1A-1F….Those Annoying 6 Ballot Measures, Part 1


Okay, very late tonight I may, or may not, have actual recommendations
on those six pesky ballot measures we’re voting up or down tomorrow, Tuesday, May 19. (The primary issue holding up my endorsements is that I’m looking for the right coin to flip.)

But until then here’s where you can go to find who says you ought to vote for or against what.

In summary, the big progressive sites
—places like Calitics and The Courage Campaign—say no on all of ’em. Feh! A pox on everybody.

But then so does the we-don’t-need-no-stinking government-we-can-pave-our-own-roads
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Ditto the California Republican Party, so things are confusing.

The CA SIEU says no on 1A with extreme prejudice. But yes on 1C, the so-called Lottery Modernization Act. And, YES on 1B, (even though they acknowledge its a somewhat empty gesture without 1A.)

Meanwhile, The LA Times, and the Sac’to Bee say:
Yes, No, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. (In other words, No on 1-B, Yes on the rest.)

The SF Chron says Yes to all six.

The San Jose Mercury News said Yes to the first 3
then the Merc’s editorial board decided it was REALLY exhausted from all that deciding so took a nap. (When they woke up later they said it’s okay if you vote yes on the other three.)

And just to make sure you’re entirely befuddled, San Diego City Beat said Yes to 1-A and 1-F, No to the rest.

The California Federation of Teachers said YES only to B
, which leads one to believe that they didn’t bother to read the freaking things, as you can’t have B without A passing. (NOTE to CFT: Reading comprehension is your friend.) Either that or the board of directors is collectively off its meds.

But the California Teachers Association says YES to all.

University of California Regents says YES to 1-A, and they sound all heartrendingly pleady as they make the case.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the members of the California State Legislature say we absolutely have to pass every one of the six… OR WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

Former State Senator Sheila Kuehl says that there’s a case to be made pro and con for the first three (Sheila is a surpassingly diplomatic woman), but the only one of the three she, personally, would be tempted to vote for… is 1-C.

As for the second three, she says No, No and No—but in greater and more anecdotal detail.

So there you have it. Good luck to us all. We will assuredly need it.

(Now where is that $#@&^$%#$ coin!)

PS: Yes, I am suddenly into taking silly photos of the cat. It’s either that or my kid, and the cat has a more flexible schedule.


  • Thank you Celeste.
    A lot of the boards are stuck on mindless drivel while California is about to ratify paralysis.
    Glad someone has the nerve to host an adult topic….
    Oh, and the vote, is like, tomorrow.

    By next Tuesday, will there be a proposal for a state constitutional convention?

  • Cats are not just a good idea Woody, They are the Law.

  • Actually, when I was trying to get the cat to sit on the “JUST VOTE” papers, he was nervously eying some critter out in the back yard, likely the coyote I’d spotted earlier, who was blithely sauntering way too close to the house for cat comfort.

    As for Woody’s question, the cat is an anarchist so does not vote. The coyote, on the other hand, being a pack animal, may have been wearing an I VOTED sticker. I could not be sure.

    I do not have any way of knowing if ACORN was involved.

  • Yah see Woody, this is not rocket science, the only thing is to see our steps as we take them – to understand them as we go. Must Celeste always dot the “I’s” with you? You have nothing but hideous suspicion in your heart!

  • Really Woody, you are worse than ever. Words fail me. Will you ever be an agreeable member of our little circle Remember. . . Splendid manners~Pleasant manners!

    P.S. Remember, elbows off the table and don’t slurp your soup.

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