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More Cities Join LA in Asserting “Sanctuary” Status Despite Trump’s Plan to Take Away Funding

Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker

Last week, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said the city would not work with President-elect Donald Trump on the mass deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants.

Trump has said that he will withhold major Department of Justice funding to “sanctuary cities” like Los Angeles where undocumented immigrants are not arrested solely for violating federal immigration laws.

Over the weekend, Reince Priebus, tapped by Trump to be chief of staff, told CNN’s Jake Tapper that Trump is looking into pulling funding from the sanctuary cities and counties—of which there are more than 300 nationwide.

Tapper asked Priebus about Los Angeles’ decision not to work with the feds to deport undocumented immigrants, while continuing to take in hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from the DOJ. While Priebus answered that the issue would be a “matter of negotiation,” he also argued that “the idea that a city would decide to ignore federal law, and then would want the federal government to help them anyway is an inconsistent position,” and “not the way life works.”

On Monday Mayor Garcetti called the Trump administration move a “mistake” that would lead to “social, economic, and security problems,” according to the LA Times’ Dakota Smith.

The LAPD will continue to follow Special Order 40, a 1979 mandate implemented by then-LAPD Chief Daryl Gates and the LA City Council, which prevents police from questioning people with the sole intention of determining their immigration status, Garcetti said last week.

The conservative Gates (and every chief who has come after) embraced the mandate, which was put in place so that undocumented immigrants could feel safe reporting crimes and otherwise engaging with law enforcement without the fear of deportation.

The city of Los Angeles is expected to receive more than $500 million this fiscal year from the DOJ for port security, homeland security, and combatting homelessness, among other important purposes.

“Every police department has to make decisions about how to best go about policing efforts, and most jurisdictions have decided that if local police are known to be enforcers, it harms their ability to police effectively,” Denise Gilman, director of the immigration clinic at the University of Texas School of Law, told the Washington Post.

In California, San Francisco, Alameda County, San Diego County, Santa Clara County, Riverside County also offer sanctuary to undocumented immigrants.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, flanked by city officials, promised that SF would remain a sanctuary city. “We promise to be a city that’s always welcoming,” said Lee. “There are no walls in our city.”

Mayors of other “sanctuary cities,” including Portland, OR, Seattle, and Chicago have made similar statements.

In a tweet, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made his position clear. “I told the President-elect we’re ultimate city of immigrants & attempts to mass deport our people flies in the face of what makes NYC great.”

Mere hours after taking office in January, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed an executive order reclassifying the city as a sanctuary city.

Last week, Kenney reaffirmed the city’s stance. “I vow to uphold the Constitution of the United States by not holding people in jail without a warrant, which I think is in violation of the U.S. Constitution,” Kenney said.


  • Dummies, Political Correctness is gonna cost your city money! But, of course you will blame Trump’s win. It’s been obvious over the past 30 years LA City and County do not care for their taxpaying citizen’s.

  • They should get rid of some funding, but not from police departments.

    Sanctuary cities are like the old southern states, using nullification to impose their own prejudices.

  • Let’s hope the President Trump appointed leaders of the DOJ and ICE will go after local county government officials who fail/refuse to assist in the enforcement of Federal law with the same fervor and intensity the President Obama directed agencies did. Just because you do not agree with a law or your agency is not charged with enforcing that law does not absolve any LEO from abiding his oath to protect the US Constitution and abide it’s laws. Just like the southern states of the 60’s had to be reminded again of their place in the overall hierarchy, so shall the misguided western states.

  • @ 4. Wishful thinking… Trump is not Eisenhower and Session’s past pits him as a “Redneck Bigot” That’s parallel with Lady Justice on Meth with the “Hells Angels” as jurists.

  • It will cost them more than funding. See 8 USC 1373, 18 USC 1510, 18 USC 371, & 18 USC 1001. Think it can’t happen? Ask the 20, and counting former LASO “ham sandwiches” who were indicted by federal grand juries, and convicted in Federal District Court.

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