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Stewart/Obama: Smart Men Talking

This is why Jon Stewart matters.

The interview with President Obama on Wednesday night’s Daily Show was much better than that which we see…well…pretty much anywhere.

For one thing, it was a more serious and, frankly, smarter exchange—comedic moments included— than we see on, say, Meet the Press, and equivalent shows.

Stewart repeatedly asked critical questions of the president, but he did so, not from an attitude of journalistic remove, but rather from the position of one who voted for the man, but is now genuinely disappointed and perplexed at how it has all played out. He wants to know—as many of us do— why Obama made some of the decisions he has made.

Like why in the %$#&@$ did he hire Larry Summers. (Just for example.)

It helps that when Stewart asks a question he allows himself to become fully engaged with the give and take of the inquiry. It is not just one more check mark on the list. He’s not going for a sound bite. He wants an answer.

“Legislatively, it felt timid at times,” he said at one point of Obama’s way of dealing with Congress.

And then, “You ran on the idea that this system needed basic reform. It feels like some of the reforms that have been passed, like health care, have been done a very political manner that has papered over a foundation that is corrupt.”

Each time, Obama answered. Often he fought back aggressively, and spun things in his favor. He brought it. But he didn’t dodge. It was a genuine exchange.

(Plus at some point Stewart called the President, “dude.”)

Anyway, watch it, if for some reason you haven’t already.


  • So Stewart comes across as a guy who is disapointed in how it’s played out?
    How long until he gets accused of being a…….


  • Very nice write up, Celeste. I had pretty much the same reaction to their exchange. And yes, the hiring of Summers — sheesh.
    One small negative was, well, the audience. They cheered a bit too much over this or that point, occasionally breaking up Obama or Stewart’s line of thought. If that could have been tamped down, it would have been, imho, an even better event. But overall, excellent stuff on the telly.

  • ATQ, your “gotcha” style of politics stems from your mother trying to throw you in a trash can several times. You’re not fooling anyone.

  • Obama should promise to raise taxes on everyone who doesn’t vote for him, to pay for health care, education, water, gas, and electricity for those who do vote for him. Let’s put this country’s so called capitalist values to the test. Bet you Obama wins every state in the union if he does that.

  • Perhaps y’all didn’t read my warning from the earlier thread. I’ll repeat it here.

    I won’t repeat it again.


    “Script” and SureFire, I’ve asked nicely, then asked again, then warned, then repeatedly deleted. None of it has made an dent in your behavior. Both of you continue to engage almost solely in personal attacks like out of control children.

    Stop it, or I have no choice but to ban both of you, which would be a pity, as both of you are extremely capable of bring something worthwhile to a discussion.

    However, if either you you continues this idiocy you are gone.


    ATQ, I’ve just had to delete a bunch of yours as well. Watchale.

    Kyle, you’re not helping.

  • Nov.11th, 2008
    These were from a website where people could rank their priorities for BHO to do. How many has he done? THAT’S why his ratings are in the toilet.

    1 Invest in clean energy and create 5 million new green jobs

    2 Responsible, Phased Withdrawal of Troops in Iraq (16 months)
    Nope. Still 50,000 troops over there. Doing a surge in Afghanistan.

    3 Kill the PATRIOT Act
    Nope. Signed it into law again.

    4 Prosecute criminals in Bush administration
    Nope. Hasn’t been done.

    5 Enact quality, affordable health care for all
    Liberals unhappy because it doesn’t go far enough. Conservatives unhappy because it goes too far.

    6 Shut down Guantanamo
    Nope. Still open.

    7 Restore, Uphold, and Defend the Constitution
    Let’s give him this one.

    8 Raise Minimum Wage to a Living Wage
    Nope. Hasn’t happened.

    9 Stop domestic surveillance
    Nope. Hasn’t happened and isn’t going to.

    10 End corporate welfare
    lol. See GM, Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac and Chrysler bailouts.

    But some people want to call me a racist for being “dissapointed in how it’s played out”. Looks like a whole lot oif racists who voted for the guy are now unhappy with his lack of accomplishments. Halfway thru his first term, the guy is two for ten.

    And some people want to cry racism. Incredible.

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