Update on Retrial of Former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca Coming Soon

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

It’s been an intense four days of testimony in the retrial of former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, with a line-up of prosecution witnesses that included such former department members as Greg Thompson, James Sexton, Micky Manzo , and William “Tom” Carey, with more coming today, Friday.

A story with the details will arrive over the weekend.

So stay tuned.

Photo of Lee Baca taken in December 2016 after mistrial was announced.


    • Ironic. When I worked MCJ as a young deputy (1981-83), I was shocked to see hard core gangsters in the K9 (snitch) module. They were turning on their accomplices. I truly witnessed that there is no honor among Thieves, Gangsters and apparently some guilty Deputies.

  • @Lonestar Justice
    Yep. It’s like quicksand and they are all scratching to get some fresh air before it becomes prison air.

  • Tom Carey used to be, what I thought anyway, a very solid guy. Then he went off the rails and the power obviously made him lose who he was.

    Now he’s just a dirty rat fucking snitch who didn’t have the guts to speak up and take his medicine.

    • Carey: “I don’t have a good feeling about all of this.”

      Thompson: “Oh Come on Tom, don’t be a bitch. Listen, I’m connected at the hip with Paul. And I can tell you one thing that is stone solid. Paul ALWAYS takes care of his people. Look around at all of the people he’s promoted, those are his people, they are all part Pauls crew.”

      Carey: “I understand, Greg. But Paul wants us to take on the FBI, that’s serious shit. It’s crazy.”

      Thompson: “Tom look at me, look me in the eye. Listen, Paul personally promoted you to Captain and he put you in ICIB for a reason. He put you there because he knew you would play ball. Well pal, this is a World Series game and you are at bat, don’t choke and strike out. Paul is counting on you and you don’t want to disappoint Paul, you owe him. Let me put it a different way. Need I remind you of the people Tanaka absolutely destroyed? A lot of them were good people and look at them, fucked and buried like dead dogs. You know how Paul is when he gets pissed, no one survives his wrath. And you know Paul is absolutely going to be the next Sheriff. There is no way the Feds are going to take us on. They will back down and this will go away, you’ll see. Now I gotta call Paul and tell him what’s going on, what do I tell him?”

      Carey: (Long pause) “You’re right, Greg. I owe Paul, for everything. I’m in. Let’s do this but we have to be careful. Fuck, this is funny. I’m the Captain of the fucking Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau, and we are about to shove a hot poker up the FBI’s ass and shut their investigation down. Al Capone would be proud of this caper. (Greg and Tom laughing their ass off).

      Thompson: (dialing phone) “Hey Paul, we’re all good. Just like I told you, Tom is rock solid, he’s got your back………. Ok, I’ll tell him……. Ok, will do. See you Sunday and tell Valerie not to burn the roast…….. What do you mean I have to tell her (laughter)…..Oh, you’re only the big man at work, that’s what I thought. Ok, Bro, later.”

      “Paul is happy. He told me to tell you that he’s glad you’re onboard and he is going to take good care of you and he’s got big plans for you. Tommy, welcome to the inner circle, dude. There are only a few of us. You’re set.”

      Carey: “Thanks, Greg. This is going to be great.”

      • It warms my heart to think Paul’s biggest worry for the next few years will be to not drop the soap. It occurs to me that his cigar smoking pastime may have unintentionally given him a useful skill set on the inside…

  • I can remember many people running errands and cleaning that were a lot tougher in the Pokey.

    We ought to be starting a fund for that gentleman Brown who got it all started and putting some money on his books.

  • It just goes to show you they were never their own men. They followed Paul thinking his Jim Jones juice would bring them rank and money. They carried his war bag, cleaned his weapon and shined his boots. Now they’re stool pigeons. When the going gets tough, the weak point fingers.

    • LMAO!!! Jim Jones juice. That is the most appropriate analogy I’ve read over the years of following the Tanaka chronicles. The Kool Aid that Tanaka concocted, brewed and served for years, the Kool Aid the masses fought to drink, stabbed good folks in the back to taste and bragged they had gallons of was really Jim Jones Juice. LMAO, in the end, Tanaka’s Jim Jones Juice took everyone out, including Paul (metaphorically speaking, of course). LMAO!!!!! Bravo. Jim Jones Juice!!!!!! I’m going outside to clear the snow while laughing my ass of like a ding! Great to be retired.

  • Why do the same folks spew the same ignorant vitriol? Yes; some people who took the stand are working towards better housing, reductions, and considerations. The Federal System is based on cooperation, which is why AUSA and FBI agents rarely goto trial. The entire landscape of the LASD indictments required almost 15 trials over 4 years. That’s unheard of folks.

    One person who took the stand went to prison first, honored a writ, and earned a Rule 35 (only given by the Judge; the guy who hates cops), which he defended with distinction on cross examination. Cooperation is defined in sentencing as 5K departure. None of these folks are getting those deals outside of Carey who plead out for lying. The rest are not getting the same considerations as the guy who actually turned himself into prison, served time, and walked into court to face the man who brought this on the department.

    Lonestar, please put money on AB’s books. The victims of his violent crime will thank you and you will continue to show your hypocrisy and gilded righteousness.

  • Interesting tidbit I picked up the other day. It appears that Brian Moriguchi sold his soul to the devil in order to curry favor with Fresh Eyes McDonnell. He wrote a confession of sorts in the last PPOA rag, giving a lame excuse as to why we’ve not heard of the results of the survey that is now over a year old.

    Moriguchi buried the actual results when the sheriff asked him to, because they were severely damaging to his fake image with the media. Both Moriguchi and the execs are running around claiming the sheriff is doing good things to turn the department around. The only problem is they can’t seem to identify anything positive.

    We lost the MTA contract, recruitment is in reverse, sworn veterans are pulling the plug at 25, and all of Tanaka’s clones are playing the same game with new names. And now these idiots want to retry the failed steputy program.

    McDonnell, you are a failed sheriff. Enjoy your “opportunity”

  • Well Jack Dawson,
    I think the population has spent enough money on settling lawsuits by a bunch of police officers accused of brutality and wrongdoings. At least Mr. Brown helped curb the violence.
    Lets see how these convicted criminals do in prison.

  • I, like many hard working Deps, am a victim of tall Paul’s shenanigans. I refused to go door to door for him years back. When I personally told him I was not political, he gave me the old “deer in the headlights stare”. I then began to see many folks I considered friends disassociate themselves from me and other like minded folks. Then all of a sudden “boom”, these “yes” men and women were all promoted. All were getting great jobs. Me, I stayed a line guy. Finally, after years of ducking “Mr Tanaka’s” wrath of hatred on those that oppose him, I got a decent spot. What’s the first thing I hear when I hit the door, “So, do you support Mr Tanaka”. Of course I said no. Again, at a great hard working unit, I got treated like crap. That little dwarf and his band of Vikings made my life miserable for a good part of my career. Funny, these Vikings were conquered by a bunch of puny nerds (FBI). Now, these followers want to be buddy buddy with those they ostracized for so many years. I’m cordial, but laughing my ass of daily. Paul, I hope you get one good beating while you’re locked up. Oh, who is consoling Mrs Tanaka while you’re on vacation.

  • Gerard Smith, one of the deputies has still not gone to prison and he is still in denial of doing anything wrong. Pathetic!!!

  • Baca tells the deps. What to do, they do it and go to jail. Baca then claims the onset of Alzheimer’s to stay out of jail. The deps. Should cover for him? I worked with Baca in about 1969 and can truthfully testify that he was in the first stages of Alzheimer’s at that time . He has destroyed the integrity of the department by who he has hired and led for 16 years. I hope he never sees the light of day again.

    • But the deps know that they are following unlawful orders (that is the key unlawful))) so reps are just as guilty and deserve what they get for not standing up for what is right, period

      • @Mike, you zeroed in on the key element that so many in denial refused to acknowledge because they are to busy circling the wagons, throwing fire bombs at the FBI, proclaiming this entire investigation was a humbug, a “pissing contest.” At some point, I don’t think initially, but at some point early on, EVERYONE knew they were getting very close to the line of Obstruction of Justice. Furthermore, knowing what all learned based on testimony, the point came just a short time later, EVERYONE involved KNEW they had crossed that line and were balls deep, over their head in obstructing a bonified FBI investigation. They knew exactly what they were doing and who was directing it. Smith, Monzo,, were in the clubhouse with Inmate Tanaka with guest appearances by Defendant Baca. I bet everyone in that room had little chubbies, knowing they were given unlimited overtime, takehome cars, promises that they had futures with the Little Man, blah blah. The two that I am absolutely livid at are Thompson and Carey. They fucked their people, they destroyed their families and their lives. Those deputies and sergeants are going to prison because of Thompson and Carey. They had the power to navigate all of this back to the other side of the line, but they didn’t. They wanted the brass ring too, so they kept lighting Inmate Tanaka’s cigar, kissing his ass and saying, “Yes Paul, whatever you want Paul.” Shame on you two, you will pay. As far as Monzo and Smith, don’t know them but if are proclaiming they did nothing wrong, just following lawful orders, got screwed doing their jobs, they are more stupid than I’ve been told they are by those who do know them. Cry me a river, enjoy your trip. Maybe Mrs. Tanaka will invite their wives over for high tea and tell them, “Paul and I have your backs, we really appreciate your loyalty and everything you’ve done. Paul always takes care of his people. I still have lots of pull inside LASD. Stay strong, just call if you need anything. And if I don’t answer, just leave a message.”

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