• She went to rehab more than once, left early each time. Rehab for most is a joke or a way to avoid doing time. She always claimed she was a manic depressive and used that excuse to do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted.

    She’s no differnt than the other people Celeste champions that can’t control their behavior. Always a problem someone else created that made them turn out to be thugs, gangsters and dopers and it’s always the system that’s failed them, never their own fault in her naive universe.

    Guess other people have figured that’s what she’s all about based on the tons of comment the site’s getting.

    Winehouse was in no way any type of real deal, not in the real world.

  • Sure Fire, why in the world do you bother with this predictable blather? Simply throwing the same spitballs when you stop by is not all that interesting.

    And, yes, poor me and WLA: The site’s irrelevance was why we got three new journalism awards this year.

  • Just for the record, their drug use and early deaths have zero effect upon my admiration for the musical gifts that Charlie Parker, Bill Evans and Billie Holliday bestowed on the world.

  • Well said, RP. Similarly, the fact that Hank Williams’ consumption of alcohol, morphine and other drugs, ruined his family relationships and helped to kill him at age 29, in no way keeps me from seeing him as a musical immortal.

  • “And, yes, poor me and WLA: The site’s irrelevance was why we got three new journalism awards this year”


    Amy Winehouse – 5 grammys

    Witness LA – 3 journalism awards

    Sure Fire as a cop – just a bunch of suspensions and reprimands.

  • Not quite Rudy, in fact way off, but what really made this site a bit of fun was the constant back and forth between people that disagreed about the topics here. Where did that site go? When did objectivity get thrown the fuck out the window here? I thought you had that at one point Celeste, but I think I was wrong. In fact I know it.

    I post something not true in that first comment? Look at the last ten threads ( I could go back further) before this one, where are all the comments? A couple about the 4th of July and five on her first hunger strike thread and all of them were about where Celeste was vacationing. One on the noose in Santa Monica and that was all of a sentence and only one about the thread material at hand that was in depth. Yet I post and you get some Celeste…you’re welcome. So am I missing something? You don’t champion the people that many in society look at as the “bad element”?

    As for Winehouse I didn’t say she didn’t have talent Randy but the “real deal”? No way, just another egotistical self centered talent that cared only about getting high and fuck everything and everyone else. Sorry, no “real deal” in my book. What she did was a giant “fuck you” to her fans.

    As for your comment Celeste, seriously how often do I say anything here? Your last back and forth with me about cop deaths showed me how little you truly care about guys like me and my kid. It certainly woke me up. You’ll go to the ends of the earth for some useless piece of shit in Pelican Bay who isn’t eating (by the way I support the hunger strike, all state prisoners should follow in suit and poof, good-bye over crowding) and in my opinion care so little about the group of people they love to kill most that your true colors made it impossible to do anything but post my true thoughts.

    I’m on vacation and will be hiking in the Sierras for the next five days, getting away from L.A. works wonders for the soul. If you can’t take the heat Celeste just ban me and delete this, I’ll get by.

  • Have a good time hiking in the Sierras, SF. We can agree on the healing power of getting outa the city. I just spent two weeks by a river in Montana. (Got back Saturday night.)

  • Comments aren’t necessarily an indicator of traffic.

    In fairness to Sure Fire, Rudy, as we don’t know his name, we really can’t make assumptions about him, can we?

    I didn’t say that she was the real deal, SF; Celeste did. FWIW, however, there are any number of examples of creative types who lead dissolute lives. I remember when we made a family trip to Amsterdam when my Dad was stationed in Germany and we went to the Van Gogh Museum. My Dad kept remarking that “This SOB must have been crazy.” I said, probably, but think what his work would have been like if he wasn’t.

    I never listened to Nirvana, so I can’t comment on Kurt Cobain, but the one member of the 27 Club who I really can’t stand is Jim Morrison. Best comment about him came from Denis Leary:

    “Let me tell you something. We need a two and a half hour movie about the Doors? Folks, no we don’t. I can sum it up for you in five seconds, ok. I’m drunk. I’m nobody. I’m drunk. I’m famous. I’m drunk. I’m fucking dead. There’s the whole movie, ok!? Big fat dead guy in a bath tub, there’s your title for you.”

  • Sure Fire, a bit delusional, are we? Randy commented first. And, he actually cracked a joke about Winehouse, invoking a hit song of hers. It wasn’t in admiration of her.

    Then you commented, expressing your frustration over Winehouse’s popularity (nothing new. It’s called being a hater).

    I’m guessing the reason why this thread brought a little life to this blog’s comments section (this blog does just fine without commenters, and Celeste has 3 awards to prove it) is because it’s about Amy Winehouse. You come here and use the story of Winehouse’s death as plausibility to give Celeste an unsolicited lecture about appeasing the “bad element”, then you take credit for the additional comments.

    What’s next, are you going to raid a Lil Wayne concert, shoot a dozen or so attendees, and take credit for the overall attendance?


    Oh, one more thing..most people consider abusive police part of the “bad element”, too. That’s why their purse strings are being cut nation wide.

  • >…who I really can’t stand is Jim Morrison.<

    Do you have any video of you singing karaoke to Riders on the Storm, Randy? 🙂

  • No, the only karaoke songs I have ever sung ar Beyond the Sea, Misty, Lush Life and Angel Eyes. I did see Morrison’s grave at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris last year.

  • That’s some memory, Jim!

    I have ventured forth with some additional karaoke in the past few years. I didn’t quite butcher Angel Eyes, but this version is pretty good and shows how lovely this song is.

  • Rudy C. “Oh, one more thing..most people consider abusive police part of the “bad element”, too”.

    What a great line Rob, but I would think anyone would consider abusive people of any type a problem. Some things never change with the ability of some people here to respond with anything sounding like the “real deal”. I pretty much agree with Randy and knew about “Rehab”. I’m a well read guy. In actuality comments are way down here, a lie is still a lie Rob.

    Here’s someone in my life I think is the “real deal” Celeste.

    A very good friend of mine lost his job about 2 1/2 years ago. He was out of work about 18 months, marriage hit the skids which happens in these types of times. He moves in with his 88 year old dad, an alcoholic and not a fun guy. Finally he finds a part-time job driving a shuttle bus, gives his wife most of his money. My friend is now 57.

    About two weeks ago he finally gets full time work with benefits, was constantly looking and putting in applications but his age made it tough. He deserved the new job, no quit in my friend and never wanted anything he didn’t earn. He hated being on unemployment for the first time in his life.

    Lost that first job because he made about 7$ more an hour than the illegals who worked at the construction supply company he worked at for years, so the first cuts were to the “legals” (many Hispanics by the way), who worked there. Funny how most people here, I would guess, support the Dream Act. While we go broke let’s help educate those who can’t work here legally and pretend we care about work place enforcement. That sound about right? Or is that work place enforcement meant only for those with menial type jobs, not college grads? We all know college grads don’t steal ss numbers and the like right?

    Back to my friend and his wife. The wife went to the same church since she was born. The two were married there about 30 years ago, all four kids baptized there and all were long time members of the church, just like her parents and all of her siblings. She was employed by the church for many years but they let her go just a few months back.

    They did it, and there’s no doubt in my mind as I’ve read all the the history on her time there that she gave her lawyer, because a few years ago they started to court the gay community due to a new more liberal type pastor and declining membership. Lots of gays become members which to me is no big deal and wasn’t to her or her family. The church publicly comes out against Prop 8 when that rolls oot, again no big deal but then one of their adult kids speaks at a church meeting about the subject in favor of Prop 8 using the Bible as his guide. He doesn’t do it out of anger or hate, the kid is a very mild type but strong in his beliefs. This isn’t meant to debate the merits of Prop 8, just saying what took place at this particular church to this particular person.

    This opinion voiced by their son isn’t looked at as very cool or inclusive by the church and before you know it, she’s out of a job. No warning, no problem with her performance just contrived issues where no counseling or anything else is offered. I always thought that was the job of the leaders of a church, to counsel. She was on a yearly contract.

    A few weeks after she’s let go my friend finds out he has prostate cancer (prognosis is good), a few days later his wife finds out she has breast cancer (prognosis not so good). Think they’ve heard from the church? She is suing and it should be interesting, sparkling evaluations for her career there until her kid speaks up. Pretty sad deal if you ask me. Now my friend is probably moving back in to help her and has just landed a second job.

    He is the “real deal” to me, and there’s lots more like him out there.

    Not pointing the finger at anyone here but so called “progressives” are the biggest bunch of phonies in this country along with being some of the most narrow minded and hateful people I’ve ever come across. Be like them, believe like them and act like them or fuck you.

    Sorry, a little long and off topic but you know my style.


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