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Electricity Down Leads to Blogging Pause

No, I’m not kidding. The neighbors’ tree took out the power line. Ah, Topanga!

There is much to tell….Nuggets of juicy news from the LA Times Book Fest….A new story or two of former gangmembers redeemed (with video)…and more.

Expecting power–and—resumed blogging Monday mid-morning.


  • In our backward part of the country, we’re still waiting for electricity. I had to drive to the city just to send this. But, some homes in Atlanta didn’t have power for three days after recent storms and fallen trees. I hope you enjoyed your break from the internet. Such a break is almost as fulfilling as a break from television, so I hear and will know after we get one.

  • There is one advantage to having the wires below ground and wellinsulated here in NYC, but we have yet to have this system impacted by a major flood.

  • Water in Your Ear?
    Swimmer Natalie Coughlin, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, mixes equal parts rubbing alcohol (to dry) and white vinegar (to disinfect) in an eyedropper. Then she puts a few drops in the rear canal, waits 30 seconds, and drains it.

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