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Thinking of You, New Orleans

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Katrina hit landfall on August 29, 2005.
Here is the timeline of the events of the days that followed. As the Gulf states hold their breath for Gustav, reread it. Three years later, it remains grief producing…..and enraging.

Below is a piece of an Op Ed written for the LA Times by Louisiana crime novelist James Lee Burke two weeks after the worst was over. Burke has memorialized his passion for New Orleans in eighteen different books, including last year’s novel about Katrina, the Tin Roof Blowdown. “New Orleans,” Burke wrote in the novel in a voice leaden with sorrow, “was a song that went under the waves.”

All the meteorologists predicted Katrina would hit New Orleans head-on, at category 5 wind speeds of 175 mph. No knowledgeable person had any doubt about the consequences. New Orleans would have been nothing but a smudge in the storm’s aftermath, the levees reduced to serpentine traces in the silt. Instead, the storm shifted toward the northeast, and dropped in velocity by 35 mph, reducing itself to a category 4 storm by landfall.

Two days after the city was flooded, the president stated, on television, “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.” The disingenuousness of the statement, or its disconnection from reality, is, to my mind, beyond comprehension…..

….For the rest of my life, however, I want to remember not only the faces of Katrina’s victims but the images of the Coast Guard rescuers hanging from cables under helicopters; firefighters and cops who threaded boats through the darkness while being shot at; the medical personnel who used hand ventilators to keep their patients alive for six days; the soldiers and ministers and ordinary people who gave up all thought of themselves in service to their fellow human beings. In their anonymity, they glow with the aura of Byzantine saints.”


James Lee Burke, Los Angeles Times, September 18, 2005


  • I think of New Orleans residents frequently, because a huge number of their residents ended up in Atlanta and are still around. Some ended up getting jobs and starting new lives. As for many others, why work, why go back, why repair your old homes, as long as you can point fingers at politicians and blame them for your own stupidity and continue soaking the taxpayers–which, as it turned out, may not have been stupid after all…just dishonest, and it keeps working.

  • On their first full day on the trail together, Obama and Biden looked at ease with each other, making frequent contact with back pats and hugs. Their wives stuck close together, too, chatting through most of the stops.

    “You know, our families have just really hit it off,” Obama said at an ice cream shop in Aliquippa. “We had some of his grandkids over for a sleepover with [daughters] Malia and Sasha, and they just had a great time. I’m absolutely convinced that Joe Biden is the right person to help move this country in the direction where working families have a shot.”

  • Celeste, whats the matter with your home page – lot of scrolling down to find the todays post and comment botton.

  • Eeek. Don’t know. It looks normal on mine. What browser are you using and what version? I think my tech is about to take off for the mountains to go rock climbing all weekend. So any info you can give me would be much appreciated as I’m not seeing it. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Looks okay from here, Celeste. (Vista and FF2).

    Wishing the folks in NOLA be safe and sound as Gustav comes ashore.

  • Just a word about James Lee Burke. I discovered him about a year ago and he is now one of my favorite writers – a crime writer who transcends the genre. And “Tin Roff Blowdown” is great.

  • Lord, give em a break in Nawlins! Ain’t they suffered enough?
    I Love that town and it’s people, who are so proud of their city and the history and the music and architecture, and the great great food! Orale!
    And isn’t it bad enough that poor people got to suffer anyways, it’s out of sight out of mind, get in line but take your time!
    The international disgrace of the non response of the Bush/Cheney regime that we in the USA will probably never live down “Yer doin a good job Brownie” was bad enough, but the idiotic comments by certain right wing apologist’s who unable to say it like it was and is and yet continue to cast dispersions on these poor souls, left to their own fate with nothing but some welfare money and hollow promises of a return to destroyed neighborhoods and homes.

    And then having to listen to people who should know better like the big mouth Mother of Dubya, pop eyed Barbara, “well they’re all on welfare anyway so they’re used to it” and the racist comments made about the mainly black New Orleans people whose homes and communities were lost and who were cast out in a sort of diaspora.

    Well Nawlins, Ca c’est bon! hang in there, Fais-do-do, never stop “Laisser les bons temps rouler”!
    And from me and many many who love Nawlins,
    Que le bon Dieu vous benit!

  • The Bush response to the people of New Orleans was a lot better than the actions of their governor, mayor, and the citizens who stayed there–all of whom had the primary responsibilities for themselves. If most of those people who stayed there are stupid (they are) and most of those people are black, then draw your own conclusions, but don’t accuse people of being racist for stating the facts. I’d be glad to compare the IQ’s of those who left town with those who stayed.

  • The NYT is reporting…

    Mr. Obama’s campaign does not plan to go directly after Ms. Palin in the days ahead. Instead, it is planning to increase its attacks on Mr. McCain for his opposition to pay equity legislation and abortion rights — two issues of paramount concern to many women — as it tries to head off his effort to use Ms. Palin to draw Democratic and independent women who had supported Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  • Why did McCain’s other fellow POW soldiers call him “songbird?” Why haven’t they come out to confirm some of his stories? Has anybody else heard about a “Swift-boat” type of ad about McCain’s REAL POW experience that contradicts his Hero version? McCain sure is overplaying his POW card. I think we all assume, because of McCain’s military background, that he is liked and supported by all veterans. This turns out not to be true. Here’s an interesting video of the 1990’s Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs. The video shows how McCain let his POW credentials be used to attack and discredit other POW’s. Many wonder what McCain received in return. The video also explains why the North Vietnamese gave him the code-name “Song Bird”. (The video unfortunately starts with a clip of McCain’s “Bomb Bomb Iran” joke, the interesting part starts after that.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoZ3BPqXrq0&feature=related

  • Michele Obama said that abortion “embraces the sacred responsibility of parenthood.” Isn’t it quaint to call infanticide by such a pleasant phrase? Let Obama go after McCain on this. It’s clear where the moral high ground lies, and it’s not with the Democrats.

  • James, McCain was offered a chance to be sent home by his captors, but he refused since his fellow prisoners would not be given the same offer. That doesn’t represent someone interested only in himself. The “songbird” attack is what you would expect from Democrats with no sense of decency.

  • McCain says he violated the Code of Conduct only when the North Vietnamese brutally tortured him. He further claims that he was so distraught afterwards that he tried to commit suicide. He has never explained why his “aid to the enemy” continued for more than three years.

  • It’s because he would sing to entertain fellow soldiers when the vietcong were chowing rice in the mess hall. He sang it all Sinatra, Elvis, the Beatles, the Stones, but the song that really earned him that title was “I left my heart in San Francisco” by Tony Bennett.

  • Minnesota–Republican Convention Schedule Leaked! Day 1 of the RNC schedule: 7:00 pm- Ceremonial burning of the U.S. Constitution 7:15 pm –Spiritual Medium Sylvia Browne performs psychic seance in desperate attempt to raise Ronald Reagan from the grave 7:35 pm—“The Pleasures of Adultery” – with Newt Gingrich & Rudy Giuliani 8:05 pm —Gay sex party in Men’s Restroom hosted by Senator Larry Craig 8:35 pm- Transvestite Ann Coulter – “My Life as a Man” 8:55 pm – Live satellite feed from Federal Prison – Ohio Rep. Bob Ney 9:05 pm — Guest speaker ex-Florida Congressman Mark Foley ” Joys with Young Boys” 9:25 pm –Oliver North – ” Iran is Evil, but I sold them weapons anyway” 9:40 pm –Bill O’ Reilly- ” The costs of sexual harassment and phone sex with employees” 10:00 pm –Gay sex party in Men’s Room hosted by Ken Mehlman and Geraldo Rivera 10:25 pm– Check John McCain to see if he’s still breathing and if his adult diaper needs changed. 10:35 pm –N.R.A. President hosts an assault rifle target practice on Gays and Mexicans. 10:45 pm– Call emergency squad after a drunken Dick Cheney accidentally shoots his friend in the face. 11:00 pm –President Bush performs his hilarious comedy routine where he looks for Iraq’s fictitious WMD’s under guests tables. 11:15 pm –Governor Mike Huckabee does his famous uncanny imitation of Gomer Pyle. 11:20 pm –Group intervention to get Rush Limbaugh back into drug rehab 11: 45 pm –Go up on rooftop and throw rocks down at homeless Vets sleeping in alley. 12:00 am– Live satellite feed from Federal Prison – California Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham 12:20 am –Convicted felon/Fox News analyst G. Gordon Liddy – Lock picking secrets 12: 40 am– Guest speakers Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz – “How to lie your Country into a War” 1:00 am –Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay- “Tips on Money Laundering” 1:15 am –Hookers arrive for after party http://bravenewfilms.org/blog/50096-republican-convention-schedule-leaked GOP PERFORMERS A look back at the fab four quartet: Trent Lott, Larry Craig, John Ashcroft and Jim Jeffords, following the Sen Larry Craig scandal. IMO, the singing senators will be reuniting(minus Jeffords who left the Republican party) at the Republican Convention click here

  • Is anybody going to be watching the GOP convention? I wonder if McCain will be able to get >38 million people to watch his acceptance speech like Obama? Any guesses? I say

  • It’s always inspiring to read Don Quixote’s sensitive posts, this time re. the long damaged city he refers to as “Nawlins”. His reference to Barbara Bush as “popeyed” was indicative of his high sensitivities. He probably knows but overlooked the reason the ex First Lady’s eyes are that way is because she suffers from Grave’s disease, a type of hyper-thyroidism and has endure 10 radiation treatments for the affliction.

  • I agree “flaco” we all come here to read Don Quixote’s inspiring, intellectual, entertaing comments, we have all been blessed by his presence, he is the messiah of blogging. I am still waiting for DQ to start his blog so his legion of adoring and admiring fans can read his opinions on an hourly basis.

    Tu Sabes que, my abuelita also taught me NOT to be like the gavachos and robber baron republicans, my abuelita taught me to respect the mayates and the chinos. I often shared my abuelita’s menudo with the poor chinos in school. My best friend was a Korean kid named Jimmy Kim, his nickname was “Chino”, he really enjoyed sharing my menudo lunch. The gavachos amd robber baron republicans could learn so much from my abuelita and my Tio Lolo.

    Que Viva mi abuelita !!

  • ST. PAUL, Minn. — President Bush is unlikely to make it to the Republican National Convention, and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) may deliver his acceptance speech via satellite because of the historically huge hurricane threatening New Orleans, top officials said.

  • CBS) In his first reaction to the choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate, Sen. Barack Obama tells 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft that she is an “up-and-coming public servant.” Of his own choice for running mate, the Democratic presidential nominee says Sen. Joseph Biden “can step in and become president.”

    Obama and Biden sat down with Kroft Friday night in Pittsburgh for an interview to be broadcast on 60 Minutes this Sunday, Aug. 31, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

    “Let me tell you the reason I picked Joe Biden,” Sen. Obama told Kroft. “Number one, he can step in and become president. And I don’t think anybody has any doubt about that. Number two is that if I’m in the room making the kinds of tough decisions that the next president’s going to have to make both on domestic policy and on international policy, then I want the counsel and advice of somebody who’s not going to agree with me 100 percent of time – in fact, somebody who’s independent enough that can push back and give me different perspectives and make sure that I’m catching any blind spots that I have. And Joe Biden doesn’t bite his tongue.

    “Number three, is somebody who I know in his heart cares about the American people and the American dream, and is willing to fight for them as hard as he can. And Joe Biden fit that bill,” Obama added.

    “What do you think of Senator McCain’s vice presidential choice? And how does it change the dynamics of this campaign?” Kroft asked.

    “Well, I don’t know Governor Palin, I have not met her before. I had a brief conversation with her after she was selected to congratulate her and wish her luck – but, not too much luck! – on the campaign trial. And she seems to have a compelling life story. Obviously, she’s a fine mother and a up-and-coming public servant,” Obama said. “So, it’s too early for me to gauge what kind of running mate she’ll be.

    “My sense is that she subscribes to John McCain’s agenda. And ultimately, this [election] is going to be about where I want to take the country and where Joe Biden wants to take the country, and where John McCain and his running mate want to take the country.”

  • McCain’s cynical and arrogant choice is unbecoming of a future president. I admire the Palin family courage raising a down syndrome child, but McCain’s “buying” conservative constituency support in choosing an unprepared candidate he hardly saw and knows is cynical; perhaps her military background assures her subservience. This 73 year old arrogant candidate with severe health history must consider himself immortal, playing his duty to ensure executive branch continuity much like a game of craps, that he affections from what I hear.
    Compounding his limitations, obsolete knowledge of the world beyond CONUS, he represents the neo-conservative genesis of unilateralism and preemptive military intervention that has weakened our credibility and isolated us from collaborative action. Such trigger happy hawks willing to use military power to advance certain economic and political interests have high jacked our democracy and made us a black sheep to much of the world.
    I prefer a well learned and knowledgeable leader who knows how to select his advisers, believes military might a measure of last resort. Not fond of Bill Clinton but noteworthy phrase in his speech the other night to which I adhere as an expat “People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power”
    Palin is the wrong pick to ensure our position as primus-inter-pares on the world stage and security should the default commander in chief be called upon.

  • Hey “Inside Scoop”, you got me laughing so hard I almost forgot that you left out Mr. Family Values and chief inquisitor of Pres Clinton’s office habits, the one and only, Sen. Vitter, Republican from Louisiana, who will relive his sexual fantasy’s as recounted by his main squeeze hooker the “Queen of Sheba” (only in the French Quarter of course!), as she cleans Vitter’s messy diapers, powders his fanny and properly puts on his new Pampers. Then he will walk around screaming until she spanks him good.

    This tremendous and instructional demonstration will be immediately followed by a seminar given by Florida Republican Congressman Bob Allen, the arrested Florida state representative and McCain backer. Allen claimed he offered to perform a sex act on an undercover officer because, as the only white man in the restroom, he felt he was in danger of being robbed. Allen stated he is just naturally afraid of black men and thought that offering the black man (who happened to be an undercover cop), in the public park restroom $20.00 and oral sex it might save his life or at the very least a whooping.
    This hands on demonstration of how to save oneself from a Blackman in the public restroom of a park is supposed to be one of the most popular venues with Republican politicians at the Convention.
    More to be added later,

    The Rev. Ted Haggard, ex president of the National Association of Evangelicals and Republican religious advisor, who has fought for a law against “same sex marriages” and who resigned after being outted by his three year male prostitute “escort”, and who Haggard allegedly supplied with methamphetamines will return to the convention podium to again hammer away at the evils of “same sex marriage”

    The GOP convention should be a doozy!

  • Hey D.Q., Jim, Mustang Sally, Hiroshi, Conchita, Conejo, Flaco, Irwin Corey, I am also laughing so much – great comments, stupendous, spectacular, awesome, fantastic, inspiring, motivational, marvelous, magnificent, the words you guys write I would have never expected to find anywhre on the Internet. Mayor Sam’s blog only dreams of having the voices of such articulate blog commentors. Keep up the great comments, and this blog will soon be read by millions throughtout the world. Barack Obama should read DQ comments as motivation for his next speech, DQ should be the grand poobah of the world !!!!!!

  • Good job of inviting the new guests to stick around, Celeste. The next time that I want to read comments from psychos, I can come now here instead of Daily Kos.

    Now, on New Orleans, I see them exiting the city this time…except for some idiots who still persist in staying. Here we go pouring millions back into that city when they never accounted for the last few hundred million or so that they spent.

    What a waste. Tear down those houses and return the swamps wetlands back to the alligators.

  • Woody on the Hurricane Gustav situation,

    “Now, on New Orleans, I see them exiting the city this time…except for some idiots who still persist in staying.”

    Good observation Woody, are you talking about mainly poor black citizens like three years ago when Hurricane Katrina hit NO? The worlds got to know Woody.

  • What difference does race matter, DQ? People with any drive at all or any family with such find a way to get out of town. Those who don’t are stupid, regardless of race.

    I guess if I disagree with Obama then I’m a racist, huh?

  • McCain was behind and he put all the chips behind Palin. Was it risky? Yes, because she will flame out. On domestic issues, McSame doesn’t get it – Palin does get it, but has absolutely no foreign policy experience whatsoever. Again, she will flame out fast.

  • Passed over for a promotion, disgruntled autoworker Woody the nut, joins a white supremacist group hell-bent on terrorizing blacks and foreigners. As Woody’s involvement deepens, so, too, does the pain he causes his family.

  • Woody again writes,

    “I guess if I disagree with Obama then I’m a racist, huh?”

    I don’t know Woody, your the only person who keeps asking,
    maybe you ought to ask yourself that question if you can answer honestly.

  • President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney will skip the Republican National Convention because of mounting concerns about Hurricane Gustav, the White House said Sunday.

    His Homeland Security chief warned that Gustav could prove more challenging than Katrina and the nation’s disaster response coordinator worried about New Orlean’s fragile levees.

  • PALIN is a conservative, anti-choice, and anti-science – thats ok. Obama is a constitutional law scholar, thats the only creed we need a president to have some expertise in.
    As for executive experience being touted, George Bush was governor for much longer in a bigger state, he is a religious conservative too, and we know where that got us.

  • The Republicans might have been dancing earlier Friday and Saturday, because there was a lot of fun music playing. But the music has stopped. The actual campaign has now started. For Republicans, it might have ended.

  • ‘Woody maybe I’m wrong, it could be age, but I don’t recall ever specifically calling you a racist, you may be suffering from a phobia of some kind, but if the shoe fits as they say, wear it.

  • Who could be the new racist nut who is posting endless boring comments and complementing himself???

  • Dear commenters,

    While I really appreciate and value all the lively new comment, those of you who are using lot of different noms de cyber, please don’t just serial post as multiple people. A little of that is fine, but a lot of it tends to kill any actual exchange—or even a good fight.

    So reel in the multiple personality thing.


  • Woody Woods is a factory worker and everyday Joe who gets passed over for a promotion in lieu of a bookish central European. Soon Woody is convinced to join the Black Legion, a hate group similar to the KKK, by his abuelita. The Black Legion despises the “foreign born”, and that includes Woody’s new boss. Once in the Black Legion Woody takes part in beatings, whippings, fire bombing, and worse. As Woody Woods gets more deeply involved with the organization, he alienates his family and friends, until eventually Woody Woods finds himself incarcerated and forced to take the stand in court with the world on his shoulders.

  • Rumors abound in Alaska that the Downs syndrome baby belongs to Palin’s daughter, that she’s just pretending it’s hers; that the daughter was pulled from school for four months allegedly due to “a bad case of mono,” and that’s why Palin was able to go back to work just a few days after the “birth.” If this is true, it doesn’t diminish her for taking care of the baby and trying to preserve her daughter’s reputation and life choices, but it may not reflect well on someone in her position, whose “story” has to be so heavily vetted and sold to the public.

    Celeste, any of your AK sources have info on this one? I agree with you on the horrors of hunting large animals, but maybe bears are like deer up there, they’re allowed to shoot a certain number a year to keep the population in check? However, between that and Cindy’s NASCAR driving/jet flying, these are two women who’ll capture the blue collar man’s heart. (If they’d just lose that Julie Korenstein hair.) McCain’s allegedly raised $7 million in the two days since he announced her for the job.

    Despite its small populaiton, a Governor who’s had to manage a budget trumps a Senator who just votes for every social program/ spending scheme that comes along, typical of the “progressive” left.

    Last night on Journal Bill Moyer interviewed the Nation editor, van Heuven, who was upset that Obama seems to be backing down from some of his more ambitious schemes, saying “If only the Democrats would stop copying this fixation with balancing the budget!” because this is a time of great need with so much poverty, inequality, etc., time for a massive, New Deal kind of government, bla-bla. Between her concerns about Obama’s shift (which is actually a positive, showing he’s adopting Hillary’s more moderate stance going into the elections) and his speaking out against employers who hire illegal workers (one reason he’s perceived to have dissed our Mayor, who has told ICE to stay out of LA, maybe?), he’s showing he understands he has to veer more center. But my money is on Palin/McCain, whose anti-intellectual populism better reflects the masses.

  • Yeah, I’ve heard that too, about the baby, and we’re all curious and waiting for the other shoe to drop on that, I guess. But, like you, I can certainly understand making that choice to protect my daughter. If it’s true, good for her for doing it.

    And, although everything in Palin’s life is now up for grabs, at a more human level, it really isn’t anybody’s damn business. I don’t believe its okay to rake over the lives of teenagers just because their parents happen to be in public office. On the other hand…. welcome to creepy American politics, version: 2008.

    For the press, this presents a tricky moral question.

    About culling preditors, sure. I’ve researched this a little and so far it sounds like very questionable management, with the hard core hunting lobby calling the shots, as in Idaho. (As opposed to MT, which has a better balance.) But I am going to research it more.

  • This theory would explain a bizzare episode in the Palin pregnancy: allegedly, her water broke in Texas and she flew to Alaska for the birth, without notifying the airline. http://startelegram.typepad.com/politex/2008/04/more-on-that-al.html

    This seemed really risky and unwise when I heard it last week. But if Bristol (Palin’s teenage daughter) was at home and her water broke while mom was in TX, it makes sense in terms of maintaining a cover story.

  • Didn’t they use that plot line on “Desperate Housewives” this past season? With Bree, the prissy gun-toting, Christian Republican?

  • Women in their 40’s are much more likely to have a child with down syndrome than a teenager. So its probably Gov. Palin’s kid. And, as far as her going back to work two days after giving birth – she’s probably just really fit from running around in the woods hunting wolves, bears, and anything else that moves. If I’m wrong – my guess is that John Edwards is the father.

  • McCain and Palin:
    He’s desperate. Let’s stop pretending this race is as close as national polling suggests. The truth is McCain is essentially tied or trailing in every swing state that matters – and too close for comfort in several states, such as Indiana and Montana, that the GOP usually wins pretty easily in presidential races. On top of that, voters seem very inclined to elect Democrats in general this election – and very sick of the Bush years.

    McCain could easily lose in an electoral landslide. That is the private view of Democrats and Republicans alike.

    McCain’s pick shows he is not pretending. Politicians, even “mavericks” like McCain, play it safe when they think they are winning – or see an easy path to winning. They roll the dice only when they know that the risks of conventionality are greater than the risks of boldness.

    The Republican brand is a mess. McCain is reasonably concluding that it won’t work to replicate George W. Bush and Karl Rove’s electoral formula, based around national security and a big advantage among Y chromosomes, from 2004.

    “She’s a fresh new face in a party that’s dying for one – the antidote to boring white men,” a campaign official said.

    Palin, the logic goes, will prompt voters to give McCain a second look – especially women who have watched Democrats reject Hillary Rodham Clinton for Barack Obama.

    The risks of a backlash from choosing someone so unknown and so untested are obvious. In one swift stroke, McCain demolished what had been one of his main arguments against Obama.

    “I think we’re going to have to examine our tag line, ‘dangerously inexperienced,'” a top McCain official said wryly.

  • McCain orders convention curtailed for Gustav…
    TV networks shifting from politics to storm…

  • I have to say, that as someone who thinks the Palin choice was nuts and disagrees vehemently with her extremist anti-abortion stance (i.e. not even allowing for rape or incest exceptions if she had her druthers) BUT who also respects her enormously for her personal choice to carry her latest little guy to term, I don’t for a minute believe it’s within the bounds of human decency to dig into any questions about that child or the pregnancy, mysterious as it may sound. Even if this rumor is true, it is TOTALLY a family matter and whatever the truth of what Palin did was, by her and her husband’s lights – which are the only one’s that matter – something she did out of deep personal conviction and/or to protect her family. Everyone needs to let this go – and even The National Enquirer would diminish their brand if they start digging. Which is saying a lot.

    There’s plenty about the woman that calls her political judgement into question and picking her undercuts much that was believed to be true about John McCain. I’ve been having a feast on this thing and I’m about as meanspirited a prick as you could find when it comes to down-to-the-wire partisan politics. But anyone who thinks there’s some virtue or value into digging into the circumstances surrounding the birth of the Palin family’s most recent addition needs both a new head and a new heart. It shouldn’t even be discussed.

  • Politicians are held to a higher standard than mere mortals, and I think it’s unfortunate in general — leads to candidates with the blandest lives oftentimes. I don’t think our Mayor’s affair should have been nearly such a big deal, either, since he was clearly unhappy with his wife for years — look at those pix of them together — but he was forced to play happy family for the public’s sake. Families in general shouldn’t be game — but when their whole family “story” is made such a pivotal issue, everyone becomes fodder, unfortunately. I don’t for a minute think the Enquirer isn’t working on the baby story — especially now that they’ve hit one out of the park with the Edwards matter.

    That’s one of the few times I think the public DOES have a right to know re: personal life, where it reflects a lack of character (the g.f. refusing the subject the baby to a DNA test to prove he’s NOT the father fools no one), and he claims to love his wife. Also fair game, the Craig restroom matter, since he’s such an anti-gay crusader and his weird, secret life is evidence of what happens when we demonize being gay. Otherwise, I wish there weren’t such a demand for perfect private lives in the 50’s mold, such an emphasis on “story” instead of just the issues.

    Meanwhile, this whole Gustav thing is giving McCain/Palin a chance to show their leadership skills in action, to debunk criticism: we’ll see how she handles herself. I do think it diminishes the office to throw inexperienced people into on-the-job training, but many Obama people have said that Hillary’s experience can be a bad thing, same-old, same-old, so we’ll see.

  • D.Q. Good observation Woody, are you talking about mainly poor black citizens like three years ago when Hurricane Katrina hit NO? The worlds got to know Woody.

    ‘Woody maybe I’m wrong, it could be age, but I don’t recall ever specifically calling you a racist, you may be suffering from a phobia of some kind, but if the shoe fits as they say, wear it.

    D.Q., “specifically” in the sense that you strongly implied it with an attempt to bait me with your liberal speak (and failed), and you made your accusation clear. I’ve seen this tactic by liberals before, which is threaded in with politically correct speech codes. I know what you meant and you know what you meant. You guys just can’t help personally attacking and accusing people who disagree with you.

    In your mind, people who make consistently bad decisions are not stupid but are victims. Talk about a mental sickness.

    The shoe is on your foot–the left, which is the wrong one.

  • Celeste: Reg, well said.

    I’ll say, but not like you meant. reg reminds me of some people in church who say that we need to pray for someone because of some specific sin or problem in their lives. reg, like them, isn’t being generous but simply wants to spread the rumor under the guise of caring.

  • If I Were a Betting Man – these respective Edwards and Palin stories, i.e. lying about adultery and fathering a kid with a women other than one’s wife in the midst of choosing to mount a Presidential campaign and the rumor or (remote) possibility that Palin is choosing to raise a grandchild as her own in order to protect her daughter are worlds appart inrelevance to judging character or in the degree to which someone’s personal choices – even in today’s garbage media environment – should be, at least among minimally decent people, fair game for public scrutiny or exposure.

  • Woody, get a grip, I think asking you if you were referring to black people while criticizing the still rootless folks made homeless by Katrina was a legitimate question.
    And I’m familiar with political and prejudicial doublespeak, as I hear it all the time from the right wing-nuts, that’s why I was giving you a chance to clarify your statements about the still wandering victims of Katrina.
    You answered in a typical narrow minded right wing code and manner giving us the old right wing talk about “choice”, “welfare”, “IQ”, “stupid”, “want to be victims”, baloney about the people (yes mainly poor and black), who were victimized, yes victimized, and abandoned by the Bush regime (who really are stupid) and who without transportation, remember the hundreds of bus’s parked and unused?, remember the non action by FEMA for almost a week while thousands of people died or were packed into the Super Dome living like animals with no assistance from that idiot Bush (who was in San Diego singing songs for some schoolchildren), remember “yer doing a good job Brownie” by a completely out of touch President to Brownie, a completely inept FEMA director whose only prior experience was as an assistant to the head of the US Racing Thoroughbred Ass., the right wing President Bush who influenced by neo conservative philosophy that all Government agency’s and functions are inept and useless and would be better run by private concerns, (guess their IQ’s have improved nowadays when viewing the proper FEMA response to Gustav),.
    So in conclusion, and to the right wing apologists who would blame and continue to castigate the victims instead of the perpetrators and the modern day Nero(Dubya), who sang songs while watching New Orleans die, hopefully soon it’ll be a new song we sing, “So Long It’s (Ain’t!) Been Good To Know You”

    Woody I’ve got both my shoes on and they fit fine thank you, but again, as far as your racism or non racism, like I said before, “If the shoes fits, wear it, even if it’s two right foot shoes.

  • D.Q.: Woody, …I think asking you if you were referring to black people while criticizing the still rootless folks made homeless by Katrina was a legitimate question.

    No it wasn’t, because you were making a false implication and were asking the motive of my comment to avoid the obvious truth of it and to completely switch the focus of the discussion onto me.

    D.Q.: victimized, and abandoned by the Bush regime

    Regime? And, you have the nerve to talk about “narrow minded right wing code?”

    Regarding blaming Bush, here is a comment that I made at Cooper’s, which applies here.

    It’s amazing to me that a city built houses in land that is below the sea level and subject to hurricanes, the former governor of Louisiana (Dem.) dropped the ball on preparing for evacuations, the mayor of New Orleans (Dem) let school buses get flooded rather than use them to evacuate people, citizens (Ignorant) ignored advanced warnings and advice to leave, the levees built decades earlier failed, and people didn’t have adequate home insurance–BUT, that is all George Bush’s fault.

    Not only that, but the same idiots are moving back only to be evacuated again, and that is Bush’s fault, too! Bush aims hurricanes at black people!

    …It’s not the job of the President to monitor hurricanes, to evacuate cities in their paths, and rebuild them on swamp land.

    You wear your Birkenstocks in typical liberal fashion.

  • Yes regime Woody, and hopefully they end up being tried as the thieves and war criminals they are.
    As far as Bush not having any responsibility for US citizens caught in a deadly natural disaster like Katrina? I think that arguement from you has been proven bogus this go around with Hurricane Gustav and the strong FEMA presence, the evacuation of much of the Gulf coast areas, the national guard and presence of the Corp of Engineers at the areas where levees could be impacted, the abundance of shelters available for evacuees, the availability of transportation in the form of buses for poor people and the infirm, and the presence of FEMA Director Chernoff around the clock.
    All these precautions taken by not only local officials but by in large directed on a Federal level make the case that in the Katrina disaster the Bush Regime completely dropped the ball and many people died due to the ineptness, the smugness, the incompetents of the never to be forgotten callousness of George Bush and Herr Cheney in during Katrina.
    It was after Katrina that the Bush Regimes approval ratings with the American people took the tumble into the 20’s and they have never recovered from Katrina and remain today as the lowest job disapproval ratings in the history of the Presidency of the USA
    Bush/Cheney are so unpopular that even the Republicans don’t want them as speakers at the GOP convention.
    So if the right wing neocons want to spin and make excuses for the Bush Regime then so be it and good luck but besides the litany of other abuses perpetrated on the American people and the world by these facists, IMHO one hundred years from now people will still think of the sad story of Katrina and retell the abandonment of NO by the Bush/Cheney regime.

    PS I wear construction boots Woody due to my occupation,
    but whatever the shoe, if it fits wear it.

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