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Why the FBI Kept the LA Jail Abuse Investigation a Secret from Baca and other Top Brass…and More


The FBI chose not to tell former LA Sheriff Lee Baca and other top department officials of the bureau’s recent investigation into alleged misconduct in county jails to keep the department from obstructing the probe, according to a packet of FBI documents and emails obtained by the LA Times.

The LA Times’ Cindy Chang and Jack Leonard have more on the matter. Here are some clips:

In explaining the need for secrecy, federal agents wrote that the Sheriff’s Department had interfered with previous FBI investigations. The agents described instances in which sheriff’s officials allegedly retaliated against an informant, denied agents access to a key source in jail and prevented a federal task force from gaining access to “jail communications.”

The FBI documents allege that former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka thwarted an investigation into suspected contraband smuggling by a deputy at Pitchess Detention Facility.

According to one memo, sheriff’s officials prevented FBI agents from interviewing an inmate who had been cooperating.

“LASD, specifically Tanaka, made it difficult for the FBI to pursue an effective investigation and the case was eventually closed,” the memo said.

There are other justifications for the secrecy, according to the FBI documents. For instance, Baca’s nephew, Justin Bravo, a deputy with a questionable past who worked in the jails, was suspected by the FBI of “egregious” inmate abuse:

Jail inmates told the FBI that the nephew, Justin Bravo, was the leader of a group of deputies who carried out unprovoked assaults, according to one FBI record.

Bravo was hired by the Sheriff’s Department despite his alleged involvement in a fight with San Diego police and arrests on suspicion of drunk driving and burglary, The Times reported last year. In 2001 in North Carolina, Bravo pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor involving a car break-in.

More recently, Bravo was put on paid leave in connection with a criminal probe by the Sheriff’s Department into whether he had abused an inmate. He was disciplined and is back on the job, according to a department spokeswoman. She declined to elaborate, citing confidentiality laws.

Richard A. Shinee, Bravo’s attorney, said the description of his client as an “egregious inmate beater” was based on unreliable second- and third-hand accounts.

The documents also pointed to a long-rumored “pay to play” culture within the department, including allegations that Baca handed out concealed weapons permits to campaign supporters, that LASD members pressured tow truck companies for donations in exchange for contracts with the department, and that Tanaka specifically tried to steer garbage removal contracts as a Gardena city councilman:

According to an FBI case summary, sheriff’s captains were ordered to collect $10,000 per station from tow truck companies that had contracts with the stations. The donations went either to Measure A, which would have raised the county sales tax to pay for more law enforcement officers, or to a campaign fund backing Tanaka’s successful run for Gardena mayor, the FBI contended in the documents.

An unnamed towing company official told investigators “it was known in the towing industry that if you wanted a contract with LASD you had to donate money to local politics,” according to the case summary.

Also according to the summary, Waldie terminated a towing company’s contract after the owner spoke to the FBI about the alleged pressure to donate.

Waldie, who retired in 2011, called the allegation “absolutely preposterous.”

In an interview with KPCC’s Frank Stoltze back in May, former sheriff candidate Todd Rogers said as a captain he was leaned on by a superior officer who wanted him to award an exclusive contract to a towing company that had supported Sheriff Baca. Here’s a small clip from the interview:

Rogers says the superior officer, whom he declines to name, noted that captains hold the authority to choose which companies receive lucrative Sheriff’s Department towing contracts in their jurisdictions. He wanted Rogers to “strongly consider” giving an exclusive contract to a company the assistant sheriff described as “very supportive of the department and the sheriff.”

“I didn’t want the one tow company,” Rogers said. “I told him no.”

We took a quick look at Tanaka’s sheriff campaign donation lists. The most recent contribution report (mid-May) available to the public includes a few towing company donations.

And while there may be more, we found entries on pages 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, and 17 of this March 2014 donation report.

Here’s another donation from April of this year.

And if you skim through this 2013 list, you’ll find another towing company donation, and other interesting contributions.

There’s a lot more, so be sure to read the entire Times story. All this information from the FBI cannot help but raise one obvious question: what—if anything—does it suggest about possible future indictments?


U.S. District Judge Troy Nunley granted class action status to an inmate’s lawsuit challenging a California prison policy of putting prisoners on lockdown by race after a fight breaks out involving even one member of a racial group. For instance, when individual Hispanic inmates fight, all inmates labeled by the CDCR as Hispanic can be locked down and deprived of things like yard and recreation priveleges, phone calls, and family visits.

The Associated Press has more on the ruling. Here’s a clip:

The lawsuit was originally filed in 2008 by one inmate, Robert Mitchell, after he and all other black inmates at High Desert State Prison in Susanville were locked in their cells following a fight. The legal challenge will now apply to all male inmates.

Gangs in California prisons typically are based on race, and fights often involve members of one race against one another. State law says the department can target specific racial and ethnic groups only when necessary to prevent further violence, and the response must be “narrowly tailored.”

The U.S. Justice Department last year intervened in the case, saying the practice violates the equal-protection guarantee of the 14th Amendment. Attorneys say no other state has a similar policy.


The NY Times’ Stephanie Clifford has a story highlighting the emerging problem of federal prosecutors reading emails between federal prisoners and their lawyers, and using the correspondence to their advantage. Defense lawyers argue that the emails are the only efficient means of communication with the clients to whom they are trying to provide adequate representation, and should remain under the protection of attorney-client privilege.

Here are some clips:

The extortion case against Thomas DiFiore, a reputed boss in the Bonanno crime family, encompassed thousands of pages of evidence, including surveillance photographs, cellphone and property records, and hundreds of hours of audio recordings.

But even as Mr. DiFiore sat in a jail cell, sending nearly daily emails to his lawyers on his case and his deteriorating health, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn sought to add another layer of evidence: those very emails. The prosecutors informed Mr. DiFiore last month that they would be reading the emails sent to his lawyers from jail, potentially using his own words against him.

Jailhouse conversations have been many a defendant’s downfall through incriminating words spoken to inmates or visitors, or in phone calls to friends or relatives. Inmates’ calls to or from lawyers, however, are generally exempt from such monitoring. But across the country, federal prosecutors have begun reading prisoners’ emails to lawyers — a practice wholly embraced in Brooklyn, where prosecutors have said they intend to read such emails in almost every case.

The issue has spurred court battles over whether inmates have a right to confidential email communications with their lawyers — a question on which federal judges have been divided.


All defendants using the federal prison email system, Trulincs, have to read and accept a notice that communications are monitored, prosecutors in Brooklyn pointed out. Prosecutors once had a “filter team” to set aside defendants’ emails to and from lawyers, but budget cuts no longer allow for that, they said.

While prosecutors say there are other ways for defense lawyers to communicate with clients, defense lawyers say those are absurdly inefficient.

A scheduled visit to see Syed Imran Ahmed, a surgeon accused of Medicare fraud who is being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, took lawyers five hours, according to court documents filed by one of Dr. Ahmed’s lawyers, Morris J. Fodeman. The trip included travel time from Manhattan and waiting for jail personnel to retrieve Dr. Ahmed.

Getting confidential postal mail to inmates takes up to two weeks, Mr. Fodeman wrote. The detention center, like all federal jails, is supposed to allow inmates or lawyers to arrange unmonitored phone calls. But a paralegal spent four days and left eight messages requesting such a call and got nowhere, Mr. Fodeman wrote.


  • Maybe the FBI should consider filing RICO charges against the Department. The tow truck scam sounds a little like extortion.

  • How much longer until the Feds knock on Tanaka’s front door?… (well, either one of his two front doors; the one in Gardena or the one in the east San Gabriel Valley)

  • Not to worry, now that ICIB is aware of this criminal behavior, I am sure a thorough investigation will be conducted and appropriate action taken. We fire deputies all the time for less, right?

  • #3,

    You are absolutely right! LASD is a fair and impartial organization that applies education based discipline to all.

    ICIB is definetly on their heels…. With the shovels, brooms, and blankets to cover it up.

    I will make my donation to the Tanaka 6 while I am at it.

  • So a $10,000 “donation” will buy you a tow company contract with the Department. Every Captain that participated should be fired and indicted. All these years, I thought I was working for a law enforcement agency. Turns out I was working for the Mafia.

  • Let us not forget that the 28th Sheriff of Los Angeles County, Peter J. Pitchess, was an F.B.I. agent immediately before becoming Sheriff.

    Since that time LASD has devolved from an organization headed by an ex-F.B.I. agent to an organization where, to quote from the LAT story, “top commanders…might try to obstruct” F.B.I. investigations into LASD wrongdoing, all under the immediate direction of the Sheriff.

    Really, truly incredible.

  • Given all I read above, I have but one question………Why in the hell are Baca, and Tanaka NOT sitting in a jail cell at the Federal Metro Detention Center? If that were you or I……average “Joe Deputy”, we would be hung by our balls!!

  • If the FBI had all the information listed in this report, why haven’t they chatged Baca and Tanaka. They instead targeted lower ranking members. Doesn’t make any sense! !

  • Tow companies in Compton has been giving Compton Station thousands of dollars over the years. B2V…Xmas Parties,,,,Commander D. Walker knew of this.

  • Yes. 10g’s would get you a towing contract. Small potatoes. Going to churches and telling your peeps to vote for Baca would get you 100k plus a year job, a county car, county gas, computers, office at HQ and investigations of why your church received a package with over 80k in it squashed.
    Even after the “Bishop” Turner narco caper, that Baca had squashed and Tanaka had full knowledge of, Baca kept Turner on the payroll for how long? Incredible. Sickening.
    Baca should be sitting in a cell for that, among many other things.
    One other thing. Tanaka was fully aware that Baca squashed the Turner investigation. He made a point of it during the campaign before Baca retired. It wasn’t until Eyewitness News did an investigation into it that Baca fired Turner. Tanaka sat silent and put up with Baca’s misconduct in the Turner investigation.
    That shot a hole thru Tanaka’s “In my 33 years I have never tolerated or condoned misconduct” slogan big enough to drive the space shuttle through.
    When Tanaka was asked by a reporter why he didn’t report it to anybody or take any action he paused, said a long “Uhhhh” as he was trying to think of an answer that wouldn’t make him look bad, and then replied with something to the effect of: “If you go up against the sheriff you don’t last long”.
    So there you have it. Baca was pulling shit like that and Tanaka had full knowledge of it and stood by and let Baca squash a dope slinging investigation.
    Those ardent Tanaka supporters won’t like what I’m saying. They might call me a punk or say I don’t see the big picture. They might say all kinds of things about me.
    That’s because they can’t say I’m lying, exaggerating or misrepresenting the facts. The fact is, your man put up with Baca squashing a narco investigation that not one swinging dick of a dope cop wouldn’t have concluded that the suspect was dirty as hell. If Turner wasn’t dirty, why did Baca need to squash the investigation? You going to tell me Tanaka’s not smart enough to ask himself that question?
    Sorry boys. Your man put politics way ahead of being a cop. So let’s stop with the bullshit that “He’s a cop’s cop”. He’s a politician first. Always has been. Because you don’t want it to be true doesn’t render it untrue, no matter how much it hurts or shatters your previous misperceptions. Now I’ll stand by for your lame ass attempts at character assassination because you’re pissed that I’ve laid you and your man out like a Foster Farms chicken.

  • @Oh Well, you are spot on with that account. The Feds are well aware of this case and are all over it. This is just one of several allegations on the grill top. The terms “Obstruction of Justice” and “Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations” will become the topic of conversation in short order and that involves several individuals active and retired. What B&T have done to our beloved LASD is beyond disgusting. But worse, the army of drones who would do anything to anyone to simply curry favor with the little man. You and those like you are scum. Read it and weep.

  • @Oh Well. I never knew there were so many Department members who would have fit perfectly into the stands of the Roman Coliseum, enjoying the show as deputies are thrown to the lions. Many on this site are not to be “trusted.” I prefer to see street thugs go to prison, not my brothers. Perhaps you should recalibrate. My morning thoughts! Boomer.

  • Jack: It’s long been alleged a former high ranking executive on the Dept. was detained/arrested three times for DUI and once for violations of local vice ordinances. I don’t believe a word of it. It’s preposterous, preposterous I say!

  • Jack: It was my impression the individual was not disciplined as result of his behavior. So much for “education based discipline”. My check for the Tanaka six is in the mail.

  • Recalibrate!! You know who has a VIP Suite in the Roman Coliseum watching lions tear apart deputies? PAUL TANAKA! He had the same VIP Suite at the Coliseum when he was at Lynwood and sat and watched deputies with the same tattoo he has on his ankle, thrown to the lions! Some of us kicked the lions ass though, and we are sitting in the cheap, nose bleed seats waiting for Tanakas butt to get in the ring for the first time in his life. It won’t be pretty.

  • Hey IthacaBoomer….Your analogy doesn’t make sense. Convicted Criminals were thrown to the Lions in the Roman Coliseum. Are you suggesting the righteous enjoys the justice of seeing its ranks purified of criminals ? Do you not want a respectable law enforcement agency to serve the public ?

  • Oh Well: Forgive “boomer”. He is no longer in the car and his ” radio car of trust” is out of gas. I think in another 20 years or so when he has matured as a police officer, he will see the big picture.

  • Boomer,
    I’m sickened by what’s happening. I’m on record saying I don’t believe any of the seven members should go to prison. You need to slow your roll with that bullshit. That being said, I don’t hide from the truth or shy away from telling it. You insinuating that I’m happy dept. members are going to prison simply because you don’t like it that I’m telling the truth is bush league bullshit. The truth isn’t comfortable to you so here you come with totally off base bullshit. You’re killing the messenger.
    Perhaps you would do well to rethink your previous attitudes and positions.
    It is the truth, reality, that makes you uncomfortable with what I’m saying. It makes you look a little bit foolish for buying in to the little guy’s “cop’s cop” bullshit. It bruises your ego. It’s hard for a guy like you to admit you’ve been bamboozled, that somebody has gotten over on you. It shatters your belief that your man, the little guy, isn’t like the other guys who will sacrifice ethics, integrity and being an honest cop over being a politician. It causes to look at the fact that your man has some real issues. It causes you to bite your tongue because you know the facts I’ve stated are not debatable.
    All that shit must hurt you Boomer. I’m sorry for your pain. I wish it wasn’t that way either, but it is.
    Your man the little guy put being a politician over being a cop a long time ago. You’ll have to deal with that.
    It’s sickening what’s happening to our fellow dept. members. I take no joy in it. At the same time I will use this to warn others about misplaced loyalty and how it can lead to bullshit like this. I wouldn’t be getting my partner’s six if I didn’t warn them about it. Right?

  • By the way Boomer,
    Maybe you need to rethink your previous attitude toward and well voiced opinion of all those day shift working breakfast burrito eating ticket writing slaps and punks who work at one of the stations where there is no crime.
    Or is their money good now that we need them to support us? Do we want them to consider us their brothers now that we need backup?

    You’ve obviously still got a lot to learn Boomer. Use this as a learning tool. Check that Dodger Stadium sized ego of yours and realize how your arrogance can be detrimental to not only you but your partners as well. Learn from your mistakes Boomer. It is our fellow RII studs like you that keep the donations from outside RII from coming in.
    Think about it.

  • To the many civilians that read this blog, I would like to apologize for the idiot who hides under the screen name “Ithacaboomer.” Please understand that guys like this hide behind a badge and are not in the majority on our great department. As you can see by the fact that his god Tanaka was not endorsed by the majority of deputies or supervisors. Unfortunately, idiots like that continue to exist because they talk a big game, but don’t do anything constructive and thus often go undetected for many years.

  • @Huh, There is no need to apologize for my posts. I speak the truth, I know it hurts but I’m sure the civilians understand. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could go to a forum where a bunch of cheerleaders are singing in unison for cops to be sent to prison. The whistle blower was one thing, but to have a cheering squad behind him after the election is over is incredible to me. Yes, I spoke many times about PM/ Early Morning Region II police work vs. slugs from other regions. And? I can’t help but wonder why that stung so many of you. Yes, I spoke of the “radio car of trust.” That is alive and well. Most of you wouldn’t be allowed within miles of it. Ouch. I’m sorry. Now about the “little guy” you speak of. Some Einstein said he was a politician. Wow, an epiphany. Being a mayor, councilman, and undersheriff I would have never guessed. And for the record, I don’t care for politicians. But regardless of whether I like a person, whether they pass me over for a coveted spot, promotion, or don’t smoke cigars with me, I still don’t call for them to be imprisoned. Those of you who do are weak ass punks in my mind. Let it go already. I know most of you shook in your shiny patent leathers when he walked by you hoping he’d give you a nibble. I’m sure if you saw him today your lip would quiver. That much I know. And for those who tucked me in bed with him I have to tell you I never worked with him. So, other than me imploring you weak sisters to stop calling for our brothers to go to prison I don’t know what else to say. Maybe get a life by shooting some WD-40 into those handcuffs of your’s. Try taking a felon to jail. Or start with a misdemeanant for those who can’t spot one. You might feel better. Boomer!

  • OH WELL, you have my salute. And never apologize for stepping fwd with the truth. As it may related to Ithacaboomer ( paleeeze ). was your partner “Willie Smith ‘? ) Never get into a pissing contest with a skunk.

  • Boomer. you are truly delusional and should seek professional help;;; seriously, lad

  • Boomer,
    Let me set you straight about something else you are truly misguided about.
    “I’m sure if you saw him today your lip would quiver”.
    Ok Boomer, tell me stud, what weak ass punk or slug deputy did the little guy ever challenge to meet him out back and settle things when he was A DEPUTY at Carson. Just tell me one Boomer. Just one. What weak ass slug did the little guy ever put in check when he was A DEPUTY, the same rank as them. If he was some Billy BadAss as you like to try to lead others to believe, just give me one name of a deputy he challenged to a straight up mano a mano scrap to set them straight.
    You can’t Boomer. It never happened. What? Their were no weak ass punks or slugs at Carson when he was there Boomer? Oh but there was.
    The fact is that the little guy, like a lot of other politicians waited until he attained rank and power to set anybody straight or fuck anybody over.
    This perception you have of him being a man’s man or a cop’s cop is pure fantasyland.
    You need to quit with the “shaking” and the “quivering lips” Boomer. It’s making you look foolish.
    If Waldie, when he was the Undersheriff decided to come down on you, you would be shook up, que no? But it would only be because of the power of the position he held and what he could have done to you administratively. Not what he could do to you physically.
    I doubt he could kick your studly ass and I doubt if you met him on the street before he was even a Sgt. you would shake in your boots or your lip would quiver if he talked shit to you. You would’ve told him to go fuck himself and been more than willing to press the issue if he had the balls to take exception, right?
    Get it?
    Anyway, I digress. Just give me a name Boomer. Prove me wrong about this. We both know you would love to do that. Tell me one deputy that bitched up and backed down from a challenge from the little guy when he was a deputy or one deputy that the little guy scrapped with when their rank was equal.
    Tell me what it is about the little guy that causes you to continually speak of him like he’s badass.
    Is it a man crush? Bromance?

  • Boomer, Boomer, Boomer! The immaturity and stupidity just oozes from your pores. It’s been a while, but I’m going to once again challenge you to reveal your identity to the blog monitor, as will I. And if done, “I” will then use my real name, because it’s only fair that I be willing to do what I am asking of you. I would like to do this so that you can stop posing as the “ghetto gunslinger” you claim to be. And if I am wrong more power to you, but as a 30 year veteran with more than half of those years in Region II, I’m guessing you won’t! If I learned nothing else in all these years, it’s that the people who talk the most have done the least!

  • @ Boomer. Even though you are the punching bag (canvas, mind you) of WLA and you draw the ire of many, you actually induce laughter from me.

    You wear many hats….》Pot stirrer, Shit talker, Billy Bad Ass, & the little guy who portrayed himself as Oz in the Wizard of Oz. In addition to the many hats, you also wear a wig as your alter ego “Dulce”.

    Your stories are legion and less than lethal. I have to give it to you…..outside of the seriousness and valid points posted on this site, you are the entertaining commercial in between. To the legitimate Region II, No one takes Boomer serious. We all know that PT is his hero. Just a point to ponder….How can the Parakeet talk about the whistle-blower?

  • Boomer you’re a legend in your own mind. It’s a sad day to see deputies convicted for following bad orders. It’s no surprise to see the likes of Tanaka butt boy supervisors convicted. Sad for the families but no one else. Tanaka going to prison IS cause for celebration, heck it should be a county holiday!

    Anyone who defends him knowing how much damage he’s done to the members of the department and the department itself is a world class piece of shit. Boomer, your application has been received and accepted.

  • Ithaca: Everybody here is trying to help you out and offer some insight learned after years of patrol. Sorry to say, but I think your arrogance will probably land you in jail along with some of your cohorts ie: planting guns at marijuana dispensaries. All cops go through a learning curve…..after your first two years, you think you know it all and nobody can tell you different…hopefully in another few years will gain the insight and wisdom others have expressed on this blog. If not, don’t bitch up when its time to pay the piper!

  • #4 and # 6 you are absolutely right. This department is so scandalous sworn will not do anything against sworn no matter how unlawful each individual sworn is. That’s why so many on this site are so uptight about the six being in the situation they are in, is because they all know they could be sitting in the same place but they just haven’t got caught yet

  • And one more thing do you all think just because you’re sworn you can get away with things? Do you think you’re above the law because you wear a badge? I don’t think so. What about those patrol stations complaining they are short staff of patrol deputies but yet you got a deputy on duty supposed to be on patrol but they are in dispatch watching TV for several hours? How come some patrol stations are saying there’s a udeputy shortage so they justify hiring over time for patrol deputies and you got those overtime deputies watching TV in dispatch for several hours while they are on overtime duty? that’s out right stealing from the department. I hope you are reading this Sheriff Scott and other FBI personnel! but I did hear the station levels are going to be investigated for some reason or another.

  • Someone earlier mentioned RICO, well read this

    I wonder if shaking down employees in a pay to play scheme, manipulating County contracts, manipulating Federal grants, shipping restricted items to foreign countries, waste management contracts and tow company contract shenanigans as well as a laundry list of other alleged unethical conduct in the furtherance of financial gain and Obstructing Justice falls into that Federal statute? Just wondering, probably not, huh? I kinda think all those folks who participated, had knowledge of, assisted in and were in positions of authority who had a duty to stop such activity might be looked upon as those part of such organization. Nah, that’s far fetched. Don’t the Feds know who they’re messing with?

  • Wow I took a month or so long break and come back to the same lines. OK Baca was Sheriff for 16 years, where was the call to incarcerate or investigate during that time? (I’m asking those on the 4th floor). Tanaka’s rise to power was in full view for everyone to see, where was the call to investigate?
    The FBI shows up and there is a flood of “yeah go get them.” But they indict the working folks and the two walk away. Plus those who were complacent during the scandals are still wearing bars and stars. (opinion only)
    Now we continue to sling the mud at each other, only in public.
    Ithaca, your arrogance and attitude are mind boggling. To say the a Region II Deputy is a “real cop” and the others are not is insane. I have met several real deputies in every region of the department. And I have met slaps in all of them as well. Since you are in RII, walk around the station and see what you see. Check the stats for arrest, finding dope in a debris free ground doesn’t make you a gun slinger, or does a 3 page 245 report make you a gang investigator. The reason so many people dislike RII Boomer is because of your attitude.
    Which brings me to a close, we all wear the same patch. I watched as the department tail spun, but I went 10-8 everyday and tried to get the bad guy. I went home and repeated. I LOVED my job, and most of those who worked with me. No politics, just the crew and Lts signature on the PCD was all I needed. I would put my stats up for anyone to see. I’m not bitching, just a deputy who loved his job.
    So face it, Tanaka and Baca got a free ride(plus a hell of a pension), and the 6 got convicted. I say we help the six and forget the two and move forward.
    But remember there are several Tanaka people in position for a challenge in the NEXT election. So we need to set the sail straight and no more of the ship in the sea with a blind captain BS.
    And Boomer back in the day there was a circle of trust at other units, sadly a few of those 6 are well aware of it,it hasn’t done anything for them or their families.

  • As an outsider looking in let me make an observation. Boomer, decent use of Roman gladiators and LASD deputies. However, you’d be more on the mark comparing your former leadership to Nero as he sat in the Tower of Maecenas and watched Rome burn.

    I find it rather suitable you chose the handle “Ithaca Boomer” since your department has phased those out. Fitting because the style of “police work” you praise was phased out also. The LASD is blessed with having a pretty decent cluster of “fishable” pools. Put enough boats in the small pond and eventually everyone will catch something. Hell, every squirrel gets a nut when they hunt in a Planters can.

    Solid police work is not driving the same hoods every shift, jamming the same gangsters, and sometimes “coming up” with a gun. Yay! Solid police work is being done all around you, all over the county, state, and country with a hell of a lot less ego and arrogance. Police officers are using their brains to collect facts, make observations, and piece events together that were seen as unsolvable. I’d call that solid police work.

    I have nothing but respect for police officers all over this country. Rural agencies are handling some pretty heinous incidents with a lot less training and resources. They don’t need to brag and smack talk other agencies let alone their own.

    Very appropriate group of comments you’ve collected on this site. Hope you enjoyed your run along with the Ithaca shotgun because you will probably be phased out soon.

  • Boomer,
    As far as you “being tucked in bed” with Mr. T, you only have yourself to blame for that. You ran your pie hole plenty of times in support of him.
    Come to find out, as you have stated, you never worked with him. I doubt you ever worked for him either. Was he ever your immediate supervisor?
    That being the case, that you never worked with him, and you don’t like politicians ( your words not mine) I find it funny ( funny strange, not funny ha ha ) that you seemed to take such a vested interest in being a hack for him before the primary. That’s odd. Why did you take exception to me pointing out he isn’t some street cop’s hero, he is just another politician ( exact words of a previous post ). Why, if you don’t like politicians, did that sting you so much when I gave example after example of showing how the little guy is and has been a politician before a cop for years now? Kind of odd huh?
    I didn’t stump for anybody. I took everybody to task and called out anybody who was a shameless hack for their guy. I told the hacks that none of the candidates were as good as their hacks proclaimed, and none of them were as bad as their detractors claimed. I pointed out the drawbacks to each and every candidate, time and time again. I told everybody on a consistent basis that they were ALL a bunch of shameless politicians, that not ONE of them was still a cop’s cop or man’s man. In doing so I pretty much pissed off everybody. Even you Boomer, when I took you to task for being a hack for Mr. T.
    Now you claim you don’t like politicians. Strange. You were gung ho like a mofo about a politician a few months ago.
    Is that wierd or what?

  • Bandwagon,
    What do think about #30 Intheknow’s blanket condemnation of sworn staff? Do you notice a “tone” with Intheknow’s continual complaints about the sworn personnel?
    Does this bullshit AGAIN fron Intheknow qualify her as a Jack-hole?
    Nevermind. It’s a rhetorical question.

  • Whoaaa. Why all the venom? My prediction in the election was a classic Region 2 smack down, but the voters didn’t see it that way. I’m not the only one. LATBG ordered 9000 golden whistles he planned to distribute (and thank you for being honest about praying cops go to prison), Rogers had all but moved in to the Sheriff’s office,hence his ledge dangling afterwards like the guy on the 5 freeway (losing to Gomez had to hurt for a career politician). @Oh Well, I suggest you do a little homework about the fat ass at Lennox who talked smack and learned a little about Hapkido. And for the guy who said I’d be phased out keep dreaming. Ithaca’s look great over the mantle with a box of rifled slugs nearby. @ProudOleRetiree, I’m sure you resented Firestone too. And for a recent commentary on McDonnell: I saw him on the news talking about the 80-year old man who got beat down during a home invasion robbery in Long Beach. I hope he backs deputies better than he backed that poor guy. Ted Nugent to the rescue. Boomer!

  • Listen guys, we need to lay off Boomer. In fact, what we should do is hold a fundraiser for him. We’re slightly over half-way thru the year and Boomer has already had the following expenses to meet:

    96 Class A Uniforms ( All that thug blood won’t come out and you know Boomer has to look good)
    32 sets of hooks ( He wears em’ out quicker than a Lomita Day Shift slug eats a breakfast burrito )
    4 Batons ( That steel can’t hold up to the rigorous stick-time Boomer lays on those gangsters )
    12 Pairs of gloves ( Even the toughest leather rips when you sling dukes like Boomer )
    8 Flashlights ( They’ve been banged around in the Radio Car of Trust during dozens of pursuits )
    119 Pairs of boots ( It’s the cost of doing business when you kick as much ass as Boomer )
    2 M&P’s ( He burns up barrels in all those 998’s )

    And lastly, his cellular bill alone has cost him $52,986 so far this year to call every homeboy he has ever worked with to tell them about all the scrappin with the bad guys he’s done, all the harrowing gunfights he’s been in and most importantly about how you must be Boomer trained, proven in battle and thru at least 15 IA’s to partner up with him in the Radio Car of Trust.

    Cut Boomer a break guys. The shit he goes thru is stressful enough. None of you weak sisters have to go thru what your awesome badass brother goes thru. Your brother doesn’t need you to pile on just because you’re jealous. Quit being weak sisters, slugs, punks and bitches. Try man’ing up like Boomer. You’ll feel better about yourself.

  • @Oh Well. He buddy, thank you so much for the great laugh while taking Boomer to the wood shed. I am in my recliner, having a short dog when I started reading #38. Classic shit, I’m raising a glass of scotch to you pal, you made my evening.

  • Boomer,
    If the little guy kicked a fat ass at LNX, I was wrong. Nice job.
    Although on the other hand that would indicate that there was a weak ass punk slug at a ghetto station that needed checking. Wow. I thought those guys only worked other regions. I guess what you’re saying is that just because a guy works at a ghetto station one shouldn’t assume he’s a hard chargin squared away badass solid street cop according to you. The guy was a fat ass? Too many breakfast burritos?
    I should really quit, I should be embarrassed the way you’re smoking me in our exchange.
    Maybe it’s the stories like the little guy checking that ghetto station weak fat ass punk is what endeared you to the little guy so much. What is he, 57 years old now? I’m sure he’s still ready to mix it up on a daily basis. So I’m sure the majority of us would still have quivering lips and shit our pants if the little guy walked by. I was wrong. You’re right.
    Another mea culpa I need to make is this. It’s quite apparent by you continuing to get his back that your claim to not like politicians is solid and shows complete ambivalence toward the president of the Gardena High Key Club, the Mayor of Gardena and the Undersheriff.

    I really should quit.
    You’ve smoked me in this debate like those hundreds of coin holders are smoking Macanudos at the smoking patio at SHQ in Monterey Park. Wait, scratch that. That’s history. Make that like those seven dudes who still come by his campaign HQ somewhere in the eastern San Gabriel Valley. They stop by to tell him he did the right thing by claiming he didn’t give any orders in the Pandora’s Box trial but he didn’t disagree with them. Then they tell him how they understand why he wouldn’t man up and say his guys were following his orders, because it’s the only way he could even hope of keeping his dream of being the sheriff alive. Then they tell him how he shouldn’t be embarrassed that he had to be subpoenaed by the defense to testify. They say anybody who understands how politics works realizes that politicians need to distance themselves from any fuck ups they’ve spearheaded in the past. And finally, as Paul gets to feeling better, they tell him that a wave of broken, ruined lives of once loyal followers and their families is the price a politician must pay if one has any dreams of being elected after being involved in shady bullshit. How the bus will roll over those that have to be sacrificed if the real goal of a politician is getting elected at all costs.
    Now that Paul is smiling and feeling upbeat again, they tell him how there’s no doubt it was the right thing to do, politically speaking, because it wasn’t like he got his ass kicked by McDonnell in the primary and if he could just get a few swing votes he could fulfill his lifelong dream of being elected to a really big, influential political position where he could hob knob with his life long heroes, other slimy ass politicians.

    Boomer, now I know why such a solid street cop, a grunt, a red meat eater like you doesn’t like politicians. I know it’s because you have seen it your whole career on the LASD and in the military how bean counters and nerds get their tickets punched by spending a minute at respected units, drinking beer with the boys and doing what they’ve got to do to get a few guys at those units to tell everybody how they’re solid and “one of them” at heart. Then it’s off to admin bean counting jobs, climbing the ladder, getting promoted further, then finally attaining enough rank to make sure those they’ve bullshitted into believing they are “one of them, a cop’s cop” get promoted so they’ll remain loyal and keep spreading the word. Lastly, above all, they keep putting politics and their career goals ahead of those grunts that were stupid enough to buy in to their bullshit. If they don’t, they won’t reach the top.
    Being the solid squared away line swine red meat eating street cop you are Boomer, it’s easy to see you’re not stupid enough to buy in to that bullshit.


    Regular pay:

    Overtime pay:

    Other pay:

    Total pay:

    Total benefits:

    Total pay & benefits:

    I just hope the FEDS hook you up and sends your ass to prison.

  • @Oh Well and all the other Boomer “Fans”: you have slammed Boomer so bad there is only one reason he continues to return, and that is because he can hide behind a screen name. “Slightly” contradictory of who he claims to be, but a classic PT loyalist!

  • Oh Well, you are my hero. You hand one’s ass like a boss, and you make me laugh. Keep it coming, speak your mind. It’s our turn to dish it out and man does it feel good. Now if Scott would only pull the trigger and clean house of all the Tanaka water boys/girls, we might see an improvement of “real” morale within LASD.

  • 33 years, according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune article from yesterday, disgraced former undersheriff Tanaka’s annual pension is $199,748! Considering he was dirty in terms of corruption the minute he pinned on his captain bars in 1999, a felony conviction for RICO statues and fraud will dial back that pension all the way to possibly lieutenant pay – justice served.

    I’d take it back even further and pursue a manslaughter case against him for executing that Korean kid under color of authority. Witnesses are still alive. Heck, maybe we can wipe out his entire unethical existence from the department!

  • Boomer,
    In all seriousness, no sarcasm, no bullshit, no capping on you, none of that. I have a few serious questions for you.
    Is it ok with you, do you find it acceptable and defensible that Mr. Tanaka never once took responsibility for issuing orders to his troops that they followed and are now looking at prison time for?
    Is that ok with you Boomer?
    Is it ok with you that it was Baca and Tanaka who decided they would show those feds a thing or two and fuck with the feds, to the point where this became a pissing contest, and it’s the troops, their underlings who were loyal to them, that are paying the price? Is that kosher with you?

    In your radio car of trust, if you tell your trainee: “Ok, here’s how we’re going to handle this and here’s what I want you to do”. Your trainee places his faith in you that you know what you are doing, that he won’t end up in the grease for following your orders so he does exactly what you tell him. Then when it all goes bad, when the hammer comes down, you claim you didn’t give him those orders, or you don’t remember anything that might implicate you and you distance yourself from your trainee’s actions.
    Would you do that Boomer? Is that all good with you? Is that how you’re comfortable operating in your radio car of trust?
    Would you allow Mr. Tanaka to go 10-8 with you in your radio car of trust after he handled the Pandora’s Box cluster like he did?

  • LATBG, once again, you bring up a very interesting and very valid point to consider. If the Feds establish his Rico acts, and pattern of corruption goes back to his appointment to Captain, how would that affect his retirement? Excellent Obs. That very well may play itself out and wouldn’t that be a hoot.

    As far as the shooting, the statute of limitations are long passed for a manslaughter consideration. It would be interesting to research who all of the active shooters were and, actual LASD witnesses who were present when the shots were fired into the Korean driver. The question would be, what became of their careers, did they live charmed lives once B&T took charge by virtue of job assignments and/or promotions? I think one of the Tanaka 6 might have a response to that question.

  • Intheknow and 10-33,
    If every sworn you work around is scandalous or covering for those that are scandalous, make your calls to the F.B.I.. Advise them of all you know. Show them how you’re “Intheknow”. Blow that whistle until your face turns blue. I’m sure the F.B.I. will be very interested in how deputies on OT are watching TV in dispatch. Lay it all out for them, they’ll be quite impressed how much you’ really are “Intheknow”. I’m sure you can get all of those scandalous sworn you speak of at least a two year stretch at TI. I’ll be waiting for WLA to break that story. I thank you in advance for doing your part to clean up the dept.

    Do the same. Get ahold of the F.B.I. Tell them how you agree with Intheknow and how it’s truly an emergency, it’s 10-33 time. Do what you’ve got to do.

  • Really LATBG,
    You want the feds to go back 25 yrs. to the shooting and revisit it? Were the homicide crews investigating it dirty? Are you suggesting they covered up an obvious bad shooting? After all that’s been said about it, the investigation etc. do you really think it warrants revisiting?
    It seems you have a visceral hate for the little guy. It also seems that sometimes that emotional feeling of hate causes you to make some claims or float some suggestions and questions that those of us who aren’t emotional one way or the other about the little guy find simply vindictive and somewhat less than credible.
    You’ve never heard me, as much as I despise Baca, say the feds should look in to the rumors of domestic violence and how he can’t wear a gun because of it, etc.
    You know why I haven’t brought that up? Because there’s no evidence I’ve seen that supports it. I’ve heard plenty of rumors, but that’s exactly what they are to me, RUMORS. I’ve seen no evidence to support that rumor and until I do, I’m not going to suggest Baca is guilty of it.
    In your emotional haste to make the little guy look bad, you’re insinuating a lot of other people, including the homicide crews are either dirty or incompetent. Cut it out.
    Your opinions and your interpretations are one thing. I have no problem with that. Suggesting crimes were committed when you have no evidence to support said allegations are another.
    You know better than that. The Cerritos 415E settlement? That was a huge settlement. Were those deps. guilty of a crime? All the settlements that the county pays off are absolutely NO EVIDENCE of crimes committed by cops. You know it and I know it. Each individual incident must be investigated and judged on it’s own merit and circumstances.
    Lawsuits and judgements against LE is in FACT a cost of doing business.
    No matter who the sheriff is, if it was Mother Theresa, and deputies never used another ounce of unjustified force, excessive force or were never involved in another shaky shooting we would be getting sued and paying judgements. You know that’s the truth. If you don’t, you’re naive.

    Anyway, I digress. You seem ok with piling up a truckload of bodies as long as the little guy’s is one of them. You seem to be ok with a whole lot of collateral damage.
    I think that’s sad.

  • #47, I will shed a little light on that. Now I am disgusted that I have to share the same air as a man of Tanakas character, but I will tell you that I worked with every shooter in that incident and they all are some of the best humans you would ever want to meet. These are men that you would have over for dinner with your family. Not one of them ever smoked a cigar on the patio either!!

  • Stuff,
    Thanks for shedding light in #47.
    Perhaps it will cause LATBG to be a bit more measured and think it through before casting allegations based on his emotions.
    That’s the kind of shit high school girls do.
    I expect better from seasoned cops.

  • Oh Well, before you go off the deep end (again), I’m confident the DEPUTIES involved in that 998 are of upstanding character, although I don’t know them personally. You speak of being naïve, but please tell me how naïve can you be to think that OIS investigations done in the 1980’s were nothing more than a whitewash, and that was standard procedure. The internal pressure to make the department look good was always the driving force behind these investigations, not driven by facts on the ground. I’m more than aware of the Cerritos lawsuit, and we lost because of plaintiffs were plain smarter and quicker to the punch, even though they were responsible for the fracas. I think Tanaka, as a SUPERVISOR, played a different role than the deputies, and his motivations were different, evidenced by his career obsession with pretending to be one of the boys. If the statute of limitations elapsed its a moot point. If it hadn’t, I’m all for holding people accountable for breaking the law, especially when they claim to be so smart. Now please don’t go off the reservation with whatever you do to make you feel better…

  • @Stuff, I am not casting any judgement on the shooters, I was not there.However, I do know enough about the actual incident to say I’m not happy about their decision to shoot, that is all I am going to say about this. They have to live with their decision and actions. But the point I was making is Tanaka has a long established record of “taking care” of certain individuals who can potentially pose a threat. And I say this with absolute irrefutable facts, dead bang facts and the list is quite long. That was the only point to my comment, take nothing more from it. Your comment about having the shooters over for dinner is a powerful statement and I will respect that thought, I understand what you are trying to say.

  • LATBG,
    Say what you will. Call me off the reservation. Call me off the deep end.
    I’m not the one bringing up a 25 year old incident. I’m not the one accusing the deputies of being dirty, Tanaka of being dirty, the homicide crews of being dirty and the DA’s office of being dirty in an incident that I wasn’t at, don’t have facts to support, and refuse to cite any circumstantial evidence that lends any credence to the claim, and I’m using your exact words: “executing that Korean kid under the color of authority”.
    I’m the one off the reservation. Right.
    Not even a nice try. Not close to an intelligent adult rebuttal.
    Once again, if you have some facts, circumstantial evidence or new information to bring to light to support your outrageous allegation that the kid was executed, let’s hear it.
    But of course you have none. All you can come back with is I’m off the reservation and off the deep end. While you’re the one making the allegation that the kid was “executed”. That’s rich. Very rich indeed.
    Whitewashing OIS’s in the 1980’s was standard procedure?
    Well then, should we revisit every OIS from back then, or just the one that Tanaka was involved in and you allege was an execution?
    You’ve been busted pal. You ran your mouth due to your hate for Tanaka and said some shit that was outrageous without any facts or evidence to support you allegation. Then when you get called on it, instead of admitting your emotions got the best of you and you shouldn’t have said what you did, now you let your ego take over and you won’t admit you shouldn’t have said it.
    I know it’s embarrassing when you’re outed for letting your emotions get the best of you. It gets worse when your ego won’t allow you to admit you’ve made a mistake.

    Here are the facts. They are not subject to opinion. They are facts.
    1. You alleged that the Korean kid was executed under color of authority.
    2. You have brought forth no information or evidence that supports your allegation, even when asked to do so.
    3. In your attempt to defend your allegation that you can’t support with any factual or circumstantial evidence, you now allege that whitewashing OIS’s in the 1980’s was standard procedure. Yet again another allegation that you can’t support with facts or evidence.

    Perhaps you would do well at this point to remember the old adage: When you’re in a hole, quit digging.

  • LATBG,
    There were in the 80’s, and there will always be, shootings that take place that other cops think to themselves: “I don’t think I would have shot the guy under the same circumstances”.
    That is understandable and I have no beef with open, honest, intelligent discussion about that.
    What often times is missed in these discussions, debriefings and Monday Morning QB sessions is that people perceive things differently. Even deputies.
    Before you made the allegation that Paul Tanaka executed that kid, you should have thought long and hard about what you were saying,
    Tanaka wasn’t the only one who dropped the hammer. Therefore, you are saying that the deputies acted in concert with Tanaka to execute that kid. There’s no way around that. You’re now accusing the deputies also.
    You’re also accusing the homicide crews of covering up the execution. Now you’re accusing them of a crime.

    When it comes to 998’s and you want to run your mouth, with no evidence to support what you are saying, you can get into very deep water very quickly. Learn a lesson from this LATBG. It’s never too late to learn. This is the lesson you should take away from this.

    If you weren’t there and don’t have any facts to support what you are thinking about another deputy’s 998, it’s probably best to keep your pie hole shut about it.

  • Tookie Williams executed people. Tex Watson executed people. Nadal Hasan executed people.

    To label what the LASD personnel did that night as an execution is wrong. Flat fucking wrong.
    You were wrong LATBG. For one thing, and as a cop you should know this, an execution type killing would be 1st degree murder. You were wrong LATBG. You can’t clean it up now.

    No matter how much Tanaka has had a tendency to represent himself as “one of the boys” over the years, you were wrong to use that shooting as an example and then label it as an execution. Get control of your emotions where Tanaka is concerned, get your head out of your ass and get your ego in check.

    Cut it out. You were wrong to allege it was an execution. You know you were wrong. For Christ sakes quit compounding your fuck up by trying to justify it after the fact.


  • There you go LATBG. There’s my “off the deep end” and “off the reservation” comments/opinions for you. Does that qualify?
    I’ll tell you what, if you don’t want me off the deep end, don’t jump head first into deep water.
    If you don’t want me off the reservation, don’t sling any arrows outside the boundaries of the reservation.

    I don’t take it lightly when somebody unjustifiably accuses other cops of “executing” somebody.
    I don’t take it lightly when somebody accuses cops of being dirty and covering up an “execution”.

    That’s deep water to me. If they can’t back those claims up, that’s off the reservation to me.

    Apparently you’re ok with making those comments/accusations rather flippantly. God forbid you sit in a position to judge uses of force, deadly or otherwise. If you haven’t retired yet, I suggest you get your ass to LACERA and pull the plug tomorrow morning. The scandals the department has gone thru under Baca and Tanaka has caused your judgement to be seriously clouded and your statements to reflect that. You are now at the point where your emotions and your ego control your mouth.

    Now I’m off to to see a Medicine Man in a teepee that is located smack dab in the middle of the reservation. After that I’ll put on my water wings and get back in the Kiddie Pool.


    Dear everybody,

    With regular commenters I don’t always read comments carefully before sending them through. Instead, if nothing jumps out at me, I count on y’all to be responsible adults, which for the most part you are.

    But please, please please think about what you post and stay away from unproven allegations—especially those of you who are working or retired law enforcement.

    For instance, #45, “executing that Korean kid under color of authority….” is not even close to proven fact, as others have pointed out. And it’s slanderous.

    The death of Hong Pyo Lee is, to many of us, a very troubling shooting. And, yes, there’s the civil suit and the nearly $1 million settlement, and the testimony of the LBPD officer. But, believe me, I’ve gone over facts of that matter with lawyers, in the course of one of the things I wrote, and that statement is not at all substantiatable—unless you’ve got some first hand knowledge that’s separate from what the rest of us have seen, which it does not appear that you do.

    So please be more careful. And thank you to the other commenters who have already said as much.

    Happy Tuesday.


  • Celeste, thank you for your wise words. I will strive to keep my descriptions within the framework you have described quite succinctly. The observations of the LBPD officer will not go away, and the case in point will remain where it is. Oh Well will remain who he/she is, for better or for worse. His vitriol directed towards me speaks of some inner rage beyond the topic of conversation, can’t help there…

  • @LATBG- Do you need 902R or do plan to let your blanket party lumps heal on their own? @Oh Well- Interesting you want to now have intellectual dialogue with me. I’m game. Regarding the Federal trial, I have extremely strong opinions about the infiltration, investigation, whistle-blowing and outcome of the trial, which I find to be the most tragic in my recent memory. My thoughts of whistle blowing are well-documented. My thoughts about the entire ordeal will stay between my confidants and I. You see, I know better than to agitate, embarrass, or front off the Federal government due to their unlimited resources. That’s where the former Sheriff and I differ. I actually exercise intellect and don’t just profess it. As for the former undersheriff’s testimony I have to be honest and tell you I was neither in the court nor do I have the transcripts. And I only believe half of what I see in the L.A. Times, but I do remember this quote, “On the witness stand, Tanaka said he believed all the orders he and Baca gave to be lawful, and that he expected his subordinates to obey.” Therefore, your question which follows seems to have no merit: “Is it ok with you, do you find it acceptable and defensible that Mr. Tanaka never once took responsibility for issuing orders to his troops that they followed and are now looking at prison time for? Is that ok with you Boomer?” I can’t help but notice you love to take people like me and LATBG to task when we are either inaccurate in your eyes or not exercising emotional intelligence. So I can’t help but ask, was your question derived from an emotional outburst born from suppressed anger, or are you clouded by a lack of success under the former regime? Which is it? As for who is allowed in the “radio car of trust” that information shall remain confidential. Some things just go to the grave. I don’t expect you to understand. It’s kind of like the same way LATBG doesn’t understand the dynamics of a 998. You’d have had to been involved in incidents involving deadly force once, twice, or a few times to get it. He obviously has no clue or he wouldn’t have made the most idiotic/ moronic statement in the history of Witness LA. Thank you for the mature dialogue. Boomer!

  • Boomer,
    You really wonder why I take you to task? Come on man. You know the answer to that question. You talk a lot, a whole lot, of shit. It’s not some emotional outburst or lack of success that causes me to come back at you with your own style of dialogue. It’s simply because you talk four truckloads of shit. Arrogance drips from your posts like salsa from a Day Shift slug’s breakfast burrito.

    Ok. Remember you asked why I take you to task. I haven’t brought this up. I’ve let it slide. Now, because you’ve asked, I’ll go there. Again, remember you asked.
    I harken you back to around the time of the primary. I seem to remember somebody saying something about how they were going to go to work the next day on the 4th floor. Do you remember anything like that Boomer? They said something about how they were going to be getting people promoted and shuttling punks and clowns, or something to that effect. Is that ringing a bell Boomer? Sound familiar? Am I mistaken that it was you making those comments? Am I mistaken that you’ve previously claimed that your work assignment is on the 4th floor? Should I do a little homework about that?
    If that wasn’t you Boomer, I apologize and I stand corrected.
    If that was you Boomer, why do you say things in an obvious attempt to lead others to believe you’re presently some hooking and booking ghetto station street cop? The bit about the handcuffs and the WD-40 and how it will make us feel better. The bit about the radio car of trust. All of it. Are you one of those guys who spent a minute at a ghetto station and then thinks that is their ticket? Or were you lying back then to try and make yourself look important?
    I’d ask you when the last time you really made a frank hook was, but like my question of whether or not you’d let Tanaka be your partner in your radio car of trust, you would probably reply with three paragraphs and not answer the question. So I’ll save us both the time and won’t ask that question.
    Here’s one that I will ask: Why isn’t you won’t my direct question, asked in a respectful manner, about whether or not you’d let Mr. T partner up with you in your radio car of trust? Why are you hesitant to answer that? What’s that all about? I would figure a straight up ghetto gunslinger like you would have no problem answering that question. I guess I’m wrong about that too.

    Now, as far as why I took LATBG to task, I believe somebody else said it best already. Because:
    “He made the most idiotic/moronic statement in the history of Witness LA”.
    That should sound pretty familiar to you Boomer.

    There you have it. I’ve taken you and LATBG to task. The biggest shit talker and the guy who makes the most idiotic/moronic statement in the history of WLA.
    That would lead me to believe I’m on the right path.
    I’ll most likely quit taking you two to task when you stop talking truckloads of shit and LATBG quits making idiotic/moronic statements.

    It sounds like from LATBG’s above comment he’s done with statements like that. Time will tell regarding you. I’m ready to quit when you are. If you want to keep it up….. Oh Well.

  • BTW Boomer, for the record, your opening line to LATBG was a nice shot.
    It took LATBG for us to agree on something. How funny is that?

  • LATBG,
    I called you out because you ran wild with accusations of an execution without any evidence to support that wildly outrageous claim.
    That indicates an inner rage on my part? Lol. I prefer to call it honesty and being forthright regardless of my opinion about the person being accused. You can’t help with that? Good. You’re the last person who should be trying to help anybody with a problem of inner rage (real or perceived).
    It appears that’s what you’re suffering from concerning Tanaka. It appears that’s what caused you to say the outrageous shit you did.

    What’s the old parable about glass houses?
    Just saying

  • Regarding LBPD Officer Boatwright’s observation and statements at the Hong Pyo Lee shooting ……..He was present.. His statement was based upon his training and observation. Just because he was from another agency does not minimize or take away from what he witnessed.

  • Feels like Halloween around here with all the skeletons and ghosts. You dance with the devil long enough and you’re bound to be tormented…..

  • There was a reason I posted the link to the old Times article from 1990. According to the article, “The chase ended 15 miles away when deputies and Long Beach police officers cornered the car in a dead-end street in an industrial area. With no place to escape, Lee waited in his car.

    Sheriff’s Sgt. Paul Tanaka, 31, and Deputies Robert Papini, 29, Daniel McLeod, 30, and Brian Lee, 31, drew their guns and watched as Deputy John Chapman, 31, approach the car and ordered the driver to surrender.

    At that point, sheriff’s investigators allege, Lee put the car in reverse and tried to run over the deputies. The family claims that Lee’s car lurched forward as he tried to escape. They maintain that Chapman was not struck, but fell as he jumped away from the car.

    In that moment of confusion, investigators said, the four other deputies, believing “something had happened to Chapman,” opened fire. Lee’s family claimed that the sheriff’s investigation of the shooting was, at best, sloppy, and, at worst, a cover-up.

    Denny said the county’s case suffered when discrepancies surfaced in witness accounts–including depositions by a Long Beach police officer who reported that the victim’s car was moving away from deputies when the shooting began. The officer, Richard R. Boatwright, said he turned to his partner after they witnessed the shooting and said, “We just observed the sheriffs execute somebody.”

    Now let’s take this same scenario today, with todays UOF and pursuit policies, do you think the outcome would be the same? Please note the comments about “execution” were quotes from transcripts of a deposition taken under oath from an eyewitness. Even in 1989, the department’s UOF policy had something about “reverence for life.”

    My point is this was Tanaka’s first of MANY cases where he led his troops in the wrong direction, foreshadowing what was to come, tragedies all for different reasons.

    I’ll leave Oh Well and Boomer alone with their idiotic and moronic comments…

  • LATBG, I agree with your point:, ” Tanaks first of MANY cases where he led his troops in the wrong direction”. In my opinion he failed as a Supervisor that night and on many nights. I’m sure under today’s policies and improved tactics some of my shootings may have been ridiculed. Regarding the LBPD officer, that was one mans opinion that night and everyone has an opinion. Now I have been standing there next to deputies on several occasions when they have shot and killed suspects where I did not shoot. On a few of them I shook my head and thought, well in my opinion, I think I would have handled that a bit differently. But that is just my opinion, I really don’t know what type of threat that Deputy perceived while looking at the exact same thing I was. I’m sure that was the scenario with the LBPD officer that night. I say this with complete confidence because I know the Deputies that fired their weapons. One last comment, I think we all agree on this, 25-30 years ago, quite a lot of shootings would be negatively critiqued under today’s policies and improved tactics, as would the conduct of a Field Sergeant named Tanaka, today a Sergeant like that would be flipping burgers at Tam,s on Long Beach Blvd.

  • There you go again. Do you think we’re unable to read? We know. We’re fully aware of what one LBPD officer said.
    It doesn’t the trump the physical evidence, observations and testimony of all the other cops at the scene. It doesn’t trump the homicide crews investigative findings or those of the DA’s office.
    It’s been investigated. Thoroughly investigated.
    The DA cleared the cops of any criminal wrongdoing.

    Gee. What could possibly be a person’s motivation who wasn’t at the scene and has no firsthand knowledge to hang onto that one officer’s statement and present it as if it’s the only conclusion a reasonable person could come to?
    Why would a guy do that?

    You make the call.

  • For those of you hanging onto Officer Boatright’s statement, and ONLY that of Officer Boatright, I have a question for you. Do you find the following line of thought to be that of a truly objective person?
    The observations and perceptions of four deputies isn’t credible. The observations and perceptions of a sergeant isn’t credible. The investigative findings of the homicide crews isn’t credible. The homicide lieutenant’s acceptance of the homicide crews investigative findings isn’t credible. The homicide Captain’s concurrence isn’t credible. The sheriff’s concurrence isn’t credible. The DA’s concurrence isn’t credible.

    The only credible perception of the incident is that of Officer Boatright.

    Does that sound like an objective person’s line of thinking?

  • LATBG,
    Please point out to me my idiotic and moronic comment(s). Please tell me specifically what it is about the comment(s) that is moronic. The substance. The content. What doesn’t make any sense about them?
    I’ve done so for you. I’ve pointed out specifically, concerning the content of your comments and the allegations you’ve made why it is that I find your comments outrageous and flat wrong.
    Because you don’t agree with my opinion, and moreso because you don’t like the way I’ve aggressively taken you to task for making an allegation I find outrageous, I don’t believe qualifies my comments as moronic to a reasonable objective person.
    The ball is in your court.

  • Stuff,
    Absolutely spot on in #69. Obviously, the FORCE EXPERTS that reviewed the incident found the actions of the deputies “objectively reasonable” in the incident that night.
    Perhaps a few Monday Morning QB’s voicing their opinions should do a little research on the SCOTUS ruling Graham vs. Conner.

    Ask five people what they would have done in a force incident and you might get five different answers. Perceptions vary. Sometimes they vary greatly.
    To hang your hat on what one officer perceives and totally disregard the perceptions of the others is not what an objective finder of fact would do.
    If you hate Paul Tanaka to the point you are willing to totally disregard the perceptions/testimony of the other four LASD personnel involved and hang your hat solely on the perception of Officer Boatright, you have some self examination to do.
    To hate him to the point where you allege he “executed that kid” based solely on Officer Boatright’s perception is not only outrageous, it’s idiotic. Why is it idiotic?
    Read #59 again. That explains it plainly.
    Anybody without an axe to grind, anybody that wasn’t letting their emotions control their mouth, would have dropped it at that point. You would think that when it’s been pointed out to somebody by an unbiased observer of the exchange that their comments are slanderous they would drop it. To continue to bring it up in #67 and try to justify why you’ve made a slanderous comment is, well, is there another way to describe it other than idiotic?
    Sometimes our emotions cause us to do idiotic things or say idiotic things.
    We’ve all been guilty of it.
    Even LATBG.

  • LATBG,
    Nevermind. Forget everything I have said. I withdraw it. Disregard the questions I have asked you. Disregard my statement that the ball is in your court. I don’t want you to respond. I’m not looking to debate you any further about this.
    I am suggesting you take heed to Celeste in #59 and listen to Stuff in #69. Forget what I’ve said. I’m an idiot. I’m just a shit talker who likes to debate. Pay no attention to me.
    However, it would probably behoove you to listen to Celeste and Stuff. They are both intelligent. They are both objective about the incident.
    Maybe it’s time for you to drop it. Let it go. Walk away.

  • Ring Ring- Here that? Its the recess bell, back to class children….
    People have opinions, they dont have to be yours and if they are different, that doesn’t make them wrong.

  • I’m beginning to find most of your diatribes to be flirting with moronic and idiotic. You may think you’ve taken me to “task,” but that is in your mind. I don’t think you’re capable of understanding what a reasonable objective person is to begin with. All of those who participated in the shooting, and the investigators, come from the agency who stands to lose in a negative outcome, hence objectivity is not what you paint it to be. Wasn’t this a shooting where the individuals were NOT separated after the incident prior to being interviewed?

    The LPBD eye witness, in the eyes of the court, qualifies as a reasonably objective person who happens to not have a dog in the fight. The termination of the pursuit in a dead end with no way out looks an awful lot like “ready on the right, ready on the left, all ready on the firing line” scenario, but I wasn’t there and neither were you. Stuff is right on the money in observing that each person’s perspective is their own and forms the basis of their individual decision to shoot or not.

    The deputies involved have to live with their decision, good or bad. The supervisor, on the other hand, allowed someone to approach the suspect vehicle to get him to surrender? WTF is that? I realize 25 years is a while back, however our felony traffic stop procedures have been in place for well over three decades.

    I won’t even bother with the DA, you should be very familiar with the tract record of the DA’s office, particularly in the 1980’s. I find it quite amusing both you and Boomer share a mutual passion, that the actions of our personnel and beyond reproach no matter what. That is moronic and idiotic in my opinion. We should always keep our actions in perspective, as there are no absolute truths outside of math. I’m glad I assisted the two of you to become BFF’s. It’s the least I could do!

  • Oh Well, I wrote #76 before I saw your reply, I thought it was my #74, but it is hard to keep track of the sequence of these things. My apologies. I too agree in part with Celeste and completely with Stuff and Leftattheball. I would encourage everyone to look more carefully at what constitutes slander and libel, if not for this topic, for all communications in general.

  • To Oh Well…….Quit while you think you’re ahead. Your response is no match for LATBG. The facts are in his favor.
    You keep bringing up his disdain for PT, I see his disdain for the repetitive ineffectiveness of someone who lost his battle to become the next Sheriff of Los Angeles County.
    Maybe you and boomer can put together a collage of memories of PT and present it to him. Let that be somewhat of closure for you, then you can move on.

    Sometimes, letting go is the beginning of healing

  • LATBG,
    You simply won’t walk away will you?
    The investigators came from the same agency that stood to lose in a negative outcome?
    I guess that explains your blanket condemnation of everybody involved. That explains your outrageous claim that OIS’s in the 80’s were “routinely whitewashed”. You sure seem to have a low opinion of LASD personnel. I guess that explains your willingness to label them executioners, even in the face of the evidence. And you claim you’re looking at the incident objectively.
    The termination of the pursuit?
    The personnel in the lead car in the pursuit should have been familiar with the streets in an area not in his RD and know which streets end in a dead end? The field sergeant should have known it ended in a dead end and advised them not pursue down that street? At the termination of the pursuit when the suspect was cornered, they should have turned around and left because it could end tragically with the circumstances they found themselves in? And you claim you’re looking at the incident objectively.
    “Ready on the right, ready on the left, all ready on the firing line” scenario? Chapman was on the ground. Does that sound like a nice calm relaxed atmosphere without the possibility of a perception of fear present? And you claim you’re looking at the incident objectively.

    I could continue and rip your outrageous allegations and conclusions to shreds further, but what’s the point? You’ve made up your mind it was an execution. You’ve labeled Tanaka an executioner. You don’t have the humility to admit to yourself that you could be wrong. Therefore you don’t have the common sense to shut the fuck up about it because it’s slanderous even when advised to do so by Celeste. Even when it’s explained to you quite politely and very professionally by Stuff. You know what you know and nobody is going to change your mind. And you claim you’re looking at the incident objectively.
    Ok. You’ve got your opinion. You’re the wise one. Celeste, Stuff and me have made no valid points to deter your allegations or make you rethink not only your opinion, but the liability you’re exposing yourself to by making those allegations. Go ahead and keep on with it. Don’t let go. Don’t walk away.
    It’s your wallet that’s at risk. Not mine.
    Go ahead on with your bad self. If you end up looking at a civil suit, remember you were given every opportunity to STFU and drop it. Remember it was not only me, but Celeste also that advised you to do so. Remember how Stuff explained it you. Remember it all LATBG.

  • comment #69 Stuff says:

    “……Now I have been standing there next to deputies on several occasions when they have shot and killed suspects where I did not shoot.”

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary — SEVERAL: more than two but not very many

    You are telling us that on at least 3 separate occasions you have watched a suspect shot and killed?
    I wonder how many deputies can make that claim – even after an entire career.

    You also told us:
    “On a few of them I shook my head and thought, well in my opinion, I think I would have handled that a bit differently”

    Are you telling us that out of several(now at least 4) occasions a suspect was shot and killed by the deputy next to you, you would not have shot the suspect and you did not shoot the suspect? And on at least one out of four occasions when the deputy next to you shot and killed a suspect, you would have handled it the same(shot the suspect) – but for some unknown reason you did not join in firing at the suspect?

    You also stated:
    “I’m sure under today’s policies and improved tactics some of my shootings may have been ridiculed.”

    Are you telling us that on at least 3 occasions you watched a deputy shoot and kill a suspect that you would not have shot and did not shoot. On at least one occasion you would have also shot the suspect but you withheld fire. And that on at least 3 or 4 or 5 other occasions you have shot and hit a suspect?

    You also state:
    ” I really don’t know what type of threat that Deputy perceived while looking at the exact same thing I was. I’m sure that was the scenario with the LBPD officer that night. I say this with complete confidence because I know the Deputies that fired their weapons.”

    After all of the shootings you have watched and withheld fire and all of the times you did fire, you are able to tell us:
    That all perception is subjective. All deputy shootings are reasonable as long as the deputy believes and states his actions were reasonable. And there are no bad deputy shootings.

  • LATBG,
    Do you wonder if Boomer has made Paul Tanaka aware of your allegations?
    I don’t.
    Do you wonder if this blog is being monitored by somebody who just might be waiting for the chance to get a little payback on the anti-Tanaka people on this blog if given a solid opportunity?
    I don’t.
    Do you wonder why Celeste warned you that your comments were slanderous?
    I don’t.

    Regardless of the above you can sleep well tonight knowing you’ve put me in my place. You’ve shown me. I’m an idiot. None of my points are valid. In short, I’m a moron.
    However, as idiotic as moronic as I am I’m not stupid enough, egotistical enough or arrogant enough to continue to expose myself to the likelyhood of ending up on the losing end of a civil suit after being warned that’s exactly what I’m doing.

    You da man LATBG. You’re the wise one. Keep on schooling morons like me.

  • @Oh Well: Did you know that over 30% (23 of 76) of the threads on this topic are from YOU. Do you just anxiously wait around to respond to someone else’s diatribe? Go out and live your life rather than staring at your computer trying to get some type of payback for a real or perceived unfairness. You need to get a life Hoss…

  • Lefty,
    I don’t take exception to opinions. Everybody has the right to their opinion. I do take exception to somebody making slanderous allegations that my fellow deputies are criminals, executioners, when they can’t back it up. If that doesn’t bother you, so be it. I don’t like it. So I’ll voice my opinion about it.
    Imagine somebody coming on this blog and accusing somebody you care about of being an executioner regarding a 998 they were involved in.
    You see, I’ll point it out again. Paul Tanaka was not the only person to shoot that night. Therefore it can’t be alleged he’s dirty without insinuating the rest of the deputies are dirty.
    Call me crazy. Call me moronic. Call me idiotic. Call me hardheaded. Call me a child. Put whatever label you wish on me.
    I’ll gladly wear the label if it’s placed on me when I’m defending the honor of my fellow deputy when, and this is the most important factor, I believe it’s the right thing to do.

  • BTW Lefty,
    You were spot on in #33. I should heed your words/advice in that post and I damn sure agree with everything you said.

  • It seems to me my words “idiotic/ moronic” have grow a life of their own. Perhaps we’ve found the perfect fit. @LATBG- Sorry if you don’t like the fact I back deputies. Always have, always will!!! Some things never change. Boomer!

  • Vigilant Voyeur #78
    You’re vigilant alright. It’s been well established and documented re: my opinion of Tanaka and his candidacy. Thatta boy. Come to the game late and pop off with some comment that couldn’t be farther from accurate. You could’ve gone back and done a little homework, but no, you just hit the ground running and show prove to regular commenters how you have no clue what you’re talking about. Bravo.
    You’re vigilant alright. About as vigilant as Baca was about running the dept. via phone while he was traveling the world spreading his message. Stick around a while. Or you could read previous threads and comments. Naw. No need to be informed in the slightest. Just pop off the minute you walk up on a conversation. Nice.

    Peter Crenshaw,
    I had surgery recently. I’ll be up and around in a few days and will be commenting less. I’m sure the majority of you can’t wait lol. That’s understandable.

  • LATBG,
    I too posted several more comments before your #77 was posted. So we’ll hit the rewind button. I would suggest we both forget everything said in each other’s posts other than my #74 and your #76.
    I’m ready to drop it the minute you are.

  • Stuff,
    Pay no attn. to #80.
    Prophet Mo Teff is a conspiracy theorist. He tried to make us believe Christopher Dorner wasn’t actually killed by San Bernardino SO and the body recovered from the burned out house in Big Bear wasn’t actually Dorner’s.
    Don’t give him the time of day.

  • #80 Prophet Mo Teff, that’s exactly what I am telling you! Except for the part , “there are no bad shootings” there probably have been, but the incident we have been referencing in this post is not one of them.

  • Boomer, I’ve spent a long time backing deputies, but I have yet to back a dirty one. Did you back the burrito deputy, the rapist deputy, George Arthur’s murderer, the Temple deputies who stole credit cards from old folks, or how about the Arco Narco crowd? Maybe the 50+ who have been fired/resigned in lieu of for narco over the last five years?

    The 1989 shooting was a tragedy for all involved, no doubt. Oh Well, rest assured none of them want to ever see this matter brought up in a court of law. For the record, regarding libel/slander, the plaintiff must prove the statement was false, caused harm, and was made without adequate research into the truthfulness of the statement. You fail on all three elements. You and Boomer do share something in common, an unassailable belief you are always right, which is your right to believe. I’m done.

  • Does it qualify as ironic that a person involved in a debate and argues vehemently that they are right points out how the person they are arguing with so vehemently has an unassailable belief that they are always right?
    Two to tango.
    Mr. Pot, I’d like you to meet Mr. Kettle.

  • @ Oh Well. …..You are sadly mistaken. I along with many others, monitor this site, and have been for quite some time now. You screwed up when you partnered with the Buffoon called Boomer. You son……are guilty by association.

  • I see. Me and Boomer have something in common because we’ve both been involved in hotly contested debate against you.
    I’ve also been involved in hotly contested debate against Boomer. Wow. That’s wierd.
    That would mean you and Boomer also have something in common.
    How wierd is that?
    Two to Tango.
    Mr. Pot, I’d like you to meet Mr. Kettle.

  • Any more parting shots before you claim you’re done?
    Are we through yet?
    Ready when you are. Either way. Your call.

  • #88 Oh Well says –
    Why would you attempt to deliberately mislead people about what I have said on these pages?
    Why do you need to make false accusations in an attempt to discredit my character?
    I have never claimed that Christopher Dorner was not killed by the law enforcement operation in Big Bear.
    I have never tried to persuade anyone that Chris Dorner’s body wasn’t recovered from the Seven Oaks cabin.
    Please show us where I have written either of these things.

  • “Now I have been standing there next to deputies on several occasions when they have shot and killed suspects where I did not shoot. On a few of them I shook my head and thought, well in my opinion, I think I would have handled that a bit differently. But that is just my opinion, I really don’t know what type of threat that Deputy perceived while looking at the exact same thing I was.”

    No. It doesn’t work like that.
    There are degrees of perception and shades of opinion.
    But you are trying to convince somebody of a lie.
    There are gray areas. But its not all gray. There is black. And there is white. And a lot of things can be clearly identified as standing in the white. Some things are clearly sneaking around in the black. You may force them into the gray area, but you must hold them there because if you ever let go, it’s back in black.

    You may be uniquely talented at working with gray, playing with gray, representing, promoting and doling out from the bag of gray. You have found your mission, your niche. Your car gets the call when gray is needed – deputy involved shooting -hit, Athens/Lennox, suspect deceased – come right away.

    You don’t need to convince me that its a good shooting, I don’t matter in this equation.

    You don’t need to convince Tanaka – he got what he wanted. He got the strange thrill of safari in the jungle. He got to be the big game hunter. He mounted the trophy and hung it on his wall.

    There is only one way to say that your partner shot and killed suspect while you firmly withheld your fire and its just a difference of perception, may not be right but nobody should say that its wrong.

    That shade of gray requires a prejudice which sees the suspect as not human like you. It doesn’t bother you. You sleep just fine at night because you and Tanaka both see the the suspect as belonging to a separate species of detritus – a don’t care, a throw-away.

    What about the silent victim(s)? who decades later, you won’t let up on, still pushing, pushing the black they saw, pushing it into gray.

    Boatright is fine. He said what he saw, his conscience is clear.

    This system of gray, when taken too far, deposits its poison under the skin of your partner, your friend. Consider the damage done deep inside Deputy Papini, McLeod, Chapman or Lee.

    Who was the one who withheld his fire? Not because he was timid or slow. Simply because it was unnecessary. It was uncalled for.

    Big game hunters. drunk with excitement on the verge of the kill. But that is not for public consumption. It must remain a very private domain.

    So Lt. Gray arrives on the scene. Checks on the body. expands the investigation area and orders all members of the public pushed outward at least two blocks away.

    Lt. Gray has no time to hear each deputy give his perspective on what they saw and did. The news media doesn’t sell papers with gray. They want sensation and hysteria. They want to crucify a deputy. They won’t get any of that from Gray.

    He conducts the walk through, carefully explaining to each man what they saw and what they did.

    The deputy(s) who withheld his fire is given special attention. Lt. Gray throws an arm over his shoulder and walks him away.

    Gray speaks calmly as he stands next to the deputy. Close your eyes if you like and focus your mind as Gray narrates the event. Gray instructs him to hear the pop of Tanaka’s glock, now pull back your hammer and discharge your rounds. From now on, if anyone asks, that is what you will say, thats how it happened, thats how it all went down.

  • Anybody wanting to know what Mo’s all about go to the archives and read his comment 8 from Feb. 22nd 2013 at 10:13 AM.
    That is if you ascertained from his comment above what he’s about lol.

    Investigative Mind,
    Now I’m partners with Boomer eh?
    Hilarious. It’s statements like those that definitely let me know my train of thought isn’t polluted. When LATBG and Boomef both have a problem with me, that’s a pretty good barometer in my book. Guilty by association? I see. It seems that’s exactly how some people feel about about the deps. involved in an incident involving Tanaka. And yet deps. get don’t have any choice in who their supervisors are do they?
    Guilty by association? That’s the most cerebral comment I’ve heard regarding this.

  • It is quite interesting that Vigilant Voyeur, the long time “observer” of the blog has remained moot up until now. He never had a thing to say when I was capping on Tanaka or taking Boomer to task. When he does enter the conversation it’s to “partner me up” with Boomer, just like somebody else has tried to do.
    Is that wierd or what?
    Purely coincidental I’m sure.

  • “You son…….,”
    Not even Boomer has had the unmitigated arrogance to address anybody as “son”. We’ve hit a new high point.

    Just saying.

  • As the best handicapper that ever lived I am telling you it is a sure thing that Vigilant Voyeur is the alter ego of LATBG. Bet your house in Havasu on it.

  • @ “Oh Well”….I was referring to LATBG backing deputies, not DIRTY ones. And please do not refer to the most recent court case from the Feds. Yes,..the ones that already have been convicted that do not always make the news. If it does make the news, some make the small print.

    Don’t read any further into it.

  • Ace Rothstein, remind me not to rely on you for handicapping races. I could definitely use the extra money, but thanks for the laugh!

  • @.82. Doing basic math, I see that the percentage of the monolog increased. Someone should get a hobby.

  • Vigilant Voyeur,
    I have 8 or 10 posts on this very thread calling Tanaka out and taking Boomer to task. Are you too stupid to start at the top and read previous comments, or are you simply too lazy to do the slightest bit of research before you run your pie hole? Do you enjoy making yourself look like a horse’s ass? You want to call me “son” and claim I’m “guilty by association” to Tanaka or Boomer, or both, because I took LATBG to task? Are you a special kind of stupid or are you just going senile “dad”? Are you simply delusional like Lee Baca? Relax. Get some sleep. Get up in the morning and take your psych meds with a nice hot cup of shut the fuck up and go about your day. Be careful and don’t fall and break your hip. Be sure and don’t get off of your street. To the corner and back, that’s as far as you go “dad” or you won’t be able to find your way back home. I don’t want my fellow cops out looking for a 920C when they should be fighting crime.
    You know what, never mind. You won’t remember this conversation in the morning anyway. I’m going to call mom and tell her not to let you go out for your walk tomorrow. You’re getting too bad.

  • Funny how some got on this thread to “Hit it & Quit it”, While some find it hard to say Bye-Bye.

  • Come on fellas, one mans fear for live is much different than another. The crew that worked Carson back then including Tanaka, Ornelas, and Rhambo never should have been Deputy Sheriffs Deputies. Non of these guys were leaders in fact, they couldn’t lead an ant to a picnick basket. Two were kicked of smaller departments and came back to the sheriff. One actually shot more deputies than suspects. And one was rolled up twice as a lieutenant. Between him and the other two didn’t make 100 arrests in the 2 years they were in patrol. They got anything because they kissed a lot of ass. Ornelas tried to to SEB, which is a joke in it self but Seb met with Carson deputies and even his training officer who was at SEB said he’ll no he ain’t working at SEB. So if you can’t do it teach it. All three are under 5-5 in height and frightened to work patrol. Please never second guess the original deputy on a shooting because he knows what happened. All the others who shot due to fire contagion always say I shot cause my partner did. The system is broke when cowards can get through the cracks because kiss the right ass. Put them together they got 9 years in patroll between 3 of them.

  • @#98 thank you for referencing my comment #8 from February 22,2013 at 10:13am and thank you for inviting other readers to search out and study it. I wouldn’t say that reading the comment reveals “what I’m all about”, but it does reflect a portion of what I am about – the use of pure critical analysis and precise quantification and accurate terminology.

    My archived comment from 2/23/2013 reveals a very strong and prescient analysis. In fact, my comment written less than 2 weeks after the Dorner event in Big Bear contains a preview of the Police Institute Dorner Review which was released over a year later.
    Specifically, I provided a parallel analysis to the Police Institute Report conclusion which they listed as their most important criticism of the Dorner Manhunt and the area they highlighted as the most important lesson to be learned for future operations.

    I’m still waiting for you to back up the false accusations found in your comment #88 –
    “He(Mo’Teff) tried to make us believe Christopher Dorner wasn’t actually killed by San Bernardino SO and the body recovered from the burned out house in Big Bear wasn’t actually Dorner’s.”
    My archived comment #8 from 2/23/2013 contains nothing to validate your accusations.
    You have neither retracted nor have you provided any back-up for misleading readers about what I’ve written on these pages in your attempt to discredit my character.

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