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Two Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies Shot in Ambush on Saturday Night, Now in Hospital Fighting for Their Lives

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

At around 7 p.m., on Saturday night, two Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies, one male and one female, were shot while sitting in their patrol vehicle in Compton, in what appeared from the beginning to be a deliberate ambush.

The deputies were both struck multiple times in various parts of their bodies, and transported to a local hospital where, according to a 7:51 p.m. tweet by @LASDHQ, they were “fighting for their lives.”

As of Sunday 6 p.m. the two deputies were still in critical condition.

Saturday night, however, the facts of the ambush shooting trickled in slowly. First a sheriff’s department spokesperson said each of the deputies was shot multiple times.

As of 8:22 p.m., both were undergoing surgery, and Sheriff Alex Villanueva was present at the hospital, at St. Frances Medical Center.

The suspect who shot the deputies was — and is still — at large.

More than a dozen homicide detectives were sent immediately to the scene of the shooting, according to Homicide Captain Kent Wegener who, together with Sheriff Villanueva, spoke at a 10 p.m. press conference outside the hospital.

We he took the mic, the sheriff said the deputies were out of surgery.  He described one of the injured deputies as a 31-year-old mother of a six-year-old boy. Her husband was at the hospital with her, said the sheriff.

The male deputy, who is 24-years old, also has his family and his girlfriend with him at the hospital, and was able to be questioned by investigators.

The shooting occurred at the Metro Blue Line station at Willowbrook Ave. and Compton Blvd., which is not far from the Compton Sheriff’s Station.

The two critically injured deputies are members of the department’s Transit Services Bureau, not patrol deputies.  (TSB is the bureau  that is tasked with providing policing services to Metro buses, trains, and the like, throughout Los Angeles County.)

The shooter reportedly walked up to their vehicle and fired multiple times through  the window, then ran off and vanished.

The LASD has posted a surveillance video on Twitter that shows the suspected shooter firing on the deputies.

In the disturbing video you can see someone clad in a dark shirt over a white shirt, and dark shorts walk rapidly up to the front passenger window of the LASD patrol car, which is parked at the Metro station.

The person then raises his/her right arm and fires several times very quickly at close range, and takes off running. The passenger side door opens, presumably by one of the injured deputies who is trying to get out, several seconds before the video ends.

The deputies were able to radio for help. And, the male deputy, who was able to be interviewed, gave a description of the suspect who was reportedly male.

Both deputies are comparatively new to the department, and were sworn in just 14 months ago, according to the sheriff.

“It’s a sober reminder that this is a dangerous job,” he said, “and actions, words have consequences and our jobs don’t get easier because people don’t like law enforcement.”

Then the sheriff asked everyone to have a prayer for the two deputies to recover.

Earlier on Saturday, community marchers gathered in South Los Angeles to protest the shooting death of Dijon Kizzee, and many department members were deployed to that area.

Tensions have been high as community members continue to hold demonstrations over their ongoing distress over the Kizzee shooting, as was illustrated on Friday at a peaceful daytime press conference organized by the National Lawyers Guild LA, was met by deputies in riot gear, one of whom allegedly assaulted an attorney who was filming him.

The video of tonight’s shooting of the two sheriff’s deputies was retweeted by President Trump this evening, with the message, “Animals that must be hit hard!

The president’s tweet was followed up by a stream of others who tweeted about the necessity of arming themselves to support the police.

Also, this evening outside the St. Francis Medical Center, where the sheriff’s 10 p.m. press conference was held, and the two deputies who were ambushed are being treated, it appears that KPCC reporter Josie Huang who, with KPCC’s Frank Stoltze, had been covering the story for hours, was taken down to the pavement by five deputies, handcuffed, and taken away in a patrol car.

According to veteran reporter Stoltze, Huang is accused of having violated 148 PC, “which is obstruction of justice,” he said.

“They are not giving any details,” Stoltze wrote in a tweet just after midnight.

“They’re taking her to the Century Regional Detention Center now. This kind of treatment of a respected LA journalist is disturbing.”

Yes. It is.

At 1:30 a.m. Sunday, we confirmed that KPCC and LAist’s Josie Huang, an award-winning reporter was indeed charged with “obstructing the work of a police officer and resisting arrest.” She is being held at the Century Regional Detention Center, and KPPC is working to have her released.

Evidently, the five deputies who arrested Huang, reportedly did not manage to get her phone and wallet when they took her, but left them on the ground.

A reporter from ABC7 kindly picked them up and returned them to one of Huang’s colleagues. Huang appeared to be wearing her press credentials around her neck.

LAist reported on Sunday morning, that Huang was released from Century Regional Detention Center at about 4 a.m. without bail, but was cited with the obstruction charge. According to LAist, a KPCC newsroom executive said Huang had visible bruises and scrapes, a sore shoulder and a blackened eye.

LAist and KPCC called for an apology from the department. Undersheriff Tim Murakami repeatedly said he would look into the incident.

In the meantime, like so many others, we are all holding both injured sheriff’s deputies and their families in our thoughts.


  • Editor’s note:

    Thanks, D.S., I saw the initial LASDHQ tweet tonight around 10 minutes after it went up, and I hoped very much I was reading wrong.

    We’re holding the two deputies very much in our thoughts.

    Please stay safe.


  • And now protesters have shown up at the hospital where the deputies are being treated. Such classy people who really deserve consideration for the cause.

  • I’ll bet the journalist was acting like a jackass. Also interesting to see how the journalists stick together. Ya a couple of cops got shot but the real story is that they had the gall to put their hands on one if us, they even left her wallet lying on the ground! Certainly journalists (especially award winning journalists) aren’t subject to the same laws as the lowly plebs. No wonder everyone hates the media.

  • Short-sighted comment. There are a whole lot of us grateful for this website, without which quite a bit of wrong-doing on the Department would never have seen the light of day.

    And I have a sneaking suspicion that had this not been acknowledged, you’d have been the first to say “why never any coverage of the cops who are victims.”

    Maybe try and keep our eye on the ball and think about the deputies and save the WLA bashing for a different time?

  • First, praying for the Deputies in the hospital.

    Second, Celeste I was disturbed when I read your comments about five deputies on top of one lone female reporter and then took a look at the video. Gee, not one Deputy “on top” of the woman on the ground. Several are kneeling beside her and a couple are standing in the area.

    I know you respect the job cops do, but I’m thinking your bias might have tainted what you wrote. Hard to keep on an even keel sometimes.

  • First…..

    I hope the two deputies are okay and wish them strength and perseverance in their recovery.


    Even when you try to give WLA a bit of credit for being fair, balanced and having “genuine concern and compassion” for these law enforcement officers who were shot just sitting in a car and are in critical condition, they hold true to form and try to deflect away from the real story and push their anti-law enforcement narrative. I guess no matter how hard you try, it’s hard to go against your true nature which permeates ever fiber of your being.

    The key to winning any battle is to never let your guard down and know the nature of ones enemy. WLA and it’s cabal is an enemy of law enforcement. No doubt about that.

  • It’s time.
    The war must be taken to BLM and antifa.
    WLA is just another lie machine responsible for the unrest in this great nation and killing brave men and women.
    Good people need to fight back.
    Eye for an eye.

  • The chickens came home to roost. This is a result of a climate of hate the police have fostered. And, true to their nature, it takes 5 cops to rough up and arrest a 100lb Asian woman. And then they wonder.

    Pray for the deputies , families, communities and the LASD family. This all lays at the feet of socialist/ democrats, BLM, KKK and the media that pushes the hate against America and its people. And still not one word from Kamala, Joe, George Gascon or the rest of the hate crowd. BLM lost their message long ago!

    To All Cops: Please be more careful and still do your jobs. The politicos cut us loose long ago. Don’t listen to the haters or the media. The people are behind us all the way. Never doubt that!

    Sheriff AV: Good job! Communicate clearly what are your expectations and assure the communities that the suspect will be caught. Ride at Compton station and convey your message.

  • @ Another time,
    You’re right on time with facts for the regular naysayers/ WLA haters.

    Glad the truth comes from more than one source who actually knows as the following commenters can take note.
    @ LASD Apostle
    @ Dose of Reality
    @ Major Kong
    @ Ron Hernandez

  • You boys may find out the hard way that the enemy of your enemy isn’t necessarily your friend. Regardless of your hurt feelings.

  • That woman is not a journalist. Huang is a yellow journalist. And a wanna-be like so many others.

    What really happened is that she and the thugs she was joining up with refused law enforcement’s commands to disperse, she blocked emergency exits/entrances at a hospital for God’s sake, and she attacked law enforcement. Got that? She attacked them! Maybe she was having a mental health episode, who knows.

    Unlike the left wing extremist websites promoting a very distorted view of what happened, CBS has an actual unbiased and truthful account posted.

    She needs to be appropriately charged and fires from KPCC.

  • CF,

    Back again to shit more anti-police rhetoric. But you’ve been here all along with other usernames.

  • Prayers and best wishes for a full recovery for both deputies. Evil doers have been working overtime lately.

    @fx — Based on the two videos she posted, award-winner or not, I don’t think this Josie Huang is too bright or is perhaps just suffering from extremely poor judgement. I reviewed her videos and it appeared to me she was right up close (couple feet) and personal behind the rear deputy’s back — a major no-no. Approaching a cop, whose training emphasizes officer survival, which includes not allowing an individual (male, female, white, Asian, high school drop out or award-winner) to get in your personal zone (3 ft – 6ft) or your partner’s, without first commanding them to step back and then enforcing that command should the person choose to ignore it, is the epitomy of arrogance or stupidity.

    From what I saw and heard on her one video, she was right up on the deputies escorting the handcuffed suspect for placement into the patrol unit following them in such close proximity as to require the command to back off. She did not back up and placed herself into the scenario and she then received the close-up attention of deputies. I found her actions unwise and aggressive and I thought the deputies handled it by the book.

    Two deputies had just been ambushed and shot critically an hour or two before this reporter’s actions. The anti-police rhetoric spewed by BLM, ANTIFA, political hacks, socialist protesters and media outlets have created a very dangerous atmosphere for cops. This young woman made choices that put her in the circumstances that unfolded. Was she observing to report facts or was she naively trying to influence the events? I hope she learned something she can apply in the future.

  • As has been LASD and LAPD policy in the past whenever there is a victim of a shooting, will they be releasing the criminal records of the victims? Have they ever shoplifted? Or, been abusive to their significant other? How about drugs, any drugs in their system? Where any drugs found in the their system or in the patrol car? What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Your stupid! Everybody already knew that though. I’m sure the 24 and 31 one year old Deputy have no criminal record unlike the scumbags who do have criminal records which do come into play when they are shot “ACTIVELY DOING SOMETHING” against law enforcement during the performance of their job.

    I know your hate for law enforcement runs deep and your happy this happened. Hopefully life gives you every miserable knock, kick, slap and tough break it has to offer. Again, your just an idiot of the highest degree!

  • Really? Why does her account “magically garner credibility”? Just as many don’t believe law enforcement and allege they fabricate stories, why should someone believe a self-serving “journalist” whose wasn’t cooperating with law enforcement at a time like this? Common sense, consideration, cooperation, professionalism are clearly something this “journalist” has never heard of. A common theme amount members of the media I guess.

  • Editor’s note:

    Dear Publius,

    I looked at the video in question again. “On top,” was not correct. Thanks for the catch.

    Do look at the series of videos that Josie Huang posted on Sunday that show the sequence of events leading up to her arrest from her iPhone’s perspective. Her phone continues to record after its knocked to the ground. I’d be interested in your impressions of what occurred.

    And yes, we are sending prayers and healing thoughts to the two deputies as we wait for updates, hoping for good news.


  • CF channeling his inner Lynwood City Manager.
    When is that piece of trash going to be fired from his job?
    Had a conservative, white city manager made such comments he’d already be terminated.

    Where’s the outrage? Oh, he’s not white and his comments fit the narrative.
    What a great world the left have made for us.

  • Cf is a little guy who use to be a reserve, riding along in west Hollywood. He was rejected as a full time deputy and he carries grudge. Whenever cop gets shot or murdered, especially when it’s an ambush (the worse the better for cf) cf lashes out with the most outrageous comments he figures he can get away with. Like some others in the comment section, his feelings were hurt so this is his opportunity for revenge.

    Cf is just a wounded little man lashing out, very predictable. The interesting thing is how Celeste deals, or fails to deal with him.

  • The key to this whole thing was what happened when she initially came into contact with the Deputies. I couldn’t tell what happened at that critical moment from any of the videos provided. could hear her yelling, claming privilege, clearly upset she wasn’t getting it.

    Checking her twitter feed noticed her comments regarding the initial point of contact statements sounded purposefully vague, a lot of emotion not much in the way of facts. Looks like princess got a little silly, I’ll bet she’ll be happy to let the whole thing fade away.

  • Celeste, I reviewed Ms Huang Twitter videos and was surprised that she cut the tape sequence at the point the Dep turns and tells her to back up and her phone is starting to jostle, then resumes in the next sequence where she’s yelling and the phone is being dropped to the ground. Makes it rather inconclusive as to what occurred in the interim at that critical point in the encounter. What happened after the Dep told her to back up? Was it immediate that she started yelling and the phone dropped to the ground or did something happen before that happened to cause the Deputies to react to her actions? Hard to determine because of the cut.

    However, I would say, overall, the video is inconsistent with the narrative that she rushed at the Deputies, as was alleged. It appears she was doing what news people do – getting close to the action and, based on what she showed in her cuts of the video, was not interfering with the Deputies.

    If she was wearing her credentials then the Deps should have seen them and recognized the situation for what it was. If not, then she’s subject to being treated like any other citizen who is in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing, at the wrong time – in this case behind what was essentially a police line where they were taking prisoners.

    As to how she was treated, the ABC tape shows her, in my opinion, as being uncooperative and one Deputy who has her arm wrestling her to the ground while several others are trying to help. Once on the ground the hold her down and her arms are forced behind her back and she is handcuffed. How many does it take? You are perhaps looking at it from the point of view that she is a news colleague. They were looking at it as a person being arrested who was yelling, screaming and being physically non-cooperative. She was taken to the ground and hooked. Nothing more, not pretty but within policy. And yes “It hurts” as Mr Huang kept saying, but she ended up being uninjured.

    I know it has been said that she had her credentials prominently displayed – I believe a crucial element in the discussion regarding this incident. I find it odd that the phone did not pick any audio of any of the Deputies mentioning the fact that she was media. If they had seen it, I would think one of the Deputies would have said – “Hey, she’s got media credentials.” or something to that affect. It makes me doubtful that either she had the credentials displayed or, at least, the Deputies saw them. Quite honestly, I think her demeanor prevented her from clearly articulating exactly who she was and her status as a reporter.

    Bottom line, a supervisor on scene could and should have straightened the whole thing out quickly once the smoke cleared. She insisted she was media and probably could proven it but on-scene sometimes isn’t the best place for the discussion if she didn’t have them available to flash to the Deps. In this instance, Sheriff’s Information Bureau members were readily available to assist with the verification of Ms Huang, and in all instances they are within a phone call away. This obviously wasn’t done. Poorly handled by the LASD – not surprised based on the slip-shod ways they do many administrative things these days, IMHO.

    This is not the first time reporters have been arrested in chaotic incidents and, no doubt, will not be the last. It wasn’t properly handled and should be a reminder to both law enforcement and the media that they both have jobs to do and for both to give a little to allow the other to do their jobs. I don’t know if they still have someone from SIB along with a media representative to lecture to Academy classes regarding this subject, but it is a good reminder as to how things can go wrong.

  • Madame King, so if cf is a little guy who was rejected as a full time deputy, you must be a full time deputy who was fired for breaking into your ex girlfriend’s house and assaulting her Mr Caren Carl Mandoyan …….. I want to wait for the ” I’m not Mandoyan Bro”

  • Lmao Ana
    Wait until Trump gives law abiding citizens the green light to take back our country.
    It’s coming.

  • Ambush on deputies. People there to livestream. Protestors/extremist show up at the hospital. Am I the only one who is suspicious.

  • “Protestors/extremists show up at the hospital.”

    Hey, it’s worse than that: the protestors are chanting “we hope they die” and that fact is hardly being reported.

    See my post/link to the chant up above.

  • ana, that’s some interesting logic you got there, does that mean you’re one of Dijon’s baby mommas? Is that how this works?

  • Brother: Why no comment now. Typical ghetto punk cowards ambushing two police officers. Cmon man. That’s ur culture That’s ur culture cheering the deputies that were shot. Fuck BLM and ur culture that supports this bullshit. It’s on dude. Bring it!

  • The attempted murder of the deputies by these cowards may well be a watershed moment in race relations in this country. The continued silence of the black community while BLM, activists, and the Democratic Party push their agenda must end. Time to step up brother. How bout going down to St Francis Hospital and confronting those people chanting for the death of law enforcement officers. Step up or STFU.

  • I saw the interview with Sheriff AV on Fox Hannity. AV did a good job articulating the situation. We all need to be extra alert and vigilant. You should see the picture of the female deputy protecting her partner after being shot in the jaw. Blood all over her shirt and her partner using cover behind the column. The suspect is still out there and he has a lot of help from BLM and Antifa. The overwhelming number of the people we serve aren’t like some haters that post. They are not important! The job we do is!

    We all have a duty to vote in November!I urge us all to remember the picture and what happened.

    C: You should post that picture for all to see.

  • Yes….very courageous officer. The tape of her putting out the 998 is very emotional for me even after being retired for 12 years. Her courage is something we should all try to emulate as law enforcement officers. She certainly gives us all hope! God bless her and the other officers and hope for a full and speedy recovery!

  • It was nice to see and hear Sheriff Villanueva give a practical, heartfelt response versus a canned robotic political speech typical of “ law enforcement leaders” or BOS members from the Allan Greenspan school of public double talk who are more concerned about satisfying there handlers than trying to relate to the public. It brings back memories of when Democratic leaders, such as the Sheriff, cared about all their members, occupations and constituents equally, applied common sense standards and didn’t tow the party line like robots even if they disagreed with some of their fellow members.

    For someone who rose “just to the rank of lieutenant and station watch commander” and who was not experienced in workings and nuances of the “executive swamp”, he seems to be doing a darn good job as the Department juggles with multiple ongoing and challenging events one after another involving the public as well as attacks by the BOS.

  • Brother: Police officers and us white folks are generally painted with the same brush by blacks and liberals in this country. We are either “white privilege” supporting the current systematic racism in this country or just plain bigots and racists. So if we reverse the scenario then I guess we can generalize that all blacks are like the ones on video tape laughing and endorsing the shooting of the two officers in Compton. The should make ur people/culture proud…..I guess that what the ghetto produces “animals” with no sense of dignity or self respect…..those are your “people”….so where is the outrage by blacks in this country against the systematic killing of police officers? Why are you and other black commentators on this site so quiet right now? You always have something to say when a black male breaking the law and resists arrests ends up dead…..but again the laws of this country don’t apply to blacks….

  • Bandwagon, relax. This person shot two cops, he was not paid by the government, did not have a badge and their will be consequences. Everyone is looking for him or her, someone will make your job easier and turn him in, and he’ll be prison for life. When you or ilk do the same, you get paid administrative leave, you say the “suspect” made a threatening move and the gun will turn out to be a phone and you’ll still get off.

    And, FYI, black people are bothered and troubled by this, but you’ll have to get in the back of the line as they are still mourning Ezel, Breona, Phillando, Tamir, Eric, and we can go on and on and on. Why don’t you ask yourself why do people hate you so much. Why is someone willing to ruin his or her life to shoot two cops? You know, in the streets, where they died, there is a saying, What Goes Around Comes Around.

    I wish this would not have happened, but, as the brothers say, words your ilk do not heed, No Justice, No Peace. Maybe if you guys start treating people with respect this would not happen. Its a shame, but history tells us you will not learn and the vicious cycle will continue. Respect. You get paid a pretty penny to give it.

  • Bandwagon….

    It’s interesting how the protestors selectively ignore the fact many police departments have Black, Hispanic and Asian members. In LA County efforts are in place to keep the Departments racial balance reflective of the community and population it serves. The protestors have a clear hate for all law enforcement and equally hate all its diverse members without exception. It was amazing to see a young white ANTIFA member lecture a seasoned Black police officer about the plight of Black people. Really? This young White kid with no life experience or firsthand experience of being in the skin of a Black man….a Black police officer on top of that, had the balls to think he could lecture and tell a Black man what’s what’s? No different than the White slave owner telling the Black slave what’s best for them. Leftist, liberal, Democrat???

    I believe all the law abiding, Black people just trying to survive Covid 19, raise their families and hope for the same things every other American wants are the majority. Just like the White ANTIFA terrorists and White Supremacists groups are not reflective of an entire group, neither is BLM reflective of all Black Americans beliefs. The problem is, Black “so called” leaders have sat back and either actively supported the violent leftist or by their silence given it kind of approval. These “so-called leaders” have put their interests above those of the people they propertedly represent, just like the Pelosi’s, Schumer’s, Wheelers, De-Boseo’s, Obama’s, Waters and Ridley-Thomas’s of the world. Sell out comes toknd. The swamp clearly still needs to be drained of these dinosaurs who will lie, cheat, kill and steak to keep their money, influence and power.

    Unlike Joe Biden’s belief and assertion, many Black people of today are “woke” and not an ignorant, monolithic group led by identity politics and so naive to believe everything the “Massa Democratic Party” has to say. I think some folks forget that President Obama did not do anything to improve the plight of Black Americans while in office but often played the race card when it suited his ends. His attempts to relate and dawn the avatar of a Black preacher and have “preaching moments” when he would address predominately Black groups was insulting, fake and pandering.

    It may not be perfect but the USA, though imperfect is home. Who in their right mind would want to see it burned and torn down.

  • Biden’s reaction to this shooting?

    More gun control.

    Chicago weekend totals: 41 shot; 10 dead.

    That’s a place that has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

  • Celeste should post the picture of this courageous deputy with a the graphic images. As AV said there is going to be a long road to recovery for both of them. Anyone heard from Kamala? How about Lebron?

    Ron: Your response was a bit on the weak side. Step up and tell the politicians and the thugs that our communities are not theirs!

    Please donate to the deputies recovery. Go to the ALADS site and give what you can.

  • If you watch the footage from the journalist who was arrested for “obstruction”, you can see she was recording from a distance (using zoom) walking after the group of police officers who were trying to apprehend the single protester. She was quiet and respectful at a distance, had proper identification on, cops saw and paid no mind as she was doing her job. As soon as they said “back up” they grabbed her causing her to drop her phone all while she frantically stating she was with KPCC over 5 times. They restrained her on the ground and ignored everything even the physical proof around her neck. The video has everything and even bystanders videos shows the manhandling of a small woman. In one of the videos, you can also see an officer stepping on her phone, damaging it as she was being arrested. You should do research before passing judgement. I’m not saying all cops are terrible and all protests are peaceful but in this instance, it’s very clear they weren’t doing their job and are still covering up the abuse of power and trying to lie that this woman was “running towards” them making excuses to justify their poor actions. The media is skewed on both sides, don’t assume anything.

  • Noteworthy is that when I posted this at 9: 46 A.M there were 4.2K donors; now, four hours later, there are 5.4K donors and the numbers are growing.

    There are good people out there, and bless them all.


    Interestingly the Sheriff’s Department was quick to release videos when his Deputies were shot, however; when Deputies shot Andreas no video’s were released. On the contrary the Villanueva put a security hold on the autopsy in order to protect the murder committed by his Deputies. What does he say ” Under investigation”. No one believes this guy.

  • This is the World we live in now. Punks with guns seeking out Police Officer’s to shoot and kill just for the thrill of it. They have families too don’t you know. If they die, their kids will grow up without a dad or mom with a ton of rage at who shot him or her. Oh, the punks don’t, they kill all the time. Why do you think the cops don’t really care how they treat some of their “customers” kinda like Karma. Looks like getting some bullet proof glass on those police cars would be a great idea, expensive but maybe taking up a collection for it since the Mayors of each town want to “Defund” Police Departments so there’s no money for perks like that. No money for overtime when it is really needed. Breakdown the police department then the next ones shot will be citizens being robbed. These Punks don’t care, BLM and ANTFA are the Punks, they are the Terrorists. They want to control everything and everyone…especially the White Man, Woman and child. We are the enemy. We are the reason for their hatred and that’s why they want to get back at us, at everything…especially Reparations. It’s sad they feel this way because we are not an enemy, we did not cause slavery, we are not responsible for their anger….they are responsible for their own feelings, including racism. I keep hearing them say white people are racist white people are racist…not true…if anyone is racist it’s the black individuals that keep saying it, calling it out. Racism will Never end as long as that word is spoken. Say it and it thrives. Dont say it and it dies.

  • I totally agree with you. It appears BLM and ANTIFA have alot of people fooled because these people are Not peaceful at all. They are very dangerous and do not fear the police. I belive they are terrorist as what their actions are and their carelessness for human life regardlees if its police, they are still human beings..they don’t care so to that they are Terrorists and need to be stopped, arrested and imprisoned before things get horribly bad.

  • Bandwagon, there is nothing courageous about getting shot or calling for help after you have been shot. Stop throwing the “hero” label around so cheaply. I am with Trump, I like cops that don’t get shot. (Is that too much, Celeste? Or, only the president can say it when referring to captured soldiers?)

  • Here is a Dose of reality for you Mr Dose, looks like crooked Deputies like you are fine with Deputies sharing heinous video’s of charred bodies of victims in bars, to strangers mind you. How about releasing video’s of how Andreas was shot. You belong in the same cell as your former Sheriff Lee Baca. Ya you have nothing to defend these guys and your Sheriff. The guys is a thug who supports the Bandidos gang, the Executioners, and the Reapers. Oh yes tell him to release the videos of ALL Deputy involved shootings, not just the one’s where he can cry victim. If you look at yourself in the mirror I bet you see scumbag written on your forehead.

  • CF,

    You’ve proven yourself to lack character and judgment. None of us care what you think.

    Deputy Apolinar was shot through her jaw and tongue, as well as other places on her upper body. Not only did she call for help in spite of her grievous injuries, but she took cover away from her patrol car, recognized that her partner was going to bleed out, and applied a tourniquet so he wouldn’t die. Too bad your ilk doesn’t recognize he heroism of anything but Marxists taking over the streets and chanting death to the police.

    Again, you are scum.

  • Editor’s note:

    I’ve just put through a bunch of comments that I’ve not read carefully, so if anyone finds something that shouldn’t have made it through please let me know. Thanks in advance.

    And, CF, yes, you’ve gone too far. But so does the commander in chief. And a number of commenters here.


  • Ana,

    You are assuming that video exists where it likely does not. The Metro stations are subject to a lot of video surveillance, the street where the “auto body shop” was, not so much. If Andreas hadn’t been involved in illegal activity that appears to have extended well beyond just carrying a loaded weapon and running from deputies, he’d be fine today.

    And calm yourself, Ana. I was on the streets for many years, protecting you and your family and the good people of the county. Quit pretending I’m the enemy. The only enemies I have are criminals. If you choose to fit that category, so be it.

  • It’s real easy in November.
    Flag waving, America loving, law and order, people of all colors….Trump.

    Rioters, looters, assassins, scum bags, flag burning, chaos loving…Biden.

    It really is that easy. There will be violence either way I’m sure. Keep in mind though, the law and order crowd haven’t gone to war yet. Chaos has a head start but that’s ok.

  • Cf, doing what he always does, satisfying his petty grudge by saying the stupidest thing possible at the worst time possible. And Celeste punts, blames Trump.
    Btw. why ask commenters to tell you about stuff that shouldn’t have made it through when you’re already acknowledging that you know cf has “gone to far”?

  • Why is anyone allowed near a CRIME SCENE except for cops and detectives? She should be removed and allow the police to complete their jobs.

  • CF: I’ve mentioned before my willingness to meet you at any doughnut shop of your choice to discuss your
    idiotic comments……my offer still stands.

  • Non Mon: I agree with everything you have said…..I’ve repeated them myself many times on this blog….Truth be told even if large members of the black community comes out and speaks out against BLM etc….the liberal press won’t give them any air time…it doesn’t fit their agenda….it will take large amounts of the black community walking the streets in protest against BLM nationwide to stop this insanity….but if the black community does that they have to go up against the thugs running their neighborhoods who will kill them for daring to express their opinions….hell they still call blackd who have their own opinions that differ from the democratic party “Uncle Toms”…I guess we really have not evolved very much as a species…..especially in the ghetto….

  • Ana: Were you at the shooting of Andreas? I’m going to guess not… you are speaking of something you have no knowledge of….typical for a liberal….lets wait until the investigation is over….I’m quite sure the FBI is reviewing the tape now and will have no problems indicting the deputies if they were wrong….are there cops who make the rest of us look bad…of course….do they represent the majority of cops who put their lives on the line every day….obviously not….do I think all blacks are ignorant animals based on the videos of those at St. Francis Hospital cheering for the death of the officers…of course not…wake up girl….drop the chip on your shoulder….get a job and pay taxes like the rest of us and become a responsible and “mature” member of society…

  • Celeste: Does Trump open his mouth and say stupid things at times…of course….but I would rather have that than a typical politician who talks out of both sides of their mouths and never get anything done…his accomplishments over the las t four years are remarkable,… need to repeat them…but I have not seen you write an article criticizing former President Obama who’s anti white/police rhetoric has led us to this place in history…..all polls show the vast majority of Americans believe race relations worsened under Obama…..he and Michelle spit out the same vile rhetoric they were are still a racist society. He and Michelle are your typical activist blacks who will blame the police first and not the criminal who refused to obey the lawful orders of the police and ended up dead… bout a story on how race relations worsened under Obama…after all it is what led the country to vote for Trump. How bout some equal air time?

  • Cf You trying to play the street wise Jewish guy in touch with the “brothers” again? As joe Biden would say, come on, man. As well as comparing a straight up ambush with criminals resisting arrest that’s just as stupid.

  • Biden swimming naked time and again in front of female Secret Service Agents is no secret in the Fed world Celeste and you probably read on it or heard about it but say nothing at all. You see, like many crazy lefties that let people in Hollywood rape and pillage little kids and young women for years, if it doesn’t fit your agenda you just sit silent and just stfu about it. You and all those like you are and will always be moral cowards.
    On a happier topic, I’m guessing somebody very soon will be dead or in custody. I’ll do a happy dance, you?

  • Oh, Biden’s racist comments and constant naked romps “trumps” our President’s actions any day of the week. Get ready for another 4 years of MAGA!!

  • Oh, Bandwagon, you are one funny racist. Please, please do list Trump’s accomplishments. This is the man who thinks “herd mentality” will save us from Covid. The man who thinks the virus will disappear over the summer, like a miracle, he said. This is the man who thinks there is no global warming because in some parts of the world its actually colder at times. Please share his accomplishments because I do not know what they are, and I can assure you Celeste does not know either.

    And, President Obama caused race relations to deteriorate? You are one funny racist. Those damn colored folk. This country was doing so well and then because of them pesky blacks there was a civil war. And, they are never happy. Again, they worsened race relations with their damn marching asking to come into your stores, your schools and lunch counters. Dang, them pesky colored folk. Everything was honky dory (no pun intended) when they knew their place.

    Look, I am just glad I live in California. I’ll take the fires, the earthquakes, the high taxes, anything and everything, over living in the godforsaken Trump country in between coasts full of yokels and meth labs. No, I am not elitist, but I do believe in science. Not elitist, but I think Fox news is really theater catering to lost souls that want one last hurrah for a time that never was. Not elitist, I just recognize the bible is literature, and not to be taken literally. So, if Trump wins, I could care less. Its a marathon, not a sprint.

  • What the heck was she doing so close to the police officers while they were trying to cuff someone??? That is so dangerous for everyone involved. I’m sure this was not her first day on the job; and as a ‘professional’ she KNOWS better! I watched her spliced videos, but they still show her WAY to close to the officers while they are trying to make an arrest. Come on people! Show some respect and professionalism!! Police officers are already walking on eggshells, and she runs up on them after 2 have just been shot??!! Not the brightest star in the sky!!

  • The LASD undermines itself.
    Just look at all the former sheriffs in prison including the #1 and #2 Baca and Tanaka.
    You recently had the city pay a major lawsuit for the sheriff who is a child rapist/ molester.

  • You should join Hannity and expose the dangers of BLM , Antifa and now Witnessla. Witnessla is now mobilizing a massive army of rich west LA liberals to destroy America, take your guns and freedom . The communist take over is happening now, run for your lives .

  • People need to understand… regardless of who you think you are, should a police officer ask you to comply to a request you have must comply as believe it or not it is the law… you need not be committing any offence… “Don’t comply you might die”! Police need to be shooting more dumb ass’s who think protesting and assaulting police officer is some how there freedom and right to do so. Defunding the police at your peril America.

  • Ms. Fremon,

    How did the POTUS get mixed up in this blog / conversation? You make a comment, “And, CF, yes, you’ve gone too far. But so does the commander in chief.”

    Your disdain for the POTUS is obvious. Keep in mind, WE the people of the U.S.A. elected this man and he has done what WE expected him to do. Further, the POTUS is not an orator like the previous POS, who BS’d the sh*t out of you and everybody else.

    This is why many people have lost faith with so called journalists and media outlets. It is evident that you guys cannot be neutral in your reporting, without injecting your biased narrative.

    You should be ashamed of yourself Ms. Fremon. Since you do not respect the POTUS, at least respect the office of the POTUS.

  • Pat Rolman:

    “…The POTUS is not an orator like the previous….”

    I dunno about that. I watched his State of the Union speech on CBS & immediately afterwards CBS flashed a message across the screen that something like 84% of its viewership (I forgot the exact number) approved the President’s message.

    The Presidential Debates are coming up, starting September 29 & going through October; three debates about two weeks apart.

    Plus a Vice-Presidential Debate.

    Exact schedules can be Googled: 2020 Presidential Debate Schedule, so lessee what happens.

    As far as “biased reporting”:

    Anything with a by-line is biased; anything without a byline is supposed to be unbiased.

    Objective v. subjective Journalism.

    Who told me that?

    Journalism 1A .

  • Objectivity does not exist in journalism anymore.
    Our own Celeste. She’s a teacher of “journalism” and at one point, maybe still, is a senior fellow at USC’s Annenberg Institute for Justice and Journalists.

    Last time I checked, justice has many points of view that good journalists would be wise to study and view fairly. I’d love to see Celeste produce a piece on the other side of her SJW struggle with an objective view but…well, Celeste, do you have that? Are you able to do that?

    Would you fairly review and grade a paper that took a stance on justice that was completely contrary to your personal beliefs? There are crazies on both sides but once you’re too far gone you no longer see the other side. Are you there yet? Can you understand the law and order crowd? How about the opinion of people who believe looters should be shot by store owners? The build more prisons crowd? Or those who believe Trump may be the American messiah?

  • @Rolman-
    CF specifically asked if he’d gone too far in saying he likes cops who don’t get shot (firmly establishing his cop-hating credentials and lack of even a shred of decency) and directly asked if he’d gone too far or if only Trump can say that when referring to captured soldiers (a clear reference to Trump’s idiotic comment on John McCain (and ironic for a draft-dodger to be taking cheap shots at a POW)). Celeste simply replied directly to CF’s reference to Trump, so that’s how it came into the conversation.

    Save the lectures and “you should be ashamed” righteous indignation.

  • Rakie, I wonder if Vegas has posted odds on whether there will actually be debates. I’m betting 50% at best.

    Bumbling Joe’s handlers will be looking for any excuse to avoid having him speak to the American public without cue cards, including a fake Covid exposure story.

  • Oh good a science believer!
    So do you fall in line with other liberals that a baby born with a penis is not a male?

  • Cf, Come on man!, Greg you haven’t lived in California for years, and you’re too broke to move back. (Which is probably why you cry about California cops making too much money).

  • Most journalist school accept advocacy journalism as a necessary evil to achieve their world view. Their journalist ethics are situational. Pandering for profits or donations is most important. It’s is necessary for WLA to speak into the echo chamber of the left. One, it’s writers believe in the leftist world view and two, wealthy leftist pay their salaries. Every now and then their alleged humanist values are challenged, like the shooting of the two deputies sheriff’s. The acts are so extreme that a momentary feeling of guilt overtakes them and of course the real threat of being accused of journalistic hypocrisy motivates them to write a sympathetic story regarding a dead or seriously injuries Peace Office.

  • I heard THAT rumor too: the DNC is trying to figure out a way to weasel out of the debates. It’ll have to work fast because the first debate is on the 29th, less than two weeks from RIGHT NOW!!

  • I’m calling baloney re the comments about Biden. That would have gone far and wide by now if true.

    No one can “trump” the insanity of the man currently in the White House. No one. He’s a career liar and con.

  • Um, Trump lost the popular vote. “WE” didn’t elect him and he has not done most of what he promised. What he has done extremely well via his illiterate comments is sow division and anger and make us the laughing stock of the world. I sure respect the rights of others to disagree but for my two cents worth, he can’t be out of office soon enough. That is not a comment on all Republicans btw – but it is clear to me that he’s a dishonest con.

  • Seeking the truth,

    So, in summary, you are saying there is the truth, and then there is the liberals’ truth.

    You are absolutely correct. We see it every day in the MSM.

  • Dose, so what do you see on Fox News? Do you believe in Medical Professionals? If you do not believe in their medical advise then why are the Deputies who were shot being treated, and cared for at a Hospital, mind you by DOCTORS .. the same DOCTORS your President Trump calls FAKE NEWS…you know we can always have Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson treat them.

    What does Trump likes to call Marines who gave their lives in WWII ? …..LOSERS…. I bet behind closed doors he says the same about the Deputies who were shot…. do you want me to remind you about what Trump said about the late Senator John McCain… yes he called him a LOSER too. I know you buy into the … it’s all FAKE NEWS and like to drink the Kool Aid they feed you on FOX. Oops I forgot one last thing.. I vividly remember Trump’s words in Nevada … here it goes … ” I love my poorly educated they believe in conspiracies” I have to run as a Republican.

  • Breaking Cover,

    Why are you relying on a debunked report from the Atlantic? He never called them losers, and you know it.

  • ProJustice,

    Yes, we, the American people elected Trump the way every other president has been elected – through the electoral college.

    Why do you hate America and the Constitution? Oh, that’s right – because you’re a liberal.

  • CF: You are right my cynical friend. Those poor blacks being forced to commit crimes by the angry white man. I can’t tell you how many times I saw a black man smoking crack in Compton with a white guy pointing a gun at his head and making him light up. Happened all the time. Biggest issue though is when they where someone else’s pants and don’t bother to check for drugs or guns and get mistakenly arrested by law enforcement. I’m also sure that the arrests of blacks nationwide annually which is approx 40% of all arrests are a result of the police planting guns and dope on the poor unsuspecting black man. I wonder where the cops get all that dope and guns they plant on people. Yep systematic racism alright. Go BLM!

  • Tell u what CF we will give you and BLM California. You can have it. But the catch is you have to drop the victim card and actually try to govern yourself. Hopefully you can do a better job than those idiots in Portland but I doubt it. Matter of fact most cities in the US controlled by democrats and black politicians don’t seem to do to well do they. Blacks killing other blacks. Unemployment. Failed schools. So enjoy CA. The beaches are great.

  • The deputies are doing much better. I pray that all goes as well as it can. To the cowards; as MLK said “how long not long.’

  • Democrats are so piss poor I’d rather have a president call me a coward or loser than one of you in office.
    You all are that bad.

  • Bandwagon I was at Garfield high in East Los Angeles next to the infamous East Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station

  • “I’m calling baloney re the comments about Biden.”

    Details are in “The First Family Detail” by Ronald Kessler and the book can be ordered via

    Were this about Trump it would’ve “gone far and wide” but about Biden?


  • Fat Rolman, you are damn right about the POTUS not being an orator. Although you must admit that at times he can be moving. He can move racist to come out. Of course, that may just be “herd Mentality,” as the POTUS would say. Despite the fact that he can say “person, woman, man, camera, and TV” and then repeat them backwards, he does not seem too bright. I can appreciate that he may be your idiot, but you have to admit he is an embarrassment. So, please do not knock Celeste for having no respect for the man. I would venture to say that most people with a full set of teeth have no respect for the man.

    Bandwagon, you are correct. Democratically run cities are in terrible shape, much worse than small, rural towns in Trump country were meth is the major industry, were double-digits percentage of the population is on “disability” and where the per-capita number of teeth per person is about 5. No one is clamoring to move to Kentucky or some other god-forsaken place in Trump country middle America. And, thank you for your kind gesture of leaving “us” California, but I will pass on Simi Valley.

    Finally, thank god the officers that were shot are doing better. On that note, we’ve Celeste her 100+ comments to move her up on the Google rankings. Let us move on.

  • I have the same tattoo as you on my calf like those worn by your boys from Compton Sheriff’s Station on my calf. I know you have the same one.

  • President Trump called the deputies and wished them well. Did Biden or Harris call? How about Bonner? Has LeBron called? Ah! Too bad he got second place as MVP again and still crying? Anyone from the BOS? Anyone from BLM, Antifa, KKK?
    This is the difference from a civil society and the hate-filled leftists!

  • It’s SYSTEMIC racism; not systeMATic racism. The whole notion is complete bullshit but at least learn how to spell it.

  • Eldon: Go back to school or look it up on line. Both systemic and systematic are closely related with similar definitions although in this case I believe systematic is more appropriate.

  • Thank God that the deputies are doing better. Has mad Maxine Waters called to wish the deputies speedy recovery?
    To All First Responders: Don’t give up! Hang in there! One day the system of soft and hard racism will confront the facts that criminals aren’t ever going to be good. It is not the job of the police to fix your kids, make you a good father or keep your pants on. The overwhelming number of people support Law Enforcement and all that you do to keep us safe from the ignorance and stupidity of the violent socialists.

    Get well and America welcomes you back, if you can.

  • Here’s what I would like to know. Why is a cop’s life any more special than a black man or woman’s life? Why does law enforcement expect black people to mourn cops, when cops aren’t mourning us. Or else, love cops, when cops despise us?
    America’s finest are supposed to protect and serve, and no doubt, they do that very well. For everyone, except black people. They don’t even protect us from themselves. Instead, they shoot innocent, unarmed black men and women down like animals and leave their bodies to rot in the street.
    Call the roll. An innocent Kentucky women died after being shot while in her bed. She was killed as a result of a controversial no-knock warrant; her body lying in misery for a whole 20 minutes before aid was rendered. We know, Michael Brown’s body laid in the street for some 4 hours before the coroners came to collect. A black Minnesota man had a feet planted on his neck, compressing his larynx for damn near 9 minutes until he died. A maniac cop callously shoots a twelve year-old Ohio kid playing with a toy gun within 2 seconds of arriving on scene. Atlanta cops shoot a jovial, compliant black man, for using his best judgment. After having too much to drink, Rayshard Brooks was attempting to sleep it off in a Wendy’s parking lot before getting on the road. I suspect, he didn’t want to risk other motorists’ lives. Because he got caught up in the crosshairs of wicked cops, he paid for his good judgement with his own life. And less we forget, a young black man was shot 8 times in the back by a cop who wanted him dead.
    What is all of this nonsense, if it isn’t pure, unadulterated HATE stoked by cops who hate the sight of black men and women. And how duplicitous is it to demand that infuriated black people control their rage. Protest the right way. Obey law and order. Bow down and preserve racist monuments and statutes. Tolerate law enforcement and police union’s constant lies about the circumstances surrounding the deadly use of force. Turn a blind eye to the fact that cops have crossed the line into the same criminal behaviors they are “so call”, supposed to prevent. That is, lies, coverups, setups, spewing racist epitaphs and vitriol against blacks. Boasting about getting their cherries popped by murdering yet another innocent, unarmed black man.
    God said, Thou shalt not kill, and he meant EVERYBODY. Cops and citizens alike! Most abide by this sacred commandment and when they don’t, consequences are suffered. The only difference is cops can engage in such criminal, barbaric act, racially motivated behavior and be revered while people of color are vilified for doing the same.
    Pretty soon, we will have had over thousands of innocent, unarmed black men and women killed in all 50 states, if we haven’t already reached that number. Killed by xenophobic cops who loath the color of their skins.
    Many now believe systemic racism does exist and law enforcement agencies and the cops they coddle are the main culprits. But not a damned thing is done to stop the brutal aftermaths. Despite these grossly glaring patterns of blacks losing their lives for doing anything while black, law enforcement and the justice system refuses to see the inherent wrong.
    There’s always a tipping point. Sure, black lives still are not mattering in the US but it seems police’s lives are mattering, even less. Ambushes in Texas, New York, Louisiana, California, and Mississippi were all in some way connected to the smoldering rage over the killings of innocent, unarmed, black men and women. The most estranges are becoming martyrs risking their lives or freedom to prove a point—eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.
    This seems especially the case in that cops seem bored with those who they once deemed thugs, criminals, and menaces to society. It seems they’ve moved on to moral, upstanding, law abiding citizens and the coverup, false narratives, and justification are all the same.

  • Anthony Mungin,

    Lots of words, but you missed the big issue: blacks commit more violent crimes than anybody else. Get your folks to knock it off.

  • I forgot, you have to use small words and limit sentences to 140 characters for backwoods, racist, shallow-minded, bigots, who still live back in the dark ages. Tell your people to deal with their self-contrive fear of skin color and stop killing my people. Cops are not God, and neither are you! Bet you were one of those who drank disinfectant be cause Trump told you to. Get your facts straight on who commit more crimes!

  • Anthony Mungin,

    Dear Mr. Feaux Genius, the ignoramus is obviously you. Trump’s comment at that presser was a continuation of a discussion he and his fake ass Covid experts. He told no one to drink disinfectant, you ninny.

    As to who commits more crimes, I’m not even going to dignify your absolutely false comments by linking the FBI stats. I will again say that you should save your breath here and do what you can to get YOUR PEOPLE (Blacks) to stop committing violent crimes. Cops aren’t afraid of your color; rather, they are justifiably apprehensive that when confronted, they will attack them at rates far higher than any other race. Coming here to post your liberal tripe in an effort to cover up the truth and call me idiotic names tips your hand – you know the truth and don’t give a damn.

  • I hate the media the same if not more then anyone else, but your showing your bias here, the point is the cops broke the law and did some fucked up shit, the other point is 2 cops who arnt even real cops at that got shot for no reason and that’s tragic, both stories are examples of crime in their own right respectfully. One does not negate the other, like fuck, if the American people don’t grow a god damn Brain all is lost

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