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LA County Sheriff’s Department 6 Sentenced: Terms Range From 21 Months to 41 Months

The six members of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department—who were convicted in July of obstruction of justice in connection
with their interference in an FBI investigation into brutality and corruption by members of the LASD—were sentenced Tuesday morning by U.S. District Court Judge Percy Anderson.

Although Anderson set the sentences a little lower than those the government requested, he did not lower them by much. He was not going to hand down sentences that “trivialized” the actions of the defendants, Anderson said to the overflow crowd in the courtroom.

“They had a choice between right and wrong,” he said, looking at the defendants, and they “chose to reject” the right choices. “You broke the vow you made to protect the public.”

Andersen also talked about the “corrupt culture in the sheriff’s department,” that he said the defendants’ actions fostered.

“You don’t serve the public by intimidating witnesses, hiding an informant, threatening to arrest an FBI agent for the crime of simply doing her job,” Anderson said.

The defendants acted, he said, “not to further” their own investigation into corruption in the department, “but to stop a federal investigation.”

Such actions, he said, do irreparable harm to the public trust. “It destroys the fabric of our justice system.”

Anderson also made a point of remarking several times that the defendants have shown no regret for their actions.

“None of you have shown the slightest remorse,” he said.

The exact terms are as follows:

Gregory Thompson, 54, a now-retired lieutenant who oversaw LASD’s Operation Safe Jails Program (OSJ): 37 months in prison and a $7,500 fine.
• Lieutenant Stephen Leavins, 52, then assigned to the LASD’s Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau: 41-months in prison.

Gerard Smith, 42, a deputy assigned to OSJ under Thompson: 21 months in prison

Mickey Manzo, 34, a deputy assigned to OSJ also under Thompson: 24-months in prison.

Scott Craig, 50, a sergeant assigned to the Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau (ICIB): 33 months in prison.

Maricela Long, 46, a sergeant also assigned to ICIB: 24 months in federal prison.

Following the completion of their prison sentences, each defendant will serve one year on supervised release.

Anderson also reminded each of the defendants and their attorneys that they had 14 days to file an appeal or the opportunity for appeal will evaporate.

All of the six are required to surrender on January 2, allowing them to spend the holidays with their families.

“Percy Anderson is a judge who is usually not a man of many words,” noted Miriam Aroni Krinsky, the executive director of the Los Angeles County Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence. Krinsky is herself a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, so she is familiar with Anderson’s manner and moods. In watching him handing down verdicts on Tuesday, she said that the judge seemed unusually affected by what the case signified.

“This was as angry and as troubled as he gets,” she said.

Indeed, after the sentences were delivered, but before he dismissed the crowd, Judge Anderson looked out over those assembled, his expression anything but happy.

“There really are no winners today,” he said.


  • Three members of the Internal Criminals Investigation Bureau are going to prison for following the orders of Baca and Tanaka. How many other investigations had the thumb of the Sheriff or UnderSheriff on the scale of justice and fairness because of political concerns. How many investigations got buried because it led to these guys? How many others got the full force of the Sheriff’s situational core values because they were not part of the Sheriff’s inner circle!

    I wish all of them the best in their appeal. However I am not hopeful. When will Carey, Mannis, Abner, Tanaka and Baca be held accountable. What did the lawyers, like Gennaco know and when did he know it? What advice did he give!

    Was there any senior executive who said don’t do this!

  • ICIB & OSJ proved that Arrogant Assholes end up as Convicted Criminals.

    Soap on a rope should be a “Best Seller” in Penal Institutions and Custodial Facilities.

  • “A coward dies a thousand times, a brave man only once”. That will be the mantra that will follow not only Baca and Tanaka, but many of the Executive Leadership on the Department. Either by their silence, or outright support, they destroyed a once proud organization. Time for those people to retire and be forgotten. Special attention Chief William McSweeney and Commander Karyn Mannis.

  • US District Court Judge Percy Anderson nailed the LASD “culture” under Tanaka. Tanaka accepted only “blind obedience” to his corrupt culture, to himself. This was commonly known as “in the car” – a fast track to repeat, unmerited promotions for the blindly “loyal”. And in return, the blind would do anything Tanaka asked. It hasn’t been singled out for discussion, but three of the Tanaka 6 worked at Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau. What nightmares did that Bureau inflict upon truthful employees, who were not “in the car”? Such a tremendous position of influence and power, used as a weapon against any real or perceived threat by Tanaka. I shudder to think of all the employee victims created by this unholy alliance.

  • One last comment directed at recently retired and current IAB investigators. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, your peers and supervisors are going to prison for the sins of their fathers. Countless times, investigations have been compromised by Executive interference. How many careers have been destroyed because investigators did not have the moral courage to say no. Well boys and girls….time to pay the piper.

  • @Handicapper…I’m the last to defend Tanaka but the Judge summed it up…the 6 had the moral and LEGAL responsibility to say “no”. They showed absolutely NO remorse. Hubris is a bitch.

  • I don’t disagree “Make him stop”. Seven will be going to federal prison. Baca and Tanaka may still be targets. But there are a lot of conspirators still collecting service credit and thriving at high ranks. Goldman is the most obvious. But there are many. They may not have been involved in the obstruction of justice charges but they were deeply involved in the pay for play.

  • That’s just what those 6 deserve. And I’m still waiting for others in this department to get their just dues. There’s still a lot at all levels from patrol station on were sergeants and above are so corrupt and shady. I’m still waiting for them to get there just dues. There’s a lot in this department who are just outright liars. Does anyone think just because they put on the badge and take an oath they are going to be honest and upright and not lie anymore? I don’t think so. Sworn are human first, and humans lie!

  • 33 years of law enforcement experience. With all his experience why didn’t he prevent this? If our Deputies are committing civil rights violations we will cooperate with you by any means necessary. It would have been over before it started. Thanks Shorty. Thanks.

  • After reading what the Judge said in court of the former peace officers showing NO remorse is chilling. You will always stand alone in the end no matter what.

    Retirement at the end of week for me and not too thrilled about having to leave on that note from a once highly regarded department.

    I hope things will get better in the future, it is going to take a very long time though……

  • Phase 1 of LASD cleansing is complete.

    Phase 2 is to identify all the IA and ICIB investigators with ties to Tanaka’s regime. They were his hit men who squashed good people and got Tanaka’s loyalist off the hook when they stepped on it. All to gain Mr. T’s loyalty. Pathetic!!!!! Do us all a favor and retire. In order to work Internal Affairs, they should lift up their pant legs and show their ankles.

    Look up lasdabuse.com and read all about Robert Lopez in Mann’s deposition transcripts. You can find the link in the tenth paragraph under “Viking Paul Tanaka.” He is 1 of 53 identified Vikings. Happy reading!!!

    You are a snake in the grass. Your dirty secret is out. Every case you ever worked should be scrutinized by someone with some integrity.

  • “The verdicts handed down today are not an occasion to celebrate, they are not a victory, they are the just conclusion to the unlawful actions of a few who sought to hide their crimes behind a badge of honor.”

    The statement of Sheriff Sherman Block December 10, 1990 after six deputies were found guilty of Corruption. 

    Well  Tanaka followers, it’s time to grow up and  understand the days of  matching tattoos, o.g.’s , being “in the car”, and shot callers   are rapidly coming to an end.    Thompson gave an interview after sentencing. The “we were just following orders”  routine failed. If Baca and Tanaka gave an order to jump out a window of the 4th floor, would you guys do that too?  It’s a shame you guys couldn’t stand up to Leroy and Paul like the clerk who refused to change the name on the system. A little common sense would have gone a long way.  Greg was asked if he was sorry, he just walked away from  KCBS reporter Dave Lopez and said, have a nice day. Reading the federal definition of Obstruction of Justice presented and listening to the recordings presented into evidence,  I don’t think theses verdicts will be overturned on appeal. Another sad chapter in the history of LASD.



  • Interesting Comment Handicapper about the “Conspirators.”

    You are correct, but as a Department historian. You should note that this is not out of character for these actors (conspirators) it is what they have done and all have been successful. Most of them have already been courting McDonnell and all are thriving under Scott and Tyler. Unfortunately, these two have their own agendas that they are forcing forward no matter the cost, instead of actually addressing the dysfunctional leadership.

    You mentioned Goldman, he was intimately involved with Tanaka and Waldie, but as he will tell you he just did what he “had to do.” A sad excuse that it seems the 7 convicted also tried to use, but their outcome was not as beneficial.

    Then you have the other conspirators who are still amongst us Guyovich (#1 fan), Rothans, Goran, LaBerge, Lopez, Helmold, Scaduto, Vera, LaBerge, Lopez, Rifkin, Antuna, Carey, Harris, Stephen Smith, Brackpools and on and on.

    The loyalists below the executive rank are so many that it pains me to even think to write them down.

    Be thankful, Baca, Waldie, Tanaka, Rhambo, Bob Jonsen (Thanks for the legacy in AV with Denham’s leadership at PLM too), Becker, Ditsch and others have left, a small group, but a good start for the rebuilding process.

    And the following loyalists have announced they are going: Betkey, Hamilton, Rittenour, and others to hopefully follow.

    McDonnell will need to be cautious of the chameleons that have or will be trying to align themselves with him at a continued detrimental cost to the Department all for their personal gain. Heartbreaking! (Weintraub, Maxwell… WOW)

  • Anyone else hear a rumor about Mr. Tanaka’s ordering an off-the-books surveillances on Lee Baca by MCB assets last summer, after he left the department…? Sounds rather felonious… But, that’s not his style, right? More likely, he just made it be known what he wanted, and let his deps connect the dots and brief him–just not in writing. Sound familiar, anyone?

    Ask yourself, “How many deputies have committed felonies for Paul Tanaka?” Whatever number you come up with, it’s sickening, sobering, and that many too many–for a “man” who, like any shot caller, would never have taken such risks for them.

  • The Sheriff’s Department is not looking good in the eyes of the community and other law enforcement agencies.
    Our bargaining association (deputies are not united, so we can’t say union or unit)) ALADS looks like “children on the playground” in the eyes of the County. And you want.what……….for a raise.? ( CONTRACT TIME )

    I hope that deputies from here on out, not remain passive when it comes to knowing the laws that you enforce and demand stronger moves from Alads. The “New Era” of deputies deserve better.

  • DO NOT LUMP JAMES SEXTON and the other 6 together. He received a separate trial for a reason. Evidence wasn’t left out intentionally in their trials, he didn’t go to a FBI agent and threaten her and they didn’t work with the FBI to, what Sexton thought, help build a case against Baca and Tanaka. Sexton does feel remorseful that he believed he could make a difference at LASD, that he ever believed the FEDS bullshit and that he trusted that the higher ups had more insight into this operation than he did. As far as the other 6, I don’t know them, their character or others bad deeds they did, but they have families and most important children that are true victims of all this crap. In posting about these six remember the wives, children and other family members reading you post. Just because you use a screen name doesn’t hide from us YOUR TRUE character.

  • @hardy boys…good point re: the 6 families. Don’t forget, however, that there are family members of the deputies who weren’t in the car that have suffered YEARS of repercussions from Tanak’s bull#%*+. Paul Tanaka was and is a criminal. Those who followed him are now paying the price.

  • Elephant in the room, spot on. How on earth can McDonnell claim to bring in his famous “fresh eyes” to address a culture of corruption, and then keep the same failed leadership? Wasn’t it McDonnell who claimed during the debates that there was a catastrophic failure of leadership?

    Mr. McDonnell, if that is the case, then why on earth are all those executives still sporting stars, strutting around playing the same game with new names? If that is your idea of reform, it’s dead in the water. The honest, hard-working men and women of the LASD want to see fundamental change at the top. At a minimum, we would like to see the following:

    1. Get rid of the entire command staff left from Baca/Tanaka.

    2. Get rid of the entire command staff left from Sheriff Scott (hint: it’s almost identical).

    3. Make people earn their rank and coveted positions the old fashioned way, by merit.

    4. Conduct a forensic audit of all accounts, in particular the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation and the Inmate Welfare Commission.

    5. Dismiss every member of both entities, it’s just a glorified nest for political backscratching.

    6. Roll back on all the information gleaned from Pandora’s Box and hold every single member accountable for their actions or omissions. Chief Fender and Chief Parra would be a good start.

    7. Start assigning people who actually care about the communities they serve to the positions that serve those communities.

    8. A novel idea – match qualifications to positions! Seems to work in most public sector operations.

    9. Initiate a truth and reconciliation process. There are too many people who have been wronged by the department unlawfully, let’s bring them back into the fold.

    10. Last but not least, let’s earn our keep every day.

    The need for change has never been greater, Jim. Please don’t disappoint us the way Baca did in 1998. We can’t afford more years of fake reform efforts.

  • What we should be doing is taking these civil settlements out of their pension fund. That would stop all these waist band shootings. This is the real problem we face with the police.

  • One of these guys has been breaking the law from the time he joined the department. Unjustified force in the jails then falsely charging the victims with crimes to justify the beatings, lied on reports in patrol, not to mention he was doing illegal things outside of work as well. ICIB was made aware of this. Who knows if they ever investigated him. Instead he gets promoted. He couldnt fool the FBI. they saw right through his games. Who knows how many lives he ruined incarcerating people based on lies. Small price to pay for all his crimes. The FBI got it right with him.

  • LAPD Sergeant Parker is my hero. He has figured out the best defense is a good offense. He was just on 790 AM speaking about the abuse of power within the LAPD. Seems like the problem is systemic within law enforcement these days.

  • @ LATBG & ELEPHANT IN ROOM…..I agree with both of you let’s start “Fresh anew” without the previous “SIDES”. If Jim brings in his people or not, we need fresh eyes with No connections to the previous regime.

  • Seeing these people get convicted gives me great satisfaction. Especially the ICIB investigator. How many innocent deputies do you think got thrown under the bus in the last couple of years by ICIB and IA investigators who tried to make chicken salad out of chicken shit to please their superiors. All ICIB investigators are pompous assholes who are nothing more than cop haters with badges! Rot in jail!!!

  • Number 21 if those 6 didn’t worry about their loved ones why should anyone else! Those 6 should have thought about their family there wifes, their children before all of this. They just got caught this time. Imagine all the other corrupt things they did in the department. They just happen to get caught on this one. Do you fill mercy for the criminals you arrest and put in jail? Do you feel mercy and care for their wives and children? I don’t think so.

  • Congratulations to all the haters on this site! You guys got what you wanted. I’m sure on January 2nd you will all be throwing parties. You can all get together and celebrate, while forming an exploratory group over how to get your hero Eric Holder on the next Democrat ticket. Maybe you all can get junior FBI badges as well. You might as well start talking about the next targets you can turn the Feds on to. Get a list going of all those FTO’s who punked you, all the guys in the green jackets who made you feel intimidated, and any supervisors who cared more about advancing their personnel than putting a case on them. Don’t slow down now, your dreams of castrating the department are getting closer to coming true…..and just so it’s clear, I am not a Tanaka fan, and I have always believed Baca should be in an asylum. I just think it’s bullshit that you guys just can’t stop with the personal attacks on the deputy sheriffs who were convicted in that kangaroo court. I can guarantee that none of you here have given more of yourselves or have worked any cases as well as Greg Thompson, Steve Leavins, or Scott Craig, in particular. I can only guess that some professional jealousy continues to drive many of you. These guys are great cops, period. I have seen it firsthand. These convictions are a sign of the times, just like Obama saluting a Marine with a coffee cup. So be excited over these verdicts all you want, but just realize that these men will always command more respect for their police skills than you Internet warriors ever will. Trust me. Some of you may have scammed some rank along the way, but your peers and subordinates have no respect for you. Real cops can see right through you.

  • @Hardy Boys, we must also be sympathetic to the innocent lives of civilians who have been victims to the desires of these officers to please their bosses. Their poor decisions and desire to move up the ranks by any means necessary not only impacted the lives of their families but the lives of the public at large. There are many innocent victims who have had their lives tragically impacted by those who choose to be corrupt in the department. Let us just hope that McDonnell, should he be elected, choose not to surround himself with those whoes loyalty to the department has been more important than their vow to protect and serve. Tom Martin, Mike Sodderber and Neal Tyler among others need to stay retired. #justiceformitrice http://youtu.be/paG5aKfVmRA

  • Nothin’ gonna change. The climbers will always be willing to bend/break rules, ruin careers, etc in order to advance their agendas.

    The workers, who have always worked, will just keep on doing just that….until it is time to go 10-7.

    Only a fool would believe anything else.

  • @LATB- That would be great, but it aint going to happen. McDonnell will do the LAPD thing= Press Conferences, big speeches but in the background little will change. He will ride the position.
    Leaders today don’t lead, they assimilate, and shy from making strong changes or decisions. It is really sad.

  • LATBG, you usually get on my nerves, but your post is spot on. Nice…..not that you need my approval. Let’s go, people.

  • To those who are heading off to Federal prison, I would like the six of you to ponder a few things. Have any of you ever worked for a sergeant or lieutenant who ran a tight ship? Did you ever work for someone who would call you out when you strayed a little too close to the line? Did you ever work for someone who called you out when your work was substandard, when you as an individual, were performing far below your capabilities and skills? Did you ever work for someone who took the time to explain how your errors of judgement could have resulted in injury, death or a trip to the Captain’s office, or worse? Did you ever work for someone who actually took interest in your career and told you not only what you were doing right, but what you were doing wrong and offered suggestions how to improve yourself? Did you ever work for someone who actually made decisions, took charge when needed, and dare I say, actually “supervised?” Did you ever work for someone who actually did everything possible to protect you from, yourself? Did you ever work for someone who simply did the right thing?

    I bet all of you did. And I bet most, perhaps not all of you, overtly despised those supervisors and managers. I bet most of you went way out of your way to shit talk, screw over, back stab, throat cut, a character assassinate these individuals at every opportunity you could. I bet you drummed up conversations with anyone and everyone possible to bad mouth those very supervisors who simply did their jobs with ethics, conviction and honor, because they would not let you do the stupid shit you wanted to do. And I bet those supervisors and managers kept your little indiscretions to themselves in hopes you would grow up one day and see the light and realize what they were “really trying to accomplish,” as opposed what you and your pals insisted their motives were because, “I heard,” was your guiding light.

    And then I bet you idolized, worshiped and gravitated to the supervisors and managers who always gave you the nod and wink and allowed you to do whatever you wanted. They were always there to “clean up” your nightmares, had a good laugh with you and slapped you on the back while you lit their cigar and taught you the ropes. I bet you circumvented the “asshole” supervisors who would say the horrid “N-word” of “No” to you and sought out the pied piper supervisors who championed the “anything goes, fellas, as long as you don’t get caught.” Yep, those were your heroes, those were the folks you just loved to work around because they had all the solutions for the 10-30 challenges of the day. And then when you found out your heroes were “connected” to “the man,” well hells bells, now you have found your guru, your master, your professional prophet. He/she was “connected” and all you had to do was follow their lead, light their cigars and prove you were loyal and boy, your ticket to greatness was written and about to be punched. Remember, “he always takes care of his people,” man, you were in the car.

    So let me ask you 6 this, while you were standing before Judge Anderson, your heart pounding in your chest, knees knocking and weak and frankly, scared shitless, at that very moment, if you had to do it all over again, who would you have chosen to follow? Who really had your back? Who really wanted the best for you? Who would have stopped all of this stupid “Operation Pandora’s Box” before it even started because they had courage and conviction? Who would have had the balls to tell anyone and everyone, “NO, absolutely no. I will not be a part of this nor will I allow ‘my people’ to be a part of this stupid operation. What are you people thinking?” I bet you 6 will ponder this posting over, and over and over. As will those who have also been indicted and are awaiting trial. As will those who are looking over their shoulder, for good reason, just waiting for that tap on the shoulder. It’s coming.

  • @Hardtimes

    You think we should feel sorry for those deputies you just mentioned? How many INNOCENT deputies have had their lives ruined by ICIB and IA investigators who were “just following orders” from the top brass and Genaco to make chicken salad out of chicken shit in order to discharge a deputy for political reasons. I’ve seen some good deputies burn because of investigators and supervisors just like the ones you mentioned. Deputies who didn’t have the luxury of “being in the car” or being related to someone who’s a part of the Tanaka regime. These convicted felons would have NO problem opening a case on a deputy for some bullshit allegations, discharging them, and “letting them figure it out at civil service”. Without even blinking an eye they would scrounge up just enough evidence to “make it fly” and fire good deputies who have kids, a wife/husband, mortgage, ect. Its almost nauseating to think that these felons have the audacity to investigate deputies and lecture them about department policy and “core values”. In the eyes of these convicted felons the word justice means “just-us”.

  • Hard Times………You have no clue. You sound like an IDIOT trying to protect other IDIOTS. You are a typical “Paper Tiger” GTF OUTTA HERE

  • @Hardtimes: if people like you continue to believe that these were great Cops, this Department will never heal. For every Cop like these guys there are “at least” 10 on our Department who are better and smarter and get the job done without cutting corners. Those who have known these guys for many years know how they do police work. The difference is, we do it for the satisfaction of genuinely out smarting the criminal mind. Not for the promotion or because someone told us to handle it “at any cost” or the status of being in the car.

    Call us haters, but we can see by the posts and the type of people that are supporting them, they are few and “we” have tired of leaving the room, for fear they may pull their shit and drag us down in the process. Many people have tried to talk sense to one or all of these people at one point or another, but with PT as their King, who would listen! They don’t deserve to go to jail, but losing their status has been long over due. Hopefully their cronies “trying” to hide among us will learn from this experience.

  • #38: “So let me ask you 6 this…?”

    That question was answered by Judge Percy Anderson:

    “None of you have shown the slightest remorse.”

  • As long as Sgt. Scott Craig’s picture is going to be featured as the face of the six on this post, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about him, as he’s my friend.

    I only know him personally and in a non-professional capacity. You will never find a more decent, stand-up, caring, funny and honorable human being. He is no thug, no bad cop, no tarnished badge, he’s the exact opposite. He’s the guy you call on when you need to talk to someone, when you need help. Absolutely unselfish. To see Mr. Craig and his family go through this pointless nonsense is devastating.

    Mr. Craig’s only unavoidable mistake was to get caught in the middle of an FBI-sparked turf war that delivered nothing of substance, only ruined lives.

    Now, the point of the FBI investigation was supposed to be to protect the civil rights of inmates, right ? A laudable goal, incarceration doesn’t mean loss of rights. I’m with them so far.

    Boy, did that all get sidetracked. Not ONE charge had to do with actual mistreatment of inmates. Not ONE inmate has demonstrably had his or her civil rights protected or restored. Not ONE person who was in a true decision making capacity was called to account.

    No, what we have after four years, was charges of conspiracy and obstruction of justice because the informant got moved and the FBI didn’t like the way Mr. Craig and Ms. Long talked to them.

    That’s the best they could do ? That’s supposed to be the throwaway plea-bargainy stuff, not the main course. Where’s the actual proof, backed up by criminal charges, trials and convictions of the actual corruption and abuse of inmates that was supposed to be going on ? Instead of presenting us actual proof of inmate abuse, we have the video of Mr. Craig telling the FBI he may arrest the agent. Not exactly a show-stopper. Even Rob the jury foreman was sheepish about convicting them.

    So, what this all gets down to is that the FBI went in supposedly to protect inmate civil rights, but instead, their amateurish, ham-handed attempt at an investigation was found out (they didn’t have a contingency for what if the cell phone was found ?!?), they sparked a turf war and focused their efforts on their cell phone and informant instead of protecting the public.

    The higher-ups in the Sheriff’s Department couldn’t abide the FBI, and put their foot soldiers in an impossible spot. Obey, and face off with the FBI, which Mr. Craig was reluctant to do; disobey, and it’s insubordination, and your life is made a living hell.

    There may well be abuse in the jail, I don’t know. But the FBI did nothing to actually get at all that. Mission NOT accomplished.

    There’s been so much talk of “courage” “do the right thing.” Put your own career, life and paycheck on the line between two forces who can equally wreck your life and see how absolutely impossible that decision is.

    One last thought. Everyone wants to know why the defendants didn’t show the slightest bit of remorse. I wasn’t there, but it’s quite obvious.

    Because this was all a farce. Even faced with prison time and trying to spare themselves prison time, the six couldn’t sell their souls and fake tears and remorse for the FBI’s bungled investigation and their superiors bungled response to it, knowing full well that the all the people who all created the mess were not being held to account. THAT’S courage.

  • @ Hard Times……Many at Lynwood Station witnessed the Foul and Illegal shit that “Convicted Felon” Thompson committed.

    There were no snitches or whistle blowers. The only one to come back to “Check” his stupid ass was KARMA.

    Asked why it took so long? The response was…… Many were ahead of him in a very long line.

  • Interfering with investigations is nothing new to Thompson. Remember what he did to Sexton and Rathbun. Disclosing their investigation information to former Deputy Joe Britton. How about letting Manzo harrass Eiland and Lane. Both of these got swept under the carpet until the Times and the lawsuit Sexton and Rathbun filed brought these out to the open. Look at Scott’s memo from the other day is true, we still have some major issues with deputy clicks and hazing in the jails. Great job McDonald and Parra. If McDonnell is smart, he’ll send a lot a lot of people over to LACREA the day he’s sworn in.

  • I really don’t get how some of you guys actually believe that the convicted deputies thought up the plan by themselves. This was an order which involved the departments weakest supervisor Ralph Ornelas, Eric Parra, and Paul Tanaka. Parra was in charge of that unit and would not relinque

  • If you’re monitoring Sheriff Scott, one more demotion before you leave office, Nicholas Rampone. He’s the biggest dummy on the departure let alone a Lieutenant on this department. He took a couple on line courses and now thinks he’s educated. He’s a legend in his own mind. He worked the desk at SEB for a year and thinks he a warrior. In all actuality his partners wouldn’t even train with him because of his stupidity. Looks like an idiot, walks like an idiot is an idiot. Retire Rampone you big dummy

  • @hardtimes…your logic is ridiculous. Mocking people, challenging their professional ability and suggesting professional jealousy is so silly it actually caused me to laugh out loud. You are actually correct that I am a hater. I literally HATE Paul Tanaka and his evil empire. I HATE that those 6 followed his criminal actions as if they had the right and entitlement to do so. Here is the deal…being a good or even great cop gives NO ONE a free pass to do whatever they want when they want. Your defense of this group is a perfect example as to why their behavior is reprehensible. Must be another “grey area” argument. If they were such GREAT cops they should have grown a pair.

  • @ Burning bush; you’re absolutely right, your post should be taken as gospel. Seriously though, the Sgt in that unit (Sgt Gutierrez) is a worthless piece of shit that lacks a backbone. He may claim he had no idea what was going on, but he was very well in the know. He did nothing to protect his troops knowing full well what was going on was wrong. He should be in prison for not helping these guys out when the guy who was given Viking status as a Sgt (Lt Thompson), was using them. Gutierrez, u POS, u are partly responsible for what happened here. If you had a backbone, u could’ve stepped in and stopped this nonsense. I know Sgt Mead would have NEVER let this happen.

    Word around the rumor mill is the Feds are coming down on more of the OSJ crew and Manzo agreed to testify on10-30 stuff he seen go down, in order to get an early release. Basically, he’s gonna rat on other OSJ/CJ deps.

    As for the ridiculous culture that still exists in the LASD today… There is a fund raiser planned for the convicted felons… Wow. These are other cops putting on these fund raisers for cops who broke the law. They did nothing honorable and there’s parties and fund raisers planned. Today, I am actually embarrassed to wear the star… We r the laughing stock of the So Cal law enforcement community.

  • I feel we should focus on helping out our partners at this time. Their crime is confronting the Feds, no more, no less.

  • #38 Hardtimes,
    I’ll take your word for it that they are “great” cops. 10-23 Ace, because here comes the tough question for you.
    A great cop would be smart enough to realize, early on in this clusterfuck, that if the FBI got really pissed about it they could be charged with obstruction of justice. Right? A great cop would know the FBI had the authority per the law to do what they did with Brown, right? (A humble cop, if he wasn’t sure, would find out).
    So if we accept your premise that the six are “great” cops, of which two were Sgts. and two were Lts., that would mean they knew the risks, but decided to roll the dice, right?
    If the SUPERVISORS involved in this clusterfuck didn’t even know that they were risking getting in serious trouble, well, I’ve got news for you Ace, they aren’t knowledgable enough about the law to be great cops.
    If they did know the risks and exposed the younger, less experienced, less knowledgable deputies to going to prison over this clusterfuck, they aren’t great supervisors either.
    Sorry Ace, you don’t get it both ways.
    They are either great cops, in which case they knew exactly what they were doing and made the worst call of their lives that the risk was worth it to get the nod from you-know-who; or they are dumbfucks who had no knowledge that what they were doing could land them in prison.
    Sorry Ace, you don’t get it both ways.
    YOU made the call. YOU said they are great cops.
    So maybe what all the “haters” on this site hate is seeing the type of cop you refer to as “great”, end up in the car and getting the nod because what they are really “great” at is kissing you-know-who’s ass to the point of risking going to prison to stay in his good graces.
    Only this time it went sideways and they found out the hard way that the little guy couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do a thing to help them.
    Now they’re getting royally fucked for kissing his ass.
    Again, If they were great cops, as you claim, they knew the risks. That they took them to please Mr. T or anybody else proves they were kissing ass.
    As far as this site being for “haters”, yeah well, nobody likes a kiss ass.
    They don’t belong in prison, but I don’t get to make that call. The call I do get to make is this: Anybody can say any bullshit they want, but there isn’t one swinging dick who comments here, including you, that doesn’t know they regret going that far just to stay on Mr. T’s good side. They are paying a mighty high price for their ass kissing.

  • Paul Tanaka could not have built his network of deceitful actors without the support and concurrence of Lee Baca. To suggest that the corruption ends with Paul is foolish. Lee collected donations himself. He knew about the pay for play scam. He, no doubt, authorized the reduction of standards for hiring. He can pick whatever description he wants for himself; corrupt, incompetent or a grossly derilect fool!

    I suspect if the Feds go after him, we will find out he is a combination of all three!

  • @ Retire Rampone…really…Why don’t you take your beef up with him or his supervisor? Try working the chain of command instead of slandering your boss. Clearly, based upon your grammar and spelling, there is at least one person on the Department dumber than Nick.

  • @Istandwiththesix: So that’s it huh….when ever you have a moral dilemma you take the easy way out! No, your friend is a coward and failed to make the right and ethical choice. Now he can enjoy the fruits of his decision. In response to your statement that his career would have been over, yes…he probably would not have made lieutenant, my god…..how could he go on after that……get a life…your ethics are as warped as his!

  • @Retire Rampone: If you have a problem with Nick….meet him in the parking lot and discuss it……otherwise your personal attacks have no business here. Grow a pair!

  • I’ve only met one IAB investigator in my career who earned my respect. I was involved in a shooting a former Under Sheriff with had issues with. Evidently, it must have been between one of his alcoholic binges. The investigator was nice enough to leave the questions on the table prior to our interview. I was really amazed at the stupid questions the shooting review board came up with. I imagine none of them had ever been involved in a shooting, yet they were deciding my future. Bottom line, I was exonerated. To the IAB investigator, thanks again partner, much appreciated.

  • Grow a pair: Did not mean to plagiarize your screen name. Your comment had not yet posted. Obviously, great minds think a like.

  • In my opinion, the use of a public blog to complain about a supervisor, evokes certain thoughts. 1. Your decision to lambast Rampone is cowardly. I you have a beef , talk to him. 2. It strikes me that the idea of ignoring the chain of command was a major component that led to prison sentences. I hear a lot of maturity here …… and a lot of immaturity. i can listen ( not necessarily agree ) with the angst of seeing deputies go to prison. ( regardless of the FBI’s motivation, the deputies were convicted by a jury ) I’m sorry folks but they had to know the real issue was not the cell phone, not the FBI violating local law. IT WAS ABOUT UNNECESSARY/EXCESSIVE FORCE AGAINST INMATES . AND HOW TO HIDE IT.

    if someone wants future consideration for promotion or prime assignment, I suppose you can either curry favor with an executive ( which typically goes south ultimately) or play by the rules and work for it. Might not be as fast, but when you get there , you won’t be overwhelmed. Lots of overwhelmed supervisors, managers and executives who are very overwhelmed it would seem .


    Clearly I’m not paying close enough attention to the comments.

    #50, “Retire Rampone,” we’re done here. Anonymous character assassination is extremely uncool, and has no place on this site. Enough.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


  • The six were “starstruck.” They had visions of Captain’s bars (and above) in their future……In the end, this is a story of betrayal of epic proportions.

    The main function of managers, and executives is to ensure that their subordinates are doing their job safely,legally, and ethically.

    They failed miserably….and unfortunately, it ain’t over yet.

  • I don’t know where you get some of your info. Fact, Blevins and Thompson were ordered to Move the guy per Tanaka, and supported by Parra and Ornelas. I believe Tanaka has already dropped out of the race, because he feels he may be indicted. Parra testified at the grand jury and so did ordeals, yet nothing. I frankly am shocked that none of the six got on the stand and told the court Tanaka gave the order. I really think they thought they would walk. Remember Rodney King, all the brass was in Palm Springs and a plan was not made because everyone thought the simi valley verdict was going to be guilty.

  • All of the CLOWNS are slowly but surely leaving LASD, be it by retirement or indictments. Warning to ALADS…….That includes the ones in the association that screwed deputies.

    Don’t even think about bringing “Floyd Hayhurst” back in any capacity. Per fact, he is part of the “Tanaka Klan” .The blow back would bury ALADS to the point of no return. We’re watching

  • Bro, this shit seems a little scandalous. Do you think we could get in some serious trouble for this?

    Naw man. Come on. Mr. T is way too smart to tell us to do something that would get us in deep shit.
    We’re just fucking with the FBI because they’re fucking with us. It’s no big deal. He’s got our back.

    I don’t know bro. What if the feds get pissed?

    WTF dude, why are you sweating this? Hasn’t Mr. T had our backs since jump street?

    You’re right. I’m just thinking of what COULD happen if the feds get pissed.

    Come on bro, Mr. T isn’t going to order us to do anything that could land us in prison. He just wants us to hide this piece of shit from the feds because him and Baca are pissed at them. The feds are scandalous themselves. It’s illegal for them to give Brown the phone. The feds ain’t gonna do shit. Besides, I ain’t going to be working earlies at Pitchess because I bitch up on this. I don’t want Mr. T, the next sheriff, pissed at me. That’s career suicide bro. On the other hand, if we handle this, we can write our own ticket.

    Yeah, you’re right. So where are we taking the snitch this morning?

    San Dimas. They know we’re coming. The phone call has already been made.

    Ok, let’s roll east bro. Hey, what if those punks at San Dimas snitch us off?

    Those punks aren’t going to do a fucking thing bro. We’ll tell them if they have any questions to 10-21 Tanaka and take it up with him. I can see the “Oh shit, go ahead and do what you gotta do” look on their faces now. Is this hilarious or what bro?

    Yeah. I’m driving though.

    Whatever you say bro.

  • @69, your posting gave me a chuckle. I can actually see that conversation going down pretty much the way you wrote it. The arrogance displayed by the folks involved during this operation is clear in your scenario. I will never forget the alleged comment made by Thompson to the IRC Clerk/Deputy (can someone once in for all clarify, please) of “Do you really want to say NO to Paul Tanaka?” It speaks volumes of their mindset and why they are heading to Federal prison on January 2, 2015.

  • I’m curious if Lt. Thompson who retired after these crimes were committed will lose his pension benefits due to the new law that took effect the first of the year regarding felony crimes related to your work…

  • All of them will lose their retirement ONLY from the time the crime was committed. Their retirements are secured for the time prior to that.

  • It doesn’t matter who Anthony Brown is…….for there will be others just like him.

    What we should not forget is how deputies fell for the bait, that was never there.

  • #75: It does too matter what Anthony Brown is, as he would’ve been a witness with absolutely no believability. As it turned out, the case turned on what LASD DID to Brown; he didn’t have to say a word.

    If the case just relied on Brown’s testimony things probably would’ve turned out very differently.

    LASD shot itself in the foot on this one.

  • # 70. It was a deputy working in the head clerks office. There is a deputy assigned to head clerk, and it was her who refused to go along with this. A deputy.

  • #77: Confirmation of what you say can be found in post #27 up above, from the mouth of Judge Percy Anderson himself; click on the link.

  • #53, I know what you are saying, and you’re absolutely right. Sgt Gutierrez has no back bone and should have stepped in. I hope he can sleep soundly knowing he could have stepped in, and prevented these guys from going to prison.

    Many do not like Sgt Mead. But that’s because he doesn’t go for this 10-30 shit. He is a smart, straight shooter who gets the job done by outsmarting the bad guy.

    I have the privilege of presently knowing both of them. Although Gutierrez is a nice guy, his own troops walk all over him, and he has never spoken up when he has seen his troops going down the wrong path. He is mostly interested in keeping his A + schedule.

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