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Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! New, Important Story Coming – Updated

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

We’re working on a juvenile justice story that you won’t want to miss, so watch this space.
In the meantime, please enjoy the Blackfeet drummers.

UPDATE: This is the story we were working on yesterday. Enjoy:

(And please don’t write us about our use of Indigenous Peoples Day, which we happen to prefer for a whole host of reasons, as does the Los Angeles City Council and the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. If you prefer Columbus Day, we hope that, whatever your leaning, your day is a good one.)


  • Boy does this smack of white privilege or what? Just throw out a map with a bunch of Indian sounding names colored on it and run some stock video of a bunch of Indians beating a drum. Celeste explains she’s too busy working on a “real” story to give any details, just enough time for a little virtue signaling. And oh ya, a bunch of hack politicians agree with witness la, so don’t bother arguing.

  • What about this story

    Sheriff McBuckles admits he has given inaccurate information regarding helping ICE, which I don’t have a problem with. The problem is that he has fired, and prosecuted deputies for making “false statements” is he going to fire and prosecute himself? What a lying hypocrite.

    Sheriff McBuckles:
    “We prioritize maintaining and increasing public trust and always endeavor to provide the public with accurate information. With respect to our statements that we were either no longer providing ICE with lists of individuals being released, or that we did not provide release information to ICE, those
    statements were not accurate,” McDonnell wrote.

  • Why do “minority groups” allow their history to be relegated to a day or a month? How Fucking insulting!! I’ll tell you what, if I were black, no Fucking politician is going to give me a month!! My history is 24/7/365. A day for indigenous people?!? Really. And they think replacing Columbus Day is some type of Fucking victory?!? Now that’s victimization at its fullest and they eat it up like some sort of victory or advancement. Just a different plantation.

  • Now if they wanted to honor a specific person, by all means give them a day. But a whole cultures history relegated to a day, pathetic!!

  • Funny how liberals think their view is the accurate one. Erase-the-hate-except-their-own kind of stuff. Really, Celeste? “…don’t write us about…?” You know that only begs a response. I love that patronizing “whatever your leaning” insert.

    Indigenous People’s Day, huh? Since we care so much for indigenous people, remember those Confederate statues that represent oppression? Why not consider how these wonderful California missions were built? Political correctness can get pretty tricky.

  • Hope you enjoyed you day-off yesterday. In the very near future and today in many places. YOU are the minority. No harm, no foul.

  • If we want to really go there…all of Spanish and Portuguese speaking North, Central and South American should be angry since their very cultural and language is based on the rape and conquest of their native ancestors. I don’t see Hispanic’s cursing Spain and the very language they were forced go adopt and speak.

  • Native: Judging from your grasp on the old grammar thing, I’m betting your the product of the “Left’s” wonderfully run educational system here in Los Angeles. How’s that working for you? Having a majority doesn’t mean shit. When you’re in the same field picking the scraps for your democratic leaders, give me a call and I’ll educate you.

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