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Primaries…Pakistan….and A Stampede of Early Voters


Obama makes it ten straight.

Chris Matthews and Hardball behave bizarrely.

Early voting opens in Texas
(in advance of the March 4 primary) and, in a single day, there is a record breaking stampede says the Star-Telegram.

When the polling places closed at 5 p.m., 10,439 Tarrant County residents had voted in person — 7,396 for Democrats, 3,043 for Republicans, election records show. On the first day of early voting in 2004 for the last presidential election, only 804 voters in Tarrant County turned out.


And that new Pakistan story is still coming.
As regular WLA readers might have suspected, the promised story features another interview with Fatima Bhutto. We’ve been talking for the past few nights, discussing the elections, what they portend for the future of Pakistan, the role of the fundamentalists, and issues surrounding the death of her aunt Benazir. But rather than rush it out in the midst of US primary furor, we’ve decided to take a bit more time. So look for the interview with Fatima early next week. It’ll be here and at Huff Post.


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