Concealed Carry Murders: Permit-Holders Killed More Than 1,300 People in Last Decade

Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker

Individuals with approved concealed carry permits have killed at least 1,335 people — not in self-defense — since 2007, according to a report from the Violence Policy Center.

The center has compiled the 1,104 fatal incidents, summarizing each of them on

Furthermore, research shows that the states with loosely enforced concealed carry laws often struggle with higher violent crime rates. A Stanford study from 2017 found that states that expanded individuals rights to carry weapons through “Right-to-Carry” laws (like Texas) have experienced crime rates higher than those states without Right-to-Carry laws (like California).

“Contrary to the false claims made by the gun lobby, allowing random people to carry guns endangers public safety,” said VPC Legislative Director Kristen Rand.

Texas and Florida were home to the highest numbers of concealed carry killings, with 65 and 84, respectively.

None of the three shootings in California were mass shootings. In one case, an ongoing feud about cats between two neighbors escalated to murder.

People with permission to carry concealed weapons also kill law enforcement officers during dangerous confrontations.

Researchers found 19 cases involving concealed carry individuals killing 24 police officers.

In 35 cases, permit-holders committed mass murder (three or more deaths), killing a total of 167 people.

Thirty-seven deaths were unintentional shootings that involved the permit-holder’s gun (but not necessarily the permit-holder themself).

More than half of the shooters committed suicide after killing others. Nearly 380 more have already been convicted in court.


  • Wow. So I decided to check out this website. Looks like Taylor Walker needed to put some sort of story out quick because the whole basis of this story is based off of the first paragraph on that website. Looks like Taylor Walker is getting lazy.

    So I decided to read through a lot of the examples this site refers to for their findings. Almost all of them would’ve happened even without having a CCW! We’re talking about a man suffering from depression, shoots and kills his wife and two sons, then kills himself. Tragic, yes. But I didnt know you needed a CCW for inside your home?

    Other examples include someone shooting themself while exiting their car, shooting someone accidentally while cleaning their gun and so on.

    Now there are examples that can back the evidence for this story. Unfortunately, those examples add up to about 10% of all these CCW shootings they are claiming.

  • Now the violence policy center wouldn’t have a vested interest in pushing an anti gun “study” would they? Old tobacco ads: “4 out of 5 doctors agree camel cigarettes are the healthy choice!”

  • News flash: thousands of people with driver’s licenses kill indiscriminately on American roadways! They must be stopped with legislation!

  • Skippy, you are a genius and should be a detective. Of course, Taylor does not disclose that she looked at………until the 2nd paragraph. That slight of hand, however, did not stop you. You figured it out right away through your research. Genius. But, you are right. Some of these folks carrying concealed weapons are not all bad, as one of the middle paragraphs tells us.

    Madame Kong, another genius. You, too, figured something out. I, too, suspected there was something nefarious with the Violence Policy Institute. I suspect, although I am not as smart as you to figure it out, that maybe the VPI is trying to stop gun violence. I suspect, but cannot put my figure on it. If I were you, I, too, would be scared. If they try to stop violence, they may be coming after cops next.

    Dope of Reality, now you are being silly. The problem is that in some states its easier to get a gun than a driver’s license.

  • cf- sorry you, being a liberal, are so offended by guns. This country was founded at the point of a gun to repel oppression, and the Founding Fathers were foresighted enough to protect the right to bear arms in our beloved Constitution. Those who swear to uphold the Constitution must embrace each and every aspect of it. If you don’t, whats keeping you here? England has snowflake laws that would be right up you alley: no right to self-defense, no right to bear arms, no right to say bad words in public (unless you’re a muslim cleric with a bullhorn in the streets, vowing to kill the police).

  • “When government takes away the citizens’ right to bear arms, it becomes the citizens’ duty to take away the government’s right to govern.”

    ~George Washington

  • SIX THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED TWENTY SIX PEDESTRIANS WERE KILLED BY MOTORIST! This just in 2018 alone. Please put that into perspective.

  • This is blatant false reporting. This author really must have something up her sleeve to lie like this. Even if this were true, this small number against 200,000,,000 gun owners is insignificant. Think about it, would you rather be a CCW carrier or a victim. I am alive because when 8 kids about 20 pulled bowie knives and told me they wanted to butcher me. My only defense was a mod. 15 S&W. They apoligized and went home. No shots fired.

  • What about the 200,000+ people who die every year due to medical mail practice at the hands of doctors?

    What about the hundreds of thousands of people who die or negatively affected every year as a result of Opiod addiction due in part to the deliberate, planned and organized manipulation of scientific data by pharmaceutical companies?

  • You geniuses make good points – let us get rid of cars and doctors. Come to think of it, more people die of natural causes than anything else. Let us get rid of natural causes.

  • CF….

    You silly, ignorant dolt. Ban cars, ban doctors? Are you being facetious, trying to trivialize the real facts or just good old fashioned stupid? You don’t criticize the police as a “concept” but you always personalize, insult, threaten, mis-characterize, stereotype, and demean the people in the position themselves. If by your line of reasoning is extended (as shown by your hate and disdain for the people in law enforcement and not the concept) shouldn’t you be criticizing the people who drive the cars that kill people and the doctors that commit malpractice that results in the deaths of people, and not go off on some tangent and make an asinine statement like banning cars and doctors?

    Oh great champion of the people, roto rooter outer of the truth and hypocritical defender of the underserved, it is the people you hate for committing these dastardly acts right?

  • Never underestimate the ignorance of lawmakers. In my state, I, a possessor of a ccw, can walk or drive anywhere in my state, with very few exceptions. Yet, in some areas where an active shooter incident or other violent crime is more likely to occur, like schools and public transportation, there is a blanket prohibition against a ccw holder carrying. smh

  • “Let’s hear more” violated your laws of commenting, yet his or her post was approved.

    Was this a mistake, or are you a hypocrite? Just asking.

  • Using Taylor Walker’s numbers and giving her the benefit of the doubt, CCW holders killed 1,500 people in ten years or 150 per year, and estimating conservatively only 12 million CCW holders in the US (actual number is 14.5 million) that calculates to 1.25 murders per 100,000 people. The gun death rate for the US in 2019 was 12.1 per 100,000. That means CCW holders are 10 times less likely to commit a gun murder than the general population in the US.

  • How absolutely inane. During that same 10 year period 150,000-200,000 U.S. people were murdered. So, if their stats are correct, only about 1% were from people with a concealed weapon permit.

    This is the pinnacle of stupidity to be going after law abiding citizens who go through background checks to get a concealed permit when 99% of murders are caused by those without a permit!

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