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Written by Celeste Fremon

According to Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, 17 people, both kids and adults, have now been confirmed dead in the mass shooting on Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Fourteen or more were injured.

The alleged shooter, a 19-year-old ex student, has been arrested.

According to those who have counted such things, this is the 18th school shooting since the beginning of 2018.


  • “…This is the 18th school shooting since the beginning of 2018.”

    That computes out to 18 school shootings in a month-and-a-half.


    • The people who count these things must halve graduated from LAUSD. Several shootings were near schools and had nothing to do with the school. I live near a large Jewish/Israeli school. In talking to the principal, she related that they have two armed guards at all times and many teachers and parents have CCW’s. How strange they have NEVER had any shooting in their history, over forty-five years. Maybe Barack Obama had the right idea also? He sent his kids to private schools where his kids were protected by armed persons. Did Obama love his guns more than he loved his kids?

    • Hey Surefire, Stay on point and don’t politicize the deaths of the latest school shooting. BLM has no affiliation whatsoever of any school shooting in America. Regardless of BLM’s rhetoric in Los Angeles, LAUSD will always be protected by Law Enforcement assigned to our schools for the safety of students.

  • I’ll say what I want, when I want. You should know that by now. Wrote at length on this elsewhere, spare me your attempt at being the hall monitor. Oh, UTLA is shameful.

  • “Don’t politicize the deaths of the latest school shooting”, good luck with that one. These things have turned into hideous spectacles where everyone superimposes their pet theories onto whatever they imagine happened. I can’t think anything more political than all the postering that surrounds a school shooting.

  • Know what I wrote about City Dweller, the shameful state of our mental health crisis and how it can be fixed. Didn’t place blame on anyone but I know what side will let these type things continue when the answers are staring them in the face and what side would take the first steps needed to attempt to save future lives.

  • Nobody wants to face the pink elephant sitting in front of them, taking a dump. Certain people are just plain bad, irredeemable and un-fixable. These folks need to be locked away for the good of society in large mental institutions. The mental health professions belief that medicine, jails, outpatient treatment and therapy is the answer is faulty. This pathway is only suitable for the some and not all.

  • Paul Ryan says that now is not the time to act, we must wait until all the facts are in. That line is getting old, as we have all the facts for all the shootings except this most recent one.

    I’d like to see the endless supply of semi auto rifles with detachable magazines come to a halt. I’d like to see the GOP commit to funding mental health with the same enthusiasm they fund national defense.

    I’d love to see them stop being stooges for the NRA and gun manufacturers. $30 million in campaign contributions to Trump, $3 million to Sen Rubio, and the list goes on and on.

  • Unless you change the rules regarding the ability to hold the mentally ill in lock down facilities for longer periods of time all the funding in the world isn’t going to mean a thing.

  • All mental illnesses (some of course) do not require every last one, to be in a lockdown institution. Many can go through rehabilitation centers. Obviously it all depends on the degree and other factors. Many of the school and mass shootings perpetrators in America are home grown which stymie the myth and blame of foreign nationalists. Remember John Hinkley Jr?

  • This talk about “assault rifles” and even semi-automatic weapons is getting old. Anyone with any experience with weapons knows that a good old shotgun loaded with #4 shot would have done just as much or more damage as that AR-15 did in Florida. Imagine that scumbag opening up on a classroom with a Mossberg, no aim needed, just a classroom packed with kids. Or a hallway packed with kids. Instead of one bullet being fired at a time, with each pull of the trigger, 21 to 24 .24 caliber projectiles are dispatched. In the case in Florida, he shot in to a classroom and then he walked across the hall and shot in to another, so he walks across the hall he thumbs in 5 more rounds and opens up on another classroom and so on. With a pump (Mossberg makes a semi-auto but I’ll make it easy) you can fire almost as fast as you can pull the trigger and the basic model holds 5 rounds. You can reload very easily as you move from one location or even while adjusting targets.

    And before you start on shotguns, do a little research and find out that 33 people were killed on the campus of Virginia Tech in 2007 by a shooter armed with two pistols (a Glock 19 and Walther P22).

    So I guess you are left with shooting pees out of straws. Oh wait, straws are already on their way out.

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