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PANDORA’S BOX: Mistrial declared! Jurors “hopelessly split” 6-6 in James Sexton obstruction of justice trial

After being sent back for additional deliberation
twice by Judge Percy Anderson, a jury of five women and seven men again declared themselves hopelessly deadlocked—with an even split of six to six—in the question of whether or not defendant Deputy James Sexton had obstructed justice in taking part in an LASD operation to hide federal informant Anthony Brown from his FBI handlers, and other federal agents.

At a few minutes after 8 AM on Thursday, Judge Anderson declared a mistrial.

Prosecutors declined to say whether or not they will retry Sexton.

Looking exhausted by the high-intensity trial, but visibly relieved, the Sexton family hugged each other and supporters after the the judge’s announcement. The specter of LASD deputy Sexton going to federal prison was, at least for now, over—and perhaps over for good, if government prosecutors elect not to retry the case.

Lead defense attorney, Tom O’Brien, also looked extremely relieved. “It’s clear to me that the jury saw what this actually is,” he said, “a fight between the FBI and the sheriff’s department.”

Outside the courthouse, juror Marvin Padilla, said that the government’s main evidence against Sexton, which was the defendant’s grand jury testimony, was precisely what got him to vote for acquittal.

“I just did not find it credible,” said Padilla. “I think these are conclusions he reached in hindsight a year later,” not when the actions were actually occurring. “Nearly all of Sexton’s narrative at the grand jury seemed like 20-20 hindsight.”

Padilla also thought it significant that Sexton had talked to the FBI 37 times. “It’s almost as if he had Stockholm syndrome.”

On the question of whether department higher ups should be tried in the Anthony Brown matter, Padilla said he thought it correct that the investigation was continuing.

When asked about the trial testimony of former undersheriff Paul Tanaka, specifically, Padilla said, “Either he didn’t know what was going on at all, or he was lying about nearly everything he said, neither of which is very attractive.”

“Something unsightly happened there,” said Padilla. “Something was going on that people above Sexton knew about. Something didn’t smell right.”

As for the tone of rest of the deliberations by this split jury, Padilla said, “It was all very thoughtful, very passionate.”

The case in which Sexton’s six other LASD members will be tried for similar charges begins on Tuesday of next week.


  • 6-6? Not even close to a conviction. Maybe the feds need to get their heads out from where the sun don’t shine and rethink their brilliant tactic of prosecuting from the bottom to the “top.”

    What say you start with Leroy, Paul and the other decision makers who could have told the top two how frigging stupid their plan was and refused to be involved from the get-go?

    Sound like a plan??????

  • Sorry Celeste, there will be no convictions or future indictments. Why do you block all of my comments? You are a Nazi hypocrite.

  • Baca and Tanaka need to be charged by the Feds! The fact they are not look for more of the same results over the next few weeks. What a waste of taxpayer dollars.

  • Sexton’s defense team rested its case Monday by calling an expert witness, a veteran sheriff’s homicide detective, who said changing an inmate’s name and moving him around the jails for his protection was a common practice.

    “It’s legal, it’s ethical, it’s safe and it’s something I’ve done hundreds of times,” Det. Mark Lillienfeld said.

    -Tanaka said he considered all the orders he and Baca gave to be lawful, and that he expected his subordinates to obey. Neither he nor Baca obstructed a federal investigation, he said.

    Thank you Mr. Tanaka for telling the TRUTH and being a TRUE leader.

  • Truthbetold, they haven’t even got started yet, so put your trumpets away. Sexton should have never been tried in the first place, and the jury deadlock reflected exactly that. You should be concerned about what the juror had to say, it does not bold well for your “true” leader.

    And by the way, I think Lillienfield may have just picked up a case when he claimed that they do that “hundreds of times.” I would challenge him to find two.

  • Baca and Tanaka need to be charged by the feds? Come on!1.The deputies found a cell phone in a jail cell. 2.They had a convicted felon who was sentenced to over 400 years in prison admit the phone was his. 3. Then the convict says he is working as an informant for the FBI to document police brutality by the LA County deputies. If the Sheriff’s department does not take action to investigate that would be considered incompetence. If the Sheriffs Department does not sequester, change the identity, move the informant, and make sure he doesn’t get killed by the inmates or deputies he may or may not be informing on, they would all be in a lot more trouble. These obstruction of justice charges are nothing more than a feud between 2 law enforcement agencies.

  • My opinion of Tanaka has changed. Stepping up and admitting to giving the order was the right thing to do. I’m not a “Set Jumper”, but the man had a day in court and said his peace. I have no doubt his testimony in court was consistent with his Grad Jury testimony. The fact he refused to comment about it in public was smart of him. The fact he hasn’t been indicted may be that he has the right political connections. Who knows. After all, he is a politician. When he’s not kissing babies he’s stealing lollipops.

  • What a great outcome!!! The phone that was sent in by the FBI was also used to contact outside gang members and they we’re supplying Anthony Brown with money and drugs!!! NOW who needs to be indicted?????

  • Glad to see the mistrial but hoped for a full acquittal. This young man was in no position to obstruct the FBI’s investigation, unless there is proof that he did something without the knowledge of his supervisors. The same holds true for the other deputies, sergeants, and lieutenants. THEY would not do anything they are accused of doing without being told to do it or briefing their supervisors after the fact. If they did take independent action and then briefed an executive, that executive should have taken administrative action or criminal action if warranted.

    This is a case of two alpha departments flexing their muscles.

    God’s speed to all those currently indicted.

  • LATGB: your comment about ” hundreds of times” by the veteran homicide investigator is spot on. A simple phone call to IRC would have cleared that up. I’d hope the US Attorney would inquire about the basis of his statements, they don’t pass the “likely” test. Depose him, under oath to prove his statements. The prosecutors need to do their homework, to let his statements pass is sad commentary on a very basic element of the case, preparation.

  • Yes, Det. Lillienfeld, investigators move inmates to different facilities and/or areas of the county jail system. They do not move inmates sentenced to 400 years to a low security station lock up in San Dimas and feed him fried chicken and McDonalds while they erase his existence from the computer. Also, what the jury is telling us in the Sexton trial is that he in fact was just following orders from his superiors. Wait until next week when the Sergeants and Lieutenants are asked who authorized this “plan”.

  • Lt. Lillienfeld either is a liar or the rest of us who worked IRC for a long time were completely out of the loop. Everyone knows that sworn personnel do not know how to manipulate the computer system. They don’t know how to input, change, release or book an inmate. That is what they have the professional staff for and if he did this hundreds of times, he must be suffering from dementia.

  • Eyeswideopen…Maybe if you work as an investigator, instead of a jailhouse babysitter, you would be better equipped to speak on the matter. Racking cells doors at IRC does not make you competent enough to understand how and why investigators do what they do. You are out of the loop. Pill Call!

  • #8 I used to believe Tanaka was going to be the next Sheriff and a great one. This case highlighted who he really is. He ordered and managed this thing but when asked he threw his hands up and pointed fingers. His testimony may have been consistent but that doesn’t equal truth.

    #10 I could not agree more

    #11 I will dial IRC for you and hold the phone for your “one phone call” and then laugh in your face when you don’t get the answer you seek. I would love to be there for Lillienfeld’s deposition to see you eat crow and realize this man did more during the investigations he was deposed about then you did in your entire career. There is nothing illegal, immoral, or unethical about hiding an inmate’s identity from the targets of your investigation and it happens often. Also, what do you think they put on the wristband of UC’s “Deputy Smith with no booking number”?

    #12 I worked IRC for a long time as a deputy and helped manipulate the computer system. I didn’t do data entry, but still got the job done. I don’t believe any deputy sheriffs wrote the code for the programs in the MDC, but everyone who is off patrol training is adept at using it. When issues arise, we call the experts.

    #14 I am with you.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, great police work happens every day. Some completely in the open and some protected by 1040 to 1042 of the Evidence Code. Neither is better or worse than the other. But just because you weren’t aware of something doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Deputy Sheriffs are an incredible collection of people, but none of us are all knowing.

  • Sweetness, umm I mean Dulce, nobody is questioning Mark’s (Lillienfeld) qualities as an investigator, he is one of the finest, but his testimony is not applicable to Tanakas efforts/plan to hide Anthony Brown from the FBI. Everyone knows this, especially the jury pool.

  • The outcome was a relief for the family and the department.

    It was a great sight to see 12 plus Deputy Sheriffs walk out of the federal courthouse with their brother today.

    Remember, the last thing to come out of Pandora’s Box was HOPE.

    We will get to a better place and that often comes at the expense of those who do the right thing.

    A large group of great people circled the wagon to deliver hope to LASD today.

    Hug your families and appreciate your freedom. A lot of LASD brothers and sisters didn’t leave a man on the battlefield today.

    To those who were there or offered support; thank you. To those who cannot understand; God bless you. To those who left people on the battlefield; Romans 12:19.

    Roll Tide and Fight On!

  • Quit making this about Lillienfield. Are the haters familiar with the term “Opsec”? Many sensitive operations are done on a need to know basis with very few operatives in the loop and in the know. Now you want the details of those operations made public, so everyone knows of these tactics? Some of Homicide’s best work is done behind the scenes, so trust the man at his word and knock it off. There is far more at stake here than this ridiculous 3 ring circus and political freak show.

  • LBGT, DULCE, EYESWIDE, STUFF: In fairness to Lillienfield’, we don’t know how the questions were asked. Ah the art of testifying, something along the lines ” if you ask me the right questions I’ll tell, if you don’t , well….”. Point is that within the context of inmate Anthony Brown, the “moving of inmates hundreds of times”, is quite misleading. Inmates are routinely moved based in classification changes, Keep-Away requests, etc. The inmates are moved by jail staff, almost never by detectives & with the authorization of IRC staff. If anyone on the jury thought that the system was wide open for the detectives to do pretty much what they wanted, then they were duped, score a deception for the defense.
    As to the jury split, I can completely understand that decision, one based, not on the facts, but a sense of equity or fairness. Unless the Feds take on Tanaka & Baca, they will lose at least part of the remaining indictments. The bottom up approach lacks prosecutorial judgement.

  • Good outcome for Deputy Sexton. The feds had no business charging him. Hopefully the rest will experience the same in the end…..except for Tanaka….Darth Vader in the flesh….he should be CRUCIFIED

  • @LATBG- I’m really sorry the jury rained on your Olmstead parade. Prepare for worse weather when a torrential downpour of either acquittals or hung juries comes down in a few weeks. It must be a terrible feeling seeing your campaign crash and burn right at the same time you realize the dime you dropped was all for nothing. You guys showed up at the prom all dolled up, and upon arrival realized there was no dance. The silence from your camp of deputy haters is absolutely golden. We are seriously celebrating this incredible outcome and victory for the real deputy sheriffs. Please try and imagine our bottles clanking. At this point I’d like to raise a glass to victory and proclaim, Detective Lillienfeld for Sheriff! Boomer.

  • Truly- Thank you to Paul Tanaka for stepping up and telling the truth. How many other current and/or former executives stepped up to do the ethical thing during crunch time?

    Sadly, none.

  • Don’t count the FBI out. Anyone who does is foolish. LASD personnel does not need another door knock & wake up call from the FEDS.

  • I hope nobody confused my comments in #8 with the fact I still would not vote for the man. He brought more bad than good to the organization.

  • Boomer, “deputy haters?” So what do you call your cherished hero, Tanaka, who issued orders that got deputies indicted – a deputy lover?

  • Stuff, if the jury pool knows what you claim they do, why did did they hang 6-6? This is a big nothing and everybody knows it, but not everybody is willing to admit it. The 10 idiots that are going to vote for Olmsted will keep posting away about corruption ….blah blah blah….

  • All you Tanaka supporters are delusional! It’s no wonder you support the man if that is your idea of stepping up and telling the truth. His testimony has contradicted what he has said in the past. Such as he was not “in the loop!” But, now that he is under oath and afraid of perjury, he explains that they had a good reason for doing what they did.

    This is investigations 101, talk to the suspect right away and he’ll flat out deny, talk to him again and show your hand “a little,” and now he’ll admit he “may” have been there, talk to him again and show most of what you have including some lies and he’ll come up with an excuse for his actions. Yes Boomer this is legal during an investigation, but not on your reports like you believe.

    I have never been so bold as to say Tanaka doesn’t have a chance to be Sheriff, but God help us if he were to win. If the public thinks the department was bad before, stand by to see what happens when he answers to no one and he continues to promote anyone who is willing to carry out his will. Gee, this sounds like a bad Mafia movie!

  • Funny how all you Tanaka horn tooters, were dead silent during his testimony…….you were watching him implode. Now we have a hung jury on a deputy who should have never been tried in the first place, and you clowns think it a huge win for the little man. Remember, Tanaka is STILL subject of an FBI investigation currently on going. So I would refrain popping the champagne corks until this is ALL over, or you may ALL look foolish later!!

  • Some people should not be gloating just yet. Congrats to Sexton with a mistrial, but I believe there is a decision to be made June 3rd? Plus,there is still a trial for the other defendants next week.

    “Thanks A Lot” “Huh” “LATBG” you guys are correct with above comments. Nothing is over yet and remember this, Tanaka is on video with Channel 7 news stating the only reason he was in Federal Court was because he was served a subpoena to testify.

    The ..”I was just following orders” may have worked for some, but we shall see how it is going to play out with the supervisors indicted next week.

    Scary times ahead….

  • What sensible strategy for an investigation is based on using inmate Anthony Brown as an informant on deputy brutality in the County Jail?

    If Brown has already received a prison sentence of x number of years, then unless he is scheduled for a hearing in another case – he gets transferred to a CDC facility. If he was kept at L.A. County MCJ, some agency placed a hold on him – right?

    Anthony Brown gets held in a single person cell in a high security cell block, his meals are delivered to the cell, he can only leave his cell for 15-30 minutes per day. He is still confined within a cell block holding only 25 men. In regards to acts of deputy misconduct at MCJ, Anthony Brown doesn’t see anything.

    He may have developed contacts inside the jail which tell him about beat downs. He may be reading articles about deputy misconduct printed in the L.A. Times which he can then “echo” to his FBI handler, but he did not actually see anything.

    How does giving an FBI cell phone to informant Anthony Brown advance his utility to the investigation? The handlers already visit the jail to conduct meetings with him. Is Anthony Brown going to pull his cell phone out of his sock and start filming deputies, then stash the phone in a Doritos bag without anyone the wiser?

    Getting a cell phone to Anthony Brown simply increases the probability that he gets found out. The FBI handlers didn’t instruct him to delete the phone’s call log, so maybe that’s what they wanted?

    I read that on the same day inmate Anthony Brown was caught with the FBI’s cell phone, there was a phone call between Sheriff Baca and Steve Martinez agent in charge of the Los Angeles FBI office.
    Martinez told Baca about the jail inmate informant based undercover investigation.
    Did jail deputies find the cell phone because Sheriff Baca told them to search Brown after speaking to Agent Martinez?

    Did Sheriff Baca order a plan to hide Anthony Brown from the FBI after agent Martinez revealed the operation to him?

    After Deputy Sexton declined the FBI’s request to wear a wire to record Sheriff Baca, the FBI eventually found someone else willing to – but then the FBI just decided to drop the plan. Because?

    Did Sheriff Baca authorize overtime hours for several LASD personnel to conduct a harebrained operation to stymie an investigation which Sheriff Baca knew that the FBI knew that he already knew about and which any reasonable person could predict was unlikely to yield evidence necessary for any credible prosecution of deputy misconduct?

    Would anybody be talking about informant Anthony Brown and Pandora’s Box today if FBI agent Marx had not been confronted by 2 LASD while she was off duty at home?

  • I just watched the channel-7 interview with Brown, where he mentions using Dep. Michel to bring in a cell phone and drugs. We know for a fact that the FBI used Michel to bring in a phone to Brown. Did they also use him to bring Brown the drugs Brown claims Michel brought him?

    I’m sure the attorney’s for the deputies and supervisors are salivating at the mouth to question Brown on the stand and ask him if the same deputy the FBI used to smuggle the phone into the jail, brought in drugs and if so, did the FBI know he was bringing in drugs to a custody facility.

    Giving a convicted criminal a cell phone in a jail facility is bad enough and raises major questions about the FBI’s idea to give Brown a cell phone in jail. Just ask CDC the problems and number of cell phones they are recovering in their prisons. Prisoners can continue to run their drug and gang business from jail, order hits, intimidate witnesses and place drug orders for delivery at a jail facility etc.

    I would like to see how truthful Brown will come across to the jurors.

    I think the Sheriff’s Department should follow up on all the numbers called by Brown and determine what type of illegal business he conducted with the phone provided by the FBI. I know some may say that the FBI would not jeopardized law enforcement officers in that matter, however we know from past experience that federal agents have made some extremely bad decisions in the past, remember “Operation “Fast and Furious?”

  • #26 & #33….You two hit the Jackpot! LASD picked the wrong agency to screw with and they can’t whine, cry or complain about anything concerning Pandora’s Box. Nuff said.

  • Any decent cop would be outraged by the activity of the FBI. Bringing dope into a correctional facility ultimately endangers the lives of deputies working there. Putting a phone in the hands of an inmate for unrestricted access also puts the lives of deputies at risk. Yet many of you only can cry about who should be convicted on the sheriffs dept. Truly sad but a reflection on the changing times. How about indicting FBI agents and putting them in prison? Know your enemy and don’t make your friends your enemies.
    Also, Tanaka, a stand up guy for testifying for the deputy. I didn’t see any of the other candidates in there protecting deputies. How about Omstead???? Where was he>>????????? Probably somewhere testifying for the Mexican Mafia………….

  • Nothing the FBI or any Federal Government agency would do to further an investigation surprises me. Wasn’t it another Federal agency that thought it was a great idea to use weapons to further their investigation only to have those same weapons used against them and lead to the death of a Federal officer.

    Is anyone really surprised??!!

    We ALL make mistakes in life. The difference is some of us admit our mistakes, accepts responsibility and moves forward.

    Others will point in the other direction, deflect the focus, and hope others will move on.

    God’s speed to all!

  • Put emotions and misplaced loyalty aside. This Pandora’s Box caper is a very unique view into the mindset of 1. The egos, arrogance and corruption of Lee Baca and his pal, Paul Tanaka. 2. The raw fear or stupidity of the drones of the Tanaka camp followers Carey, Abner and Commander Karen “Olive Oil” Manis along with the ICIB crew involved. No one had the stones to say No? Going to an FBI agent’s home to threaten her with arrest? And Paul’s testimony and rationalization for giving those bogus orders? Oh boy, this is rich.

    Don’t judge Sexton’s case on the ones starting Monday. There is a reason why it was bifurcated. I think Tanaka is toast, time will tell. I am guessing Pandora’s Box is the least of his legal problems.

  • Even our soon to be LA County Supervisor has an active inquiry on herself.

    “The federal inquiry involving (Hilda) Solis traces back to 2012, when she was Labor secretary. The Times reported this month that the Office of Special Counsel investigated allegations that she had solicited employees of the Labor Department to contribute to or help organize a Los Angeles fundraiser for the president. Cabinet members are prohibited from engaging in certain campaign activities.” – LA TIMES

  • LASD#1, I believe everyone is outraged that the FBI went to that level to combat the corruption in the jails. It was such a goofball operation, that our brass could have squashed it and made the FBI look foolish and possibly criminal with one phone call. Instead, Tanaka and Baca took it as being “fronted off” and Tanaka knew there was conduct going on in the jails, that if filmed, would be criminal. Ahh, but here is the similarities between the goofy Feds and Tanaka, they both have zero real law enforcement/investigative experience, but I am aware that Paul set up a few flare patterns at Carson Staion a couple of years, other than that he has shined a seat with his seat pants for 30 years. Tanaka was subpoenaed to testify, he didn’t do this to help anyone! Tanaka would not piss up Sextons arse if his guts were on fire, so save us the PT stand up guy routine, he hasn’t stepped up once during this. I want you to chew on this for a moment, next week when those Lt’s and Sgt’s are on trial and facing prison time (especially the two ICIB investigators) do you think for one moment that they will take one for the team and say Tanaka did not order and approve all this?? So now, after Tanakas “stand up” testimony he will have to call them liars or use his one millionth ” I don’t recall”. Now that is what any decent cop should be outraged about!!!

  • It continues to amaze me how people like LASD #1 can claim Tanaka is a stand up guy, yet refuses to accept responsibility for his actions that caused all those people to get indicted. If memory serves me correctly, Tanaka was subpoenaed by the defense and was obligated to show up. Sound familiar?

    His testimony in front of the CCJV was all about “I don’t recall,” or “I don’t have any specific recollection,” quite the stand up guy, eh?

    Memo to you and all the Tanaka t-shirt crowd: there is no pathway for Tanaka to become the next sheriff. The best he can hope for is to squeeze into a runoff and be someone else’s spoiler, assuming he’s not indicted by then. The only thing that favors his quixotic campaign is voter ignorance. Sooner or later they will figure it out and your boy will be nothing but a bitter memory, serving time in minimum security at Lompoc.

    LASD #1, when you make spurious comments disparaging Olmsted, you only serve to highlight the character of Tanaka and those who chose to support his campaign. Olmsted served his country with distinction during the Vietnam war, and served the county for 33 years UNTARNISHED by corruption, mismanagement and divisiveness. That’s a fact, deal with it.

  • I began my career with LASD over 44 years ago and I have been retired for many years…. It absolutely breaks my heart to see the scandals that have come to the dept. that I so proudly served for 30 years of my life..

  • LATBG, I bet you couldn’t post a comment without your thesaurus. Half of the idiots that post on here don’t know what the hell “quixotic” means. Dumb it down so the Olmsted voters can understand.

  • Sachamoe: People refuse to believe the truth. Many have said this before and it is well worth repeating……..The arrogance and cockyness of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has and will continue to cost them dearly. To send LASD Seargeants to a F.B.I. Agents home to intimidate her, is just plain ol’ STUPID! Say what you want about the FBI, but LASD drew first blood and cast the first stone. It’s biblical. …..Pride goeth before destruction and a Haughty spirit before a fall. LASD has brought this upon themselves. No questions and No excuses! Man up and deal with it. LASD ‘ problem is bigger than Pandora’s Box.

  • @38 Sachamoe As reported by Witness LA in 2011, Tanaka took control of IAB and ICIB from Abner and Mannis months before the hiding of the inmate. It was clearly calculated to remove them from the mix because they wouldn’t have cooperated with him. They are definitely not in the Tanaka Camp as you assert. He wouldn’t have them and they wouldn’t stand beside him anyway.

  • @LATBG- Lompoc?? You must be hallucinating about a Shawshank Redemption Redux!!! Put down the Olmstead Kool Aid, it’s over. Boomer!

  • No Sgt or above is to be trusted in the Sheriff’s Department, until the cleansing and healing process begins. LASD is a joke to every legitimate law enforcement agency. The roster of “Who’s Who in the Zoo” has to be updated and modified throughout the ranks. New Sheriff & New Idea’s = New Era in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

  • Tanaka testimony:

    Is it true Mr. Tanaka that Defendant Sexton was suing you personally?
    Tanaka- Yes
    And is also true that you entered into an agreement to testify only after Mr. Sexton said the suit would be dropped if you testified?
    Tanaka- Yes

    So again tell me how it is awesome Tanaka testified to take responsibility? More like he was saving his wallet. Again his self survival compelled him to testify, not his moral compass.
    Sexton was tried because of the egos of the Feds. The FBI is driving this train because of the egos of Tanaka and Baca, sadly the people who are suffering are those indicted, and the rest of us who wear the badge and go to work for all the right reasons. Make no mistake Mr T is the leader of this mess, courtesy of Mr Baca, but there are several people who sold their souls for a bag of crap.
    My hope is the up coming trials will reveal who was in charge. I would lose a lot of respect for three of those charged that I know if they chose to “take one for the team.” Opinion only.

  • I have to admire the willingness of some to go down fighting with the Tanaka Titanic ship, exhibited quite well by Dulce and Boomer, apparently soul mates.

    I had a CRI from the GOP give me the inside track on how Tanaka keeps recruiting these local politicians to endorse him, even on the eve of his indictment. Apparently he pays them off with campaign contributions to their campaigns, and in return they endorse him quid pro quo. Sound familiar?

    It’s the exact same reason the Tanaka t-shirt crowd runs around embarrassing themselves in support of their hero. He’s given them unearned promotions and assignments to coveted positions (and the promise of future ones) in exchange for their undying support. They have no dignity left, and they have been exposed for what they are: a stack of pink slips in Tanaka’s back pocket. Ouch.

    To this very day they are still running around the department, jamming people and asking them if “they’re on board.” It’s disgusting, unethical, and who wants an invite to the Titanic anyway?

    There is only one thing ANYONE from this crowd can do that would be worthy of respect: sprout a spine and tell the truth, and I mean the entire ops plan hatched over a decade ago, and what they did in exchange for what they received. That would be newsworthy.

    My guess is most will continue to march on in futility, living lives of quiet desperation, knowing one day they will be held accountable for all they did or failed to do. They will be summed up, measured, and found wanting. It eats at their souls, even as they try to deny it – just look at their wretched faces, aging before your very eyes.

    And Dulce, Olmsted supporters can read and write just fine at a level required to understand some basics, like the US Constitution, case law, and department policy. They’re even known to pick up a book or two to expand their minds, something you don’t appear to be too familiar with.


    To once again quote the oft quoted Daniel Patrick Moynihan: Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.

    With that in mind:

    1. To #30: No, Paul Tanaka did not answer thusly in court:

    Prosecutor: And is also true that you entered into an agreement to testify only after Mr. Sexton said the suit would be dropped if you testified?

    Tanaka– Yes

    Mr. Tanaka said nothing of the kind, but mostly said that, yes, he knew there was a lawsuit but was not familiar with the contents of the suit.

    2. to Sachamoe in the next thread. All four of the main candidates for sheriff called for Mr. Tanaka to leave the race at the debate this past Wednesday night, as you can see here, including Mr. Hellmold, who was quite clear in what he said.


    (Thank you to Peter Crenshaw for providing the link.)

    3. #36: I continue to be perplexed by those in law enforcement who post about this or that person’s testimony at criminal or civil trials without seemingly any understanding whatsoever of the basics of how a trial works. To wit:

    Both Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Olmsted appeared at the respective trials at which they testified because they were subpoenaed to do so, in each case, by the defense. It was not a matter of personal choice. You may certainly hold them responsible for the answers they gave at those trials, whether you deem each man to have answered truthfully or not—but not the fact that they showed up to testify. They were each legally required to do so.

    Furthermore, neither man determined the subject matter of their testimony either, but could only respond within the scope of the questions they were asked.

    Okay, have a good weekend everyone.


  • So dulce calls the host something utterly stupid, and labels many other commenters ‘idiots’, all while too cowardly to post under a real name. Good job, man, proud of you.

  • Clear Thinker: I strongly disagree with your assumption that Commander Kayrn Mannis would not have cooperated with the hiding of Anthony Brown. I have found her to be lacking in both integrity and moral courage. She has already been promoted 4 times past her level of competency. I speak from experience and personal knowledge. I put her in the same mold as Chief William (Bill) McSweeney. Time for both to retire. Sachamoe you are absolutely right!

  • A lot of people were involved w Anthony Brown. The Feds just didn’t get with the program and a junior deputy with a high powered lawyer reminded them of that.

    As usual, people like PT and Dick Shinee get away with real issues in the department.

    ALADS, feel free to do the right thing in this mess.

  • Glad you are proud of me Jim. I appreciate you kind sentiments. By the way nobody uses their real name here, including you. You just proved my previous posts. Thanks.

  • I wonder how Baca and Tanaka feel now about their decision to show the Feds who’s the boss. I wonder how the Feds. feel now after the 6-6 split and mistrial.

  • Wow. 57 comments … and it made no sense to me … can someone be so kind as to help me? Lets start with Mr. Olmsted … who is he?

  • Supervisors with integrity and confidence to admit when they are wrong, there’s a novel idea. But under the current management style, which has been fueled by Tanaka, what’s the incentive?

    The main point that everyone is missing, is that this isn’t only about Brown! We have started a culture of Executives/Deputies who routinely cheat to win, because they don’t have the intelligence or are too lazy to master our profession an learn how to legally ‘beat them at their own game!’ And, they feel threaten by those who are smarter, wiser and more experinced!

    Lets go back to holding people accountable for the outcome of their actions, and then we can watch people learn to do the job right and making better decisions.

  • @ Curious Student: In the off chance that you really want to know, I’ll bite! Go to bobolmsted.com and you’ll learn that he is a Candidate for LA County Sheriff. He is the man who wants to fix the corruption within the Sheriff’s Department by bringing back integrity.

    He rose through the ranks as a “true cop” actually doing police work, as opposed to the other candidates, who spent less time doing police work and more time trying to promote. It’s one thing to call yourself a “crime fighter” and it’s another to actually be one.

    One thing you will notice, if you are truly paying attention to the campaigning, is that no one is 100% perfect, but there is only one candidate who stood up to the corruption, by exposing it, that is Bob Olmsted!

    The others ignored it, and in some instances participated in the corruption, and now as candidates after Bob Olmsted did the hard part, claim they want to fix it. That is the equivalent of someone handing you the evidence, writing your report, handcuffing the suspect, you walking in and arresting him and then showing off that arrest while telling everyone “you” are cleaning up the streets!

  • 56.) Don’t fool you self into thinking that Alads will step in and do the right thing.As long as you have snakes and vipers like Hayhurst and the “1 stop shop” Shinee, don’t expect anything from Alads except an excuse from Floyd and a bill from Shinee to Alads. Yes Floyd still runs Alads……Steck is a puppet for Floyd and a reject from Compton Station. Floyd swears that he doesn’t want the Executive Director spot at A LADS, but everyone knows that he needs the money and he wants the power. Keep your eyes and ears open.

  • Translation for Really: times are getting desperate and that’s all I got to throw at Olmsted. Now let’s see you sing the praises of your own candidate. Oh wait you can’t in order to not revisit the problems of your boy, and the list is long and distinguished.

    To tell the truth I can’t even remember which candidate you are backing, but Olmsted makes you nervous. Tanaka is a soon to be indicted disgrace of a former undersheriff, McDonnell, Rogers, and Hellmold all endorsed Baca for reelection even when they knew what a failure he was, therefor abdicating all moral authority to leadership and reforming the LASD.

    Two different billionaires have the pink slips on McDonnell’s and Hellmold’s ass, and Rogers sold his soul to the devil for those three stars. I can go on for a long time, but I hope you get the point – Olmsted stands head and shoulders above the crowd…

  • @Really: Wow, I bet you feel relieved, you finally found something about Olmsted that you can exploit. Especially since none of the other candidates have ever done anything wrong. I will gladly take a guy who says he will try and take on an issue of which he may never have any influence, over candidates who actually had the opportunities to make things better, but did nothing…..until their biggest opponent, Sheriff Baca finally resigned.

    Lets not forget that Olmsted declared his candidacy first and had all the intentions of taking on the incumbent, while the others only declared, after the coast appeared to be clear! Sounds like the type of guys who show up to the call after the code 4 is put out!

  • Hi, I am a first time LA County voter. I’m hearing so much about scandal this, whistleblower that. Who should I vote for.

  • Thank you @Huh, he seems like a worthy person. Now, moving on, who is or what is Mr. Hellmold all about?

  • @CuriousStudent- Please take a moment to study the Olmstead bait before you bite. If you look closely you will you see sharp hooks and barbs that will rip your gums to pieces. @Hug likes to boast that Olmstead “stood up to the corruption, by exposing it,” but what he fails to tell you is that he retired first, called the FBI, and watched 20 of his previous subordinates get indicted. That’s not leadership nor is it standing up to corruption in my book. Had he stood up to the corruption as an active Sheriff’s Department member and fought to save his 20 indicted subordinates, I guarantee you I’d be his biggest supporter. As an active member of the Department he did exactly the same as the others, Nothing! He’ll say he tried to tell people but they wouldn’t listen. I guarantee you the FBI would have listened as an active member just as they did when he retired. There may not be much difference in some people’s eyes, but to me his actions were the epitome of cowardice. My hat’s off to him for his previous service to the country, but it’s his last act that I’m focused on. There was no valor in that and his ineffective leadership at the executive rank is the absolute last thing we need for Sheriff. Boomer!

  • Hellmold is an interesting study on cronyism. During the debates he has asserted repeatedly two lies his rivals are too polite to point out. First he claims he spent half his career working the line on earlies, but it’s kind of hard to piece 13 years on EMS when you’ve spent the bulk of your career at headquarters or wearing stars and bars on your collar. The second involves his claim that baca appointed him assistant sheriff Because crime was spiraling upwards and subsequently crime is now at a forty year low. Department records have shown a steady drop in crime throughout the county
    over the last dozen years and no relation whatsoever to Hellmolds tenure as A/S.

    Hellmolds history with both Baca and Tanaka is even more troubling. As Tanaka’s gatekeeper and money collector he was a central figure in the pay to play scandal. As an executive aide Hellmold was assigned to chauffeur Baca’s father around on duty and at taxpayer expense. No job was too questionable for Hellmold. With zero qualifications as an instructor, Hellmold provided fake training credentials to 99 “special” reserves, a move that was caught by POST that almost led to the decertification of the academy.

    The sole purpose Hellmold was brought into the Custody Management Task Force was to whitewash any damaging information that would be harmful to baca’s reelection chances. By word and deed he has proven to be grossly incompetent and unqualified for every position he has been assigned. Baca ensured that he was never held accountable for his failures, such as managing pursuits as watch commander.

    Hellmold represents the history of cronyism and corruption of the Baca / Tanaka administration, and in spite of all his claims to the contrary he does not have nor ever will have the respect of the line staff. Who are you kidding Jimmy?

  • Boomer, as always, never hesitates to bring out the same discredited story line. You somehow forgot to mention Tanaka’s role in getting the 20 indicted. I wonder why?

  • Olmsted approached all the higher brass about the corrupt shenanigans that were going on. He was ignored. It took a person with a real pair (no snap-on or strap on). Baca & Tanaka had a chance to handle it and did not. Lesson (1) on house cleaning. ….clean your own house, if not, don’t complain when some else does. While others bowed down to Tanaka & Baca, Olmsted stood up to them. Don’t confuse the scales of justice with lady luck. LASD has basically yelled “May Day” only after being caught and exposed without any underwear. That call will not go unheeded. Help is on the way come June 3rd or in November. To Boomer: Get some popcorn and rent the DVD “Serpico”. Different time and locale, but the same concept. Don’t hate Olmsted and don’t praise evil men.

  • @LATBG: Personally, I enjoy your evolution and belly flop into paranoia. You went from talking up old “Mustache Bob” into an angry tirade at other candidates with false and quite frankly, weak accusations. Did you finally realize that your dog won’t hunt? You could have saved yourself the humiliation by grasping that fact months ago.

    Also, are you still lying about your retirement date? We ALL want you to be true to your word on the whole 11+ months thing. Don’t go away mad, just go!

    Better yet, research some $25 word and use it in your next post.

    In one more week your guy will get his 6% of the vote.

    “Olmstead Retread in aeternum”

  • #59: “Can someone be so kind as to help me?”

    Sure, I’ll help.

    Google, I am sure you have heard, is your friend, so you can start there: Google all the candidates, and clear pictures will emerge on which you can make informed decisions.

    You can start with “Paul Tanaka shooting.”

  • @65 HUH – “I will gladly take a guy who says he will try and take on an issue of which he may never have any influence.”

    The problem is Olmsted didn’t offer to intervene in Syria’s problems until his campaign was paid by the shady fund raiser. Prior to that he couldn’t find Kessab, Syria on a map. That sounds like pay to play. Where is a link to Olmsted talking about Syria prior to being paid. Here is what he said after the check was cashed:


  • Veritatem thank you for your concerns over my retirement plans it’s quite touching. Both you and Boomer seem obsessed with people who support Olmsted and you spend a lot of time talking the same old crap about him that falls flat. Try something different for a change.

    I will even help you out. I know it may be difficult for you, but focus. Just say who you are supporting for sheriff and why. I’m pretty sure I’ve asked both you and Boomer to answer this simple question to no avail. I’ve already done the same, and I won’t even bother researching how any times I’ve asked the same question. Hint: your failure to answer this simple question is an endorsement of Olmsted by omission.

  • Start out with http://www.lasdabuse.com that will give you an eyeful. Pay attention to all of the drop down menus on the top left corner, particularly the Office of the Coroner picture, quite revealing.

  • Okay…wow…so Mr. Hellmold seems to have some faults, interesting… before I ask if Mr. Olmsted has any, can I move on for just a sec for a thought on Mr. Gomez? From my understanding he is the only Hispanic Canditate. Would he make a good sheriff?

  • @LATBG- As a political analyst I have to share my observations of the desperation in your recent posts. If you were any kind of an athlete you’d know it’s critical to stay focused as the clock ticks down and do all you can to remain “in the zone.” Your rant against Hellmold above is a classic example of paranoid schizophrenic behavior. Your obsession with Tanaka and his so-called indictment and future stay in Lompoc reeks of fear, panic, and confusion. It’s nothing more than propaganda and fantasy. Thus far none of your rants, which you’ve posted since November 2012, have even come close to being true. The only truth is you’ve hitched your car up to the Olmstead train and now you’re stalled in the intersection. My advice is to get out and run while he blows the whistle. As for you always trying to peek over my shoulder at the poll to see who I support, I’ll remind you of this one: “This will be a classic Region 2 smack down.” Do you remember that statement? I still stand by it along with my radio car of trust. And when I say Region 2 I don’t mean Rogers, because surfing your way to the top on the backs of deputies at Carson station doesn’t cut it. It’s especially distasteful when you think of one’s mother lobbying Carson City Hall and the Sheriff for her son to be promoted to captain. Local boy does good. Yeah right! Back to LATBG- Over the past year and half you’ve predicted so many outlandish outcomes and made so many ridiculous statements that nobody takes you serious anymore. The Latin guy has a point when he asks about your retirement. You once boldly proclaimed you didn’t have any skin in the game because you were retiring in a year or so. I call BS on that one. You’ve got so much skin in the game the only thing above water is your nose. Undoubtedly, it grows with each post since you never speak in terms of the truth. BTW, I have to ask: Do you still think Baca is laughing at principled people? Remember when you said that? If so, he must’ve busted a gut by now when thinking of Olmstead on a white horse in shining armor riding up to save the day. I’d recommend on June 4 he head to Syria to begin his humanitarian work. I hear they hold whistleblowers in high esteem. Just like Boomer!

  • Interesting how these two are retired and connected with ties and promises, and still won’t let go….non other than Tanaka and Hayhurst. If no winner for next week, watch them both very closely. It’s gonna be an eye opener!

  • The olmstead followers remind me much of the zombies at Jonestown. No legitimate thought just blind loyalty to their demigod. Well at least olmstead will be gone in 6 days and his vicious attacks on hundreds of hard working jail personnel will be reduced. Reform, really??? The feds couldn’t make their strongest case stick. Now they continue. And for the olmstead Kool-Aid drinkers, read the law, Tanaka could have taken the 5th and not testified but wanted to help deputies. Just because he was subpoenaed doesn’t mean he has to testify it is not a grand jury. But I don’t expect the omstead people to understand the law. Wow, how far we have fallen….sa
    d moratorium for Law Enforcement.

  • I think it’s time to invoke the mercy rule in softball here for Boomer and Veritatem. I think the score has to be at least 10-0 against you, and I want to thank both of you for your continued support of Olmsted.

    Your absolute failure and inability to answer the simple question I posed demonstrates clearly and convincingly that you have no faith in the qualifications or abilities of your candidate to win this election. Region II smackdown? I guess we should interpret that to mean Tanaka and Hellmold are going to be in the runoff? Hilarious! Neither of them could secure the official endorsement of their own respective party, and they were the only ones trying!

    I offer my opinion, which seems to drive you Koolaid drinkers bonkers, free of charge. If you two love birds think the old Region II will dictate the outcome of this race, that’s some pretty funny shit. I really don’t think John Q voter gives a rat’s ass about a group of whinny followers in matching t-shirts, thinking someone’s going to take their ill-gotten goods.

    If by some miracle either of your two darlings makes it to the runoff, they will guarantee the victory for the other party, plain and simple. And on another note, I find it very flattering, in a creepy sort of way, that the two of you are keeping detailed files on my postings. I really don’t give a shit what you two have said in the past, present, or future, and much less will I devote any time researching it. Our little exchanges are quite entertaining, however, so please continue!

  • Funny how you Tanaka supporters talk about blind loyalty, when you continue to follow a man who is righteously the subject of this investigation. I too believe in not turning your back on your friends, but I would not be out singing his praise, when I know it’s within his personality to have committed the offense. In fact his supporters are currently “strong arming” personnel for their support. That’s a weak leader who’s soldiers have to force people to follow!

    @Pay to play: many comments have talked about politics, so, although I don’t actually agree with it, where is the real harm in telling someone you will support their cause if it doesn’t seek favoritism from the position you seek. You really can’t compare that to Tanaka’s style of “support me and I will promote you! Cross me and I will ruin you!” Once again, only a weak leader has to dispatch his soldiers to ruin someone who does not see things their way!

  • The scandals are not over yet, just wait a couple more weeks and CRDF will blow your mind.

  • 84 @Kool-Aid – At least two things are wrong with Olmsted’s Syria connection.

    1. The Sheriff of L.A. County should focus on L.A. County, not Syria. Didn’t we just go through the Sheriff of the world nonsense? Do we need another one?

    2. Olmsted did not become interested in Syria until his campaign was paid to be interested. Do we want someone so easily bought? If he was interested in the area prior to the payment I would be more understanding.

  • #85) I don’t know what CRDF has, but I can assure you (without saying right now) that before this year is out, LASPA will have Deputies breaking down their doors to join.

  • Been retired for a long time, can someone please tell me what LASPA is… I have never heard that term before…

  • @Pay to play, but Tanaka having his soldiers strong arm employees into donating to his campaign is totally acceptable?

    @Reality, enlighten us about your LASPA statement. Besides what you have read, do you have personal knowledge of what is happening at ALADS?

  • If I remember correctly, did Paul Tanaka not put everything on the deputies in reference to the moving of Anthony Brown during his testimony? I dont remember the exact words or question, but I believe he was asked about certain details regarding moving Brown around and he said something like, we left that up to the deputies. Now from what I gather he basically said it was all on the deputies. WTF kind of leader is that? I am a R2 guy and have been since 98… Tanka was never bad for me, but after hearing that everyone should be able to see what he is. And if you cant, well that is just blind follow ship.

    Tanaka is very tainted, right or wrong. If elected Sheriff we will never get our reputation back because the media will be all over us as they are now. Nobody would trust us and the job would be that much more difficult. If Tanaka was a real stand up guy and really cared about our great Department he would step aside.

    Just my thought….

  • Kool-aid allergy & Roy: Many moons ago, LASPA was formed (the other deputy association for los angeles deputies) Some say because of Baca….others say it was formed because of ALADS lack of transparency.》》 (Still today)《《.Other LASPA members can add more clarity. I have to keep a poker face and a silent muzzle on until it’s over. This is not a teaser. Only can say…..it’s been a long time coming. This too will be News Breaking.

  • @Reality- I’ve heard some of inside about CRDF too. Tell me they didn’t do what I’m hearing. If what I heard is true you’re right, front page of the Times and a complete overhaul of the lieutenants and up. Does anyone there have any common sense or ounce of self-control?? Salacious temptations drive some people, I suppose. Boomer.

  • The poker face and muzzle is for ALADS. Loose lips sink ships. It’s gonna be the punch that won’t be seen. At the conclusion, I’ll give interview.

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