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Post-Primary Election News Roundup, TEDx Talks on Education at Ironwood State Prison, WLA on KCRW’s Press Play at 1:00p.m., and Wolves


On Tuesday night, after the June primary results rolled in, LA Weekly’s Gene Maddaus attended LA sheriff frontrunner Jim McDonnell’s election night party. (If you missed the results, McDonnell just missed the 50.1% of votes needed to win the primary election, coming in at 49.15—about 35% ahead of the second highest candidate, Paul Tanaka.)

Maddaus also tried to attend Paul Tanaka’s party at a restaurant called “Cherrystones” in Gardena. Surprisingly, Maddaus was promptly kicked out and informed that the media were not allowed at the function, and that he was “trespassing.”

Here are some clips from Maddaus’ post-primary story:

McDonnell presented himself as an outsider who had the experience to clean up the scandals that have plagued the department under Sheriff Lee Baca, who was forced to resign in January. That message appeared to resonate with voters.

“They want a fresh start,” McDonnell told his supporters at his election night party at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in downtown L.A. “They want the Sheriff’s Department to reach its full potential, to put the shine back on the badge again.”

Steve Barkan, McDonnell’s strategist, said the results “significantly exceeded” his expectations. Based on internal polls, he believed McDonnell would finish in the mid- to high-30s. The polling also suggested that Tanaka would finish a stronger second.


Tanaka barred the media from attending his election night celebration. The Weekly was thrown out of the event, at Cherrystones restaurant in Gardena, within two minutes of arriving.

“It’s a private party. What else do we need to explain?” said one Tanaka supporter.

“You’re trespassing,” said another, who identified himself only as a Marine combat veteran.

Ed Chen, Tanaka’s campaign manager, said the party was a “very intimate” event, and that Tanaka’s supporters were being “protective” of him. Later on, some members of the press were escorted into the restaurant for brief interviews or photos, and then escorted out.

Maddaus also appeared on KCRW’s Which Way, LA? with Warren Olney to discuss the sheriff election results.

And although LASD whistleblower Bob Olmsted came in third place with 9.89%, he played an important role by helping jumpstart reform and make a new sheriff possible.

Here’s a clip from Olmsted’s thank you letter to his supporters:

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done in this campaign.

While we didn’t come out on top, we nonetheless changed the conversation, drove the debates about the issues, and forced candidates to take positions on reform policies that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Most importantly, we were instrumental in exposing the corruption occurring in the Department which led to the dismissal of disgraced former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka and the resignation of Sheriff Lee Baca.


There are still about 150,000 mail-in ballots left to count, according to the County Registrar. This means that there is still a—very—small chance that McDonnell will make it over the 50.1% mark and be named sheriff. (We’ll keep you updated, of course.)

The LA Daily News’ Thomas Himes has the story. Here’s a clip:

McDonnell handily won Tuesday’s primary, claiming 49.15 percent compared to the former undersheriff’s 14.74 percent, but he’s still short of the 50 percent plus 1 vote majority needed to end the election and name him sheriff.

But the Los Angeles County registrar still needs to count an estimated 148,680 mail ballots that were received on election day or handed in at the polls — 537,346 votes are already decided in the race.

Anticipating that McDonnell won’t reach 50 percent, Tanaka’s campaign is gearing up for a second matchup in the fall.

“This campaign is far from over; in fact, it has just begun,” Tanaka said. “We always knew this would be a two-phase race, and we start again today.”

McDonnell also is assuming he won’t pass the threshold.

“While I’m hopeful, I’m preparing for a runoff in November,” he said in a telephone interview Wednesday.


On May 10, a TEDx event at California’s Ironwood State Prison (the first TED event inside a prison) emphasized the power of prison education programs to reduce recidivism and provide better outcomes for former offenders reentering their communities. Speakers included inmates in Ironwood’s education program, prison staff, and advocates like Hangover producer and Anti-Recidivism Coalition founder Scott Budnick and Virgin Group founder, Sir Richard Branson.

Here are some clips from Budnick’s story on TEDxIronwood for the Huffington Post:

Picture driving on a desolate two-lane road, past one low flat building after another, before seeing the tall steel fences and razor wire that signal your destination: a maximum security prison, blazing hot, in the middle of the desert, not far from the border between California and Arizona, an hour past the sunny vacation destination of Palm Springs. After several checks of your identification and passing through multiple sets of sliding steel gates, you’re directed down a long sidewalk with an empty yard on one side and concrete buildings on the other. It’s eerily quiet, though you know 3,280 men live here in a space built for 2,200.

But inside these concrete buildings, something extraordinary is happening. The largest prison education program in California is thriving at Ironwood State Prison, where men are transcribing college textbooks into Braille, learning trade skills and where an astonishing 1200+ students have earned college degrees.


TEDx Ironwood elevated the importance of correctional education. Actors, musicians, activists, foundation leaders and even Sir Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group, found their way to Ironwood, where a prison gym was transformed into a sound stage with lights, cameras, microphones and chairs for 150 men who are incarcerated at Ironwood and 150 visitors in attendance. And who most impressed the audience? The incarcerated, who coordinated, hosted and spoke on a theme they called, Infinite Possibilities.

The event highlighted the fact that correctional education programs have been shown to save dollars and greatly decrease recidivism rates, which means they increase public safety. In California, 95 percent of incarcerated individuals are released from prison, and two thirds of them end up behind bars again. The men advocated that it’s smarter to use education to give those who are released the best possible shot at a second chance. I’ve seen this through my own work with the InsideOUT Writers program, through which incarcerated young people are given the opportunity to use creative writing as a catalyst for personal transformation. And we welcome these men and woman home and into colleges and Universities, through our organization, The Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC).

(Read Branson’s blog post about his TEDxIronwood experience, here.)

Douglas Wood, a program officer for the Ford Foundation’s Higher Education for Social Justice initiative, had some interesting things to say about the school-to-prison pipeline and why prison education is so crucial. Here’s his TEDx Talk:

Here are a couple of other Ironwood talks that shouldn’t be missed:


WitnessLA’s editor, Celeste Fremon, will be on the Madeleine Brand show, Press Play, today at 1:00p.m. to discuss the sheriff election results and the second federal obstruction of justice trial.


It has been confirmed that OR-7 (the Oregon gray wolf who made history as the first wolf in California since 1924 when he wandered across the state line from Oregon) has finally mated and sired at least two pups in Oregon, near the border.

On Wednesday, the California Fish and Game Commission voted in favor of listing the gray wolf as an endangered species, which will protect OR-7 and his new pack, along with any future migrating wolves. (Hooray!)

KQED’s Lauren Sommer has the story (and a very cute photo of wolf pups courtesy US Fish and Wildlife). Here’s a clip:

While no wolves are known to be in California currently, the state was thrust into the debate when a lone, radio-collared wolf known as OR7 wandered across the Oregon-California border in 2011, becoming California’s first wolf since the 1920s. OR7 has since returned to Oregon and earlier this year was spotted with a possible mate.

Just as public testimony ramped up at the commission meeting on Wednesday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service confirmed that OR7 and a mate have produced at least two pups in southwest Oregon, the first litter observed since wolves returned to that area.

The new pack raises the odds that wolves will expand into California.

“We expect that in a decade or less there will be wolf populations in California,” said Chuck Bonham, the director of the state Department of Fish and Wildlife. “That is nature taking its course. They are migrating across the West and from the Northwest, south.”


  • Eighty five percent of the electorate voted against Paul Tanaka. Shocking that 15% would do that, but then 7 percent voted for Lou Vince. Yet, forty nine percent voted for Jim McDonnell. And this, in a Republican-leaning primary, with Tanaka running as a Republican. He will be decimated, absolutely destroyed, in November. That is a scientific fact. So the question isn’t so much what Tanaka does, because that’s up to him and his vanity; it’s what his backers do. And for those of his backers on the department, understand that his day is past, and that your partners are taking note of where you stand. It is a scientific, medical, astrophysical impossibility that Paul Tanaka becomes sheriff, so hopefully you make your decisions now accordingly.

  • Tanaka’s minion’s beahavior, with the media, is a very key tell. It’s everything he denies. If things don’t go his way. He or his minions will try to squash you.

    Compare this behavior to his “alleged” reaction to discovering the FEDS had a informant at CJ. Also, now picture Bob Olmsted trying to tell him that his hand picked Captain is screwing up CJ.

    Can you see it now?

  • I’ve been hearing RUMORS that Hellmold and Rogers were demoted to commander. I was wondering if anyone has heard the same ?

  • Just read Hellmold has been demoted to Chief of county wide services, Rothans has been promoted to Assistant Sheriff. Bye bye pt……

  • Hellmold was demoted to a chief today and transferred to a field operations region. I always thought that an individual should have knowledge and experience before they keept getting promoted. Being the sheriff’s driver was really no criteria for the position he held.

  • “This campaign is far from over; in fact, it has just begun” Tanaka said. “We always knew this would be a two phase race, and we start again today” .
    Is the reporter misquoting Paul, or has Paul spent too much time around Leroy and now even Paul has become delusional?
    Far from over? If’s 49-14 at halftime. Far from over? Jesus. Come on man.
    Is he with a straight face going to ask his supporters to donate more money to a lost cause? Even if Paul seriously believes he still has a chance, his supporters know better. A true friend wouldn’t ask anyone to donate money under these circumstances. Neither would a true friend ask any member of the LASD who is still active to continue to publicly voice his or her support for him and risk further alienating their coworkers or the new sheriff.
    There is only two circumstances that would allow Tanaka to continue to ask for continued support, monetarily or publicly.
    1. He has become delusional and still seriously believes he has a chance.
    2. He cares more about his image than he does about the well being of his supporters.
    I don’t think he’s delusional.
    It’s time for those closest to him to have a come to Jesus meeting with Mr. T.
    That never happened with those closest to Baca, and that’s why Leroy became delusional and thought he was always right and all his ideas were good ones. Look how that turned out!

  • How delusional Paul is about this whole mess he helped create? This is an interview that was conducted at his private party on election nigh by the Hew News Group. They are also the one that alleged Todd Rogers Campaign staff threatened one of their reporters. Here’s another video also of Todd and Paul debating each other. Keep cleaning the House for Sheriff McDonnell’s arrival Sheriff Scott.

  • I love how Tanaka says he doesn’t want to ask for anyone’s support but that he’s apparently happy to have their support if they offer it. I mean, Jesus, how revealing. Dictator leadership. Also very revealing how he says here, as he often does, that this race isn’t personal for him. Apparently it’s a game. How insulting to the men and women of the Sheriff’s Department. It’s incredibly personal for all of us. Jim McDonnell hasn’t even worked at the Sheriff’s Department before and I’d bet he’d say it was personal if you asked him. Because he cares more than Tanaka about the things that matter.

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