A Salute To Our Nation’s Veterans With Our Deepest Gratitude

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

To the men and women sho have served and those who still serve, please accept our gratitude for all that you have given.

To honor and celebrate you, here’s an excerpt from Sebastian Junger’s War:

“The Army might screw you and your girlfriend might dump you and the enemy might kill you, but the shared commitment to safeguard one another’s lives is unnegotiable and only deepens with time. The willingness to die for another person is a form of love that even religions fail to inspire, and the experience of it changes a person profoundly.”


  • To every veteran who fought and came back home always know that fighting for the little guy or fighting for those who cannot defend themselves is what we are dedicated to do. The is no better country that provides more freedom than our beloved America.

    For those vets who did not make it back; I will be with you soon enough. It was worth fighting for and struggling right along with you and I have not forgot the sacrifice.

  • Semper Fidelis to America’s Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel. Minus the grace of God and the U.S. Military, the United States would not not exist as we know it. Despite the shortcomings and those who choose to divide and dismantle it, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else on earth. God blesss America.

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