue recommendations next month…..


KPCC’s Frank Stoltze has a new profile of retired LA County Sheriff’s Department commander Bob Olmsted. That makes three candidates that Stoltze has interviewed and profiled. (He’s also done stories on candidates Jim McDonnell and James Hellmold.)

The profiles aren’t long but they’re smart, featuring those who express pros and cons on each man.

You can find the podcast here, and here’s a clip from the written version of the Olmsted story:

Whistleblowing cops usually end up as pariahs. Bob Olmsted is no different.

“I’ve got a problem with a guy who runs to the FBI,” says retired Sheriff’s Lieutenant Craig Ditsch. “We have some very good people who have been indicted.”

A federal grand jury has indicted 20 current or former sheriff’s officials on civil rights and corruption charges – in part because of Olmsted. Most of the charges relate to excessive use of force against jail inmates, or efforts to cover it up.

Now, Olmsted is using his whistleblower past to distinguish himself among the seven candidates hoping to succeed former Sheriff Lee Baca as head of one of the nation’s largest law enforcement agencies.

Olmsted once oversaw Men’s Central Jail as a commander, and went to his superior seeking to remove a problem captain. When Olmsted didn’t get the help, he went higher.

“I told my chief, ‘I’m going over your head,’” Olmsted recounts. He sounds like a worried parent when he describes the corrosive effect of bad deputies.

“Who is protecting these young guys, the good guys?” he asks. “Nobody.”

In 2011, when Baca and his former undersheriff, Paul Tanaka (now a candidate for sheriff), refused to help, according to Olmsted, he went to the FBI. Olmsted had just retired from the department.

Last summer, before Baca abruptly resigned and a slew of other candidates jumped into the race, Olmsted announced his run for sheriff. It was a bold move by a political novice against a powerful incumbent.

“It was my duty to run,” Olmsted says.


While many current and former deputies loathe the idea of a whistleblower becoming sheriff, retired Commander Joaquin Herran is a proud supporter of Olmsted.

“He had the guts to go do the right thing for the right reason,” Herran says. “Other people did not.”


The Daily News’ Christina Villacourte interviews experts about what the voters need to look for as they contemplate whom to choose as LA County’s new sheriff, and talks briefly to the candidate themselves.

Here’s a clip:

[Laurie] Levenson, the criminal law professor, said the new sheriff must meet stringent criteria.

“I think integrity is key,” she said. “It should be somebody who’s experienced in law enforcement, and who has the confidence of law enforcement personnel.”

“He should be a good manager, politically savvy, and with a great deal of courage to take on the different issues that confront the county — from homeland security to modern approaches toward law enforcement, even inmate rehabilitation and penal reform,” she added.

If a candidate were to win the majority of votes on June 3, the county Board of Supervisors could remove interim Sheriff John Scott, and appoint the sheriff-elect to lead the department immediately. If no candidate exceeds 50 percent, the top two would face a runoff election on Nov. 4 and the winner would be sworn in Dec. 1.

If voters choose poorly, the consequences can be costly — literally.

“County taxpayers paid about $40 million last year in settlements and jury verdicts for illegal behavior on the part of the Sheriff’s Department,” American Civil Liberties Union Legal Director Peter Eliasberg said.

Pre-art photo of preschool kids from PreschoolMatters.org


  • Craig Ditsch? Isn’t that the same guy who made a glowing testimonial about how Tanaka was the answer to all our problems? Craig, here’s a hint: he created all of them!

    That’s the juvenile narrative of the Tanaka crowd, that Olmsted caused the deputies to get indicted. Pretty sad statement on whoever buys into that. What got them indicted was their own actions, coupled with the failed leadership of their supervising sergeants and lieutenants. Add to that Tanaka himself for Pandora’s box, how did that whole hide the informant thingy work out Paul?

    And while we’re at it, how is that “working the grey” thing going Paul? The only thing Tanaka can do at this point is be a spoiler for someone else, and sooner or later his minions will finally figure it out.

  • From the LA Times:

    “Retired sheriff’s commander Bob Olmsted showed little progress with his fundraising, coming in at just under $46,000 in contributions during the most recent period, setting his total fundraising at roughly $290,000. He’s got just about $34,000 in cash on hand but more than $110,000 in outstanding debt.”

  • I was surprised to read that Olmsted took money from current department members. That seems like a bad idea and Baca-esque. How could he not be beholden to subordinates who financed him if he actually won the election? Do they call that “Pay to Play?”

  • Peter, Pay to Play was what Baca AND Tanaka did for years, forcing their own subordinates to cough up over $250K for their elections, with the expectation that they would receive a promotion or coveted assignment in return. That also included private entities that had contracts for goods and services, and known organized crime figures.

    Bob Olmsted is NOT a member of the department and is not in the position to engage in pay to play and coerce anyone to donate to his campaign. Tanaka, on the other hand, still has his minions doing his dirty work for him within the department, right under Sheriff Scott’s nose.

    Hey Yup, nice quote from Faturechi’s article! You seem to have forgotten this one:

    “Records show he accepted contributions from several sheriff’s officials who left the department under a cloud, including a captain blamed for problems with jail abuse, a charity director ousted because of her ties with pot dispensaries and a captain who prosecutors said funneled secret information to an alleged Compton drug trafficker.

    A county commission created after the sheriff’s jail abuse scandal blamed Tanaka, and Baca, for abuse in the county lockups — though Tanaka has minimized the role he played.”

    At least Olmsted’s $290K is clean money, and guess what? Tanaka can raise all the dirty money he wants, he can’t overcome quotes like that. That didn’t cost any of his rivals a penny!

  • From LA Times:

    Among the problems he (Olmsted) most commonly spoke out about was sheriff’s officials accepting campaign contributions from subordinate deputies, and how that creates a potential conflict of interest in promotions and assignments.

    However, his records show he accepted money from many current Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies.

    His campaign’s spokesman, Dave Jacobson, said “it’s not hypocritical.”

  • I have a slightly different perspective about the “pay to play” as it relates to your comment about Olmsted and past practice. First you would expect that department members, who live in LA County, who are concerned with who may be their next Sheriff, are of course going to donate to his campaign. It will be up to Olmsted to set them straight at the time of the donation.

    Past practice has been, executives with deeper pockets making donations that appear to secure their next promotion or people who donate to a campaign that has nothing to do with where they live, let’s say like Gardena, and then are later promoted way above their abilities!

  • From LA Times:

    -“Before retiring, Olmsted oversaw the department’s most troubled jails.”

    -His campaign’s spokesman, Dave Jacobson, said “it’s not hypocritical.”

  • Yup do you have anything else? The Times hasn’t even started on your boy. And let’s not forget the DOJ hasn’t forgotten either. This is going to be fun…

  • Yup I don’t see a problem with Olmstead accepting contributions from current dept. members he is retired. Some of the other candidates were still on the dept. seeking/demanding donations for favors/promo’s

  • #6- “I have a slightly different perspective about the “pay to play” as it relates to your comment about Olmsted.”

    – Of course you do, kind of like the perspective of leaving the O.C. to live in LA COUNTY for personal gain.


  • This is your captain speaking. Listen carefully for the latest campaign contribution news for all you aviation fans out there:

    1. Pat Gomez- Never left the hangar.
    2. Lou Vince- At the pumps.
    3. Bob Olmstead- Transponders off, spiraling into ocean.
    4. Todd Rogers- Barely aloft, won’t clear first mountain.
    5. Jim McDonnell- Overloaded, entering restricted airspace.
    5. Jim Hellmold- Gaining altitude at mach speed.
    6. Paul Tanaka- Cruising at 30,000 feet, seatbelts off, vodka martins flowing.

    As predicted, this is becoming a classic Region 2 dog fight. The others have gone into a classic stall and are experiencing spatial disorientation. See customer service and perhaps you can request a refund. We’ll even toss you an extra bag of peanuts for your efforts. Thank you for flying Ithaca Boomer Airlines. Boomer out!

  • You guys are absolutely hilarious. You’re political hacks of the lowest form. Tanaka supporters reminding us that Olmsted moved from OC so he could run. Forgetting how Tanaka maintained a residence in Diamond Bar while mayor of Gardena. The topper however, has to be your reminding us of how Olmsted has accepted donations from LASD personnel. That is rich. That takes the award hands down for chutzpah. Tanaka has been a politician for how long now? How many fundraisers has he held for his Gardena mayoral campaign? How many LASD personnel that don’t live in Gardena nor have anything to do with the city strong armed into donating to his campaign? Are all the people who have talked about the in-the-car vs. got-nothing-coming status lying? And of course, the Olmsted people want to conveniently look past him accepting donations from LASD personnel. They have a “different perspective” on that. Then you have Hellmold jumping in the race and picking up a big chunk of Baca’s deep pocket supporters. Rogers? Is he not an opportunist? They are all, every one of them politicians. Somebody tell me how Hellmold and Rogers aren’t campaigning on county time. Lol.
    Then you have the people who want to bad mouth McDonnell because he’s an opportunist and an outsider. I’ve got news for all you naive myopic partisans. There isn’t one candidate, of the top five, that isn’t a political carpet bagging opportunist. That’s what they do. Me? I’m just glad we aren’t hearing from Baghdad Bob Whitmore any longer.

  • Boomer, money is not going to help Hellmold or Tanaka’s cause. Many wealthy reserves are getting multiple phone calls from some shady dude named Lee demanding that they donate to Hellmold or face expulsion from the reserves.

    Now we know the true purpose of hellmolds quixotic candidacy: keep all the skeletons buried from the Baca administration. Both he and Tanaka recognize a forensic audit for what it is: their death sentence…

  • Ithacaboomer, even with all the koolaide drinker’s donations, Paul is still going to loose.

  • Itahicabboomer, I have to just slowly shake my head at your perspective, supreme confidence, some might even say bordering on hubris. The Ithaca Boomer Airlines is no more than a rebranded Malaysian Airline flight that will be flown by flight Captain Tanaka straight to Temple Street where the Sea of Indictment spans into the horizon. The waypoints on his flight plan have been reconstructed by the FBI & they go directly to Club Fed & not to 4700 Ramona & the Cigar Club Patio.

  • I am still confident that in the near future Tanaka will be standing at the prison cell gate of Senator Yee trying to trade a Snickers Bar for two Slim Jims, prior to the next hour in the exercise yard.

  • It took me a while to get a hold of Olmsted, but I finally did and asked him specifically about the LAT article. Olmsted said he never made a statement that he would not receive money from LASD personnel. As a matter of fact, he stated as of last night he has raised about 300K and he estimates 80% of that money came from current or retired LASD personnel. I don’t have a problem at all with those donations, so that is all about nothing. Fundraising is difficult for any candidate, it is a grueling process.

    But lets be honest, Hellmold could not raise enough to buy a cup of coffee off a roach coach be it not for his “Fundraiser in Chief” and inside-insider, Lee Baca. Hellmold is free to do as he wishes, as long as it is legal. But Hellmold is a phony as a 3 dollar bill, especially with his platitudes at public forums proclaiming “I am representing my political part, the Democratic Party, as a progressive and I’m the only progressive candidate running to represent my party and I’m proud to do so.” Odd, because Hellmold switched his political affiliation one day prior to Baca’s announcement of resignation. Hellmold’s wife is still a registered Republican. The hypocrisy of it all. But, with Baca running your campaign, do we expect anything else? I can still remember being told because I have a County car that I should donate the equivalent to a car payment to Baca’s re-election campaign. That was rich.

    And then there is Tanaka’s absolute shake-down of LASD employees for his Gardena campaign and now for his Sheriff’s campaign. Those stories are in abundance and continue to this day.

    I made it clear to my staff they should support who they wish, but it best not be on County time. Hellmold and Rogers apparently do not agree with that statement, but then it’s only in the MPP, so why should they?

  • If Paul Tanaka really lived outside Gardena, wouldn’t he have been brought up on  voter fraud for falsely claiming he live in the city  he represents when he actually lived elsewhere?    Funny how people  made a big deal about Olmsted being a resident of Orange County, but not a word about a  another candidate being a resident of San Bernardino County. 

  • #17- “But lets be honest, Hellmold could not raise enough to buy a cup of coffee off a roach coach be it not for his “Fundraiser in Chief” and inside-insider, Lee Baca.”

    Looks like Jim Hellmold is doing quite well on his own. Don’t knock the guy if he’s doing a better job than your candidate. There are obviously two LASD candidates with an immense following. Unfortunately, yours isn’t one of them. Hang in there.

  • See, #19 is exactly what I’m talking about. Yup spouting out about how somebody else’s man can’t raise money. Instead of just laying low re: campaign donations so nobody could point out how his man took money from Bernice Abram and how all the other candidates should just write off the crip vote because his candidate obviously has it locked up.
    You can’t make it up. The hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  • @yup: What exactly is that you don’t like about Olmsted? The fact that he had the guts to make a decision about something all others chose to ignore, that would ultimately help correct the path of the department. Or is it that you are one of sheep and now “your” sheep dog is drowning in his wake.

    So many of you are impressed by the amount of money one candidate or another is able to raise, but when it comes down to it, if you’re a good BS’er things often go your way, until they don’t. Then what do you have.

    I have challenged many Olmsted haters to come up with some good solid facts about his lack of character, integrity or lack of “real Cop” experience and you have all failed. Why? Because you all know that anything you might bring up and try and twist would apply to the other (department) candidates, ten-fold!

    Stuff like him moving from the OC to LA County. A good portion of the Deputies don’t live in LA County, who cares. He moved, because he’s required to live in the County. My understanding is Hellmold moved also. So what! Lets talk about what they lack, that would ultimately keep Deputies from following and respecting them.

    @Ithacaboomer: your a legend in your own mind. Based on how much you talk about R2, it’s obvious the kind of COP you are. Found your nitch did ya, when you aligned yourself with those who had to lie, cheat and steal to get a “Frank?” One day “Karma” will come calling. She always does!

  • Yup based on your insightful analysis Megan Whitman should be governor and Carly fiorina senator, along with Trutanich and a certain LAUSD board candidate who outspent his rival $2.5 million to $58K, how’d that work out for them?

    I hear they all had ‘immense following” too LMFAO…

  • @Huh!: I will tell you what I don’t like about Olmstead- He’s gutless. He had his chance to squash Cruz and “fix” the department, but he didn’t. He was the commander, he was in charge, and he failed miserably. Where was his whistle while he was active? He pussed out when it got down and dirty. Where was this conversation with Leroy, “Sheriff, if you don’t back me on this Cruz turd, I will go above your head. It’s in “yours,” and the department’s best interests.” He couldn’t do that because his so-called courage came upon his retirement. I guess that other than growing a beard upon retirement, he thinks he grew some stones. He is a fraud of the worst kind.

    Don’t forget, just like Tanaka, he took money from deputies. That’s why he’s “Olmstead, the ultimate Retread!”

  • @Huh! I have a questions for you brother. What is so gutsy about failing to protect the deputies in your division, retiring, dialing the FBI, and causing deputies to be indicted? If it was truly intended to “correct the path of the department” then why try to capitalize on it? I’ll tell you why, it’s called strategy, narcissism, and cowardice. His whistleblowing is so disgraceful he has no choice but to embrace it. And you have the audacity to talk about karma? I’m not the one having to worry about karma creeping up on me for hurting innocent deputies. I don’t understand your type at all. Had he really wanted to “fix” the department he would have took Baca up on his offer to return as a consultant to help with jail reforms. Nope. He wanted the power of the office. It was all good until some competition showed up. Now the only thing he’ll celebrate is a distant loss in June and will then have to live with his pathetic actions. I believe he was a decent guy at one time, but honestly I feel sorry for him now. No matter how much he hated Tanaka for all the times Paul kicked his ass, nothing justifies trying to send a deputy to prison. Nothing!!!!!! I guarantee karma agrees!! Boomer

  • Veritatem and Boomer, I can think of nothing more pathetic than the two of you taking pot shots at Olmsted from the cheap seats. You’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. The fact that both of you insist that Olmsted could have done something different while on the department is a joke, particularly when it involves the “I work for Tanaka” crowd. How is that supposed to work, Hey Paul meet me in the parking lot? Or maybe Bob should have scheduled a meeting with Leroy in Pakistan?

    I understand both of you are getting more nervous as the election approaches, your rhetoric is getting more shrill. You want to talk cowardice, maybe you should ask Hellmold about the boys he left behind in Compton! You want to talk narcissism and strategy without mentioning Tanaka is like discussing the theory of relativity without Einstein.

    People get indicted by their own actions and following the wrong people – the Tanaka crowd. I’m curious, do they wear the t-shirts also?

  • Boomer, your pseudo tough guy act is very entertaining, “Brother”. Lets get something straight, Tanaka NEVER kicked anybody’s ass. Oh, he ruined people with the power of his rank and the stroke of his pen so let’s leave it at that. Also, Olmstead never pushed for anybody to go to prison, it was Tanakas acts that have these poor souls facing Federal Charges and his lack of action that has the lot of them standing out there alone. PERIOD. Narcissism and cowardice is everything that Tanaka stands for. I personally don’t care if Tanaka raises 5 million dollars for his campaign, he will never be a leader, never has been a leader with him abandoning Deputies his entire career when the heat is on (umm I don’t know, I wasn’t named in that lawsuit?). What you fail to see “Brother” is that Tanaka was exposed as a coward 25 years ago and was shoved in a corner whining. He only began to gain momentum in the Deputy support arena when he made rank (by being an accountant, not a cop) and then handing out undeserved promotions and special unit assignments. He bought his support and his high rank was the stage, as the computer is yours “Brother” for his fake, hard charging street cop act.

  • @Veritatem and Boomer are priceless. Absolutely priceless. They’re calling a candidate out for being gutless, not going above the sheriff’s head, blowing the whistle due to strategy of trying to become sheriff, etc. etc. All the while they are supporting the most blatant ass kissing Golden Boy the LASD has seen in 20 years. A guy that rocketed up the chain of command because of his “yes sir” , yes sir, no problem sir, whatever you say sir, you’re the boss sir” attitude, loyalty, myopia, blinders, et al. Watch Baca’s retirement press conference again. Hellmold looks like a bobble head doll he’s nodding so much. So much feeling. So sincere. It was hilarious.
    Strategy? You mean like announcing in front of First AME Church? You mean like switching parties and pointing out how you’re the only progressive democrat in the race? Do you mean doing flagrantly strategic opportunistic stuff like that?
    Again, you can’t make it up. You couldn’t guess the amount of hypocrisy of posters on this site. Just when you think it’s about to ebb, it reaches a whole new level.
    You politically partisan hacks are indeed priceless. MasterCard should be doing commercials off of this site.

  • @LATBG, et al: I enjoy how you cloud the issue with your cliches such as “The Sheriff was in Pakistan.” Do you realize how foolish you sound? Please answer this question: Why did Olmstead wait until retirement to inform on the department?

    You can’t answer it, so have “mustache bob” answer it.

    @Oh Well: Who counseled the Sheriff when he knew it was time for him to go?

  • @Ithacaboomer: There’s not much left to say because you already got slammed pretty good, however let me try. “What is so gutsy about failing to protect the Deputies in your division,” “causing Deputies to get indicted.” Seriously, can you not see the stupidity in that comment. They’re adults with a badge and a gun. But then you are probably the type that does not take responsibility for your own actions!

    First, in your posts you clearly tout yourself as “Mr. OG,” “R2 tough guy,” but yet you want to act like you’ve never heard of careers being ruined by butting heads with those above you. Wait, I stand corrected, maybe you’ve never heard of that, because you are a follower not a leader! And, I really have to re-visit the Tanaka “kicking his ass” comment. I have never heard of Tanaka “actually” kicking any bodies ass. I know if you were a subordinate who didn’t agree with him he would belittle you in front of others and derail your career, but actual ass kicking, no, in my 30+ years, can’t say I have. If I was an unarmed suspect, when he was a Sergeant and surrounded by his boys, I may have had reason to be a little scared!

    Second, let’s address your question “What is so gutsy???” Well here is where many of us separate ourselves from guys like you. It doesn’t take guts to go with the flow, that’s what kids do. It takes guts to go against the grain when you know something is wrong. It takes guts to try and fix it, man to man and it then takes more guts to be a “whistleblower,” because you know this will not make you popular, but the problem has to be fixed.

    How much guts does it take to give orders and then when people get caught slipping, you play stupid, act like you had nothing to do with it, or blame someone else. Think about that as you continue to worship your king!

    @Veritatem: “He had his chance to squash Cruz.” Spoken like a true believer of the current way of doing things. Do you not know their history? They were once partners! What do you do when you try to talk to someone like a man, and they tell you to “F” off because their loyalty is elsewhere. I guess guys like you and Boomer just walk away, or better yet you ask how you can get in that car and hope it never crashes. That is truly gutless! Go ahead and keep up your charade on this blog, because I’m confident that if you and Boomer are anything like you act here, people see you as the sheep that you are!

  • @Stuff- Paul Tanaka kicked a lot of ass, not just Olmstead’s. I lost count how many tough guys walked down the halls with their knees together after leaving his office in desperate search of the nearest restroom. Rewrite history all you want but you won’t change my observations. In case you haven’t noticed, I tell it like I see it. And LATBG- You’ve completely lost it. The Pakistan excuse was so lame I won’t even respond! I’d recommend a junior college class which teaches you the ability to debate!! It’s O.K. to progress past 12th grade. You might like it.

  • @Huh! Are you serious? You’re going to post that Olmstead and Cruz were once partners? You’ve just made my point. He’s done everything in his power to get Cruz locked up. No thanks, if he’s a partner I’d rather work alone. Again, your type could never be trusted in my radio car. Ever. And you whine about why you were never invited to puff a Cuban. Your rationale is pathetic.

  • Boomer, this will be my last reply to you. I am not rewriting history, I lived through the history of Paul Tanaka, you did not. It is blatantly obvious we have different definitions of “kicking ass” but that does not surprise me in the least. Sounds like your Region II escapades were spent trolling hallways within earshot of Tanakas office while the other Deputies were out working. But hey, it says in your jacket you were assigned to Region II none the less. Tanaka will never be Sheriff.

  • @Veritatem
    Are you saying that prior to Baca’s retirement, Hellmold told the sheriff it was time for him to go? Are you saying that it wasn’t Baca’s decision, on his own, to retire? Am I to conclude that in your question to me you are insinuating that Hellmold “finessed” Baca into retirement?

  • @Ithacaboomer: back at you “partner,” yet I would still roll to your back up request, because that’s the way those of us who actually “worked” R2 (and any other region for that matter) do things!

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