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LA County Supes May Unlock Some of the LASD’s Frozen Spending Power to Help the Department Respond to Coronavirus Needs

Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker

In October 2019, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to freeze $143.7 million in LA County Sheriff’s Department funding and pause the department’s ability to hire certain non-sworn positions in response to the department’s “staggering” $63.4 million budget deficit.

On Tuesday, April 28, the board will consider a new motion to return $82.7 million — more than half of the withheld funds — to Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s control, so the LASD can better respond to the coronavirus crisis.

Budget Problems

Before passing that first October motion, the supes lectured Sheriff Villanueva over the $63.4 million deficit, which they said would eat into the County General Fund, leaving other departments and services underfunded.

Much of the deficit, according to LA County CEO Sachi Hamai, was the result of significant spending on overtime and “under-realized revenue” — contracts and grants the department was expected to win, but either lost, or failed to apply for in the first place.

The problem, Villanueva said at the time, was that the county wasn’t funding “the true cost” of public safety. Rather than the $3.5 billion the budgeted for the department for fiscal year 2019-2020, in the sheriff’s estimation, the LASD should have had $3.9 billion with which to work.

The supervisors said, however, that like all other county departments facing overages, the department leaders had plenty of opportunity to work on the budget deficit mitigation plan that the CEO’s Office repeatedly requested from the LASD over the previous year, without success. The LASD was the only county department to end the year in the budgetary hole.

Thus, the supervisors forced the issue by freezing some of department officials’ spending power and their ability to hire certain administrative, non-sworn personnel.

The motion directed the sheriff to work with the CEO, plus County Counsel and the Auditor-Controller, to draft and follow through with a budget mitigation plan.

The supervisors stressed that their decision was not a personal attack against the sheriff, with whom members of the board have had a rather contentious relationship. At certain points during the October meeting, however, the supes were sharply critical. Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, at one point, told the sheriff to put on his “big boy pants” and take the steps necessary to fix his budget problems.

Once the Auditor-Controller and CEO felt the department had made adequate progress toward realigning the massive budget, the two could recommend to the supervisors that the LASD was ready to get its money back.

On Track for an Even Worse Deficit

Yet, the sheriff is expected to end this current fiscal year with an even higher deficit of $89 million, according to the the April budget report the department sent to the CEO’s Office.

This outcome, according to the motion’s authors, Supervisors Kuehl and Hilda Solis, would leave the department with a cumulative deficit of $160 million between 2017 and 2020.

The department is on track to hit the $89 million deficit despite an expected $24.8 million in “budget solutions” that sheriff’s officials have identified to offset the running deficit, during weekly meetings with the CEO’s Office.

Part of the problem is that the department is expected to blast past its overtime budget by $143.4 million to hit a total of $286.8 million. The supes noted that the department reduced overtime for “non-contracted services” by $11.8 million, but that overspending on overtime in general remains a problem.

Sheriff Calls on Supes to Unfreeze the Money

In a press briefing on Monday, April 20, Sheriff Villanueva called on the supervisors to release the $143.7 million, praising his staff for reducing overtime spending by nearly $12 million when compared to fiscal year 2018-2019.

“My staff has been working very diligently with the CEO’s Office on budget mitigation efforts,” the sheriff said. “These efforts have resulted in a significant reduction in spending. Overtime expenditures have also been significantly reduced, even in the state of emergency.”

Several months ago, a portion of our budget was frozen,” Villanueva said. “Now, I’m not here to argue the politics involved in that, at this point.”

What is important, the sheriff said, is that the department now needs the money, which was “already allocated” to the department.

Villanueva said the the department would use some of the funds to equip 300 new patrol cars currently “collecting dust” with necessary electronics and emergency gear, as well as to pay for more cleaning and hygiene supplies for the jail system. The money would also allow the department to replenish depleted supplies necessary to process rape kits.

Supes’ Motion Offers a Compromise

Instead of releasing the whole pot of withheld cash, as requested by the sheriff, the board will vote on returning $75,100,000 for regular operations and $7,600,000 for expenses related to COVID-19.

In their motion Kuehl and Solis say that the sheriff must commit to a “more robust plan” to close gaps in the budget. The motion requests that the sheriff take one specific step toward this goal: reducing training academy classes which the sheriff chose to increase from four per year to 12 per year to address understaffing issues. Tripling the number of classes has forced the department to use sworn staff working overtime to assist the training classes.

The supes’ motion requests that the sheriff return to four classes per year, a number “previously approved” in the department’s budget. This would effectively erase $49 million of the budget gap.

“Budgets are inherently dynamic,” the motion says, “and while $83 million in funding will be transferred pursuant to this motion, we encourage the Sheriff to continue to work with the CEO to develop a more meaningful budget mitigation plan whereby future consideration may be given to allow the Sheriff to have access to the remaining portion of the funds set aside in PFU.”

To this end, the motion calls on the sheriff to submit a revenue analysis to CEO Hamai, who will then “review and make recommendations to the Board to realign the Department’s budgeted revenue” during the June budget adjustment phase, or at another point in the budgetary process.

“The County has been working with the Sheriff’s Department to ensure that we provide funding for COVID-related and other essential expenses,” Kuehl said in a statement, “but we also have a responsibility to the public to rein in the Department’s large budget overruns.”


  • “My staff has been working very diligently with the CEO’s Office on budget mitigation efforts,” the sheriff said. “These efforts have resulted in a significant reduction in spending. Overtime expenditures have also been significantly reduced, even in the state of emergency.”
    This job is just over his head.
    Let me quote Supervisor Sheila Kuehl,”Sheriff put your big boy pants and take the steps necessary to fix his budget problems”.

  • The Sheriff’s budget has been underfunded for the last 3 elected Sheriff’s. The evidence is available, in the budget request of all the public safety agencies for the County. Each have similar areas that challenges each agency, like retiree health. If you monitor these areas through through the budget process. You will see that Fire and Probation generally get what they ask for but the Sheriff does not. The Sheriff’s requests in these areas are reasonable and consistent in size with the other agencies. However it’s request was slashed. This is purposeful by the Board to be able to apply pressure on the Office of the Sheriff. What Kuehl means, Play ball or else! It would be nice if a reporter actual looked this stuff up.

  • @ Seeking the truth, what Kuehl mean was to control the excessive OT which is expected to exceed past LASD overtime budget by $143.4 million to hit a total of $286.8 million. Villanueva said OT will reduce, once new bodies were hired. He is all out of excuses.
    Like I said, this job is just over his head. Look ahead, the County already lost $ 7 Billion in tax revenue.
    The fun is just beginning.

  • If you take a closer look at the fiscal analysis of the LASD, for this year and past years, you will see that the budget has always been a contentious issue. The problem has been overtime, hiring, jail ops. etc.

    However, the “Supes,” particularly the curmudgeon (Kuehl) stated that this was not a personal issue, yet insults the Sheriff by stating, “put your big boy pants on….” If it is not personal, then why would she make a disparaging remark?

    The Sheriff is trying to increase patrol staff, in an effort to get to the required manpower. Yet, the “Supes,” (Kuehl) once again is having a conniption fit because of this decision. Kuehl would prefer to have the academy classes reduced back to four academies per year rather than twelve. So am I to interpret that she would sacrifice public safety for a balanced budget?

    When McD was Sheriff he hired a CFO to manage the LASD budget. If I recall correctly, I believe the budget was still in a deficit. Further, there were some unnecessary expenditures (i.e., belt buckles, new vehicle for McD etc.) I do not recall the “Supes,” especially Kuehl, bring any of those matters to the forefront.

    Further, the “Supes” have introduced legislation to provide funding for all of their pet projects (i.e., legal rep. for illegal aliens, art classes for juvenile delinquents etc.) Another aspect of the LASD budget, which is being impacted, is the maintenance of providing mental health services to a sizable population of the inmates, which is increasing exponentially. Nonetheless, the “Supes” decided to cancel a multi-million dollar detention type facility for the aforementioned inmates, as a way of snubbing the Sheriff. This cancellation cost millions of dollars to the residents of L.A. County. I don’t recall the “Supes” addressing this foolish and stupid decision.

    Now, I am not condoning nor supporting this next individual, however from a business perspective, Tanaka was the only person I recall that was able to balance the budget for the LASD. However, we all know what happened there.

    In my opinion, and this may sting some of us, this department has not been and is not being operated as efficiently as it should be and everyone involved with the LASD is responsible, from the top down. Nonetheless, we are quick to cast aspersions on the Sheriff and others. The culture within the LASD needs to change. The make up of the “Supes” needs to change. Most of all there needs to be some accountability across the full spectrum.

  • ..Pat Rolman…

    Thank you for factually based and historically accurate summary review of the LASD and it’s relationship with the BOS. People are so quick to forget the Sheriff’s Department having budget issues is not a new phenomena. Many of the edicts put forth by all the regulatory and oversight bodies (CCJV, ACLU, DOJ, etc.) have necessitated custody division line personnel perform functions far and above their scope of practices leading to much of the overtime.

    The BOS likes using the Sheriff as their scapegoat, whipping boy to hide their mis management and incompetance. DHS and DMH I’m sure are happy to sit back and allow the Sheriff and his personnel to due the heavy liftng when it comes to “being the the muscle” while housing and caring for the mentally ill.

    It reminds me of how certain obnoxious, dis-ingenious, media seeking, grand standing and unethical US members of congress criticized and demonized Imigrations and Customer Enforcement personnel for enforcing the laws the US Congress created and could change at anytime if the wanted. The truth is the US Congress did not want to change the status quo as they needed a villain (even if it was another government agency) to chastise for the voters in an effort to gain political capital. Its sad to see what low depths politicians will sink to support their own agenda and self serving aspirations while risking the lives and reputations of low level workers.

    I guess this is what happens when you have a governing body like the BOS that answers to no one. The US Congress is another glowing example of shenanigans in action.

  • @Pat Rolman, “If I recall correctly, I believe the budget was still in a deficit. Further, there were some unnecessary expenditures (i.e., belt buckles, new vehicle for McD etc.)”
    Let me illuminate you on the $86 million in lawsuits since AV took over as Sheriff, and the $8 million for “slippa man” Timmy’s screw up. How about the over $ 11 million pissed on the Mandoyan screw ups. If I recall correctly, the hard working tax payers of LA County did cover these payments too.

  • Regardless of love/hate relationship with former Sheriff McDonnell, the cost of brass buttons and buckles along with a new vehicle is minuscule compared to Mandoyan, ELA Station accident and Industry Station payouts.

  • @LASD Prop-Thats so weird because OT went through the roof during McDonnell. Remember? A complaint about a deputy, ROD them immediately, still getting their full pay at home. Now assign OT for that deputie’s schedule. 400+ people fired? Think about it.

  • @constitutionalist

    I don’t think your information is accurate. The 86 million dollar lawsuits were not during AV’s tenure. They were the result of McDonnell’s administration. Matter of fact, the 86 million was a carryover from the cumulative total sum of 246 million dollar lawsuits McDonnell accrued in the 4 years he ran LASD into the ground. Also, the money spent on the Mandoyan litigation that the BOS squandered is no where near the 11 million you’re representing. It’s more in the range of 3 million with 2.2 million going to the county’s two law firms of Skip Miller and O’Melveny & Meyers. Your numbers are grossly embellished. Under AV, thus far, our department has seen the lowest litigation expenditure costs within the last 12 years. My reference sources are press articles, county finance budgetary reports and numbers from Civil Lit.

    I know there’s a few of you constantly harping on everything AV does and try to blame him for everything, but to the contrary all else that matters to deputies and community he’s doing a great job.

    The feuds with the BOS will never go away regardless of who the Sheriff is. I’ve seen with at least 3 Sheriffs. McDonnell was the only plant that took it bending over and asked for seconds. I respect AV for standing up to these dirt bags. He’ll prevail and once he wins his first reelection, they’ll back off of him. In the end, he’ll outlast them all.

    Sorry to have burst your bubble. Probably not something you wanted to hear.

  • “400+ people fired? Think about it.”

    I notice you didn’t say “unjustifiably fired.”

    Freudian slip?

  • @AZ in the loop- Industry station and East LA station off training party happened during McDonnell. How can you put the blame on somebody that inherited that?

  • Lil Skippy, I challenge you to produce any factual source links to back up your bogus claims. To be clear, Lying Alex’s B.S. campaign talking points dont count. Facts only!

  • I believe the ELA party was being dealt with by the previous administration immediately after the beat down. The real question is why was Candidate Villanueva at that party and what role did he have in emboldening the Bandidos then, and more importantly, now?

  • @Tell, you must be smoking that AV Weed partner. The AV Clown Show’s incompetence driven exploits have been on full display for all to witness since his swearing in. His “One Termer” fate has been sealed by his mind boggling blind loyalty to his driver and bagman, Creepy Carl.

    All of the rest of Incompetent Alex’s fumbles have been additional LASD reputational damage that will take years to repair. And the final costs associated with Lt. Villanueva’s mismanagement will be astonishing as the lawsuit settlements and awards (internal & external) explode under his stewardship.

    The Contract Cities are already suffering from the impacts and rising costs of Alex’s leadership. The LASD implosion will only be amplified by the pending economic crisis due to AV’s inability to figure out WTF to do now.

    So all Alex and his crack executive team can do is cry about the meanie ladies on the Board and blame McDonnell who has been gone for almost a year and a half already. Now that’s a sound strategy that will save the LASD.

  • @clown show

    Completely disagree with you Warren, But we’re all entitled to our opinions, just ask that they’re factual and not emotionally driven for personal reasons and displeasures.

  • @Clown Show- Ok. I worked with a deputy that had a 3rd party POE filed against him. The department relieved him of duty as soon as they got the complaint. The department tried to find the person the complaint was filed for. They fou d this person. That person said they weren’t offended at all by the joke and that they have been good friends with that deputy for years. That whole investigation took 1 month. 11 months later, the deputy was discharged. So if you can get that little clown brain of yours working, 12 months ROD for a POE violation. So do the math clown 40 hours a week, 52 weeks in a year. That was 2,080 hours of OT for someone ROD for a POE violation that NEVER should have been fired.

    Is that a good enough fact for you? Or do you need more? I bet there are 400+ people that can agree with me that the moment they had some case or complaint filed against them, they were immediately relieved of duty. 400x40x52=832,000 hours of OT.

  • Funny how McDonnell supposedly is the bagman of past failure of LASD with no reference to Tanaka and Baca. Such an amazing spin!

  • @Constituionalist….may I defer your comments to what, “Tell it like it is” stated. Nonetheless, I will agree with you on one aspect of your statement, the L.A. County taxpayer is footing the bill.

    I understand your discontent with the current Sheriff and that is fine. However, there is an old saying, “you can either be part of the problem or part of the solution.” As for myself, I thank God I have a job and will do as the Lord guides me.

  • @Tell,

    I dont know who Warren is but if it makes you feel more secure, call me Warren! Now, what part of my statement is not factual?

    A) Is it the irreparable damage caused by Alejandro Villanueva’s behind the scenes and corrupt attempts to reinstate the due-processed confirmed, termination of Deputy Mandoyan for lying, and the damage caused to the LASD professional reputation by such actions?

    B) Was it the assertion that Creepy Carl was the #1 campaign driver and Bagman for Lt. Villanueva?

    C) Was it the recent $8 Million Dollar jury verdict loss and award to the former Industry Station deputy which was directly attributed to Alex’s handpicked captain to undersheriff Timmy Murakami’s actions and unbelievable testimony?

    D) Was it the numerous recently filed lawsuits by several active and tenured department personnel directly naming Sheriff Alejandro Villanueva himself for his cronyism and unlawful retaliatory harassment?

    E) Was it the recent significant increase in contract services costs to the Contract Cities that have ballooned under Alejandro the Great’s leadership?

    F) Is it the fact that the pandemic caused global economic meltdown WILL require every governmental entity make budgetary cuts in every program and department (including the LASD) to which Alejandro the Clown has no clue on how to properly evaluate and make “meaningful & thoughtful” cost cutting reductions?

    G) Is it the fact that Alejandro Villanueva has absolutely no other strategy than to cry to any reporter who will listen to his Facebook Live clown shows about the unfair ladies on the Board who keep picking on him because, 1) they didnt support his campaign; 2) because he’s Latino and they are racist (Hilda Solis and MRT included)? 3) because he chose to order the closing of all LA County gun stores under his bogus predictions of inevitable domestic violence gun driven rampages that have never materialized (resulting in a new lawsuit filed in federal court)?

    Is that enough “emotionally driven” facts for you? Oh, and I can provide verifiable document links to any of the above if you need them.

    I’ll be patiently awaiting your response………free of emotions, except for the laughter caused by the AV Clown Show exploits.

    P.S.: additional breaking news: Alejandro the Great just got served with another lawsuit for failing to protect his inmates from the Coronavirus, even after his attempts to please his “No Jails” social justice warrior supporters by releasing over 4200 criminals back into our communities. Another well thought out move by the formerly retired lieutenant who is miserably trying to play Sheriff.

  • Question for Ron Hernandez of ALADS.
    What exactly was the “end game” to prop up Villanueva seeing that he started LASPA.?

    Curious of the final ALADS board count along with number of ballots asserting to drop such a hefty amount to Alex’s campaign fund.

    Is retirement on the horizon Ron?

  • @clown aka Warren Assmunch

    If that’s all you have on AV then you might as well pack it up, seal it and disappear. All you have is your emotionally charged rhetoric and self embellished rants.

    This article must still sting for you.

    Have fun posting, arguing and debating with yourself and your fired and relegated friends.

    Good riddance. Hope you find some solace and comfort. This isolation must be getting to you. Try something new, like spending time with your family. Weirdo!

  • With all the budget woes, is it appropriate for AV to assign two newly appointed Lt’s and a Captain to clean face masks? I kid you not. And what happened to people having to do line time. I guess that only counts for those not in the AV Clown Car.

  • Did you read the investigation? Your buddy got a complete copy before his Skelly hearing. What you have printed is not even reasonable or pass the smell test. Was he interviewed? Did he lie during the interview? The POE review resulted in an internal investigation? What were the charges? What was founded? You need to do your homework before you throw out this nonsense. So you want to bring back all the two time DUIs, the people that committed crimes, the spousal abusers and provable liars? And someone off ROD does not automatically result in OT to cover their workload. Go ask your scheduling deputy or sergeant how that works. BTW, you need to drop your screen name. There is only ONE “Skippy” on this Department and he is a legend. When you have worked FPK/CEN, OSS, Homicide and SEB/ESD maybe you can use the name. Until then, get back to work.

  • Thanks for the link; evidently the lawsuit was just filed yesterday.

    The claim that inmates aren’t provided with soap is especially egregious because, according to the Wikipedia article on the subject, soap KILLS the COVID-19 virus, and it doesn’t much matter what kind of soap: bar soap for bathing; detergent for dishwashing; shampoo for washing hair.

    No soap for inmates?

    No wonder the lawsuit.

  • At the end of the day we’ll see just how loyal A.V’s chosen ones are!!! when the pinch is on, those chosen ones are as legit as the bullshit circular patterned stars u wear on ur collar. May have steered off his lane one too many times to recover from whatever comes his way!! just saying!!

  • I support the Sheriff, quite obviously. With that said, budget issues are are multi-layered and beyond the grasp of any of us. Add to that the animus between the BOS and the Sheriff and even the most jaded should step back and stay mute. I know this is not the most exciting post on WLA but it is probably the most objective. And, in closing, regardless of affiliation (ALADS, PPOA, et al.) health and safety comes before all, so to everyone, stay safe, we only have one life to live.

  • Adam, interesting post you make here. Out of curiosity, what is it about Villanueva’s leadership as Sheriff that you admire and support?

    Also, what do you attribute as the most likely reasons for the “animus” that has developed between the Sheriff and the BOS?

  • @sidkrimm-If he is a legend, why haven’t I ever heard of him. That’s what it means to be a legend…everybody knows about you. So tell your “Skippy” he ain’t no legend. Your just his fanboy.

  • @Tell, you forgot to mention the recent $8 Million Dollar jury verdict attributed to the “Slippa man” undersheriff Murakami”. I do understand you support AV, however, let me remind you as Sheriff he still languishes in a grievance spiral that began with him not getting promoted to LT.

  • To all of the AV cheerleaders that have had their feelings hurt when I lay out the fumbles and out right incompetence of Alejandro Villanueva and his executive crew, I am about to blow your minds with this comment.

    I want to congratulate Alex on finally announcing a program today that is worthy of praise. The COVID-19 Decontamination Center that will sterilize N95 face masks for reuse is a smart and potentially significant cost savings endeavor. Kudos to Sheriff Villanueva for finally doing something right and a very special “shout out” to Scientific Services Bureau Director Wesley Gross who is the real brains behind this program.

    There, I said it and it didn’t hurt because that’s all we have ever wanted. Smart decisions and programs that all LASD personnel can be proud of.

  • “…That will sterilize face masks for reuse is a smart…cost saving endeavor,”


    I dunno about that. All the reports I’ve read are that reuse will be by


    and other County first responders like fire department paramedics.

    You go first.

  • Back to our regularly scheduled programming of the AV Clown Show, today, we get to watch (hear) how Shiela Kuehl and the rest of the Board smack Incompetent Alex around as he begs and pleads to please have his $143 Million budget allowance released which they have withheld due to his inability to manage his $3 Billion dollar budget.

    After Sheila spanks him a bit, she will let him have around $83 Million so Alex and Timmy can pay some bills. What about the other $60 Million you ask? Well now, apparently Lieutenant Villanueva didn’t know that you can’t just increase the number of academy classes from the approved level of 4 classes per year to 12 per year at a cost of nearly $50 million with the promise that all of this hiring will dramatically reduce overtime. Oh yeah, that overtime reduction promise failed too.

    Also, the CEO and Board saw right through Dr. Villanueva’s plan to promote, at historic levels, hundreds of sergeants and lieutenants during this COVID-19 lockdown period, in an obvious effort to create additional line deputy vacancies to justify more overtime. So they are going to freeze the approval of those recently announced promotions. I’m sure many on those lists will be pissed of at that mean CEO lady, but you all need to take a long hard internal look at who thought that mass promotions strategy near the end of the fiscal year and during a global pandemic was a wise move to begin with.

    So Alex and Timmy are going to be sent back to their “War Room” to try to figure out their next phase of public “Board Shaming” efforts. BTW, that whole “AIR-5 will be grounded” strategy will backfire as LA County Fire Department’s shiny new fleet of Firehawk helicopters are waiting and willing to take over the rescues missions in the ANF.

    Remember, LA County Fire Chief Osby is appointed and loves his new helicopters!

  • Funny watching Lil Alex’s live Facebook feed as he sits for 3 hrs like a child in detention waiting for his timeout to end. Alex gettin schooled today!

  • Good GAWD. In the middle of a Pandemic, while at war with the BOS, while running a massive deficit for the Department, with a projected TWO BILLION dollar budget shortfall by the end of next year, with the County no longer contributing to deferred comp for non-represented employees, did AV REALLY think he could sneak in dozens of promotions without the BOS noticing?

    Just as those wrongfully fired by McDonnell have watched their chances of reinstatement evaporate because of AV’s strange addiction to Mandoyan (“I wish I knew how to QUIT you…”), a LOT of personnel will see their tease-promotions…..drift away.

    Deputies are beginning to realize they’ve been bamboozled by a clown.

    And “Clown Show,” you need to use another analogy. Saying the BOS is “schooling” AV, implies he’s actually LEARNING…..and we know that’s impossible with this guy.

  • And just when you think it can’t get worse or AV can’t get stupider, he threatens the Board of Supervisors:

    AV quote (in broken English)

    “I could go on for a long, long time about the long list of felony crimes and the consequences of them and they’re done by public officials. It would be inappropriate to make that inference in any forum, much less in a budgetary debate, and so good luck with that if you’re going to scare me with the thing about a misdemeanor crime.”

    Best quote from Hahn: “I’m frustrated, sheriff, that you haven’t been able to figure this out. Your budget deficit is not going to be sustainable … especially given the big hit that we’re going to take because of the coronavirus.”

  • @LASD Apostle, instead of understanding that complex and persistent challenges to the Department need solutions based on Command level executive experience, sound and steady leadership, teamwork, and accountability Villanueva engages in endless bluff, bluster, and bullshit where no follow-up will be good enough. Yesterday we all saw the IDIOT SHERIFF of LOS ANGELES COUNTY try and intimidate the BOS with threats intimidation, serial deceptions, and bullshit which are a full substitute of his inexperience. He was told very clearly to work with County CEO on OT overtures, however, the KING of the COUNTY shrugged it off.
    His only experience at the Department as a manger was ordering toilet paper. He knows where it was.

  • Threaten those who control the purse strings and be indignant while doing so for the purpose of making you (AV) feel strong and/or more relevant? He just hurt the department members he supposedly leads by making it harder to get funding and promotions. Selfish, stupid, arrogant and definitely not “professional.”
    How can anyone still defend him? SB and VV sling social media posts like he is omnipotent and untouchable. Sure hope he can swim. I fear the SS Villanueva is sinking and no matter how many rats jump off, it cannot be saved.

  • And it is only going to get worse for the LASD. Ole Alejandro dug himself into a hole and only knows how to keep digging. Someone needs to show stupid that there is a ladder that you could use to climb out and start over, but then again, he never truly learned how to properly climb that ladder without a lawyer and a lawsuit.

  • “a LOT of personnel will see their tease-promotions…..drift away.”

    What are you talking about? Didn’t you see the JDICs, dated yesterday, promoting all those sergeants and lieutenants, effective….yesterday?

    I mean sure, that’s never happened in the history of the Department, but I’m certain Alex will have some plausible reason for why he turned around and did exactly what he was just told not to do, in a most unusual and sneaky manner. Promotions are never effective in the middle of the work week, this was basically Alex sending a message to the BOS – they can try all they want to control him, but he’s not going to go with the program.

    Can’t wait to see the litigation that arises as a result of this, with Alex indignantly repeating his mantra “Isn’t there a better use of taxpayer money?”

    Geez, Alex, if you hadn’t spent those millions of dollars trying to get your campaign driver/donator reinstated and fighting it in court afterward (why again isn’t he paying these legal fees instead of the County paying both sides? Because you want to be his advocate in court? Because he drove you to campaign stops and a couple people with his last name contributed to your campaign? Can we get an official response to that question? Other than, you know, you’re trying to right past wrongs and all that?) maybe there’d be a bit more money in the bank to deal with the current crisis.

  • Ron the Station Detective is not missing, he’s just reined in by smart colleagues who put a extra large muzzle on his mouth.

  • I’m surprised the Sheriff hasn’t tapped Chiefs DM(R) and V to present him a pathway to victory on the budget. After all, those two Titanic captains steered the Sheriff’s brand new administration right into an iceberg with their Tanaka agenda and style of cutthroat management. Despite so many knowledgeable people who wanted to help the new Sheriff make himself and LASD successful, he listened to Heckle and Jeckle. Their guidance right off of jump street destroyed any chance of a working relationship with the BOS, the OIG and the media, as distasteful that might have been, but a political necessity. And then there is Mandoyan. NONE of this had to happen, but it did. Unfortunately, I don’t think Alex can recover without a major pivot. Meanwhile, those two train wrecks were handsomely rewarded. For what?

  • @Dos Centavos and Juan Carlos, I’m not missing in action or muzzled.

    I just got bored with you guys and your childish threats and attempts at insults.

    Say something with substance instead of the cowardly sniping and maybe we can converse.

    How time flies! Do you realize it’s been almost four years and two elections since you and your cronies told me to “pack my bags,” and said, “your days are numbered.”

    In all fairness to you guys, my bags are packed and you didn’t actually say how many days! So, maybe when I finally retire you guys can claim you ran me off.

    Don’t forget to shout at me, “and don’t come back,” for the full affect.

  • Here’s a question of $ubstance before you leave since your bags are undoubtedly packed, maybe you can give a $ubstantial answer.

    1) Is ALADS total membership aware of the still ongoing multi-million dollar spending/losing on your hatred against former ALADS President Armando Macias (BC540789) not just ALADS Board of Directors?
    Why open the ALADS cash register for your own personal insecurities?

    I’m sure after your departure, ALADS Board of Directors wIll come up with new bylaws setting a limit on personal kangaroo courts morphing to California’s Appellate Court with ALADS membership picking up the tab.
    Btw Macias is happily retired with the last laugh. 🙂

    2) After reviewing and shaking my head after reviewing file photos of you “cheesing” with Former Sheriff Jim McDonnell in front of ALADS Offices and another one in Washington D.C., I’m sure he has a nice “Boston Smile” for you considering the current state of affairs within LASD.

    My $ubstancial question is…Did you accomplish your task of gifting 1.3 million to the Villanueva Campaign and if so, can you expound?

    Your legacy of “Big Mouth” along with ALADS “Big Spender” is sealed.

  • @Dos Centavos/ Armando Macias. Come on you know the details of the case and I’m not going to discuss it here.

    For those who you are trying to entice with misleading information, by acting like I have personal beef with you, why don’t you remind them of the fact the litigation started before my time on the board.

    Why don’t you tell them that I was the only one, as a Unit Rep, who stood up for you when you first became President, which you promptly screwed up.

    Why don’t you talk about your role, as to the case, and why it can’t just “go away.”

    Are you/Macias happily retired, or are people happy you retired?

    I know the cowards lurking in the shadows will DEFINITELY be happy when I retire, because presently I’m the only dummy that comes on here and addresses you factually incorrect BS.

    As far as the money spent on Villanueva’s campaign, ask the members, if you still talk to any/many.

    By the way, I’ve never been to D.C. Just more evidence of your lack of observation skills and incorrect facts.

  • Funny how you start the whole case with holes in the midst of a weak bylaws background.

    Now your excuse is “I wasn’t on the Board then”…

    Your declaration on 4/14/14 is public record which nails your involvement as now you cower and deflect.

    Public records and truth be damned.

    Slowly but surely the six year case is being exposed. Deflecting the costs by pretending that it’s not happening speaks volumes.

  • Armando, no cowering here. I stood up for you and told people to give you a chance.

    When you went off the rails and the then ALADS Board was unsure how to deal with you, I did in fact partcipate in helping solve the problem, which was explaining the bylaws to them (I learned to solve problems as a big mouth station Detective), and I did provided a declaration once the litigation started.

    We asked you to resign/relinquish your position. You chose to try and defend yourself against ALADS using members pack money. You left out that little detail.

    Oh, and what about your weak (no evidence), claim of vandalism that you reported to Monterey PD accusing two fellow Deputies/members, because they too helped analyze the bylaws.

    Keep talking bro, the more you talk the better my memory and the bigger my mouth!

  • The ongoing multi-million case (BC540789) spearheaded by you is too voluminous for this site.
    The deflection of your involvement is ever so evident which is typical when fire is put to your feet

    The monetary loss by ALADS is a prime example to Police/Sheriff Unions of what not to do because of hatred and hearsay.

    The bottom line is why waste so many unrecoverable millions on a deputy who avoided your snare.
    The million dollar question by members will be to you with packed bags, Did the end justify the means? See you in Cabo 🙂

  • Looking back as I recall, the controversy within ALADS over the bylaws and attendance was a total shit show.

    The predominant tenured board members at that time did not need Ron Hernandez’s or anyone else’s analysis / advice outside of ALADS Attorney Richard “Dick” Shinee.

    Dick Shinee didn’t have a pair as a attorney to make a decision concerning this debacle, thus his eventual departure from ALADS shortly after.

    As I further recall, ALADS Board of Directors had one retired deputy, Floyd Hayhurst who added to this fiasco and was basically unable to vote on deputy related matters due to his status as a civilian.

    I only comment on this because the truth is twisted to anyone who was not there to witness it.
    My take on this is the same shortly after this situation evolved and that is, ALADS plan to punish Macias backfired after he was removed.

    After giving him the boot, ALADS board filed civil charges after failing to achieve criminal charges when PAC funds were returned.
    Doesn’t make cents or sense, only counter productive to the cohesion of fellow deputies.

    Ironically ALADS convened and ultimately changed the bylaws to allow any deputy within the organization to run for office without attendance constraints which were always questionable. Those were some crazy times

  • I was one of those 400 deputies fired for something I didn’t do. The IAB Sgt in my case admitted to me and my attorney that she was ordered by the higher-ups to find me guilty.
    That [WLA edit] Kuehl is fighting hard to keep her corruption from coming to light which is why she’s riding V’s ass so hard. You gotta be stupid not to see that.

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