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DA declines to file on LASD Captain Bernice Abrams for Protecting Accused Drug Dealer

Over the weekend, another chapter surfaced in one of the many perplexing sagas that continue to unspool
at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

The latest installment pertains to Captain Bernice Abram, the head of the department’s Carson station who has been on administrative leave since mid-April 2011, after she was reportedly caught on tape warning Dion Grim, the alleged head of a drug-trafficking ring, of some impending police surveillance. The “surveillance” was in fact part of a sting operation—-which had been specifically designed to catch Abram in the act of passing police info to the 36-year-old Grim.

Abram also reportedly used her position to get Grim and his sister out of various low-rent legal scrapes, tickets and more, by leaning on various subordinates—in one case reportedly to the point of attempting to discredit a department deputy who was investigating Grim and his friends.

Now, 19 months later, according to a report in the LA Times, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has declined to charge Abram with anything. In the case of the ticket fixing, et al, the statute of limitations on the various incidents had simply run out.

As for the more serious potential crimes of warning an alleged drug dealer of law enforcement activity that might adversely affect him, the DA’s office said they couldn’t prove that Abrams knew that Grim was engaged in illegal activities. Nevermind that in August 2011, four months after Abram was relieved of duty, Grim and fourteen of his alleged associates were arrested after a 2-year-long multi-agency investigation into two inter-state drug trafficking rings, one allegedly headed by Dion.

Here are the basics of this maddening tale as outlined in an excellent story by the LA Times’ Robert Faturechi.

The trap was set. All that was left for Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators to do was wait and see if the unthinkable was true.

Suspicions had grown that one of their colleagues — a respected captain with more than 150 deputies under her command — was funneling secret information to an alleged Compton drug trafficker. So investigators sent out a phony plan as bait, according to records and interviews, detailing their intention to do surveillance on a house near the suspected trafficker’s home.

A few minutes after receiving the fake plans, Capt. Bernice Abram was heard on a phone tap placing a call to Dion Grim, the suspected drug dealer.

Authorities listened in as she tipped him off about the location of the planned surveillance. Stay away, she warned.

That day, in April 2011, sheriff’s officials placed Abram on leave, and for more than a year afterward her ties to Grim were investigated. Prosecutors recently declined to file charges against Abram, saying they couldn’t prove the captain knew that Grim, a documented gang member, was involved in illegal activities.

But a district attorney’s memo explaining that decision provides the most detailed description yet of how the Sheriff’s Department came to believe one of its up-and-coming leaders was betraying the agency and shows the efforts officials pursued to prove it. The memo also documents several occasions when Abram appeared to use her authority to help Grim avoid law enforcement scrutiny.

An FBI investigation into Abram is ongoing, a spokeswoman said.

The Sheriff’s Department placed Abram on leave along with her niece, a custody assistant who prosecutors said improperly accessed a law enforcement database for Grim. They remain on leave and together have collected more than an estimated $300,000 in salary as the sheriff’s internal probe continues, based on posted county salaries….

A department source tells us that, now that the DA’s office has declined to prosecute, the LASD’s Internal Affairs investigation will likely begin—although the FBI’s continuing probe could further delay an IA investigation.

He also said that Abram’s actions as reported by the Times contained multiple firing offenses.

Another source familiar with the workings of the Carson station that Abram oversaw, and with the reputation of Grim and his friends, said that the notion that Abram was unaware of Grim’s extralegal activities was simply not credible.

Several LASD sources expressed concern that, even if Abram’s actions are found to be cause for her termination, she could be allowed to retire ahead of any findings, thereby retaining all pension and benefits that she has accrued at that point.

Back in April of 2011, Sheriff Baca told KABC’s John North that he expected the investigation into Abram’s possible wrong-doings to be wrapped up in approximately 30 days.

KABC also noted that Bernice Abram and Undersheriff Paul Tanaka have been friends since junior high school but said that the undersheriff assured press that there was no conflict of interest.

POST SCRIPT: The fact that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office filed on nothing and allowed the statute of limitations to run out on the lesser matters, is hard for those of us observing to understand. To be frank: absent some more rigorous justification than we have yet heard, it suggests a dispiriting double standard.

It should be noted, however, that whatever the reasons behind all this non-filing-–whether righteous or deeply questionable—-it was the decision of the DA’s office under Steve Cooley’s tenure.

District Attorney-elect Jackie Lacey will be sworn in next Monday, December 3. Let us hope that she will choose a more agressive route in such matters in the future.


  • This just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. “Who” made the decision to continue her pay? According to the County ordinance, if an employee is relieved of duty and sent home, that employee is only allowed pay for 30 days. After 30 days, the employee must be returned to work or their pay must stop. Every month, the Board of supervisors receives a report listing the personnel who have been relieved of duty. If it’s fair to say the Board knew, one can only assume there’s going to be plenty of conversation at the Hall of Administration on Tuesday. How much money has Leroy put in “their” campaign coffers? Besides, didn’t he say this investigation would be completed in 30 days? Where’s Merrick Bobb or OIR? Does anyone have any oversight? The D.A.’s already cashed his chips. The Attorney General is too busy with environmental gangsters. Looks like the County passed a resolution to secede in one of their closed sessions and never told us. Caution: don’t stand under the windows at SHQ.

  • Gee what an absolute shocker. I would have never believed she would be a DA reject. Maybe now the feds will pick up the slack and do real police work Uh Huh

  • I told everyone the ‘fix’ was in! A case of this importance to the DA as well as the Sheriff and the statue was allowed to run out. This was the same tactic used by Hemmold at Century to never discipline anyone! You remember the incidents of force have time limits and this time limit would run out by direct order of Tanaka! Same tactic at the jail. What blatant abuse of their offices, the Sheriff and DA.
    C: I know you backed Lacy for DA. This could be her ‘Watergate.’ You know Lacy why did she do this?

  • I hope the Feds are working with the DA and told them to back off as they take the handle on this investigation. There is no way she is walking away from this unscathed. Or maybe she is cooperating with the fed in lieu of prosecution. She is someone who should have obviously never been a Captain and is just another example of how easily unbridled power corrupts those who are already unethical.

  • Reading this story and the l.a. Times story something became obvious. The “sting” I assume was set up by internal affairs, was set up in such a way that criminal charges could not be filed against Abram. Isn’t that strange? Here you have a dirty captain, and as investigator you can easily set up the information to conform with any D.A. Filing but you chose a story that does not even meet the requirement . Incomptentence or corruption?

  • J. London,

    Good question about Lacey. She has not yet been sworn in. She’ll be sworn in next Monday, December 3.

    So this is all still under Cooley’s roof.

    (And I should have put this on the post. I’ll add it right now.)

    We all hope very much that Lacey is better. I’d heard during the campaign that she was not going to seek the endorsement of either the sheriff or Chief Beck. Unfortunately, she instead went the conventional route.

    So we wait and see and hope…..(and prod, hector, and encourage).

    PS: A lot of people we talk to believe Abram is cooperating with the feds. Whether this is, in fact, the truth or merely wishful thinking, has yet to be confirmed, one way or the other. We sure hope it’s true.

  • I knew all you Lasd rats would jump to comment on this story get a life an stop checking this site everyday! These days they just print the same stuff that’s already in the papers just days later get a life!!!!

  • It would be interesting for someone in the media to do a follow-up story with LASD and the DA’s Office asking specifically, how did this case go beyond statute time? Baca or Baghdad Bob Whitmore said when she was ROD that the IA would “be done within 30 days,” well? A good story by the Times, but it leaves more questions unanswered than answered. When is the IA going to start and when will it be completed?

  • Cut to the Chase, if the Feds are doing a criminal investigation the I/A won’t start until it is complete. If there is no Fed investigation then the I/A can go forward. As to the pension, if she has tenure (over 20) she can retire with pension. The new law only covers Felonies I believe, could be wrong. But since there is no current criminal conviction then they can’t touch her pension. If the Feds obtain one, then she could have issues.
    I truly hope there is more to this, it seems strange they would do a set up and not obtain any filings after all this time. Who held up the filings and why? Oh and Mr. John Smith really? Why are you on the sight posting? Apparently you read this stuff, I have a life.I still have an interest in the department I spent a vast number of years of my life on. But go ahead and throw stones, avoid the issue, attack those who know.
    It is interesting to note the opinions that have existed for years internally are now going externally. Someone really must have pissed off a lot of people. Sometimes when people have an opposite opinion, you may want to stop and listen.They say be careful how many backs you step on to climb the ladder, those will be the same people who step on you on the way down.(last sentenced copied from a Miami Herald blog September 2012)

  • There are only two possibilities; one is Abrams is working with the Feds. The other is; she is not! Either way Colley has screwed this up!! All of us know (even our misguided JS) that has this been any other deputy (regardless of rank)and not a friend of Tanaka this would of all happened much differently!

  • The Feds are definitely on this. I could see them asking or even telling LASD and the DA’s office to stand down on the misdemeanors. This would mean she is either working with them or they are going after her big time with things we don’t know about yet. Just a thought

  • She is a disgrace to our dept…I hope the feds can find some felony to convict he of and she loses her pension from the new law as there is a section that applies to those hired before 2013. There is no excuse that this case has hung on for so long..

  • They won’t prosecute her cuz her and her attorney will throw da race card den what? Just like everyone saying the republicans are racist for calling out rice. Jesus christ it never ends

  • Joe Friday great YouTube how many reprimands would u get for all that profanity? Another case of Lasd hiring for quota and balance rather than intelligence and common sense

  • There is no way that anyone with any Law Enforcement experience believes that the DA mistakenly allowed the statue to run out. Further, the FEDS would be foolish to trust Baca, Tanaka or Cooley with any case sharing information. Just ask yourself; If the FEDS were cooperating with the DA then why wouldn’t the DA just say that we (DA) are turning the case over to the FEDS? Instead we get this BS explanation of what couldn’t be proved. C: Has there been any comment by our “Don’t elect me” sheriff?? Maybe the FEDS are investigating the DA! Now, that would explain things!

  • Joe Friday and FTF..You’ve got to be kidding me!!! Miley is one of the coolest most down to earth guys on the department!! I worked a radio car with him and would go to war with him anytime. You idiots are telling us you’ve never talked the Lango with some juveniles to build their trust and relate to them? That video is everything a Deputy Sheriff should be. Not some robot always handing down the Letter of the Law!! FTF, you claim to hold rank, well I submit to you after all your adolescent rants filled with immature sarcasm that you are what’s wrong with this department. If you read all the comments after the YouTube video you will see he struck a cord with those kids. He broke the stigma that all cops are stuffy ol men who can’t relate to the community!! We need more like him and less of you!!

  • Really. I didn’t need to build trust by throwing the “F” bomb and sounding like a “what Up” stooge on the street.

    Building trust is treating people fairly, use the spirit at times over the letter of the law, mean what you say, and don’t deviate from what comes out of your mouth.

    I have never been sued for kicking someone’s ass. The reason is if they deserve it and it is done without punishment in mind, then 99.9% of the recipients will accept that they had it coming.

    I hope nobody can argue that point. Being videotaped as a professional, and using that kind of language further exudes the perception people have of LASD and the ongoing nonsense. BTW, for you who have worked for Sandy Hutchens in the past, she has really bad breast cancer. She was and still is a classy lady who was probably one of the fairest managers when dealing with discipline. Pray for her and a quick recovery.

  • FTF:

    “Jesus christ it never ends”

    The only thing that never seems to end is your immaturity and biased sense of reality. You are absolutely clueless to the fact that protections are offered to certain groups because people like you exist. You should not be trusted, cannot be trusted and certain groups of people thank god they no longer have to trust people like you. You only have yourself to blame.

    “Being videotaped as a professional, and using that kind of language further exudes the perception people have of LASD and the ongoing nonsense”

    Reading your comments does the same.

    “Another case of Lasd hiring for quota and balance rather than intelligence and common sense”

    LOL, and you’re an exception? Any lack of hiring standards goes well beyond minorities. Take off the blinders dude.

  • Yes, this story is about a Captain that is accused of interfering with a criminal investigation and still on payroll. However, at the same time we are being accused of acting like gangbangers and thugs. Is Ms. Abrams associating with an alleged gang member and Sgt. Miley allowing himself to be taped using profanity something to be proud of ? Of course not. Captain Abrams was a trusted supervisor and Sgt. Miley trained our new recruits in the academy. The point is don’t do things or act in a way that is questionable or going to embarrass this department. Minority hiring standards have nothing to do with this.

  • Miley is a great guy. Don’t drag him into this mess. I had run-ins very similar to this when I was in high school and have nothing but positive things to say about the deputy involved. Times have changed and I have no problem with the way Miley handled himself. He could have been a typical cop and been an asshole. If it was my kid, I’d shake his hand and thank him for his service.

  • when I came on in 1956 the LASO had just came out of the corruption of the 1940’s and early 1950’s. ( remember Guarantee Finance?) It looks like we are right back in it. what a shame.

  • F.T.F.- When you feel the desire to post, please ask yourself is what I want to say on topic? How much have I drank? Maybe I should post tomorrow if I feel the same way.
    You go off on these tangents with little to offer. Miley is a great guy, with a great attitude and he used some profanity, wow! But his integrity is above reproach as far as I know and I do know him.
    You need to remember when you post, it reflects on all of us, and honestly its a little embarrassing


    At the risk of yanking the discussion off course again, I finally watched the Miley/skater video. Speaking as the mother of a once-skater (now a 27-year-old, married, senior software engineer for a San Francisco tech company) I would have felt only enormous gratitude for the kindness, warmth and humor with which Sgt. Miley treated those boys, had my son been among them when he was that age.

    There are too many kids in our cities and counties who have little or no guiding fatherly influence in their lives. So when a law enforcement officer can take a moment out of his night to offer some ad hoc positive adult male interaction to a bunch of boys like these in the video, the rest of us would be wise to view it as a gift,

    (And if a bit of colorful street vernacular helps him do that, it’s fine by me.)

    Protecting and serving comes in a wide variety of packages.

  • Two issues of note: First, Miley is a good man but the profanity was not called for. I supervised Miley for many years and I can assure everyone that he will rethink what he says. Second, Abrams is dirty and a deal was made. I know both people and they are capable of doing their jobs. However, in the Abrams case she lost her focus and it was not about her color or gender and I can prove it! How many of you believe that Larry Waldie (C: Waldie is male white) the former Undersheriff was the most qualified white male to have the job of Undersheriff? If there was an Affirmative Action to hire females and minorities then there were also an Affirmative Action to hire Waldie a man who could barely read or write!! The point; if standards were lowered then these standards were also lowered for male whites! Waldie had to be the beneficiary of the lowering of standards.

  • Celeste, I won’t engage the moderator of this site as you don’t allow it. I will ask one question regarding your analogy of miley or any other law enforcement officer in the same situation. If, perhaps, you were driving to work, late for a meeting, texting etc., and you blew a stop sign sign in front of an officer. He puls you over and the first thing out of his mouth is “what the fuck is going through your mind running the stop sign? Are you fucking blind?” You get my point and before you answer, I suspect that after you received your citation, you would detour to the officer’s station and file a complaint for profanity and discourtesy. And the reason is because you expect a level of respect. That’s why the department has a policy section regarding this very issue.

    Left at the ball. I don’t drink. Seen too many people suffer from it. So, unless you can prove otherwise, kiss my ass. Hows that for a little street vernacular. And Justin, is it ok for people to call me a cracker, whitey and anything else that goes along with it. You see, it’s ok for me to get beat down, but my God, if a slant is made on my part, i’m a racist natzi. Get real you hypocrite.

  • London, your post is hilarious. Waldie was hired a long long time ago.
    He didn’t ascend to the rank of Undersheriff because of Affirmative Action. He was appointed to that rank by Lee Baca.
    News flash, there is no test for the position of Undersheriff. The Sheriff can choose anybody he wants. He chose Waldie.
    Why? What did Waldie bring to the table?
    Anybody who had their finger on the pulse of the dept. at that time knows the answer to that.
    Huge campaign contributions thru the Asian business community.
    Old fashioned pay to play politics is why Larry Waldie was first appointed by Baca to the position of Assistant Sheriff……then Undersheriff.
    Who the hell do you think Tanaka learned from that this is the way business is done in the LASD?

    You are barking up the wrong tree London. You are in the hunt as far as their being far more qualified people ( pick anybody) to be the Undersheriff than Waldie.
    But you are barking up the wrong tree as to why he attained that rank.

  • FTF, you got issues. Guys like you were always to the rear with the gear. After almost 30years in this profession, one learns that you have to relate to the community. If you have to throw in a little harsh vernacular to make a point or relate to a group, you do it. I’m sure your level of experience doesn’t go much farther that turning a key or sweeping a Judges chamber. Just saying.

  • FTF,
    Really? Seriously? You’re going to berate a cop for using street language? In a situation where it obviously wasn’t offensive to the group he was using it with?
    If you think the Joe Friday approach is the best way to deal with each and every situation, with each and every group of people, you’re living in a fantasy world.
    Throughout all your vast LASD experience, you never had a partner that talked to people on their level in order to build a rapport with them? Your partners never used “street language” in order to get somebody’s attention and let them know he meant business, so the situation didn’t escalate to a force situation?
    We know you are above this. But your partners?
    But I’m quite sure, as vast and varied as your LASD experience was, at the many assignments you claim to have worked, that you witnessed your fellow deps. using profanity, even the dreaded F bomb when dealing with people.
    My question is this. Did you report them to your immediate supervisor for violating policy?
    Did you put it in writing?
    Uh huh. That’s what I thought.

    You are making yourself appear as petty and small by using this video of Miley as to why the LASD has problems. DIRTY COPS are why the LASD has problems.
    Not straight cops being street cops and using street language in situations where it isn’t offensive to anyone present.

    Get off your high horse and come on back down to earth and then we’ll talk.
    If your ego or bitterness is going to continue to cause you to critique people like Miley for the small shit that, in your OPINION, should be done differently, then just do us all a favor and shut your fucking pie hole.
    Nobody wants to hear it.
    You’re not the know-all end-all guru on how to effectively communicate with citizen contacts.
    Are you?

  • Lets forget about the video of Sgt Miley using a few F words that didn’t offend the kids and get back to the Captain that betrayed her badge.. It makes me sick at the thought that she may have made a deal to keep her sorry ass out of jail where she belongs…

  • Why, yes Hilarious, I am the end all guru of communication. I took verbal judo in the 90’s……. Also, don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard the language, used the language, seen things I will take to my grave, but here’s where it gets good. I was never videoed, recorded or planted on youtube. You gotta play smarter boys and girls.

    BTW, speaking of Waldie, anyone care to comment on the Asian Task Force he oversaw? Uh huh, now there’s a whole new can to open up.

  • And hilarious, let’s not forget that appointed positions go all the way to the captain level. You know, people like Bernice.

  • You guys are a bunch of clowns! The topic of the blog is a dirty Captain who is in bed with a Front Hood Compton Crip drug dealer and now where talking about Miley skateboarding with some juvies and having a potty mouth. LMAO at you fools. Joe Friday set u guys up!!!

  • Hey lover of LASD, my post # 34 was all about dirty cops being the problem with the LASD. Not cops using street language. Perhaps your reading retention took a backseat to your desire to want to appear like the smartest guy in the room. I guess you missed the emphasis of the capitalized letters and the crystal clear sentence subsequent to them.
    And we’re the clowns?

  • FTF, if you took Verbal Judo from Thompson I definitely stand corrected.
    you da man and I pershiate that yessiree I do.

    We can share a laugh together at that scam!!!!!!!!

    How’s bout this one here:
    “FTF, is there anything I can say or do to get you to stay on topic”……..:)

  • Geez hilarious take a chill pill. Why are you so angry with everyone? You are starting display some FPK behavior. Let everyone run their course and they will be done. In the big scheme of things, none of us have any influence on what has or what will be.

    Why should i care what happens to Bernice? You and I ain’t gonna change the back door deals. If this is such a huge issue, how come the deputies and supervisor unions aren’t stepping up. How come deputies don’t joing in a civil demonstration demanding more of the department? Haven’t seen it yet, cuz there is one word that describes what is going on. “APATHY”

  • FTF:

    I guess I struck a nerve as you are now flailing away with more nonsense. What does my response to your comment have to do with some else referring to you while using less than flattering adjectives? As much as you enjoy mocking minorities it appears that you may be the one who needs a lesson or two in understanding English. Please understand what you read before commenting.

    But would I come to your defense should someone describe you with one of the derogatory terms you have listed? Absolutely Not! Why? Because your mannerisms are so loathsome, you place well deserving disrespect upon yourself.

    And just to reiterate: Affirmative Action exists only because you exist.

  • Sure hilarious I do get a little ADHD. Hope I didn’t offend anyone with that one. Ok, one last thing, anyone see what blue cross is going to do? Affordable health act my ass

  • The answer to the above question is a darkly depressing one.

    Paul Tanaka rewarded loyalty with promotions, and Baca either is complicit or stood by and did nothing. Those who are loyal to Tanaka, like Greg Thompson and Bernice Abram (to use the two examples already covered in WitnessLA articles), know the dirt on Tanaka. Because of this, when they get themselves in a wreck, Tanaka is obligated to shield them from criminal prosecution and department sanction.

    This is why the criminal actions of Greg Thompson (outing two whistleblowing deputies and compromising the identity of an informant and then throwing him into general population) have already been watered down. ICIB is no longer involved. It’s an IAB investigation, which means no criminal charges will ever be filed.

    We see the same thing with Abram. Dilute the actions against her into manageable proportions, so she can avoid prosecution, keep her pension, and possibly keep her job. That way no one is compelled to pull back the curtain on Tanaka/Baca to save their ass.

    If the two above examples aren’t proof that the fix is in, I don’t know what it will take to make people believe it. THIS is what we should be discussing. Not Miley, profanity, et. al.

  • 10-29h, it is my understanding Bernice had already pulled retirement papers long ago. Is this not true and was she just ROD with pay?

  • I don’t claim to be the end all be all for knowledge. So take what I say with the appropriate grains of salt and do your own research… but as far as I know, she’s been ROD with pay for quite some time.

    A friend of mine claims she’s been seen puttering around SHB a lot lately…

    If I’m wrong, I’ll be happy.

  • It is reported that she is telling her inner circle (what is left of them) that this is soon to be resolved and she will be returning to full-duty status. That remains to be seen. I wonder if OIR has been allowed to make any recommendations on this or told to turn their head and mind their own business. I think this has been going on for well over a year. Nothing, absolutely nothing would surprise me out of this administration. They are absolutely accountable to no one. But, I will hold my final judgement until this thing plays itself out, all the way out.

  • FTF-

    Eh. Why was Greg Thompson so coddled after his flagrant disruption of an investigation into deputy corruption? You can’t say it was because he was a black female. I’m not seeing it. I’d play the Tanaka angle in both this cases, I’m just not seeing it any other way.

  • In the 1990s I heard this same argument about affirmative
    action. I was training at a gym and a nice young white
    fellow found out I was a deputy. He advised me that he was
    disqualified from the Sheriff´s requitment process because
    he was white. He further stated that the department was only hiring minorities and females. I took his name and information and contacted recruitment training. I was told my the requitment personell dept. that the young man had failed the written test. I have learned that people
    blame others for there own shortcomings. Just as some blacks use the race card so do some whites. As for Miley he is a good man. I grew up with him in the city of Pomona. He was always considered a black/white guy because He spent most of his time with White guys, so I am sure he is very good at relating to these skaters. Also I was on patrol training with Bernice. I can remember when Maxwell placed a carrot in bernice´s mail box which was carved into the shape of a ding-dong Bernice took it as a joke eventhough a female Sgt. wanted to burn Maxwell. Bernice has always tried to keep others out of unnecessary trouble. Both Bernice and Maxwell became captains Both of them were good people.

  • I just don’t understand why law enforcement would tip off about their plans and why the married captain dated someone else and didn’t know the son was a thugster. This definitely impacted my life as the drugee had a home girl move in next to me that moved his product and ended up costing me substantial money and did nothing to these people but they lie and tell really good stories to the coppers but when the main person was at the lead of all the corruption no wonder the whole station attacked us – I am going to lawyer up and sue and get to the bottom of this and more are involved than Abram, how about Tanaka, and some still at the Carson station. Our taxpayer money actually pays for these jerks to think they are working and doing a good job. Too bad they don’t live in TX as they would have the most bs under their boots.

  • while i am no authority on LASD Protical,,i do have questions to present..In the year that captian Abrams was arrested for corruption,,and placed on administrative leave.

    i was brutally assaulted by sevcral Carson sheriff deputies. i filed my compliant,,verbally as well as in written form, before the Carson City Council,, at which captian Abrams was seated. i made my concerns known directly to both entities. At that time i was not aware of captian Abrams questionable clandestine activities. after becoming made aware of captian Abrams integrity. It is my concern, that my compliant was adequately investigated under captian Abrams watch. The charges of assult on five deputies were dimissed by the DA never to be brought forward again on any of the four defendants.

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