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Ahead by 57,810 Votes, Villanueva, Declares Victory Over Incumbent McDonnell In LA County’s Nail Biting Sheriff’s Race

Alex Villanueva on Friday, 11/16/2018, after new vote count.
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

After the newest batch of vote results was posted by the L.A. County Registrar indicating that retired lieutenant Alex Villanueva now leads by nearly 57,800 votes over sitting Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell, Villanueva, a retired LASD lieutenant, announced he had won the race.

“With a lead of nearly 58,000 votes, we can finally say that there’s a #NewSheriffInTown!” Villanueva tweeted from his East L.A. office. “We owe it all to our volunteers and everyone who supported our campaign. Now the work really begins as I prepare to hit the ground running on day one as your new Los Angeles County Sheriff!”

Villanueva told ABC 7 reporter, Josh Haskell on Friday evening,  that he and his supporters had a chance to “crunch the numbers,”  and to “look at the results,” and thus he believes, he said, that “mathematically, the odds are almost nil that the trend is going to reverse.”

As of this writing, Sheriff Jim McDonnell has not conceded.

And according to the office of the county’s Registrar-Recorder, there are approximately 422,600 ballots left to be counted.

If Villanueva is right about this being the point of no return, what many believed was impossible has just happened: For the first time in 100 years in Los Angeles, the challenger has unseated the incumbent. Oh, and there has never been a Democrat elected to the office of L.A. County Sheriff in 138 years.

While the position is considered non-political, Villanueva and his supporters made a point of referring to the fact that he is a registered Democrat, as opposed to McDonnell’s stated position as an independent, a fact that many—WitnessLA included—thought helped the challenger in a high-intensity mid-term election that was likely to bring out Democratic voters in large numbers.

Villanueva’s campaign was also energetically grass roots in nature, and had him showing up at community events, both crowded and not so crowded, many of them organized by local democratic clubs, at least 36 of which endorsed him.  

He also reportedly won 84 percent of the Latino vote, according to UCLA elections expert, Matt Barreto, who spoke to the LA Times.

So is it true, is Villanueva a lock?

The next batch of votes will be counted and announced next Tuesday.  So watch this space.

Meanwhile, in a painful side note, both McDonnell and Villanueva attended the memorial service on Thursday for Ventura County SD Sergeant Ron Helus, who gave his life in the service of his community at the horrific mass shooting on November 8, at Thousand Oaks’ Borderline Bar. Thursday was also the 31st anniversary of Helus’ first date with his wife-to-be, Karen Helus.


  • “ he reportedly won 84 percent of the Latino vote”. Game over, new sheriff.Boston Jimmy did back witness la and Celeste’s war on human trafficking, boy that sure landed with a thud. Clueless la will probably blame the debates, I mean Boston Jimmy probably lost at least two dozen votes on that one. Everyone on the board of supervisors who’s last name isn’t Solis better be paying attention.

  • Congratulations to Sheriff Elect Villanueva. Remember what was Block, Baca and McDonnell’s biggest act of stupidity? The act of hubris. Who you appoint to help run LASD will be crucial. Remember who Baca appointed? And they ran the place into the ground!

    We wish you well!

  • Just remember there are still good hard working people on the department. Even at the top. You all need to be respectful of those individuals who work hard and care so much about the department. Not everybody at the top or middle is a Tanaka person. Or everybody will have the same opinion. But to be bitter and hateful is not the way to go. Yes there will be changes but not everybody is “bad.” Be respectful!

  • @Um, good point. Maybe Stonich and Waldie are available for an encore performance now that Tanaka is……..well……uh………being detained.

  • I can’t wait for the ELA logo to be returned. Hurry up Jefe, I’ll sponsor you for that Ink you always wanted.

  • Folks:

    Headline in this morning’s L.A. Times:

    “L.A. district attorney investigates…sheriff’s candidate Alex Villanueva.”

    Three L.A. Times reporters on THAT one: Maya Lau, Adam Elmarek, and James Queally.

    Three reporters.


  • @ Miss Hobart, be respectful really, when were any of you execs respectful of those of us you cut down, just because we did not play your games. Yes there are a few Execs that are hardworking and deserve to remain, but very very few. So, please dont give us that crap. The Execs are the reason this department is so far off track. You literally destroyed the Dept.

  • It’s hard to have any respect for any of the executives who remained on the Department when the Sheriff was elected. These same executives where only interested in their own self-promotion and taking care of their kids, cronies and boot-lickers. These same executives sat back and let numerous low ranking members be falsely accused and relieved of duty without any real due process or recourse. These same executives sat back and let the Department be run into the ground.

    There may be some decent honorable ones but most likely they already gave up and went IOD. No sympathy or free pass here. As the old saying goes, “you got nothing coming” and I’m sure you know who you are.

  • Where are the deputies who laughed when Alex cofounded LASPA? Guess who’s laughing now! And for the record, NO special favors for ALADS.

  • Can someone get a new player card. What kind of car does this new Sheriff drive. Go Red Sox, I mean Dodgers….

  • Sheriff Alex Villanueva has already stated on record that he will evaluate every executive on a case-by-case basis, then make his determination as to their viability within the Dept. Alex is well aware that we have good, hard-working men and women in the upper echelons who are still an asset to the Dept. Some of these executives we have previously worked with and can personally attest to their dedication to the Dept, and to their high regard for the backbone of the Dept – the deputies. Conversely, there are those with brass on their collar that will experience a day of reckoning. Rest assured the evaluation process will be thorough, but changes are coming and the Dept needs the best person for the right job.

    Accordingly, Alex will review personnel files to ascertain their past performance history, conduct sit-down interviews, speak with an individual’s coworkers (past and present), etc. A Dept executive should be held to a higher standard. In essence, the content of their character will be examined. Of course, any new Sheriff or administration will bring his/her own people in – no surprise there.

    Alex doesn’t owe anyone anything. He’s not indebted to a particular group or person(s). Alex is his own man, is extremely intelligent, is tan and green from Day One, and actually gives a damn about who can make LASD the premiere law enforcement organization in CA – the deputies. God bless them.

  • I hope consideration is given to the ALADS Captain’s ratings as a start. If the Sheriff is going to do interviews of the executive staff he inherits, and solicit the advice of others, please try and ask some of the low level line staff for input as well.

    Leadership starts at the top and there decisions trickles down to those on the front line. A suggestion box or some format to allow input regarding the performance or lack thereof those who think untouchable would be a start.

  • You sound like a major lambion. How long you been driving him around to events lookin for a favor. Can’t stand brown nosers.

  • Bandido#1. When did they start giving station trustees cell phones……now get back to the pumps and clean and gas up my patrol. Real cops need to go to work.

  • You are mistaken. DA in looking into straw donors. What is so tragically ironic is that Sheriff Elect Villanueva was out spent 4 to 1 and they are looking at Alex?

  • Sorry if I don’t understand whatever your spewing. Just words of advice from a hardworking member of LASD that’s been around and seen a lot of mis-management and wannabe posers spouting their stories of glory that only they now really happened. Some folks had to grow up, be adults, make decisions and answer to folks above.

    Annonymity….not looking for a hand out, to be in anybody’s car, station buddy hook up or to be taken care of. Just want the playing field and the officiating to be fair and balanced.

  • Dearest Bandida13,

    Forgive my delayed response to your amusing yet insightful, highly intellectual post. Literary American giants such as Hemingway, Emerson and Melville are mere scribes compared to you. However, I had some difficulty translating your CA State Penitentiary vernacular into plain English. Fortunately for all concerned, I still have VHS copies of American Me and Blood In, Blood Out/Bound by Honor. After careful review and consideration, I have come to the conclusion that you are most likely a gangster parolee or a gangster probationer with search conditions, with an obvious vendetta against cops. Or perhaps you ingested an exorbitant amount of dangerous controlled substances over an extended period of time and now suffer with some form of brain damage.

    Regarding your post in response to mine, please correct me if I’m wrong but I believe you intended to say something about driving around in a brown Lamborghini, and you’re asking for a favor to ride in the Lambo, or you need a ride to your P.O. I must admit I’m not fluent in gibberish, and I apologize if I misinterpreted your words. Have you tried reading a dictionary?

    At any rate, Bandida13, we look forward to your next post.

    PS. Don’t hate, appreciate : )

  • Let’s hope Alex truly cleans house from top to bottom. Anybody know what happened to Fennell’s kid after his phone calls while on duty?

  • Make It Happen: Congratulations, you’ve now given him the energy and reason for his next ridicules post.

    At least CF believes what he/she is saying. The idiot you felt the need to respond to is obviously in need of some attention, and you just gave it to him. Grow up

  • Can’t wait for the new boss to show up. Hopefully all of us with body art can again wear short sleeves. Well, time to hit the street, sleeves rolled up, chewing my favorite tobacco product. Don’t like it? I’m easy to find.

  • Bandido, cf, and tt boy all the same girl, she’s been at it for years, ignoring her isn’t going to make her stop.” Make it happen “ is doing just fine.

  • It’s not me. You are a bitter person. The execs are not the reason. If you knew aboutthing about the department you would know there are a lot of facets. Everybody will e complaining about him soon too. It’s never perfect and there is always room for change and improvement. But be respectful of the ones that do work hard and don’t get caught up in the drama. Everything happens for a reason. Love the department. And certainly don’t want it to fail but succeed. Nobody needs to be nasty or disrupt full.

  • Na. I’ll be disrespectful. Those ol’timers should have retired long ago. They are the reason new , fresh, and harder working brass can’t promote. I’ve seen it and heard of it first hand!

  • I know you are just being facetious but Stonich and Waldie are equally to blame for the current tragedy that is LASD!

  • Should be an interesting Wednesday meeting on the 8th floor this week. By then we should know more election results. Oh that’s right, Wednesday before turkey day, half day for the executives.

  • Miss Hobart. Ok, so it’s obvious your are not an exec, you can’t even contstuct a proper sentence but then maybe you are an exec that is so sad she has taken to drinking during these stressful times. I know a lot and have seen a lot, and these execs have absolutely destroyed the Department with their handpicked Tanaka people. You want respect, you gotta earn it. None have earned anything but a healthy retirement check, so take that POS Asmus and the rest of the floor and get while you can, we are coming.

  • Tattood bad boy: Truly, anyone who believes that Alex will accept sworn personnel wearing short sleeve shirts and showing off tattoos, are mistaken. Quite frankly, you make Alex and all his supporters look bad. You do not reflect the true people who really believe in and support Alex. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are a Mcbuckles supporter attempting to stir the pot and place Alex in a bad light. Smells like one of the Wolak brothers. Hmmm.

  • Jeremy J Fennell 
    DEPUTY SHERIFF (2017)Regular pay:$94,775.00Overtime pay:$3,913.00Other pay:$5,365.00Total pay:$104,053.00Benefits:$39,900.00Total pay & benefits:$143,953.00

  • Bottom line! nobody wants an Irish/Bostonian as the LASD leader, especially in a predominantly Latino County such as Los Angeles. Now, in a predominantly white County he would have won the election hands down! While not all of votes are in, I think ALEX will do a better job in making the line staff happier and holding his brass accountable and hopefully every POS Deputy Sheriff who hides behind the badge. Don’t kid yourself, they slip through the cracks every time…worked with plenty of them that are fired or sitting in a jail cell. Lets see if Alex fires the dirty deps.

    I suppose because you are Century , SLA, Compton, or ELA you are better than the rest…Do you want the department going back to that? Do you really think that Alex is gonna allow that to happen? Policing is changing and the old way of doing things is long gone.

    You wonder why morale is low and Deps don’t give a damn anymore. The boy and girl wonders punching the ticket with no field experience or getting fast tracked. It needs to go back to Custody, Patrol or Get Rolled Up.

    If anything, we will see how many retirements take place after the win or loss of the election.

  • Oh man. This is classic. Every one of your posts has the same lines regarding rolling up your sleeves and chewing tobacco. Tough guy much? I mean, how can you not see that you are just embarrassing yourself?

  • With 125,878 votes behind and about 100,000 votes more to count, McBuckles has conceded. Let the mass executive-level exodus begin.

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