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New DOJ Report on Inmate Sexual Abuse, Gov. Brown Files Prison Overcrowding Proposal, and LASD Sheriff Contender Stories


A new Department of Justice report says that correctional officers may have been responsible for half of alleged sexual abuse cases in prisons and jails in 2011. A total of 8,763 allegations were reported in 2011, (about 2,500 more than were documented in 2005) and only 10% of the allegations were substantiated upon investigation. More than half of those substantiated instances of sexual abuse were committed by female officers.

ProPublica’s Joaquin Sapien has more on the report. Here’s a clip:

The report, released today by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, takes data collected by correctional administrators representing all of the nation’s federal and state prisons as well as many county jails. It shows that administrators logged more than 8,000 reports of abuse to their overseers each year between 2009 and 2011, up 11 percent from the department’s previous report, which covered 2007 and 2008.

It’s not clear whether the increase is the result of better reporting or represents an actual rise in the number of incidents.

Allen Beck, the Justice Department statistician who authored the reports, told ProPublica that abuse allegations might be increasing because of growing awareness of the 2003 Prison Rape Elimination Act.

“It’s a matter of speculation, but certainly there’s been a considerable effort to inform staff about the dangers of sexual misconduct, so we could be seeing the impact of that,” said Beck.

The survey also shows a growing proportion of the allegations have been dismissed by prison officials as “unfounded” or “unsubstantiated.” Only about 10 percent are substantiated by an investigation.

But even in the rare cases where there is enough evidence to prove that sexual abuse occurred, and that a correctional officer is responsible for it, the perpetrator rarely faces prosecution. While most prison staff shown to be involved in sexual misconduct lost their jobs, fewer than half were referred for prosecution, and only 1 percent ultimately got convicted.

About a third of staff involved in alleged abuse were permitted to resign before an investigation was completed, allowing them to keep a clean record, and potentially find similar work elsewhere.


On Thursday, Governor Jerry Brown and prisoners’ lawyers filed their separate proposals for getting the California prison population down to the federal-judge ordered 137% capacity. (Read the backstory here.) Gov. Brown requested a deadline extension of nearly two years—from the current and already-extended April 2014 deadline to a new February 2016 deadline. Brown detailed how the state planned to reduce the prison population via parole for the elderly and ill, increased good-time credits, and an alternative custody program for female inmates, among other efforts.

The Associated Press’ Don Thompson has the story. Here’s a clip:

Brown wants the deadline extended to Feb. 28, 2016. He proposed that the state meet interim population reduction deadlines in June 2014 and February 2015.

Two years is “the minimum length of time needed to allow new reform measures to responsibly draw down the prison population while avoiding the early release of inmates,” the administration said in its seven-page court filing.

The judges had ordered the administration and attorneys representing inmates to propose separate plans by Thursday after they failed to reach agreement on how best to reduce crowding.

Inmates’ attorneys said in their four-page filing that the state should be ordered to meet the population cap by May of this year. The filing recommended that the state comply by sending more inmates to private prisons in other states, something the state said would not be necessary under its proposal. The state currently houses about 8,900 inmates housed in out-of-state facilities.

The inmates’ lawyers also asked the court to appoint a compliance officer to order inmates released, if necessary.

Rebekah Evenson, an attorney with the Berkeley-based nonprofit Prison Law Office that is suing the state, said another two years is too long to wait when the state already has had four years to comply with previous court orders.

“People are hurt and people are dying because of the inadequate heath care. We just can’t wait another two years to get that resolved,” she said.

The state and the prisoner’s lawyers have until next week to give feedback on the others’ proposals, after which, the judges will review and make their final decision in February.


For those of you who watched the State of the State address and wanted a closeup of the Sutter Brown playing cards that the governor held up to the crowd as an unusual show-and-tell during the speech, the LA Times has helpfully published a photo and the story behind the cards. (Sadly, procuring a full First Dog deck is not possible.)


KPPC’s Frank Stoltze has a new profile of LA County Sheriff hopeful (and current Long Beach Police Chief) Jim McDonnell that’s worth reading. Here are some clips:

McDonnell, 54, has established himself as a well-known leader in the Southern California policing community. He spent 30 years at the LAPD, rising to assistant chief, before taking the top job in Long Beach four years ago. He has served as president of the L.A. County Police Chiefs Association.

Now, he wants to succeed L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca. McDonnell says he would bring a fresh perspective to a Sheriff’s Department with problems ranging from a federal investigation into excessive use of force at the jails to hiring unqualified deputies.

“I bring the outside set of eyes coming into an organization without predispositions,” McDonnell says. “Without alliances within the organization.”

All of the other candidates seeking to become the county’s top cop are either current or former sheriff’s officials, except for an LAPD sergeant. If elected, McDonnell would be the first sheriff to come from outside the department in at least 100 years.

Key law enforcement leaders back him for just that reason.

“Sometimes, as was the case with the LAPD, it’s necessary to look outside an organization for leadership,” says former federal judge Robert Bonner, who once led the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer, and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck also have endorsed McDonnell. He’s also won the unanimous support of his former colleagues on the blue-ribbon Jail Violence Commission.


LAPD Chief Beck spent decades working with McDonnell at the department. Asked about McDonnell’s management style, Beck says don’t expect a tough guy who’ll force changes at a broken Sheriff’s Department. Instead, he says McDonnell would “charm the troops.”

“Of all the people that I know that can come in from the outside, he is one that can get the willing cooperation of the deputies,” Beck says.

That’s no easy task. Just figuring out the politics of the sprawling and often byzantine Sheriff’s Department, with its rival internal factions, could be daunting.

And former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka’s KFI John and Ken Show interview we linked to on Tuesday is getting the attention of other media, as well. LA Weekly’s Gene Maddaus has a recap of the radio show.


  • I don’t think Tanaka has been talked to like that in a long time. His temper played a huge role in why they re-aired the interview. Paul, did you really berate the producer at KFI or is she lying too?

    The World doesn’t owe you anything, and no one cares about you being the mayor of Gardena. There weren’t that many issues if you could be a LASD executive and fulfill your duties. Or…. You were cutting corners in one of the offices.

    Whitmore, you are going to be alphabetizing bolts at fleet in two weeks! Please pull a hamstring and get the iod paperwork started so we don’t have to worry about you stealing our oxygen around LASD anymore.

  • Jack,
    Your last sentence says it all. If for no other reason, the fact that we will no longer have to hear from Whitmore is cause for a grand celebration. Among Baca’s plethora of gaffes, Whitmore, simply by virtue of us having to hear from Baghdad Bob on a near daily basis, WAS among the most aggravating. It isn’t just Baca who is going to go from a big shot to an absolute nobody, he will be joined by Ditmore.
    I’m buying boys. Here’s to Baca AND Whitmore being out of work!!!!!!!

  • Jack Dawson….Did Tanaka really go off on KFI producer????

    If so, no wonder the interview kept being re-played. I wish he would have berated John and Ken so everyone else listening could have heard the real Tanaka.

    I am just waiting to hear who the next interim Sheriff will be until the election is over.

  • #4,

    Paul Tanaka and his campaign has pissed off one of the largest radio station in Los Angeles. Start minute 3 and listen until you hear them stop railing Paul.

    Maybe your team should focus on giving you sound POLITICAL advice and not legal advice. I’m sure your chief fundraiser will learn that in her new grad school program.

    The US Attorney will definitely be speaking to you and the matter soon.

    Don’t fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.

  • Finally these clowns running LASD are being exposed. A/S Todd Rogers and A/S Jim Hellmold should go to the John and Ken show next. I would like them to be questioned regarding the Sergeant’s exam. Although the cheating was well documented and being “investigated”, they still went ahead, validated the exam and now are promoting people who might have cheated. There are people being promoted with no experience as deputies, only because they were friends with the ones who got the answers from the bosses. Example: U.S VS. Gonzalez, this bozo did less than two years patrol and got promoted. Look where he placed the department, in total liability. They are others like him, who promoted and in line to be promoted, which will cause the department additional trouble and money in the future. Some people were ousted form Central Jail shortly after the scandal of brutality surfaced. And now they are on band one waiting promotion….

  • Tanaka didn’t go off on John and Ken’s producer Raymond  Lopez. It was a female aide to Tanaka who was with Ray watching in the next studio. You  should listen to the calls from listeners  in response to his interview on today’s show during  6:00 hour. The PT cruiser has been run off the road. 

  • I wonder why Rogers didn’t put the current sergeant’s examination on his resume? I mean, his half-baked “plan” takes credit for things that haven’t happened or have nothing to do with him, he might as well take ownership of the cheating scandal that HE was responsible for overseeing. Can’t really blame this one on Tall Paul, because good ol’ Todd signed on the dotted line.

  • #8,

    You are indeed correct. I misheard on the first podcast. However, the candidate is still responsible for how his campaign staff acts, and ultimately receives the “fallout”.

    As we have seen in the last 72 hours, and KTLA just ran a brutal story against him and Baca.

  • Well, just shows you how unprofessional his staff conducts themselves. Especially to a producer of a popular talk show in Los Angeles.

  • @Boomer. Dude, you are something else. I have read every posting you have made since you signed on with this particular call sign. I imagine your annual performance evaluations are quite telling. Your juvenile attempts to bait people into conversation with provocative statements speaks volumes of what kind of lonely person you are and who you support.

    As far as those indicted, let’s just say I have a unique insight into a majority of those cases. My opinion is based on investigative facts, not speculation of “I heard.” Most of those folks earned those Federal indictments. Some were flat out bullies, some didn’t have the stones to say, “Nope, homie don’t play those games. Find someone else to do your shit.” And some just wanted to be “one of the fellas.” This I do know, factually. Most were lead down the path of indictment by those loyal to the little man. And for that blind and malicious loyalty, they will pay a big price. A price so big, they are begging for a way out and praying they are going to wake up and find out all of this was a bad dream.

    Thank God for Olmsted. John and Ken exposed the little man for what he really is, dangerous. And for Leroy “I’m leaving on my own terms, tomorrow,” Baca, good riddance and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. The Feds are on deck for the next round of indictments surrounding the hide the informant caper and boy, this round is gonna rock the world of some faces in high places. Just wait until they start indicting folks on their corruption related investigations. Buddy boy, you ain’t seen nothen yet. God bless Olmsted, a man of integrity. Ok Boomer, load your cap gun and show us what an adult you are, dazzle us with your mature thoughts and comments, impress your friends, not us.

  • #13. The answer to your question is “NO” He didn’t commit the crimes nor give the orders to do so. Please direct that question to Paul Tanaka’s facebook page. I hear he’s answering question’s from prospective voters. Good luck

  • Hey #13, Junior, you want to know who has the blood of virtually all LASD scandal on his hands? Look no further than your fuhrer, Paul Tanaka. (And no, I’m not making any reference to Hitler, Fuhrer means “ruthless, tyrannical leader). He is responsible for all of the misery we have endured for years, his henchmen and henchwomen (equal opportunity) who did all of the dirty work to curry favor and of course, Baca, for letting it happen. I hear Tanaka recently did a radio interview and is now looking to pitch his own talk-show.

  • I hear several executives may be indicted, including Bob Olmsted. I know he, along with Cruz, were in charge of CJ when most of this mess happened.

    Can someone confirm?

  • 14 et al. You guys have a lot of insight, I suspect. And from the way you have addressed nay sayers, i suspect you are good cops, the right kind. I believe I’d work with you anythime…. If I was a hell of a lot younger. Keep up with your dedication to truthfulness and you will restore LASD to the glory I remember.l

  • You know listening to the comments crack me up. Patrick Gomez the man who had stones back in the day, showed the dirty laundry in the LASD and while still working in the Dept as a Sgt. He got delt with by the powers that be. Leva at one time did the same thing and got freeway therapy. Olmstead aint a bad man I think he is a little late to call him reforming whistle blower. I don’t think he ever spoke out back then while still employed. It takes a big man to slap your boss in the face with a lawsuit while you still work for him. Patrick Gomez did. just my 2 cents.

  • @Can’t stop- I try very hard to see all the sides of the issues, and to especially show everybody involved the respect we are all due. With that being said, sir, I believe you are crossing some lines, as are a few others here. I find it strange that all attacks (some of which are quite personal and malicious)on Baca, Tanaka, Rodgers, Hellmold, McDonnell, et.Al., are sanctioned and encouraged on this site, but Olmsted is hands off. In fact, it is also funny that his press conference gets a lead story piece here, but another press conference the same day gets scant mention. Just my observation. Now, witness la of course has every right to write and feature articles about whatever they choose. And all of us who post here can also say whatever we choose. I guess my issue is that I, and many others, are beginning to feel that Mr. Olmsted is being shoved down our throats. While he may end up being elected, I would hope all candidates will receive an equal chance. As an American, I believe strongly in this. I want the best candidate to be elected. At this point in time, I cannot say who it is. After some debates and more time examining all of the canidates pisitions, I will come to my own conclusion. How’s that sound?

  • Can’t Stop Laughing- Your call sign says it all. You enjoy seeing deputies go to jail and the great LASD go down the tubes, right? I particularly don’t. It appears as if my last post struck a nerve. Sometimes when one encroaches upon the truth the nerves tend to quiver. Let me guess, you’re claiming to be some wazoo ICIB/IAB/or Detective division Columbo who has all the inside. Talk about a laugher. I’m confident you’ve had no past and surely no future. Face it brother. Your “Homie” left his deputies hanging out to dry. Ask him about how proud he was when his name was etched on the 3000 floor mural and he gladly stood with the deputies who put him there. Perhaps you can dig into your super secret files and research it. Please laugh your way into retirement and take your “outstanding” evals with you. You undoubtedly kissed a lot of sergeant ass to get them.

  • # 18, I can’t see Olmsted getting indicted. It’s no secret that he is one of the federal government’s first and highest ranked informants from within the LASD that freely testified in front of the grand jury.

    Indicting him would be counter productive to the federal case, because if you indict a cooperating witness, you risk losing the benefit of their testimony. Anyone indicted who previously testified would likely clam up and plead the 5th. It would damage the federal case.

    That’s why James Sexton’s indictment was so baffling. He was an original whistleblower, reportedly testified with full disclosure in front of the grand jury, and was indicted… and now the feds may lose his testimony, for they put him in a place where continuing to testify for the prosecution doesn’t help him, but cause him harm.

  • Remember when Leroy told  Hartshorne to  open an investigation into   all the  lost and unfinished use of force  reports during  the tenures of Olmsted, Daniel Cruz and John Clark. Leroy also wanted to know if anyone had stopped  Bob from correcting the problems he had seen with excessive force and cliques.  What became of that  investigation? Maybe nothing or maybe they gave their findings  to  the feds.  If the feds  make a case for the jail abuse shenanigans  against  Dan Cruz, who was his Supervisor? Bob. He was his Captain and later his Commander. Sexton’s indictment  was a  bit of a surprise. However, they  may not care about losing testimony, if they have cases with strong evidence.  An indictment of  Bob Olmsted is not that far- fetched.

  • Tanaka may have 33 years on the job but if he can’t remember what happened while he was at LASD and talk about what he’ll do differently, he might as well be some random deputy working graveyard shift at a sleepy substation. More important than having 3+ decades in law enforcement, is a candidate showing they have learned something in all those years.

  • @Hardtimes, you make a very compelling comment about all of the candidates. This election has created a situation for a great deal of passion to be generated. I personally, support Olmsted. But if there is true and validated criticism of him, bring it on, he’s a big boy and he is in the race like the others. I’m not sure how long you have been on the job, but the perspective those of us who have over 30 years is much different than perhaps yours. All of us love LASD an an institution, all of us, regardless of who you support. But why perhaps you see the pointed jabs at the other candidates is because of who they are and what they represent. And that requires you, the individual, to be honest with yourself.

    Hellmold is who he is, no experience, poor leadership and a free ride throughout his career. I’m not saying he’s a bad person, I’m not. But he was joined at the hip with Tanaka and is a blind follower of Baca’s mismanagement practices. Hellmold is simply going to tell the deputies what they want to hear, “You’re the best, I got your back, I’m here for you.” Just like he did for five years at Century Station. Our deputies ARE great, they are the backbone of LASD. But Hellmold NEVER dealt with any problems at Century, he just smiled and made things go away. Told his troops what they wanted to hear. That, my friends, is not leadership. Rogers has been an opportunist, not a leader. An example, and this is fact. Rogers was planning on running for Sheriff long ago, he got his ducks all lined up for support and fundraising. No problem with that at all, if you are going to run, you have to set things up in advance, got it. You run for Sheriff because you want to run the organization, you want to bring in your leadership values and lead LASD. It was an open secret Todd was going to run. The DAY BEFORE he was going to announce he was going to run, he gets a 10-19 Baca’s office. Todd walks into that meeting as a Commander and walks out of the office as a Assistant Sheriff and said, “I’ve decided not to run for Sheriff after all. He sold his soul for a promotion. What else will he do for self-serving purposes? I have a real problem with his principals, his dedication and personal ethics.

    Olmsted on the other hand, human and not perfect, watched John Clark get rolled-up by Tanaka for simply trying to solve a problem with a number of rogue deputies at MCJ. His plan, like it or not, was approved by his Commander and the Division Chief. Tanaka steps-in, rolls up Clark and installs Olmsted. Bob saw the problems and started fixing them by holding lieutenants and sergeants accountable to guide, mentor and direct the young deputies at MCJ. Force went down. Then comes Dan Cruz, Tanaka’s “hand selected” Operations Lieutenant and Tanaka worshiper. Bob gets promoted to Commander and Cruz takes the reigns of MCJ. What happens? “Anythings goes, boys. Paul and I got your back.” And guess what, the rogue bullies are unchained and their sergeants and lieutenants let them do what ever they want. After all, Paul is covering everything. Olmsted see’s what’s going on and has numerous conversations with Cruz. Force goes up and up and up, things are getting out of control. There are sergeants on the line who are encouraging flat out bullshit behavior because THEY are Tanaka loyalists and their lieutenants are Tanaka loyalists. The place is out of control because of a group of gangster wannabes who call themselves the 2000-3000 Boyz. Is anyone proud of that? Is anyone condoning that type of Lynwood Viking mentality, the Ramapart mentality? I think not. Ask the silent majority of great MCJ deputies who watched all of this unfold.

    Olmsted has his fill of it all, particularly when the infamous words of “Fuck Olmsted, I work for Paul Tanaka,” were uttered by Cruz. So Olmsted goes to Chief Burns, A/S Cavanaugh and they say, “Nothing we can do, Paul runs everything.” So Bob goes to Tanaka and gives him the facts, says he wants Cruz moved to save himself and save MCJ, its a train wreck. Tanaka says no, not moving Cruz, I want to promote him to Commander. Now folks, that is fact, absolute fact, not spin. Unbelievable, you want to promote the captain who is leading young deputies into a federal investigation? Are you kidding me? As I heard Olmsted say once, “None of this had to happen, none of it, if Tanaka only let me do my job.” (Tanaka had a C-clamp on everyone’s throat, nothing happened without his permission, don’t deny it.) So Olmsted goes to Baca, twice and tells him right to his face what is going on and that Tanaka is dangerous. In typical Baca fashion, he didn’t want to hear it.

    Like it or not, Olmsted was faced with a decision. Shut up and march in lock step with Tanaka and watch the FBI roll in with TST busses five years from now or do something that is unheard of, but you know in the long run it is the only thing that could be done to get LASD under control. Baca and Tanaka had to go, they were a cancer that would destroy LASD. So Olmsted goes to the Feds and the Times. Not an easy decision, but it was the right thing to do, the only thing to do. Do you let your Dad continue to beat your Mom or do one day you call the cops and stop the problem. Then Tanaka gets “finessed” by Baca, fired, and the unthinkable. He, PT, decides to run for Sheriff. That is what pushed Olmsted over the edge and make a decision to run for Sheriff himself. To expose B&T for who they are and what they are. He was retired and living life well, he gave it up for you, not him, you, us, me.

    Sorry for the long response, but the record has to be set straight. The cheeps shots by those with DNA issues will be posted, you decide. The “blood” junior claims is on Olmsted’s hand is a misguided and wrongly motivated provocative statement. The “blood” is on Baca and Tanaka’s hands and it will never wash off. But it is also on the hands of everyone who was in a position of authority to do something, all the way down to those MCJ sergeants, yet did nothing. They became arrogant, self-serving and enablers. So who do you want to support as Sheriff, a couple of folks who were and are a part of the problem, who did nothing but cover their eyes, who will tell you what you want to hear? And with that, nothing will change. Or a guy who had to make a tough but honorable decision for the institution of LASD. He did the unthinkable but did it with courage and for the better. All of this shit has to stop, it has been going on for over ten years, Pay to Play, Cigar Club, In the Car, etc, we know the story. It has to stop. Olmsted has put it out in writing, the Chief’s and Assistant Sheriff’s of LASD (most of them) are fired, they are toast, they have all been a willing participant in the culture of corruption of LASD. Not the troops, its the leadership that has been a catastrophic failure. It takes stones and commitment to make that pledge, you know where he stands. Not perfect, but he is an honorable man who will clean up LASD for us, you, for me. Not for some self-serving purpose. That, Hardtimes, is why you read what you read. Passion to see LASD become what it once was, I’ve lived it, I want to see it return before I bug out. Thank you for your time, those are my opinions with honor in my heart. None of this had to happen. For those who participated, who think it was Okay, shame on you, go away, we’ve had enough.

  • Has anyone heard that the Mr Tanaka campaign is encouraging a lot of their supporters to attend the ALADS get together for Deputies only (in Feb) so they can overwhelm the crowd…. thus making a case for ALADS to support Mr Tanaka… has anyone else heard this?

  • Nice job Searchlight, u don’t need 30 years to see the handwriting on the wall. This rodeo is about over. The last piece on Ch 7 was pretty interesting. They had video pictures of Leroy’s calendar….voluntarily supplied, or FOIA, they were interesting. Makes ya wonder how deep the Feds have gone. Olmsted is ‘our’ last chance to fix a bad situation. He’s fighting an uphill battle, but I like his tenacity. He keeps coming. We need to take a long look in the mirror, and do it ourselves. We’ve got problems — big problems. It’s time to hit the reset button.

  • Searchlight, thank you for your respectful reply. I appreciate your honest opinions, and the way in which you presented them. I do not have quite as much time on as you, but lets just say I am getting some longevity pay. So I do feel that I am in a position to have decent perspective into the issues on the department today. Many of the names mentioned over the last few years on this site are people I have worked for, with, or know on a personal level. However, I try hard to keep my personal feelings out of it. One question I have is why when CJ went through its makeover by Mr. T was Olmsted the choice to captain the ship? What is being presented is that many of the supervisors that were brought in were Tanaka loyalists, but that Olmsted was of a different mindset. On the face of it, that does not make much sense. The unit gets blown up, Olmsted is hand picked to lead, but he is completely different than everyone else? If, perhaps, over time he decided to change course for whatever reason, that could make sense. I am just wondering out loud. I am aware that he was and had always been respected on the department, and maybe that was the reason why he was brought in. I am also willing to bet that he did not forsee deputy sheriffs getting indicted as the result of any of his actions. I do not think anyone would want that. So again, I am willing to listen to all of the arguments and positions being put out there. I respect everybody’s opinion, even if they differ from mine. Stay safe, everyone…….

  • I hope the Interm Sheriff instructs Hellmold and Rogers that if they continue to run for sheriff they must take a leave of absence for the good of the Department and their campaign. It is ridiculous to think that they are not violating policy on a daily basis of making a call, texting a campaign donor etc… They both have openly violated the policy so far. Rogers announced his election run in front of HQ which is COUNTY property. Hellmold has given political interviews also on HQ property. Im glad these reformers are holding themselves accountable out of the gate. Every decision be it promotion, transfers and or resources they make will be political or have that cloud over it. Please gents step down or the new Sheriff should place you back to Commanders where one of you has experience at that rank

    3-01/070.05 POLITICAL ACTIVITY
    Political activities permitted and prohibited by this Department are as follows:
    Permitted Political Activities
    An employee, on his/her own time, is permitted to participate in any of the following activities:
    Expressing opinions on all political subjects and candidates,
    Becoming a candidate for nomination or election to any partisan or nonpartisan office,
    Engaging in partisan and nonpartisan political activities as an individual or as a member of a group,
    Contributing to political campaign funds (but not in any County building),
    Joining political organizations and voting on any questions presented,
    Organizing and managing political clubs, serving as officer, delegate or alternate, or as member of any committee; addressing such club on any partisan/nonpartisan political matter,
    Participating actively in political conventions such as by making motions or addresses or preparing resolutions,
    Attending political meetings, rallies, caucuses, etc. and organizing, preparing or conducting such gatherings,
    Participating actively, serving as officer or on any committee of a political organization, such as precinct committeeman or chairman of the food committee at a campaign dinner,
    Joining a labor union, civic betterment group or citizens association,
    Initiating, signing or circulating partisan or nonpartisan nominating petitions; distributing campaign literature, badges, etc., (but not during working hours or on County property),
    Wearing badges or buttons, except while in uniform; displaying bumper stickers, pictures or posters on automobile or in window of home,
    Speaking publicly, or writing letters or articles for or against any political candidate; endorsing or opposing such candidate in a political advertisement broadcast, campaign literature or similar material,
    Publishing partisan newspaper,
    Managing the campaign of a political candidate,
    Making political contributions.
    NOTE: The granting of leaves of absence without pay to engage in political activities is discretionary with the department head (Civil Service Rule 16.02).
    Prohibited Political Activities
    Engaging in any political activity whatsoever during working hours or on County premises,
    Placing or attaching any political poster, sticker, sign or similar material on County property,
    Using any County or Department asset or resource (e.g., computers, data bases, personnel lists, etc.), for any political activity,
    Knowingly solicit political funds or contributions, directly or indirectly, on or off duty, from County employees, except for mass mailing or other means of solicitation made to a significant segment of the public which may include Department members County employees. (Refer to 3-01/070.07, Prohibited Political Activity and Other Conflicts of Interest.)
    Exception: County officers and employees may solicit funds for passage or defeat of a ballot measure affecting their pay, hours, retirement, civil service or other working conditions.
    Soliciting contributions, signatures or other forms of support whether in person, electronically, County or U.S Mail, or any other form, for political candidates, parties, or ballot measures within, upon, generated from, directed to, or intended to be received at/on County property at any time,
    Example: County employees shall not solicit signatures for a nominating petition in a County building or on County property,
    Directly or indirectly using official authority to interfere with any election or influencing the political actions of other County employees or any member of the general public.
    Example: County employees shall not attempt to influence anyone’s vote by such methods as promising, or threatening to withhold, a job, promotion or other benefit,
    Favoring or discriminating against any employee or person seeking County employment because of political opinions or affiliations,
    Participating in any political activities of any kind in uniform,
    Participating in any other political activities expressly prohibited by the County or the Department,
    NOTE: Employees who are subject to the basic political activity prohibitions while on active duty shall be equally subject to such restrictions when on paid or unpaid leave (Political Activity Guidelines, adopted by the Board of Supervisors, July 2, 1974).
    Revised 01/31/13
    04/01/96 MPP

  • @31 Tanaka was the newly anointed Assistant Sheriff of Custody/Courts. He was determined to turn MCJ into the “ghetto station” of Custody Division. Behind Captain John Clark’s back, Tanaka started his plot of letting the “fellas” know, he was their guy, he had their back. He went to MCJ, smoked cigars with the deputies and told them, “If you have any problems with your supervisors, you let me know.” Before you know it, line deputies began to email Tanaka directly and told them of the plan that Captain Clark was about to hatch to break up the cliques. With one phone call, Tanaka transferred Captain Clark to Commercial Crimes Bureau and his Ops Lieutenant, Casey Bald, to Court Services. “I got your back,” Tanaka proclaimed. His race to become the next Sheriff started; it was all part of his master plan, manipulation was the main ingredient of his plan. The thugs of MCJ had just been given a jolt of steroids.

    Olmsted had been the captain of Commercial Crimes Bureau for a while, life was good. Why was he select? Bob is laid back, it is his nature. Tanaka thought Bob was someone he could control, he found out otherwise, quickly. Olmsted received a phone call and told to 10-19 Tanaka’s office. PT told him he was being transferred to MCJ to take over a troubled command, not much else was said. Olmsted met with Captain Clark to get briefed on what was going on. Olmsted realized he was walking into a friggen mess. A mess not of Clark’s making, but of Tanaka’s. Olmsted took stock of the land and realized everything Clark had told him, was true. Olmsted walked the floors, day in and day out and what he saw bothered him, tremendously. Tanaka thought Bob would be a good boy and clean up everything that came across his desk, he found out differently. Deputies on steroids, (Bob fired one), unreported force, a filthy facility, folks just didn’t give a shit. And the more he looked, the worse it was. Olmsted didn’t turn his head, didn’t hide in his office, he started making changes. 2,000 burnt out lights were replaced, the facility was cleaned up, deputies were empowered to make changes.

    Then Tanaka was put in his place, because of all the attention that the ACLU was taking into MCJ, Baca suddenly became involved. The ACLU and Baca liked what they saw, force was down 25%, people were held accountable, things were looking good. Then Tanaka shoved Lt. Dan Cruz down Olmsted’s throat. Bob told Tanaka he didn’t want him, Dan was recently rolled up from Lennox for being over a year behind with his force packages, he was deemed “one of the boys, ” not a lieutenant. Tanaka, as usual, didn’t listed. Cruz was installed and the same shit happened. But interesting enough, against Tanaka’s wishes, BACA promoted Olmsted to Commander. But to pacify Tanaka, Baca promoted Cruz to the captain of MCJ and Olmsted to Commander of Custody Division. But a funny thing happened on the way to the promotion party. Tanaka told Cruz, “You report directly to me, no one else. Take care of the boyz.) And Tanaka continued to stack MCJ with his “hand selected” sergeants and lieutenants, all on Tanaka love list. “Take care of the boyz,” The rest was history.

    Tanaka could not control Olmsted, but he could Cruz. This was all part of eventually getting the ALADS endorsement when Baca stepped down. One big master plan of manipulation by Tanaka. You know the rest of the story. Olmsted was supposed to be a “good boy” and do what Tanaka said. It didn’t happen the way the little man planed. Baca became involved and Tanaka backed off. I repeat again to you sir, none of this had to happen, none of this should have happened. Tanaka wanted to turn MCJ into the Century Station of Custody Division. His “hand selected” sergeants and lieutenants did as they were told, cover up and take care of the boyz. The problem was, “the boyz” thought they had a green light to do as they wished, juice it up, bulk up, fuck up. Things became so out of control, only the Feds could clean it up. Little did anyone know, when Olmsted went to the FBI, they had already been looking at MCJ for over a year. This entire situation was out of control and the sharks were already in the water. The blood, is on Tanaka and Baca’s hands, no one else other than those “hand selected” supervisors. I hear the Feds will be dealing with them in due time.

    I hope this answers your question.

  • Searchlight, Junior here…Thank you for regurgitating one man’s tale told to the jail commission. However, I have to correct you on one major point of your story. Regardless of how you feel about the man or his performance, force under Captain Dan Cruz actually went down after Olmstead left MCJ. That’s been pointed out in more than one lawsuit and is clearly stated on the record. Until you can publicly display the number of force packets, including file numbers and suspect names, please don’t go about spouting things you don’t know as fact. You have the right to put the blood where you want it, I won’t dispute that. But the day our elected sheriff touts being an FBI informant as one of his biggest accomplishments is the day you can count me out. And let me remind you Olmstead never stood up to Paul or Leroy. He testified to sheepishly walking in Paul’s office with papers under his arm. Had he been as bold as after retirement Paul would have ripped his head off. It was a well known fact he was scared to death of Paul and probably still is. Instead, the man safely retired and did the “unheard of” (your words), and now several deputies face prison. That part of the story can’t be disputed. But I’m confident you’ll desperately try in your next chapter.

  • @”Searchlight”: clearly you are a person in the know. I can’t speak for everyone, but after 30 years, you get to know people in high places. I have heard various rumors over the past several years and have been able to piece together most of what I felt was going on, you Sir have filled in the blanks and made sense of what was previously a little confusing to me.

    I too am an Olmsted supporter and feel they slipped up when they tried to take a “no nonsense street cop” and back him into a corner. The thing is, Tanaka surrounds himself with people who are “climbers” first, cops second, so non of them understood the fight that a real cop has when it is all on the line.

  • One more thing if I may, all of this shit spoken by Ithicaboomer, (wow, what a real man’s name) is for one thing and one thing only. A failed attempt to influence the upcoming ALADS Candidate’s Forum and eventual membership vote. Yea boomer, in true Tanaka fashion, everyone is stupid and do exactly as you say, march in lockstep for too tall paul. His quest for power and control is so delusional, self-centered, but in true form, his boot lickers are right there to do the dirty work. Yes Boomer, Paul will make you a Sr. Deputy at CRDF. You rock dude.

  • This is a very telling statement.
    “Had he been as bold as after retirement Paul would have ripped his head off. It was a well known fact he was scared to death of Paul and probably still is”.
    Have you seen Paul “rip somebody’s head off”? Is Tanaka a bad ass motherf%^#er who literally, physically kicks people’s asses when they are “bold” and it pisses him off? Why is it that Olmsted “feared” Tanaka then and “probably still does”?
    That is one of the most juvenile, bragodocio type of statements I’ve heard yet on this cite. I’ve stayed out of the fight, refrained from engaging in the fight as to the drawbacks of each candidate. But your statement makes it mighty tough to remain neutral. Really? Seriously? First of all, I want you to tell us of anytime at all you’ve witnessed Mr. Tanaka engage somebody physically and tear them a new assin a one on one physical confrontation. Your shit sounds like bullshit cell soldier smack talking. If you want to help Mr. Tanaka, the first thing you need to do is shut the f#^k up. I use this verbiage because it seems to be the type you can relate to.
    Stall out. Quit selling wolf tickets on behalf of the guy you’ claim to be trying to help. It makes you look like a cluck head talking shit.

  • Boomer,

    You’re right, force went down in certain sectors under Cruz…. But deputy on deputy violence went up ten fold under him! Zero incidents to over 30 in one night. Great captain; nailed it!

    Not to mention the cameras were beginning to pop up. Take your slicked back hair, rolled sleeves, and spit cup (which I love myself), and go back to looking cool. Stick to the knuckle dragging.

    You weren’t built for making arguments just like I wasn’t built to throw 90 mph fastballs or dunk. It’s biology. Don’t fight it.

  • Very comprehensive analysis, Searchlight. It puts things in an honest perspective . Very sad that lASD was brought to its knees by the self-serving, corrupt management ( the use of the term leadership is inappropriate here ) I only had a hint of the goings on, You have clearly brought the underlying facts to the surface and I commend you. I would hope you are included in Olmsted;s transition team and part of his command staff. Well done. and good luck.

  • @35, Oh Boomer, you are sadistic, you just keep pissing in the wind and now look at you, you’re soaking wet. “Less than Significant” force incidents under Cruz, DID go down. But “Significant Force” incidents absolutely skyrocketed. The IAB mandatory hotline for broken bones rang off the hook. Break a bone, you get your ink. And that is an absolute fact, so the total numbers were somewhat even, the type of force changed, for the worse, dramatically. One incident comes to my mind was an inmate was placed on the wall, and the words, “Ready to earn your ink?” were uttered. The next thing you know, the inmate was on the ground with a broken orbital bone while high fives were being slapped. Now Boomer, do you support that type of bullshit? Do you think the deputies along with their mentality is what “we” all want on our beloved LASD? Do you think that is completely acceptable? And when those deputies are fired, you probably will slap them on the back and proclaim they got a raw deal. “Don’t worry fellas, you’ll get your job back by Civil Service, it’s all good, we got your back.” This is the shit that went on continually by the 2000-3000 Boyz who all thought they were too cool for school.

    And here is another question for you to ponder, Junior. Of all the facilities in Custody Division, why was MCJ the only facility to have scandal on top of scandal? Why not NCCF? Same security level of inmates as MCJ? Why was CJ deemed the problem child of LASD, the place where ALL of the FBI Investigations and indictments were spawned from? No, you can’t blame Olmsted for this as much as you would like to. It was because Paul Tanaka decided to take a leadership role, and I use that term very loosely. Tanaka did everything he could to curry favor with the deputies to include screwing John Clark and Casey Bald to make favor with the MCJ deputies. Because he placed his “hand selected” sergeants, lieutenants and include Dan Cruz, his “hand selected” captain, into that facility to follow his mandate of “take care of business, I’ve got your back.” Twist the facts all you want Boomer, but ask yourself what became of Captain Cruz? Where was Tanaka? Whose back did he have when Cruz got a 10-19 Baca’s office? No where to be found. Just like when the cell doors slam on those indicted, especially those from OSJ and ICIB who followed Tanaka’s orders. When the judge slams down the gavel and hands out time like Morton’s slings steaks, where will Tanaka be, besides standing next to these folks? He will lie and deny anything and everything. Hell, he has in every single interview he has done, “I’ve never condoned any misconduct in my 33 years on the department.” I about choked on my King Taco the first time I heard that statement come from his mouth. Tanaka is going to throw everyone under the bus in an attempt to save his own ass.

    So my question Boomer, why do you insist on embarrassing yourself with false allegations against Olmsted. Hell, I would have respect for you if you would just man up and come out of the closest and say, “I like Tanaka, I want to support him for Sheriff.” At least we all know where you stand and then simply debate your position of facts. I’m not saying everything Tanaka did was bad, he did some good things and had some good ideas. But the man is flat out dangerous and a lot of people are going to face the music when this is all over with and Tanaka and Tanaka alone will be responsible for the culture of corruption he created. I speak from investigative, management and executive experience, I know what I’m talking about, the man is dangerous. Here’s a towel Boomer, dry yourself of and come to Jesus. Give it up, step over to our side and be a part of the solution, not the problem.

  • I think it’s time for ALADS to comment on their lame attempt to stack the crowd in favor of Tanaka in the upcoming candidate forum in February:

    Fwd:FYI this was sent by alads….

    Happy New Year!

    This forum being held by ALADS is Not considered political activity and is
    protected by your right to engage in union related activities.

    There won’t be many opportunities in your career where you have the power to
    Influence who becomes the next Sheriff.

    Busses will be provided by the Tanaka Campaign… Please forward to as many
    ALADS members as possible.

    The ALADS forum for who they will support for Sheriff will be held on February
    19th at the Kenneth Hann Hall of Administration, beginning at 1800 hours. The
    below link has other information or go to the ALADS website. This is an
    important time for the future of our Department. Please attempt to get as many
    ALADS members to attend as possible who are supporting Paul Tanaka for Sheriff.
    I can’t tell you how important this endorsement is for our campaign. Lets all do
    the right thing and support Paul for Sheriff.

    Maybe someone from the board of directors cares to comment on this? A closed forum, with limited seating, not open to public view, and the hosting entity is bussing in the supporters of ONE candidate? Unethical doesn’t begin to cover it, but then again who are they trying to prop up?

    Birds of a feather flock together…

  • @46 Very interesting, any additional information on the reason for the discharge? My Dad always said you can judge a man’s character by the friends he keeps. Is Burns friends with Tanaka?

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