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49 Shot Dead at Orlando Nightclub in Deadliest Mass Shooting in U.S. History

The heartbreak and devastation continues to grow as more details about the victims in Orlando filter out.

In addition to our heartbreak and thoughts for the families and friends of those killed in the horrific act of bigotry, hatred and violence at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, Saturday night, we at WitnessLA also hope that news reporting on this tragedy is sober minded, fact-based, and resists the desire to twist the terrible sorrow of others for political purposes.

President Obama has called the attack at the popular LGBT nightclub that killed fifty people, and injured another 53, “an act of terror and an act of hate.”

The gunman, who is also dead, has been identified as Omar Siddiqui Mateen, a U.S. citizen. He reportedly called 911 prior to his shooting rampage, and pledged allegiance to ISIS.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, although there was no early evidence that they had contact with the gunman. It seems instead ISUS opportunistically claimed credit after the fact.

At the same time, Mateen’s father, and his ex-wife, have each told reporters that Mateen had often made anti-gay remarks in the past.

In addition, the former wife of the gunman described him as violent, abusive and unstable.

Meanwhile, here in Los Angeles a man was arrested for weapons and explosives and told authorities he was planning to meet a friend at Sunday’s Gay Pride parade. It was reportedly later that the man allegedly planned to cause “harm” to those in the parade.

Yet, near the end of Sunday, this report was found to be inaccurate. The man with the guns and explosives intended to go to the parade but not cause “harm.” Why he was carrying weapons and explosives was not clear. The LA Times has been following the story.


  • This is a disgusting, horrible and senseless example of what a Progressive political environment coupled with a weak PC nation has evolved to. 50 men slaughtered because of their sexual orientation, period. We have a nation that doesn’t want to offend anyone, hell bent on political correctness, heads are turned as to not look at the 500lb elephant in the room. Open boarders to recruit future democrat voters, a nation that want everything for free, a silent majority who sits on their ass and says nothing. We either take this nation back from those who fucked it up for their own political agenda and power, or sit down and shut up and let the Progressive movement win and kick the last leg out from underneath us. I mourn for the victims, they did not deserve any of this. I mourn for this country because this is just the beginning, of the end.

  • Spade….All you said, BRUTALLY TRUE!

    Silent, MAJORITY, genetically self absorbed “it doesn’t involve me”, wake the F@#$ UP and get involved!

  • C: This falls on the back of one man only! That’s Barack Obama! How does the president sleep with all the HELL he’s brought to the world? Well, we can surely expect the killings to continue until we wake the F UP!!Totally agree with the two above!
    Maybe you should interview CAIR the un-indicted co-conspirators of 911? And we can ask questions on how they tricked Lee Baca and all the rest?

  • @ Questions. So you actually think that all the carnage and chaos will stop when Obama exits the Oval Office? You can’t be serious.

  • “This is a disgusting, horrible and senseless example of what a Progressive political environment coupled with a weak PC nation has evolved to. ”

    Don’t worry when Trump is president and the “boarders” are closed tight and all the people of color are deported, America will pure, white and great.

    God Bless America !!!

    And all the true patriots i.e Mr. “Calling it a spade”.

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