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Dueling Newspapers


The Los Angeles Daily News and the LA Times both had thought-producing editorials on Tuesday.
Each had to do with an important issue concerning the city and state—in one case, gangs, the other immigration. However, one of the editorials was quite good and smart, the other one quite lousy and short-sighted (in my humble opinion).

I leave it to you to guess which one is which.

The Daily News editorial offering is called: CHICKENS AND THE EGG: City Hall cluck-clucks about L.A.’s gang problem. The link is here.

The Times editorial is called: NO FINANCIAL AID FOR THE UNDOCUMENTED: Giving illegal immigrants money for college takes funds away from legal U.S. residents. (The link is here)

By the way, for you non-California types out there—you might want to know that one of these papers is traditionally considered somewhat conservative-leaning, the other, somewhat liberal leaning.

(Hmmmmm. Interesting.)


  • Yes, we all find it hard to believe that the LA Times would actually suggest that Illegal Aliens should not get the same college funding as US citizens.

    Maybe all the liberal editors (who were illegal aliens) were laid off to save financial resources at LA Times.

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