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LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell Says There’s No Such Thing as a Child Prostitute

On Wednesday morning, it was standing room only on the 8th floor of the downtown LA Hall of Justice as Sheriff Jim McDonnell,
three Members of the LA County Board of Supervisors, child advocates and others, gathered together with an array of dynamic young women who were themselves sexually trafficked as children and teenagers, but who now have become powerful spokespersons for American children who are victims of child sex trafficking, and then are further traumatized by being arrested and charged with prostitution.

When McDonnell spoke to the crowd he made a point of sending a message to all 18,000 plus LASD personnel, that the department was not only building a regional task force to “seek to dismantle the criminal enterprises” and “bring to justice traffickers,” but it also intended to go after “individuals who create the demand that sustains these crimes”—in other words, the johns who buy sex from children.

In addition, McDonnell said he was instructing department members to treat the “child victims and survivors of rape,” as the victims they are, not as lawbreakers and “prostitutes.”

The LA County Board of Supervisors had just passed a resolution supporting these same goals on Tuesday of this week.

Yet, McDonnell and the rest who spoke at the nearly three hour press-conference, admitted that accomplishing these goals is complicated, and is going to require all hands on deck.

We’ll have more on the event and on other parts of this important issue soon. So stay tuned.


  • That’s great, Patrol and Detective Division are understaffed, Supervisors will ar some point out number subordinates, and all Jim McNaka cares about is Human Trafficking (Vice). Jimmy, you need to stop tasting the flavor of the week and support your Patrol and Detective Divisions. I pray you’re a one term Sheriff.

  • This photo is the story. McDonnell is stimulating his liberal political base no different than Baca did from day one. What’s next? The Sheriff advocating for early release of drug offenders, like Charlie Beck did a couple of days ago and embarrassed himself? Yea, the same offenders responsible for 95% of all commercial and residential 459s, residential 459 that turned into a 187, and probably 75% of 211s. I’m sure that is on deck.

  • Isnt it odd that the same watch commander, Lt. Jim tatreau was spotlighted in the LA times and and LB press telegram as the wc who encouraged deputies to violate the law by sponsoring tow as many cars as possible for a case of beer and then directed deputies to use the taser on an unarmed man who eventually fell from the top bunk suffering paralysis and becoming a paraplegic is now a chiefs aide. When will the madness end??

  • @ No. 3, nothing surprises me anymore. I had not heard that he was the new aide, but after seeing the movement list coupled with this latest Captains list, I now see the “New Direction”. I like many others give up. I see lots of other agencies are hiring. To answer your question, the madness has just begun. Phase I, what a joke, can’t wait to see what Phase II has instore for us.

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