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CDCR to Hire Staff to Speed Up Internal Investigations, Sen. Leland Yee Update, Baca’s Q&A with Loyola Marymount Students, and Todd Rogers’ “Reno 911!” Ads


The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation will be hiring more employees to the Office of Internal Affairs to help expedite prison staff misconduct investigations, according to CDCR spokeswoman Deborah Hoffman. Among other changes, the CDCR will also require wardens to refer cases of alleged misconduct to the OIA within 45 days.

The reforms come in the wake of a lengthy 341-page semi-annual report by the California Office of the Inspector General highlighting issues within the prison system.

Don Thompson of the Associated Press has the story. Here’s a clip:

The changes come as a state inspector general released a two-volume, 341-page report criticizing the department for often failing to meet interim deadlines for investigating and disciplining cases of employee wrongdoing, including smuggling of cellphones and drugs, and having sexual contact with inmates. The report covers incidents between July and December 2013.

Hoffman said the department is drafting a new policy requiring wardens to refer cases for investigation within 45 days, fixing what the inspector general called “a heretofore neglected policy gap.” She could not immediately say how many more employees will be hired to fill vacant positions in the department’s Office of Internal Affairs to help reduce backlogs and delays.

She and the inspector general said their disagreement on the department’s handling of employee dishonesty cases involves a small but significant proportion of all allegations against employees. The department agreed to have supervisors review dishonesty allegations if there is a dispute with the inspector general’s office over whether formal disciplinary charges should be filed.


If you missed it on Wednesday, California Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) was arrested in an FBI corruption sting for alleged gun trafficking in exchange for donations to his campaign for California Secretary of State.

KPCC’s Sharon McNary has a roundup of eight of the weirdest things in the affidavit against Yee, his associate Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, and twenty-four others picked up in the sting. Here are the first four highlights:

Yee allegedly offers to connect the FBI’s undercover operative (who claims to be in an East Coast mafia family) with a weapons dealer. The dealer claimed to have contact with Muslim dissidents in the Philippines who can sell $2 million worth of that country’s military weapons, including shoulder-mounted missile launchers. Yee’s response: “Do I think we can make some money? I think we can make some money.”

Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow claims to be the “Dragonhead” of Chee King Tong, described as a fraternal organization that fronts for an organized crime group in San Francisco’s Chinatown, the affidavit says. Chow tells the FBI’s undercover operative that he can approve killings by group members. He’s also identified as a top player in an international organized crime group known as a triad.

Ex-con Chow and Yee’s campaign consultant Keith Jackson allegedly arranged to have a state Senate proclamation presented to Chow’s group. The cost? Just $6,800 in donations to one of Yee’s campaign committees. The ex-fugitive Chow also wanted to pay Yee to use his influence to have his bracelet monitor removed.

Yee allegedly confesses to the FBI’s undercover fake mafioso that he is unhappy in his life as a high ranking California politician, and that, at age 65, he just wants to run off and hide in the Philippines. Yee to undercover agent: “There is a part of me that wants to be just like you…Just be a free agent out there.”

Yee pulled out of the Secretary of State race, but had not yet stepped down from the Senate, as of Thursday night. His colleagues at the capitol are urging Yee to do so of his own volition, but are also preparing to vote, likely today (Friday), to suspend him with pay.

The LA Times’ Patrick McGreevy and Melanie Mason have more on the Yee scandal and its implications in Sacramento. Here’s a clip:

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) has called for a Friday vote to sideline the San Francisco Democrat — with pay — if he does not leave voluntarily, action supported by the leader of the Republican minority.

Yee, arrested by the FBI in a criminal sting operation that also ensnared a notorious Bay Area gangster known as “Shrimp Boy,” abruptly ended his campaign to become California’s secretary of state in this year’s elections. But as of late Thursday, he had not quit the Senate.

“Leave,” Steinberg had said in an open plea to Yee at a news conference Wednesday. “Don’t burden your colleagues and this great institution with your troubles. Leave.”


Not one for the spotlight since he announced his retirement in January, former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca spoke with students in a rare Q&A session at Loyola Marymount about his 15 years as sheriff, and what he would do differently in hindsight.

The LA Times’ Robert Faturechi has the story. Here’s a clip:

“What I’d do differently is … manage more,” said Baca, looking relaxed during the two-hour question-and-answer session.

The former sheriff said he’s also coming to terms with criticism over his leadership of the department, which has been mired in various scandals including an FBI investigation into inmate abuse.

“You won’t hear anyone giving me credit for much of anything, which is OK,” he said. “Did I give it my heart and soul? I didn’t leave much space for anything else but the Sheriff’s Department.”

Baca said when he looks back, he realizes he spread himself too thin and should have focused more on the inner workings of the department. Baca was known for his community outreach as well as his frequent trips abroad for various cultural and law enforcement events.

“It’s amazing how hindsight is always clearer than foresight. I think what I can be clearly faulted for is I tried to do all things for all people. That’s asking for the impossible,” he said. “It doesn’t mean that the public doesn’t come first. It just means that your time comes first.”

One student asked Baca if he would have stayed on “if the scandals were not front page news.”

Baca, 71, blamed his age instead, saying that being sheriff “is definitely a younger man’s type of work.”

“People who were political professionals” told him he would have been the front-runner, but that the campaign was going to be tough. “I decided to say this is one for the future. I’m not the future,” he said.


On Thursday, all but one cast member from the comedy television show “Reno 911!” reunited to film ads for sheriff candidate Todd Rogers’ campaign.

The Daily Breeze’s Beatriz Valenzuela has the story.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Todd Rodgers’ Reno 911 campaign moment was definitely our favorite elections news of the week. In the midst of all that is at stake with this sheriff’s race, it’s nice to be able to take a break for a well-costumed injection of law enforcement humor.


  • Interesting how Celeste refers to the Reno 911 charade as a “well-costumed injection of law enforcement humor?” I refer to it as a possible violation of campaign financing laws. Let’s make it clear that Reno 911 was a production company that conducted business with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department for many years, Ie- a Sheriff’s Department vendor. Tens of thousands of dollars crossed Mr. Rogers’ desk during that time period. The show displaced Carson deputies from their workspace on a continual basis. The deputies were also subjected to sexist jokes and costumes until one deputy finally had enough and filed a POE. So besides the questionable relationship with this group, where is Mr. Rogers’ judgment? This is a two-bit way at garnering attention, possibility illegal, but definitely unprofessional. I know of one former undersheriff who would never stoop to this level. What’s next Rogers? Lt. Dangle-type shorts for all male deputies? Celeste, sorry. No time for clowns. We’re trying to fix our organization. Boomer

  • It doesn’t help when this particular candidate takes photos in his FULL LASD UNIFORM with a LASD Police car on his FB page. This violation has already been reported to the proper authorities. Not a good example and we haven’t heard from the Sheriff about this violation. I’m sure the picture and story will soon follow.

  • Nope that former Undersheriff was too busy running pay to play schemes out his own conflict of interest in Gardena. He also issued lawful orders to his boy GT and left that crew high and dry… True grit if you ask those of us in reality.

    He also supported Louie Louie and his little scheme that is unraveling in Georgia all the while puffing on Cubanos in a tax payer tree house.

    My kind of dictator.

  • Concerning Leroy Baca….He had his heart in the Sheriff’s Department. He did many good things. People tend to spotlight the so called bad things. He is a good man and I wish him well. Some of his staff did not have his back, only to stab him. He took responsibility for his actions. …right or wrong. I’m glad he is staying on as a reserve. He still has a lot to offer. Some may not like him, However is is still a respectable man. Learn from him, the good and the the things that you did not agree with. He was fair….until you ticked him off. He will continue to do well.

  • Boomer, would that be the same former undersheriff who had first hand knowledge of the sheriff squashing the narco investigation of one of the sheriff’s field deputies and chose to remain silent about it? Until of course he was asked about it by a TV news reporter? Is that the former undersheriff you’re referring to? Hey, at least he woulldn’t stoop to the level of allowing Reno 911 to be filmed at a LASD facility. Or would he? Can you tell us when the last episode of Reno 911 was filmed at Carson and what rank the former undersheriff held at the time?
    I agree with you 100% that filming Reno 911 at a sheriff’s facility was not only extremely poor judgement, but a violation of the POE. Maybe you should of just pointed that out and left it at that. When you become a partisan political hack and make statements that infer your man hasn’t displayed incredibly poor judgement like some other candidates, you can count on me to point out the examples for you. In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t stump for any candidate and the examples I bring up can’t be disputed. Well, not by anybody who is honest or objective lol.

  • Hellmold, Rogers, Tanaka and Olmsted are ALL covered in Baca’s mud. They ALL held executive positions under Leroy Baca. Not one of them took him head on and refused to kiss his ass. Not one of them chose to go the media and expose any of his bullshit prior to their retirement. Not one of them is worthy of the praise some people on this site give them, and not one of them is as bad as some on this site make them out to be. But make no mistake about it, they ALL are covered Baca’s mud. They ALL kept their mouths shut because it was politically or monetarily beneficial to them. McDonnell? Yeah, he’s a political birdie just trying to find a sweet limb to land on. No different than the rest of them. The only difference is he’s an outsider, so he’s not tainted by Baca mud. One can only assume that’s why the outsider finished ahead of all the insiders in the ALADS poll. And now all you insiders on this site are pissed off about it. It’s obvious there are a lot of line swine deps. who are fed up with anybody they see as a Baca boy. Fed up to the point where they are willing to support the outsider before they support Hellmold, Tanaka, Rogers or Olmsted , who are ALL Baca boys. They were all promoted several ranks by him. It is what it is.

  • @OhWell- Why are you throwing out the ALADS survey as being anything legit? First off, not all deputies received a survey, they were not post marked as pre-paid, and the low response shows the true level of apathy. If you know anything about surveys you’d know only people who have something to gain respond. So the 200 deputies who responded for McDonnell are perhaps hoping for a career that already passed them by. I’ll kick start your thought process and ask a question for you?? Who do the other 8000 deputies support? I won’t respond to the Waldie comment because it’s too creepy. But I do wonder why the blonde Reno 911 girl didn’t show up to Todd’s party?

  • Kick start my thought process Boomer? Ok. Thanks. I’ll indulge you and answer the question you asked me. If the poll was flawed, it was flawed for each and every candidate, no? See, that’s why I refer to you as a partisan political hack. You sink to the point of sounding like a Pop-Warner daddy saying his kid’s team didn’t win because the refs sucked, the other team cheated, etc. You refuse to acknowledge the faults of your own. It’s everybody else’s fault. You expect every other candidate to be held to a standard that you refuse to hold your man to. You point out every other candidate’s lack og judgement, guts, integrity and motives while readily making poor excuses for the lack of same in your man.
    That’s called partisanship. Pure and simple, at it’s purest form. That’s what a hack does. It’s Nancy Pelosi bragging about what a great success Obamacare has been. It’s Jimmy Hellmold saying what a great sheriff Baca was. It’s quite common Boomer. Society is full of political hacks. You’re not alone.
    The other hacks look foolish and silly when they make blatantly partisan statements that can be easily refuted with facts and examples of their flawed logic and their tunnel vision on behalf of their man. So do you Boomer.

  • Is Rogers, who is a LASD executive and a council member for the city of Lakewood, a conflict of interest? There is over 9 million dollars of tax payers money being spent in this contract city. The kicker is that he now looks over personnel where resources could be manipulated for his political benefit.

    “A conflict of interest is a set of circumstances that creates a risk that professional judgement or actions regarding a primary interest will be unduly influenced by a secondary interest.”

  • BTW Boomer, re: your “Not every deputy received a ballot” excuse, let me help you out. A poll is a sampling. Just a sample. Nothing more. Hey, this should make it easy for you. You’ve been to Costco, right? They give away free samples. Just a sample. They do this to see what products their customers like the best, among other things. Are you with me? Costco uses sampling as an indicator. Political candidates using polling as an indicator. The ALADS poll indicates that your man isn’t the runaway favorite among deputies. In fact, it shows that he is not even the front runner among, pay attention now, here’s where you seem to get confused,——–the deputies that did respond.
    Are you with me? Too technical of an explanation? If so, please help me out and kick start my thinking for me again.

  • Oh Well, forgive me and many department members who do not see Olmsted tainted in Baca’s mud. Not only did he challenge corruption within the organization, he also did so outside the organization. I don’t see where he kept his mouth shut. If you follow all the bootlicking worshipers on this site, that is their main beef with him, that he caused deputies to get indicted.

    Memo to you and all: voters are looking for principled leadership, and to end the culture of silence that condones corruption. I see you failed to understand the limited info out of the ALADS poll, in that he was outpolled 5 to 1 by your “insiders.”

    Was Olmsted promoted by Baca? Yes, and so was every single person since 1998. The big difference between Olmsted and the Tanaka/Rogers/Hellmold crowd is age and generation. If you look at Olmsted’s background, in a normal, non-dysfunctional organization he would have promoted all the way through the ranks, but he hit the brick wall when the Baca administration realized he was not corruptible.

    Just take a long hard look at Tanaka’s, Roger’s, and Hellmold’s resumes and you will see a startling difference with Olmsted’s. To McDonnell’s credit, he has an impressive resume as well, albeit in a different type of LE organization. His shortcoming was bowing down to Baca and deferring to the political establishment.

  • #13 says -“Oh Well, forgive me and many department members who do not see Olmsted tainted in Baca’s mud. Not only did he challenge corruption within the organization, he also did so outside the organization. I don’t see where he kept his mouth shut.”

    – We don’t remember BO holding a press conference about LASD’s shortcomings while on active duty? That’s because he was drinking the “Kool-Aide” as you say. Unfortunately, he failed to fix the problem which was his handle as a Jail Commander. He didn’t answer or coordinate his radio call.

    The untold story is getting out and everyone is beginning to find out. Good try though…

  • When the anti-Olmsted crowd bring up the fact that he did not take on the powers that be until after he retired, they are correct. I see how some could consider him to have less mud on him than the others, but I still believe everybody within the LASD has mud on them in the eyes of the majority of deputies, the vast majority of which are not political hacks, and have no respect for those who are. I think that’s the reason that McDonnell, an outsider, did well (better than any insider) in the ALADS poll. It seems to be an indicator that there is a measurable feeling among deputies of: “Screw them all, bring in the LAPD-LBPD guy”.

  • @Ohwell- Please spare me the pontification about polls and sampling. If you want to get into conversations about statistical significance and samplings let me know, I’ll meet up and school you. But in the meantime I’ll just laugh how the ALADS survey has now become a poll. Below is Celeste Freeman’s previous writings about the survey which was supposed to go to every member. The reality was not all the deputies in the south end received ballots. Then all hell broke loose at ALADS. Floyd and the boys were gaming the system and it blew up in their faces.

    “After the forum, the deputies had just under two weeks to cast their ballots for the candidate they thought the union ought to support. In order to trigger an automatic endorsement, one candidate has to get at least 50 percent of the rank-and-file’s vote.”

    “But when on March 10, the ALADS Political Endorsement Committee tabulated the the 890 votes cast by union members, no single candidate received the needed 50 percent. (Only about 12 percent of the more than 7200 deputy membership usually votes.)

    Oh well, I guess you got it wrong again!

  • @LATBG- You mention all the bootlickers. You are without question the biggest Olmsted bootlicker on this site. No offense, just sayin’

  • Pete don’t confuse support with bootlicking. One is based on principle, as in what’s good for the department, and the other is all about what’s good for the individual. Case in point donors to the Gardena campaigns, or Hellmolds entire career. If you can’t see the difference can’t help you there. Just sayin.’

  • Wow Boomer. Thanks for the explanation of why your man didn’t finish first. Every deputy in the south end didn’t receive a ballot? Well there you go. Cheating. Then they had less than two weeks to get them in? Once again, obvious cheating. Who can possibly fill out a ballot and get it back in less than two weeks? Floyd and his boys were gaming the system? Once again, there you go. Cheating galore. No wonder your man didn’t finish first. The fix was in. ALADS cheated.
    Got it.
    You have explained it sufficiently that I now withdraw any analysis I’ve previously put forth and I withdraw any previous opinions I’ve expressed.
    I want to thank you Pop Warner dad, oops, I mean Boomer, for that very objective and reasonable explanation. I stand corrected. Thanks for the schooling.

  • BTW Boomer, I also now know that some of the people who comment on this site are wrong. Previous comments have been made that have suggested Floyd Hayhurst and Steve Remige are in the tank for your guy and are trying to get the other members of the board to endorse him and that’s what’s causing all the chaos at ALADS.
    I know you’re right and they’re wrong. They’re not objective, reasonable and unbiased like you are. I know I can count on your info./explanations to be 100% accurate.
    Again, thanks for the schooling.

  • Right On!! LATBG…..keep licking those Olmsted boots. It beats kissing the rotten fish smell of Tanaka’s cheeks.

    Without Olmsted, Baca would be our sheriff and the evil Dear Leader would be handled the throne. Mc Donnell would not have considered a run for sheriff with Baca still in the race because of BACA’s political machine. The result would have been more dark years of BANAKA.

    Like it or not, Olmsted forced the changed when BANAKA refused to make the necessary changes from within the organization. It could have never happened without Olmsted (MRI)pointing out the cancer to the surgeon (FBI).

    Call him part of the problem. Call him a snitch. I say thank-you 1000X, Bob Olmsted. Whether he wins or not, he got rid of the cancer. Whether the Department remains in remission is in question because Tanaka is still waiting in the wings like a malignant tumor.

  • All that stuff about the President’s in…the President’s out….Hayhurst….Remige… now all this stuff about the ballots….

    My kid is an ALADS member; with the same address the whole time she’s been with them, and she gets her newspaper each month, year after year. So I just asked her if she received a ballot….

    Nope, she said.

  • Boomer, debate doesn’t seem to be your strong point. I was going to leave it alone, but you’re just too easy. Maybe if you spent a little less time in Statistical Analysis classes and a little more time watching a junior high debate team you wouldn’t be so hilariously funny. It’s that “I’ll school you” macho attitude of yours that makes it so comical.

    “But in the meantime I’ll just laugh how the ALADS survey has now become a poll.”

    Definition of poll from the Bing Dictionary
    1. survey of public; a questioning of the population or of a representative sample to tally opinions or gather other information.
    synonyms: election, census, SURVEY, opinion poll ballot, sample, referendum, recording and counting of votes

    Maybe you should stick to ass kicking, gunslinging, hooking and booking and being the straight up OG bad ass R2 cop you are. You’ve got us all convinced you are the real deal as far as that is concerned.

    I anxiously await your reply. This is an absolute blast!

  • Come on people, Bob Olmstead was a Commander. Everyone against him blast the fact he didn’t blow the whistle while on the job, and then they crucify him for “getting deputies indited.”
    First- A Commander is an overpaid something. They are an overpaid Chiefs aid. Have you every written a Commanders Memo? No! You write Chief memos and Captain memos, but not Commanders.
    So Commander Olmstead went to his Chief, then the Sheriff, and when both of them wavered and danced, he retired and made his statement.
    For those of you who do not understand the concept of a para military structure, that is how it is usually done. You retire and then announce the wrongs. You never do it while on the job. He tried to fix it on the job, it didn’t work and he went outside the Chain, after he retired.
    Before you label me an Olmstead person, I am not endorsing him, I am just trying to stop the idiocy of the mud sling. The whole snitch label is just mind blowing. If thats your belief check yourself and ask if you chose the right career.
    And Helmold is a Baca man, but he also enjoys a lot of support from a lot of the Tanaka loyalist. They are straddling two fences.
    Olmstead does appear to be an independent, McDonnell the outsider, Rogers has a lot of support from the south bay, to include Lakewood and Carson but I think he may end up shooting himself in the foot with his ego. And Tanaka, he may make the run off if the Feds don’t turn off the TV and close the case with an indictment.
    My opinion folks. My opinion.

  • FYI: Bob Olmsted took action long before he retired. This was highlighted in the LAT as well as many witnesses at the jail hearing. I too have first hand knowledge of this fact. Add, Dennis Burns quickly retired with his comment about “Deputy Culture” and refused to act and Burns was gone!! Had Baca acted when he (Baca) first was alerted to jail abuses back in 2002 by Pat Gomez would any of this be happening?? Please note that Tanaka and Baca both admitted they were told before Olmsted retired.

  • leftAtTheBall,
    I hear you about Olmsted and I don’t disagree with you except on your assertion that “You never do it while on the job”. Pat Gomez did. Sure, he’s a non-factor, a non-starter if you will, but he did expose corruption etc. about Baca while on the job. After he did so Baca and Waldie showed their true colors for all LASD members to see. You saw a lot of smirks and raised eyebrows when Gomez’ name was mentioned after that, but you never heard deputies say he was lying. They knew better. Everybody knew he was telling the truth. The press didn’t want to make it an issue, nor the BOS, , and Baca’s relationship with the ACLU was still warm and fuzzy when Gomez blew the whistle. Nothing was done. Now we are where we are.
    Gomez doesn’t have the qualifications to be sheriff, but I give him credit for having a serious set of nads and being a stand-up guy. I hope he didn’t strain his back when he had to give all the other candidates a hand up when they jumped on the bandwagon.

  • Does Hellmold have the authority to call Personnel and say, “Move Captain XX.” The answer is absolutely NOT. He can walk into the Sheriff’s office and lay out the facts and the Sheriff can tell Hellmold to go take a walk, and that topic is closed. That is the way it works inside LASD, there is a chain of command. One’s rank allows one to do certain things. Do you think a Sergeant can tell his Captain, “I just called Personnel, I’m moving Deputy XX.” That is a fact. Hellmold continues to beat the drum that Olmsted failed to deal with the Captain at MCJ, the problems at MCJ. Olmsted walked away, he didn’t handle the problem, he is angry, bla bla bla. Since Baca is running Hellmold’s campaign and doing all of his fundraising, I would expect nothing less.

    So the facts, and that is all I deal with, are all part of the record. Olmsted reduces force by 25% while he was the Captain at MCJ. I have personally seen the memo. The memo was a document developed by Custody Support Services, NOT MCJ Ops, not Olmsted, but CSS. This document was part of a SCIFF presentation to all nine Custody Division facilities and presented to the entire Custody Division Command Staff personally by Chief Burns.

    Olmsted, now a Commander and while still working, went to Chief Burns (after repeated conversations with the Captain of MCJ regarding his mismanagement) and requested he be moved to another command. Burns replied, “Let him fail.” Olmsted, still working, tells Burns he is going to Cavanaugh (quite thoughtful and up-front). Olmsted, still working, goes to Cavanaugh and reports the facts of the spike in force and mismanagement at MCJ. Cavanaugh, the then Assistant Sheriff, shakes in his boots and says the Captain of MCJ should be moved, but “I don’t have that kind of authority. Tanaka always overrules me. (Keep in mind, Tanaka is now the A/S of Patrol and Detectives, NOT Custody Division. So Cavanaugh admits to Olmsted about all he can do is approve vacation requests from his secretary. But we all know who really was running LASD, Tanaka.) Olmsted tells Cavanaugh, he is going to Tanaka. Olmsted, who is still working, goes to Tanaka and lays out the case to move the Captain of MCJ for mismanagement. Tanaka yells and screams at Olmsted, who is still working, that not only is he not going to move the Captain of MCJ, (who has been a Captain all of a year and change) he is going to promote him to Commander. Tanaka states, “I have to promote a Hispanic Captain to Commander and I don’t like the other three Hispanic Captains, so this is my guy.) Olmsted, who is still working, tells Tanaka he is making a bad decision and he (Olmsted) is going to the Sheriff.

    Olmsted, who is still working, meets with Baca, TWICE, and lays out the case of mismanagement at MCJ. Baca absolutely does not want to hear of any problems and walks away. By this time, the Captain at MCJ is approached by a personal friend and told, “Dude, you are out of control. Get a grip and start listening to what Olmsted is telling you.” That is when the infamous statement is uttered, “Fuck Olmsted, I don’t work for him, I don’t work for Burns, I report directly to Tanaka.” Quite a statement to make, keep in mind, Tanaka is on the other side of the shop. During this time, Olmsted’s wife, is now at End Stage with her battle with terminal cancer. Olmsted, who is still working, has gone through the entire chain of command to deal with a problem captain who would not listen. Olmsted, who is still working, submits an Improvement Needed evaluation with supporting documentation, regarding the conduct of the Captain of MCJ. I think one who has an open mind, not clouded by misguided loyalty, would see that Olmsted, still working, had done everything within the authority of his rank, to solve a problem. I defy anyone to say anything else could have been done. The reality, the Captain at MCJ was one of Tanaka’s boys, he, as so many others, was protected by Tanaka and nothing could have been done. We all know the drill.

    By this time, Olmsted, who was still working, was in his office when he received a phone call saying his wife was passing. Bob laid down his pen, rushed out the door and drove home. Sue passed, he buried her and never returned to work. His decision at that time was to retire. His decisions to go to the press and the FBI were predicated on the events at the Quite Cannon. Per him, that was the tipping point. The rest is history, like it or not. The Captain of MCJ, well his Improvement Needed evaluation was changed to a Very Good. When IAB completed their investigation of the Quite Cannon incident an other issues relating to MCJ, well, the Captain of MCJ has moved on. He should be quite concerned about the Federal investigation underway. Tanaka, well according to him, he had nothing to do with anything because he doesn’t remember, he doesn’t recall. Hellmold, he is once again, showing his lack of maturity with his statements. But then I see that at most EPC meetings. Jim, you are not respected, you are tolerated.

    Deal with facts, folks. Not smoke and mirrors. Support your candidate for reasons you can articulate, not fabricate. That’s how I roll.

  • There are so many of you out there that have been tainted by the truth. Olmsted did try to get trough to his bosses, by utilizing the Chain of Command, just like he was taught when he was doing the noble thing and serving his Country in Vietnam. He met with his Chief, who said he could not overstep PT. So, Bob went right to PT’s office. PT did what he always did, he cussed him out and said there was no problem. What many of you don’t know, is that several months later, PT called Bob and apologized (yep the little man apologized). He told him he was right and Cruz was being moved. The problem was, was that it was too late, and and the ACLU was all over CJ, and the rest is a bad nightmare for the Dept. For those of you that have no clue, Olmsted met with Cruz many times to correct his behavior. However, Cruz felt he worked for PT, and PT only. How did that work out for the Deputies working under his command. Voting is a privilege, vote for whoever you think would do the right thing, not for you, but for those coming after you.

  • Searcglight, Patch, thank you. The timing of and reasons for Olmsted’s retirement shed new light for me. You won’t hear me criticizing Olmsted for having ANY Baca mud on him from this point on. I truly do stand corrected if the timeline and circumstances you have brought to light are accurate, which I have no reason at this point to doubt.
    Unfortunately, I think a measureable amount of deputies are unaware of this. I was. The perception is that he waited until after retirement to go to the Feds re: not wanting to be demoted before retirement etc. Sad. Whoever is running his campaign needs to make sure the air is cleared on this.

    I have just been schooled. That’s how it’s done tough guy. Not with hubris, machismo and smack talking, but by shedding light on facts in a reasonable and respectable fashion.

  • Searchlight….Well Said!! You nailed it, start to finish! I have worked with Bob on and off during my career, and there is no one better!

  • @At Patch, Oh Well and Thanks a lot, you are quite welcome. Let me add this for all to ponder. I have been around a long time, I have made my rank and I don’t play the game. This organization has absolutely been decimated beyond comprehension. For you young guys, all you know is the ass to kiss is Tanaka. You’ve been told by your sergeants and lieutenants “Paul’s the man.” You have watched the promotions and you have seen the job assignments go to his donors, his pals, his people. That is all you know. And now we are facing an election of the likes that none of us will ever see again in our lifetime. For those who have been around twenty years or more, you have something to draw upon of an LASD you were once proud of, but you longer are. LASD is in absolute shambles. Mismanagement, cliques, ink, corruption, incompetence, it’s all true, it is real, we look at it every day.

    The comments on here are from the usual suspects and clearly indicates how desperate they are to hold on to what they have. They know if Tanaka does not make it, they are absolute toast. We in management, know exactly who these clowns are, each of us have them within our commands. There will be no protection for them, and they know it. So they spew on this blog nothing but lies, misinformation and complete fabrication. Character assassination is the lowest form sleaziness one can practice, and we have hundreds of them within LASD who have made it a true art form.

    Tanaka is who he is, enough has been written about the man to fill a library. Hellmold, here is a little fact for folks to ponder. He has had an amazing run at fundraising over the last three months. But who is behind it all, it sure as hell is not him. Jim couldn’t raise enough money on his own to buy a Subway sandwich. Lee Baca is his personal fundraiser and that is a fact. Lee has called all of his high roller supporters and have told them to send money to Jim. And since there is something in it for them, they have obliged and donated a ton of money. Jim, “I’m not a politician, I’m a crime fighter,” is being mentored by the best. Jim touts how he is a hard core Democrat, “I’m proud to be representing my party, the party of Progressives and I’m proud to be a Democrat.” It’s beyond laughable, it is pathetic. He changed his political affiliation to Democrat ONE DAY PRIOR TO BACA’S RETIREMENT! That is a fact. Are these the kind of people who you want to lead LASD as Sheriff? These individuals have no honor, no morals. You make your decisions based on your values, but I’m not voting for the same “type” of people who have run LASD into the ground. You make your choice, I will make mine.

    So for those who want to make statements pro-con a candidate, for God’s sake, have enough honor to make your statements and tell your stories based on facts, honest facts, not lies, fabrications and character assassination techniques. So many of us are simply fed up with the lies and bullshit. Grow up and act like adults. What I said above about Olmsted is fact, pure unadulterated facts, verifiable facts. Those who talk smack of him do so out of absolute desperation. Everyone, wise up and do what is right, support who you truly think will restore honor to this institution. After all, some of you are going to be working here a long time.

  • Well said, searchlight. A close examination of Hellmold’s fundraising prowess confirms exactly what you say, the majority of his money comes from the same moneyed interests that kept Baca in office for so long. Relativity Media, the Kavanaugh empire, the owners of Tams, Nouveau Enterprises, the Speranza family, all wrote multiple checks for the maximum amount of $1500.00, in addition to all the other special interests that do business with the county and want to be in Hellmold’s back pocket.

    Not to be outdone, McDonnell’s camp boasts his own multi-millionaire, Rick Caruso, and his fundraising machine of developers and LA city hall interests. Make no mistake about it, this race is a hostile takeover attempt by people who have no interest in fixing the department or making the community safer, it’s a naked power grab they plan on benefitting from financially and strategically, like when their errant granddaughters wind up in the pookie.

    Olmsted, all on his own, without millionaire special interests, raised $300K the hard way, honestly. His clean campaign is a reflection of both who he is and what he represents: our best solution in keeping the department intact, reformed, and independent of all the power hungry special interests.

    There will be a runoff, no doubt. The only question is who will be in it. Odds are McDonnell will make it as an outsider, and his only true competition is Olmsted. He knows it, and he hopes all the other candidates gang up to beat his only competition. In simplest terms, a vote for anyone other than Olmsted is a vote for McDonnell, so chose wisely.

  • Remember folks, character is everything and SEARCHLIGHT (#31) reveals his true colors by this comment :

    “The comments on here are from the usual suspects and clearly indicates how desperate they are to hold on to what they have. They know if Tanaka does not make it, they are absolute toast. We in management, know exactly who these clowns are, each of us have them within our commands.”

    Anyways, here is one of many WELL RESPECTED cops who came forward for Mr. Tanaka. See you in June.


    In 2010, I went through what I believe was the hardest time in my life. I went through a really bad divorce and subsequently had to move out and lost my house.

    I continued to work at Lennox station as a training officer. Mr. Tanaka at the time was carping at Lennox station on PM shift, the shift that I was on. He would come to briefings, he would respond to back up requests, he would help set up containments, he would even have a quick bite to eat with us.

    During our interactions, I remember telling him about my divorce and he commended me by saying that it was very respectable of me that I was still out patrolling and being a training officer. He told me that he wouldn’t blame me if I took a desk job or took some time off to deal with such a difficult time in my life, but instead I chose to stay in patrol. He thanked me for my hard work and dedication.

    After having Mr. Tanaka come out and work with us on a very busy pm shift and having interactions with him, I remember feeling that he wasn’t just an executive. Mr. Tanaka was someone who was grounded and genuinely concerned about everyone working at the line level.

    Today I stand 1000000% behind Mr Tanaka because I know the type of man he is. I know from personal experience and interacting with Mr. Tanaka, he genuinely cares about about line personnel. Just like he genuinely cared about that one line deputy back in 2010 who was going through a bad divorce.

  • Does the general public know Olmsted at all? None of my neighbors have ever heard of him, and half don’t even know Baca retired. Is anybody else having that experience?

  • You know “Yup” I went through the same thing…….glad Tanaka gave you solace and support through your trials and tribulations…….I, on the other hand, had a “Tanaka car member” who did everything in his power to SCREW me because I would not allow him to co-opt my projects to benefit himself for promotion….He promoted, none the less, but at the expense of my health……my fault, because I cared too much about the Department, and allowed it to get to me!!

  • At #35- What happened to you is wrong! Anyone taking credit for another man’s work is worthless. I’m sure if Mr. Tanaka knew that, he would be upset too. I’m sorry that happened to you. Hang in there and keep fighting the good fight.

  • Yup, I’m sure if voters know what Tanaka is all about they will be upset, too. And they won’t vote for him either…

  • All together now…”I don’t work for you. I work for Paul Tanaka.” Come on, you know you can’t wait to use that one. Go ahead…you get a free pass here on WitnessLA. Sling it…

  • Yup, the point I’m trying to make is that if this is the caliber of individual Tanaka has on his team…..we are in HUGE trouble! That in my mind, disqualifies Tanaka from the top spot.

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