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Chief Says LAPD Won’t Work with Trump on Mass Deportations, Texting Probation Officers, and LA’s Still Short on Foster Care Beds

Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker


The LAPD will not change its immigration policies to help fulfill President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to deport millions of immigrants, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said Monday.

The police chief told the LA Times that his department will not “engage in law enforcement activities solely based on someone’s immigration status,” or work with Homeland Security on any efforts to ramp up deportations. “That is not our job, nor will I make it our job.”

The LAPD will continue to follow Special Order 40, a 1979 mandate that prevents police from questioning people with the sole intention of determining their immigration status, said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. And, if faced with hostility toward the people of Los Angeles, “we will speak up, speak out, act up, and act out,” the mayor said.

Special Order 40 was implemented by then-LAPD Chief Daryl Gates along with the LA City Council, so that undocumented immigrants could feel safe reporting crimes and otherwise engaging with law enforcement without the fear of deportation. Under the mandate, officers are not to arrest or book anyone solely for violating immigration law.

In addition to Donald Trump’s “first 100 days” promise to immediately start deporting more than two million undocumented immigrants is Donald Trump has also vowed to take away US Department of Justice grants from cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco for their “sanctuary city” status.

The LA Times’ Kate Mather and Cindy Chang have the story. Here’s a clip:

During Beck’s tenure as chief, the department stopped turning over people arrested for low-level crimes to federal agents for deportation and moved away from honoring federal requests to detain inmates who might be deportable past their jail terms.


“Our law enforcement officers and LAPD don’t go around asking people for their papers, nor should they,” [Garcetti] said. “That’s not the role of local law enforcement.”

Capt. Jeff Scroggin, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, said it is too soon to say how sheriff’s officials would react to any changes required by the Trump administration. Those changes could be tied to federal funding, he noted.

In the meantime, he said, sheriff’s deputies who patrol the county will continue their longstanding practice of treating all residents the same, regardless of background.

“We just want people to come forward so we have a better community. It doesn’t matter whether they’re an immigrant or going through the process of citizenship,” Scroggin said. “Whatever it is, we want to hear from them. We don’t want them to not cooperate. It’s important to keep the community safe. We never ask about immigration status.”


The Riverside County Probation Department is testing a unique messaging program that allows probation officers to talk with their clients via text message. Senior Probation Officer Jaime MacLean has been testing the program, which is called CORE (Communicating Openly Requires Engagement), with her 30 clients since March.

Only three of MacLean’s clients have violated their probation in the months since March, compared with an average of around 3 violations per month that usually occur in caseloads of that size in Riverside.

MacLean says it has allowed her to engage with her clients in a way that she hadn’t been able to before that shows probationers that she cares about them and their success. Through the texting program, clients receive important updates, announcements for job fairs and other services, and can quickly communicate with their probation officer if they miss a meeting.

CA Fwd’s Nadine Ono has more on the promising program. Here’s a clip:

Part of building relationships with clients involves texting announcements and reminders for events such as job fairs, sending inspirational messages to lift their spirits in addition, checking-in as part of their probation, or allowing clients to text photos as proof of required activities.

The traditional way of communicating with clients is through phone calls and regular appointments, which is sometimes the only contact. And, if a client misses an appointment, unless he or she can connect by phone, the officer has no way of knowing what happened, which could lead to a violation.

McLean said the extra engagement is paying off. “They’re more willing to be honest via text message.” She explained that it is often hard for clients admit mistakes, such as using drugs or alcohol, over the phone or face-to-face. She added that sometimes clients will meet with her and say everything is OK, but then text her their problem after they leave the office.

“The whole point is trying to figure out how we can work on things together, instead of them feeling like they don’t want to come in and tell their probation officer what’s going on,” said McLain. “If they have a better relationship with me, they’re more willing to figure out what the next steps can be together.”

MacLean said she has one client with bad anxiety who is uncomfortable sitting in the waiting room. With the ability to text, the client can let her know when he has arrived, so that she can meet him at the door and bring him directly to the office. “Otherwise,” she said, “he just wouldn’t show up.” And not showing up could lead to a violation and possibly back in jail.


A recent report from the LA County Department of Children and Family Services reveals that the county continues to struggle to find homes for kids in the foster care system.

While the number of children in foster care decreased by approximately 100, the number of open beds for foster kids also decreased by about the same amount.

DCFS has been working to increase the number of long-term placements with foster families as California moves toward a dramatic overhaul of the group home model slated to go into effect next year.

The Chronicle of Social Change’s Christie Renick has more on the report. Here’s a small clip:

The report also showed that there were 1,055 youth in group homes in 2015, a 4.4 percent increase over the year before.

California’s Continuum of Care Reform, which limits the amount of time a child or youth can be placed in a group home or congregate care facility, will take effect in January and will hasten the department’s efforts to find appropriate homes for older foster youth, who are often placed in residential institutions and small group homes.


  • Good luck with that when Federal funds are cut off! How will they afford to keep Special Order 40 in place with no funding? Tax an already over taxed population?

  • Kudos to Chief Beck for making a decision. LASD, politician Sheriff McDonald’s has done his usual cowardly move, send a spokesman to say, “too early to tell, cant say yet, don’t know, no comment at this time” He will always be a non committing sheriff. When it comes to apprehending or arresting criminals the Sheriff only worries about how he can punish the deputy.

  • So the top lawn man in LA city says he ain’t gonna follow the law. The one he’s already not enforcing. Sometimes people just don’t know their place. Beck is just another politician trying to appease his future voters. I hope after your indicted, prosecuted and convicted, you you can be in the cell next to Lee Baca and Paul Tanaka. Don’t worry, I’ll give you an extra sandwich when no one’s looking and an extra packet of mayonnaise to soothe the backside burning you’ll be experiencing.

  • ANOTHER SHOCKWAVE SEND RIPPLES THROUGH ALADS. The deputies have spoken and voted. Dethroned Ex-President George Hofstetter is the second ex president in a row not to be re elected on ALADS Board. Don Steck was the first (in last years election) Sean Van Leeuwen ALADS Vice President also was not re elected as he is the 2nd vice president in a row to not make the ALADS Board. Mark Claahsen was first (in last years election) Let’s see what happens with this new Board.

  • It isn’t about going door to door and rounding up anybody. It isn’t about stopping anybody for a traffic violation and asking them for proof of citizenship. What it is about is undocumented immigrants that are arrested for CRIMINAL violations. If Mayor Garcetti and Chief Beck think that they’re going to tell the Feds that they aren’t going to honor any detainers sent by ICE for individuals in their custody for a CRIMINAL violation, they are in for a big surprise.
    LAPD doesn’t have to investigate whether or not a person is in the country illegally. They don’t have to arrest a person for being in the country illegally. That’s up to them.
    However, if they think they can ignore federal detainers for individuals already in their custody for CRIMINAL acts other than being in the country illegally, that is a whole other matter.
    They COULD end up with handcuffs on them.
    Don’t get it twisted. Because the DOJ hasn’t chosen to enforce the law, it doesn’t mean the law doesn’t exist. All it would take for Garcetti and Beck to be charged with harboring fugitives if they ignore federal detainers is a new DOJ that chooses to enforce the existing law.
    So has anything happened lately that would indicate a change in direction of the way the DOJ will be viewing things of this nature?

  • undocumented immigrants not causing problems will never be deported. Criminal undocumented immigrants will. Undocumented immigrants haven’t been deported for years. Now, if they have been kicked out of the country and it is documented, well then that is a problem. ICE can handle them. The media has to stop feeding these young kids a bunch of bullshit regarding this issue. On yea, the ACLU needs to do the same. If your not causing problems in our communities and supporting your family you should not worry about getting kicked out. Political bullshit. Oh yea, lets not forget how many people were deported at the hands of OBAMA

  • Actually. I believe the Obama administration skewered the deportation numbers. They counted people detained and returned at the border, significantly inflating the numbers. I don’t believe the Obama administration had the time, resources, or inclination to deport the hundreds of thousands og illegal immigrants and ehe takes credit for.

  • #7. Bandwagon:

    “Actually, I believe the Obama administration skewered the deportation number.”

    That belief can be validated by Googling “Obama deportation books cooked” and probably the biggest validation will come from an article written by–get this!!!–the L.A. Times.

  • Karma paid a visit to ALADS and served humble pie. While a “Cleen Sweep” for ALADS Election last week, only two Hayhurst Minions remain on the board……MC & JM. Dick Shinee is shaking in his boots.

  • Theres a huge problem if Macleans judgements about people and how other situations are handled, basing opinion or fact off a text message. Thats worse than the probation dept statistics, basing testing on the wrong substance and using other extra cost to make the numbers fit their needs for project proposal. Last time I saw one of those analysis they were in line ahead of me in the bank, depositing money asking for the original account, as if tye dlient needed spedialbank accounting. In fact they have never spoke directly just a cartoon on a reciept, and so many 10 year adits, to hide the upcoming events. Lets see how transparent LASD and IR truthfully shows the numbers accounting for settlements, retirements, contracts, tasks, and other coinage . Not to mention zodiac birthday parties and Christmas brawls. So much-needed review but too many people and departments control the block wall that humpty dumpty fell off, running into the royal newegg slut. Please note the 2011 event that everyone bailed on, and the color name combinations, with street names, and phone calls. Now focusing on the new Texas, based phone co., used with synchronized bank sim surveillance and social advertisments to track and target the females while the men are behind bars. Such easy targets we become, and evn easier to use as blame for their ddefense whenever they are caught, the played prototype and sly digital shadow is another shade of grey haze, that burns faster than its noticed. But the CAM SPA portal continues the toxic stress and black out warings before the game ends, and the rail steam car hits another dog CHASING the soap box car, like it’s was a ride at BP Knotts. Now the checker flag never ends the race, it keeps going like the pink bunny, transgendering into an elephant, then a my little money, and eventually Rainbow Brite and Twink the fluffy white rockstar, just chilling signing autographs like a HERO.

  • Forgot to comment on CORE, and the degree of engagement hard or soft media text through social tinder boxing matches. Dont forget the phospphorus toxcity, and the glowing illumination after the jack in the box drive thru, fast drive by and bluetooth watches, Uhaul model home instructions by YODA, cause thats how they roll, then eating the cany watching the money they become rollie pollies. Does the barcode override the deportation and employ at home therapy, requring lunchtime survelliance, and supplemental e cards, or amazon music sharing to proof/ brag to bluecoat email, multitasking progect tasks involving health services WC and other disaplinary hard actions, that became daily morning and lunch jokes. My earphones weren’t loud enough to ignore the laughing and group whistle play that anounced my arrival every morning. And still I am starving looking for my original employee ID, and my current Department, transported or deported?

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