Sprung 2! (A very brief respite from the frey)

Lupine, Topanga Canyon Blvd., March 31, 2007

No, no, for once I’m not
nattering on about people who need to be sprung from lock-up. We’re talking early California lupine here, lovely things that have sprung up by the roadside in the last few days.

Why am I posting this? Just because. (Does one need a reason to contemplate lupine? No, one does not!)

Don’t worry, it’s back to justice and injustice, comforting the afflicted, afflicting the comfortable and generally attempting to right wrongs….later this weekend.

IN THE MEANTIME, feel free to send us tips regarding issues you think WLA really, really ought to cover. (We’ve gotten some good ones already, but we’re open to more.)


  • Since you’re covering matters of justice and Injustice I’m sure you’re going to look into the LA City Attorney’s persecution of Paris Hilton for driving on an expired license. I mean, really! How cruel! They’re going to ask for jail time according to the HUFFINGTON POST! Somebody better investigate soon!

  • I was just thinking about a charity program that the Braves have, and the Dodgers probably have something similar. If ticket holders find that they cannot attend a game for which they hold admission, they may donate their tickets to a Braves program that makes it possible for inner city kids to enjoy the ball games at no cost–and, ruin the game for those of us who actually paid! No, I’m just kidding about that last part. If the Dodgers have such a program, take advantage of it by taking some homeboys and tell us about the day. At least it will keep the little urchins off the streets and out of trouble for a little while. Okay, I was kidding about that part, too.

  • Celeste, beautiful photo, beautiful flowers. Personally, I dislike bluebonnets (my state flower) but a field of them can be absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for the pix.

  • I took the pictures a day or two ago, but went by again today on my way to run with the dog, and all the blossoms were gone. Blown away in our out-of-season winds.

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