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Effects of Severe Cuts to Public Defender Services, Gov. Brown’s Prisons Predicament, Hunger Strike, and More Sheriff’s Luncheon


With federal public defenders services threatened by budget sequestration, Alabama School of Law Professor Frederick Vars has created an online petition over at PrawfsBlawg.

Here is what Vars has to say:

Sequestration imperils the constitutional right of criminal defendants to adequate legal representation. About 90% of federal criminal defendants require court-appointed counsel. In FY 2013, sequestration resulted in a $52 million cut to Federal Defender Services, bringing massive layoffs and furloughs. It is estimated that in FY 2014, if nothing is done, FDS will be forced to terminate as many as one-third to one-half of employees.

Funding for prosecutors is apparently headed in the opposite direction. The Senate Appropriations Committee last week announced a $79 million increase to the FY 2014 budget for U.S. Attorneys’ offices for the express purpose of bringing more criminal cases in federal court. This radical imbalance threatens the fundamental right to counsel.

Please join me in urging Congress and the President to restore adequate funding for Federal Defender Services.

Washington Post’s Lisa Rein has more on the effect sequestration is having on federal public defenders (and their clients, as a result). Here’s a clip:

Public defenders and their advocates told a Senate panel Tuesday that the budget cuts known as sequestration are taking heavy toll on legal representation for the poor, causing delays and lengthy furloughs that could worsen next year.

“We are cutting ourselves to the bone,” Michael S. Nachmanoff, Federal Public Defender for the Eastern District of Virginia, told a subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee, which held a hearing on the effects of sequestration on the federal court system.

“We are on the verge of being crippled, and we’re a model of quality and efficiency, ” he said.

Federal defenders already were facing a 5 percent budget reduction when $85 billion in spending cuts began coursing through federal agencies in March, lopping another 5 percent from the budget this fiscal year. Some courts have limited the hours they hear criminal matters. Defenders across the country are taking up to 15 days without pay, forcing postponements in many criminal proceedings.

And there are problems at the state level, too. With the 50th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court case Gideon v. Wainwright (in which SCOTUS ruled that state courts were required to provide public legal counsel to defendants who could not afford their own attorney), there has been a lot of discussion about how underfunded and overburdened with caseloads public defenders at the state level have become.

Here’s a clip from the Gideon v. Wainwright 50th Anniversary site:

States and even many individual counties have their own unique public defense systems, which struggle in unique ways to conduct their work. 50 years after the landmark Gideon v. Wainwright decision, chronic underfunding and overwhelming caseloads for public defenders are putting this country at great risk of not fulfilling one of its most important promises: to provide quality representation to those in need.

The right to counsel enshrined in the 6th Amendment to the Constitution is unmet in many states across the country because the states don’t provide adequate funding, increasing the risk of wrongful convictions and costly appeals.


A new video by Mark Fiore (vocals by John Taylor) features a cartoon Gov. Jerry Brown singing the “Cruel and Unusual Blues—a play on Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”—about his ongoing battle with a three-judge panel’s order to reduce the prison population by 9,000 inmates before the end of the year.


The LA Times’ Paige St. John, who continues to do a great job of tracking the issue, has an update on the prisoner hunger strike against solitary confinement conditions in California prisons. Here’s a clip:

California’s prison hunger strike entered its 17th day Wednesday with 707 inmates continuing to refuse meals, and inmate advocates complaining those who turn down food but drink electrolytes or Koolaid are not being included in the state’s protest count.

“Some inmates said they were on a solid food-only hunger strike,” said Carol Strickman, an attorney with the inmate support group Prisoners with Children. “If they want to drink tea, electrolytes, we feel they should be allowed to do that.”


And more on our favorite story of the week: Los Angeles Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore says department officials are taking measures to ensure that no future Sheriff’s Day Luncheons feature racist and sexually explicit comedy acts. (If you missed Wednesday’s hullabaloo, you can read about it here.)

LA Times’ Robert Faturechi has the update. Here’s a very small clip:

Whitmore said officials are trying to figure out how the comedian was vetted. They are also going to implement safeguards, he said, to keep it from happening again. They might, for example, hire a motivational speaker next year instead of a comedian.

Good call!


  • Baghdad Bob Whitmore says Baca is sorry. Isn’t that special. Baca and McSweeny are in direct violation of various policy violations of POE and his own bullshit Core Values. You know, the Core Values Baca and many executives violate on a regular basis but hammers or fires others for so he can show the public he is in-charge? Man up Baca and take responsibility for your inaction. You incompetent and pathetic hypocrite! You make embarrassing LASD on a daily basis, an art form.

  • Whitmore says they’re trying to figure out who vetted the comedian. Do you need help from Homicide or Major Crimes investigators to figure this one out? Perhaps the Chief of Detectives can assist. Oops, probably not…he’s already a Person of Interest.

    Better pack your bags Chief McSweeney, there may be a bus trip in your future. Or perhaps, a trip under the bus?

  • I agree that at the next luncheon we should have someone else speak to the crowd of LASD. Yup! It will be a new sheriff!!!!How about that for MOTIVATION, Mr. Lee (I’ll be out of a job) Baca??

  • “Vetting” anyone for consideration of a position/promotion, sworn or civilian, by Baca and Clowns is non-existent. One only need look at all the super star buffoons who have made the front pages of the LA Times and Witness LA articles. Baca/Tanaka’s corrupt patronage system rewards loyalty, not competence and integrity. Were Captains Bernice Abram, Jeff Donahue, Dan Cruz, Joe Stephen, Tony Ward, and spokeshole Steve Whitmore and dozens more ever “vetted” to see if they merited their promotions to highly responsible positions? The theme here is emphasis on loyalty to Baca and/or Tanaka over demonstrated ability, integrity and competence. These examples of failed leaders show Baca didn’t concern himself with assessing these individuals’ likely success at managing their units/bureaus in a way that best serves the citizens of Los Angeles County. I’ve been to several Sheriff’s Day Luncheons over the years and the latest one is just more of the same I’ve seen. It’s really time for Baca and Crew to go.

  • The following is intended for all our Executives on the Department that seem to have forgotten some basic principles of leadership!

    The following excerpts are taken from General Tony Zinni’s (Ret) book “Battle Ready” coauthored by Tom Clancy. General Zinni retired in 2001 after more than 40 years in the United States Marine Corps. He addressed a class at the U.S. Naval Academy in April of 2003. The lecture was hosted by the Center for the Study of Military Ethics. He chose as his topic “The Obligation to Speak the Truth”

    General Zinni writes that the speaking the truth can be costly and painful, but it is a duty. Often, those who need to hear it won’t like it and may even punish you for it. Moral courage is often more difficult than physical courage. There are times when you disagree and you have to suck it up and say “yes sir” and do what you are told. There are also other times that you disagree and you have to speak out, even at the cost of your career.

    Careerism is corrosive to the principle of telling the truth. So is political expediency. In both cases, the hope of personal gain outweighs personal integrity and honor. “Don’t rock the boat” mentality leads to moral blindness. Troops want leaders who understand them, fight for them and appreciate what they are going through. Credibility is lost in their eyes if their leaders are silent when things are not right. To them that silence is either incompetence or careerism. It is not a demonstration of support.

    Honor, integrity, and loyalty are qualities we admire in our leaders. When they fail to meet these expectations, we all have an obligation to “speak the truth.” Remember that as leaders we must hold ourselves to these same expectations.

  • Look at Mr. San Juan’s Facebook page, web site and videos on you tube. This tells you all about this guys act. In the media section of his website  Mr. San Juan comedy is described as exposing his flaws as a Filipino underachiever who smokes a lot of weed. He  sounds like a winner. A simple search of the internet would have avoided all this. 

  • Can’t wait until 2014! Baca will be replaced and the LASD will finally thrive.

    The question is:


    The simple answer is:

    ABB 2014

    Anybody But Baca!

  • This Sheriff’s luncheon mess has shown what a huge lack of moral courage there is amongst many of our current top level executives. Whom besides McSweeney was there? Were any of our stellar IAB or ICIB folks? How about our Leadership & Training commander? or chief? Just curious.
    Most recently, a certain commander in the Homeland Security division had a similar moral courage test which he failed miserably. He was not only demoted, he took his command staff down with him. Given the opportunity at the time of the incident to stand up & do the right thing, he did not. Sounds sort of familiar, doesn’t it?
    So shouldn’t this mean that every executive at the Sheriff’s luncheon had the opportunity to stop the madness, but chose not to? Shouldn’t this mean each one of them should be a subject for failure to take action? Shouldn’t this mean each of them should have shown the moral courage to do right & fight wrong, but showed a clear & utter lack of fortitude in a tough situation?
    We all know there is a check-in list to show who all attends these functions…. I think the LA Times & Witness LA would love to know which senior execs on the Dept attended this and failed to take proper action in this egregious violation of our Policy of Equality! Who will take the fall? Who will be held accountable? It should be all of the command staff. We know for those favored few the non-existent “verbal reprimand” still exists, and we know it does not for those out of favor or of lower ranks. Heck, it isn’t even part of the “disciplinary process” of possible discipline meted out (except for the select few).
    Time to pay the piper Baca. You stood there & listened & laughed. Where were your handlers??? They obviously dropped the ball in pulling you out of this fray. And for those who believe this was a test or a set-up, Baca had the chance to do right & fight wrong & show us he is the embodiment of OUR CORE VALUES. He did NOT. He failed miserably. He showed these are just words on paper to him. Many of us DO value the Core Values but we don’t need someone to tell us how to live our lives the right way. We just do.
    You can’t blame this one on our former Undersheriff!

  • CSN83:

    You are correct! He can’t blame the Undersheriff anymore, so who will be the fall guy this time? and who will be the fall guy for the next year until election time? He went four terms with having a “Blame All” guy and now he has to sweat it out and hope no other debacles occur.

    Pat Gomez and Lou Vince: Your chance has come…Good luck and stay tuned…

    ABB 2014

    “Anybody But Baca 2014”

  • FM: Yes, anyone but Baca! I think everyone agrees. People are sick of being embarrassed when he speaks at functions,especially funerals. But most embarrassing is his inability to manage a once great organization.

    As of right now, Pat Gomez would be a good choice.

  • It seems like many of you supported Baca when Tanaka was still in charge. Now that Tanaka is retiring you don’t like Baca. We don’t need “I didn’t know anything, and if someone tells you they told me they are lying.” He is Tanaka. They told him everything, right Dan? I’ve never taken a ride before, but I’m taking that new Baca minus Tanaka model for a Cruz. Tanaka 2014 NO! (Never liked PT Cruisers anyways)

  • Bobbi: You are right. I did support Baca at one point in time. But like most of the department, his antics have enlightened me. The corruption and incompetency that’s been exposed is shamefull. All at the hands of one man, a man who would like 4 more years to “Get it right”. 16 years and he wants to make it 20. Heck no!! As a LA County resident, I am saying NO to Baca and his corrupt crew. I am very confident the rest of LA County will do the same.

    Pat Gomez, thank you for your service!

  • Great post @CSN re Mr. Tanaka’s absence. I thought the finesse maneuver would help but it was pure politics at its finest. I also thought Sheriff Baca was capable of doing the right thing until I personally saw him deflect and ignore serious personnel issues.

    He told the poor bastard he needed to be a leader and deputy sheriff’s don’t have those concerns. It was then I realized being a leader equates to “do your job until someone pulls rank then shut up cause we can find you spot where no one will hear you ;)”.

    He forever is my example of what not to be as an executive and a human being. I was truly let down by someone I respected.

  • Have faith my partners. When the new name to the game is released, you will all support him. There will be a new Sheriff in 2014, a good man and a change agent who will rip the cancer of Tanaka and Baca like weeds in a garden.

  • I too am voting for Gomez and I am a county resident as is many of my family. Gomez stood there (for years) toe to toe against Baca and won!Baca ordered that Gomez and his family be followed and harassed to no end. Some may say that Gomez doesn’t have enough Admin experience. I say look at what EXPERIENCE in Admin has brought us thus far! Go Pat Gomez!!

  • Anyone who was “shocked” at the comedian apparently has not attended any previous luncheons with the Sheriff. I have attended in the past and cringed at the jokes. So this whole vetted process is more smoke and mirrors. Same old same old.

  • We need a Sheriff who is not self serving. One who brings the Department back to basics. One who promotes on merit, tenure, education and yes experience. Be patient my friends I see him/her coming soon…

    I am aware of Pat Gomez’ background and I think he means well. Unfortunately he lacks the formal background and leadership experience requisite for the job. As a PPOA board member he didn’t accomplish much and was booted out by his peers. Most importantly, since declaring his intent to run, he has failed to reach out to the community and department members who are building a coalition to unseat Baca.

    The real deal, on the other hand, is making all the right moves and soon will reveal his/her name. Standby, you’re going to like and respect the candidate who will get the job done the right way!

  • WNC is right. Pat Gomez is a nice guy, but just because he isn’t LB or PT does not mean we should be rallying to his cause for Sheriff. He’s wanted the job for almost 20 years. That doesn’t mean he’s up to it.
    There must be a viable law enforcement executive who is willing to step up and throw their hat in the ring. He or she would certainly have tremendous support.
    It seems that every week brings a new embarrassment. I don’t know what to say to my people any longer. Every time I hear the words “Core Values” I want to throw up in my mouth.

  • Stay tuned folks, a new name will surface within the next two weeks. It will be an individual we all will respect, an individual who will lead LASD (for once) and a change agent who will pull the weeds out by their roots. A new dawn is on the horizon. Cigar Club members and coin holders, your party is about to come to an end.

  • The Core Values mean two things to Baca.
    One, it’s a political gimmick. He covered all the bases in them. All the professional victim/crusaders classes are covered. He put those in to say “See, I care about your cause and I’m with you. I even have every recruit recite them every day. And every member of my department can recite them upon request. I’m on your side. Vote for me”. Nothing but a political ploy by a politician.
    Two, it’s the standard by which he can sacrifice low ranking political lambs to the slaughter in order to show his protected class friends that he’s really their friends. All the while not living by them, not leading by them and not demanding them from his executives. But of course, the protected groups are easily bought off by his simple mentioning of “their” group in those precious Core Values and they don’t hold him accountable for his unethical conduct. Why isn’t the LBGT community calling for Baca’s resignation due to the corruption? African American community leaders? Hispanic leaders? Jewish leaders? The Women’s movement?
    All he had to do was give them headline status and lip service in the Core Values gimmick and they remain loyal to him. Don’t think he won’t be calling on every one of his special groups of friends if he runs again to use their inclusion in the Core Values as a reminder of why they should vote for him one more time.
    Mottos, gimmicks and talking points that are nothing more than political b.s.

  • oh, right…it’s the professional victim/crusaders fault that ‘old core value/boor value’ Baca has been in office 16 years? seriously? dude/dudette it’s still the same old sheriff’s department right there with the rest of the ‘compassionate’ conservative crowd talking smack out of both ends buying their critics off with education/respect based b.s. cbo grants, programs business cards, and photo ops while inept captains keep looking the other way on citizen complaints to protect the ‘hard workers’ who haven’t stopped muggin and thuggin since ‘bumbles’ took office. you guys can’t take your own heat — rigged investigations, retaliation, exile, cronyism….feels good doesn’t it? outstanding. keep the laundry shoot open. don’t pull back now. You want to see the real professional victim/crusaders? look in the mirror. the public isn’t suing you guys to a fare the well, you ‘are’ suing each other and winning. tradition of service? yeah right, theft of public funds. cry me a river. see you at the ‘perp’ walk.

  • Get back to me when the “representatives” of the groups specifically mentioned in the Core Values publicly denounce Lee Baca. You don’t like cops. So be it. But your “community leaders” keep endorsing and supporting the man you seem to take pleasure in hating. Wake up. You are being played a chump and bamboozled by all the special interest groups, and yes, professional victims groups. Get back to me when you are finally tired of blaming everybody else except the people who really hold the political power in the county. Those are all the segmented and partisan special interest/activist groups. And they are the ones that get the “message” spread in their neighborhood and among “their people”. They support Lee Baca because he gives them lip service and “feels their pain”. You want to know why Lee Baca keeps getting reelected? Check with your “community leaders”. You know. The reverends. The LBGT activists. The crusaders. Get back to me when you
    find one who publicly denounces Lee Baca. It isn’t cops who are voting for Lee Baca.

  • really? so who are the cops voting for? oh wait, how many actually live in the county? which community leaders? which reverends? name them. how many folks does ‘bumbles’ have on the payroll? that’s not lip service it’s graft. how many other campaigns has he given money to? that campaign war chest isn’t just for TV ads. what’s your annual budget? $2 billion plus? that’s buying more than reverends. how about the law firms defending you guys? IT contracts, services, fleet, maintenance? that’s political power. denounce him? u guys were happy slaves until Tanaka put a bit in your mouth and gelded everybody. don’t get righteous, now. hate cops? too easy. how about waste, fraud, and abuse?

  • Yeah. Really. You need to do a little, make that a lot, of research. I guess you’re unfamiliar with the deputies union past endorsements and the past feuds between Baca and them. Yeah. Really.
    Has Connie Rice called for the sheriff to resign? Father Greg Boyle? Najee Ali? Jeffrey Prang? CAIR? LA Times? Any city council member? Any BOS member?
    Yeah. Really.

    Or, smart guy with all the answers, you could use common sense and see how many pro Baca comments there are on this website. Nope. You’d rather use it as a forum to vent and argue. But no. You’d rather make provocative statements like your “happy slaves” reference.
    Perhaps you’d do better in trying to have an adult conversation. When you grind your axe you appear as nothing more than an anti-law enforcement taking cheap shots.
    Yeah. Really.

  • Perhaps you could familiarize yourself with an article from the LA Times on Oct. 17, 2011 concerning supporters of the sheriff.
    Yeah. Really. Here are few excerpts from that article.

    ” I agree heads should roll, but not the sheriff’s,” said Celes King IV, vice chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality of California”.
    King blamed mid-level management for allowing abuses in the jails.

    “It was his vision that protected us,” sais Qazi Asad, a Muslim leader and member of the sheriff’s clergy council.

    SoCal Public Radio 89.3 was at the same rally. Her’s a few excerpts from there website article.

    Bishop Edward Turner of the Power of Love Christian Fellowship said Baca has worked well with community activists and believes he’ll correct any problems in the jail. “I’ve watched this man step up and bring about change at every level,” Turner said. He pointed to Baca’s inmate education programs and domestic violence seminars for inmates as evidence of his commitment to improve the jails.
    Like many at the protest, Turner is a member of sheriff’s Clergy Council, which Baca appoints members to.

    Sweet Alice Harris is a community activist from Watts who also praised Baca.
    “We’ve got an open door where we can tell him the things that we need,” Harris said. She called those who want Baca to resign “outsiders.”

    Yeah Really.

    I could go on and on. Those are just a few of the many activists/clergy who support Baca and will do his bidding among their people.
    Now, instead of giving us your opinion, or going off on some rant about deputies being “happy slaves” or “gelded”, like I said in my initial response to your post, get back to me when you can give me ONE example of a prominent activist/civil rights leader/crusader/clergy member who is calling for the resignation of Baca.

    You might ask, “Is that really how adults debate”?


  • Well well. Cat got your tongue? Are all those allies mentioned above part of the “compassionate conservative” crowd? Who’s talking smack out of both ends of their mouth? Let’s see now, you’ve got the ACLU taking a completely different stance than the Congress of Racial Equality of CA. Are those “conservative” organizations? It’s the liberal crusader activist professional victim civil rights leaders, along with the reverends , I.e. clergy that are supporting Baca. There’s your proof. I only gave a few examples. There are dozens more. They are there to see for anybody who does the research. Not opinion. Not speculation. Facts. But you’re not interested in facts. You’re too busy being emotional and taking cheap shots at “compassionate conservatives” lol. Now go find a protest to march in where you can feel good about yourself crusading against police brutality. Or, you could go talk to Bishop Turner or Sweet Alice Harris and ask them why they are supporting the man who allowed such brutality to occur.

  • Gawd, insane….didn’t mean to make you so angry. Passing off 2 year old news articles as research tells me you really don’t know. I asked you to name names and you enumerated the usual suspects. Some of whom have or have had close relationships with or income streams directly related to LASD/Lee Baca. Others abandoned their ‘activist’ chops long ago for a place at the pork barrel of county politics. And the BOS and city council have rarely broached anything beyond their political self interest. Coalitions and progressives? No son, it’s the degree of potential exposure and purse strings that dictate the politics of L.A. County. Clergy Council? How about another page of the Faith Initiative populated by prosperity preachers. The cat doesn’t have my tongue, but you obviously don’t have one. Please don’t make this about anti-cop. It’s not about your promotions. It’s about competent effective leadership, not pay offs. Step out of your comfort zone, and look at the fraud, waste and abuse. Here’s a hint, genius: instead of taking the bait and writhing around with bumble’s windowdressing, look for those progressives, community activists, and critics who don’t populate Leroy’s rolodex. I’m not going to give them up, but you’re going to see them up close and personal in 2014. By the way, Father Boyle doesn’t need Lee Baca. Never did.

  • Such a thought out and well articulated response. Too bad it’s intellectually dishonest. Hey there smart guy with all the answers, you disputed what I said about activists/clergy/crusaders/professional victims being the ones who support Baca. I proved it to you. So then you come with weak ass bullshit about it being a couple of years old. Gee, have their positions changed? You challenged me to name names and I did. Sorry it doesn’t fit your narrative that you oh so fervently try to defend. I challenged you to give me one name of one of the aforementioned groups that have publicly stated Baca should resign. You haven’t, because you can’t. You can talk all the smack you want out the side of your neck, it’s still just smack. Go sell your snake oil to some pseudo intellectual at the Starbucks junior, your bswon’t fly here. Also, no mention by you, of course, that none of the names I named were part of the group you mentioned that support Baca. “Compassionate Conservatives” you said we’re the ones supporting Baca. Member!? You member. Your carnival barking is being drowned out by the sound of your axe grinding on the wheel.

  • “Please don’t make this about anti- cop”.
    Oh, I think I see now. You want to make provocative statements, insult and condemn a group of people, and then become indignant when somebody claims you are anti that group.
    “Happy slaves” “haven’t stopped muggin and thuggin”….”Gelded”
    You said those things. Member? And then you try to claim you’re not anti-cop, or at least anti-LASD.
    Not even a nice try with your “don’t take the bait” attempt at deflection. Stevie Wonder could see thru that shit. You challenged me and then you were made to look a chump when your challenge was answered. So now it’s about how I “took the bait” lol. Is that why you won’t name names with the challenge I gave you? Because you don’t want to “take the bait”? Oh right, they’ll show up later. It’s a big secret right now, but I’ll see them up close and personal in 2014. So then, why have they stood silent while, as you say, LASD has been “muggin and thuggin” for 16 years? LMAO. Oops. Another theory shot all to hell junior. I never said Father Boyle needed Lee Baca. I said Father Boyle has publicly denounced him. Even while, as you say, his deputies were muggin and thuggin. Yeah. Really. Your arguments and positions have more holes in them than Seal Team 6 targets. And the funniest shit of all, is that you can’t even see that you’re arguing ( a junior high kid wouldn’t call what you’re doing debate) with someone who also thinks Baca is corrupt and a failure. You popped off because you didn’t like me calling out those you identify with politically. Your feelings got hurt and you got all butt hurt. So then you started talking smack. Then you got smoked.

    ONE NAME JUNIOR. that’s all you’ve got to do lol.
    Oh, I forgot. You can’t tell me who they are but I’ll know in 2014. Right.

  • From the Los Angeles Times
    January 14, 2012 by Abby Sewell

    As Los Angeles County faces an influx of state prisoners and Sheriff Lee Baca grapples with scandals in his department, Gov. Jerry Brown made a show of support for the sheriff at a gathering of clergy in South Los Angeles on Saturday.

    Brown, a powerful ally of Baca’s, is the first sitting governor to appear at his annual multi-faith prayer breakfast, now in its 11th year.

    Is Governor Brown one of those “compassionate conservatives” you spoke of supporting the sheriff? LMAO.
    Stepping out of the comfort zone? How about you step out of yours and accept the fact that it’s not conservatives that have rallied around Baca and come to his aid in the midst of all the corruption, scandals, and, how did you put it, “thuggin and muggin”. You are too myopic to even realize who it is you need to be arguing with. It’s not me junior. I hope you get your wish. I hope he’s unemployed come 2014. You Mr. Smart guy, couldn’t be more confused if you were at a MENSA meeting.

  • Right.Get a little taste of your own medicine and then claim foul. Who was it that got all sarcastic and insulting first in post #23 and said: “u guys were happy slaves”? Member? You member.

    Right. I need meds. Is that the best you’ve got?

    Just one.

  • CAIR-LA Thanks LA County sheriff for consistent support

    The Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) today announced that Los Angeles County Sheriff Leroy Baca was awarded with the ‘Courage in Leadership’ award for his consistent engagement with and support of the American Muslim community.
    More of those “compassionate conservatives” you spoke of?

  • Or perhaps, before you provide us with another oh so witty quip in an intellectually dishonest attempt to deflect the facts I’m providing you, you could just refer to a thread from this very blog on March 10th, 2011.

    “Sheriff Baca Stands Up to Peter King’s New Witch Hunters”

    Hey. How about that? There’s Baca going toe to toe with one of those “compassionate conservatives” you claim are the backbone of Baca’s support.

    Still waiting for one name of a local community leader/activist/clergy member/crusader that has called for the resignation of Baca.

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