LASD The Downfall of Paul Tanaka U.S. Attorney

Former LA Sheriff’s Dept. Captain Tom Carey Takes Plea Deal—Which Means Cooperation, Testimony….(And Maybe a Baca Indictment?) in the Future

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

William “Tom” Carey, a former captain of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and the former head
of the department’s Internal Criminal Infestations Investigations Bureau*—ICIB—has just entered into a plea agreement with federal prosecutors that was filed in federal court Thursday morning, August 13, 2015.

Both Carey and former undersheriff Paul Tanaka were federally indicted on May 14 of this year on charges of obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice, having to do with the matter of FBI informant Anthony Brown, whom members of the LASD allegedly hid from his FBI handlers, while also attempting to—allegedly—obstruct a federal investigation into corruption and brutality by deputies inside the county’s large and long- troubled jail system. Carey was also indicted on perjury charges for things he said when testifying the trials of seven other former department members who were convicted of obstruction of justice last year.

The deal is interesting in that, in return for Carey’s plea, the feds will drop the multiple charges of obstruction of justice and conspiracy, leaving only the single count of perjury. (He could still get five years in prison for even the perjury conviction, but he will likely get far, far less.) The other part of the deal, obviously, is that Carey must cooperate with the feds completely and provide testimony in front of a grand jury or in any relevant trials, if he is asked to do so.

Certainly we can expect to see Carey as a witness at the November trial of Paul Tanaka. But we also think it is quite possible—based on past strategies used by the feds—for Carey to be called in front of a grand jury sometime soon, at which time he would perhaps be asked about the unidicted elephant in the room, so to speak–namely former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca.

There is already strong speculation from people like Paul Tanaka’s attorney, and others familiar with the LASD obstruction of justice investigation, that Baca is indeed the next target for federal prosecutors.

This presumption would seem to be bolstered, purely on a logical basis, by a quick perusal of parts of the plea deal.

For example, if one reads Attachment A at the end of the document, one finds that one of the falsehoods that Carey admitted to had to do with the following: “At the time of this testimony, and during the relevant time frame, defendant knew the orders of co-defendant Tanaka and others were in part to interfere with the federal investigation.

The italics are ours. In reading that sentence, one wonders what “others” there might be, in addition to Paul Tanaka, in a position to give orders to Tom Carey on this issue?

You’ll find the plea agreement below. Scroll down to Attachment A. We think you’ll find it an intriguing read.


*UPDATE: Autocorrect produced an unusually bizarre mistake in this story’s first paragraph that none of us caught for more than a week. If you look, you can see the correct word and the word that Autocorrect clearly preferred.


  • LASD’s solution to inmate allegations:

    1.Relieve everyone of duty who was in the immediate area. Even the poor CA who has nothing to do with anything gets relieved of duty. This tactic is used to punish the CA for “covering up” for their fellow deputies because according to the department everyone (minus the southside multi felon gang member) is lying until YOU prove your innocence. This of course doesn’t happen if you are related to or blowing someone of importance.

    2.Send their hit men (IA, ICIB) to get statements before the accused deputies/CA’s can get a hold of a rep. Investigators will trick new deputies who don’t know any better with statements like, “This investigation is just a formality, just give us your side so we can wrap this up get you back to work without any issues. You are NOT a subject in this investigation you are just a witness”. They will only interview witnesses who favor their agenda (which is usually discharge).

    3.IA will then take their findings to their bosses who will then in turn take it to OIR. OIR will then recommend discharge (as usual) citing that the investigation concluded that a deputy refused to give an inmate an extra roll of toilet paper because he spit, kicked, and broke another deputies’ nose. Your division chief will concur with OIR because they are spineless pushovers who are afraid of OIR. Regardless of all the rhetoric your Chiefs and Commanders spew about “family oriented department” they only care about what’s good for PR and their next promotion. OIR and your Chief don’t care if you have a mortgage, bills, or even a dying kid in the hospital in need of insurance. These people are stone cold and will throw you out like yesterdays trash.

    4. Lastly the brass will ponder why morale is so low, why they are under staffed, and why work productivity has halted. It amazes me how much mental fortitude the grunts of LASD need to be able to put up with this kind of abuse from the department. I have so much respect for the working bees of LASD who have to go into work knowing that an inmate pointing the finger may be a career killer. My advice is to lateral or do the bare minimum. The less proactive you are the less you open yourself for liability. Lay low, collect a paycheck, and make it home to your families safely. You know its time to jump ship when your supervisors run to a 415 dep involved and the first question they ask is, “is the inmate ok”?….. stay safe people.

  • What a disgrace! PT convinced them all he would be King. This is what happens when you sell your soul to the Devil! I just wish the turncoats who are still in Command positions would also be exposed.

  • #1, dido. It’s exhausting and you have folks who knew about this and are still indicted.

    I bet there are a few Chiefs with a little anxiety tonight. I don’t recall won’t work when TC says you knew.

    Baca and company come on down.

  • Don’t know this Carey guy, but he ain’t nothing but a rat. Do the crime, do your time. Speaking of time, bout time to get off, doing the Lord’s work, sleeves rolled up, ink showing, chewing my favorite tobacco product. Don’t like it, come git me!!!!!!

  • Just watching/hearing how the Fed’s are punking LASD in submission is truly epic. Sad to say that those who were around during the Narco scandal did not learn anything from it. I’m curious as to know if any of those in the Pandora Box fiasco were ever in the military. Obviously no one wanted to take the hit for calling the B.S. for fear of being ostracized and lingering in anonymity for the duration of their career. The failed leadership was quite obvious. The gang like mentality of many deputies and just the general arrogance of some LASD sworn was bound to be exposed to outsiders. Say what you want but the LASD of old is long gone. True leaders do not go along to get along. Cowards have no courage neither did the cookie cutter actions of the latest Circus of Characters.

  • #1 you are so right in so many ways. It is so disturbing to know that those that either knew, or pretended not to know, are still in place and have been promoted. But wait everybody, the new Org Chart is just about to be published, Bla Bla Bla. Nothing is changing and I now agree, thad the line staff must protect themsleves by whatever means possible. I wonder how many Deps will be attending the Custody Family Day.

  • @Tattoo Bad Boy, that’s all fine and dandy, but I want to see you tell that to Sheriff McDonnell in person – with your sleeves rolled up, ink showing, and chewing your favorite tobacco product. Let us all know how it works out for you!

    So Sad, I agree with your observations, particularly the part where IAB and ICIB cherry-pick who they interview and who they don’t. That is how they build their cases, with the outcome decided first, and then construct the incriminating evidence, while ignoring the exculpatory evidence. They usually wind up ignoring mountains of exculpatory evidence, only to find a few items to sustain what they believe to be “preponderance of evidence.” Then it’s up to you to have your life turned upside down, get attorneys, and fight your way back to becoming whole again. Many an IA investigator built their career around this, and then were rewarded handsomely for screwing over department members who were not in the car. They are your lieutenants, captains, and commanders of today.

    One note, however. OIR does not exist anymore.

  • I personally like Tom Carey, and I hate to see the situation that he’s in. But back in late 2007 / early 2008, when it was time to do the right thing, back when his career was at a screeching halt, when he was marginalized and assigned to Pitchess North facility, sharing with anyone who would listen, that his career was at a dead end because he wasn’t in the car and couldn’t gain assignment to a specialized unit, the call came from PT. “You’re going to Century as the DB Commander.” Tom was well aware of what accepting that transfer meant — I’LL TAKE CARE OF YOU, BUT YOU OWE ME!! In early 2009, SURPRISE, another call from PT — “Congratulations Tom. I’m promoting you to captain and sending you to ICIB. And now, you’re mine forever.”

    Tom is not alone. The likes of Cruz, Abram, Ritenour, Nee, Hebert, Sutton, etc, they all sold themselves for their promotions, to PT. It’s very, very unfortunate for all of these people (those convicted, those indicted, and those pending prosecution), but they did it to themselves by associating with an underhanded, corrupt individual named Paul Tanaka.

  • Tom flipping was absolutely, 100% predictable. He was assigned to ICIB as a boot captain by Tanaka himself because Tom would play ball. ICIB was stacked with Tanaka “team players” who did as they were told. Throw a case, burry it, make it go away because the suspects are FOT, not a problem. That’s called Obstruction of Justice. Tom was right there to do as he was told. Good guy or not, he sold his soul and became a water boy for the little man. He was indicted and as was so predictable, Tom had his Come to Jesus moment and took the deal. Go to prison for a psychopath who uses “friends” like toilet paper and then flushes them? Not a chance.

    There are no doubt a number of brass, active duty and retired who now have one huge knot in their stomachs and are sleeping with two eyes open. Why? Because Tom can and will give up the ghost, on everything. Not only about ALL the folks who facilitated, participated and turned their head the other way regarding Pandora’s Box, but ALL the other dirt they were involved in while preaching ethics to the troops. It’s all just starting, think I will grab some popcorn and a cold beer and enjoy the show. Hey Paul, how’s retirement?

  • I wish the best to Tom and his family and unless you are walking in his shoes and don’t think you can say what you would do. Because, many of us know how convictions are made. Looking at jail time changes how you look at things. Hey look around there are many executives still working that did far worse. The only difference is that they never got caught. Lying, cheating, stealing, gambling, DUI’s, cleaning up cases, sweeping cases under the rug, subordinate affairs, wow a lot of stuff. This is the prime reason the Department will not improve for a long time. Didn’t the Sheriff recently promote a guy who gave the eulogy at a Deputy’s(RG) funeral and then the executive hooked up with his wife…..never going to change

  • #8 Tabacco Boy, I do know “Carey”. Tom took the stand twice to defend the deputies, sergeants and lieutenants mixed up in this fiasco. His testimony for the defense ended up with perjury charges against him (which are debateable) . So in my book, he is a stand up guy. The 7 got convicted anyway, so would you try the same defense that they all used? Toot Toot, next stop Levinworth Kansas. I say good for Tom, and Tanaka and Baca, Toot Toot.
    Tabacco Boy, I think your shift is starting at McDonalds.

  • @Interested Party, your assessment is quite accurate. Your list of Tanaka Crime Family members is only partial, but a good start. They all sold their souls and did despicable things to good people. I hope their nightmares never end. Tanaka’s favorite comment, “You owe me.” Well Paul, look around the courtroom on November 2, see if any of your Crime Family members are there.

  • #15 “Didn’t the Sheriff recently promote a guy who gave the eulogy at a Deputy’s(RG) funeral and then the executive hooked up with his wife….”

    Leadership you can trust.:

  • Check out ABC news regarding Baca served with trial subpoena. Baca will not be granted immunity for his testimony, well this is getting interesting.

  • I encourage all to download the plea agreement for Carey and read it, all of it. We can say Carey is a nice guy all day long. But the fact is 1. He didn’t get screwed by the Feds. I’m so tired of listening to people say, “Oh poor Tom. He was only doing his job, he had nothing to do with anything other than following orders.” 2. The plea agreement signed by Carey CLEARLY spells out that Tanaka and “others” gave the orders to hide Brown from the Feds with the CLEAR INTENT to obstruct justice, no question and no doubt at all. 3. Carey had knowledge before hand obstruction was being done by his crew along with Thompson’s crew and was aware after the fact what had been done and condoned the actions. 4. Carey, the Captain of ICIB, FAILED to protect his subordinates from harms way by “allowing” them to engage in an unlawful and illegal operation to please Tanaka and others. (This is THE most egregious action Carey took. His people are going to Federal Prison because he allowed them to get sucked into Tanaka’s stupid, ego driven operation.) 5. Carey did not have the balls to throw everyone out of the room but Tanaka and Baca after the first stupid operational order was given that crossed the line of Obstruction of Justice and say, “Are you two fools sniffing glue and taking shots of rubbing alcohol? We cannot and we will not engage in such a cockamamie operation! Do you realize what you are asking my people to do?” And if received blowback then his balls should have automatically inflated to watermelons and he should have said, “Boys, out of loyalty to you AND my people and unit, we are NOT going to engage in this operation. You are asking my people to commit Obstruction of Justice, hide an inmate who we now know has been and is an FBI informant assisting in an active Federal investigation, is not going to happen, stop and think what you are asking to be done.” Nope, he went along to get along. Perhaps Tanaka’s soft falsetto voice was ringing in Carey’s ear, “You owe me.”

    Finally, what other Commanders, Chiefs and Assistant Sheriff’s were directly and indirectly aware of this stupid caper? Was Carey’s Commander and Chief “in the loop” of any of these meetings? Did Carey or anyone else brief them what their people were doing and for whom? They should be hauled before the Grand Jury to be asked, “What did you know and when did yo know it?” By the way, who were Carey’s Commanders and Chief? What kind of IAB case did Sheriff McDonnell put on them? If they were aware of any of it, surely the Sheriff ROD them, right? Any other Divisions involved in this stupid plan? Same questions. (Crickets). Carey will have to answer all of those questions, if he hasn’t already, to the Feds, it is in his signed Plea Agreement.

  • I would hate to be one of the convicted criminals going through the appeals process knowing Carey just pled out.

    Its getting worse for the Convicted Criminals.

  • Carey was not present when anybody ordered the sergeants to threaten to arrest Agent Marx………………

    Did those 2 sergeants think of that on there own ??? WOW ! The 2 sergeants didn’t testify that anybody ordered them at their trial in which they were convicted.

  • @They Say: I don’t know Carey personally, but as I stated earlier, which is it would take a pair of “Cast Iron Balls or Breasts” to call anyone on their B.S. I stated my sentiments in @ 9.

  • #16 LASD31…. I too know him. Where in his testimony did he say, “Paul Tanaka and I ordered this operation and all these deputies were following our orders. The responsibility is all mine and Tanaka’s.” I must of missed that part of his testimony. One word for him…..Rat

  • Your absolutely right Starlight Scope !!! Everybody knew better. Yet, they did it anyway.

    I say ” Off to JAIL” with them . Set an example for the new crew at the Sheriff’s Dep’t.

  • They Say, your last half was spot on.

    There are far more people involved in this than the numbers show. The majority of them are still 10-8 in EPC.

  • @Starlight, I too was around during Arco Narco and knew a number of those who were convicted and when to prison, along with a number of those who were not indicted, but were fired. That caper was spawned out of pure greed and then arrogant greed. There are still questions that will never be answered, like who in Narco’s chain outside of Sobel’s crew had knowledge.

    But to Pandora’s Box, this was, in my opinion, spawned out of pure, unadulterated arrogance by the puppet master himself, Paul Tanaka. As he clearly demonstrated from his days at Lynwood, Century and Lennox, the rules you and I abide by, don’t apply to him. Why? Because his Daddy Baca has protected and enabled him since taking office. The reported “Founded” IAB cases against Tanaka that were sitting on a Commander’s desk, ready for imposition of multiple days off for his numerous temper related Conduct Towards Others investigations, were deep-sixed when Baca was sworn in. WLA has written volumes of Tanaka’s misconduct and volatile instability. As the U/S, his arrogance and power had absolutely no boundaries, just ask him. When this stupid operation was hatched, how many spineless, gutless, cowards of rank just sat silent, besides Carey? Yep, it would take some iron balls as you called them, to say not no, but fuck no. What are they going to do, roll you up because you would not allow your people to engage in a stupid crime? I’d take that roll-up with pride and would go public to protect my troops, I would have done anything to protect my people from themselves and Tanaka, anything! Names need to be named of those spineless cowards of rank who marched those people over a five hundred foot cliff. Just like that Tanaka clown bootlicking punk who was just convicted for that force caper at MCJ Visiting, he led his people right into prison while his brass twiddled their thumbs because “he was connected.” All of this LASD Tanaka driven corruption and embarrassing media blast is ending so predictably, and it is just starting. Tanaka, you are a miserable little man, look what you and your Diablo following disciples have done to our cherished LASD. Deputy’s Lives Matter!!!!

  • For those of you who have forgotten or are new to these blogs, please do not respond to “Tattoo Bad Boy.” He is all talk and a legend in his own. He slipped up a few blogs back and I was able to figure out who he is. He doesn’t warrant exposing or confronting. The fact he doesn’t know who “Tom Carey” is speaks volumes.

    Region II Stations aren’t the only hard working/busy Stations, but those who are busy and hardworking have probably heard of Tom. If for no reason other than his assignments prior to this mess. Firestone, Century, Major Crimes Bureau, ICIB, to name a few, at various ranks.

    Lets just call “Tattoo Bad Boy” the “Wizard of Oz!” Pay no attention to the man hiding behind the curtain!

    Ok, “Wizard” take a shot at me while hiding, because that’s what you do best, but don’t get too nasty, because I do know who you are, after all!

  • Tom Carey could sink the whole ship. It’s not looking good for the convicted players. His cooperation could be the coup de gras for them. My prediction is it’s not going to go well for any of them. Not even Sexton. By the time Carey gets done, it’s going to be evident that all the players knew what was going on from the jump.
    #24 Ownership,
    You just keep on rolling with the Carey is a rat mantra.
    I’ve got news for all you hardcore OG down badass boys. That’s what happens when the “leaders” throw people under the bus like the trainers at Sea World throw sardines to seals. These guys were cops. Not hardcore gangsters. Did you/do you expect them to do time for Tanaka? For Baca? Really? Oh, ok. I’ve got it. He should be loyal because of what Tanaka did for him. Sorry pal. What T did for him was get his ass in the grease. Big time. Federal prison time big time. While T still had the temerity to run for sheriff. Lol. Carey is supposed to eat Christmas dinner in the Leavenworth mess hall while T is living the good life with his family? Because he promoted him to Captain? Which, by the way, I’m quite sure, is the promotion Carey believes he deserved regardless of who the boss was.
    Then there’s Baca.
    Maybe I’m completely off in my above synopsis and Carey thinks it’s unfortunate that T has to be taken down in order for him to take Baca down. Maybe it’s about him wanting to take Baca down and T is just collateral damage. Maybe all those things I said above apply to Carey’s thinking about Baca only and he is sad that T has to suffer consequences too.
    Either way, Tom Carey sees that they both were willing to let him end up under the bus. He realizes their “loyalty” to him has ended. Yet he’s still supposed to remain loyal to them?
    What a crock of shit. This is an LASD caper. These guys aren’t organized crime mobsters or even street gangsters. Nobody ever told them: “Look, it’s understood and a given that at some point in time you will have to ride the beef of a fellow gangster. If you aren’t willing to do that then don’t take the oath” ( or get jumped in ).
    Yes, Tom Carey willingly, knowingly and whole heartedly decided to jump in the car. He licked boots, kissed ass and did whatever he had to do so he would be thrown that next sardine. That was Tom Carey’s bad decision that started the ball rolling that now has him in the grease. For money, for just a few more sardines. I’ll bet right about now ol’ Tommy Boy would be more than happy living on a Lt’s. retirement somewhere in Colorado or Idaho.
    Tanaka’s bad decisions that lead to this point? Too numerous to mention. We’ll just suffice it to say that his ego and quest for power has finally really fucked him good. Now he’s having the sleepless nights.
    Baca? Who knows. That sonofabitch is crazy. Make no mistake about it, he’s crooked too. But first and foremost he’s nuts. So who can really call it?
    Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but I’ll tell you this #24 Ownership. Anybody, you, T or any of your “homies” who expect Tom Carey or anybody else to man up and keep their mouth shut are suffering from serious delusions of grandeur. These aren’t mobsters, gangbangers, or even outlaw bikers you’re talking about. Think about it.
    Yeah, we know. You’d man up. You’d keep your mouth shut. You ‘d do time for your buddy T. We get it. You’re down for the cause. You’re loyal. So how much time you looking at?

  • I’m going to play devils advocate here and say that Captain Carey was pretty much put in a tough situation. I knew him when he was a Lieutenant at PDC. He was one of the most pro deputy watch commanders I ever came across. He would risk his neck for his troops any day of the week without hesitation. Those of you saying he should have taken the punishment and “protected” his troops have no idea what ICIB investigators are like. Captain Carey stepping away from Pandora’s Box wouldn’t have changed anything. ICIB investigators are by far the most pompous cop hating investigators you will EVER come across in your career. These people build their careers on the destroying the lives of potentially innocent deputies. They are notorious and take PLEASURE in making chicken salad out of chicken shit. If you think I’m exaggerating just look at the video of Sgt. Maricela Long and Scott Craig trying to intimidate the FED from investigating Pandora’s Box. They tried to flex their muscles and Maricela even laughed about threatening the FED with an arrest warrant. If they are brazen enough to talk to a fed that way just picture how they treat deputies from their own department behind closed doors. I think Carey likely felt like Pandora’s Box was in full motion regardless of whether he said no and got rolled up. He probably just decided to push it through to mitigate any shit from falling on his troops.

  • As more feet are put to the fire, the plot thickens.

    Most of LASD unsung “Stand up Guys” are the deputies who refused to do dumb shit & suck up to “ride in the car”. This are the ones who return or go to a low post position….regular black & white in patrol, courts and custody.

    The price to pay for a seat in “the car” could be costly and career crashing. Q.Do you really think those who are/were in “the car” actually had the respect of their peers?………….

  • For those that know Tom so well, where did he train? Answer: Lakewood Station. That’s right folks, TC is a Lakewood guy at heart and always will be. He back doored FPK later in his career.

  • #29 OhWell…. You don’t know me from a can of paint. Read your own diatribe again. You describe a Rat perfectly. A guy who willingly sells his sole, gets caught and then rolls like a cheap suit is nothing more than a fucking RAT.

  • Ownership,
    Fair enough re: anybody who sells their soul and then rolls. A RAT. Now Tanaka’s attorney is asking for the feds. to give Baca immunity. begging the court to let Baca be a RAT.
    He’s obviously ok with the whole RAT thing, when it benefits him of course. You can’t make this clusterfuck up.
    What word would you use to describe Tanaka?

  • Selling your soul. Isn’t that exactly what Tanaka did when he decided to play nice nice with Leroy and become his #1 right hand man and the heir apparent?
    Didn’t Tanaka dry snitch on Baca, and others, when he said: “At that point I’m out of the loop”.
    Selling your soul. Isn’t that exactly what Tanaka did re: the Bishop Turner narco caper?

    You’re right. I don’t know you from a can of paint. So I’m asking you straight up. Do you think Tanaka is a RAT? Or is your definition/interpretation of a RAT flexible, pliable and situational, depending on who it is that’s trying to get the cheese, and who it is trying to stay out of the trap?

  • I’m always amazed at all the “legends in their own minds” who claimed to work “Region II” stations like “Firestone”, “Century”, “Compton” and “Lennox”. As an individual who along with his family spent a great deal of his life living and naviagating his way through these parts of the city, it amazes me how many of the “surburban raised” cops who claim to work in these areas like a badge of honor/courage. I ultimately decided not to work in these areas because of to much family/friend familiarity (not hanging with thugs or criminals either) just good old hard working community, neighor folk i grew up with. Crime has no borders and those who think having done their patrol time pushing a hoop in these locals make them a better cop than the thousands of others who work in other regions, areas are pretty week minded. A good cop can be found at any station/region/unit just as easy a bad cop can be. Grow up people (some people I should say)!

  • Wow:. No one could have said it better. The ones you describe (a few) are also contributers to WLA.and it doesn’t take 1 minute to know who they are.

    Big difference in WORKING the RD’s comprising of the “inner city” and area’s near the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder than having to navigate your steps GROWING UP in those areas.

    Sometimes (Cops) motives are less than honorable and it sounds good to tell those (cops or civilians)who never experienced life there, about working those areas.

  • Oh Well…. We weren’t talking about Tanaka. I know him too. Celeste would delete my post and ban me forever if I described what I think of him. RAT would be kind

  • A true test of character for any man or women is when they are placed in a position of responsibility, leadership, and power. Are they the same person with the same principles or does it corrupt them? They say you can fool some of the people some of time, but not everyone all of the time.

    Well, I have known Tom Carey since the academy days. Yes, he was a good cop and person but lost all of that and his character when he accepted that call from Tanaka to take the Century DB Lt. spot. He knew what he was getting into. He is not stupid. He could have walked away from it at any time, way before Pandora’s Box. But he chose not to and he chose wrong. He turned away from the oath, ethics, and responsibilities as a cop, a supervisor, a leader, and as the person I knew him to be.

    After making Captain he walked by and dealt with people, on or off duty, that he had gone to war with, but knew they were not in the car with Tanaka, with total disregard and disdain.

    Anyone who mishandles investigations, mistreats people, and ruins careers needlessly, does not get my sympathy. This again was all of his choosing.

    Some may call him a rat or whatever, but his last courageous act should be to man up and lay everything out there that he knows in order to give the Department it’s best chance of cleaning itself up. Expose those from top to bottom that McDonnell needs to be made aware of,and despite that the fact you crossed the line big time and screwed your career and life up, be the man you used to be. Tell the truth, and go out with your guns a blazing on a grand scale. You have nothing to lose now.

  • Haaaaaaaa, Carey was a Lakewood Deputy. Not knocking Lakewood, why would he claim Firestone. He’s a Lakewood trained guy, be proud of where you got your start. Speaking of start, that’s right, it’s time. And guess what (special attn Bailiff Huh), I’ll be rolling sleeves up, tats visible, while chewing my favorite tobacco product. As for you old Firestone windbags, it’s what one does where they are at, there are lazy folks like this “huh” idiot at every station and assignment. Don’t be jealous huh, we’ll hold the line while you get the magistrate his morning cup o coffee.

  • It was an “old Firestone windbag” that “ratted” to the Feds and got this whole federal investigation started…..remember Bob “Bonecrusher” Olmsted. Maybe he secretly trained at Industry Station……that must be it!

    If only our courageous Region II Dept executives had the stones or intelligence to put a stop to a lot of this nonsense, Olmsted wouldn’t have needed to do it.

    Look at how our bitch’en Region II Dept. executives have lead us to LAPD rule and the destruction of our Dept. I don’t think anybody from Lakewood, Industry, Norwalk or Palmdale could have done more damage if they tried.

  • @”You can’t handle the truth”: Well said! And for those of you who got your “undies in a bunch” because I mentioned Tom and his time at Firestone, Century and MCB, go back and read my post. I specifically stated “Region II Stations aren’t the only hard working/busy stations.”

    The reason for naming those places was to point out where Tom became known. Who really gets “known” as a trainee, no matter where you trained (except maybe “Tattoo Bad Boy” who was probably training his T/O)! Darn, he got me! Suckered me into mentioning him! Damn, he’s good! Sorry, got to go. ALL RISE!

  • There are a lot of people who worked region II and did not believe in this goofball stuff. They were marginalized along with everyone else under Tanaka. Ultimately it came down to who wrote checks and who displayed unquestionable loyalty to Paul.

  • I know Tom says…”Wow, all he FPK heavies are quiet once Tom’s inner Lakewood comes out.”

    I was a Firestone trained deputy. I worked a radio car with Tom, he was a good partner. I never gave much thought to where he trained. Good deputies come from all our stations, Tom was one of them. He was well respected at the station. If you feel the need to check my claim, Celeste can give you my name, provided you release yours……

  • @ 46.Cracker. You call Olmsted a rat. Really? I call Olmsted a remedy because someone had to check LASD because it was totally out of control with no one in control.

    LASD needed a Fed check. Olmsted gets credit for doing something instead of talking shit. At least he “had a pair” to do what he did. Our higher ups didn’t listen to him but someone did.

    Question is, what would you have done? ( with rank and not just being a shit talking, bone head)

  • @FPK trained, that Station was 25% hard chargers and 75% lazy folks that lived in the FPK fantasy world. I agree with with “I know Tom”, he’s was a Lakewood guy thinking that a stint at FPK would energize his career.

  • @”Yah right:” what years did you work FPK? I’m trying to guage the credibility of your statement!

  • @Proud and very tired, you can gauge all you want. That’s my business. Many can’t handle the truth. FPK was full of lazy folks who lived on the Station name. Many didn’t play that game and worked hard while others sat around doing nothing or drank with da boys to get “dem bones”. Carey was ok, but Lakewood all the way.

  • @Yah right: so I guess that answers that question. Another person who never worked Firestone, but wants to tarnish the reputation. Sure there may have been some slugs there, but it was always busy enough for even the average slug to handle business or move on. Your assesment of 75% lazy shows you never worked there. Make all the claims you want, your credibility went out the window with your response to my question.

  • @Yah Right! I worked FPK for several years. In my humble opinion, it seems to me you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. I was never prouder than with working with those honorable, hard-working, ass kicking men and women.

  • I worked firestone for five years and had a great time and did a lot of good work. I had the pleasure to work with Tom when he left Lakewood, duly in part to a softball dugout caper. He was a good man, and to my knowledge has no tattoos. He got sucked up into the Mr. t show who was running the Department for a long time. Mr. t is, was, and always will be a coward who just wanted to be liked. The bigger you were with the most tattoos you had he wanted you in his car. We hated each other for a long time, and he tried many times to ruin my career. This whole problem was his pure ego. What puzzled me is that he ordered some of his best friends to do things thinking he was untouchable, and when they get indicted there was no support from Tanaka. He is ruined and can never save face, he’s done. But there are several left in the group that were involved in the whole pandora box thing. Christie, Tanakas mole, never got touched and Ornelas who was the captain at the time had nothing happen even after daily meetings with Carey. Carey was a good cop and a good man, but he got corrupted by a coward and was stupid. I hope Tanaka gets what he deserves but I think having all the oversight from DOJ and. Others this week may diminish the thirst for blood from guys like Tanaka

  • Firestone in the early 80’s were highly respected by the good citizens and feared by the gangsters. That in itself was mystical. The Stoney Boys (Deputies were called that by gangsters) were impressive without trying to be. If they went 10-8 they went to work.

    I got a kick out of seeing a Firestone unit west of Central (which was 77th Division LAPD) because LAPD was NEVER around.

    Working Kenyon Justice Center, I frequented the C-7 spots in and around that area from Huntington Park to the 110 Fwy. Gonna miss those guys and times.

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